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Episode 156: Soy Milk, Lupini Beans, Plastic Bags, & Apricots

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doing the thing with Ferran Adria

so he's doing this show at the at the drawing Center and they're doing a fundraiser for the drawing Center and I think it was you know images of sketches of foods and ideas and plates and stuff from his notebooks do you say it over I was there I don't know I didn't say hello. Because blue Barber I'm missing you I'm missing Vitaly our buddy fundraising meal to the cocktails that they're from my book actually my upcoming book which I think I think the title is set

tell me what you guys think other liquid intelligence is actually a technical term for a kind of what I want to get into it and he died due to his last day as well as company Thomas color comes out these likes things going to be good or not I hope I plan I try to make everything as good as possible and two are in a once I've never served in public before he's like that's really that's really stupid that was your mistake he's like never go to an event and do something that you haven't done

a bunch of times before I was like damn I just got called out as an idiot by Thomas Keller I mean like you could do worse if you don't even like stars is too busy prepping so she didn't even I don't even think she was paying attention to that right now and then right after that we didn't event at our friend Kaylee Quinn who's the person who chased me to Colombia every now and again back to the country not the university which by the way as everyone knows you spell Colombia with an O not spell at Columbia University or like Columbus the guy it's Columbia I mean Americans maybe it's a New Yorkers are all Americans that can't get that right they put it up as like the French went to Columbia University

you know that restaurant I feel food Knoxville Bravo food feel food and Phil Bravo by the way who none of you of herds but someday he will he will regalia Regale us with his mellifluous voice and his ass throw ravencroft Impressions by the way those you don't know thurl Ravenscroft song in The Grinch by Boris Karloff The Voice of the Grinch by thurl Ravenscroft the song did the Monster Mash Tony the Tiger and Phil an unbeliever tiger sad Tony the Tiger they're great is like you know life-changing experience

should I go to a cinema we get these products in from South America these fruit purees that we want you use cashew fruit passion fruit in general is it has what I always call thymus and I'll let you know two at a time like a plastic he knows to a taste good as a boy mix it with Jen and then and then we covered it up with this trend show amargo which is a Freudian bitters right and we like to call you out but I won't be right you like other things like biscuits for chrissakes but the other one we want you to use one of our that melts right which are like straight ahead like you know like sunflower seed and hemp

like fresh cold-pressed coconut milk stuff with no stabilizer by the way so coconut water and that nothing like some simple syrup and lemon juice are like he's good we're going to kick this thing instantly and we're going to sell maybe two of these nut milk drinks which is how it would happen if we did the event with our normal crew those Health Food folks like it was

wow that was you I'd I serve no pregnant lady

yeah she was at in English

if you can only read Natasha's Lynch right now people we would no longer have a shelf we have some questions last week calling question on and I said I would research it and I did and now listen a person's name is fun and I'm going to get in trouble I'm going to get in trouble even saying this person's Twitter handled I will say cuz it's not technically a curse but I want you to know I send you are a senorita fun as the case might be put me in a bind it in Shallow 6 6 6 and I was like a mix of like in chillon six six six

stars is not offended the queen of not giving a rat like she's like a queen and sin sin sin sativa that's her like please thank you for calling out the shortleaf as of mention of like a zillion times at you I have you know they're tofu book that she was famous tofu book but are they came out with a second one called that's called tofu and soy milk production a technical guide it's much harder to get I don't have it but they sent me information of cording to shirt Levi's like 1979-1980 but I'm sure the research probably still stand the bean is primarily caused by a fat oxidation right lipoxygenase enzymes I believe right and the answer to their several ways you can get around so what happened

you take soybeans and they're fine and then you blend them and all of a sudden oxygen and broken cell walls broken cells and you're running of the bean puts the enzyme formerly was not in contact with either oxygen with night or oxygen gets put into contact with oxygen and fat and very quickly creates those beanie notes that you get in soy milk all right so someone said you can take the halls off their parents took the halls off and indeed it seems likely from looking at the composition of us I mean that that would actually help decrease fit the flavor some the beanie flavor somewhat also using defatted soy meal of all that's not the point look like if you're asking me how to make it you probably not going to be using defatted soy meal right but you probably want to use whole soybeans

so that's one option because if you remove the fat there's no substrate for the for the lipid oxidation enzymes to work on and therefore no no beeny flavor right third option is to keep the is to grind hot so what shirt Lee says in the book it is that if you if you were grimy the soybeans and the temperature of the of the water in the blender never goes below 80° Celsius right now and you can you maintain that 80 degrees for a forgets like 5 to 10 minutes then the you will destroy denature the lipid oxidation enzymes but you with and that's it book without affecting the yield of the tofu or or the flavor of the day or the other so I know if you want affect the yield or the texturizer whereas if you were to just cook the soybeans beforehand it's simmering water 80° long enough to deactivate the enzymes

for you blend then it can adversely affect the texture of the soy milk if you make it gravy or chalky because you're swelling at the the cells and the confidence is not going to break up the same way as if you grinding them before they had been cooked to make sense. Okay so so what are you do the trick is to use boiling water and it in your blender and to not add any more soy to it then over the choir to drop the temperature down below 80 so as long as you are at in small amounts that are relatively small amount of water in the blender so I don't have to plan too many batches and then I dumped it into a relatively large amount of hot water right and wrong very quickly quickly and then jump into boiling water doesn't work so it seems to me that the best way to do it

navigate to take larger amount of water have to Boiling Pot of water and do smaller batches with higher amounts of boiling water and then dump them into your into a Boiling Pot and keep it above 80 for the 10 minutes the only downside here is

that it might be hard to get good particle size if there's too much water to soybean ratio because there's not as much solids for your blender blades to act on if it's too liquidy of a slurry when your blending you don't know sayings. Just going to take some experimentation but I had some other ideas I mentioned on the air but a couple months back and someone sent me the Andrea tofu book and I read that started making tofu again which I hadn't done in a long time and one of the things that she said it was really interesting was that I never thought about is that you can soak your beans and then you can save them for for couple of days for the week in the fridge right without anything it cuz the real pain in the butt about it beforehand so if you want to make tofu you know it's like an hour and a half or something like that

time someone by using warm water but whatever there's a limit you know but then I read this article that says if you soak the soybeans and then freeze them right before you grind with water then you you can actually increase the firmness of the tofu and get a better date they say that in their texture test that people like it better now it's denser it's more uniform at coagulates harder and faster with a slightly lower yield because it's got its dancer whether you like that more or less is up to you right but it's interesting that you can freeze it and get a different textural effect than if you hadn't in the reason is is that it changes the confirmations of protein slightly and they froze it in the article that I read they froze it prior to grinding so they soak the beans and then froze is soaked beans and then just thought the beans with the water in the blender and but he might exacerbate the problem

but it led me to think that what you you could do is soak your beans and fatback them and freeze them for a long. Of time and then just have Frozen vac bag so I being so ready to go for soy milk which might be awesome it also might be possible I have to look up the numbers I don't know to inactivate these these enzymes these life oxygen is enzymes at lower temperatures for longer periods of time in a vac bag in it cooking in a vac bag or even in the soap water so let's say you had a circulator maybe it's possible to to cook it at a lower temperature let's say 6065 Celsius before the cell wall is getting too damaged before the beans are going to damage before you doing too much to to the to the beams and then just do that for a long time Wipe Out the enzymes then maybe freezing process is normal I'm going to test when I have a spare minute which won't be for a couple of weeks I'll be testing these things in dribs and drabs and I'll get back to you as I tested because that kind of stuff so

seems to me with long-winded answer to the problem but whatever I like soy yo there's a bunch of people on

if your people are so nutty there's an article that came out recently on sugar more sugar is the devil kind of studies that are out like you know they mark of the beast sugar is like the mark of the beast and I and like you know that the commentators on the TV I haven't read the article yet I didn't get a chance to read over the counter and I are just as rapid as they are normally like saying that you trying to make store differentiation between sugar and fruit and sugar and sugar like and you're more more like magic bullet we would all just be okay if we didn't have sugar but I want to read the actual article and if anyone could see what they see what they think and tweet their feelings on it into me to help guide me as I hope we have time to investigate that for next week's show okay someone wrote in Cocoa Beach Road in regarding you not talking to

you know telling your friends that they were sticking their tomatoes in the fridge and all this other stuff

you did what happened isn't it funny how I don't tell you guys what to do with your food and they said yeah because I was like that's really weak High I have a really strong personality so I'm going to ruin everything I walk around with my underwear over my head and you won't tell me because my personality says I have a giant sticking out of my nose and you won't tell me because my personality personality is strong you should let them know that a sign of strength to be an idiot with expensive food products to treat them like crap for no freaking reason he says it's perfectly okay to call out enemies in quality recently did so to a friend over up because of over steeping is French press coffee

what do you guys think I killed for this all the time I can't even open my mouth around my friends

is someone

say to you if you want to do something at like just like it's not like


is has some sort of horrible like thing if they can't help right then don't bring it up that's that's being a jackass right if someone you know can't do any better because they're Limited in some way or they have bad knife skills you don't look up to someone who has bad nice those men man you suck with a knife and they have practice right but obliterating an ingredient for no reason when it's just an easy to not obliterated takes no extra effort in fact it takes less effort to just leave the Tomato on the freaking counter

you know what I mean it's not it's not the same thing it's not the same person under the bus but I tried to tell somebody that there was cooking time on a box of pasta this they called me Pina pretentious pretentious to cook pasta for what

well I tend to disagree but look as a separate subject I tend to disagree often with the cooking times on the box of stars of course who likes them in a basically crunch on raw pasta like like she's a road and breaking into the box in the middle of the night I also like Celeste true or false Nike rabid but the fact of matter is it's not pretentious to want your food cooked properly Jack it's just not a pretentious to tell someone that their food is bad because they didn't spend a lot on it right that's potentially like thinking that you automatically know better than somebody else because you think about it a lot pretentious mean

whatever is so excited meme

now you know what I actually like the tomatoes in the fridge because I like to go to the farmers market and spend $4 a pound on a tomato and then converted to texture to a bunch of melee pulp paste I like it cuz I like that Millie poppy paste texture I'd be like poop all right sweet just like my grandpa used to it like being able to choose if you can turn him like a nice wine and like giant jug wine blind it always take out the jug wine because he liked it because I think you like being a jerk and picking out the jug line so you can distinguish them it's like if it's an actual personal preference house why are you going to bring it to what they're like enjoy the party enjoy talking to people about our stuff we're using donut pic and their kitchen that you're sitting at a table you walk into the kitchen as though it's a restaurant Kitchen open their fridge and determine if they stored there tomatoes in the fridge it's your cooking in the kitchen with them and I have

wish we had the original discussion

like your relationship with tiny little apartment Ridgemont park by the way people people people people people live in 800 square foot apartment with me my wife my two kids a dog and two hamsters we're talking like old school like overcrowding situation and like 10 years of crap recently I moved into what would be like fill a small apartment anywhere else in the world but a relatively large apartment for Manhattan Bridge in the old apartment maybe there's one seat and you could see into it from the table where I was where have I been

apartments in living room is Jack Jack Jack me ask you a question is your fridge. In such a way that when you go in so it's always sitting and actually having a leisurely conversation you just starts this classic nastasha just coming up with IBS argument if you're that I have that have okay okay I defy you to go into your fridge the next time you have people over get casually get something out of it close it and then ask anyone at the table what was in your fridge who hadn't helped you cook they hadn't been there and two hey how much milk do I have in my fridge oig's I have no idea because I'm not looking in your fridge I'm having a casual conversation with my friends not about food or being it picking

Stars actually lives in her fridge so Josh rights in from Antigua you know it's like the point is also in and you try to make it whenever we have an argument like this you try to make it into me always bend it towards me doing something jerky if someone is cooking tomatoes for your meal and they've already reeling then yes you don't say anything because you don't want to point out that they ruin something that they're going to serve you because hopefully they're proud and happy to serve you food if the tomatoes are in the fridge and their incidental they're not being cooked that is when it's okay to talk to them about it you don't tell someone ever it something that they're serving you is bad or degraded or inferior in any way because that is jerky

I'm over you over what I'm like I'm not angry because you're purposely try to get me angry but I have to admit when I'm wrong what do I say

say I'm wrong you're never wrong that I can think of a time when you're wrong about cooking recipes anything you know why because being wrong is the only way to really learn French

a tomato that like like who has a lot of extra room if you actually cook you don't have a lot of room in your fridge anyway friend is always full of stuff if you actually cook like leftovers ingredients all this other stuff so really anything you can leave out of your fridge is a bonus because fridge space is extremely Limited

space style well but you're cooking seafood presumably and once only shoved into the fridge and you jam it in your much more like they have it spoil and go bad because you're even see it I cook with things because I know that I own them that's why I hate it when people come to my house and rap stuff in aluminum foil and put in my fridge because you might as well throw it away people come over and they put stuff away after dinner to get label that crap no I mean do you use aluminum foil for wrapping hard to keep track of all the stuff that's in there and like a lot of times I'm having seven eight nine people over would like tons of dishes and they get put away so in my house if it goes in there with aluminum foil if it's done that's why I prefer like Fortune Pines cuz there at like 10 to 8 for your small apparently you know I no longer know what it's like

small kitchen. Very well and they take up less space in the fridge and they're completely reusable the good right you have all three sizes just courts

I have all three but I was brought to my attention recently that in like places like San Francisco very few people use them because they perceive them as ungrien I guess cuz they're plastic do they perceive Amazon green if we if they knew that they were used over and over and over and over again and Rodeo start on a quart containers problems are people telling me that they wouldn't use them all the time yeah we buy them and you know like they get many many many uses unless they break or something bad happens to them in a polypropylene they can be recycled whatever

from Antigua thanks for the help with my previous question a lobster cookery I was wondering if you learned anything new about dry lupini beans if they still have a bunch of taking up room in my Larder and next to those beans are a few bags of quinoa you know there is some other better local grains we could be using quinoa quinoa and then the people who used to use it for sustenance couldn't afford any more right yeah things like this is that ass like you know there's people with nothing and then all of a sudden somebody wants it and then a couple of people get something who used to have nothing and then a bunch of people get shafted like it's a lot of like like no-win situations but I slept presume that you can grow quinoa you know let's presume that like you know you're growing in America or whatever right mean if you like the flavor of it

I would imagine the Stars wouldn't like it that much just got that weird curly q look on it and the curly q is not your style I mean like I know you well enough to know even never discussed it curly q and for me it's reminiscent of a sprout curlicue doesn't taste anything like a sprout and Visually it reminds me of sprouts and as we all know I accept accept

unfortunately the quinoa has been used because I find it no matter how much I rinse the grains I always have several bites of cooked quinoa that contain grit I am new to cooking it is there something I can do to fix it on the quinoa first thing I looked up a bunch of references cuz I did not have that problem but there are tons of references on online help me cook quinoa without the crunchy bits which is a very long threatened to 10 about it and solutions run the gamut from it being a friend by Brandy friends not there definitely are some brands that appear to be much worse than others but then some people said you know get the Rob whatever is Bob's Red Mill stuff right and then so what else is like I've never had a great night when they had written that one back and forth there's one person on one of these things who claimed that is actually oxalate crystals because calcium

play Twitches he seems that the kidney stones made of accumulates in the leaves of of quinoa pasta and someone said that is that but I wasn't able to actually verify that at all I just someone made reference to it then another person said to not just rinse but to do a wash with like a slurry like your rinsing rice and then pour the quinoa you will get you rich the quinoa layer the top and the bottom layer will contain all of the Grits possible I would try cooking for a very very long time in excess water and draining and seeing if the problem goes away cuz I might be possible he does not hydrating all of the things equally and you're having an actual piece of uncooked quinoa which someone else suggested but that's easy to test because if you just cook in excess water then you're going to you going to find out whether you were having a laugh

hydration and you're getting crunchy uncooked quinoa or whether or not you actually have excess it so so freaking small that's hard to rinse out the great because how you going to eat you can't like having just fall through right side or the other person Geo cook and one of the things he or she actually gold Pandit because they're a gold pan or so they sat there and gold Panda quinoa so it all the Grid in fall to the bottom that's how I could be more help on that contain toxins bitter alkaloid toxins that you need to leave shout and the fact that matter is that they make ones that are sweet that don't have the alkaloids but apparently people who like to lupini beans the steps

the things you really don't want to take any shortcuts on and I tried desperately look for shortcuts on it and I haven't done it myself but I plan on doing it because I want to try it is used to beans overnight in excess water right and so what you're doing here is partially hydrating the beans just like you would soaking a bean for cooking you dump that water and then you cook it in water write an essay with salt and the cooking here is a softening that the bean cooking it so that water can get in and out of it and leaching out some of the evil poison then you keep you drain them put them back in water and then change the water a bunch of times too slowly over the course of days and days could be like a week or more in water to Leach out the alkaloids and then you can literally just taste them and when they're no longer better when they're bitter to your preference then

do whatever you want with it but that's that's that's that's how you do like no warning on them that you can't just cook this like a bean but the good news is is it the reason you don't have too much lupini Bean poisoning is that apparently if you don't treat them right they're horribly so it's not like you would be like man that's delicious I'm going to eat a whole bunch of this and then died from the from the poison there have been cases of people who were hospitalized due to the beanie Texas yeah something really quick come in I grill thing we're like you can connect via Bluetooth and see what temperature Something's Cooking in front of the room do you have any other sort of like the apps like in the kitchen

I use the internet's I haven't used any like the digital thermometers I occasionally use like the sous-vide Dash the one that probably science and those guys did together with them but that was but now I didn't mean I use I use like decent calculators you know I like pretty decent calculators when I'm doing calculations for things and I have my own stuff that I've written when I when I'm doing recipe development but that's more of a computer not on an iPad but I think about it no apps we have to go

and we're back dreams and it's a short little news report from Heritage Heritage Radio Network. Org

2013 was a pretty good year for recycling legislation in New York City the New York City Council approve legislation Banning food service or UPS or styrofoam and also approved a bill that would require large restaurants and food manufacturers to compost that's right require large restaurants and food manufacturers in New York City to compost sound too good to be true well it's pretty much the case I recycling expert and founder of plastic bag Jenny Robert explains the piece of legislation there's compost and that doesn't take effect until the commissioner of finds that there are enough facilities within 100 miles of New York City that will cost effectively take composting so what that means is the city will force these food establishments to compost when they have somewhere to send the compost to make sense

it's a Field of Dreams type thing where if you build it they will come it's creating a market for compost because right now there are companies that make these kind of facilities that aren't going to build them in New York City if there's no market for compost but if there is a market developed then they'll create them and then restaurants will have somewhere local or somewhat local within the region to actually there but that's that's that's the gist of it not the process the word compost he was with us you know I'm trying to kick the habit I'm I'm pushing for plastic bags to be banned in New York City think what what's going to happen

first would be like a $0.10 surcharge to the place using the plastic bag so it's easy to do not use them because they push it some places like the auto put them in the bag so I can know my local Fine Fare Supermarket the other issue is

I'm plastic in general for this kind of stuff

like it's very difficult to put your house waste like I'm an apartment I have to use a small bag because that things have to fit in my trash chute and what you look up as it's the supply of actual friends and completely compostable bags to use as trash bags at home minimal you know what I mean it's like the stuff that they're selling and that's why I don't even know where the poop bags I use for the dog like what like how like we've had a lot of these guys ain't what they do is they make plastic that just breaks up into smaller pieces over time doesn't really go away just turns into like plastic dust which isn't the same thing as actually going back to the Earth you know it's a difficult problem because we haven't like none of our systems are developed to to completely do away with with the bags and sometimes especially when you're new shopping large quantities I don't carry those damn cards around me I hate those freaking things you know what I mean

I'll carry like 15 heavy bags home and look like I'm lumbering like an elephant home rather than push one of those damn card to your cart lady about you actually like that you know how many can I carry like a nun flap one of The Flash and turn it into a massive tent tent stuff underneath it but if all of a sudden you go over that and the place doesn't carry paper that's decent then if you better hope it doesn't rain on the way home when cuz I walk home right which is green or walk or bike on but then it's something rips when you're on a walk you're done that's it you know what I mean so classic Works often as well but

two callers let's take the first one first on the air

hey David Jason from Virginia okay so here's the problem most of the scholarly articles online

you have to have a username and password yet to be associated with the university but I I may or may not poach somebody else has access to a university server to get on it a lot of what I use primarily I use the search engine called sciencedirect which is a compilation of elsevier journals that they have a lot of them or I'll use some Lake Wylie or I used to use Blackwell Synergy a lot and there are large aggregators internal files University setting cross database searches for particular things really great thing about these sites cuz they're built for researchers

is that you can cross Red Cross wrap you can look at their references and sometimes just link through directly sometimes if you have a really good Public Library they'll have access to it and house but they won't let you do it at home cuz they're all paid service of some of these things Princeton to New York I can get at the nypl library but you can't but what I recommend is finding a friend acquaintance or relative who is a professor at a major university and beg borrow and steal from them online access codes to get into the servers and then you can get all this stuff

awesome getting my my connection in trouble this why I didn't mention who it is caller number to drink some sous vide and I've gotten one inch pork chops put them into a vacuum bag with prunes and dried prunes and dried apricots 145 degrees for 6 hours the prunes are wonderful than nice and soft and mushy apricots are not why is that and they're both they're both I was a pork so the apricot you're saying got got mushy and approved the apricots are still a very hard like they're not tough but you know it's not the same machinist that the prunes are right

using just a curiosity dried apricots or like like like the smaller ones or like the big flat like the Blends are they really sour ones they're not really sour ones but not really sour I guess they're probably about an inch big

I think the prunes probably have a higher moisture content to begin with and so they probably break up easier and faster and if you were to do like a light pre boil on the apricots they might they might come out but I don't know I have to run some tests I don't think otherwise I don't think you're being treated to I don't think they're being treated to strengthen the pectin any right so you could pretreat an apricot such that the pac-10 would degrade much less over time but at the temperature that you're cooking you're not really going to be degrading the pectin anyway you're going to be dealing with a kind of natural motion is in plums at making hair leak by higher sugar and probably going to be mushy or benefit from some higher thermal temperatures like a 85 or so that's really going to break down a Celsius in a breakdown structure the pectin structure if that's what that's what's holding it together so you might try like a little preacher

man on the apricot maybe not even in like maybe just a little bit of water in a separate bag December it for like 15-20 minutes pull it out and then add them to your recipe and see whether that helps others an extra step by step of playing around with it I've been soaking and I preheated some apricots but I don't know what the sweet spot is so I'm still trying to figure this out and I thought I got it free done enough but then my my prunes were wonderful but my apricots were not and my son suggested I give you a call and he thought texting texting break down so that probably is it getting our holy so you might want to cut them in half

the other the other thing you might be you could try like a pack and degrading enzyme in nearby theaters going to get mushy I don't think it's going to make the texture nice I think it's just going to like kind of Kratom muscle around the outside it's my guess when you say you pretreated the apricots like what do you just like put them in like like boiling water for like 5 minutes so I'm soaked up like in a teacup or something like that and that didn't help it it helped a little bit but not enough so I don't write so I'm trying to determine what I really should be doing what the sweet spot is in or not I cut them in half and half cheese

all right well let you know what let's see what there anyone out there has an experience with this and then you know if we hear anything back on Twitter it so someone sent to a cooking issues on Twitter like their Spirits a lot of times I'll get people they listen they could have a solution know they'll tweet and then I can talk about it on on the next show but all the time I had your doing what I would do I would pretreat in hot water maybe even pre cooking a bag cut them in half those are all good good step you know you could do that's not that hard is put cut them in half put them in the VAC bag right that you're going to use for the for the pork with liquid remember it doesn't break down that well without liquid to help break down the pecking takes a much higher temperature to break down the structure of the apricot went dry then when its moist so you would ever liquid you're going to put in the bag what should we do much because going to taste post but put them in just with the apricots into the bag and then immersed the bag

and shimmering Waters make sure you don't melt it right you can do a light seal on it whatever and then just cut open that first seal after it cools down just could open that first seal and then put your pork and prove directly into the bag with the apricots you know what the futz around with a bunch of different bags Zack and reseal and then cook that sounds good I will try it and in touch if you can tweet to add cooking issues and tell me what the results were so I can figure out whether any of this stuff works okay terrific will do thanks a lot thank you cook two different versions on Amazon Amazon UK actually see the screenshot below do you know if they're actually the same and if they're different which would you recommend thanks Paul I was going to get a Herald to come on but he couldn't use in meetings all morning to say but one says the Curious cook

taking the lid off kitchen facts and fallacies and that one has a non-standard cover on it and that was from 1992 original the Curious cook more kitchen science and lore by Harold McGee November 1990 is the only one I own that's the original other ones probably a British kind of printing of it that was on a couple years after the original I'm going to try to ask Harold exactly what the difference is between them but I would go for the good old-fashioned honest a good one that's just a black cover with the yellow thing it says the Curious cooked more kitchen and science that's the one I would go alright William McGee McGee I'm going to get your French fries stuff and Rodney I'm going to get your coconut flour next time cooking issues

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