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Episode 160: Fridge Storage, Ramen, & Coffee Machines

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are you doing where's my want nothing

is there anything good going on a month ago the publisher comes out with this thing called a black book layout and design ads for the new coming out in November November forever to get a book because a bunch of revisions and copyediting then they send it overseas to get printed then have to get you back and need to have it in the country for a little while before they ship it out so when you're going through kind of personal publishing it should take a long time

Brooks his book is coming out in October or November the same publisher that hip pressure cooking book coming out today

having horrible off of the Twitter so it's not a question it's more just hey check this out from Jim guarnieri writes to us and I haven't told you I was just asking I want to get your direct reaction so it's it's from Charles Choi and writes about this baby poop bacteria help make healthy sausages and attack the tag that title line of the of the article


Cooper running some scientist in England were trying to get the most kind of probiotics pH so that you cannot inhibit unhealthy things from growing in it by having the pH low enough that they won't grow so typically you get lactic acid bacteria and they also some kind of lactic acid flavor and then the question is it as a sausage maker is where do you fall do you like a more acidic sauce and a lot of Americans tend to do. Hardcore like really hard pH dropped from a stop at me cuz they like the tang and also because you know it's definitely Helping Hands food safety where it's not a lot of people who also like a really kind of mild lest any sausage but they have to play more with you know making sure that they're on the sausage

sometimes I like it there some like citrus to Citrus dried sausages would like that have like like noticeable acid flavor to them other than just lactic and those I kind of like even though they're probably whatever it is that these researchers in in the UK say well probiotic stuff so that we can save it helps you intestines you'll have to poop her out while you're doing it right and so I figured who's got a lot of those you know probiotic stuff without a lot of pathogens babies and so they think I guess I took a bunch of baby diapers and cultured stuff out and found some bacteria from the baby diapers that they thought were good and they start inoculating it into making the pepperoni what are your thoughts

text reading is one of the main back when they did testing which is decades ago they tested for strains of bacteria in the in sourdough starters and one of them was you know they've main substrate is the gums of people with periodontal disease like why is it like that so far removed anyway and like you know that like the most shocking the most kind of disturbing passage in modernist cuisine for those of you that have it is the one where they describe the the experiment done in the submarine

where they take all the sailors in the submarine and that they give them a check in the you know a butt a butt check I said they check their butts and they put a a phosphorescent powder on their behinds right and didn't tell her about it and then a day later they took a a black light and walked around the sub of Submarine whole freaking submarine lit up like like a freaking club with a black light like showing the phosphorus and dust all over saying you are so thoroughly coated with like all kind of like people touching their face I got mental issues

faucets and knobs in in public restrooms in areas like that I know that it's a logical because I know that that stuff is everywhere the ice can't kick it you know if you don't like a public restroom if you like or 97212 the baby poop helps actually make the sausage more healthy healthy perfringens and the guys in the right after World War II they'd say some culture from a soldier who died from gas gangrene just like us per diem it like you know like 8 this guy's leg and I blew it up with gas stuff like that and I Made bread with it and ate it

akhilesh right Road in the last week 9 time for the last thing you said cooking issues if you can read a list of microplane uses that you could think of in the style of John moschetti that would be great I can't I can't do I can't I mean look if I had a script And I memorized it maybe I can talk as fast as he can but he's a guy in the FedEx commercial was like you know got a good got a good deal deal that live in the 80s and remember these FedEx commercial he was like a super-fast talkin guy on the telephone to adjust non-stop like stream of craziness they're awesome commercial I just watch him this morning on the YouTube to get a refresher on it and they're still get I like a commercial is still good hear some uses a class and they are my complains too by the way we were by my plans for I can do it you know there's various different sizes of they're not just physical sizes of my complaining herself but actual differences in the

cutting teeth are arranged in which I use for a possession that but me obviously there's a lot more uses if you're getting some of the courser ones if you want a great things like apples and carrots to parmesan cheese be like killer ones that I hadn't already known about I'm sorry about that

long pepper Your Greens of saline or as they say in Enola jerk spice that's big enough to hold in your hand you could do right me pretty much obviously very hard part like chocolate or a hard cheese does zest and horseradish however if you have another mortar and pestle thing that you don't have like the like the good old Sharks game thing to break into a fine Place Wasabi a good approximation is take the Wasabi great at first in a microplane and then grind it in a regular mortar and pestle because it breaks down the fibers to the extent that you can get a good paste grind after words most people don't think about this very very very few

grinding Technologies are blending Technologies are good at reducing something from a very large particle size to a very small particle size and full range of particle sizes so sometimes a dual dual action thing like that is necessary now the Sharks game guys are good because they fundamentally a braid it like sandpaper but make it easy enough to get the stuff out after it's done so it's ideal for that but you don't have that you can probably do a pretty good job by Michael playing first and then mortar and pestle me with a standard western-style mortar and pestle I wouldn't even be like at home I really used in a mortar and pestle to have ammo can I use for things like guacamole and garlic and stuff like that so much Wasabi in the price would make me so angry that stuff like coconuts but not if you need too much imagine having a great all that all that stuff I also not nuts like margin not to eat if you want like a little bit of braided obviously things like ginger fantastic and anything related to Ginger

play the ginger turmeric you got your galangal with everything as much as you don't even realize people tumeric the amount of flavor seems kind of directly related to the color intensity so we had a badge that had a very low color intensity and I had much less flavor per gram then then the ones with the higher color intensity I had to realize that maybe someone else had some experience with this make a dummy and I never done it to work but yeah I know and I secretly I hate shopping garlic I hate it I hate it I hate I hate I hate that weird sugary sticky paper sticks to you and paper sticks of the knife at the smash it I just don't like it I don't like smashing it I don't like dealing with it I really don't know

and obviously not for what you normally use it for in Dashi but if you wanted to like great a little bit of controversy over the top of something I'm sure that be great that's dried Bonito for you other folks out there I have tried it with a dry the Chinese scallops and Fantastic Four that the finishing thing I tried it with bottarga which is great cuz the target so freaking expensive that you want something really accurate like a microplane that you can make out of the fine grading of the bottagra over the I know tomorrow at 9 think the other one is to look when I was 16 years ago I could go to the International Grocery on on 40th Street by it for like know I could buy like a whole row sac

I want to say like 20 bucks or some like that.. Some cool thing want the cool things like a code they open the open they had that Frozen foie gras with afros the love and then they microplane the frozen forever all the time. That's a good use you got your Ferran Adria did his cauliflower couscous with a microplane regrets just a tip to the florets often they look like a couscous people seem to enjoy that and never done it widely used to microplane I used to take gel in and set it like John near the hydrocolloid gel it really high percentage is like 3% which by the way if you're not a hydrocolloid head-on heard of like dance dance dance dance but he used to them great it like bottarga he would like make different flavors of this like she don't know if he still doesn't but it's a technique to use for quite a while also frozen meats or fish if you want like a little bit of that flavor over you want Incorporated in the great with mic

plants at America's Test Kitchen recommends using it to get the burn off of cookies if you burn a little bit of the cookies to Great it off and I just used a shot I just like flat scraper blade my knife across the top of toes when it gets burnt ever do that you try to save it and you give yourself that piece to give everyone else a good piece and you get yours looks all stupid and scrape with a little chatter marks because you chatted me screw the thing across at me feel like a d bag for wasting the bread but you didn't buy enough extra so you can't just throw it away or feet of the dog or something cuz I'm right the microplane can be used for its intended purpose woodworking planes they sell them for personal use and by that means shaving the the dead skin off the bottom of your feet is a guy at 54 Eldridge which is where are Libras and we call them and coconut feet because he sits outside with a freaking paring knife and carves the calluses off of his feet and it looks

change the coconut on the on the side of the street right

okay okay on a Twitter love the crap you gave the Starship for her friends tomatoes in the fridge could you do a show on other common kitchen kitchen refrigerator. Don't go to get my to hear I was just a refrigerator stuff or you don't go to don't go to that that you know by your fresh mozzarella and then put in the fridge unless you really are an enemy of quality because you're going to eat it that day anyway I mean and you can leave it out the whole damn day going to change a little bit but the texture is better I'd rather have it take on a little bit of a Tang then have it goes texture ruined by being in in in theoretically if you let that giant ball of mozzarella temper out all the way through to room temperature it will they say get back to where it was I don't believe it I've done side-by-side taste-testing refrigerated

actually if you if you happen to have a a wine cooler or a place of that temperature I store usually all of my cheese that way instead of storing it in the fridge because it's much faster and I hate it when someone takes a nice piece of cheese and they leave it in the fridge and they forget to put on you know you going to figure it out for me like I pull that crap out hours beforehand like like at lunch time if I know I have nice cheese and it's been in the fridge I'm not going to pull that sucker out like around lunch time so that like right before dinner when we want to eat that are you the four cheese at for dinner cheese rotten cheese for dinner at GG's beforehand when I'm out I really like a cheese plate at the end of the meal and also I obviously likes building at the end of meal because that's when I want my poor time on my porch at the end of the meal and porch done either hey look I know it stripe it as one of the that's one of the few straight of delicious food pairings in the world food wine pairing like most food wine pairing

that was really actually good you like port and Stilton is good walnuts Port still so cheese avocado ripe ones are right to mistreat them in the fridge to not put a freaking baseball hard avocado in the fridge to Sasa to California girl can appreciate this swimming in avocados and you never had the situation happen like I need one tonight and they're all hard taco Netflix craft stores like Stiles farmers market in the world is coming so there's a huge amount of competition for the consumers avocado dollars in my neighborhood and so I never pay more than like at tops like the worst of times to 50

you know and sometimes much much less than $0.09 New York I mean I've never coffee do not store coffee in the fridge that I don't mean the beverage I mean you know that the product are going to get condensation as it comes in and out of the fridge or the freezer and the water's going to do damage don't do that I do not do not store bread in the fridge holy crap how many times you see people do this why would you put bread in the fridge it's like it's Refrigeration is the it like retrogradation of starch is vastly vastly sped up by refrigeration and I said it before the show a couple of times

general rule of thumb is is that freezing of bread right it is you need to do it rapidly because Justice Just the amount of time that it stays in the unfrozen Zone before it freezes in that horrible retrogradation like heavy zone right around Refrigeration temperatures the amount of time he spends there just as it's freezing and thawing out again is equivalent to roughly a full days of stealing a shame on your counters do not store bread and Wes are so jacked with like you know emulsifiers anti stealing agents like Wonder Bread that doesn't really freaking matter that doesn't really matter if that's more like a miracle chemistry red potatoes do not store potatoes in the fridge unless you don't mind the fact that they're going to increase their sugar content and so then if you're going to fry them or some like that don't get overly Brown if you don't care about that do whatever you like it's a waste of freaking space to store you know I don't know I don't know which of you people out there have so much freaking space you can just throw 5 lb bags of potatoes into your fridge without breaking a sweat but if you're that person and you're not going

you're not worried about the extra sugar content and you're an enemy of quality go ahead and do it should not be stored in the refrigerator if you're going to do long-term storage I do this because I know it's a jerk but no you get that if you bring them home and put them in a plastic bag and throw them in the thing in two days later what happens to get that weird glossy Grouse look it smell like a swamp and you got tissue damage where they get all water login I'm talking about better do what nastasha does a 54 Eldridge which is she puts a glass of water and she sticks the herb into it and it sits there for Brazilian years now she has the unfortunate habit of and never using the freaking herb and see how could I say that that's actually good instincts side of a some people say it is I've never had a nightmare happen and people have store onions in my fridge but I

here's a reverse fopa stuff you should store in your face but maybe don't Apple Store apples in the fridge as soon as you get apples Home Store them in the fridge if you pick Apple Store them in the fridge apples when they're at room temperature there respiring and what's happening is is there a losing malic acid right eye and and and changing and ripening on the thing so like if you if you want to take me to have it go if you want to lose your texture if you wanted to go over ripe on you if you want to lose the acid and and very few cooks want to lose acid in an apple and by all means you know don't put it in the fridge but if you want that if you want to keep those flavors and has asked me, since it's really expensive apples and they got left out of the walk in because someone's like I don't need to refrigerate those apples because they're not going to go bad and in fact we took you know a lot of

money in a very fancy apple and in short order we erased a lot of it's awesome characteristics because it went from being kind of at Peak with it's good acid content to be lower in acid then I like and a little over ripened you know like apples when they get overripe they get a little bit floral they end up tasting not Missouri the good way with more like a Fuji not Fugees have that kind of floral sugary taste attend to go in that kind of Direction and of course they get me Leo it doesn't matter to me because I'm going to juice the hell out of them anyway but it's amazing to me how otherwise train food professionals can't taste around the texture of an Apple at Citrus Citrus you can keep it outside of the fridge but the quality of its days better if it's in the fridge now if you have cases while I'm sitting around not reasonable to put them in the fridge fine but if you have a very expensive you know Satsuma guessing you want to maintain its quality I would keep it in the fridge justed maintain its quality grapefruit specially I think she needs to be refrigerated to maintain quality of us about it and I was Diane

sweet corn especially older style sweet wines that aren't like have like all the super sweet dreams in them that colder they are the better they'll keep their sweetness best thing to do if that's the best thing. I should we take a break

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oh yeah I love the way he says I love you that's one of things I like best. She's like give me the blunt stuff go blunt there was on Sunday a piece was an opinion piece is in an article in the New York Times about slaughterhouse in San Francisco and her first name is going out of my head and Ranch because the slaughterhouse today use was affected there was a recall on all the meat that was slaughtered in 2013 at the slaughterhouse in the Bay area and because there was some there was some

cows that have been slaughtered in that place and so the USA response was to initiate a facility-wide recall even though that the cows that Diamond Ranch in Slaughter there aren't you know we're totally fine and we're under a lot of scrutiny and she was saying how effective are legislation is at dealing with situations like this so I'm not going to get into the details of it but I encourage you to go to the New York Times as I think it was on Sunday and look it up and check out kind of what's going on with with regulations in the way that it's harming small-scale producers were trying to do the right thing by producing Humane Society of a meat color you're on the air

couple questions are almonds are you familiar with you through the Japanese Citrus pepper paste

I have this I've gone crazy for the stuff and I'm using a ton of it and I mostly use it I mostly sous-vide pork sous-vide pork with it which if you have never tried that I recommended but the stuff is crushingly expensive in the classes I'm using it in and do you have to have an idea about how to go about taking this from ING was crying and whatever has a very particular flavor and you know what to do with

the fruit itself but the oils that are in the Rind right so there are other Citrus is that are available and on the west coast and there are people who produce Yuzu commercially probably beat it still fantastically expensive the last time we bought some I forget what it was some unconscionable amount of money like a couple dollars for fruit or something like that but it's definitely that would be a cheaper way but I have never found I found other Citrus like weird Citrus Jean Lester's of finding a collector of citrus in California in Watsonville and you know it and I went over to his Ranch and we tasted a bunch of stuff and then he had some Citrus that like that like was he had used to it was delicious. Bergamot which is great for you also have like weird Citrus that I've never had before that had some of these like strange oils in that would make a good substitute but I can't think of anything offhand I am

sure though this is one of those things that hopefully one of our listeners will tweet on in something some recommendation that they have to to to get it done but you know it might be cheap like how much do they charge for it

end of Yuzu togarashi and I'm salt sure you can fake it will figure out how to say I'm sure if you can find a supplier that use it might actually be cheaper just did it just to make it you know cuz they're definitely upselling you on it you know where they make it they make it Stateside are they shipping in

mine is from Japan I mean if you can't find an English sweater on the box or at least you're just getting ruined by like everything there like they cost of producing Yuzu over there like how crappy are dollar is versus the yen in terms of buying power over there and the shipping you're just getting it Every Witch Way on that so if you could find like a California producer of Yuzu you know I'm sure there's someone that dead ships the food up there you can probably adjust the flavor to however you want you know what I mean and you could probably come in way under the line on that I just never done it so I and I hesitate to give you any recommendations right off the bat you know what I mean

if I can figure out what about an entire case of YooHoo it wouldn't you think it will be quite a bit cheaper a case of use it was going to set you back one time I forget some Japanese Chef is doing star chefs and nails and I he order to use you or your to Yuzu and they gave him two cases instead and nose and I just took that thing and we make clarified like fresh clarified Yuzu and did carbonated cocktails with it but I mean I'm pretty sure we blasted through a couple hundred dollars to use you in that on that day I mean you're going to you're still probably going to be buying them by the by the piece I don't know that are you going to want to invest in a case load yet but out here you can buy used by the piece for a couple bucks a piece at at some of the Japanese markets in Japanese markets will have no even want it just do prepared foods that serve that sell any kind of Japanese products for cooking away usually have one or two sitting around maybe even your lucky some sleep. You to mess around with that you're all so expensive and delicious

thank you very much that's enough to start on that when we lay the question I'm trying to figure out fresh ramen noodles I've got a couple of decent recipes for I mean the actual you know how much

how much flour how much lime water how much gluten yada yada right but I've got a brand new meat grinder discs about the right size do you have an opinion whether the pressures to push Dozer through that with his brother thing apart I am very skeptical that will work just because I've never seen anyone do pasta in the meat grinder and I know that the pasta extruder attachment for the KitchenAid doesn't really do much of anything at all I know it's no it's no good or similar extruder the hydration on the ramen noodle recipe that you have

I would have to look it up but it's fairly High race now is it is it steam or boil before fry or frie and then steam always forget and then dry I think it's I think it's I think it's a quick steam or boil then fry then dry I think my brain is totally erased on this though I have which is actually off an excellent Buck called test is Japanese Kitchen or something close to that

she makes the noodles fresh and just boil them but I mean I mean I don't feel like I'm guess not like we know the commercial one they're like the ramen noodle that you know we grow up with their fry to expel the water and get a little grease and so that they absorb a lot of the water from whatever they're placed in you know what I mean so they have a fry step involved with it but you know perhaps you know this is something I would I would defer to someone with actual cultural experience as opposed to you know just the unamericans experience of what Ramen is like so I don't know maybe that's the case maybe after I step is not required but I know commercially that's what's done

preservation what not but not make noodles what are you into meat grinder to what kind is it is it stand along with a big powerful motor

pack on meat grinder Atlanta but for 5 years was great but then the new one

Kraken in a month is it they change the cheap into something


if it bogs down when I think it's the motor starts bogging down and heating up then obviously I'd I'd hold back on it but I think you're going to be all right you know it's alright to test it going to shatter at me as long as the gears in it assuming it's geared on which it has to be otherwise it would go crazy assuming the gears are of some sort of metal and you don't brush it hard fast you know what I mean like you sneak up on it a little bit I think you're going to be all right I mean most of the time when you know gears breaking mechanisms like that's because of a hard stop you know

all right so you don't

it's not likely but you don't think it will result in metal price flying across the rent I do not think it will mean you're obviously you're going to need some method to space it that allows you to remove the the cutting blade


I need to feel something stick in there for that you can double play it because it will rotate in there because obviously that's going to be packing the stuff right where you wanted to be whole

got it thank you very much already good luck with it

already we have a question in from Lucas with Chris got a lot of stuff up soon as we all give me a load off my Shasha Dave Jack and Joe & Evan now as you know I love the show long time listener I heard about Days restaurant quality espresso machine he bought from a from Italian mobster while fighting rat infestation true story but what I don't want I don't think I mentioned is that the guy that I paid to take it home in my car was a a guy who had just gotten out of Riker's for dealing crack and was setting up a food truck downtown and I accidentally refer to me as anything but white boy and like

where is right you don't get to choose you know it's a recipe she's realized and I left it in his freaking car so I had to go out there to his house which was craziness craziness like mean other than the other than that doing time for dealing crack it seem like I have to call and say this is why I literally literally why I even had the guys numbers able to find him because he was like you look up my food truck or whatever like this but like I was like hey remember images it's uncomfortable thing to have to risk it refer to yourself as in that there's a whatever anyway

myself in need of making coffee I drink exclusively espresso and wine the following day steps and possibly cheap watts of power consumption during the heating process not once it's just kept on standing alone on a regular basis and did you change the water tank to a smaller one do you keep it on all the time can you use it to can you use the modified to operate without access to water in a fret freshwater on on tap I would love to have in the living room dining room kitchen II completely unrelated question I wanted to work on my Indian cooking where do you buy good quality spices in the city I know of this is already mixed spices and part of the fun in Indian cooking is mixing him yourself kind regards Lucas let's go show for spices I don't really have a source of like the super highest quality stuff you know I end up buying most of my spice

is a dual specialty shop on 1st Avenue and like around 6 or so and then it what I love those stores and I let you know that I'm not say anything negative about him but sometimes they you know their stuff's been sitting around a lot and you know Piper and I used to joke around everything has like the kalustyan's so he sometimes has the Confederate of the hang in kind of these block chunks and I find any might have a microplane it's not a microplane thing as a feather that the trunks of him when it's in that chunk form even though I think they still have it mixed with fenugreek and all that crap it's just much less accurate and better in that format now on the coffee machine here is here's the thing

it uses a boatload of power there they're all of those two you're looking at a to group or three group machine you can get a single group espresso machine now they are the new ones are you know they're Fantastic Beasts pensive like a la marzocco single groups the single group espresso machines by and large you can run those things off of 120 volt single phase and they're going to pull somewhere in the area 1500 watt or something like that right so doable off of a normal plugs they think they want you to use a 20 amp plug off of 120 but not a hundred percent necessary once you to group or situation or more you're going to need you're going to need to 40 and I think maybe even some of the bigger ones might need to away but I'm not sure the one that I had which is required to 220 / 1 / 240 regular regular power

the thing is you have to their Vantage of these large machines is that they don't have a much more stable temperature profile in the shot then a smaller machine and the reason is that the way traditional heat exchanger commercial espresso machine the way it regulates itself if I having a very very large thermal mass and so they dump a lot lot of heat into it and they radiate a lot of heat out of it and so the end and that's the way the way it doesn't and the bigger the ship like the less it steers around with little changes like pulling a shot here there so in an antenna in an old-style espresso machine in order. I mean like a heat exchanger espresso machine and not like some PID dual boiler baba baba baba I have to say I've had shots out of some of those and I still think that I like the bigger machines and it'd be better but if you were to taste the same Barista the same

makeup machine the same everything except for the breeze was pulling one shot out of a single group and one shot out of a to group odds are the shot out of the two group is going to be more consistent and better that's just the way it is I don't think you get that much of an advantage if you really only playing one shot at a time out of a three group or more I think that once you get up to a two group espresso machine this to build the temperature stability is just a lot better now but it does throw a lot of heat out in my experience from a to group from the eighties which is what I was using I had around a 15-minute heat up time now everyone who disagree and says that it takes longer for it to get stable and all this but whatever give yourself a half-hour put on a timer have it set to turn on a half hour before you get up in the morning and and have it had it go on and if you shoot hot water through it you can keep the heads up relatively quickly you don't have to sit there and wait for everything to stabilize when you can pump water through it now I'm about to discourage you from having it in your live

here's why it's messy so you need a knock box and you have those grinds everywhere you're going to want a source of water to wipe down the grinds and to get all that stuff out and to rinse out the trash out your ear on the portafilter and all this other stuff so I can unless you can run a small amount of water near the machine like I've always wanted near the sink so I can you know rinse the parts when they're done I can scrub underneath with a Scotch-Brite when it when it's done it's it's much more convenient to have it in a kitchen setting and having that sucker plumbed into the water supply through a filter is life-changing Lee awesome now you can get around that you can take and you could install a fundamentally what's like a water cooler with a gravity feed into a pop from a corny keg into the rotary vane pump machine and you can run it off a gravity feed with filtered water and you know in a living room but then you have to figure out a way to

the Wastewater as well because every time you pull a shot when the when the freeway the solenoid cakes and you're shooting a little bit of water out every time you clean it you're shooting water out when you're putting the blind in to clean and do all that stuff you're shooting water out so it tends to dump a bunch of water and you need some place for that to go so you either have of some sort of that like a improvised larger drip tray or you haven't plumbed into wherever your dishwasher goes in I have a separate take off for my dishwasher goes in I have a condensate pump that sits on the floor of my kitchen underneath the sink the espresso machine gravity feeds into the condensate pump in the condensate pump up sit through a check valve so I don't get back splashing into the drain line right next to where my washing machine drains into the tap and that's how I do it that's what I'd recommend I don't know technically it's been a long time so I couldn't eat right now have one that runs on 120 because I don't have you know I don't have to 20 in my in my apartment so I couldn't throw in a meter across my old guy but they do suck power at the

so I don't know what they're steady-state usages but once they're heated up they don't use as much you can you can feel when it clicks and if and when it doesn't you can see there's a pressure stat and the way that the espresso does espresso machines work is is that they they come on when the pressure stat shows the boiler pressure drop below a certain specified pressure so by the time I got 10 but you going to give me five

high on Saturday Jack and Jill asked questions a couple weeks back about the off taste in agar I went back to telephone brand flavored gone in the same juice I was using molecular the brand he wrote are molecules but literally the brand is molecule are molecular our brand for because they sold in bulk I tasted the agar alone and it's nasty stuff thanks for pointing me in the right direction actually the same brand my mom use when I was a kid go figure hey Telephone generation to generation telephones the best coffee France use a telephone you don't like I don't even like do you like do you like that package like I'm so you got tired of it it's more expensive I guess I'm buying it involved but whatever telephone I've been using a generic powder

pectic enzyme from The Homebrew store is there any benefit to using pectinex Ultra sp-l or are all pectinase has created equal no they are not Thomas

the one you're using in Brewing is probably optimize fine for whatever it's for their but the the the enzyme that I use the ultra sp-l is very broad-based not a single enzyme in other words what what they are is there a group of enzymes are produced by a particular strain of I believe aspergillus that that the good Folks at novozyme have isolated produces a rather nonspecific broad range pectinase and Hemi cellulose and some not much cellulitis activity so it's much more of a like an enzymatic baseball bat to use the SPL so when I called up novozymes years ago when I was trying to figure out I know what enzyme to use cuz we've been using something called pectinex smash XXL which is optimized for Apple industry to increase the yield out of apple pomace when they're pressing to get juice for that and she was literally she said to me look

you know if you're only going to use one enzyme just use the SPL that does everything that anything else is going to do it's just like it just it just takes care of it all it's not optimized for anyone industry and so perhaps it possibly more expensive on a per liter basis but you're not using that much of its not industrial and it works on everything so they use that in like olives to increase yield out of Olives they use that in that we could use in apples I use in apples all the time it's just really broad range stuff and so now they're not all like a lot of people use amylase they're not all the same either you know just talked to the folks who convert potatoes into into vodka without doing no using any sort of mashed up at all just wear that with the right choice of enzyme to get up as complete conversion is humanly possible to add body to lower alcohol by volume drinks back sweetening cider


the issue is that if you're adding sugar you can use sugar butt's going to make it sweeter you want it less we also if you're going to store something for a long time that has live East it obviously the sugar is going to ferment and sew in a lot of times people want to add for body for sweetness now for sweet and somebody said that I want to do I think is find something like glucose serum glucose syrup is actually has some glucose in it which is sweet but it's also got a lot of veterans and things like you know a lot like higher or polysaccharides that are roughly tasteless but a lot of body and I'm just a side benefit they're not very formidable so a lot of times when I want to make something very dense like a liquid very dense

about using without making it sweet I'll put in glucose syrup and you look at you want like a very low d e that shows Cleveland on the glucose syrup because that means that it in your very little bit been converted all the way to glucose and you have a lot of a larger chain polysaccharides are going to add a lot of body but aren't going to add any sweetness at all pastry supply houses you ask me a question about soda and Cocktails I don't know if I have time to get to it so I'm going to get you next time and I'll get you some more information about value Tony from Brazil to ask about carbonated cocktails on Tap & Cocktails to get to deal with here like shuttering just thinking about it to put on next week so we'll talk about it but I missed you two weeks in a row

cash it but I couldn't make it work so I'm going to Sweet your question I'll give you some brief. Right now what's the best approach for homemade pasta sheets in our lasagna Bolognese Marcella hazan has you pre blanching rinse the pasta beforehand to combat soggy this is this necessary compared to Classic pasta dough recipe of 1 inch cups of flour for about one egg how do other pasta does compare like Keller 12 egg yolk pasta Red 7 or glutened opacified a modernist cuisine at home thanks Sam here's the deal yeah you want to cook that to form the to form the structure I should say I've never done it without cooking it but I've always cooked lasagna before I put it in to have it Finance graduates

I don't know that for a fact that's a question like we saw him just ask Mark and repeat before back next week so if you look on the internet most people will tell you that aside from the Flavor and the color that you that you get in a dios La people say that if you do a I've always by the way this is just you know for me just so you know where I'm coming from I will always hold a guy I never I never did a egg yolks for every cup of whole of flour and then I would add enough water to get the hydration where I want it that's just what I've always done you know since since I've started you know making pasta in my twenties but it's a very interesting thing that a lot of people who are you know cooking you know practically cooking will tell you that the egg yolk one is harder right and like you know it harder to need an inch

but I think they're making a fundamental mental error and that is this egg yolk is has much less water in it than egg white does like the water content of an egg yolk is only like somewhere close to the solids are high the solids are in the 50% rate when you play the fats and proteins and everything like that there's not nearly as much water in an egg yolk as there is in an egg white so in a study of in a study that you can before they ripped microphone off if you go to modeling a fresh egg pasta characteristics for egg and Christina this was in the Journal of food engineering in 2009 and another good one is getting the day before you

is the influence of hydrothermal treatment on real life cooking characteristics a fresh egg pasta buy a new VRE if you adjust for the amount of water that's in the egg product that you're doing that adding eggs increases the the structure of the dove something like fresh pasta because you're increasing the protein content affect the protein content the most important one of them is from the whites the old albumin and that's what's forming the structure that's causing it to be firmer and have that former feeling of an of an egg pasta now so if you account for the water the more egg yolk that you add write the the less firm it is and the less time it is when it's cooked the softer it is radically higher the fat content is my feeling is is that is that people who say it's harder are making a lower hydration dough than they would normally make by using egg yolks and taking advantage

to the plasticizing effect and lubricating a fact with a fat in the egg yolk and it's allowing them to make what they can a more workable dough that is firmer because it's going to have a fundamentally lower moisture content and that's my feeling like I try to do a little more research on it and get back to it on next week or maybe if we can get Mark and on the way out we had a final calling her beforehand but I'm not going to tell you where's the number to the number got erased off my phone if it's not unpleasant it's not it's not pornographics not going to charge you any money does it cost to redo a telephone number and when she reads it I want you to write this number down and then I want you to call it 702-6628

26628 37th

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