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Episode 157: Bread Baking & Bloody Marys

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call your crush is 218-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 joined in the studio with Miss Tosha the hammer Lopez how you doing good headphones are really loud well maybe just yours I wonder who is here before you is that better Guys from Brooklyn anymore but you still in whose offices are right here in Bushwick over on Siegel Street not involved with the largest cock fighting ring in New York history that was just broken up by was yesterday date

day at the biggest cock riding what do you know about it Jack I mean I used to live near some of those places so I've sealed around cock fighting rings actually included in legislation I'm not being tougher on on animal fighting circuits so maybe that has something to do with that you on our website for our feelings as a as a network on the farm bill what's going on tomorrow on our front page were going to run a piece that has opinions from Marion Nestle Michelle Sean the folks over at just food and a few others so we kind of source the whole bunch of opinions and broke down the farm bill self check the homepage tomorrow that would be Wednesday

February 12th from saying questions for a food dehydrator with a timer for a small 50-seat restaurant I want to D moist things well I don't really have any the one I use I use almost exclusively is the Excalibur which you know most restaurant folks and I know also use the Excalibur but the question is how much stuff are you going to dehydrate and and on what kind of a consistent basis now the x-caliber doesn't have a timer on it but like I said I haven't used ones with a timer my man experience comes from either using the Excalibur or the crappy round was not Excalibur just beat the pants off of the crappy round one and the reason is because it can hold a lot more than the crappy round one can and be

is the way the airflow Works in it it's not coming up to the center it's kind of pass along all the racks in the back it's a lot more even rack to Rack butt and in the Excalibur is good because it's relatively small for the amount of stuff it can dehydrate so you know you can dehydrate you know in the smallest caliber is the one I have you can dehydrate like 2 lb of pasta right and in one go or anything like that now back kind of kings and queens of dehydration that I have met are the folks at pure Pure Food and Wine Sarma melngailis is joint and back in the day they used to run do you visit that kids with me so they they rent him the entire kitchen was it was like a library of Xcalibur Xcalibur Stockton excalibur's like lipo walls and excalibur's and I was joking with her when I visited years ago that it was the hottest kitchen height ever been in my life even though it was like

Rock looking and didn't have any because all those freaking dehydrators running all the time Excalibur I believe I have enough time to check it cuz I just got that weed in Excalibur makes a much larger version now and I know some people have used the Cabela's Cabela's dehydrator in a Cabela's their folks that you know they sell outdoor gear although I hear that story I heard that they used to be like the life-changing sports store but not Stars has a new one that we need to go to what's it called

where is Foxboro Massachusetts in your life right it had like what would have had that you can get mauled by a bear or something if you wanted a fishing in shooting in the store Gaston give me directions to Star out last summer to one of those things and they had to try they wanted to try and shoot that pellet gun videos horrible pellet guns at the car and if there's one little bit of star left and I don't get the price of my kids that's how it works or not supposed to win this is like lurk like I still have a twins that I want to do those kind of things do you play Cards Against the kids because your parents didn't let you because you just like even back then you're like I hate the carnival games

a timer on your dehydrator here's what I typically do when I'm dehydrated and I'm sorry that my my recommendations can't I don't have any personal use of large you don't always want to do for really large stuff if you're only doing a couple of garnishes Excalibur great and then even up to the point of buying two excalibur's I would do it that way and here's why you can have two different Excalibur set to two different drying regimens and you don't then need to

the brain is turned off and I'm crazy you don't need to worry about whether or not two things are different you can have two things at want to go at different temperatures going at the same time if you just have to excalibur's

I've always wanted someone to do large-scale stuff and I believe the guys at Pure Food did this also feel food you know Galen Fernando's place down there that we did that event that they had like a bunch of dehydrators I think they had a larger excalibur's right did you know it's back in the kitchen so the what I would do is get a couple of those we when you're using a dehydrator I don't know that a timer is strictly speaking so necessary what I tend to do is I start my dehydrators fairly High because there's a huge temperature gradient that forms as you cuz you're as your evaporating liquid off of your food to the get-go and they're still fairly high water you get a lot of evaporative cooling around the surface of your product and so it to speed dehydration I always start the dehydrator at a higher temperature and then I turn it down so a lot of times when I'm doing puff snacks the main problem is you don't want to over dehydrate because then you don't have enough moisture left in the in the stuff 2 puff properly so what I'll do

is a jacket to like a hundred and thirty-five which know what that is in Celsius 535 Fahrenheit for a couple of hours and then I'll just turn it down to low down to 100% And like this and then let it ride overnight now when the fans are going it's not going to pick up a lot of moisture this is extremely humid in your kitchen and it'll slowly equilibrate and come down there in the morning if it's still a little bit too soft you want me to drive this point but I'm still a little bit too soft then I can jack the temperature for another hour or so but I just leaving running on low overnight is typically what I'd be really low so you don't over dry your product if you wanted a project the Excalibur in Fairly good cases at the plastic on it since the break is the only issue with it you could put a PID on it I've never done it but you could get I spect you could get some way of measuring humidity at those low temperatures and kind of measure the humidity in the box or maybe even if possible you could just doing a live and then drive it with a with a PID controller

I haven't done it but it's technically feasible and I say you could probably do it for under two hundred bucks even with the weird stuff you be measuring trivially less if you just want to put it on a timer in Rancho can go to Auburn instruments or anything like that and buy a controller that you can put on a timer and ramps up the temperature if you didn't care about external measurements and that would be a trivial problem that would cost you do you like on the order like 45 bucks to do and you know if you've never done one before it would take you probably couple hours to figure it out but I always wanted to do that with a bread with a bread proofer we were going to do that remember years ago that we never did work I convert a giant bread proofer in the dehydrator I think so I'm probably does that commercially because it's a good idea and it makes sense anyway so much for dehydrators I was going to call her call her you're on the air

hi Dave nastasha Jack everyone is Brian how you doing two things one is I have a question about the bread but never heard herny final answer about making my own coach you from the the other week I know dude I have not gotten a hold of Ryan yet is the reason why you haven't gotten the information yet I need to get ahold of those guys I'd like they've been they haven't been MIA I've been MIA which is why you don't have the final answer yet so we'll start with the other one and I still owe you that answer hold on for that you know any tracking steam into into into my oven you know to the oven itself and so my question is you know I've been doing a little bit of reading and I'm looking at a couple different books

when is the Tartine bread book with says they using a combo cooker at. It's kind of like a dutch oven basically the smaller part on the lid you style leather other thing and it made by Lowe's by the way and then the other thing I'm looking at it as they're saying basically take a ridiculous amount of river stones and chain and put it in in the in the bottom of the oven at the way of

tickets Super Soaker and inject a huge amount of water into the oven so it all kind of kind of wondering what's the best way to get skiing into the oven which of these two methods would be most most effective for bread baking oven is under Fire gas oven

standard home from below upper elements and stuff like that you can't pull that lower change the reason that the chains and whatnot on the bottom of the oven is cuz that's where the heat is most intense so that's like an old-school you know bread Baker's way too kind of clutch having not having no real steam injection and it works the way that it obviously sounds it's going to work by

literally used you put a bunch of stuff in the bottom of thermal Mass let it heat up right and then indeed the you look stoned I'd be a little bit wary of because everyone says like River stones are going to break I put stones that I thought were pretty smooth in fires and had them blow up before now the ovens probably maybe not be violent enough to blow a stone apart but I don't know what I'm saying you know I've put I put many stones on Fires before for various reasons and had them explode kind of a spectacularly explode now it's inside of an oven but you wouldn't want to be lowering your oven and putting your face in there when you're loading something to you know just to have something explode on you know what I mean I forgot when you said I was in my head I was thinking spray bottle because that's what I'm used to

make my kids would love it if I had to bring a Super Soaker home to cook with they would absolutely love it but the so mean that works right the you know I've never done a lot of the like Lahey Style by the way that thing you call a combo cookers that like their Camp oven is that the lowest Camp of him like their old school Dodge Camp Robin

kerensa peaceably it's like what the lid would have a handle and I think you can cook on it separately sounds like the lid would be the skillet and then you put the kind of right over it is it is it is the technique inverted go into a hot Dutch oven think it's like the old Camp cookers that you could flip the lids on do stuff like that they're pretty cool as you like it one or if

you know I should go with the with the Bouchon method what do you like the Lahey state do you like that Lahey style like the no need kind of very loose like a large internal a regular bubble stuff cooked in a dutch oven do you like it I've tried it in a in a dutch oven at a friend's house and the problem is if you got to shape it into a pool you can't have other shapes of bread well I mean that does so loose anyway that you're going to have this going to be problematic I think to do me and Lisa recipes of it I've tried is very loose that I would try that matter what

you know what the what the devil is not the Charlie took a question has to do with the method rent in the other problem with that is that you know how to change the temperature of the breakfast any of his kind of radiating heat Source around around the bread in addition to the oven

right let me know I think I did mainly I haven't thought about the second aspect of it I have really spent most of my kind of mental energy on thinking about those things about the actual ability of they closed but still vented container to deliver steam to the cross over the initial portion of the bacon before the initial dehydration hits it right and look it's effective I I tend to you know what you know what I was doing it I used I didn't use riverstone's I had a lot of masonry at the bottom of my oven and I would throw water on it to you cause kind of Ino violent steam eruptions whatever you know it when it when I loaded when I when I didn't and I always had good luck with doing it that way I never did the chain cuz I had a lot of masonry the reason why a lot of people don't recommend it is that you're the flipside putting a lot of masonry or if you know or stones or change stuff in Chains are going to affect the thermal Massey Robin as much because

heats up fairly quickly but you know in my the first one I did which had a boatload of fire break in it it would take like an hour and a half to heat up all the way you know what I mean and you know I saw that in the last of it I haven't modified my current law did a little bit but I haven't fully modify my current events in my last modified of and I did that I put a secondary heating elements into into my into my oven and a secondary heating element allowed me to heat up a mass of masonry fairly fairly quickly it which now I'm using less masonry as well more nimbly with with the heating elements in it

so if you could get away if you like the results by doing the kind of chain and steam method the thing I like about that is it get leaves you a lot more open with loading your oven and fussing around you're not worried about having to fit inside of some sort of Dutch oven or Skillet thing you can just have your stone or if you're a steel person if you if you you know by the modernist cooking story and switch to Steel instead of stone for your bottom gives you much more ability to load things in different ways that make sense

yeah yeah I mean it's just been able to use to make different shapes I can make that got sand and things have to be round and fit into the into the into the person you're not sure which is going to be most effective hey you know very quickly when you just put Steam in the other thing people used to do as they load ice cubes in on sheet trays right on the bottom of the hot oven and then they would vaporize fairly quickly because a lot of people complain that they had toss of water on the steam dissipate so quickly that you're not getting the full effect that you would want but that's the argument for the Dutch oven being the better technology because it's going to contain more steam around the bread longer than just throwing the thing and that's why some people used to do what kind of ice cubes on the bottom instead of instead of water because it was guaranteeing like a longer delivery of moisture to the to the to the product I don't necessarily know I believe that

I'm actually going to do if I don't know how how you know much you're allowed to mod up modify your oven I'm I'm planning on getting like there's a most ovens on the side where the control stuff is have a place where you can drill a small hole and I was going to drill a small hole into it and then I have copper tube feeding up out of it with a like a bottle that you could sit like an IV drip and just have it drip water in it I can change whatever rate you want and actually add water to the oven with the door closed and that's what I'm going to do you know fairly soon like that might just had to buy my book manuscript in again though the copy written so I have a little more time so hopefully I do that in the next couple of weeks the other thing have you bought for reloading we bought a super pill yet

no I haven't you seen it though that much but it's freaking awesome I bought it for my for my kid's birthday party when I was going to do a bunch of pizza and dagnabbit it's like I used to his stuff I like detest loading stuff off and on peels so much so that when I used to do pizza I would make the pizzas on parchment paper and then cut the Parson paper out and then just load all of my racks with with a pizza loaded on parchment and then cook them on the parchment paper because it's so easy to load parchment off and on but the super peel I like it so far to check it out it's probably really good for really flat goes oh yeah you're not touching and not moving around if you love me if you got it done a bread loading on peels before I put the pros and make it look easy but I don't bake bread that off and you know

and I hate having it to shake it and then I hate over over you know over flowering or over whatever you add whatever your views are of like you know either flowery or like burn of the hate it you know what I mean I hate it and I hate the thought of it sticking I hate sitting down there and and scheduling around with it near my oven I hate it I hate it all but the super peel you know that's pretty cool little piece of Kit to get on Amazon now by the way look into it in River Rocks in the and the and the chain is just as good a chain is not to bake right on top of that for literally just for the steam aspect of it is not meant to replace is not meant to replace the way in which heat energy is delivered to the bottom of the cross

on a nail an initial bake in in bread and so the old school way of doing it which is base literally on trying to convert your oven in two and you know an old masonry oven yes if you're going to read like The Bread Builders by oh my gosh you fight Avant Wings got it in for the first kind of really cool like here's how to build a bread oven book for folks like us and you know it's like mimicking a bread oven inside that's the baking stone right now the thing about a stone is is the Taste or heat for a long time but they're very slow kind of that releasing its kind of retain heat kind of Technology whereas the guy that modernist cuisine and I spoke at length is Chris Young about this is now running chefsteps and I think I think this is you know in part like he's doing well at least at least 1/3 + bar right cuz he was in your the second offer on that book is you don't need to store up the energy for a long time

you just need to deliver it fairly quickly at the beginning until you need a sick enough piece of metal such that it can store enough heat to deliver that heatwole up to your crust and that is the idea of that steel as opposed to the stone right and clearly it's more versatile but I've just haven't really had an opportunity to use it because by the time that it come out I'd already invested in a bunch of stone and I cook a bunch of but I have one now I haven't really used it yet I'm going to see whether or not I like it when I fire up my oven that next time but you know they they they did a lot of testing and there is a lot of testimonials around it and people are now selling those those metal things at the at the house were store so you know clearly clearly must have some difficulty

yeah sounds like it but I'm wondering if it's too much for sounds good for pizza where you want in my quick and and and and Vance it to the glitter all that keep and I'm wondering if your bread in might be too much Edibles with which are the bottom do you think I don't know him because it's never going to reheat up over the top of your initial of your oven temperature so you know if your if you have let you know depending on how you cook how you beg you know if you if you use a ramping temperature so if you want those people that starts a little bit higher and then ramped down a little bit date the stone will never mean the metal will never heat above your oven temperature do you know saying what it will do is deliver that initial oven temperature for longer to the bottom of your Christ than any other techniques will a stone will deliver amore

will deliver heat for longer but one has depleted will not heat back up to oven temperatures as as quickly or at all you know what I mean I'll let you know what I end up going with him and see what happens with agar agar my favorite clarification seaweed cigar is like the one thing where I like we say I got a butt like a lot of people technically say agar agar like they say it twice the hydrocolloid so nice they named it twice agar-agar starts working with that guy don't you didn't work and I had to do we had we had to do like quick agar on like gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of grapefruit and then we were speaking at supper in the centrifuge and trying to pull it off and then we kept on having a

you spin it to get your because I really wasn't good enough and we need to get that crap out we had that event remember what do you say to me I'm never doing this again I believe I have started years ago I never do you like ask for clarification days not me clarify with agar juice has a funny medicinal taste post clarify is this normal from agar any brand name recommendations thanks well I only use telephone brand agar actually that's true I do on this telephone brand agar but that's because you can buy telephone brand agar from grocery stores like Asian grocery stores not have that that Spotify the new single Asian grocery store

although I haven't used them I know a friend of mine who had bad luck with them I've never had an off taste from a garden to be honest what I would do is taste you're literally tasty agar powder and see whether or not you're getting any sort of off taste what I think is happening is this the taste of juices changes sometimes quite radically when you clarify them so what's most likely happening I cuz you don't specify what kind of juice that you're using is that there are some flavors that this medicinal flavor was present already in the Jews always being masked by another flavor that was removed by clearly a a better flavor than was removed that was removed by the agar so just to give you an idea when you a car clarify orange juice the remaining orange juice tastes to clarify stuff tastes like Sunny D right so if you like Sunny D then I guess that

you know most people want running shoes to taste like orange juice and not like like sunny day because you grew up with it when you clarify grapefruit juice with agar it appears to get much sweeter it's not actually getting sweeter it's just an orange and some of the bitter components have been stripped from it by the aisle are so my guess is that it's not the brand of agar you're using it's the fact that they're slavers getting stripped out of it but I could be wrong taste tasty agar I'm a big believer in tasting a lot of these things at least once to see kind of what's going on in some hydrocolloid definitely do add a flavor to it but think about it when you're clarifying with agar you're adding to grams per liter that's too tense of 1% of a guard and you could add

yo to Grant like to grams of straight acid friend since wouldn't change wouldn't make a leader of product that acidic lime juice for a reference is around 6% acidity in this is too tense of 1% or 10 times 30 times less acid attend in lime juice is equivalent of putting 1 oz of lime juice into a liter of a liquid anyway so I doubt that and that's a very strong as that you're getting the flavor transfer of it but I could be wrong though so you stand at 10 to start tasting what's the percentages get you know up into the 1% range things like this you know a tenth of a percent of 1% things like War we can have a very beanie taste if you don't have a good one fracking war that can have a beanie taste you can taste when you get over about half a percent but

not a girl I haven't had a problem unless you're using those weird like unpurified like agar flake let's which might have God knows what kind of like Siri residue left in them make sure you're buying the powder powder powder

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find yellow fat backwood cooking music the best coming off of a cock fighting bust Impossible by the way we were at the eat drink Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. There are bartender Austin that that was his creation ever having some problem in the mid Palace I hadn't put a little tomato paste in to round out the mid pilot but the People's Choice went to extra fancy which was like

when does what you're making cease to be a bloody mary or for that matter classic do classic people want the crap that they're that there used to guess why I like every year like last year you know we did that we did that tomato soup with the with this grilled cheese sandwich for for the Bloody Mary at people in general want

you know they want what they want but they what they with their usage kind of sad but like unless they're specifically going someplace to have it reinvented people in general just kind of want the stuff what the one that won the judges Choice was it wildly different it was pretty different but was it weird I remember even a bloody Mary and you know like let's say you were going to make a contest people in general they like a good store this contest now they like a good story and you have to reinvent otherwise what's the point you like it's not about let's get let's get 5 people in the room will all make the same Zachary specs and you'll see who makes the best Daiquiri you know what I mean Bloody Mary is a good one for people because everyone has their own kind like barbecue sauce everyone has like a barbecue sauce exactly how

brown sugar and and you know other stuff in do I put in a multi know whatever molasses whatever vinegar they're all roughly the same but people are like people are like violently proud of their particular mix of the same ingredients that the next fella uses or they're like I had this one special ingredient that makes mine radically different not really rather be there when they're all fairly similar you know what I mean and so a winning contest like that that there is kind of different ways you can go in a Bloody Mary contest there's be radical difference idea and then there's nowhere you take hey I'm doing a spicy tomato base cocktail now where can I go with that that's totally different you know or you can say I'm going to go you know where the very similar concept but then I'm going to add like my special pickle to it and making love quotes fingers and that's another way to you know that's another way that too kind of handle these contests in general someone who does something that has a flavor profile fairly similar

to what people are used to tends to win if you have like a little bit of like you know flare added to it like great but Loose has been my experience that fun to see like I don't like Bloody Mary's all the ones that I was voting for were the ones that didn't taste like Bloody Mary's to me like a meal

what is Peyton Manning's phone on a fit because you don't like what don't you like about them I hate most kind of glue glue drinks but that's the one that gets a pass for me I don't like I'm part of his new new thing that we're all staying where you don't have to eat them at night I don't think you necessarily need to have that that that me sign in the in the morning I think you can have one at night even though we started the bar with with a a drink called Lady of the night which was a bloody mary that was clarified so you can drink it at night I think you could make it through the day let's not forget someone asked me the other day and I remember when I was a kid you are supposed to have gin and tonics in the winter time it was summertime equivalent of what which is the which is the holiday that ends the summer stuff

the labor board supposed to wear white after Labor Day

anyone remember this deal with the same way with Jen and tonics you weren't supposed to order a gin and tonic after Labor Day either you can wear white is when you can also ordered rent in a way I never would have the DD that's the point but that tablet is gone man died no one has a stigma now walking into a bar and ordering a gin and tonic anytime of your people who think of it as a seasonal drink anymore and so I think the Bloody Mary might be going that way or it's not only seen as you know kind of a morning thing whenever they want and corpse reviver is meant to be a little hair of the dog that bit you for like heavily alcohol infused people in the morning going into remind you that you are back and forth on Sunday at a moped fundraiser at the Golden Cadillac that is true that is true

$8 cocktail courtesy of Pernod Ricard and all proceeds will be going to the Museum of food and drink are we getting Missy Elliott to recut get your freak on with get your drink on for that or that later of the next fundraiser and I used to make some Malibu drinks I want to make some Kahlua drinks and we're not going to play molecules make up that cocktail taste good inside a test all forms of molecule years ago five years ago was only five years ago it seems like eight lifetimes ago

apdt brought you such drinks as the Benton's was it Benton's what would you call that drink the fat washed Benton's bacon into four roses yellow label and for the record you're allowed to totally do bacon and cheese whatever you want I'm not going to give a shit about that a cocktail book like that they Maria made me put a fat washed that's my tutor maybe put a fatwa shrink in and so I did it take on do you remember Palomino who was wd-50 is now I doing bar in in Chicago he had a drink on the menu at WD called old school back in like 07 and old school was fat washed what's it called what's that stuff called peanut butter but it was he did it on Florida style he was like spread of Finley or peanut butter on the bottom of a hotel pan and then pour the stuff on top then they'll

I sit in the fridge forever because he's going to carbonated so he couldn't he couldn't mix it in because cuz peanut butter has a lot of stuff that dissolves into liquid doesn't doesn't cap out the way bacon does right yes he did that and he would mixing Welch's grape jelly and then carbonated which is awesome right so I did I did it take on that one because I figure you owe PB&J and so many other people have ripped on the on the bacon thing that like you know I couldn't I couldn't add like another there was there was no places left on the page to tear I couldn't rip on anymore you know what I mean you know you should come and the reteamed original PDT teamoji PDT right Donley for those of you that don't keep track of Donnelly's career as I'm sure most of you do is now doing the bar program was exit cocktail Kingdom but is now doing the bar program is that temperature is that permanent

Cadillac of permanent power programmer that temporary is now running the bar program at Golden Cadillac which is a fine bar on 1st and 1st here in first in first time ever with the street was first in first Golden Cadillac now you got the awesome menus with with the really poorly done 70s top cut outs of the drinks on the back I like that you're trying to keep it classy totally totally class that you can go there and get an overproof Daiquiri with telling the garnish done but disco balls that you shouldn't can you like in the future there I think they're keyrings right can you get them instead with with like those those cheap earring settings on them so that so that the people can wear them as earrings on the way out where we're going to get the new instead of being the regular key ring we're getting the key ring that's more like a carabiner field is clip on the side so you can clip it onto whatever you want

the Golden Cadillac on 1st and 1st on Sunday Sunday Sunday between 5 and 7 p.m. for the Museum of food and drink bar back for the John Day Oregon and Donley podcast show that you guys did all your great secrets I'll give you one of my secrets for the person who wanted to know how to get to the the different science resources and then on the internet that are behind a paywall but I want to know if you are part of a major city library system like in York Public Library or the other Los Angeles Public Library of these big city once they usually have a sharing system with the University Library so you can usually request a book from University library and I'll just send it to your local Iris you can borrow it first I'm fixed amount of time however if there is a reference book that the library is at the University

not lend out they will give you a one-time one day pass to go into the University Library to see the reference book so most science journals are considered a reference book if they're not went out but if you look up on any University Library System No Sa NYU or Columbia free temperature in New York City to do with the New York Public Library System they will carry all the journals probably not even physical form probably in digital form but if you get the one time pass once you're in the library now you're behind a paywall now you can do whatever you want you know what I do just go in for a day break every article I can follow all the links all the different references and then I'll just read them in my spare time later like dick computer data nerds my right about this

then why they should know the Tipping for Better Way Donnelly a tip from Donnelly is a guarantee because the man always like whenever whenever there's a question and like you need some sort of look up you just ask Don cuz he's already figured I hook up my right if I can give you one piece of advice on this podcast is make friends with Don Lee seriously all right I'll see you on Sunday brother Paris France questions on what vegetable can soup that has to be heated for a lot of pasteurization which affect the flavor and to how beer and soda cans are better at keeping the carbonation in plastic bottles are but doesn't soda canning require both cold temperatures to preserve carnations and the same level of hygiene pasteurization as soup to edit do the answer already

so we don't kill the flavors and I respect appropriate food safety procedures some fundamental differences in the two type of processes best and keep up the good work stand be very very different here's the deal

so when you are when you have a beer and and soda right and it can there anytime you have soda the carbonation in the soda is acting to do the vast majority of the work when it comes to when it comes to

killing off bacteria because carbon dioxide is extremely bacteriostatic right so in addition to that a lot of times old school soda is that can't be pasteurized at all have been a little bit of sodium benzoate added to it sometime potassium sorbate preservative primarily not to stop dangerous thing from growing cuz ain't nothing dangerous going to grow inside of that because the carbon dioxide but to prevent yeast from growing and converting the sugar to alcohol and causing the flavors of the of the thing to go off right that's a primary function and that's why you pasteurize products like soda but you don't have to do a sterilization on a soda or on a beer the same way you would happen so you don't have to go to the same high pressures are temperatures with a related to pressure you don't have to go to the same high temperatures on a beer because it's enough to kill the yeast right do you have anywhere to buy the bacteria but he killed

yeast in any vegetative stuff cuz no spores are going to generate inside of the product now it's pours but on the other hand if you have soup you need to heat it to a high enough temperature canning temperatures so that you can get everything in their dead because you're going to keep it at a shelf temperature for god-knows-how-long and you can't have nasty an aerobic things growing inside of their like botulism which could cause a can to blow up and what not and kill you that's what I'm so in general sodas are acidic which is going to prevent things like that from happening and filled with carbon dioxide was definitely going to prevent things like that happen so they're fundamentally

the fundamentally different pasteurization problem from the soup

where is it where is it okay since from Easy North America by the way they now go just by eating at UCR is I'd they just launched the rapid infusion kit that they say it's a new EZ rapid infusion kit just launched inspired by the Creator brainchild of Rapid infusion at cooking issues may send a Twitter feed out of and see what it looks like now thermacare my gosh look at it look at it you know I love it I love it you see but it's looking a little bit like a sex toy their last week we had a question and for some reason I can't find my old question but we had a question on

parchment paper and talking about parchment paper and kind of what it is and what's the difference between all the different kinds of parchment paper so I'll talk a little bit about that people know I'm probably who no one will know no one will know that's a Psychic Friends Network and Travis my brother-in-law's shooting that you know the cocktail book he he started saying that to me over and over again so now like whenever anyone says that we would I love like how many times my life do we imitate the fake imitation of somebody else right so I'm not even doing Christopher Walken I'm doing doing Christopher Walken no one will know and the cereal that was that a bunch of whack jobs hybrid is actually a nice guy I met him when we did that show that time they're having me about safety

Jason and low temperature Miku and safety remember when that was going around everyone's worried about it and we did some show fox sound like this and Todd Bridges on sweet dude sweet dude Todd Bridges Willis by the way for those of you that don't remember the good thing the Different Strokes You must have strokes like like the feel like know you guys had entirely different childhood

tell a lot of people mistake wax paper for parchment you guys don't make that mistake wax parchment paper is meant to cook with wax paper is great I love wax paper that I can't tell you how many people confuse wax paper and parchment which is ridiculous the other people do people like tonic water doesn't have any sugar in it because it's like Seltzer right wrong tonic water has as much sugar in it as a regular soda does as much Jack would you ever make that mistake no paper that you buy nowadays and by that I mean I buy Reynolds Brands typically is Cody with silicone and that's really where a lot of a lot of the nonstick nice of it comes from now what I don't know about parchment paper

I wasn't able to do anything I kind of dig on it is that I would use parchment paper on my pizzas all the time the only issue is is that my pizza oven wood get well above the decomposition temperature is a silicon and so I'm wondering whether or not it was actually kind of a bad idea to put the parchment paper into a place where it's going to get in a fundamentally incinerated used to be if I didn't cut I would have to cut the partial paper all around the pizza dough and load it in because the stuff around the side would catch on fire otherwise and stuff right underneath the pizza had the pizza protected so it's not going to get burnt and it separates great but the separate but great but the so it's a silicone to silicone impregnated silicone that that it hasn't worked all the parts in papers that I use have that silicone there's a new parchment paper out there that has aluminum bonded to one side of it sort aluminum foil on one side and parts around the other and it's sold as baking pan liners and theoretical advantage of it as it lays Rod flatter than partial paper does butt

I can't really tell you whether it whether we know how awesome it is I used it and all I noted was it was a lot more expensive than the other stuff but in general I'm a big fan of parchment paper and I hope that helps a little bit

I found my other questions from last week and I didn't ask about French fry Cutters that I said do you have any recommendations for french fry Cutters for home use icy models both horizontal and vertical also on the kickstarter for this year's all you had a recipe book available to higher-level backers will you have this recipe book available separately at a later date for purchase thanks William Nikki stylist Willie yes just made that up okay so here's the deal avoid any plastic french fry cutter Savoy them cuz they're going to break the useless write a french fry cutter that I use looks for it looks it is the one that kind of vertically mounted I use it horizontally unmounted because I haven't had a place to mount my french fry cutter and in years

but I like that I like that style the vertical mounted Style with it with the thing in the front that looks like what it look like at our describes got to get a handle made that's made of cast metal and then the whole thing bolted together with I think 3/8 inch screws and holds the cutting plate in the front and there's a like a Visa V shaped like a sliding shoot and then a plunger on it in the plunger actually engages the blades right and you need to replace a blazer with a while cuz they get they get dull but I use that thing and I can slam through 5th AG Mousie I can slam through 10 pounds of potatoes with it in

like two-and-a-half 3 minutes like that bang bang bang bang bang now the best the best is to have it mounted on a wall right here so I could do it on a wall and then you have your peeled potatoes in one container like a hotel pan full of water and then you have a hotel pan of water directly underneath the french fry cutter this is why the wall mounted one is great you have it directly underneath it and then you loaded potatoes and you cut them directly into the water and stops you from getting a lot of discoloration right in between the cutting time or if you going to do is Soak before you cook them between the Cubs and the end and doing the initial water Blanchester 3/8 or slightly larger 1/2 inch cutting rings for my I have to place for mine like that is fantastic and it's so need that means there's so little mess right so.

my whole french fry production for The Cutting standpoint is put the put them in the sink fill the sink with water throw the potatoes and Sterling around my hands knock off all of the loose dirt around in their pull pull the pull the plug get a hotel pan peel peel over a bowl with some with some running water rinse it off throw them in the water now they're peeled and you make sure you got in all of that the reason. Fries by the way to reason I know it's nutritionally a bad idea to feel frustrated. Stuff for you make fried you don't like fried Forget You potatoes but when you're doing french fries

the skin kind of never gets his crunchy is the rest of the stuff I like I like them jacket I like the you guys get the pictures I get potatoes potatoes that I get always have some commercial spray potatoes with the way all the soft Parts but I hate getting know so when you pee on you can see him what you're feeling rather nice crunchy you realize they're not crunchy and that's okay you're okay with you by the way in chapstick ChapStick in water in a hotel

and they're not turning to crap and not turning things are in water and it's getting the last it's going to start off the outside and it's getting the last of the dirt off of sink to the bottom then your next hotel pan..... Cutting right into it and get going that way otherwise it gets messy and things get everywhere it's a pain in the butt that's the best way to do it so I would go with the one that's meant to be mounted vertically if you cannot mount it for some reason like you don't have the space I still use that style but you have to develop a certain there's a certain skill to using that thing when it's not mounted because it's a pain in the butt it involves like holding the handle and then holding the base in such a way that you don't keep yourself and jerking forward and back at the same time in town in the potatoes out and I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't really slow me down and not have it mounted but you know I'm hoping to mount it in my new

my new joint amount of yet still is still in the drawer but I love it

I love cutting french fries and I love french fries you know what size of all the things biscuits and what not french fries might be the weirdest thing that you don't like you no one actually about to get kicked off the show I want to put an open call out for another theme song it's been a while last week Rodney's question on coconut flour or not

I don't think so in 2 minutes not really flower I'm glad you're done with your little car. I've been trying for a while to make crepes with it but I'm not succeeded so far crepe batter with 50% wheat flour and 50% coconut flour works but anything over that fails to coconut flour simply can't hold together and I'm unable to even flip it without your in the crepe I'd like to make crepes with Jessica coconut flour the composition of coconut flour is as follows in you give me the moisture 3.6 - 3.1 fat 10.9 protein 12.1 carbs so it contains almost no gluten almost no start plus if there's very large amounts of Water by theory is at the carbohydrate or protein Network cannot be formed because there's too little star for no glue that also I've tried adding pure gluten xanthan gum and more eggs not all the same time but to no avail do you have any theories thanks a lot of flower doesn't work the same way I normal coconut flour does coconut does I would if you want to cook with coconut flowers

are there bunch of books available specifically for coconut flour I don't own them but you can check out cooking with coconut flour a delicious low-carb gluten-free alternative to weed the paper back by Bruce Fife that you can get on the Amazon and he's like he's the head of like the coconut Institute he does everything with coconut by looked up a bunch of and you look on Rob's up Bob's Red Mill what to call Bob's Red Mill he has a bunch of coconut flour recipes and a video on coconut pie recipe but having looked up a bunch of them on the thing stuff that doesn't hold together so they recommend normally only subbing in about 20% to a normal recipe if you want to go ahead and use only coconut flour what they're fundamentally doing is making things that are eggs it's just eggs it's like set a Globes and the coconut flour replace stop saying what I would do is this I would whip up egg whites into a meringue full the coconut flour into it and then if you and then if you need to or maybe do this if you wanted a little bit dancer

I would mix the egg yolks in with the coconut flour with the egg whites to soft peaks stir them in quickly and then pour them out and bake them like that and see if it works because everything that I've read relies on ridiculous amounts of eggs cooking issues

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