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Episode 152: Circulator Explosion

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as usual with your haircut Joe yeah actually I've been called Jack several times now because I have short hair really really sick of us every time she sees someone with the the roughly Jack facial hair and like that kind of like he has like kind of a thing with Jake whenever she sees that look which is becoming ever more, he's like that Jack

happy you can't call him if the Brooklyn Brooklyn cool hipster look anymore because like he's not from Manhattan like it you know once he switches to Manhattan like it's over it's now it's not to Manhattan and everyone in Manhattan has to be dressing like Jack scraggly Little Beard and everything

no I mean that I don't mean that in a bad way it really works for him really does the last I'm hoping Jack halls in from the office this would be great I wasn't going on status how is it where in California is the Sears whole thing is done or no for those you that first time we met and

I hate this song to make her do it the stars do you cuz it's ER visits are only some things anyway we had to kick starter for this and like something on the order of like we look this up yesterday the 8th largest food Kickstarter Of All Times food Kickstarter and individual cost like $65 to do it so I missed it

mom's the reason why you know I could everyone's mom is a reason why her kitchen is extremely poorly outfitted like so I mean end is going to sound like I'm a complete jerk look on the break

freaking prime rib which was so big it wouldn't fit in 1/2 lexan so I had to end you know the butcher did that thing where they cut the bones off and they roll the individual print their world a prime rib and Andre tied to the Bone old school techniques so I cut the bone into three plates cut two of the rib sections off of the prime rib back them separately bag the whole thinking one of those you know the zip locks that are intended please no calls on the only thing she had big enough to hold this giant prime rib and I wanted to pretend it but basically hole so I did the whole soccer at 55 for like 5 hours 5 or 6 hours then dropped it then cool it off cool it off then threw it in a 500° oven to overcook the outside little bit give it a ten then finished off with dual Sears also Stars I put that I put that picture of you

because that one is a at the at the headquarters there but in friends of Jax's girlfriend were in a world where he spews 8 so this twelve-year-old it's it's her and her and her sister they're eating and some thought the dad and shot the deer they brought it from Illinois and 13 year old girl shot this deer

bushburg answer questions when do I have to say so you're over at my house but I live near where I work thank God I hate moving back to Hell's Kitchen show towards your choice your choice your choice so I moved Apartments time to talk later about it cuz when asked by the kitchen but I moved and I used to have black floors and I have a black lab dog so I didn't think the dog shed so much I'm moving to a place with gray floors and the room is pretty sweet I love this

it's much less louder than normal vacuum cleaner open house thinking you know what what remind me of in the reason I bring up today is that you know how we always get these questions about what's the future of food future that future that right you know what I'm saying right this but she said that everyone always ask questions and you know what they fundamentally don't get a lot of new techniques and Technologies right we like human beings that make food that they think is delicious but they are proud to serve to either their customers or their guests or at their proud to make

create a product that comes from themselves and that's good Cooks liked you can constantly hone your skills and it and it gives a little bit of yourself to someone else write whatever fast food yes yes whatever fine industrial food yes but I guess we all left with you why I don't want my food 3D printed regularly I mean there are applications right but the vacuum cleaner is a good idea no one says this

God damn does vacuuming just like my mom used to do

can only find someone that can vacuum in the same way that my mom used to vacuum

good life would be great Christian from Denmark rights issues it was from Denmark we are we are we are legion By Dana standard home of the home of the marzipan what's marzipan delicious delicious do you like Mark on the air

hey my name is Darlene from Madison right now she hears what I love right like here in New York where like griping about this like know whatever it is like $0.05 5 Fahrenheit or whatever and you guys would be laughing at us like fake Northern people like a real northern slam so hard right now yourself

winter gear I was watching that Sweden and although I was wrecked I was above the Arctic Circle the dog sled lady was running rich the musher she said there's no such thing as bad weather what are you cooking today up there well actually I have his Twitter account at cooking issues and questioning like you know like a photo I bought a centrifuge and the fuckits broke and the inside to think I want to know what the damage was

do the second photo that I sent you the inside of the sun

carbs in a few through the university pretty cheap how to check that it was a little bit older glass off of terrifying anyway so

that I was using but I was using the the old buckets and broke and it I bet I bet he's in the room when it happened did they say yeah they said the dishwasher was like 30 feet away and he said he felt the Earth move

it was good about 4,000 RPMs so I think like that with a Beckman Coulter with the with the flexi top is somewhere in the somewhere that's green leader range right holds roughly three and never dealt with a rotor failure or even really seen pictures of rotor failures on the swing bucket but my point of contention is always been that these units even when they fail are much safer than the larger faster ones because the G forces involved there are comparatively low so it's very interesting for me to hear a stainless steel press buckets or no

it did they spend in a separate things based on density however usually in a swinging bucket rotor the buckets there they swing and their buckets hand swinging bucket capacity for their size then I was called fixed angle Road Harwich normies is to their bottle and the problem is most buckets are made out of aluminum in aluminum cans to fatigue overtime with flex in each room has its own bucket has its own weight plus an extra you know 750 grams of product in kilos or something like this so it's it's no joke so it's really very surprised that the Beckman Coulter stainless steel bucket

broke because they don't typically show fatigue failures away aluminum does what was the failure mode of the bucket do you know

it's like $7,000 at the top right I mean exactly where you would think it is it's kind of like at the point where you match it on the rotor it's a it's probably machine right and then there's these two like big things where they pins he's fat pins from the rotor fit in in the buckets slip-on to him and in the stainless want it looks like it's made out of sheet metal right I'm frankly is it possible that those the stainless ones are meant only work with inserts and that they kind of flexed in under the force and popped out mean that can be the only thing I could think of did it actually tear at the pin or did it flex and pop out of the pen

I've no idea answer your question enough enough of peppering you with questions what are the questions asked was if you know what we need to use the inserts you know so maybe we don't know specifically is that the insides of their buckets are a square

right if I know he's around other round insides okay so some of them have the square buckets and I don't like Square I don't like Square buckets without inserts the reason being that if you if you were to give me to take a attack a strobe pack what you can buy and I've done it with mine but it was terrible idea and but you put a cuz I don't have a glass top on mine and you put a a in fact I think it's meant to do this and you just fire a stroked a cat you can you can get it the fire correctly either by tuning it by hand with it with a stovetop or by putting a little reflective piece of tape on to trigger the attack and

I would an external signal you can freeze it when you freeze it you'll see that as the thing is spinning the liquid inside a rotating a scouring on the inside of the bucket so my feeling is always been that in a square bucket where you have those side seemed that as it slows down rather than settling any like kind of less well form parts of the park at the bottom of that of the thing or going to I'm going to get reflect up to the top you know I'm saying that's why I've always thought I would see the technexus pretty useful but you find that stuff just for a day that it's cloudy again or something happened so you use the pet Annex and typically especially on onion juice have noticed if you like we will do it like a double spin on it cuz it doesn't knock out

the pack next doesn't get rid of pectin or there's other kind of suspended hydrocolloid is there but what you'll do is you'll do an initial clarification run and the supper will look clear the same thing happens by the way when you do a quick agar clarification and things like this so it looks pretty clear and then you let it sit in the fridge and then all the sudden it kind of gets his wispy things and sometimes even those full cloudy or sometimes you get a precipitator settle out and what's happening is that overtime these things that are are soluble are in solution in there for not making it cloudy we'll agglomerate together coalesce and then become large enough to partially drop out of solution and make it cloudy again so the solution there is just to the answer I should say is to respond and we do I do that a lot and I would have had what I don't know cuz I've never done a lot of testing on it because I just haven't had the time to really sit on do it it says it's like okay

if you do the onion juice and you just let it sit for 2 days before you do your first spin would you still need to do a Second Spin I don't know you know I don't know whether or not like we're moving all of that massive stuff is what allows these other things to that or that other pets and remember to to agglomerate together or whether or not you would get a better or a similar result if you let it sit for a couple days before you spend it out I don't know what is fairly common phenomenon to get some flock out and have to do a Reese pin

if I resent it I'm not going to let me the longer you go so again when you turn on if you were if you were to get astrotech which I would if I were you there by 4 I'm talking about guys Isaiah it's a strobe light that's that you can adjust how the rate of firing it allows you to freeze things like Center Feud fuckits like visually freeze them so you can see what's going on and if you were if you fire up the centrifuge and you look at it with a strobe you at what you see is is that the juice clarifies very very quickly and then once you wanted settling out now there are some things that take a long time to clarify out and you have to spend for a long long time but in general most of the products that we use our clarifying relatively quickly but what you need to do is run it long enough to compress the puck so that it doesn't

expand as it starts coming back as a speed start slowing back down so a lot of times I'm doing you know for advanced we're doing a lot of product and so I try to get my PIN X down as low as possible without compromising quality and usually 15 is good enough and so I don't try to go longer sometimes if I'm really in a bind I'll let you know I'll cut it to 1018 belote and I have a lot of times I have a lot of recent pension problem and some things are easier than others bananas Drop Like a Rock you know what I mean like once you hit him with pectinex banana pulp just like slam to the bottom of your of your thing and it's not a problem where is other things you know that they take a little more spinning a tomato using Frozen makes it settle a lot faster if you don't have as many problems with air bubbles having to pop before it goes down not enough to pop that kind of micro air bubbles that's why a lot of time you get a special sound like tomatoes where you

blending in the blender and ate a trap so much help you get a match on the top and I don't think that Matt is caused by things that are inherently less dance like oil I pretty sure that that Matt is just a trap there man he took his first or do you have to do and will not settle out on anyway like to get it to settle out you need to use wait a long long time to start will eventually settle out or you can probably eat that starts with an amylase but the issue is I am not sure whether the Emily starts can it withstand the alcohol environment that we do in a typical kind of banana who's Dino situation you don't I mean with us and baking soda and I turned out really good with my favorite things

you might contact University had it but the other one is Bangalore swing bucket so the good news for you is that fixed angle fixed angle rotors 10 to get a better level of clarification at a lower G forces in a swinging bucket does so you can get good results with a fixed angle running a 2000 GTS you're going to probably have to spend a little longer and obviously you know you probably don't have the same capacity in it but if you look at a fixed angle rotor fixed angle rotor is holding the tubes at a relatively steep angle

what that means is that the average particle that you need to clarify out of solution needs to only travel a very short distance before it hits the side of the tube and then it's scoured down towards the bottom where Peloton forms of Puck but very strong pelleting capabilities which means that you can do the kind of work that we're doing at relatively lower speeds and still get good results so I'd say it should work for a lot of the recipes not all of them

and I not use the wine clarifying

chemicals is well with you is that how far is it I mean obviously helped about a how helpful you know the stuff almost Auto clarifies if you let lime juice sit around and you do the kieselsol and Titus and with the two wine fining agents I use it in conjunction with SPL it'll settle just like apple juice will and the only reason I Centre fuchsia is increase my yield mean I probably only get it without a centrifuge someone asked me this question later I'm going to get to it hopefully but you only get a yield of about 50% whereas I refuse I get something like ninety-eight percent yield off of lime juice it broke in some ways because now I know I can worst case scenario the worst case scenario it's all uphill from here my friend

I don't think so much I think you stay warm from Denmark

thanks so much for your hugely inspirational Radio Show in blood very nice be like here, this red stuff in philosophy and literature literature fiction my wife beaters because my wife reads all the stuff she will stay if you need to read fiction so that you're right in the center of the modernist movement doing a dish of the series of problems to be understood and solved was what convinced me there might be a point to put in my 30 year old self through cooking school today for years later I'm running my own catering company you got versions of your gel and ice cream on the menu at least once a week and are running our Center fuse based on your recommendations everyday nice I like that

Mark to go to Sweden during Hot Plate method outline in modernist cuisine but I'm finding it running me a spider's too much of a hassle for us to really start making proper use of it could I switch to a diaphragm pump instead and if so what were some of the advantages because I've also been toying with the idea of adding a cool finger finger I love that we try a distillation would this work even remotely well or should I just hold off until we can afford a proper rotovap AKA rotary evaporator

so for those of you that have no idea when you want to reductions of things like St port wines ever want to reduce port wine the problem doing normal ductions at low temperatures very very fresh Punchy flavors that haven't been altered by high heat now the average Bartender Bartender cares mostly about the distillate right and so this aspirator thing they were talking about how to find a second doesn't really help help with that but the average hairs mostly about the reductions what's in the reduction flask until 4 that is the actor Nathan myhrvold

greater than aspirator is uses a kind of like a Venturi effect you blow water out of the faucet and trains are and blast it down and create a vacuum and this is how you know what high school used to make of me I didn't do in college you know this is how you make a vacuum in the lab you to have these water aspirator you run the run water to the sink and advantage of this kind of a pot and so then what you been up to an Erlenmeyer flask the next the net went to the aspirator pump and then you know you have your product in there you have a stir plate to keep it starts it doesn't bubble over and you heat it a little bit because if you don't heed it at all just get colder and colder a stuffy evaporates at the fabric and you suck the vacuum and there you go you get your temperature

operators have two fundamental problems first problem they don't suck a very good vacuum. Because the amount of vacuum you can suck it depended upon the vapor pressure of water at whatever temperature you using so if your heating your product up right you know up to a reasonable level then you have a good deal of difference between the boiling point of your product and the vapor pressure of water at your cold water temp one of the ways to solve that is the recirculate the water in the aspirator and put ice into it this lower the vapor pressure of the water and allows you to get higher vacuum the other disadvantage of a spider's is they have abysmal abysmal pump rate so you can kneel pump very little actual volume of air regardless of how good your your you know that the ultimate vacuum you can attain and now one way to get around this is the gang multiple aspirators together like and I know I said it many times but 10 years ago when I was first looking into

ate your cleverness looking into doing vacuum distillation I turn to whoever you know the people who need vacuum distillation and can't go to normal channels and don't have money that producers producers online that you stand on where they still have had a bunch of websites on how to basically you set up a meth meth labs at home distillation and so they would take what's called a float they would go to Home Depot they would buy a flojet garden pump which is like you know like to pump water and they would pump it to multiple gang tried it and it what I was making meth but not making hay but still it's not the best thing for it for doing a vacuum suction so I really you know if you're going to be doing a lot of it I think you can play around with the aspirator but Matt switch to a diaphragm pump diaphragm so that the tooth pain pumps won't you throw the aspirator out the tomb

you're going to be dealing with are either a rotary vane pump oil pumps and only really affordable ones you can get other styles for refrigeration Yellow Jacket things like the JB these are Refrigeration pumps and they make a boatload of them because every Refrigeration Tech in the country probably in the world and Trust on the same way everywhere they take this Refrigeration pumps and a pump the old refrigerant out of your of your refrigerator and I have to suck an amazing vacuum to completely dry out there and they're relatively inexpensive and they have a relatively High pump rate and they have a relatively good ultimate vacuum down in the you know a couple of millibars you can get down to which is pretty damned more than you need they also have a fairly decent toleration of entrained moisture now

your problem is diaphragm pumps they don't get nearly as good as a vacuum there are a lot more expensive but they don't fall twice or put oil or smells into your kitchen and there are a lot cleaner than and there are a lot quieter than the rotary vane pumps to handle large that's the only advantage of the aspirator is that the aspirator I can handle as much Vapor as it can pump out a can handle because it's not getting contaminated by The Vapor it's a shooting the vapor out into whatever your ear if you know whatever the trough is that you're putting it into so in order to use either a diaphragm pump or a rotary vane pump you will need a cold trap of some sort so in order to do this at all it's just a long answer your question you're going to need the cold finger to condense your product back because the secret of distillation which is what you're doing whether or not you think of his reduction or not what you're actually do

in a closed system which is what you're going to need a dude it'll take it your vacuum and not choke on you is to do actual distillation and you need to supply as much cooling power to re condensed your Vapor as you supplied to tell boil it off in the first place and there are pumps driving pump that I'm here can handle large amounts of vapor but you're talking like three four three four thousand bucks so is it worth trying to do distillations that way before you get a load of that let me put it this way I did it I got product I thought tasted good and but all it did was wet my appetite to buy a rotovap which I eventually did

and so I think it's kind of you know it's worth doing as a Gateway and as soon as you start playing around with it you're going to say to yourself damn I need to go buy myself a rotovap to answer the question

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that's is a match made in heaven a little bit but maybe it's a new mix Jack had to make a new ad so maybe the harmonica seems a little bit more never sociated with a harmonica make the make an excellent product but you have to eat it to enjoy it all right I have a question about Koji and I bought some of the Cold Mountain Koji and I used it to make my own The Shield coach Ian to make successfully and I wasn't making some miso and and and some other things but instead of buying the tubs of the of the Cold Mountain or one from online

I want to do is make my own you know Cochise court so if I let the rice go to Spore I was reading that there might be some risk of creating some some toxins if it goes too far so I'm wondering if you have any advice on on on doing this at home and try to get a good result so then I can culture all kinds of things that aren't aren't rice makes great ice cream really know why I never thought of that that's a good idea

that's grown on on things like rice you use that instead of a Maltese and so you start with a Koji base for things like sake for Amazon K4 or four things like me so's or other things like this. The problem being in this is you know the question here is there are aspergillus strains that are that you produce toxins I unfortunately

the real guys to ask on this are the momofuko the Usos and they do all their own if you were to take a something that you had was already inoculated and then just keep that that's nasty is pretty low but I don't have enough experience for me to go out on a limb and so you know it's having me say something I would just be responding stuff from shirtless miso book and from Sandra Katz's to give you my own kind of advice on it

okay alright I guess so I can ask him when I see him in a fundamentally you just want to know like how how to tell if something bad has happened I want to make my own forest and sell so then you can sprinkle that stuff on on pretty much anything and then I'll go to town an experiment you can order some spores online but then you know you have a finite amount right or you can take or I can buy you know like the Cold Mountain Koji which is already rice grow it and then Harvest off the sum of that some of the Sport's from

that's really the question yeah I mean I don't know that they do it so you don't know where do you want something that you can like do once then save as a dry form for a long time and then do it again and likely guarantee of good results exactly I'll look into it because you're feeling is if you just save some and just kind of D High it grind it up and then powder that back in that you won't necessarily have the efficacy that you need

is that that's the that's not to worry or I think that probably will I look this is something I should know and I'm embarrassed or not enough. My head so I'll look into it and I'll just ask him myself from Chicago kitchen design plans to move out of the city in the next year or two in the meantime I've been obsessing over design in the perfect kitchen and given your recent move I figured I'd ask you the following question

yourself kitchen organization placement of appliances I would love to hear a tiny NYC space all right well after the second section that how it how would my Approach change her wasn't crammed into a tiny space I would definitely have more freaking equipment my power limitations I live in an apartment and you know I have relatively unlimited supplies of gas but I have very limited supplies electricity which means that you know my ovens have to fire on gas I can only have a single group espresso machine for me and apartment space management is a key issue power management also an issue ventilation also an issue very hard to get good ventilation in a

your New York City apartment because it's hard to compromise window space you're not allowed to punch a whole lot of holes in the wall even regular home ventilation that most people get just sucks just so bad I mean the thing that I would do the first thing that I would invest in when you invest in a new kitchen is invest and proper ventilation and makeup are so that you can run your kitchen without smoking it am I say run it I mean Beat It part you want to fire up all your burners you want to be cooking something at a billion degrees in your oven if you want to and you know grilling something and you don't want to have the rest of your family run in there and be like go away and I said it's for a long time I think

kitchens like I hope that in the next 10 years one of the things people focus on more is air quality in the in the kitchen in terms of ventilation is being a major problem to be dealt with in the average home kitchen and I don't really know whether it's just because people don't cook enough at home anymore or what the people aren't concerned enough about ventilation except for when you're about to cook and then everyone's concerned about against smoke detector smoke detectors and so people actually cook in a crappy fashion and home because they haven't bothered there people that out there who have like five thousand $6,000 stoves right and they won't use them to their matching capability to use your cooking equipment properly right now about cooking equipment I use exclusively professional ranges at home even though I'm not supposed to

home DJ's don't have the power they I looked at him like the end the average like professional style and you can see my hands making those dumb quote things but like professional style home ranges they cost a lot of money and the burners just don't have the powerful enough to do what I want them to do you know I prefer and I don't always use it I prefer to have a burner in the but I like to have a burner that can if you want to pump up to like in the end I know and I says mate I'm measuring something based on BTUs alone is dumb because it's a measure of how much energy use is not a measure of how much energy to put into the pants induction unit can can beat a 30000 BTU burner any day but that's it I'm a mainly a gas person for the reasons I said earlier and 30,000

my range is where I kind of need to be to really get the power I want but you want to choose a burner that throttles down appropriately and it has a flame pattern that can accommodate both large pans and small pan without a too much difficulty right if you're going to invest I would invest also and if you can get an electric oven preferably convection I would do that we saw the ultimate in terms of Michigan to go full induction heating in and go really nice and get used to it which I've never done you know you're going to want gas range and electric oven with good ventilation right back in the day when I had space when I live in a loft and power you know it was like three phase power because it was a sweatshop that used to be before I moved in there I had a I had a Blodgett commercial convection oven and that thing was a Cookie Machine cookies like like nobody's business commercial convection oven

their monsters but definitely recommend one of those terms of alligator commercial espresso machine but that's me and a self survey what you asked about him talk about a minute mean that's kind of you just stuff that I would want to have espresso machine at Plum you're never going to want to go back tonight it's not plump notice things foot pedals put foot pedals on your sing for me to say this again people don't really know how to install them so you going to have to learn to either get a plumber's willing to work with you or learn to do a live with the plumbing yourself t&s brass says a couple of ones that can have I don't want only foot pedals I want foot pedals and wrist action handles as well here's something that I want you to consider why would you ever want to touch a handle of a faucet when your hands are dirty in the kitchen on the repeat this why would you ever want to touch the handle of the faucet when your hands are dirty in the kitchen when you could just use a foot pedal my rice does I don't care

Swahili the foot pedals and then when you when Nash music like why is why is there would I have the foot pedals everyone was the only problem with the foot pedals is cleaning around them can be a difficulty they make ones that are mounted high so you can cleaner than easier if I didn't have the capability to put that in another thing unusual but I think it's a nice thing to have is if you can afford a 6 and a standard kick is like 3 and 1/2 inch to buy for outside for think if you can afford 6in lift everything off the ground really nice to clean under by the way the Roomba can get underneath a 6-inch thing so it cleans underneath all of my all of my stuff which is nice and he kicks your bill to clean all the way up underneath everything another thing in the kitchen you going to want to look out for is your movements unfortunately now have to be in a galaxy showing life tons of life if you can I use a my old place my kitchen was not was almost a part of my living room and I had I put a strong lights with barn doors on them so that I can feel the light from going into

spilling over but without light is just it's just stupid in organization on it I mean the way I had it before my old place I liked a lot better because it wasn't Lydia right now I got stamina Galley the right now my oven is next to my sink if you can arrange it so that two people can fit you can have like a good for feet your clear space have the long think I don't have a long sink with cutting boards at Mount In My Sink so I can go directly into disposal with cuttings which makes it nice for like you know speed but then you can you can cut and prep and wash and then turn around and be at your stove I like that I like that a lot now organization that I would say here's my cardinal rule and it got messed up over time

can you play some more control over it ever stack like on like never stacked like dislike thing I detest nesting bowls where you have a little ball in a slightly larger get it and then I got a route around or you have baking pans prediculous you don't need that many sizes of you really only need I have in the size of stainless steel bowl I have the same crappy ones aren't presentation bowls and I can stack ten of them and that only takes up like an extra inch and a half of room because they stack so closely together I have a tiny one I use for tiny mise-en-place and for things like Olive pits I have a slightly larger one a little bit larger one and a big one that I use for salad prep and and and

I'd lose my lose my freaking mind I have a and there's only like one like I have bakeries sizes they stacked like on like and here's another one for you and there's not any consider putting in a speed rap you know what a trash make I don't know what you celebrate why is it that when you make Christmas cookies or whatever why is it your kitchen gets so hot it's because it's because you have no place to put the freaky things when they're done or when you're coming out or why is it that everything gets so ruin it because you have no place in your kitchen to put all the stuff as you're cooking the speed rack is Pastor.

the Christmas and guarding Seltzer are you want to do is seltzer rig and use you link to something calls as a turnkey thing the system they have looks like it will work I recommend the only valve I recommend currently RCN Becker valves for soda most valves I don't like even the style that look like emulate your passion blessing style most people don't make a decent one go to Fox equipment Foxx equipment and look up their number one to see 03 - 208 Ibis one faucet Tower

the one I have and it is the balls I love that really makes very high-quality inexpensive high-quality selser it's got a really nice compensator mechanism so you can adjust the flow rate I lose very very few bubbles off of it I use a McCann carbonator that I put through a cold plate I use a Manitowoc ice machine I have their their business their business luncheon room you can shut off that thing at when you want and makes really nice ice cubes I drill holes in the side put a cold plate in goes through the McCann carbonator which I run it a hundred PSI with a 20lb CO2 tank that I can post pictures later Inc what are we going to get here

next week I have to talk about shipping his egg machine I have a question from Dave kleiman regarding Gummy Bears I have a question on cooking a spiny lobsters from Josh and Antigua vs vs are allowed series which we know I haven't asked me about lime juice and how to clarify it without a centrifuge I have answers but I won't be able to get to it today Matt McCarty you're free so question on gel and I will get to and John ass and bitter and spice question on Twitter if I can do it shortly or maybe we will get them next time but a long time listener and also supported Museum says this question is there any danger associated with the canister that is a proportion of the canister

in the gas disposal safety issue winter Backpackers in cold garage tinkerers deal with this issue because propane and butane are not very good in cold weather I think it's because there's not enough gas face pressure and Coca-Cola to this why you have to change the orifice size you know you can be working in the cold people complained that torch flame goes out I saw in one place at the BernzOmatic talks about needing to use a pressure regulator canister if you're going to turn it upside down the literature for the ts8000 prevent flare-ups are flashes from asking about how this might be a health issue might affect the Sears all clearly BernzOmatic torches do not record explode under common issues however the very high temperature in sizes searzall head could cause a special danger I think I remember Day saying he recommends using the ts8000 heads

cautious best wishes to Dave the crew and younes Tasha for happy New Year Kendall right here is delivering liquid out of the thing and some torches the BernzOmatic actually has some precautions to prevent you from dispensing liquid out of it with one of the reasons I like the 4,000 or the 8,000 if you turn them all the way upside down yeah they don't want they don't work as well but they're meant to work fairly well in position towards humans and not recommended when the reasons that you would Tommy is such a pain in the butt is they go through very great pains to have Tommy Torres playlist into running through that all the butane runs through to Privada lies and it warms it before it gets to where the orifice is so they it's always going to be a gas when it comes out no matter what orientation you hold the torch daddy issue is not so much one of safety when it Flames out it's going to flame out but that's why the reason why that if you look at one of the Sears also the reason why it's angle why it looks like

old like 60s car front is because we noticed that in our first production and a first prototype that a flat face when you turn the torch the torch if we were using all the way so that the face was parallel to meet or in a parallel to a table surface that you would start deliberately we start having problems with liquid delivery especially when I'm not safety Problem by problem with the actual flame and you would get this thing and it's especially exacerbated by the fact that you get a lot of off of the torch head directly back up in line with the torch and that's why we angled this year's all had such that even when that sell was perpendicular sides parallel to your work surface so that's why we did that it's not primate it's irritating I like those flame irritating but I don't think they really pose a safety issue

now torches that don't have this kind of nice dispensing Peter they're not really going to be high enough power anyway to do what you want with a searzall I really highly recommend and I think pretty the most part anyone is buying one kind of going to pay eventually we want to make our own torch or you or like link it with a torch sale but you know we couldn't really for that for the first one around but and if I was going to do one I would definitely make it possible to fire it in any direction possible to think about quite a bit and that's why the front head of the searzall is angled and we'll get those next question. Answer something on Twitter I will get them on next week

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