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Episode 16: London!

this episode of cooking issues has been probably brought to you by Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market reminds you that everybody has a story so whether it's a tomato a muffin or a T-bone steak your conscious food choices can change the planet because at Whole Foods Market every single purchase you make helps us support things like Animal Welfare organic agriculture Equitable trade and energy offsets let's think before we eat let's retake our place

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hello this is Dale Arnold the host of cooking issues coming to you on the Heritage Radio Network Lopez and I are waiting to fly back to a New York City but we're still here lies take all of your cookie related questions call into +718-497-212-8721 to 8 now unfortunately Natasha sitting next to me and we can't have two of our cell phones calling in at once so she's going to have to just make comments from the peanut gallery, try to do the best we can both over here doing a demonstration for vibration Trentonian

call +718-491-287-1848 number for Christmas that made by a guy with his company out of water which are the ones have a boob tube and out of the nozzle just like you know in The Three Stooges

and you can put that you can put smaller next you can't put a lot of things into it and you can actually carbonate you know you have to do to open it and pour it all out and can't dispense it like a movie you have to actually sent it and I usually put some very very cold is it in a regular whipped cream maker you don't want to put you first CO2 cartridge in shake it up a bit and invent it out now you're getting rid of all the air and everything in that I are

so basically it was really going to get it nice and fizzy and poured out and you should have a delicious carbonated product even in your whipped cream whipper so that is a I would definitely go Marv for the whipped cream maker and Nazi CO2 so we have a second question from Melissa Melissa actually graduated from Stanford is a Stanford Graduate the same here I have Natasha

me and her fiance are huge mango fans by the by the boatload it at 1 Los Domingos then all of a sudden about 6 years ago if you wanted to go and I was allergic nothing growing up and then all of a sudden when I became about 30 31 years old my wife is Mommy have anymore. Even though they're about you become allergic to your favorite fruit

number of lobsters at the summer party and then you know I had bought a giant bag of cherries the kind of wash down there so I guess there's something you know too much of a good thing flavor text her that way and this is the way I hope it is for him these can be allergic to Mangos that you can be allergic to mango skin and in the shop so and then you're going to get like a contact

allergic to that should I do if y'all can have Mango Mangos themselves and somehow they seem to be related to to get rid of a destroyed by cooking show

may I go to the hospital when I eat these things because my throat closes up and I sound like that because he might can't breathe anymore and you end up in the hospital but it's not really a full-on anaphylactic reaction if I buy this is shut down because of the contact with the stuff and then it does cookie make it go away I'm not mango you know not not cause a reaction unfortunately I'm sure they're not the same thing

tell Melissa also asked whether she knows it's at massages work with cesare Casella one of our one of our good friends Italian chefs from the movie now and he was a wealthy a wizard of being just like that the impresario of beans York all around good guy and we like them and so stem just started culinary tours company little people from the USA to visit and at Ace and visit us over there

and he knows that you know he knows food and he definitely knows Tuscany like that like the back of his hand and I don't have his website here but it's cesare Casella and or you can you guys were right questions answer to the Radio Shack on the are you doing I just had a quick question thought I had a question about making bitters


hey what's your question I was just curious about the process of making it in your home like where could you find information on it and like where to start really

right so she troll the bartender's forums and probably on on Eagle at there's a load of information on Bitters another excellent sources of some of the old bitters recipes are in the old kind of alcohol can books that are available on Google books like the old so I'll just let you two better to start with overproof alcoholic spiritus or never clear or is it better to use something flavorful a really does it depend on the profile you're looking for looking for the most awesome people start with an over proofed on it and they can't you know it's faster and probably more complete result of that and then you can water it down when you're done with muscular starting with with an odor proof product I will say that a lot of people ask cuz you know we have a lot of new techniques for Infusion and you know I don't think you're going to get the same result as you would get with you

just different so definitely look into some of the older some of the older recipes and you're trying to achieve an authentic her results actually available I don't know if she does or Not website and sourcing of the herbs and if you're in New York is couple places at Downtown that has a very good selections R Us online I don't have the website stop my head where to go to that most everything okay great I'm actually in New York so I guess most stuff is readily available

the flow time is best way to do it there's really no way to push it. The only way but if you want that you would get from those older older ways of doing it then I would do it that way I mean I haven't experimented so much with straight like that goes like I'm using a similar recipe for instant so I can hang it over and have it to repay show her make a great result they would be different I think it's just what you're shooting at 5 if you want to come up with something that you like better

no problem good luck with us what happens

alright so I have another question someone asked do you know what is in a front edges products is eating his picture has lines from adrea you know the famous steps when a boy has a whole lot of product called text Doris which I kind of knew ingredients that unfortunately called what do I respond immediately ingredients you know by people live because they know a lot of ingredients that are labeled by reporters and what not as much work as find me even though anyone that knows me knows I detest that term all the tests that term Harold McGee to test that term why did you plan to catch that term pretty sure Grandma has to test that term can speak English

that's it that's often how they labeled so fizzy is one of these products he has he saw the message so long he sells she sells a kind of things but unfortunately I haven't actually use it so the question is that it could I press on it like 8802 1000 PSI set into a block you or leave it explodes

and that's why is so much sharper and paste then then normal Seltzer because it's actually know quite a high concentration pressure anyway that's the other way to get a 50 effect by using an acid and base reaction is somewhere else or worse than like that I like when you make a kid when you dream of volcano science project

could use a more neutral base neutralize each other if they don't have a residual sugar syrup solution and I'm turning it into granules and then you eat it and it and if I'm not exactly sure what the what the fizzy is but it could be either one of those it's probably an acid base because a lot of the recipes are fizzy have you grinding them up to use them and that wouldn't work with pop rocks and I'll play around and report back so she wants you ate cooking issues live music row

welcome back to cooking issues Dave Arnold your hose to cooking issues calling all your cooking with a questions to 718-497-2128 that's +718-497-212-8948 come back to answering questions I was going up on the bus part of the reason is as you know when we're trapped in a place but we were in London and hotel had no free Wi-Fi at now you know I'm playing when I don't have it

we just went to London but it's been kind of an amazing and not in London I visited with Josh and I visited the brojo question out of the brojo collection is the largest collection of fruit in the world it's in Kent which is about an hour outside of London by train and it is like it is nirvana it is like you know if I had to take the closest place to heaven on Earth in terms of temperate temperate climate fruits this is it it's crazy that you have all three people apologize that you know that we went on a Monday because there was no one there and remember this is now it's pineapple seasoning and I went there for the apples

Geneva New York Apple extension which is the largest single Apple question about apples in the world and it was a life-changing experience was amazing and I got a Wandering through the trees and be any Americans we kind of had a friendly rivalry back in the 1800s up to the early early 1900 of kind of fruit to grow the best apples know who had the bank of this kind of a thousands and thousands of varieties really became available so I really wanted to come over

play some easy music Fridays in their native setting and just basically see how the brodil you know works so anyway that one sold the entire we were there for five hours eating fruit and we saw him not not one person a tour bus showed up it took like three pictures of the outside of the orchard you got back on the tour bus and they walked away you guys think I've missed out on the biggest the coolest thing and possibly could have gone to because it's not turned out hairs are they have

I'm picking time for the most of which nuts at the end we were just on the Block but suffice it to say that there is a lot more to know about pears than you have ever known if all you had a supermarket pair the range of flavors in Paris is astonishing not surprising which are pears that are only cooking pears so they never gets off you can actually be restored a long long time over winter

I don't develop their flavor or their property useless until there and I can't bring me back to the states to cook them to see what happens but variety of textures and aromasin the old books on you know you'll hear people say how awesome pairs are huge differences are

compare now and then for 5 years ago when I became infatuated with the idea of all these apples and flavors that was lost I didn't even consider the pair and now I'm just a damn on apples but that's not all this Farm has no harm is liability reasons because they have land and Mike with a shotgun and a still you would never have to leave so they have all the game all the fruit you can just crazy with the price of Plum unfortunately I said early on program allergic to cherries but I can go back during cherry season because they have

specialized made me not in The Insider apples but other half I wrap up for the local Fighters are actually made with sweeter Sweet Apple is

I mean I wish I could have spent at least one pair is no fun and then we went back to their little fighter shop and try and look at those Howard is it go to the Brookdale and go there in pre-season and have one of the most ever going to have in your entire life

great my name is Corbin I'm from San Diego

and I had a question about reproducing a barbecue pulled pork using sous-vide there a couple things I like about barbecue pulled pork one is the Smoky flavor the other is like the knight's cross the spark that you get on the outside and I know sous-vide is a good way to control the temperature and make it nice and tender but how can I get the smoke in the Park after or before using sous vide

yes cusses couple problems one at least would you like a short rib when you're cooking sous-vide you'll notice that the connective tissue get soft but it doesn't render out right for the fibers never get a stringy the way that they get in a tradition nutritional Brad's BBQ on BBQ right stuff like normal things going to break apart because of fibers are totally broken parts a little bit

actualize that a normal BBQ pulled pork in a smoker going to be tough you need smoke right I'm assuming that you know that there are some high-quality smoke application that you can put on or you could do a cold smoke kind of situation but but if I smoke there are some very high-quality smok product to take a whole whole lot better than no flavor or even smoke after the show

churches on the outside you going to need to apply some dry heat to it to actually get some of the moisture out of it with a higher temperature than normal BBQ in that would allow you to keep the inside still have you been in a long time but we don't have any outside dry out a little bit but it's going to be totally different because then you would get you wanted to have a kind of the brownie happen for a long time over low Temp and it's not confirmed by the same result because in order to keep the low temperature on the inside like grill or oven or something I can really get the outside no to crisp up on you in and get it for a month without overdoing the inside it's not going to be exactly the same right to be the same result is that that make sense or no

baby approximates BBQ

oh that sucks totally different or you can smoke a little bit afterwards or get a real Spike put some chips or something heater blow hot as hell put it in there you're not touching the fire bigger butt like a away from the hot as hell and then crisp up the outside and and get some smoke flavor in that way you can make a delicious product is going to be the same as act like regular barbecue delicious but different you know what I mean so I'm going to I'm going to try it now and I got some good advice last time and I think I got some good advice this time so I'll let you know how it goes

yeah that's not how it goes and hopefully it works out for you I think it will create thank you all right thanks 718-497-2128 at 7117 Airport

what are you doing like this

yeah baby yeah yeah

welcome back to cooking issues and Steve on all the airport in London where the start of the hammer and I are waiting to get back to New York city so we have a couple of more questions here is interested in buying quinine sulfate and he said he's having some problems getting quinine is in tonic water that is also a what is a in the reason was there originally is quinine in the park by the way. Malaria flight which is why you take it if you're going to go to India to a British officer in the area

just trying to get out of it and then mix it with Jen and they have it now the amount of quinine in tonic quinine in tonic water quality to stop you from getting malaria so if you don't think you're going to Larry with tonic water right I think at least try to be careful you buy it because an overdose of quinine is a bad thing

go in and buy it at a pharmacy because people will take it for leg cramps but now it's considered a prescription medication so terrible leg cramps and you buy a client sulfate and it's by the grace which is basically a little violent it up I bought I bought from a company called Spectrum chemical and I bought their USP grade of quinine sulfate and you going to want to be using on the order of the legal limit for tonic water is less than 83 parts per million which is way more better than you actually wanted to be so you want

how to use of Clans first of all don't let other people handle it you know it's a so people don't just no use it like they would sugar creamer after something like that and then apply 19 water or an alcohol is actually better that you keep their and then make use it as kind of a bittering agent but yet you want to be careful not to reason but also quinine can become a Google Play not enough to being very much to better extremely better was very small editions cuz the tastes at least in my mind seems to be okay a little more okay will Moore okay and another the next shot and you like them it's just ruined his two better so I would just say that it's not cheap I paid $80 for in a little vial of it but at Violet's last few years because it takes a small amount of the client on your

course you can have the rest of your plan on working use an acid mixed with a witch lime acid to one part that one you can only get from chemical supply house plumbing supply shop at really good way to just make your time for her with a clarified lime juice or lime juice need to make a tonic water with that and carbonated with gin

common also asked about a he just got a big block of Keith roast when they're going to do your stash is more less speeds and you don't want to use the pizza directly in the computer is good for making tea flavor when it's being burned so I would I would definitely

I would definitely use a p i u can smoke something with the pizzas and peed on the on the grill and then and then let the truck flavor transfer over to your food from from rusting to Burnet I've never actually used it but something I would definitely definitely love

butter so you have to use them but a long long long long long long time and I haven't touched anything but I've always want to have happen and just did happen is that so loud house what time

I've never had them before and went two nights in a row at the restaurant here in London called 6 and the first night that I almost beat the crap out of someone else that I can make sure that I got this last Grouse because I wasn't no leave under that having it and then by chance bird I'd ever had in the first apologize for you know make us go to the legion and night at I just went I went I went crazy

it poops out everything isn't impressing so it's not so I'm there with these two friends of mine from 69th and Havana Club in the US not really the real wrong to ask I like all over my hands just like stuck on my knuckle

I'm looking for a table and I'm sure I have bottle of my face completely horrified but I'm sorry but I've never had it before and I really need to pick them up and it's really not apologize to everyone for this horrific Carnage scene I just called and I can split it in half and then shut the brains out so I think that was kind of the last nail in the coffin of decency

that I never had before I had right after I had just eaten you know several hundreds of varieties of fruit fruit parks near me stuff it down with with the with our game birds and of course I had to have finished running

Fishers Banshees.

Don't know