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Episode 158: Pizza Is Already Flat

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how you doing like that better people pay attention more we need a new theme song we want to keep all the lights we want some more

I was thinking maybe like I was so we have like cocktail Jazz like that you know that the vicious vicious vodka kind of redo write the fish is fish is not good that she know from the cocktail Jazz kind of theory of operation like Amos Milburn that kind of stuff and then you know we have a kind of a hardcore e-version right right we don't have a twangy country theme would use that we could use maybe like a hip-hop beat seem like Lonely Island good for like or like actually good for actually good witch so hard and so hard to get hip-hop that's like most passing between a Club theme song mean like like like what are alike like house like

or like 90s like like 90s acid like James Brown is dead but who's that that was La style umbrella style I don't James Brown is dead but they came out of that song when James Brown still alive but we really need is like a Hall & Oates type themed mom and stars and I might just break into a halo song at any given any given second it might happen you know what I mean maybe instead of playing break songs you guys can just sing Hall & Oates songs on the brake lights not allowed right with your kind of I have singing turrets in that I kind of involuntarily insert curse words into the middle of songs they sang them know I never thought

this close anyway it's a it's a bad habit I'm trying to find a break it but you know that's that's what it is I mean personally doesn't like country know why you acting job know why because because she doesn't like stories

NASA swear to God as my lying about that working with you and his wife or his dog and I mean why would you do that in the same same breakdown of he analyzes the song same song I think somebody Shawn to Merit attention then married debriding I hope so too look and you know what you know it starts and grow watching TV so I can know what we're how do you not like a story song If you grew up watching Gilligan's Island Gilligan's Island look here look up a show

I trust anything you say if you bust out now on words on me

you know Certain Justice is Jack & Jack like they they hit me so I have to mention every time so not country but TV theme songs you familiar with the Gilligan's Island theme song of course the first season of Gilligan's Island I'm probably I used to watch a lot of reruns as a child of Gilligan's Island Jacks I like them so much the first season was in black and white right and a song which we all know you know that the end of the movie star the professor and Marianne you know you're right we all noticed the original season it was was Gilligan the skipper to the millionaire and his wife the movie star and the rest

and the and the rest the rest is only two of them to people who changed it but me I don't know just seems like crappy everyone knows Marianne's a hot one so why didn't she get on it you don't even anyways I like Story songs I like to think about the stories and songs and why people made particular choices you know I like Merle Haggard

I have to get on this because of the theme song by Tina WhatApp my my veins or purse that bursts I was up last night quite late writing so Mike name I can't I can't you know I can't pronounce names Mike Mike efstratiadis I hope I got that right I was wondering about MSG is it safe what's with all the gloomy post about it Mike Mike how you do this to me how do you make me old shows in looking for MSG specific shows and then we can hear you ran I'm not going to tell you this

I need a couple brief bullet points to use against people who talk about MSG most arguments against MSG either ReliOn number of really basket studies about the actual purported effects on people and then there's a lot of hoo-ha Holcomb bad science about excitatory neurotransmitters because if you it turns out if you inject no MSG into your brain is not a good idea to donate anything in your brain by the way there's a bunch of research that neonatal primates can get brain damage if you give him a large amount of MSG you know without anything else since because if you cross the blood-brain barrier in primates but not in in in humans in fact your body produces MSG your body produces MSG or not in this device could not monosodium butter Cruces

acoustical tannic acid in your head in your head is used as a as a neurotransmitter converted to glutamine and transported back across your blood brain barrier to be excreted so you're in that producer of it there's no credible decent evidence that it's bad for you you don't consume enough of it for it to cause your blood levels to spike in any way unless you would eat it pure and a large amount of it and the only decent studies done our double-blind control studies where the actual MSG was administered in gel caps that couldn't possibly be detected by taste and all of the show that there's no problem and yet despite all this Mustachio continues to believe that she it has some sort of reaction to it true or false does

what kind of what kind of a horse crap is that trying to get out of a saying if you still need it no use it test

no brains no brains stop casting snacks out you want to test how much kind of umami punch you need to add to the snacks in order to get kind of the flavor level where you want and then there at the the hard part is that sell snacks to people cuz people are rational about this you have to have him be msg-free so then you have to go back and have to punch that Emami the same amount without using MSP so typically if you don't want to taste like things like yeast extract sorry no other broken down protein products Pennywise my non rap version of the MSG but I am sure that Jack can find when I went off on it before

I like me cuz I was with so loud you had the last time you were really getting in the way that cells are Submarine sandwiches with that bread with that that is really bad and I haven't been to craziness the new thing of sriracha but I haven't seen it yet because I'm looking for half inch documentary Sriracha they interview the guy he's like everybody loves my product I can't help it if people stopped loving my product maybe I'll start making it but everybody loves it. Story right and I one of the Pas gets his I spray with sriracha and in the outtakes which is hilarious

I guarantee you that I know how ideation stuff happens in these corporations cuz he knows we've done it a couple times people so do like like listen guys this is like this is a Subway the boardroom or whatever they're sitting around the ideation room do I take hey guys listen

we want to sell pizza but really want a sandwich company right so we don't really have that you know we don't really have the wherewithal to self pizza two people right cuz we're sandwich shop yeah so we have to like show with the demonstrate something wrong with the regular pizza or some point of difference so the people will buy our Subway style pizzas instead of a real Pizza they could get across the street right right okay so what's wrong with Larry what what are you got I don't know man what are you got pieces of two three-dimensional boss there to three dimensional that's it we're going to make a flat Pizza to swear to God Subway has a new product called Flat pizza because they perceived that the problem with pizzas is that they're two three-dimensional and need to be flattened out what kind of dope were those dude smoking when it came up with that idea who thinks their problem with pizza is it it's too freaking flat and by the way

the image that they have on their freaking advertisement is like a deep dish freaking thing at least flat Pizza you don't have no mechanism to actually make a flat Pizza they can't make like a cracker crust Style

there's no meaning for me my teacher and it doesn't trip off the tongue is the worst word for a product and people their millions of dollars involved in this decision like like many dozens hundreds of people had to had what kind of ogre runs that company such that no one underneath was like boss this idea sucks the Royal route this makes no freaking sense Boston

by their nature flat there's like you know what I'm so sick of these kind of like three-dimensional globe-shaped puzzle pieces that I've been getting recently at the local pizzeria

nutmeg nothing about flat teeth says that it's the same amount of syllables as flat Pizza it doesn't save you any time the name is bad pizza because it's just the word flat and the word pizza and everybody already knows Pizza is flat

this is genius the more I think about it but the people make millions of dollars doing this like how is this and how is this like

I don't understand it someone explain to me and actual valid marketing scheme behind this like I said that no one no one lost money under estimating the stupidity of the American public is that was at Barnum I don't agree with that I agree that we were good-natured people in that we can be reasoned with proven wrong memory tastes delicious in which case I don't know but Jack doesn't think it's cuz Jack doesn't like their products he doesn't think it tastes delicious cookies cookies cookies cookies I've enjoyed those cookies

yeah yeah yeah because my kids like we're going to go to Subway. Hello Dave nastasha at all I've been doing a lot of delicious sun dried apricots lately they're really sour ones they're sour and got to thinking it'd make a great flavor for a soda Hollywood any tips on how to extract the flavor of the apricots ideally without using alcohol I hope to share the finished product with some teetotalers I love to hear your thoughts practical or otherwise Thanksgiving okay listen

show the main question obviously if you have a centrifuge right so let's just assume you don't have a centrifuge you and I want to go to monitor modernist Pantry. Com and get yourself some petconnect Ultra sp-l if you don't already have it any cuz we're going to do is we're going to break down the pectin in the apricot if you don't it's going to be like a nightmare also advertise take a long time to rehydrate remember there is a caller who called in before because they were doing prunes and apricots and in a bag in the apricots wouldn't hydrating Foods would takes a while and my experience has been making alcoholic products with apricot in a centrifuged that I literally have to blend it spin it and then blend it again and spin it again to get like a full flavor the apricot out just because it's so resistant sometimes to rehydration so what I would do is I would mix the apricots like like maybe start with like Florida one in water so

like 100-400 might have to go I have to go 100 apricots 500 water get warm water right make it warm like a body temp for their about add some enzyme add like more than I would normally I got like four grams per liter of Technics Ultra sp-l and blend the hell out of it so what you're doing here is that the picnic is going to start breaking down the internal structure of the apricot and allow you to extract more of the flavor it's also going to break down some of the soluble pack no one to cook it beforehand because then it makes it more resistant my feeling is that I haven't proved it but I think it makes more resistant to the next through like a like a fine strainer don't go she don't go what's it wasn't good enough for you then we blend the pulpits left with

Technics again and and some more water and let it sit for a while to really break a filter and it should you should be able to get a product that's clear enough to make a soda out of if not you probably let it settle overnight once you've added the pectinex and straight now you should be able to let it settle overnight and then rack the stuff off the top but I mean I know I've done it with centrifuges and it's delicious but it's just your heels aren't very high on those apricot unless you unless you do that second rewetting switch which I caught a fish after the French stock technique of rewetting the balloons

hi I'm Steve Jenkins from Fairway markets I'm devoted my idiot career to the old ways the old recipes the old tools the old geography of where serious Foods come from for centuries and I strive to make these wonderful things available to New Yorkers for 37 years so it's a Fete accompli for us to support Heritage Radio Network and I hope you will too and I hope they'll keep tuning in for more information please visit Fairway Market. Com

hey guys

we are what Steve sounds like some voiceover actor that's because he was a voiceover actor I'm serious I don't know how to look up is like his credits may be hurting somewhere which is that really awesome thing we do like radio documentaries on people's lives and tell their stories he was episode number for illegal Cheese's and people didn't know any better at the airports cuz they couldn't read Frenchman was all Ike brought illegal Cheese's really angry whenever someone in the media would point out that New York City me like virulently angry when people in the media would point out that cheese mongers in

the New Yorker bringing in illegal cheese is because he didn't want the tap stop lying you know what I mean so he was nervous about it and he was like can't can't you just shut up and like let me bring in the cheese you know I'm saying that's too big fit into two out at or what everything was fake don't think they call Panda Bear whatever it wasn't actually that some started shopping for with another at Fairway for his cheese stuff in Mineral I don't know like the early 90s or midnight mid-90s I guess when they move the Fairway when they first created the Uptown Fairway over and Harley are my studio was a time and yeah it was like a revelation to the shopping places that you thought like had decent

why did they really really up the game that's like people I guess people forget it was kind of a groundbreaking placed over to buy cheese I didn't live down there you know the downtown Shoe Shop sell Mike's but Mike early exposure to that that kind of level of cheese stuff was uptown at the at the Fairway so it's like so it's a mix and where is it like in the voiceover world I got to figure out where it is and you going to look up his his credits up all rights in regarding insulator on preservatives and other stuff today right

sodium benzoate I would like to hear Alec Baldwin and I think I understood that Piper uses benzoate I think the piper uses benzo way to prevent microbial growth I don't recommend doing this because a few years ago it was shown it been so it can convert to bending over time bending nasty by the way in case you guys don't number to chemistry to Benzene overtime especially in acidic environments and especially in the presence of vitamin C is in Piper was aware that I don't know how much benzo to use in a I know this because I was working at the time at a company that produces food supplement including a berry extract and do the regulatory changes we had to change The Preserve that we were using I was researching Alternatives and came across this issue my memory serves me correctly I'm sure does the major soft drink manufacturer is removed been to it from their products when this problem was identified I do

accelerated test incubating at warm temperatures and found it benzi did in fact form when we added benzo it to the product the very product they're making in the end we chose sorbate which true sorbate which also avoided the problem that small proportion of people can taste been to it I recommend that bends would not be used in fruit juice applications or if it is used that you sent samples away for testing so you can determine if Benzene does form over the duration that you keep your products keep up the great work part thanks I love that kind of stuff

we got a samurai 10 hits ties West de Vaca is an undoubted Ninja Kitchen airgonomics and layout could you see if he will post an in-depth photo tour of his home kitchen thanks ants not quite done yet Sam when I actually get my when I get my oven customized maybe when I get my oven customized you like my new kitchen better

yeah but it's like it's galley

all my equipment knew that's why you waited so long should I ruin it not quite not quite photo ready yet Brian right thing from San Diego about Koji which has been the topic that I've been remiss in getting information on who had a lot about take a long time listener I don't have the question but was listening to your show and also wondering about how to make aspergillus I can never pronounce it or is he I leave the right the right place when it doesn't want that they use for Kodi aspergillus spores to make Koji in case mom if I can get back to you today I found a couple of resources on the web what you may already know about it seems publicly available information on this topic is scarce one is

Taylor Taylor Made A K. Org growing Koji for Homebrewing sake and the other one is of course well known the Nordic Food Lab. Org their blog and their think Cody history and process an order food lab probably don't know is a great resource like you know they do a great job they did document everything they do and they're very open source but information they don't hide information they do a lot of work with a cozy and they publish it so I actually went to the tab you sent me and it it's it's it's good and of course shirt Leaf who you're as we anyone who's heard me say knows that I learned most of what I know about tofu from my shirt even though he you know basically called me a jerk for asked me whether I can use edamame to make tofu use iCloud to do that are you evil you think so basically he admitted that he wouldn't want to have dinner with me and that he thought it was a bad human being

can you come out and say it like that that's just a Vibe I got over the phone you know what I mean he's like why is this Eastern son of a whatever his website Books 4 / 1/5 for history of Koji is there but I looked up an interesting article because he didn't issue is this look everyone knows you can make Koji you can buy that you can buy the you know this because you can the seeds for it and and do it the question we had a while back was how do you know if it's safe and the problem is is that some strains of aspergillus right like latex and whatnot can produce aflatoxin and aflatoxin you know for those of you that you know pay attention to sort of thing you want to stay away from because even my new quantities it's one of those no known safe kind of exposure thing because my new quantities can be like viciously carcinogenic this is why we screen thing

like peanuts which can grow out the toxin for you know 4th for the growth of it and and whatnot so the question is why don't people get poisoned all the time from things that are done made with Koji because they're all done with different aspergillus trains and how is it that you can select for the safe ones and it in an in an on and in a feeder home wild or pre you know industrial setting how are you choose to it and make sure that you only get the ones that don't produce aflatoxin so there's that and a lot of people have taken done studies and shown that the that aflatoxin is not present in products commercially that are produced with Koji mold right so then you know so as me so is things like that in a couple ones are showing at miso miso itself is not hospitable for the production of alpha toxin but it's

search for a long time so the question you want to know is how can I guarantee that the mold that I'm growing right now on my cozy is safe to use right now not necessarily in an age product not necessarily in secondary private how do I guarantee they safe in all points of its existence that's interesting problem and as of 2001 which is the last article that I have on it that really a hundred percent solid but the most interesting article I saw on it was called apitoxin jeans and the Athletics in a genetic potential it's a good one right after the tops of the jet whatever of Koji mold by

oh my God I can't read my writing on what's the person's name was it broke that it was it was the last name b r o no vandenbroeke vanderbrook Keith and wrote 2001 and interesting so what they said was his look they analyzed a bunch of strains of aspergillus that they found in various products that have been produced some kind of artisanal wild fermentation types of some commercial types they found in that in that they found some strains of normal aspirin aspergillus Oaks I can't pronounce that I can are like it's got a mental block on I can't do it at the actually had the genes encoded in them to some of the genes encode it in them to that to produce aflatoxin but did not in fact reduce appetite and which is difficult if you want to make a rapid assay to make sure that there's no appetite right they also found certain I aspergillus flavus bolt in there that they were after toxin-producing strange but they didn't fight

find any Alpha toxin the Nordic Food Lab has a couple of points on this way they say look at you know the the alpha toxin went produce those Strays produced at 10 to inhibit yeast growth and so people that are doing things like Brewing sake we have a lot of alcohol involved over time the only aspergillus strains that don't produce a fat ox and I liked it out so that's how the safety guy talking about that because we're not talking about maintaining a culture for Generations were talking about we we we made a bunch of Koji and it didn't produce aflatoxin right so they said okay I'm going to take a strain of aspergillus that's known to produce aflatoxin like one that we bought specifically to produce aflatoxin and they covet their thing with will maybe like a cozy fermentation solid-state fermentation underwear

ocular circumstances for Fairly short. Of time so I said okay we're going to put the put this known aflatoxin generator into a typical Cody production and lo and behold It produced like zero almost hyper Trace Amounts of appetite with her like hey that's pretty safe so they're like well maybe it's something about the the actual substrate that they're doing it on it's stopping at Purdue so instead of running it for 24 hours they ran it for like a week or something like this and after a week of incubation are we can have then there were measurable and meaningful a mouse bathtub some presents their conclusion with anything interesting is that the strains that can produce aflatoxin take longer to start producing the alpha toxin in a solid-state fermentation that we do and Koji I take longer to produce the alpha toxin than typically they would have to produce it when you're making the Koji so if you're going to use a while for imitation code you that I wouldn't let that aspect of the fermentation go

longer than you know like an of the day or so it takes to do it and I would read that article on how can you guarantee without having you know a microbiology lab present how can you guarantee the safety of Any Given wild cogent in Macon

whatever. You know you guys don't get you don't get the look on his face it's like it's like I have some day I'll be able to describe it she's like yeah Great River Stan freberg comedian advertising guy like maybe pre-made many a pretty Mad Men era advertising guy radio shows and web for those of you who are a history of advertising Buffs and like a 50s comedian Stan freberg the Man are restaurant recently acquired 100 pounds 100 pounds of high-quality spot prawns and a justo spot project

they're supposed to be good at least we're carrying eggs while discussing a plan my chef in His Infinite Wisdom took a full of Roe and tossed it into the fight a prep with a healthy dose of neutral oil to make shrimp boil as you can imagine we end up in that 6 cups of shrimp aioli yes because if it has eggs they will emulsify the hell out of any ways you can help me write this first with the eggs of prawns be called row or coral and secondly is there a way to purposely break this emotion greatness emotion Dragon learn to live so free

what's the song


95.9 listen really nice different Stephen Jackel no jacket is there a way to purposely break this emotion in the raw eggs if this is a lost cause I still think I still have some Reserve to make compound butter which I hope will be a better plan however if things are not always as simple as they seem fix the Palouse okay so listen first of all they do there Wednesday do their business if you want a little thing about that spot prawns and I got some information from WWW. Organic ocean. Com

remember because it's been a long long time since I've done my I went through a check where I read a lot of lobster biology stuff because I was thinking about writing article for the me to prove that whether or not lobsters could feel pain I was like I can't I can't do that that's not possible a lie because apparently they change sex then they become females and they do their eggs and then this winter changing her sex are called trannies how awesome is that that's what it says according to the website decapod Crustaceans when the females are going to lay the eggs typically when you have a lobster and you haven't called the choral do you like that the red stuff when it's cooked out when you have the coral as opposed to the tamale which is a kind of got you like if you like Coral

how could he know so I don't believe I'm not a huge fan of a little bit of it so the coral is the eggs on the inside of the lobster right no one at least not on this Coast Eats they are when I said when you said that shrimps are carrying eggs I think you mean on the outside of the trip right so what happens is is the Lobster in this case is shrimp passias the egg from the inside of its body to the outside and Advocates passing the outside that's when it gets fertilized and then lose it to the underside of it when you get a lobster out of out of the out of the water in the bottom over and they're called berry berry berry berry farm because they put the

now Lobster folk when they get buried lobsters are supposed to throw them back like not because they know that's a producing female right and you want to leave the producing females in the water so they make more Lobster because that's your bread butter you never get bear females but you never get ones that are buried because they throw them back so so I would I would not call at Coral because as far as I know Coral is only when it's on the inside the animal since he's made it to the outside and are fertilized right presumably there I don't know whether the fertilization makes them change flavor or Texture any experience with it but interesting these guys are organic ocean said

don't they said some spot prawns are brought in from the United States where they are caught sooner smaller and buried I eat before spawning and with eggs attached I want Asian grocer is selling live are British Columbia spot prawns which would have to be in the United States the BC season opens later when the prongs are growing a full size and are about to die naturally so buyer beware so organic ocean believes that you that you let know that I guess they lay eggs and then and then and then they croak right because it says they say that a while BC spot prawns are not forget it burns male to female sex organs on their tails become more pronounced in about 2 years of age at which point they referred to as transitioning Franz or trannies with the final two years of their for your lifespan Santa's female so they face Bonnie and then and then they're ready to ready to die so you should take it afterwards that's just on whether to call the coral or where the call it

R O I will call trow or eggs now on the breaking of it even has very few people who want to break this kind of a egg emotion and I wasn't able to find anything offhand that would break at the only easy thing that I thought you could you could do two things one you can add so much oil to it that it that it breaks right because that's one way to break a mayonnaise is to this week's who is to stop adding water and just add enough oil like you know 95% so that you actually start breaking Mimosa can you get oil coalescence that should work but the problem with that is is you will be adding so much oil to it that you probably won't have the flavored transfer the other thing and you might have already tried this is you might because you said that I read it but you know you intimated that you didn't want to hear that she didn't want to change the flavor why did he say that he said that yeah

I would I freeze it I would freeze it and then thought and then freeze it and then thought in the freezer and you thought each time you freeze thought you should be destabilizing that emotion and hopefully after one or two free stuff I thaw Cycles because you haven't added any stabilizers other than the stabilizer naturally present in the prawn eggs hopefully it'll break and then you'll be able to get in free song then try to send it to you for that that should work in it and I would stop it from I would not let it get exposed to oxygen while you're doing all that free Stein but you know so I can put in a vac bag or in a zippy and then freeze a couple times please send me the answer that I want to know whether whether it worked okay Curt rights in hello everybody I've just recently become head bartender on the restaurant in Cambridge Massachusetts right next to the MIT campus the building complex that we are in hose

Cambridge Science Festival every year

and has asked if we would like to be a part of it I've been using a handful of modern techniques behind the bar infusions

I got to be at the light was so excited I'd be the best candidate for the job I made an off-the-cuff comment about how cool it would be to have a rotovap and Center fuse to play around with this presentation a day later I got an email asking exactly what I needed for equipment these guys have a lot of lab connections I've attached to email I received with some questions about equipment also also I'll be giving a presentation to 75 to 100 people which I'm not done before and was wondering if you might have any general advice on giving demos to an audience like that I clearly plan on ignoring that jamming device at Thomas Keller gave you last week where you called me an idiot thanks OK and the attached questions are regarding the setter Fusion rotovap I have a few ideas on who to ask but a few questions for you what size Center fuse do you need tubes what size rotovap I assume you to vacuum for the rotovap and what about the cleanliness of a rotovap

tell me the flash are used for cleaning glass cleaner autoclave is it okay for food especially if they previously been used with dangerous chemicals eccentric cetera let the starting center fuse for the presentation right when you're going to do a technique I'm going to do a demo for a lot of people with modern techniques people like to see wrote about to run it like to see it run here's the issue if you aren't really good at running a rotovap it's going to take you awhile to set the supper up and it's going to take you when you first setting up a rotovap assuming you haven't played with one before and you put food products in it's going to boil over was telling you that right now it's going to boil over and that's a nightmare and let me tell you from experience you don't want to boil over in front of the audience because it makes you feel really stupid right the other than happens when you're talking during a demo

there's a people don't like they don't like to sit and have you sit there and stare at the machine for like half an hour while its doing right so you're going to have to bring someone with you that after you you know wave your hands over and do the magical touches on and everything like that and get this up and running right and during that time when you get a sec of running you can't be talking or doing anything because you can have to make it shouldn't suck this boil over on you unless you know unless you don't want the job but someone's got to run it the other probably the rotor That Bass is that road of apps take a long time to produce appreciable amounts of product so what I would do is choose a product in a road of app that you can make that you can give relatively small taste of what really small like less like quarter ounce like little skim shot coats like really strong flavored stuff you can get small amounts up I would stay away and you're gonna want to make them beforehand so even those things like fresh herbs are the best things to do in Rhode of every one of the best thing to do to rid of that you don't want to do that because any

make that sucker the night before my next Point never demonstrate a rotovap that you haven't fired up before and run for at least a couple of hours you're going to need this rotovap well in advance so you can add make the product that you're going to hand out at the event and be get the hang of using it right you're also going to need obviously you got to want a good vacuum pump if you want the folks don't need a particularly good vacuum pump because they're not worried about getting good recovery of flavor right ideally what you would like to have is a bunch of liquid nitrogen and a and a cold finger right because otherwise you going to need a chiller Kim folks are like well just just chilling with tap water with tap water that's not that's not right you can't just show your condenser with the tap water and expect to get a decent flavor out of it because first of all you're going to need to run your bath at 60° Celsius right 140 so like we're dealing with 60

give me with 40 and change as the temperature of your of the actual product in there that's being distilled and you're dealing with 20° give or take is the temperature the tap water that you're running off of circulating through dancer and you have a very small temperature difference between your product like and you're an end and your what's it called your Chiller I like to have like very large temperature difference is right I like to keep my stuff as cold as possible so like when I'm running a condenser a regular condenser I run it I'm doing alcohol is illegal but hey at like mine is 20° Celsius and you need a chiller for that and that and then when you when you bring a chiller into it and if you can run a rotovap with a water bath and a vacuum pump off of a single socket you can't reliably run a rotovap

where's at a chiller off of Woonsocket I see or find something that you can do hotter and it's not going to hurt it like chocolate you know like like cocoa nibs to like that but they they they boil over nothing get the biggest freaking distillation flask that you can get like that everyone's always going to be like here's a liter flask they're going to give you one of the tiny little free game was supposed to and and the problem is is hard to load stuff in and out of it and they tend to boil over more violently with the thing when they boil or do you want to build a biggest laugh last possible never fill it more than 1/4 full special when you're learning otherwise you're going to have to boil over problems right get the biggest around solve a product which is how they The actuals Vapor gets transferred into the condenser area the biggest one you can they kin folks

this mess up they always give you a small thing why because they're very rarely doing rotary evaporation in quantity they're doing it for more like for analysis and so it's not they don't they don't deal usually in the largest quantities that we're dealing with they also like there's any problems with most World of absinthe at the stuff is being distilled down isn't getting chilled properly so you going to want to chill the receiver so you don't need to steal off of it too many times on centrifuges you know if if they're going to let you use one get new buckets I mean I almost exclusively used 3L bench-top centrifuge has a swinging bucket centrifuges and they're great for cocktails rate along with pectin X but you know if you if they have a 500ml fix a rotor that you know it has a you know those two tubes in it and it had a video you just do a couple more spins and knows that usually do higher G's anyway and some of those things I wouldn't use it for everyday restaurant service

a hundred a hundred people using you know tiny tube at the tiny to so you can get in any of that you know that you that you need and probably I got a receiver if you can get a finger condenser for it. Do that on the cleaning I be a little careful I don't know what kind of people who have been put into it if you can get new glass glassware there can be some persistent nasty's that get into into stop especially if they try to make glass in there

not absorbing things like Teflon and what not but be cautious good thing is is a try to get certain brands of rotary evaporator a horrible and you know I use bukey height office good you want to get glassware that coated in plastic cup last class when you look at it you can see that it's got a coating on it because it's loaded wavy and if it doesn't have that you need to wear safety goggles at all times because if it's really clear Looking Glass it made it hasn't been coded and those could implode at any minute and send shards of glass flying around into your into your eyes which Batman has makeup Academy technology be sure to have your products done before I've had anything and everything go wrong on stage right and so luckily because everybody knows that I'm kind of discombobulated and disorganized anyway I can just kind of

smile and shake my head and it all seems to go away at least most of it

but that only works if you have the product beforehand to make sure that there hopefully you all do you know use some of these new techniques when you go demonstrate them I really believe that you should hand out Taste of things never possible from what you're doing and the reason is it's really easy to get a piece of fancy equipment and put it up on stage and pappy blood while that's really that's cool that's awesome but what the the real challenge is it showing people that they're not just like weird science tricks or gimmicks that they actually can produce delicious products and so it you know it's always been a fan of handing people things to taste at the demos to prove you're showing them on stage isn't just some BS you could do for a gimmick

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