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Episode 161: Soda

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I joined the studio with the hammer Lopez the weather must be changed because I saw a lot of signs of illicit love on the streets walking over here in Bushwick do you miss you miss the the overnight to try this on the streets of Bushwick to Manhattan Bed Stuy Joseph Bush wakes up in the streets

gotcha call +721-288-497-2128 number to call in to cooking issues today my question is about curing bellies for bacon what is your take on vacuum packaging pork bellies in a dry cure situation should I pull a vacuum on a multivac style chamber machine and denaturation process what are the pros and cons and he gives you his cure mix here is kosher salt 16 oz for that so I guess to put kosher salt 1 lb of brown sugar and sodium nitrite is his

you are mix thanks for the advice Okay so

play the article that I can show you there's a couple of Articles to look at there's an interesting series of articles on Spanish I think I better go styling and other Spanish cured ham written by Barack spending the last number I don't know if it's a man or woman spanning from roughly 2002 to fairly recently liked 2010-2011 on a technique where they directly thaw frozen ham so Let It Go by Frozen product I guess not for the really expensive stuff but do you know that there's a economic advantage to buying a frozen pie presents you can do it any time of year Independence Slaughter you can get equal weights of hands together especially if you're like a lower quantity produced so you can store them until you have a batch of similar properties to cure together Exedra exedra

thawing in a brine supposed to thawing in the fridge and then brining and now there's also as usual you've got to make the day also test vacuum pulsing but the one I think you should look at you because you look at is called development of a modified dry curing process for Beast by Hayes and it to sometime in the in the early early 2000s things like 2004-2005 my dad I don't have a year written down but what Hayes tested has it all tested was taking a beef lean beef muscles to do dry cures on European study and I think it's UK and they tested a normal dry curing salt they tested salt in a vacuum bag they tested so they tested salt in a vacuum tumble operation and they tested I shouldn't say vacuum bags not talking back vacuum tumble and Tumble only now the interesting thing is is that all of the pain

first on this subject cite a bunch of literature saying that vacuum the application of vacuum or what they call Post vacuum increases the rate of cure penetration or increased the speed there's a couple things look at their speed there's also even miss right of joy throughout the thing as its own bees and also they they test things like tenderness drip Los Osos. Bunch of studies on this however these these folks are are focused primarily on pulse vacuum what that means is what they're there they would they expect to be the reason that things happen is that when you apply a vacuum the meat expand for Friday reason the moisture inside starts to vaporize and pushes it apart and also any are trapped on the inside of the meat will start expanding and push apart any veins or any anybody that's what I should say or any Airgas now anyone else use the vacuum machine

it it blows up just like a marshmallow does I've seen your face with themselves apart I've seen steaks like inflate to Inna 50% of their of their Side Right theory being now that when you apply vacuum like that and then meet expands to whatever degree does or the air inside expanse whatever degree of does at the insides of meat are somehow more available to the outside when the air comes back in and the pressure is real that the whatever is outside right b a start getting ejected in now these guys who are in the beef one are testing a dry cure sore not up not a blind and I don't know whether or not their results they they showed not that great a result for in terms of increase in amount of salt reaching the interior and you know by Tina by by association also night ride cuz they're also very diffusible things

tried and I tried and they showed not that big of a difference or not not a lot of benefit to doing what they called vacuum pulse alone however they're using a dry a dry thing in my feeling is that maybe you know it may be another making a wet wet your application has more of a more of an advantage they showed that Tumblr increases any sort tumbling tumbling and vacuum tumbling increase substantially the the rates of penetration and you know the evenness of the Cure and what not now my feeling is is that what they're saying their proposed mechanism for why the vacuum works right and Reason by the way that the things I said things expand because they're probably that the meat is not fully chills they're going to be moisture Vapor Station because when you fly back into something is decreases the boiling temperature you get a lot of vaporization and you can boil water at room temperature in the back if anyone has anyone that does and is always shocking like

pressure as you reduce the pressure at it easier for water molecules to flash off to vaporize and so they do and so it boils at a lower temperature in that can cause the expansion me anyways if the actual things going on is that the real benefit of penetration is only at the moment that the vacuum press of the stuff into it then a vacuum pulse on a dry-cured product is not going to have too much of an effect until a localized Brian layer exists on the service of the meeting is just speculation on my part but my feeling is that a like until that liquid kind of forms in the drive-thrus know you're not going to get that much of a benefit from the vacuum but I myself actually noticed like quite a benefit in in wet and semi wet their things right but as they article points out most of the benefits they're not done by scientific studies are done in periodically and that's kind of a way of saying that Crooks and you know R&D Folks at at plants know how much vacuum to apply it and the fact that it increases

the rate of curing it from an empirical standpoint status from studies that doesn't know because they know my feeling is maybe once it becomes a liquid that is going to help a lot more than other thing it's interesting that I had a thought about in the past is this

if it's supposed support in most of their procedures that I saw that these folks were using were single post things in other words they're only pulsing the vacuum one time there their they're sucking vacuum and dust by the way the protocols are there sucking is a 90% packing they're moving in the end I don't know whether or not that's for they think that's a better vacuum to suck versus what we normally suck in it in a chamber vacuum which is much higher you know 98 99 99 by the way just so you know like like an old-timer set sale seller of vacuum tumblers I spoke to years ago like seven eight years ago I told him kind of that seems that we were applying in in the caracal saying that if you sucked too strong a vacuum that an inn in his words the pool is closed back up again

and what is tumbling works best at not intense vacuum levels on the order of 90% of the are being removed and studies are all run at a single pulse where they maintain 90% vacuum so 10% are remaining they they maintain that for a. Of time and then released back to Atmosphere but if it's the pulsing it does it why I just do it once we're doing vacuum infusion of fruits right we put it in a bag and then we we suck a vacuum on it but you don't want to buy little lies a lot of Aroma off please people don't ruin you probably would have any way that the bag expands why because I told you that water vapor is

deformed as a pressure reducer is water vapor formed the bag inflates again then you can get the air back in you can do it again and again and again so why I really don't care I really just don't give a crap and I'm a little more research to see what I can figure out whether or not there is a benefit of a lot of articles on the dry on post vacuum for dry vs. post vacuum for wet you specifically care about dry so it's interesting you know for sure that standpoint but I didn't get a chance unfortunately to go back and read the references if you go to that paper that I mentioned which is you can see that they they have a bunch of references for people that do vacuuming helps quite a bit until you can

check this out I didn't have a I didn't have time this article just so you have a flavor for the kind of crap I read for you people into differed with a piano lesson 0.0014 all treatments with the exception of the temple only treat me which had similar salt content content in the outer and core Regents this result indicated it was a more even distribution maturity radiant in the meat preparing for Regions only the salt content for vacuum tumbling tumble only treatments were found to be different to the control treatment at 3.1% compared to 2.1% for the control vacuum is known to increase absorption here's that paper you can look up Solomon at all of 1980 as well as extraction of salt soluble proteins Sharma Kumar Kumar to Kumar's in one paper

2002 is everything in my class right he's in third grade now

I like Kumon Kumon that's my next band Kumar & Kumar 2002 he has to to Sophia leaves in his class and check this out ready for this day go by I'm not kidding here Sophia Lee 1 + Sophia Lee to who the hell wants to be Sophia Lee number to all the time it's not like they're like this week I am Sophia Lee one and this time I'm severely too and you're one of those Amor messed-up stuff ready for this are not the only to Sophia's in the class there's a Sofia there's another Sofia in the class for the can't even just go by so-and-so because there's a someone it's not like it's not like he's in a class of 300 kids and there's like three Sophie is in two of the miraculous ladybug unrelated happen to be Sophia Lee

barback is Adam and Eve populate Earth where is 9 years ago there was such a popular I don't think I've ever known by the way if you want to know what's going on there that Siri is is that the beating the crap out of the meat not only speeds the penetration of the cure to the core but I actually like ridges around and creates more extractable protein that part of what's going on there so it also affects pictures mild each team for people that find that sort of thing interesting I guess

what is the useful range in microliters for micropipette I know you mentioned it before but I can't find it as I've said a million times here in cocktail work is one of the few times when weighing by volume is what we do as opposed to buy Weightman kitchens almost always run on wait wait wait basis you know if your normal they run our weight based measurement but and typically only water is the thing that translates easily back and forth between weight and volume button cocktail work we almost exclusively work on on volume Base number reasons one because the most important thing in a cocktail is where the where the wash line has where the actual drink hits in the side of the judge the contest once and the the bartender was doing the content news is there somewhere else not in the US and in the bartender had to radically different wash line so the two drinks

we're totally different in the glass it was tiring was lower House of holy crap at the same and the guy sitting next to me who is also from you know not from he was like so what I remember you telling me this couple times what would you feel like if you got the short glass and and you know your your whoever you were out drinking with that the tallest yeah specially if it was sham pain in my right if you got the short glass of champagne I got the short glass of champagne champagne by the glass and you get the short glass your order another one just so you catch up because you anyways I don't know what the hell. Tell me that's why you'd like a lot of things we do we do by volume

also it gets complicated with weights because the densities of our stuff is in a very different and really really care about us volume also it's inconvenient if you need to measure small volumes to do it by weight because you typically lose a lot so it a micropipette does is it allows you to very accurately very quickly and very repeatedly measure out small volumes of liquids so where does this come up development especially when you're working with things that are a small and quantity so bitters tinctures Salt Solutions sometimes acid depending on what you do what you do but whenever you're doing centrifugation and you're using wine fining agents to to do Claire's to be clarification a source which is almost completely dos insensate if you can just splash it in by I doesn't matter as long as you don't add so much that it affects the flavor of the concentration isn't really fair Ledo's insensitive

SPL must go crazy splc enzyme that I used to break down their cell walls of fruits and vegetables and our lives and whatever so I can break that Hemi cellulose breaking up I don't know it has some cellulitis activity as well not what I use it for every day is kieselsol and kindest and because wine fining agents that work on electrostatic charge as their basis for function right there their they're causing the flocking agglomeration of opposite charge things right so you really want to get an accurate and you're dealing with two grams to milliliters rather per liter of product and so you need something that can measure in that rain now there are different kinds of micropipettes and pipets with

various degrees of difficulty of used the ones I use our Auto pipettors that are adjustable so you can sometimes you get them in there just a single range and so you hear you but but but but but we can only do one thing the adjustable ones the ones I used to buy cellogica SI Logics I believe is the name are pretty awesome and you buy them in a range of things to the one that I use and their specified in microliters right when I use is a 1000 microliters which is 1 ml all the way up to 5000 microliters which is 5ml need less than that less than one meal per pot and it's extremely accurate that however it said explicitly in the instructions to never turn the adjustment knob or around there never turn you just met knob past what they want cuz going to ruin the calibration and also gets less accurate because that is the way it works is there's a pissed in it

we finally graduated and you you push down until you feel the first stop that pushes the Piston down a measurable amount and the amount is pushed down as dependent upon how you said it you just a twist with this click click click click click and you said in exactly how much you want it's got one of those old-school like speedometer click click click things that's pretty awesome were like a tally counter you push down until you feel the first date you stick it into the liquid you little release on on the knob it sucks up what you want you put it into the vessel you're going to push into you go push down to the position and then boom past it and that pushes out the extra so you don't have anything left and that's how it gets very high accuracy anyways they specifically say do not turn the sucker below $1 / 5 Frank this sucker down to half a milliliter and I was like a

At The Foot Book now. Down to half a milliliter so it works but you can also get one that does like I think God 200 microliters to a thousand and that'll get almost everything you need I very rarely use the second digit I really care about milliliters and decimal milliliters and so now the last last digit of Michael leaders than a tens digit four tenths of well for a hundred rather and then another digit for Kent doesn't read the third digit least I don't think it does so I can't say my head it doesn't matter

this one's a song by my friend Herbert Wilkinson

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we had a note in from this it makes sense, and then and there was a cephalopod cephalopods the most advanced mollusks in the world so we got your you got your squid you got your kids are awesome right you got your your octopus octopi do my personal favorites by the giant Pacific octopus baller love the giant Pacific octopus I said many times I will say it again. You got to cuddle fish master of camouflage fascinating and and for the most part delicious creatures I've never had a nautilus I don't really know what the hell it tastes like or anyting

I'm not listen to most primitive time cuz they still have their shell and sit there like in a bit of a little but it's a cephalopod extrude in early smart but in a way that is very hard for us to get a grip on because they're sort of brain power developed entirely differently from you know it's entirely different from looking at the way our brain works for instance versus the way a dog's brain works because we are infinitely closer related right remember that you know you know we split off from mollusks you know back before the spinal cord was invented and so we're talking about these guys evolved from the same kind of crew that are like clams things like this right so it's like almost all of them are big

big dumb very few of us had a problem syncing mechanistically about clams and mussels whereas you should have a problem thinking mechanistically about the kind of brain functioning functioning of the of octopus octopus again this time I'll actually get to it before I go off on a tangent the problem with them if they don't live very long at all as a group cephalopods are short-lived creatures so even you know are Too Faced or have your parents at the giant squid that if they recently captured on camera you know you're talking you're talking something that is big is only living for you know couple couple years at 5-6 years you don't even like a giant Pacific octopus I think it gets like 3 to 5 years out of out of its life and then it could as soon as like the one

or whatever you know that the female as soon as she lays her eggs and they hatch she goes see Niall and dies and then doesn't eat by the way the entire time that said that she's planning her eggs there and then the mail as soon as it does it it's business with the with the ladies that starts wandering around on the floor of the ocean until it gets eaten apart those supposed to go see no so it's like the only thing stopping them from either killing us and taking over the world or else you know using them as as you know Butler's in little aquariums that can like wheel around with joysticks is the fact that they don't they don't live very long so clearly a squid a cephalopod

turn up cuz we don't know whether as in whether you have a caller I just wanted to call and I will get to it we should finish this pickle out that just came out about it and it details a lot of the research is being done that I mention a lot of times on pain and nociception what the difference between pain and no C-section procedure to sponsor noxious stimulus a knock-knock to stimuli a lot of work was done in a hermit crabs and decapod crustacean with a completely unrelated to cephalopods but the research should be extended in the cephalopods and I can't seem to look at to go take a look at that thanks to equity for that color are some old corny kegs that a farmer had they were like 20 years old

I had to go to the pressure off until I tasted it tastes like Mountain Dew and I was Wild Hair try to make just a little bit of wine out of this out of this old Mountain Dew right so my east side so I was wondering if you knew of any way to remove sodium benzoate from a solution so that's your problem right there is that there is no I don't know of any way to unpoison the Mountain Dew specifically and they knew yeast was going to grow in it and so they put me on some preservative probably that time Benz went into its I don't know of any way to thwart that I can I can try to look it up but I did look it up and I saw this HCL will just make it in again right I mean

how much do they say that they didn't know you can you can precipitate it out with with HCL it should turn to what assault I guess cuz it's already installed but you get to let me know if maybe you and then whatever hydrogen benzoate is right I don't even know what that is it was just a couple Homebrew websites and they were like to know how do I get rid of sodium benzoate in the guy just had ACL you know what I mean I don't know I don't know the structure of it

so you saw it on the website they said that it precipitates out huh my guess is that it's it's that depends who it is something fairly large compared to normal things you know what I'm saying just one of those patches and it just never nothing I ever took off with it so I knew what it was it just was trying to see if I could get around that right it's an acid attack or it's some sort of like you say some sort of precipitation is going on you're somehow causing you know something bands with the precipitate out although I don't really I really I don't know the chemistry of it if it's an acid attack and You're Just Energy estreno destroying to suck with acid then you can just go back NaOH and you know it do have a salty or version of and I'm done that

with I've done that with stocks before and I had problems because I made soap you know what I mean with the fats are in the stocks but you know you're not getting any problems with with excess HCL on board you know if you have the ability to do that but if it's a precipitation thing I don't know someone has to know or I know I have a bunch of old soda references from the 70s and 70s and 80s from the Old Navy I text serious maybe they mentioned something about it and I can I can try to do something it's an interesting problem problem try to get rid of that that the Benjamin

I don't even know that Mountain Dew wine would be that good it was just kind of curious type thing you know not really I mean I couldn't tell that it changed it all in the guy put it in there in like 1994 is when he got those kegs that the O-ring hadn't gone pretty good I would bet that I would bet that you should change those O-rings I just kept some of the stuff back you know I just I just I just typing it out and kept some of it out you know last fall the Mike October it's like being a couple years now but like you know 5 8 10 years ago and I was buying a lot of them

during the changeover from premix I think a lot depends on what part of the country you're in because the prefix post mix happen at different times depending on how bad you tended to stay with premix a lot of the time but not bad but not you're not tasting good still uses the corn cakes a whole lot and did the demand over there was pulling was put the price up volume on all the home Brewers are buying them cocktail folks are doing and I guess they're being shipped over but people are buying now aren't actually Surplus you know there are

you know the shop for a lot of my sodagear at Alabama and they used to know how to hack the date riddle of sound but they stop selling them a number of years ago but there I've never played around a lot of chefs nowadays are buying I think the smaller ones are batches and stuff but I didn't clean yet and they're about half full but I don't know what they're full of One V one has a tag for a Pepsi is pre-mixed which I didn't understand I don't understand why they would have a keg tap remix you know and shipped it all over the place you know what just five gallons worth of wicked worth of Pepsi

why didn't come as as as concentrate in the mix into the water but your your comment earlier makes more sense that the water probably is not great in and they wanted to control the water I mean I think a lot of that I mean I've never I never actually work commercially with premix but I think that a lot of the houses would show up with the kegs and swap my I don't know how much mixing was done in-house or we know what I'm saying I think bring the 5-gallon charge stuff and then and then put it down I have one more question for you about the Mountain Dew but it's since I left my head

anyway I'll try and look up for that if I can find anything I'll will talk about to get rid of Benz with making Mountain Dew wine that's a that's hilarious idea I have to sit here. Just just came to me and I know but yeah I appreciate you answer my question I would love to show you I'm just trying to work through the backlog so that's what I meant to say it like that was interesting sugar sodas are fairly stable but you guys never never drink diet soda so she doesn't know but if you have diet soda without aspartame can break down into salts and it loses its sweetness so if you've ever had even can soda is stored at extremely high temperatures like you know in the laundry room for a long time and I can taste weird and salty sow like if you made the wine it would be very weird because it would be all the sugar would be gone

interesting idea speaking of soda. Org you can buy in a lot like a crazy amount of cephalopods as a hobbyist I mean like if it was them say like deadly not recommended but apparently you can still buy it but one of the deadliest creatures on a weight basis is the blue ringed octopus and they're really pretty mean like they're freaking amazing like you know they like they change colors that mean they're also if the one here says one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth you know how to get to get stuck by you know what we already know hit with one of those first of all they Flash The Flash at you when they're pissed you know what I mean so that it's not like it's not like you're shaking hands with a blue ring on

was in it and I also know exactly but you know I've read a bunch of books on cephalopod Behavior because I said I liked them and all that researchers all the octopus researchers

will say that they definitely have a like a scent when you're dealing with them that they're dealing with an intelligence right that that the cephalopod when it when it looks at you is actually looking at you and not just me or some sort of like dumb gay sneaking perform amazing tasks like solving solving puzzles doing things getting reaching out of the tank leave here to get things I'm doing jars to get inside of them things like this but what's strange is the stuff that they can't do this is why I like when you when you research them it's it's amazing that they have such intense abilities in some in some ways like they're they're like a lot a lot of their neurons have to do with the coloring and texture of their skin their skin is much more highly tweet than ours is much more but they don't have certain things that we would think are completely normal like like the ability to know exactly where they're technically is in space because I guess they're they don't have a structure like we have

internal structure and so they don't have the same proprioception kind of things that we do some things that we take for granted they they they have very difficult abilities with things we would never think they could do they can do with these so it's all right there will be other fascinating love myself and cephalopod soda and premix specifically concerning to a very beloved subjects of ours soda and Cocktails I'm designing a cocktails on tap system and was wondering about the tap valve David mentioned a couple of times about the Ibis Tower / Becker would you see him Decorah Corporation file he uses for his soda system that is true from Fox equipment here in the US dispense the drinks at least until I look at the price tag for that Tower almost $400 for the two faucet hour and $350 for the shingle on Fox 2 X's like red fox member from Sanford and Son

what one of the great theme songs of all time in the Sanford and Son theme song is even though that is an amazing thing. Com wow wow is about the price in fact my biggest surprises how much you guys love your soda even more than I do or was it eBay Kung Fu you're no duct tape New Year's resolution be affected jokes aside in my case I throw 95% import tax and shipping it was like you know that like people in Brazil when they order stuff from here have to pay a double like the taxes like some intense intense stuff allowed to get away with sparkling water around here I was recommended the perlic 545 PC flow control faucet for much less to help control phoning and you link a Homebrew thing here right I sent from pictures and schematics at the compensator mechanism

pretty different from the to do you believe that the perlic will fit well well for cocktails to spend some a corny keg system could the Ibis really do that much different for this application and what alternatives could you recommend my main concerns as if they should be our excessive loss of carbonation I appreciate your insides keep up the good work Tony. Here's the deal was Tower with the backup remix on it is expensive because they're taking a premix Val the nice one and they're retrofitting it onto a beer tower and they're charging you an exorbitant rate and it looks really nice you're paying for a lot of chrome you're paying for the fact that nobody uses these damn things anymore by the way the towers nice because it's got a chilling line as well to fill the shower cuz it's got a similar to like a cobra headbutts caught by this cuz thinner than the Cobra write the problem with soda is everybody knows that the

not that soda guns the ones that they use in post mix suck we all know they suck right the Wonder Bar and all their variance we all know that they they were totally robbed you have carbonation that that that General they're not clean enough in to make horrible taste because everybody knows this right but whenever anyone tries to go back to a single valve dispensing that's the way to do it they always go to the Beer style valves like the one that you recommend and the problem is dissed beer is put through a much lower pressure than any of the stuff we're dealing with because it has a lower alcohol content in cocktail do and it also has less carbonation in either soda does or that cocktails do so you're never going to get good results out of a beer system with but never going to get very highly carbonated results without foaming out of a beer system the only choice you have is to get a soda a premix soda thing because they are designed to compensate much larger pressure differences than you

and get dinner can be compensated through a beer style Val the good news for you if you don't have to buy the expensive stuff if you don't need the tower you can go to CM Becker that's Charles Mary Becker is a corporation by the way the people who pick up the phone there don't know a freaking thing about it because they happened to make these things they don't care about it but there's not really good business anymore but you can go on their website and look up remix vows and the Standard wall mount vows that can be mounted on a piece of stainless steel right without with and they just have a hose attachment on the back and you take it down to like 1/4 or 3/8 hose and put it through with Coldplay those things will work just as well as the fancy one that I have they just don't look nice coming out of a deck mounted sink deck mounted application for my home application I require that a it look nice cuz my wife an architect be I'm not using duct tape anymore remember and see I need I couldn't wall mount like I had before I needed to deck mounted and so did to have all of that I needed to go with that expensive system

if you can warm out you can get the much less expensive on the order of I think they're like 30 bucks maybe for one of these premix miles and just Mountain into the wall and you can get two three four of them and and line them up and they work great the other thing that you need to realize with cocktails cocktails the phone a lot more of a lot more than soda does a lot more Iams because alcohol has a lower surface tension than a water does and also it has a higher viscosity so your look dealing with a higher viscosity butthole bubbles in a lower surface tension which it which increases the rate of bubble formation in the liquid and what you have therefore is a nightmare also you have typically for a given level of carbonation a feeling in your mouth more CO2 in alcoholic products and Cocktails and more alcohol at the beer and then a lot of wines and so therefore you INXS foaming as well couple that with the fact that you can never get stuff that cold with a cold plate because you're only going down to ice temperature is not typically serving a good 5 6 degrees below that when I'm serving cocktails

but to get around it you want a very long flow so that if something comes out of your keg system it has a long time to calm down before it comes through the compensator and out of the tap right and you're not getting as much pressure because you get a bigger pressure drop a long a long line but I also going to want to run through two channels of your cold plate not one to channels of your cold plate so they had a longer time I can get colder and it's a lot colder good 5 degrees colder typically if you want through to versus through one running through more than two doesn't really give you an advantage another thing you might want to take a look at if you're only running cocktail through it and not regular liquid is using and try to ruin anything but stainless it'll ruin the aluminum that most cold place is made out of eventually but you could look at using a salt solution eutectic solution usually potassium chloride to my best depending on the alcohol content you're running through you might be able to get hyper cold stuff if you calculated wrong you'll freeze your line solid and it will burst the least it has never when I've missed made mistakes burst my

cold plate but it does suck and you have the thought the Coldplay to get to work so I hopefully that I gave you information on next week I was going to get to Kenzie had written on the Twitter about shrimp and baking soda maybe what time talk about those anymore question was sliced potato chips on the committee's plate that was eating at Roberta's and was wondering what your preferences are on potato chips my favorite was right she said I appreciate any well-made products so I can enjoy but just for comparison my favorite potato chips are the like the actual original Maui ones that you they've never shipped off the island at like when people go to Hawaii and they bring them back in bag now granted I first had these like 20 years ago so I don't know whether or

I still think you're the best things on Earth but my memory of those thick like you know Maui cattle you know kettle cooked baked potato chips was that they were kind of God's gift to potato chip world at least at that time of what things I've had I prefer a thick normal to a ridgies although I like the fact that rig Veda poorly done Reggie is better than a poorly done send chip you agree with me on this one Katie there I think it is hard to do so a really good friendship is probably a thing of beauty help and by the way next week I hope to have time to discuss Travis Hawkins from last week actual question which is pet peeves info pause in the kitchen so tweet on in to add cooking issues or to the Heritage Radio Network for next week's show your favorite kitchen Pho pause and we will stop them from using someone without permission and we will talk about the cooking issues thanks for listening to this program. Org you can find all of our archive programs on

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