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Episode 151: Robot Santa & Food Preservation

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I would Joanna Boothe train is the L train taking our lovely Subway's the F train travels between kind of the Hipster portions of Brooklyn and 14th Street in Manhattan and that's what the it's often left right now it is pretty often after it's highly trafficked but only one line so it gets pretty effed

ghetto East New York so I can only assume he look I took an above-ground train to get here and ain't no problems on the J line which is the most reliable train New York fairly well you know John and tell him very opinionated man hated the kitty hates the actual Motors the actual manufacturer of the motors used you can tell by the sound of a subway cars like that's Austin propulsion in that needs like I like I want so much to show up and see how her day is been going we got folks here we're doing a a

what time what we doing today

hi everybody I'm Lara and I have an app called days which allows you to share a day's worth of photos and gifts at a time is the visual diary not dazed like Dazed and Confused like days like Days of Our Lives like days of the week days of our lives yes so this is a project called days in the lights in which I follow around and photograph a creative Visionary like yourself Dave for a day of their life and then we share that out with around you'll be able to be a day in his life and it's Asia over at Momofuku and befriend dogs so just hang out for the day

really is here and we're ready to begin and what's next Tuesday's what

I'll be in town

in all fairness I told her to do it so the question is is is this our last show before Christmas

wow I don't think you can Dave or shut down their Christmas and that means this is our last opportunity on the cooking issue show to to plug this year's all searzall go to search you too can be one of the first people to own This Magnificent handheld brother that were making myself how's it going today Cards Right and what you going to say that's a pipe resin Fallout 4 those either TuneIn before you know that Piper Christian team king of puns has done the holiday card verbiage not the not the arc the verbiage and is Sears in Sears in his greetings today tomorrow

to have some veg recipes especially are appreciated for hours is a mix household it stuff I mean there's really only

helping publish book land that's no dedicated there's the only one I can think of is under pressure they the one that was put out by Keller and Roman and there's like some good veg recipes in there but in a modernist cuisine I'm sure they're at home one has something that's kind of more of a hefty Tome look the recipes are going to be fine and Under Pressure thing I disagree with some of their points specifically with some of their safety standpoints but there's a lot of stuff online as well and it's ever increasing amount of the amount of stuff you guys seen any new or low temperature but everyone everyone is in the studio boom like you're here I'm going to call you out so you know I work with this kind of as it comes not specifically you know low temperature not I'm trying to think of another one there's mean first books I'm assuming you don't want to spend like $158 like you know that one Roku

I still a classic became another Bruno Gusto that kind of Grandfather of grandfathers a low temp cooking detest that book he says the temperatures are too low in fact he says it at that it's a book that attempt to poison people but I'll get you under pressure book have a lot of low temp in it on the cookbook but there's a lot of content online for you to check out that's put up our good friends like Michael machen Chris Young and who else is on Grant and IBC Chef who use a lot of low temperature work like Grant stuff I'm sure have a lot of stuff in their books on it anyway I could not be able to help also we got in remember those those those cocktail University things we did those videos we did so I delete delete browser

500 Road in and says the saxophone during the cocktail University segment sounds like Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Connery stopped off for a drink in the Russia house that's right I mean like I wouldn't mind if Sean Connery Michelle Pfeiffer came and stopped by would make them a drink that's great I mean I've never met me like Sean Connery kind of like those little preteen about preoccupied but what's up with Jack and the poor music you're trying to get people to donate money for the holiday seasons to the Heritage Radio network using fundamentally poor music like hearts and minds but to you know their senses and in other ways if you really want them to give you what they want right

we're going to like use we're going to use 70 style for music no I think it's just that's that's Jack's Personal Taste there was really no marketing scheme here but I will pass the review long to Jack by the way

well he's going to contact with our family of host staff and the millions of listeners who have tuned in since 2009 news coverage is considered making us apart of your end-of-year giving Know Your Role after that or something like that

yeah Jack should have recorded that with all his vocals pitched down so it sounds like Barry White on tonight we would have had the money rolling it still Bravo if you would ever come in here and do it like he could do the Barry White voice that be great

Joe did a presentation at the food and wine St Paul Xanax publishing and herpes feel about this before I spend a lot of time thinking about cocktails that other people don't spend a lot of time to see everything about a didn't June time fairly everyone's thinking about working fairly consistently on the gin and tonic for almost a decade now and actually figures in the cut by the last chapter of the cocktail book is all just gin and tonic and kind of you know like full rep on the gym time and was at

that's actual people that's actual children laughing I thought I would like some sort of special effect that that that there's plenty of food and wine it to make a gin and tonic that doesn't have a tonic in it right just keeps the same flavor notes as a gin and tonic so and the fact we made one that doesn't have a gin in it but it tastes like a gin and tonic with a little bit of a more of a jalapeno pepper so plus you know some other Botanical center in it you need acidity you need bitterness right I had a little salt we have almost all in one ingredient schizandra which is a five flavor Berry all those make it for me to tea out of it and creosote it's Korean Chinese and also to rush Russian where they call it when will meek

show me like that save it as crazy I could come.

I know I never have lotion oh yeah how does your mom how does your mom know you're lying to me

hey I'm Dave Arnold you are going and I will start a little lower. To order it online we got it on Amazon and it's kind of pressure if you'd like it the local Spice Shop sell its really desiccated hard to get good players out of it but it has all of those notes it is itself sour and they call it five flavor Berry because it has no it is a little bit salty it's pungent it's it's are mad at me they got all those flavors in it so we ask is Andrew Berry with vodka because it brings its own gin flavors to it then to augment the acidity in tone down the the kind of juniper notes on it we also made some straight in water and then combine those two

to produce this Cassandra so we didn't add any acid we didn't add any Jen we didn't add any quinine for bitterness it was all right there and you know in that one thing we did have to add a little sugar and then we carbon and it's also cool kind of pink color you like the color blue more about Pine note to discuss Android set it is very early but yeah it's pretty good. Cheese's so stars and Piper have a side business going on with vomiting wine zombies right so I put the time yet

company called lion Zombie by puking for 2 years is All Stars of Liberty like you think they're sitting around thinking about cooking problems but now it's like everyday it's a zombie zombie zombies like I know that like you know how I like like like in some people's head like there's like a black one when I would have won the first car the first car ever bought was that was a 76 Pontiac Bonneville right and a James Brown tape got stuck in the tape deck because it's back in the tape deck days you know in the 90s and it was just James Brown all the time so whenever I was driving all that way and I feel that you and Piper your mind is like that but instead of James Brown It's wine zombie you like wine.

the people are you in pain and Piper I want one to Oggi's so is a zombie mask with a pump in it that pukes wine anakena continually Pikachu tenuously to swine like a fountain and this year they're like you're the problem is the one with the Halloween thing how we stretch this how do we stretch the wine zombie how do we do it how do we make some more money off your office the best idea we ever had the wine zombie and here's how you buy a 5-foot by 5-foot and is it creepy men station 5% is creepy you buy a 5-foot Santa what is it what it is that thing is so strong oh my God you make it over to say that the box so you buy this thing

and then you stick the same pump you have in the wind zombie into the Santa and you have Santa puking and then you get your friend Phil Bravo to be like

with a little with a voice box it's in Santa right this is that they're not really willing to take it far enough so Santa is standing upright and the pump you dribbles like wine all over his beard was freaking gross no one wants that and so instead of and I want your to feedback on this instead of doing like the right thing The Honorable thing and make Santa bend over while he's puking so that the poor guy cannot spell stuff all over his beard by the way nasty I don't want to know I want to drink that stuff anymore like at all like like secondly like if your if it's nobody's puke out of pipe and I like Popeye puke at all I already gave the party that we're giving it to the circumference of Santa so he can't know you been his legs back

that's like I don't understand.

My point is is like if you just had a Santa with the pipe non-alcoholic water water that's the way to do with the wind zombies like imagine a chocolate fountain but instead of puking zombie or just a Santa but I'm saying if you see liquid coming out of your pipe your first thought is puke but then you have Phil Bravo's voice making puking noises and anybody has ever refused knows that the pipe is popping out of the mouth no not even Popeye is keeping the mouth and how do you clench your teeth on a pipe and keep the pipe in your mouth while you're blowing chunks out I think you should have done some research

yeah you know what this is a thing I mean no offense to SantaCon people but they don't have two kids and like one of them is still a Believer and it's not what it looks like it's not even a pipe it's not even what is it

open all right all right so anyway you can call in or tweeting with your thoughts on puking Santa but feels Bravo Silverado with voice is quite good McKinney Collin do the voice from M dear cooking a shoes I am a lover of most all foods high in a size 12 + model so eating is really a part of my job because of health reasons I really had to cut out a ton of food I get really bad heartburn which has been tearing up the lining of my esophagus I need a bass with cut out all spicy Citrus High fat and carbonate of food and beverages out of my diet that's rough right that's the worst things or any kind of pepper which I recently just grown to love using chocolate that sucks to give that up citric fruits are basically any fruits other than apples apples apples or it can be highly acidic

acidic vegetables lettuce tomatoes onions excetra high-fat Meats I've been eating a lot of wild salmon of the wild salmon very high in fat is in chicken breast or thigh fat fish you can get leaner cuts of standing but usually the more money you spend on salmon the higher the fat content is that's why people like that like a lot of the cold water salmon ever caught in the you know when the rivers up there in Alaska and Canada and I'll have to cuz they're fairly high fat in fact I literally just look at the price range of Salmons wild caught salmon and they correlate with either with marketing like copper whatever but Obama signs of correlating fat content and look at smoked salmon patty Stuff Curry or anything that is intense in flavor I now a lot of either processed grains like couscous and quinoa and brown rice quinoa like I still can't wrap my head around

impossible to spell Edition Okinawa Samoan thing I love that I don't really know what the axon is over there

Star Wars at the DIA she was at her shoes at and Nathan myhrvold slab for the monitors cuz one of my nerves cuz eating dinners with Mark Ladner and they were sitting next to the lawyer for the Beach Boys parently like Dave they aren't like happy-go-lucky fellows we were all sitting next to this is not maybe it's safe for my opinion it was early was like a couple years ago before anyone else had two glasses and was your thoughts on the glasses

that's why they call it a hamburger

oh way better better yeah do you like seeing the tour's the Segway Tours people with irritated when I see people wearing glasses but not when I see people never seen a double up the perfect combination at the Google office I did a demo a Google and they have these kind of awesome Google colored bikes and the idea is at no one's going to steal the Google colored bike and I found all over the campus that the Google campus is only one Hearing in the New York but the one in California is freaking amazing. Investors

food programs that they have their like they have like five what is inside inside if Google has pretty cool you have a friend who works there and I'm trying to get invited to lunch so it's pretty cool picture that makes you think that they got more money than God okay to be like couscous and quinoa and brown rice I love using near East boxes for those of you that don't know nearly to the brand of like boxed baggage and I love you in a bit a lot of garlic and citric acid in fats now we looked at some of the labels for the for that and then I fell and we didn't have

just got a call or let me leave finish at least a question before I go to the answer in the ones I looked at our high in citric acid remember also it will get an indication in a minute I'm also supposed to Olive Oil we're all I do not like the flavor of me just go with something that has a high smoke point like you know like rape seater or Canola at home almost I got to be honest I exclusively use olive oil I use olive oil and I have like real honest-to-god fry fat for my deep fat fryer but I don't stalk a lot of different stuff for flavoring oils you can keep LOL I want to buy it can we get the website polyunsaturated a hole

I want that I'm also looking for a lot of different beans because they're good for my heartburn but I don't want to translate this all into gas which I've never had a problem with the force I'm looking for an alternative for a non-meat protein that has a low PH low acid so high. Also if you increase the gas you have I'll do some research on gerd gastroesophageal reflux disease and apparently Downstream gas can actually cause a your esophagus to open up a little bit so you definitely don't want to add gas in this to the problem because it came it might potentially increase your sense of my questions are what kind of rice grains chicken and fish as I used it a lot and tumeric and cumin you know it was delicious Swedish Chef friend he loves it because he's Swedish and if you don't want to talk them out

does little secrets by Passion tell you why the friend is not like they'll you heard it here first unless you are Wily I also that's what I think that's probably a good marinade for meat and hate soy sauce have soy sauce

what about me so we're having this conversation before if you hate soy sauce does that mean you necessarily hate me so now cuz I don't care for soy sauce particularly right to me so makes an excellent marinate anchoring device I did me so and some other liquids probably probably for you not too acidic liquids and and and sugar counter the saltiness of it but me so I might be a good thing if I'm going to go through after the car is going to make me lose weight I need to retain my curve by eating good amount of Miles food I feel like I just haven't been eating enough because I don't know how to what to do to make it taste good or eating an effing up my diet by getting too much fat on the plate because that can increase it the symptoms of GERD gastrointest gastroesophageal reflux help

question we never had a coach like this before but right now, you're on the Air Boom just got back on a from a three-month trip to the country of Lebanon and I was not good because of botulism is it because of solids content or is it because of something else but I'm not sure I could be stored in the fridge for like weeks to eat

so and how much salt and how much lemon juice

salty flavor lemon juice to turn it white to yellowish color you add lemon juice and it turns nice white color in Hibbett the botulism right with garlic oil specifically is heat or not heated

it's not eat it right so when garlic grows in the ground so you know botulism is ubiquitous and meaning it's everywhere and it's your gets on the garlic and you can't kill botulism by normal heating so you know they get the idea that you that you put garlic and oil like a whole clover sign then maybe even heat the oil killing all the other competitive bacteria that are on the garlic like lactic acid bacteria or things like this and but not killing the spores for things like botulism and then you have it sealed from the air by the oil but it locally the garlic is still has a fairly high water activity because the garlic cloves are in Tire or the pieces of garlic are in tire and so you can have botulism growth on the actual garlic like that's the issue right so if you were to add if you were to make a puree with acidity and with salt assuming the levels were high enough you would be you would be inhibiting the growth of botulism

secondly if you're not heating it there are probably other bacteria like lactic acid bacteria that could competitors against things like botulism-causing it did it tastes did you notice any kind of fermentation going on it I didn't know it's because usually they make it fresh but if there's any extra left over they they put it in the fridge and if your other bacteria present but haven't been killed by a password is Asian steppe then they probably provide good competition for the for the botulism so that doesn't grow plus the salt and the fact that it in the lemon juice and the fact that has been pureed so that the acidity in the salt are in close contact with all the water bearing parts of this stuff cuz they're not going to be in the oil cuz they don't like to live with oil so all of the lemon juice and all the salt or going to be chilling out with that with the garlic which is the water face stuff anyway and so you'll probably get the maximum preservation from all three of those things making it you don't not making it not kill you

right okay I don't know what exactly did not kill you but like all those things are very helpful if you were going to make it at home you could probably put pink salt in if you really want to make sure bottles is not going to grow

okay will that affect the flavor quite a bit though no I mean that the flavor from curing on pink salt has more reaction I think it's a meat I don't think it's going to affect but like I mean it's always a little Louis to give out recommendations that are safety recommendations without like actually researching the the documents on it to make sure that I had two levels right but I was really really slowly in the in the fridge and draw or is it or is it used in cooking tomatoes in short sandwiches with it

quickly cuz it's not like I spread you know what I mean so it'll be sitting on the shelf for a long time I don't trust like they're there is some research out there and you can talk to the food safety experts are they led to believe that the growth of botulism coming much faster than you think so if something is inherently unsafe it's like I just use it fresh or not you don't even want to mess around that if there is a good thing about botulism is that you know is that you can destroy it with heat so if you're using something that is possible possibly contaminated with botulism but you heat it thoroughly the the toxin from botulism is is heat labile so it will break down the way people die is they'll eat a bunch of home canned mushrooms with your low-acid food you know what I mean

shelter really helping you out here

effects of carbonated and or caffeinated beverages on a sedan on acid reflux and symptomatic perception among different phenotypes of GERD by Jose Remy's Trophy and a Myra ASMR from from 2012 from Gaston gastroenterology a body 14285 May 2012

caffeine does in fact increase the amount of time that your esophagus pens at a pH below for so does increase the damage that's going to happen to your esophagus based on that but carbonation although it does increase your burping and so you think that it's actually going to cause an increase in acid in your esophagus their Research indicates that in fact it has no effect so unless you know that you are specifically have a problem with it and there's all different kinds of a verb but carbonation you might not have to give it up which B I would be very thankful to have to get information and remember like yes it does form an acid CO2 is it for Carbonic acid it's not very very acidic right then another thing on looking up effects of dietary fat and calorie density on esophageal acid exposure and reflux symptoms from 2006 what's interesting is and you might not know this but

give me the research on it it shows that increasing the fat content increases the symptoms that you feel right but they did not the actual damage the actual it's a caloric density that is the determining like how much the actual pH of your of your of your esophagus is going to go down whereas your sympathy or your mental symptomatic perception of it is going to increase with that which I thought was really pissing off course unfortunately fat and Counting and calorie density go kind of hand in hand I also looked up the issue with the temptation of spicy peppers not black pepper although I don't know you that shows that maybe if you have a way out if you can eat some of these foods but other than carbonation I don't really have any good news there for you

it's goody-goody problem cure really fundamentally as is at most marinades depends on why you marinating meat marinating meat for flavor then that's how many feet for flavor that's one thing but acids in marinades are actually there to break down proteins things like buttermilk and so that you're not going to get that kind of tenderizing a fact but what I would suggest if you want to just marinate for flavor than you could do things like me so is like salts that don't have so much with tender station if I could just go get yourself an immersion circulator do low temperature cooking if you low temperature cooking on that stuff you can get the textures that you like or that you feel are enhanced by marinade without having to actually fundamentally alter the muscle structure of the meats that you're cooking will get back to get back to some open the stuff in the air at the other questions and never call you on the air

hi this is our Patrick going from Brooklyn hey Patrick how you doing question lobsters are seeing them in September froze everything I mean everything including the stock but what I I took out the tamale from me a lobster mixed with pit with butter and then Frozen and it's but it's pretty amazing through with a butter has been so good but I've been waiting to use it for the writer write occasion and paranoid that you think something like a par cook lobster liver mix with butter in the freezer or may not be safe over the long-term what's the quality going to be like and so when you have water in

contact remember butter already butter cookies while in the freezer Butters water content is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 but it did that kind of like what kind of locked in in my cells they're so but when you have a you know a fat and a and a product there especially one that contains its own enzymes and what not assume we have wiped them all out is that you could get rancidity so rancid he's not going to hurt anybody but it might be a quality issue and a lot of a lot of like how granted it's going to go depends on the pens on that's why a lot of times things like frozen cured pork becomes an issue because there's a salt in it already right but and and you freezing it and you expect it to stay good but in fact the quality goes down right because unless you're freezing at extremely low temperatures what ends up happening is that all of the water-soluble stuff becomes concentrated in a in a very concentrated water phase in the unfrozen part of your food and ends a man

reactions and rents hearing all those kinds of things still go hunting none of these are safety issues before you have the big party we're going to bust out the awesomeness right do you have at how do you how do you pack this stuff in Zips in fact we have I have it in a crock pot that I basically took all the water they are out of what the end of the week with your week with the Mets dunking message a good chance that it's still good right cuz are is your mortal enemy what do sorts of things for variety of reasons you want contacted the bag to prevent freezer burn not that it's as usual issue with you because you're going to probably break it all down anyway but what I would do is I cracked it I would take out the Zippy I would I would just crack a piece off of the edge of it and the worst of its going to be where the air in her face is on the Zippy anyway so like

rest of the quality is going to be higher than that you trip off a little piece of it and taste it you know that you know in that like the the week before you're going to use it you know and then keep the other stuff frozen solid then you should get a good indicator of the quality you don't want to bring it up and down a bunch of times that's going to ruin the quality of the more you free stuff for you saw three stop it actually not as long as you're just pull it out crack off a little piece would like to know a knife and you should be able to get a firm in Decatur quality with my safety point I would not worry okay great waiting for the right and how long has it been since summer so it's been like 5 months 6 months clove oil method to nice it work well for you

yeah we're getting we're pretty well I think the concentration was it would I want to try it again you know cuz it was it was it was a preliminary method but it definitely seem to affect a lobster's flavor and in a positive way and I I sort of I have this Grand Vision of a going back up the main returning with more trying again and and crazy maybe a pot hot body to making fish sauce with with with lobster mobster a car hisses

I don't have a new to have a new technique for lobster that I use the other Lobster be the reason lobster taste good in Maine is because well if you talk to him in person it's because they have hard bottom where is like cape lobsters like there's a mud bottom until like pedia figure in The Lobster Place your folks remain like I would never eat one of those Mudbugs from the cape and then you're like you're start deteriorating deteriorating the minute they're pulled out right so like silly when are City and tanks for a long time they did. That's why I like you know if you could get the guy from the Lobster Boat you're obviously depends on the time of year whether you like a shed or what depending on you how long ago the lobster molted neck and also obvious obvious effect of quality but they know you want the lobster be as fresh as possible this was why they probably takes a good cooking right away but that's wasn't total aside you know because I go on tangent but the day I have a new Lobster techniques for maybe like a year ago or something that I do if you don't want to close while you can

try this one out what I do is I Spike that I put the Lobster in a in a baking tray write the glass baking in glass but I use it because it's non-reactive a glass baking tray with like a little league wood block under its carapace and then I I cut through the carapace like destroying all of the most of the ganglia that are around there at three basically to bisect the headright so now you've wiped out the head and then I break it apart and then I take the shells and I make their shells into a lobster stock and then I add the meat from the lobster back to the Lobster stock and then post it off that way so you don't lose any of the flavor and I've been at getting good results with it

just a different thing to try sometime if you want but I'll let you know how the the lobster tamale butter k at cooking issues. So you know how to test okay great thanks so much

hello hello hi is Brian how are you guys doing alright I'm alright made me paranoid about this pressed eggplant pickle that I that I made a couple months ago when the weather was nice and we had lots of eggplant eggplant Spin and then I salted it and then basically II hydrangeas and then I added a bunch of vinegar to it by the traditional sort of Italian recipe and then you take it and then you put some some olive oil and some garlic and some pepper over it and then you

and then you cover it and I've seen it done with mushrooms as well so basically there's not much there's not really any water or very little water in there should I be worried about botulism I mean I put them in chance but I haven't done it into a heat pack process process I have a jar of those eggplant in my fridge right now they're delicious you know I mean I have a commercial commercial variety but they're Italian they're delicious but they're acidic you know so I can be in the main the main thing there is no your your your two main saviors there are there are salty and their acidic and so that's what's making them safe means they the real problem is like in mushrooms were people don't add acidity and they do it from your low ass or they don't have enough acid or Nah fastened salt and then they get rid of competitive back to did you do a quick stop at all

can you cook it at all or no as I said before that's probably actually helping you because if there was if you didn't add enough salt to prevent any sort of grows Arnav acid to really prevent a growth then probably you get lactic acid bacteria growing in there and it would function more like a Christmas to remember when your pickling vegetables in water they're essentially in anaerobic sauerkraut and kimchi are essentially an aerobic activities and things like botulism are being prevented by combinations of competition from lactic acid bacteria because they haven't been destroyed and and threw salt and throughout the acidity either out of the city in your case from vinegar or the acidity is produced by lactic acid back. And they all I wanted me to go on the record saying what's safe and what's not because that you know like I can't but the fact that matter is is that a lot of your problems are going to happen if you destroy the competitive back

CVS receipt processing because the key processing typically that you're going to do unless you're doing retort canning is not enough to kill the sports things like botulism yarn thing because it's covered with olive oil to that make it more prone to to instantly now you're in an aerobic and anaerobic environment without right but but there's any questions what can I grow in that anaerobic environment so you're there are nasty things that grow in an anaerobic environment or friend Jen's you know botulism you have some spore-forming nasty like that there's micro aerobic things that can grow in those environments like listeria and so then the question but there's also good things that grow in that environment like lactic acid bacteria which is all you're all the great lactic circles in the world are based on so then the question is how do you favor the growth of

take acid bacteria in disfavor the growth of the other nasty ones and salt right acidity and not killing the because it unfortunately it's fairly easy to kill the good one because they don't form their they're not spore-forming lactic acid bacteria you wipe them out and I wiped out so if your not wiping them out to begin with they're still there even just like having even if you cook something if you exposed to oxygen and then put it here to the airport back in there's more lactic acid bacteria hitting it because again their ubiquitous but it's it's this kind of pasteurization in place in oil face with low acid and low salt they're really favoring nasty things like botulism Brandon's always other things so I don't want to say 100%. How much salt vinegar there but if it if it tastes acidic and salty you know and you've gotten rid of some of the water through pressing and you know you know it seems like fairly

mean especially if you're following a traditional procedure it seems like you're probably pretty safe A lot of times the safety issues happen when you take a traditional preservation method let's say comfy and you making quote marks in the air modernize it right and so typically what modernizing it means is like on a comfy is cooking it last meeting you have a higher water activities do not cooking a lot of the water out or be reducing the salt or reducing the Cure time on it until like or taking the herbs away cuz the herbs also have some bacteriostatic effects are in coffee so by removing all these hurdles you can take what is traditionally a safe product and making an unsafe product so if it if you're following a traditional method you're not trying to go hyper low salt and you're not trying to do a bunch of other things like that you know if there are there are there are safety there are safety method built into centuries-old techniques because when they get it otherwise they would die

yeah this is this is an old school method method and but if it if they can had some some gas coming out because this is botulism release gas thing like so somebody some some forms of botulism are going to release gas so that's why you're always told not to open not to eat cans that produce gas some but that gas is not a guarantee no botulism but if there's also lactic acid bacteria can make gas so it's like surstromming crazy Swedish fish that like you know you're not allowed to bring on airplanes although I did like you know that stuff the cans are bulging when you put a can opener in to attack and like explodes with with some foul-smelling dunk so there's other things that make gas other than botulism but you know

but if it can blow its and you don't know why you pitch it cuz cans are supposed to be sterilized so if you're going to can some commercially sterilized so if you can something you're expecting a no bloat situation you don't I'm saying right right a pickle a pickle a pickle after it's done so they're what you're doing is you're killing the lactic acid bacteria so there should be no more bloat and then even if you if you if you get blowed on that the assumption is it something nasty that you didn't kill like botulism and it's no good to the difference between going that way but that seems to be kind of counterintuitive because that is a different process which would create an environment that wouldn't be friendly for lactic acid

well I mean like remember like cheese is grown me cheat like cheese is fundamentally like a lot of the ripening and cheese is lactic acid bacteria and other things I mean depends on what kind of cheese are making but no they the way is a good substrate to grow bacteria for my yogurt as a as a kind of kick starter for my pickle and OBS JP culture that might not know whether or not the particular strange that you have are necessarily the ones you want and in pickles but yeah you've already got out you already got a raging lactic acid County there so already you kick-start you have if you have the inhibition of negative bacteria like like botulism or or or perfringens

where is the starter in so you don't have to add salt or I don't have to add it too much salt no no I don't want it I'm not going to want to co-sign on on that although there's a lot of people that do very low salt fermentations but I know I've never done a lot of research on on their actual like absolute safety

okay great thanks for all the help I think we'll be eating a take my pickle go to the hospital but but I'm not I'm kidding but I'm not all right have a good one do not like soy soy I just booked Andrea twins tofu book I just finished reading it and now I'm starting now she's she's she's going to make that face because I'm going to go on a tofu cake in the new year because it's been many years since I've made tofu regularly and I realized how much I love fresh tofu and M if you like to cook fresh tofu making your own tofu I've never found a tofu supplier here in the area they're here but I've never looked them up that that I really really love I love tofu that you make liked it that you make awesome like go ahead and make that and you can put a Hole by

things other than soy what you hate on tofu and fresh tofu is amazing it's also not high in acid and it doesn't cause the blowed out that you know that your you would get from the other things if it's fun to make then you can go you can morph not make no damn that used to make I've only made a couple times a years ago but I loved it was you but you give him a fresh Yuba anyone here Yuba fresh Yuba it which is the tofu skin is not the same thing as a dried stuff it's just not the same stuff the stuff is never been that you just make fresh and you eat fresh is just phenomenal products so I would go that or you know try something like 10 or something like that or if you want like hard protein like I'm not a set of a safe tan guy but you guys like seitan but you could even try it out and about the amount of garlic and message actually bothering you or the the acidity of those those pilaf products are probably starting a small amount for flavor

and you know I wouldn't worry so much about that and it hasn't imma go back and we'll talk about the more spices but you guys got a good spices like the ones that you were mentioning I like tumeric I like you meant a lot I use a lot of human I put it like a boatload of human in my life in my walk amole although apparently I'm told I'm not packed stars and Piper made a chili and it didn't have cumin in it I'm like well then it ain't chili not chili it's some sort of Vermont meet you like it right sounds like I don't want to hear that start with Sam Sam rights in Hay Day what are your thoughts on storing chicken eggs at room temperature does the type grocery store eggs Farmers Market eggs bubble. Just falling out of the chicken it will falling out of the sky take note that I'm interested in right now and our previous Expeditions matter I have no problem storing eggs in the fridge I just think they look badass in a tray on the counter Sam okay listen Sam the issue with store

set room temperature is not want to safety it's one of quality and depends on how long you going to store them if you're only going to have them for a couple of days then it's not going to make that big of a difference you want to look at the whole unit of measurement of How High the egg yolks it's up on the egg white answer determinant of the quality of thick white versus thin white and what happens at higher temperatures like the storage temperatures out on the on the counter is that be sick wife breaks down and you also have a lot more transpiration at the higher temperatures and loss of moisture through the through the egg so you going to get more weight loss at room temperature or through the pores in the eggshell you also got to get more degradation of the thick white Into Thin White when sitting at room temperature so if you're going to use them right away no it doesn't matter if you're not going to use them right away then please keep them in the fridge because you're just going to be losing more and more of your thick white and make sense and comparing comparative analysis of egg white protein under various temperatures

and what they think it's going on is that you're getting an acceleration of the breakdown of a ovalbumin at higher temperatures possibly due to antibiotic reaction but I don't have the name is extremely happy with a few things are cooking at 63 degree egg 55° and 60° in the scripture that says make a Christmas I've ordered a 2 rib cage prime rib for my small family and of course I'm playing the circulated I've heard they've talked about this dish a few times but I cannot piece together all the advice from different shows so be very grateful if you could give a best practices for low temperature prime rib I'm planning to do 55 for about 4 hours with the meat slicing to two steaks I think this is enough to pass your eyes if my pregnant wife and two-year-old son you are correct

but advice on other time temperature tombos is welcomed the advice on Arbonne Arbonne off and best uses for those phones if they're not circulated with the meat seasoning before circulated or just asked whether to add any fats aromatics in the bag where did it show before searing or just hold the cooking temperature or drop it a bit lower and Beth best methods for searing my first low temperature steak was pre and post see Ernest Skillet but I had some trouble with the excess surface moisture in the post here besides us Skillets hearing the other options would be a domestic Broiler or cheap propane torch I pick for the stairs all but it can't come soon enough are there any other pitfalls tricks that you care to mention information for entertainment by the way your previous advised to limit the oxidation of vermouth by decanting in a smaller bottles work very well glad to hear it and it gave me the excuse to keep a supply of 200ml bottle bottles at home for when the fancy strikes best and then we don't have your name which sucks but you sent into it so here's a deal so on a dry aged prime rib

I smell the bone usually when you're dry aging a piece of meat A lot of the kind of dry aged smell is on the like silverskin in and like stuff right around that bone if you cook in a bag with the bone sometimes that flavor can permeate all of the meat and some people like that and some people hate that so if you are a huge flavor fan rather of the the dry aged font that comes from a long age they smell that bone and realize what that smell is going to be throughout the piece of meat if you cook that way if you don't want it that hard core and if your wife is pregnant let me just tell you haven't gone through cooking for pregnant wife twice jyp the prices you certain smells like that can really be triggers for people who are pregnant and so you might not want to have of making them not want to eat if you don't I'm saying so if I were you and I and I was cooking for my wife when she was pregnant I would cut the phone off before I cook it now what to do with that

shop that bone up roasted off make any sort of gravy render the fat out of it do whatever you can to make a Yorkshire pudding to go with your prime rib that can be done at the same time that things that because Yorkshire pudding is one of God's gifts the food just want to rent around enough flavor in cracklings and fat so that when you whip up the Yorkshire pudding mixture and poured into the hot in your internet into the roasting pan that you get that awesome beef flavor and typically that's what I'll do when I make a prime rib I'll trim it all out for I leave fat on because I like that but I'll trim off some of the fat and the bones and I'll roast them off and I can have a Yorkshire pudding ready as soon as the steak is ready instead of waiting for 20 minutes while the rib is resting during normal cup to make Yorkshire pudding so I got you covered on that Bond that's definitely what you should do now what you really needed also be careful of is it you don't want to low temp cook the rib and tire and then serve it that way because with prime rib you want a little bit of the overcooked parts around the edges right so if you're going to serve it as a standing rib which you're not then what I what I do is I would cook the cook at a low temp

and then roast it in a high oven after at you at the temperature come all the way down and then you roast it in a in a hot oven to get that kind of prime rib feel if you're going to stake it then I would sear it I would stake it before you cook it right this way you're going to have some searing around the edges if not just one big field of same colored meet I would stake it before you sear it before you circulated then I would do your priests are just like you did baggett's I would cook it at that 55 for like you say like 4 hours is good it'll be nice and tender then I would drop it to 50 for about a half-hour Ice Cube drop its throat set your circuit 50 throw ice cubes in the temperature dropped out of 50 hold it there for a half hour you're not living in the safety because you're going to eat it right away then I would see written in a super hot I'll get my cast-iron things screaming hot don't use it towards on a cast iron pan screaming hot open your windows turn on the hoods going to make a immense amount of smoke going to be a nightmare then

putting out enough oil make sure you hit all the size of the stakes I would do two pockets to pants at once and then do like a minute have 2 minutes on each side of Saratov and serve it with the Yorkshire pudding I think you're going to be happy that you know how it goes we have time for one more quick promo stuff what's the promo stuff and if they ripped us off the other because of the air and then I'll talk about at the end will go ahead and ask me anything right that's why it's a f i don't really understand how it works but apparently I'm going to be at a computer terminal between 6 and 8 p.m. tonight 6:30 and 8 p.m. tonight answering any question and they showed me an example

and some nuclear scientist was like some sort of like to ask him how to cook lamb load tap on mic holy crap I hope the first of all he was totally wrong by the way do not put garlic powder on your low temp lamb added this has been circulating that you should put garlic powder in the bag for right reasons don't don't do it but get it to taste kind of burnt and I liked it but but then I was like I hope no one asked me that I can be like you I don't know anything about her know squat about that I don't know anything about I do know something about that know the answer I don't know what's what are the promotional stuff we got to do

I'll be looking forward to having my very own searzall in June also the wife and I I had a great time with Booker and Dax in June I wish I would be very briefly about the centrifuge I just bought off of eBay finish are Libations and headed off to wd-50 for dinner the choices book and activity 50 like both of those places we really need to make it back to NYC soon and see what new stuff you guys are cooking up there we got a big dinner coming up and we and we want to call the three couples my wife and I are inviting I have two separate questions related to this but if you only have time for one than the first one is more important but I don't have a searzall yet because there's always the best way to do this so how should I cook and sear it I'm getting a dozen 2.5 oz pre-packaged slices of flaw and don't want to render too much fat out for meat sliced also you guys are sensitive so I can serve it rare it really need to be pasteurized with this in mind I was going to cook two slices sous vide at 1:31 for 20 to 30 minutes and then sear one side only

I know that each step I would lose precious wife at will bag in the fog slices with some fat either clarified butter pre-rendering the phosphate from previous previous applications reduce the amount of fat each slice loses in the water bath for steering how about pan searing with generous amount of fat Rd in the pan maybe a full-on shallow fry or even deep fry since my oven Broiler really sucks and my toast torch mostly sucks the only other option to throw them on to the Gridiron to get my charcoal Weber blade blazing hot I'm not afraid to do this even in the winter but it will not be fun alright here's some answers on this I'd be very careful the extra fat is not going to going to help you and your rendering 20-30 minutes it at 1:31 app is not actually enough to pasteurize it the question when I say sensitive are they sensitive to the fact that it hasn't been cooked or are they sensitive in the sense that they might have an immunity compromised immune system right if it's just that they're sensitive about whether or not it's cooked or not if you're doing the torsional traditionally used to a rapid like like 90 second dip in like simmering

water and I think you're probably going to get less fat loss that way then trying to pasteurize it at like a higher temp for a longer. Of time I think I can get a better texter then you can cool it down again in the bag and then and then from there I would do I would just do like a screaming hot on a dry pan much better to get a faster crushing to get less bleed out from the edges put it deep fat your heating the edges to so you going to get more bleed out all over all over everything I would put it in a dry pint I've always been taught to put it in drive and I would get it hot and put it in a dry pan if the hottest thing you own is your web for you to put your pan on the Weber and get to go but then do a quick sear off like that just be careful with it also said you got a dozen 2.5 pre-packaged slices what I would do and I did this when I was testing out I had to do the first time I cooked it with the Sears all ye that I did this a test I got an extra slice and I just tested at soccer first I would take your prepac slices are they coming back bag till they're probably not cook that bag and then I would

do like a like a 30 or 30 or 40 second dog in in simmering water put it directly and ice water after that to stop the cookout on it then after it's cold I would cut it open I would hit the one side and then put it on a serving tray in like in like a warm place at the center that can warm up the temperature that would try it with one and then if you can get it with done with one then you're going to get it to work at all let me know how it works out okay to and then this is what I can do because our Zach you know they're famous father daughter Chef team yards x and Spain and they do the say where would they do is they they put the put the plastic wrap into a Ramekin and then they put like nice flavored fats a duck that is actually in one of the early lucky peaches in the ramen thing and I in the wrong Man episode of the episodes issues of the

oil and I think truffle oil in it and if a date so they paint the plastic wrap it is not loyal the crappy again but they also can put in salt pepper and spices which is why it's I guess interesting technique of supposed to say just cooking low temp in Shell which is what I normally do approaching a shelf and then you tie string around the plastic wrap to in case the egg and then you can post the egg at traditional temperatures in water but it's never touch the water is already precut of oiled and spicy fried what I'm about to tell you and this might be my very first owner invention I think instead of using cling film for the ARs a keg I put the egg into a spherical ice molds you can see these on my I'll close up the mold and then inject additional egg white through the hatch on the top of the syringe until the molds completely filled then sous-vide at 190 ft wood? I tried doing this for

different time intervals I can't seem to get the egg whites to set properly to the ahold of shape doesn't fall apart and yoga somewhat runny do you have any thoughts on strategies I can pursue to make this work thanks for the advice you can give David gab while you're allowed to do one make sure you clean the inside of your stuff so you could release injecting it might be breaking up the structure of the egg white like Remeron the original arzak egg they're not breaking up the structure of the egg white they're leaving it entirely which is why I kind of put it together that way so I let you know I would try to see what you can get away with not doing that at a fat to it instead of adding extra egg white do in the way that doesn't disrupt the egg white the other thing I'd be careful of is that I looked up the the website that you sent me and they said it's top rack dishwasher safe meeting maybe not bottom rack find out what kind of plastic that sucker is because something like polyethylene is not going to be able to hold up that well it's totally food safe but it's not going to hold up that well at simmering temperatures if it's polypropylene you're probably going to be okay so just make sure that the temperature is going to be alright and then I wouldn't

I tried I would even use a Cirque on that I would just simmer at the way they are Zach gay guys do because you're going to want a very fast rapid set of the egg white protein in order to get an ice surface and to get it to release properly from the mole and with that they're going to keep me off the air happy holidays cooking issues

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