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Episode 159: Vacuum Sealing & Ice Cream

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I think of the New York City subway system to call your questions to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 and don't worry I should be here shortly have some questions are you so let me just take care of some of those the other Jon Stewart rights in at all things from Fairway who did you sound like those you might remember that last week of the program is brought to you by fair with his program today

it's all as well as Edwards Edwards Kia and every time I mention on the air and every time I see you in person I say this he markets his one of his excellent you know what at least one year old age kind of being cured hams meaning that they're refrigerated during the curing the actual curing process so that they don't spoil the dinner allowed a jammed you know for upwards of the month like I think her delicious and he makes them actually with Heritage Foods what's the word I'm looking for Heritage breed pork and Marcus's as suriano Siri being the county in Virginia where they are you know it is kind of classic in one of the classic places for American country

most All American country hams are fundamentally derive from their culture of Tidewater Virginia because it started there and then from there over like through Kentucky was Virginia back in the day and most of these a lot of these families have during roots that date back to her prior to the American Revolution show me a long history with their underwear that start with the same as like Serrano and and Siri because you know well over a decade ago gosh got to be with well over a decade ago you know you know he decided that the kind of hams at the Houston loosing in America we're not receiving their just due and thought they are most like some of the mountain in Spain and so kind of you know it's kind of joining the idea of this American hand with kind of this koala

mount hamiguitan in Spain and you know my feeling is always been American ham is American ham salad with American ham and Sam Edwards you know as much as I love and respect his products and you in as a good guy just called American what do you think anyone anyone that we're talking about Steve Jenkins last week from Fairway who is our sponsor last week and we had a little discussion about like what time do it right San regarding Steve Jenkins from Fairway and who does he sound like to me he sounds like Alec Baldwin which is weird because only minutes later and it didn't make and I didn't make the connection so perhaps you disagree I threw audio of the two into this link pretty similar but perhaps not who dey was making out and then there's a leg which way

can play later with playing you know Steve Jenkins side-by-side with Alec Baldwin or maybe we can just call that up somehow and you know what John you're dead on man those that's exactly what it is Alex Baldwin but it's one of those things where is freaked me out a little bit like I was watching the stuff in Magnum PI is Tom Selleck doing voiceover work and it's not like Morgan Freeman by the way if you guys watching Olympics Morgan Freeman literally like I think he was like sitting around on call waiting for people that win medals because you congratulate them on the metal that they want like 10 seconds after or did you record every permutation of every American winning every metal is like congratulations on your bronze made it to John you're totally right

Alec Baldwin is the call Alec Baldwin of course whose voice is amazing by the question I've been begging all of my low temp food using your zip loc method for years the FoodSaver vacuum never looked like it had much advantage over the ziplock technique and doesn't really seem to pull a hard vacuum therefore it never seems useful for bagging where you want to use a vacuum to pull your marinade into a product for example but I just ran across the Thrifty back what you can see on the YouTube It's a Thrifty back I think one word and Vac is BAC Thrifty you spell Thrifty as in someone who is Thrifty then in a FoodSaver do you think this looks useful as a poor person's vacuum chamber or is it not likely to pull hard enough vacuum to be any better than the ziplock method thanks to the other Jon Stewart yeah okay so I took a look at this

device and for those of you out there who haven't seen it or you know aren't on the internet right now. I'll go how you listen to us if you're on the internet the what it is is is it's a one-way valve in a little kind of like a like a a boxy piece of plastic in a one-way valve that you put onto a large bag no zip Locker other and it punctures the bag and then it comes with a little little

like I sucking device almost like a larger version of a vacu van pulling thing and you stick a ziplock inside of the other bag that's almost feels as soon as the same as the as the technique to dump the water take me by the way which is what I use at home cuz I don't have a vacuum machine at home is icy almost entirely Selah vacuum Ziploc bag ziplock by the way when you buy Ziploc bag first of all like Glad bags worth it but like I always buy brand-name bags does off-brand suck never get the ones that have two layers of plastic get the single layer get also the freezer ones because they're much better gas barriers in the regular one and never get the ones with the sliding Doodles I do not trust a ceiling capability of the sliding Turtles get the ones that have the old-school just zipper in other just not a zipper but you know that the seal without slide to the right see you seal it almost all the way up and then you just leave the very Corner unsealed you put your finger in it lifted by that corner right now forms of diamond and you immerse it under the water as you immerse

your water slowly you kind of know Force the air out from around it and in presumably your product is surrounded by some form of liquid on the inside the bag boil sauce whatever and and the air want excluded never come back in because the water the pressure of the water excludes it and then add right is the tip of the bag goes underneath you seal it with your with your you pinch it sealed and it's done and this is the way I do almost everything it makes a fantastic seal it doesn't create a vacuum but it does exclude are which is 99% of what we want to do we're doing low temperature cooking what you're doing a vacuum effect okay so what this thing does is it allows you to put a Ziploc inside of another bag with a one-way valve but another another way is it similar you leave a little to one of the ziplock unimpressed you pull the vacuum you push the Casio shot while it's inside of another bag and then you pull it out and it's sealed it's not really that kind of a vacuum pump that they're using that piston vacuum pump is never going to pull a a decent vacuum

where the color I can get a call and I come back and talk more about this vacuum machine and kind of what I think it's good for and what it doesn't do

hello this is Martina from Vienna calling hey how you doing I'm fine thank you how are you doing well I love you and I've only been to your town for a couple of days but it seems very nice when I was there

yeah it is I have you been to a group solutions video tape the famous cheese sausage doing work with them with the rapid infusion and I was only there for only there for like a day and a half not even two full days the only thing I got to do we went to we had a Wienerschnitzel at the what's the name of the place that's a couple blocks from the it's a couple blocks from the opera house it's like famous for its schnitzel what the heck's the name of it like oakfair something by Derek Miller where you get the huge ones enjoy the Viennese potato salad kit to visit the market that long outdoor Market that you guys have what's that called this Earth that was really cool and I got a whole lot of people there selling

I only wanted Australian products because why would I buy a different product when I'm in Austria right so I went through their search up various different kinds of cured meats and cheeses and and different products and services is really nice but now I did not get to have the cheese sauce next time to have no idea because when I showed up at lunch for the first day I showed up in like had to go right to work from the airplane and they're like what do you want for lunch I was like horse and so they brought a bunch when I think one of them was cheese is good but I can't recall the name because they just put it in front of me they didn't tell me what I was eating but there was one with cheese and what's the name of it

what is Criner mean Klein which is in Slovenia called kranjska Gora so that's where it where the original sausage is coming from and then the Austrian added the Chiefs to it may be the case it could I know so cheap cuz I know she saw me that was it was a good call Addie Mae adding akeza because I'm trying to do kind of look up panna cotta right and I have problems too to get it's like stiff really don't know of course that said adding alcohol to tell it to decrease the stability of the child you have Indian but I just one night when I when I

lower the Billikens that's really nicely you cannot taste the Vodka anymore so my question is about how high can I get that still if you have like a ratio that I can still have a cat skeleton with with Waka most

sources that you read usually for a n and it's not really based in any sort of reality right they they put they put the upper it's based on kind of rules of thumb they basically upper limit for most alcohol sensitive hydrocolloid the most of them are because remember it's not water right and Ida College require water to do their work they usually place the upper limit for normal function somewhere in the range of 20% somewhere in that range so in general when you go to 20% pure pure alcohol that you add to any system right the more depends on the way to the more hydrocolloid that you're going to have to add to get this the same result so give me your give me a recipe how much how much vodka is in there

as a percentage of the total to two parts cream and 1.0 Parts vodka and sells 1/3 equals what can the which would be like 160 Glassdoor almost something like 20% alcohol I guess in the end so that should be fine by members of Cream is an all water either right so you got you got cream which was not all water although it's not affected the same way but Whip and in what percentage more than the normal gelatin did you use

I just like I used to do the kind of sheets that I would normally use

I don't know if 6 piece on an unlawful eater to soft right or did it all this work to solve because Mike my my idea is that Cindy and I I put a liquid shell off of coffee in it so basically it's a reconstruction of a of a white russian and whenever I try to get the liquid gel and it eventually it would break because it's just not enough so that a couple of things you can do you can up the gelatin concentration right when is the first obvious thing to up the gelatin condo association fee by like I wouldn't be no don't do anything drastic like the tablet because you don't have that much alcohol in it so I would up in I would update like

I would update like

maybe 25% or something like this and see whether or not that adds enough are you close to getting it was it close to the right texture or not

I mean it's not bad it is it is it is it is like a sad child but it's just it's it's not easy to Handle Inn in like when I try to put in the selected cell itself eventually but I have like a failure of almost 50% of pieces when I cut them in cubes that would fall apart. Just maybe maybe just to raise the channel thing was withheld for a raising it doesn't look like a lot of other hydrocolloid when you raise their percentages you get a lot of nasty kind of texture all the facts and you get a lot of nasty kind of taste effects when you up them to the point when you get there at like the functionality right where is gelatin is pretty friendly that way I mean if it didn't mean once you start getting very high percentages on any hydrocolloid

you got a lot of flavor masking because he know a lot of that water which is delivering the likeness of the water and the water base section the flavor compliment locked up in a in a hydrocolloid made Matrix and so you tend to get very poor flavor released the reason why gelatin is so good and watch using these is not just because of texture is awesome but because it tends him out melt at mouth temperature and release him almost got like a hunting 100% flavor release the only other ones that have an excellent flavor release are ones that are used in kind of very very low quality Lake Chelan right but if you were going to switch to a different yelling medium for this like gel and the problem you're going to run into is you have to you have to ensure that you have to heat it to a high temperature and then get your alcohol in before it gets down at set temperature right cuz it's Jo-Ann's I can snap said but they are the problem is it that really high temperature that you need to hydrate things like jelly

if you can't get alcohol at high as you can get around that I made alcohol fluid gels all the time with both agar and with and own a car might be another thing too because you can make agar you can make agar a lot softer if you put locust bean gum in it or something some a modifier like that and you can you can get for a Kappa Kappa carrageenan LBG is the classic one that people use to do gelatin analog and you might be able to hard not one up more and have you know and it's you know you'll definitely no faster because it's such a lot faster than gelatin does and I've done plenty of agar gels at 20% alcohol plenty cuz I used to do you know as for for demos I used to do

I used to do like fluids like alcoholic fluid gels you know all the time that were you know right around 20% so I know that I know that that system works well but I think the gelatin will probably work well for you if you just up the percentage slightly and it was like twenty twen try 20% and see whether or not you get cuz you what you really want is you wanted to be just at the failure point right you want to hold it self want to be able to handle it move it around and played it but you don't really want any more than that right and then that's what gelatin so good at it is it's seeming delicacy when it's breaking in NH your kitchen hot or what not I don't know how well it control you have over the temperature in the kitchen but you know when gelatin gets close to being too soft and then it gets warm it's like you know you're done you you're done you know you're never going to be able to handle the product but I think you should be able to do if I don't buy increasing at those levels if you were saying that you were going to do straight vodka at spino problematic but you know I've done plenty of

you know up to 15% alcohol with gelatin just by upping the gelatin even ones that have to withstand fairly Reno rigorous conditions like I've done carbonated alcohol regular gelatin gels up at those percentages S14 pretty high high alcohol wines that way Jeff puppet by jacking the gelatin somewhat

by the way when I when I would like put the cream with gelatin and enzymes what can everything like still warm into a Hi-Fi and then like to make whipped cream with the Telikin hold the shape or with it

yeah by the way also like with cream if you get wet like anything over about 20% of creams going to start being in danger of breaking like that's kind of like the magic place of cream cream licorice without any sort of added protecting things that you can protect the cream obviously you know with various agents of stops breaking but including gelatin that's what the thing is made out of Jell-O gelatin can be used as the foaming agent and I side with that however like if you wanted to hold if you want to do it like if you want to make this recipe in an isi and have it hold indefinitely really dance like dance dance dance texture what percentage cream is it to the to the flu gel or to the gel

is it at least what percentage of vodka mix 1 part cream

yes no two parts cream and one part was gunned down more like you know 15% something like this you should be okay to stop and get the try this right take your take the the Vodka do I make a I think it should work at around 1 when 1% take give you some random number to try to take a 500ml of water of Water and then 1010 don't we don't make it for spms give me numbers are easy to remember 500 rounds of water 10 10 grams of agar cold obviously hydrate the the agar in Wizkid and cold bring up to heat Shimmer for 2 minutes temperature in 500 mL of vodka right let it set into a 1% gel it should be fairly firm even at that even it at 20% if it's

you can try it at a slightly higher agar percentage right now blend it in a blender so now you have a vodka fluid gel not it's only 50% vodka right but instead of doing to cream to make it a little leaner and do one-to-one cream with that vodka stuff in an isi and as long as the fluid gel work which I have to test it to make sure that it exactly a 20ft I worked that is going to be dance dance dance a lot of times what I'm trying to do very dense is iPhones I do fluid gel reinforced cream basis and they were they work really really well and then fact you can do things that would normally curdled cream like you can do lemon juice and eventual Pearl but because a lot of the lemon juice is locked up inside of a fluid gel it doesn't break that the cream right away in the stuff it's found out last like a long long long time but the one thing I will say is that when you're putting a fluid gel into an isi you remember it's a fluid gel so when you when you point the isi down it doesn't know

actually run down to the bottom of the isi and dispense you have every time you dispense it you have to put your finger over the over the dispensing tip and and flip the canister down so that you're sure that you have all the fluids Yelp act against the head that we need to spend to this actually there but it's a fantastic way to do reinforce cream tonight like I would like very high acid fruits all the time that way and I'm pretty sure it would work with alcohol through the gel as well

okay thank you very much

I am I one eye one is I siphoned by mentioning you because they had they had like this before Christmas they would give out like free I tie a tie fence just you have to write them why you want to use it and I mentioned because I like Dean or Dale Arnold quick infusion drink and I would like to use it and that's how I want my eyesight I just had another idea by the way you might be able to hydrate the agar in in like milk or cream and then put the Vodka into it and dope it in that way you wouldn't have to have all that water but you got to play around it to make sure it would work but I think that might also be a solution and I'm having to add the extra water but give it a shot try it

thank you very much I have fun with the Whipper

thank you I will

play program has been brought to you by S Wallace Edwards & Sons Edward surryano hams are aged to Perfection for no less than four hundred days and hickory-smoked to achieve a deep mahogany color the Edwards name is well-known for its world-class aged and cured meats their exclusive curing an aging recipe produces a unique flavor profile that enhances the quality characteristics of Berkshire pork Optimum amounts of pure white fat marbling contribute to a flavor that's a delicate perfect balance between sweet and salty two more information visit www. Siri wow we didn't leave Jack Jack's here Anastasia's here so I can fly crazy they show can start now mr. I went on a thing about the whole soriana thing and how I feel about it but now I can talk about the fact that I'm a guessing and I've never had this conversation so I'm just guessing and Sasha do hate the harmonica

did it because you hate things that tell stories and it's like an inherently storytelling kind of an instrument like you know kind of and a jack doing well so Jack you got a question you were going to ask us right to know your kind of thoughts and some of these new apps coming out that are cater towards restaurant eaters like for instance there's one called no wait right and you you can you can get on a restaurant waiting line at home with the app I love that except for my the problem I don't know how it works but I've never used it as a as a user I'd like that imagine if you could just not sorry live like two blocks from or three blocks from Mission Chinese right which is Danny Brown's restaurant and you know they don't take that the reservations and the weights like a billion years but will be no problem for me to just sit at home you know the wife and I drinking ourselves silly

and then waiting for you know them to say you've got 10 minutes late to hightail it over here and I can hightail it over there and yes I'll be a fantastic phone to someone like like me I don't know how they operate as a you know as an operator you know I know it's a bar that a lot of times when people are on a list they don't necessarily come back you know and so it's that you're going to come back that means Soviets the kind of thing that obviously is a boon to the to the consumer the question is how hard is it going to hose how hard is it going to host the restaurants at user do they have some anti hosing mechanism in the application and call apps need an anti hosing mechanism just to let you know we have a lot of situations at the bar where ya wee wee people come in we're like okay we're full because we only ask you for like 32 or whatever and we say okay you know party of you know 5 or

whatever it is you know what will text you when it's free then we text and we put a reserved sign on the seat now I have five seats empty and it's not it's not just that there's five seats empty that we're not turning money all around on although that doesn't hurt me deeply the real problem is is when people come in and they see the empty seats and they get pissed off if they can't get seated you know what I mean so it's It's Tricky 8 I guess it kind of a fine dance on how to do a bigger places it's easier to deal with because they have more turn over if I wonder how it works and smaller place than we only have like 30 seats you know it's like it's it's hard to ride that line properly and I mean you have to look at you know it came in yesterday

the extra large is extra large or extra-large has a tugboat into the shirt that I picked up this morning on the walking the dog out of bed because my wife and first time I seen him outside of the house without a Luchador masks on months or maybe he's giving up the Luchador face I hope not because I haven't thought you didn't have his mask is cutting mat how do we get into this what we talkin about

Chrysler going to be a kid sizes so just thinking about the company

what does always tries to make it seem like I'm being an ogre for no reason first of all people people people I was never once consulted on this and I would have said this is fundamentally not showing me want kids to play with a small is not like taxis like he's not he's not like you're saying that the ones we bought her going to shrink I don't try to buy normal shirts and then print them down to Club where because I don't go to clubs

so after those either don't remember cuz it seem like it's a long time ago the issue is his will this new thing is 50 vac work to pull a real vacuum on something as opposed to just using a ziplock my feeling is it is it it's not going to suck any more hardcore of the vacuum than a vacu van thing can suck and that it's not it's probably useful if you wanted without having a big water bucket around to put things in a ziplock but I don't think it's going to achieve much more than you can do just water dunking in a ziplock so there you have it but it's cheap and so if you want to do a lot of dried bagging work of stuff in Ziploc bags you know maybe it would be useful but most of the people I looked on Amazon it's got a lot of very positive reviews but if you actually burrow into the reviews on Amazon

almost everyone who has familiar with the the water. Method of Ziploc he was like I don't really understand the advantages over watered of methadone Ziploc and so I don't be knowin alternative for a kind of vacuum Infuse now think and by the way they you know a couple of the one of the people who did a review of it on YouTube that you sent a link to said that you know that it's kind of turned it into a chamber vacuum machine and it does not turn into a chamber vacuum machine because the minute you displace the air out of the bag air from the outside push it on top of the bag. That's kind of the end using the bag to put on the bag and that that's how it's working chamber vacuum machine works entirely differently in that it just removes the air and there's no physical compression on the item until the air is allowed back in writing so that's kind of like that is the that that is how chamber Works worth much more in the fashion that a FoodSaver works except for instead of using a FoodSaver bag

then close this thing in and outside. But I do think it'd be really good at probably if you wanted to make castings like if you want to do it not casting fiberglass work and you wanted to or prepreg work with like fibers and stuff you could you know cuz the one of the problems of doing let's say you wanted to make something out of fiberglass and resin right and you want to put it over a mold for the question is how do you get it to stick nicely to the mold and you know good way to do it is using a ton of a vac bag system where you put the entire youth you put the the impregnated resin impregnated fiberglass carbon fiber Kevlar over your you put it into a fax machine suck it suck it

how do you say anything I did back in the day with it I use vacuum for that but that was wearing two different colors of fish layered them up with transport and then par froze them on a mold in like a wavy shaping and sliced it on on the Hobart model was it 3000 or 2000 meat slicer so that look like wood grain fish does a fun trip and then that while you know why cuz they gave me that freaking meat slicer and I let stupidly left it at the FCI because I've been there so long that they kind of like I'm stupid

yeah right yeah okay what that would work so someone from Switzerland regarding ice cream hi Dave and Ava from Switzerland I'm a big fan of your show and she loved but you didn't say which Switzerland has found it cleanly / hang out in like a big cities they all hang out right you get every one of the big cities right now in Geneva not that I saw

not one not one Italian spaghetti to your mother's house. I'm a big fan of your show lately I've been upset with ice cream I own an ice cream maker which is able to cool to -35 Celsius I don't know what that is but I just for you. Ratification 1 hours remember - 20 Celsius is -4 Fahrenheit so you're well into the minus range well well in probably around minus 25 Fahrenheit something pretty hardcore ice cream on a recipe by Heston Blumenthal happen isn't whatever is about to happen the day results the Joshua had that he's not going to be happy with he's going to try to make it a high alcohol content

Heston Blumenthal he burns the whiskey first to get rid of a lot of alcohol so we're not dealing with the softness based on a high alcohol content right were you thinking that says I like ice cream maker with Heston Blumenthal and shaved ice cream with eggs sugar and milk custard equal to approximately -25 Celsius and then pour the ice cream base and let it turn and here's the thing here's what you're sticking your head I learn for approximately 30 minutes after that I store the ice cream overnight in the freezer a taste test the next morning left me unsatisfied the ice cream was tasty but it seemed that too large ice crystals informed because I had an unpleasant Matthew and didn't feel smooth there for my question how does a journey time influence the development of ice crystals are there a minimum time what you would suggest do you see any flaws in my ice cream making and can you recommend any good literature on ice cream maker

and theoretical base I've read a chapter on ice cream in a book The Kitchen as laboratory but need more thank you in advance for your help Josh was by the way the word laboratory brings up I have to Travis huggett I didn't start forgot my cocktail books are in the subway the other day and when I say today I mean yesterday and we had like seriously the idea that could make us like like the new like and Gettys / what's his name Wegman the Weimaraner thing but since I'm never going to do it I'm going to get this idea out there to somebody really stupid but the more you think about it right the more you think about it the better it gets ready this could be the hottest wall and desk calendar of 2015 labs

Labs Labrador Retrievers in laboratory situations

with lab coats on labs in Labs even though I came up with the idea and yet if I saw that thing on Amazon for 15 bucks I would own it right now I would buy I would pre-order that sucker right the helm out labs in Labs come on somebody do it here's what I want Travis and I we need some cut that's all I want or maybe even a mention a cut your went when they come with the barrels of money and drop them off at your house for having done this labs in lab calendar we like when you're swimming through money just remember that as you're bailing the boat out so that you don't drown in your own money just put one of those buckets of money you know our way that's all I'm saying right that's all that's alright that's all I need

here's the deal ice cream the longer protect ice crystals the faster you freeze something the smaller the ice crystals are right and the reason is because you with rapid freezing you get many nucleation site or ice crystals don't ice crystals that prefer to form on other ice crystals ice crystals prefer to grow rather than to form entirely new ice crystals it's more energetically favorite so the slow or something freezes the larger the ice crystals are the more rapidly something freezes the more different nucleation sites you get in the smaller the ice crystals are because they don't have time to grow into larger ice crystals so there's a direct relationship between the size of the ice crystals that are formed in in a freezing process and the rate of freezing now there are other factors as well you know the composition of it but but

forgiving ice cream composition the crystal size is directly related to the freestyle here's another thing typically when you're freezing the ice remember you're never freezing ice cream until the total solid a good amount of the product of the ice cream is still in a liquid state right and how much of it is liquid is depending on what the freezing point of the ice cream is and that's depending on things like the sugar content Adam has she been training for 30 minutes you draw out of the machine there still a lot of liquid in it you already have kind of large seed crystals in there because of the long freezing time 30 minutes you didn't put it in the freezer to harden overnight and what happened those crystals get bigger and bigger overnight as it gets colder and colder so let's say you have a draw temperature so forget what the freezing temperature of the

impossible condenser temperature is in your ice cream maker right forget it because that's not what's important what's important is what the temperature how fast they can put the energy into the ice cream truck commercial ice cream machine even if it's only you know if it's running at a higher temperature than yours has enough has enough ability to chill and of chilling power that I can freeze the ice cream to its draw temperature of somewhere around I don't know 20 Fahrenheit let's say 18 was it between 15 and 20 I forget exactly Fahrenheit to draw temperature it can do that in 10 minutes or less right so the I owe you 100 which a lot of people use a Tailor's depending on the back side do you put in a 7-minute batch time anything below like a 7 to 10 Minute Freestyle beat that the fact that your crystals are smaller don't doesn't make a damn bit of difference because you can't taste ice crystals that I like your tongue can't distinguish the texture of ice crystals that are you smarter than that

ice cream is superior to the texture of ice cream that's frozen in a regular machine because it's the right if he has smaller difference between ice cream that have 30 minutes to freeze and ice cream that only took seven or eight minutes to freeze now the flip side is is if you were to take it so so so what to do you know one thing is is look at the power requirements on the on the back of your machine and you can kind of get an idea of how much and you can't really because things get much less efficient as they get colder in terms of how much they can effectively apply to the ice cream when you're when you're making it but almost all machine are underpowered to actually freeze the stuff in an in a relatively quick fashion one thing you can do

obviously start with extremely cold mix second thing you can do is use less mix not a problem with using less mixed is that a lot of machines if you under fill the machine and has too much overrun I ate too much air gets whipped into it so this is something you're going to have to address or or worry about the third thing is is if you are going to have a freeze time of let's say 20 to 30 minutes then I would recommend only doing it right before you're about to serve it and not try to harden it since since machines that have like a 20 to 30 minute freeze time to texture of the ice cream is usually pretty good right out of the machine but once hardened then it all starts going to hell in a handbasket pretty quickly

I know that's even answer that that part of that question as regards reference is the best online reference and it and it really get you a long way before you buy any books is go to Google list Dairy education series at the University and I can never know how tax you pronounce this town Guelph union scale for Guelph is H Douglas Golf and it's a fantastic resource and I use it as my quick and ready resource and have for years and fantastic website with a lot of information now ask for books the classic V classic ice cream book is called you know make sense ice cream that's what it's called came out in the sixties it was released by Avi pressed Avi press in the sixties and seventies put out kind of the best food technology book series was so awesome I used

go to New York Public Library and read them constantly and so I can have them for a business but that book was called ice cream by Arbuckle & Arbuckle was it like the in like in everyone was like Arbuckle ice cream but they don't even call it ice cream anymore they just called Arbuckle everyone knew that they were talking about the ice cream book no relation of Fatty Arbuckle the silent film star who may or may not have been wrongly accused of doing that whatever I want to get into it but I scream so I think I think he was falsely accuses not so off topic

Robert commercial NWS Arbuckle right that's the 5th edition from 2000 right now already they've changed the authorship on it and then in 2003 they took they took Arbuckle off the book entirely and then was Robert Marshall Douglas Gogh write me a good guy and Richard hartel's not at Guelph like office he's a madtown he's the ice cream at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison anyways so then they take the original author author should have called the Arbuckle's ice cream and ice cream by Douglas Golf and Richard hartel so whatever I don't appreciate the loss of the lineage of like such a well-known book but there you have it. The other one is called the science of ice cream

available on Google Books and on Amazon and so I looked through it and it also looks pretty good cover look like crap was like scooped-out colored larvik why do people do that when they're shooting ice cream just shoot real ice cream in shooting fast you know like I know it's like you know you're selling the science of ice cream they have let the other one was just a series of tubes tubes I didn't really I didn't get that if I like the to cover better anyway but that's another alternative for minutes so Sam Road in about homemade pasta sheets for lasagna and I have my thoughts on it but I'm going to try to wait a week we were going to try to get Mark Ladner on because he know he makes for that billion layer lasagna right it's not a billion hundred

Onnit especially on like whole egg vs. egg yolk and various things and pasta and also his feelings on gluten free pasta and fight and stuff like that cuz he knows a lot so maybe we can get him next week to put off your question on that till next week and let's go up to by the way I'm sorry but I'm going to play tomorrow I'll try to answer some of them on Twitter and then once I can't answer on Twitter postponed till next week Jeff Mays rights in just curious if you were able to figure out how best to cook candlenut so they're safe to eat at a pressure cooker circulator and not sure if there's a foolproof way to park up so I can keep him in the house. Having to worry about them being poisonous I called her in a while ago by the question I haven't heard any answer yet I've only been able to find the stupid stuff on stuff on Wikipedia that say that contain saponin and four ball and everyone just quotes that as a block texts out of that but I haven't found the references on relative heat stability just that they're just

activated bye-bye cooking not necessarily in a pressure cooker typically these guys are roasting it so you brought back to my question which I can hit a little harder for low temperature Fried Chicken if you pre cook at 64° white meat at for 45 minutes the chicken chill then refrigerate what is the best fried temperature to ensure that I don't over cook the chicken but still get a delicious crispy crust I brine using the ad hoc in a particular book recipe then low temp cook show then refrigerate them removing fry and using flour buttermilk I'm using a flour buttermilk flour procedure for frying which is what I use for ipf are they going to put them up all the frying at 325 or is there different temp I should use for low temperature I really want to do the chicken quickly so that I can have it fresh out of the fryer for gas shortly after they arrived and don't have to spend a dinner party in front of a fry station thanks again for the show

Japanese okay here's a couple of questions for you typically what may be going on is that you're cooking it brined and then allowing it to to refrigerate and sit and I'm wondering if it's firming up a little bit the way that most salted Meats really firm up when they're being cooked and whether or not when you say it's not as juicy is it there's a couple of things we could be is it that it's not as juicy but still clearly not overcooked is it tastes firmer IE more cured and which case if you're going to pre cook it a long time before maybe omit the breining or do a lighter brine so it doesn't taste as as firm or cure that's I'm not sure I'd have to attack I don't have this problem I'll tell you why I don't refrigerate my my chicken when I'm doing low temp chicken I do it fairly soon before the meat is going to be served I remove it from the zip locks

Brian I cook it in the brine frankly and then I pull it out and I put out hot and the reason I pull it out hot is so that they skin flashes off and gets tacky so that I get good adhesion of my battery right now I know there's a whole pies and thighs Roberto's theory of you not drying the chicken at all before you batter it but whatever I don't do that so in the limit of food safety time so I never chill it down and I never have and I fry dat 3sixty right so you know that's kind of how I do it with my feeling is is that you're probably you're probably getting a lack of

the feeling you getting out of a fresh cooked chicken because it was cooked brined and cooked and allowed to sit in the salt in urine some soft for long is Pluto not going to take it but I'm not sure I have to maybe to put a call in just a couple of people and see what I'm working out or maybe do a side-by-side but I would try to do it fresh you can still do it so your dinner guests don't get hoes right you could do it a couple hours when they show up but try doing it kind of bothered me do it because 360 is what you should do I wouldn't do it from cold though by the way and that might be another problem you're having you might be trying to warm up the center of the chicken by doing a 360 degree cooked if you try to do that you're going to overcook the hell out of the outside of the chicken and and you'll also burn that burn the cross the optimum thing is to have the chicken be you know somewhere you know above room temperature at or above room temperature when you fry it you're literally just focus on the crust and everything else is secondary here's that you're saying you might want to do 2 to 2

by that as a problem is pull your stuff if you're going to leave it in the bag in the refrigerator try to pull it out of the fridge if it's not the salt prompt what are the fridge and circuit for like 25 minutes at like 50 Celsius and then pull it out hot let it flash off for a little bit or even 55 Celsius heat up flash it off for a couple of minutes then read it then fry it and see whether that's all your problem maybe you're just going from too cold and spending too long in the fryer shows up late or never

what what's interesting is he actually was here in Roberta is but he was at the bar but Emperor emperor of the museum in New York City t-shirt of all the various incarnations of Donnelly's hair and I think his hair deserves the actual legal Incarnation I believe it has agency absolutely absolutely has a couple weeks ago I gave you were there in a mask and a cape

jello shots I take no credit I take no blame I was merely the barback the server the waitron Patrick Martin Scorsese self injected himself with pina colada

song about it was awesome. Calling about how about those flat Pizza don't get me started I started don't get me started started a chisel Peter Peter said why don't you spend the few minutes we have left and I have called the personality personality song is on I think Sunday April 27th at the food looks there and got a big mofad fundraiser coming up in May in Assassin are putting together some be amazing that's a great ships lined up for that May 7th is our tentative date but will be sending a save-the-date as soon as we get the details are we doing any particular particular aspect of GMOs are we going to tackle

what those are and how they differ from conventionally Grown crops is that all is that really contentious the actual definition the definition is alright this one why is the definition of legally in terms of point is is that the the I guess the definition of what you actually count as a GMO modified food is quite important as it relates to whether or not you can sell it at Whole Foods in five years and they come in right they said what you mean no one really no one really no one really argues about what what the process of using genetic modification is it says whether or not a particular food stuff is labeled as GMO free or not right that's what contentious also for regulation for a giant thanks to the Golden Cadillac John Day Oregon

play Greg said you up yeah nice all right well that was a cooking issues

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