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Episode 153: Sanbitter, Crustaceans, & Canned Soup

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Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn computer today I've got my iPad and my iPhone in one hand and my computer in the other because little bit of a research cordle you this morning I think it's a cluster because it at Cortelyou named after the famous surveyor or the politician was related to the survey. On the subway that's one of those few words that start with both use Coral you too mean to me in cluster you-know-what and nobody ever questions and it's not there's not a lot of here that's not exactly right but that's like a vocab word they think they didn't study for a test right there like something I don't know

let you know that it's like you want people to use it so use it you lose it you use it and I you know when you do think of Booker his birthday today I say then say Booker and Dax 3 years separated same birthday because I'm just that efficient know it's a one day and that's it both both born same day 3 years apart fun fun times in arguments about this year am I not what I'm doing but I don't have my

it's my new oven in time to do pizza but for every year it's been make your own pizzas but and I've had that 850 degree Fahrenheit Pizza Oven still a couple days I feel like I want I want crappy commercial might want to say my kids like crappy commercial Pizza I'm not referring to like other fine Pizza makers like a birthday party that my kids were they like the lowest of the low amount call any particular people out as making a low quality Pizza

but whatever I prefer low quality pizza or national Chandler chain of low quality pizza purveyors and I don't know they somehow they saw it and I got hooked up who knows how to help kids get hooked into things you know what I mean actually prefer it and make the best pizza in the world but it's a whole hell of a lot better than this crap at the request of the crust is always terrible sauce is always Way Suite says they have better ingredients better than what was it before this is your better ingredient like if this is like is it like you know this is your top of your lying there

happy happy new year yet let's get we called you out loud about New Year's last time the last you already forget it's awesome in Brooklyn is like I love it here in Brooklyn to Manhattan or like the address here but us actually 2nd Street 1st Ave you walk up to 14th and Ave m i mean I walk there from 429 whatever today okay we got some questions from last week I didn't get a chance to take care of

John Wright San hey Dave hammer and cruise slowly but surely making my way through the back episode which I appreciate the hopefully it was actually intended to be funny and not like they've semi-serious things I hate when you say that you could questions in a previous podcast you end of the show talking about sanbitter and I'll leave it to a recipe to reproduce it but of course ran out of time would love to know your thoughts on how to reproduce that well of course you know the cooking issues crew loves anything Campari or aperol related in sand dinner is the small at 8 not sure I think so it sounds right but it's red and has the same basic kind of flavor, but I know it's not the same please don't send me any nasty things but it is the same thing for the question is

how to make that flavor yourself and so and I didn't have an actual recipe recipe. Just an idea for it but we tested out some ideas yesterday Campari and therefore also sanbitter that bitterness is mainly from wormwood riding me the warrant look like if you if you were to just tastes a straight decoction of wormwood you would notice that the that the bitterness of it that particular bitterness note is the bitterness note from the end of a Campari right so so there you have it. There's also I think some gentian in it which is another bittering agent and of course the citrus peels now I believe Campari and sanbitter use a

use a bitter orange pee like a note or something like that which I didn't have available to me when I was testing now of course is also all sorts of flavors that they are on top is top notes but the bass notes are the citrus peels the wormwood and possibly I think gentian we added it to the recipe we tested so now without alcohol how do you do it the best way to keep steamed I can get into more kind of technical stuff trying out the isi infusions what not but I figured for a first guess was try to do just a straight old fashioned heated tees right and you can heat it fairly you're not going to maybe go to affect the aromatic someone as opposed to a long steep but doing it in water I have to go to be a good first approximation so we did five grams of each of those three each of those four flavors grapefruit peel Orange Peel sweet oranges from the US that we didn't have the good enough stuff we got at the Wakulla dual specialty shop which is similar to a kalustyan's hearing and in New York wormwood app and Jen Chenal

5 grams / 200 mils we nuke them in the microwave so it wouldn't get too much boil off and then let them steep under mild education for 5 minutes and then we made mixtures of those together and we used 100 mils of the grapefruit a hundred miles of the orange 15 mils of the wormwood decoction 5 ml of the gentian to that we had in 20 g of sugar to take it to about a 10 and 1/2 brakes solution and pinch of salt to round it out killed it and carbonated it now it's it's a it's a it's a view to call Sona remind me what commercial that was but said that tasted pretty much likes and better now what you like Campari Campari when they make it comes out light brown sew

you know they color it with color they used to use coaching you like squished a bug stuff but they don't use a squished up bug stuff anymore so then we try though interesting we needed more grapefruit than that and more and more orange than that so we tried just doing a straight base of a 220 grams water 20 grams Sugar Point 1.125 grams of gentian .375 grams of wormwood 3.75 grams of orange and 5 grams of grapefruit peel for you know five minutes deep on a heat tea and it was good but it didn't taste quite as much likes and better as the other one we needed it was pretty little too much grapefruit and and then it needed a little more were more than that but just so you know that's what we try it out and so you can give that a test for your sand dinner alternate in there because she was not there and we tested it she was at the

Stanford what's it called Stanford alumni women New York Network board board meeting and so they had a mixer with the with the Icebreaker Icebreaker that's what they what do they serve for their ice breaker

is it going to be on the board and you going to have something I can't have an icebreaker

no ice water does not an ice breaker make you got to take that thing over you got to do just got to take that thing over

I said question in regards to spice storage for home use what is your current system I have been using 4 or 6 oz round paint or cream jar of Jarred Charles from propane and storing them in a drawer with serves a dual purpose of keeping out light and away from heat however I'm running out of drawer space and now looking for more options I hope all is well John so the problem with spice storage is at what time is good to keep it away from light some some spices are light-sensitive for me the big problem is you need to see what we're spices are like I have a bunch of stuff and then you end up not using the spices you have because you don't know where they are my old kitchen which I just left I had a bunch of nice magnets that I mounted under my cabinet in a strip like I had like six feet of 5 ft of nice magnets and then I bought jars with metal tops and just smack them up so you can have a line of spices I haven't done that my new kitchen yet we're still figuring out exactly how

happy with my spice storage I have a very narrow shelf Pantry on one side with a 4in shells that go all the way up and it's nowhere near a window so I don't worry about light and I'm going to have spices there but the problem is it's not dancing off the shelves are bottle height right now and need to make them shorter so I can go but I usually put them in a small small containers as small as they will at will go unless it's something that use a lot of at a time like coriander if they do I don't use coriander in those things that you can Port containers but I don't have it as good as solution as I had in my old kitchen yet with the knife knife classic Space Storage things people used to come where'd you get that jerk you jerk Road in I cuz I don't answer just about did I I think you did did I

Akron Road in about clarifying lime juice. Clarifying lime juice you mentioned it to next Ultra sp-l doesn't work because the pH is too low my question is could you raise the ph an effort to work without significantly and packing the flavor may be using sodium citrate or something like that is that a dumb idea I'd like to ideas just dumb people I'd like to be able to clarify lime juice without a centrifuge and I'm not very good at massaging the bag not very many people that are very good at massaging the back of the agar but don't aren't good at that getting a good deal out of it is use a salad spinner that's what I teach a lot of people to do is is yet you have to make sure that whatever you're draining cloth is that you tie off at the top until I can a Santa's Christmas Sack or use like a

turn off the top drawer to a salad spinner and give it a good Spin and that's a good way to ensure that you don't for over a squeeze a bag when you're trying to do a quick agar clarification now if you did I wouldn't try raising the the pH on it I don't think you're going to have satisfactory results if you don't mind losing a lot of product also depends on how clear you need it if you just needed to be clear because you're carbonating you don't need to be crystal clear here here's how it works so my normal centrifuge technique is I add text next Ultra sp-l even though it doesn't work a hundred percent it does help in clarifying lime juice which is very acidic Ultra sp-l and kieselsol rights to kieselsol has a wine fining agent they call it D1 part of a tooth 2 part system right so you add the SPL in the case altogether you can get it any home brew shop he saw and try to stand together so I had

2 grams per liter you want to add more and you don't want to add less when you're working with a charge things like that if you weigh over a way under you can you can reduce the efficacy or even like make it and stabilizing so you want to add to grams per liter of that you want to stir it thoroughly wait 15 minutes and then you want to add to grams of kind of sandwiches from shrimp shells polysaccharide a solution to that same thing and let that settle that will clarify it will settle out it was still be slightly cloudy slightly cloudy if you then add and you let sit for an hour or two it will settle out be slightly cloudy if you add after another 15 minutes after you had the kindest and another 2 grams per meal of kieselsol a stir it and let it sit for an hour or two the stuff on the top will be crystal clear right but the problem is your yield will be very low it will not

settle nearly as much as the one that you only did the kieselsol and kind of sand to buy the stuff that's at the very top will be Crystal Clear expect yields on the order of 30% though a crystal-clear stephanikos port off the top make sure you do it in a round container so if it's if you want to test that is very easy to test and maybe just the that the you know I'm not perfect clarification of key song title sandwich gets very good deals on the order of like 60 to 75% maybe that's clear enough for you but give it a shot let me know how it goes

okay by Josh from Coolidge Antigua Road in what a gwan wondering what was wondering if you could explain any differences and low temperature cooking between North Atlantic Lobster and Spa near a Clouser also would you explain the butter poaching that I did how do you kill the lobster and finally what's up with using dried lupini beans they take forever to get the alkaloid taste out how do you cook them I don't have an answer on the lupini beans yet I got to I got to work on that also I might add I don't have a firm answer we have the four on the question about making your own Koji from from what's it called wild products instead of using a somebody else's starter I supposed to get in touch with the guys at Momofuku Labs who do this all the time but kept crossing paths and I have to find anything definitive other than people who didn't seem like they can make authoritative statements making Authority

I'm not apologizing and the codeine will get back to the PD mean now I'm going to be also and I don't hear up in in the in the Northern areas we only get live in Canadian Maine Lobster all you know how Morrison you know the American style Lobster we don't get any of the spiny or Rock Lobster types live typically to cook with up here that's a long way of saying I don't have a lot of experience cooking them I will say this cuz I've had a cook them not live and I find most the time and I've also cooked you know regular you know American style lobsters not life and I've never really liked cooking with frozen lobster gustas you ever had a good frozen lobster that you like to know I did I remember once I did a class the French culinary and I was doing Lobster

Lobster and they you know I can only get the Frozen for some reason cuz I had to teach it that day and I've never had a worse low temperature product in my life then the then if the frozen lobster sell anything I've done with the with the Rock Lobster / Bonnie Lobster is not I'm just going to go ahead and stay there tonight you know not necessarily applicable about regular Lobster is that I tend to not like the low-temperature I tend to not like low temperature cooking on Lobster in general I used to try to do it at a rate of 60 degrees Celsius you want to keep lobster cooking times and this is going to be true by the way the northern Lobster is like the another Claude Lobster in the non Claude spiny Lobster they're not actually that closely related do you know that they're not really that closely related mean they're both Crustaceans but they're fairly separate like the spiny lobsters are the ones that you see on the internet that they they March in long lines on it where is like

American lobsters in myself like to keep themselves don't like they really congregate with others of their type

so yeah so there their they're not like hyper closely related but all crustacean share certain cooking Axiom that need to be to be I need to be looked at so Phresh Dance exception of shrimp which I think I actually freezes pretty well although sweet shrimp recipe shrimp is pretty damn good right ear had those were the last ship that cook right away they mostly eaten raw it's what I meant but they're good you know the lobsters any of those things that I wouldn't but if you cook them for too long even especially low temperature but if you cook them too long in general they get incredibly mushy and unpalatable so when you're doing any sort of low temperature work with with these creatures you're going to want to

you're going to want to keep the cooking time under 15 minutes I take 15-20 minutes so when I do large large lobsters what what I'll do is I'll do a esteem I used to do a pressure steam kill then would cut it for a couple of minutes cut it open and then cook all the parts separately keeping cutting and keeping youth cooking time underneath that kind of like you know 10-15 minute time window for pretty much missed now what I do now my typical technique now is because the Studies have shown that there's people that are interested in Crustaceans and whether or not Crustaceans feel pain in the sense of pain as opposed to just nociception things that means that when there's something that we would consider a noxious stimulus let's say heat or or you know someone punching you in the face you avoid it right that's nociception the ability to avoid what is that what

you have concerns see a noxious or dangerous or harmful stimuli right nociception this is different from pain so pain is a mental state relating to your feelings right so you can feel pain so that so friends dance I can create a robot with you no sensors that can avoid heat and that is kind of an OC ceptive sensor system but the lot the robot doesn't feel pain so the question is do Crustaceans feel pain right and or is there a avoidance of notches things just know there's a lot of other lot of heavy duty work being done by people on either side of this saying that yes they can know they can and a lot of it's based on whether the research is being done is based on whether a hermit crabs you know can make choices about what shells they go into depending on what level of pain to have to endure what level of noxious stimuli

but the fact of the matter is whether whether they feel pain or not every crustacean that I've cooked live and tested if you administer anesthesia to it before you kill it it taste better right and so then the thing is whether or not they feel pain if you remove their ability to sense noxious stimuli before you kill them they taste better and so i n n similarly if you kill them quickly by keeping them they don't have a centralized brain like but if you sever the both the ganglia in the top and the in the esophageal gave you some of those with a knife they also tastes better than if you don't the problem is is that as no Crustaceans don't have an obsessed with crabs on the anesthesia catching crabs have tested you know Lobster is a bunch of time several varieties of the problem is is that the the

the blood system of the animal in the Flint and a lots of the flavor is contained it in open circulatory system is not right in front of me anyways and so you don't want to lose that flavor so what I do typically it nowadays is I I cut through the ganglionic over a closed eye thing save those juices then I take out the meat as much as I can without mangling it I take the show that you can remove remove the gills cuz they're nasty remove anything that thing's going to be cooked on the shells with oil butter and then I combine that with the juices put them in Ziploc bags and do a quick poach out in high temperature because I actually prefer high temperature cooking like you know Shimmer like 84 Crustaceans for under 10 minutes because I have the pieces cut small enough for to do it and I'm sure that will work on a rock or spine

spiny as well as it will work on a regular Lobster gyro who Dreams of Sushi all the time but yeah so he didn't shrimp and I have to be honest like those things don't taste very good you know cook like that the thing was a much bag I was like the worst trip is difficult any way to cook but you know what's interesting is that more closely related to have to go look at this there's like where the crustacean kind of families breakdown but I believe that slipper lobsters and mantis shrimp are more closely related to spine East Van

when are you know Northern robster czar


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oh yeah you know there's really nothing like hearing you scream through the glass when that commercial place

one day I'm going to send Brian Kenny who is our awesome power horse ranch video that to get appreciate it

Sea Island House reaction to the Hearst Ranch grass-fed beef live you were screaming metal cover yet I was nice to have that to look for it by gummy bears today

follow-up question can you buy to the kitchen talk about like a kitchen faucet that he wants to put foot pedals on the Branford house I use a used t&s brass but Chicago Faucet also make several brand the problem with faucet if you want to adapt them you have to choose a faucet where the mixing valve the mixing valves are separate from the actual spout if you can get to where the spout I also shows from them specifically a faucet where they mixing valve got put into 80 into the spot underneath the deck of my sink and so what you do there if you just add cuz I had a sprayer right so here's a here's a here's a way to look at it with sprayers that you have attached

prayers have a diverter valve in them such that when you open the sprayer then all the sudden the sprayer is connected to it stops the flow to the to the spa the one that I have doesn't work that way it's got a manual off and on for the sprayer so I can t in underneath at the spout and Supply water where they meant to push water out to the sprayer so I put an extra key underneath my deck and attached my my foot pedals and that I use a hot and cold foot pedal that the mixing is done there's only one output my foot pedals and plug it directly into the spout by the experts every faucet is different you need some way to get to the to the spout faucet that doesn't let you know before you have to open or anyone other than independent of the actual mixing valve that you have on top of your deck with a fuss that make sense what I'm saying

he also wrote in last week I want to make gummy bears with only centrifuse fruit juices and gelatins can I do it with no sugar how ya sure reduce the hell out of the fruit juices until the bricks is where you needed to be so that you don't need to add any any extra sugars so typically I was looking up some commercial but looking at a commercial recipe 728 kg of 250 Bloom gelatin which of the think roughly we're not Stay the Night Aria dissolved in a 14 to 16 liters of water with 37 kg of sucrose and 45 kg of glucose + acid sugar in flavored so you're looking like it's very important especially if you choose fruit juices that you don't have one that has too much invert in it right so there's juices that have a high suit

what percentage and their juices that have already broken down into invert which would mean that it's fructose and glucose instead of sucrose now that you want some inversion you want some you know glucose and fructose in there because it's going to help with modifying the texture and preventing you know crystallization but if you have too much of that and aren't of sucrose in the mix then you're going to get a kind of weeping it's going to be sticky and tacky so these guys for their recipe use 45 grams of glucose syrup which isn't really glucose I don't know how much sugar than 37 of so let's say that I don't know how much percent is that actually glucose and how much of it is something else but you're looking at least in the round at least in the realm of of a liquid that is going to want to say like

66 or some like that have to look up what kind of bricks of liquid you would need to get it to work I think it's somewhere in that area like 66 brakes are going to need to do a lot of reduction love you some more calculations maybe someone else is listen to the commercial candy you know blah blah blah pretty easy to do a reduction of levels but if you don't want the flavor at those levels you're going to need to do it under a vacuum and I've done it I've taken strawberry under vacuum down to 70 almost 70 bricks and it was delicious but you know you need a pain in the butt right now

well if I if I did not then called call us out a no-fault calls for the shop for the church that we are right now in fact about canned soup sucking yeah why does it need so much salt why does it taste worse than soup served in other ways containers or bags what makes canned soup Wars size you find canned soups to be bad. I really use can soup

and I like them if I'm sick or whatever if you need them if you're sick but if you don't want to cook your own soup I think frankly is the reason why people add salt to soup is not preserved if there's no need to add salt to a can of soup using canned soup to preserve it because they can that sucker may also need to go under a lot of problems with swoops in general and I've never done a bag suitcase thing but you know they have to cook the thief the cook a snot out of them know what I mean is so certain things are not going to beat me certain things are delicious pressure cuffs in which case I'd probably be even better under those high temperature which means but certain ones aren't the salt is not there as a preservative in a can of soup assaults there because people like salt in their soup by Imagine tomato soup without salt how gross would tomato soup without salt tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich and then and then you're like oh my God is going to be awesome and then

it hurts right it hurts are you a part of the question your day was wondering if I like bags are going to be the new way to serve soup if I can of Campbell's night shift two bags instead of canned stuff that would make any difference could be a flavor and when people say that things taste tinned what does that mean right so like what is that actually causing the flavor is it how they always says once you open you can you can't store you can't store the stuff in the can Lemoore it's going to taste can whenever her and maybe it's not the can doesn't remember the cans that we buy are coated with crab on the inside of it is not typically supposed to be in most recent touching the can is touching this weird film that I don't really remember what it's made out of on the inside of the can I can look into it if I can remember to look into it so he sends me a text I can look into

whether anyone's done an actual hardcore study on Taste of cans vs. not if it's if there is a soup that doesn't respond well to being cooked at extremely high temperature right because it's going to be great the vegetables or whatever other thing is a problem with it is going to think then you can put it in a bag and you could do you could do pasteurization using High hydrostatic pressure so if there is a soup that doesn't want to go through the processing that goes it through canning to get money if it's the natural processing problem versus the can itself then there's a possibility of using a bag to do something like high hydrostatic pressure as Apache reservation technique that might have some sort of benefit but again I don't know it cuz it's off. My head do think soda taste different cans so I do but I don't know if that's mental or not people who have cans of things for sodas and beers think that the stuff tastes better in a can

CO2 cannabis taste better to me I don't know why because bottles like plastic bottles suck for oxygen permeability a 20 oz bottle if you were to walk into a Coke plant or Pepsi and Coke Coke when I drink when I drink sodas I drink diet sodas and I think even the people from Pepsi would have to admit the diet coke is a better diet soda Diet Pepsi and you don't drink diet so you don't know I don't know maybe they probably would not stop for first Pepsi taste one right off the line right dr. pepper we both enjoy dr. pepper the one right off the line they would taste probably identical

but if you let it sit for any length of time the bottles going to start losing carbonation much faster than the can-can song also easier to chill down in a bottle so often you'll get under chilled sodas in bottles in the same holds true for beers also cans or 100% like tight and so you know if you were to have someone that were to choose a bottle that wasn't good at non skunking and then they were to use real hops instead of those weird extracts it don't skunk then you know you have those issues as well so can light type can gas type can easy to chill and plus when you're done with a can you can crush it and hurl it if you if you grew up doing that sort of thing maybe I did maybe I didn't write what you think we have a question in hello Dave Jack

I have some questions for you and thinks it from Mark but he's got an interesting name spelling of the name right Mark with a c and e k that I'm listening to your backlog but I'm living in Italy and calling it a bit difficult can you guys call in on Skype or I don't know in Viber is so you know we never take calls by Skype because they usually sound horrible but in this case maybe next week we'll try to get one of these computers to look into that I get that the national maybe we could set up a Skype thing for them now

yeah pulling into that it always sounds that even if you just do voice only Skype and not that not the one that always hangs up right and I mean hangs up like onion and the kitchen machine which I think means for us like a Roku or machine who sings I'm a guy at the bucket you know what I mean like I get the bucket you know what I mean but now I'm going to call everything the kitchen machine I freaking love that like that like if I got nothing else so whenever you cut up an onion in the kitchen machine it starts to taste weird I say oxidized is that what happens if you make a sauce with those onions or a meat patties with it you will still taste it I don't mind shopping by hand or machine

can be handy when stretched for time I stay with aliens do you have to have an idea that lots of garlic has an off taste I once read it was a fungal infection anything that you can do about it I grew my own garlic and never had any problems and maybe that's because it was gone and no time yet on that but I didn't get a chance to go look at my at your alliums book by Eric block which is kind of the book on that so there was an off taste due to fungal stuff then there be that garlic ages drastically and changes in flavor overtime as it's held and I do know because you grow your own car like you got to cure the garlic bread to the optimum but then I think past that curing point it can change over time and God knows how long the garlic in a regular supermarkets garbage

alright I'll do some research hang on just saw the face she made ya ya ya at all and plant fungus and you lied yet like you show her a leaf that has those weird things coming up out of it that the fungus gets on the leaf and get those weird leave things that pop up those bumps have children in Spanish I hate you more than Spore store unit but regards the onion so onions in any alley and actually now that all have different you know whether using up an onion League the garlic or garlic any one of these things

they don't have sulfur compounds in them that start out being relatively you know odorless and tasteless but then when they are crushed react when the cells are Crush react with enzymes to create the classic kind of pungent allium garlic onion flavors that we know most of us you know if you have a soul of every little of like literally everything I've ever cook for you and your whole freaking life has onions in it you can I use asafoetida instead which is fundamentally a substitute for the alley on that apparently doesn't inflamed the passions the way and I need to give her feeling Flames by an onion buy a cooked onion yeah me neither but you know what that's because we're so saturated with with inflamed passions in our culture radio on every billboard there's inflame passions and so you know onion is like peeing in the ocean to raise the tire compared to the inflamed passions we get here we here

imagine it's like if that was your main problem in life is like the fact that the onions were getting you all hot and bothered me anyway so I can pretty much be my wife doesn't like it she is so upset I think he says listen to don't get mad at me she doesn't like raw onion really nightmares me want to eat when you have nightmares or thinking about you in his Endeavors to put a thing over face if she has meet me but I would like the idea of a lot I do but I just it doesn't agree with me

what about when we slicing really thin and vinegar I don't have to go crazy because the bracing nature of a raw onion on like a burger or on a bagel like with locks and tomato like it's that bracing thing that cuts through the fattiness of the rest of it onion cut through a fatty flavor like nobody's business but I mean when you crush them they taste a fundamentally different because more of the cells are ruptured and more of those reactions take place now if you look Harold McGee friend of the shoe a friend of ours not to say he's good man he did a curious cook back when he was writing that that thing for the not the book but we was riding the New York Times, I'm called carrots cooked he did one on this subject and if a

it's a review as well of Eric botz book a lien so if you can go online you can read the whole thing online and explains it and Harvard one day and we're walking down and see if you never met her at all he's like you know right he's like thin he's like super dignified looking right but heroes are dignified like a did you know I'm saying he usually has on like some form of like a no jacket and so we walk in the in the in the Harvard Square and swear swear to God he's stepped on and did that did the leg in the air hate the McGees a runner by the way so he has good balance and like you know he's like a very fit because he's at he runs like quite a bit so with the leg actually went up but he caught himself he didn't go down look down swear to God I was a banana peel like McGee almost went down

on the ground like Magilla Gorilla Style on a freaking banana peel and we were like oh my god did Harold McGee almost get taken out by like the oldest food joke cartoon trick in the book is nuts right I don't think of that

that is what I do have the game that have been an accident that is not most people's Association there who can go read that and stop hating every 5 Seconds reaction secondary reactions take place so if you crush something before you cook it the longer it sits the more it's going to build up those kinds of harsher flavors that you are responding to when you cut it into pitching machine so quickly because the heck out of them and secondly they're probably sitting around because you're doing a lot of prep steps in larger cooking if you're going to use the kitchen machine and so if you don't want those flavors you going to want a slice with a very fine knife do as little damage as possible in a lot of the people I think I cook those great and I don't know where was back in the days, he was working for the Monopoly sounds like Angie thing gives you a little bit to the test of slicing an onion across Waze vs. apple to pull and whenever soft now I have that you can dance on going through

now she's you know you ruptured last issue that way until you get less of those aroma so you could do that test but yeah it's really an unavoidable you could pre blanch them before you put them in and you'll get less of that of those reactions happening so you could try that if you really still want to do that or if you coerced chop them before you before you go hardcore and then dip those things briefly in boiling water or simmering water and do a soap and then chop them up your blunt some of the some of it cuz you leave leave some of it out if you mean interesting lady on garlic if you cook garlic knot a pressure cooker pressure cooker wipes out the ability to create these flavors later on this test or can if you cook it for a long. Of time but if you just boil garlic enough to enough to prevent the enzymes from working destroy the enzymes and then Crush that garlic it won't get that crushed garlic flavor if on the other hand youth

mix in a small amount of fresh garlic to that garlic puree the enzymes in the fresh garlic are enough to convert the chemicals in the cook garlic puree and the whole thing will go stank on you happen if you pressure cook it is it a semi interesting for me but probably not for so many in a restaurant I was served a lot of guinea fowl the other day and it tasted reheated I recall correctly you want to talk about a special type of oxidation just tastes vacuum and reheat or I said documentary heating water bath question question does it matter if you store the bird cooked but I'm back in the fridge first I know the restaurant has one of those steamer Combi ovens at 10 to find those can give a rather stale dirty oven Taste of food which brings me to the question can one clean those ovens well enough to prevent to take some getting in on the food thanks be well

so everyone who have lost it I lost my Italian same way you lost your Spanish the only the only half Mexican Los Angeles girl I've ever met who can't speak a lick of Spanish don't speak Spanish to me. They will never speak Spanish help me learn Spanish radio station New York they speak kind of Spanish kind of English off and on the whole station they will help you learn I thought about in the cab the other day do they speak in English

I think you should I only listen to internet if you reheat in a Combi oven something that has been cooked already that has fat in it like birds you are very likely to get that warmed over taste which is an oxidation phenomenon I believe I haven't had time to look into it again I believe that storing it in an oxygen-free environment is a good idea even before you reheat it but definitely when you're reheating you want to keep oxygen away from it I would assume that you're keeping oxygen away from it even when you're storing it is also going to be an excellent idea but I can't remember off the top my head whether the warmed-over flavor is directly from oxygen during

we heat or whether it's a conversion oxidation to take place based on kind of precursors rocks oxygen it was already in it if you were to store something open in a fridge and then back it down and reheat it would that prevent the warmed-over flavor as effectively as backing it immediately and then throwing it in the fridge and it's not because there's going to be a lot of oxidation rent anyway that's what's going on you know is it called pigeon years ago the ones that are still being run they're fundamentally run for Hillary's but like they always happen to be in forgot my Spanish neighborhoods in New York and so we brought someone in there.

guy in Spanish speak Spanish I mean that hello I had a question to the radio show this is from Peter down online you can purchase Japanese tabletop Grill and it's my understanding that they're generally used indoors with a special type of expensive charcoal that burns clean that truck on my way is a binchotan and it is extremely expensive is justifiable fear of being sued versus actual health and safety risk is there an overwhelming risk of carbon-monoxide being generated by using it say on a window sill or in front of a window sill with a box fan IP turned out okay so here's the deal burning coal burning inside really generates carbon monoxide I don't know specifically whether or not supposed to be

however clean is the relative thing current monoxide is odorless carbon monoxide is colorless and carbon monoxide is in Smoky looking or smelling that's why it's so deadly my general feeling is I am not most people I know but I live in the present

if you fall asleep in your garage with the door shut in your car on right you're generating carbon monoxide and there's no way for the air to get in if you can fact there has been theirs at the famous case of someone using charcoal grills to kill themselves was the lead singer of Boston Boston Boston Boston but I don't remember whether or not there was other things to different like get a back-up plan to what's the weather what's the weather

Boston and one a day of my favorite bands I brought it up because I'm trying to say the charcoal can be dangerous but if you're in a sealed freaking room like you know and you like three charcoal things is like a little charcoal thingamajig I'm going to say you're fine you know I'm saying that's that's not going to say it goes hey go ahead and say you're fine with it

but whatever sorry generalizing here

and when you look at the old album covers from Boston

I always thought he was really short cuz the album covers by everyone else in Boston is like super tall

is it okay if they weren't at the friendliest a folk you know what their genius is what I'm going to leave it at that. On the way up jeans are interesting and by the way I myself am also a fan of the breakfast wine so next time you're coming in New York bring some breakfast with you and we'll go down it's like it's like that it's like the Thunderbird of Glasgow and so like everyone says that like glaswegians like pound like this but fast and then they go ape

Tony C and I think was David brought some breakfast and we made like a bucks Fizz syrup and then we had like a note above Fest V which was whatever

show me where I took it with me so I can put the information online about the right temperature to cook it I read that you shouldn't let them be so get above 60 degrees Celsius but isn't rarely mention from wondering if there's any scientific basis for it I don't I was not able to find any scientific basis for its 60 not in me so let's hear some people online with the with the Miso cooking they're worried about destroying the probiotics right I don't so much care about that and I've liked on more many many many occasions and he did me so well above that temperature both going to break by the time you break the time you bringing to the table so weak and Jack do you want a soup it's below 60 degrees Celsius

anyway that's as my fear we will exterminate so would it be and I like me so straight out of the bar in fact this like this morning I had some cheddar cheese I'm a dumbass skin so salty but I whip putter occamy so just write down cheddar cheese needed when I use miso a lot but I have no qualms about boiling it changes the flavor but I don't think it destroys it or it doesn't turn into poison if you like the flavor of it when it goes above that temperature and I haven't read anything or found anything that there's a direct like once you reach over 60° a certain certain flavor compound is destroyed or another thing is been generated that isn't off flavor but I'm going to keep my eye out for it but I will say this on 60° the one thing or 60 degrees is irrelevant number is on combo so if you're looking at making, which is a seaweed not the Miso part of that but, Dashi when you do the khombu the temperature of steeping is important for the flavor and we go back on the cooking issues I think you can

get it on the line we did a bunch of temperature test 60 70 and then up near the boil and I forget whether we like 60 or 70 best but did not rain to 60 or 70 and that we verify by side by side taste as now we could do I don't know not really set up for it right now but someday if I can I can try to decide by whether or not they're altered or how they taste tester maybe someone out there and cooking issues listening land can run that test for me and I'll figure out what they say but most me so we get his crap anyway but I'm assuming you're getting high quality Mesa because your second question is do you have any tips for making udon noodles I've just started making my own and they're coming out beige rather than a translucent white out of making them where they white bread flour for the high gluten content and some tapioca starch for dusting and he says for making killer noodle to be much appreciated thanks for the whole crew for a great show and Heritage and the amazing Blog podcast one quick note final note

Diana Kennedy's presentation of a Mad conference which is at Denmark thing last year and she talked about the problem waste plastic from vacuum sealing for sous vide cooking is it impossible or just inconvenient to create reusable vacuum bags go backwards right so I've done a lot more work with soul food on and so I don't have a lot of firsthand knowledge on you. But I did some preliminary research on a technical literature of the word for Rude on and a higher protein flowers in udon correlate with a darker color so I'm trying to figure out whether there is some work around and of course he's not supposed to be as hard and I started reading a document called Japanese noodle makers preferences for flower types of I didn't get a chance to finish it before it goes on so hopefully I can get some more information go back on that but on the back bag

is not really feasible to do a wash out on the on the VAC bags I mean it is may I have done it but it sucks and you was always get cross-contamination and it gets wrinkly your I'm saying and it's hard to see all right and also every time you seal the bag you lose like that ceiling area and then the next time you put it on you have to put a couple of inches over the seal bar and you keep going keep going keep going and so the bags get used up over time what I think is feasible and will happen someday is there will develop a biodegradable bag that can be in effect they have biodegradable bags are filled so now it's just they're not really used for cooking I think it's like the whole system was built around this non-biodegradable thing I know I feel I feel her pain but I don't really think about it with sous-vide bags and in the primary problem first a shopping bag but I hate plastic shopping bag now I said ever since I went took that trip to Senegal and I saw like all these beautiful landscape totally marred by plastic

trash bag I've been trying to kick the plastic trash bag have it entirely with sous vide I think there's a real possibility for biodegradable bags as just a technology needs to be up to little better now there's some issues with some of the bags out there now like for instance like a lot of times if you ask for a completely biodegradable packaging on bags they have problems with the residents that they can form them fine but then they don't necessarily adapt well to further forming later on down the road because of moisture absorption and other problems like that they might not also be good for industry because they're not going to be at shelf-stable over a long. Of times in a food application that wouldn't be a big deal for a cook so I just don't know where there's a big enough market for someone to a developing it may be there is the other thing you could do is you could do a completely like dishwasher and people have these silicones you seen these people have no silicone bags that you can reseal and you can use them in storage and wash them out a bunch of times the issues there is that the vacuum machines that are currently

the Mark at the chamber vaccine particular aren't designed to work with those but I definitely could be in a current chamber vacuum machine what happened is you suck the air out of the chamber then when the vacuum cycle is over a rubber bar pushes up into a keep ceiling bar in the heat sealing bar turns on electricity and seals the bag then the air is left back in just as easily you can have it instead of pushing up into a he still bar you can have it push up into a ziplock pressure bar close close it like a zippy without using heat seal and then you could presumably use a like a silicone bag like that over and over again I think the future for the ability to do low temperature cooking a sealed bag like environment and away is more sustainable is could be bright I don't know what anyone's working on the problem yet but my two cents

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