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Episode 150: Senegalese Cuisine & Salami

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which was the book stores out here and as usual the start of the hammer Lopez no Piper today Piper's working on the Sears I'll project which is fully funded listen people but the sad truth

barely breaking even a little bit later to spectacles maybe later today to my day is it working on Ford in case you people caring for those who don't know about the Sears all the Sears all is now definitely going to happen because our Kickstarter what's going to go on Kickstarter look at if you haven't already it's an attachment that turns an ordinary torch into a powerful handheld Broiler they can finish all kinds of low temperature a circulator he's probably on his tears all right enjoy no show socks fantastic

I guess that's why she doesn't have that job though update Tom pictures of the ongoing saga we can do it later. How is your stuff

little as you are as better or Piper's better through his out about is eggnog like it's garbage said and I said what she says my mom was used to this show which I don't think she does yes maybe a good show on Heritage Radio salty sailor Piper talk glaring at the microphone you know I'm saying so

I can't believe I'm actually trying to be on task for once and you're like kind of by the way we have in the thanks we have some actual underground Meats in the studio with us today that the stars are going to start tasting during the break and then continue tasting after the break and talk about super excited about that don't remember time is making an egg in a egg nog and we talked about the safety of it and then whether or not it was picking up in fact it has taken to be indicated is thickened and turn fan off white with slightly beige color was yours also a uniform to school everyday like and it's this year it's maroon and khakis and if you don't wear uniform he you get detention right which is it frightens him because he feels like he takes a bus home he's where he's going to miss the bus and he's like extremely nervous about this sort of thing

he calls khakis khakis are these keys I don't want the attention I'm like yes yes Booker those are the keys to the eggnog and Float to the surface it looks and acts and tastes very much like like the sick and cheese like milk fat that rises to the top on here there are no odd smells or tastes great Thanksgiving John Fisher crap on top know if you had when you wished it back in importance whatever you start back in church delicious I didn't know

I like that there's a picture of that nastasha sent me of her mom and then I completely like like a diatribe completely unrelated to the actual cereal

to Blake went off. Can you can you share any of it with us fall far from the tree on this one and one thing I've learned the piper somehow is not for you was working with you is like when you're using the Sears all like trying to give you like you don't write that's a non-starter I'm starting to think

we do our awesome Solis here so I appear on the phone and we're joined of iPhone to a good friend of ours pyeongchang who is a chef here in New York and also Senegal has what I think is the only at least the only you know one that I know of that good cookbook in English on the market here in in the US to excellent books also beautiful the pictures are beautiful and having gone to send him to use it the chef who sponsored the trip is going over to Senegal which was a fantastic trip anyway. Glad to have you on the show how you doing the reason I called you today is a we had a question regarding keeping Jen coming in and so I figured which by the way for those who don't know like it's kind of the national dish of Senegal

Napier it's kind of late but this is really a fish from White flesh fish could be a grouper Snapper sometimes and this stuff with puffy mixture that has tomatoes and all the vegetables that I could have fell out you guys beat potatoes cabbage

and then dude that's in broth you cook rice in it so the rice is cooking. Slow Red Tomato broth and it comes with the right right right right that's why I'm making the connection require that's basically what it is you have a mixture that has the whole dish

rapid they also like that the characteristic like when you go to Senegal right or the what's amazing is the different kinds of fermented products absolutely without the games you don't have yourself to the genright component of the region when you cook that you add the gadget to it and another cemented punch a small portion of the dead because it's very important and very very strong so that's that's what makes that

you know they're like a little freaked out by the aroma but it's the stuff is straight-up deliciously yet especially I mean the gauge I guess you can eat the trunk straight I love it there yet I can eat that after it's been like brace I can just eat it a lot of it is good you know if it's good for a long time before we get to the actual question since he only have you on the phone we don't get to have you on the phone very often there's a lot of spices over there that I think have show me obviously you know yet and are not a vegetarian but there's a lot of fermented products in in Senegalese food that are really really really good for vegetarian

they have not become popular with chefs over here and I think you're the one that strikes pops right into my head right away is meta 203 write this note the foot specialist called married and after the fermentation process that becomes admitted to us that because not only in Senegal but you see it in in in Marley and he needs even in Nigeria and that's a different name but that's the same exact but my dick bigger pennis good for vegetarian there's no no no no all of a sudden

difficult to get the kind of power of flavor to Mommy you want nothing to bang delicious next time we definitely have to make it to the next time you go to the end of the cooking process when the water has evaporated you open your parts are you able to cover the cost of the ride and you you dig a hole in the middle of the right and that's native to which you have mixed with onion to make it in a grated onion to make it into a verb or a liquid is inside the right and you just floated back and you allowed to sit there for like 10 minutes

no fire just tell me is this the right ceiling with admitted to that needed to go or what I'm trying to say

Adam is the perfume the whole thing is just an amazing I guess we need to go to describe you have to taste it good if it's delicious

you just have some chili peppers do you use to get the powder Netta to the seed for the whole pods and that's why you add the onions go to the onion bring that to the use of the Union would make it into a face into and that little boy is so what you what you put into the right for people who go out and I hope they do go to you know find local African market and buy them at 2 to do not judge do not judge what's going to happen

into the food you cook based on the initial dry smell of the netted to it's totally different once it's cooked but David you play with you any dish any dish vegetarian dishes you feel like you know you you haven't had anything vegetarian before because it's over again how much did I don't even know the name of the fermented onion balls used ride for minted onion balls

dinner like they look like kind of crushed they look like just chopped-up onions and balls and fermented wheat we bought them in a in a market

yeah I bet that you know what that's the one that they had submitted to it that you are very similar to what you're saying just to drive version of it exactly yep yep yep exactly I didn't know that have an attitude when it already Yetta stuff is great that you don't get over here very often that's more specialized for the cafe kubal though I'm trying to get that on the menu at the back of the bar is the words are impossible for English and American English to pronounce the spice and I would think I was saying exactly what he was saying but I wasn't Jeff I can't pronounce it

Jack Jack yes I can definitely save your cocktails at us in Brooklyn that folks a really amazing a chef your New York ahead

beet and goat cheese notes of it's got some peppery notes but it also has some more resonant note since almost something I kind of almost I don't know cardamom and people confuse it it's not at all like what we call Balinese long Peppers totally different totally different flavor English translation into English has get this one. Grains of selim but I don't know if that's true or false because that's when she was trying to translate it on the menu but I didn't know that

used it in English speaking country so there's no point I think it's much better to try and use the wall off where the problem is none of us can pronounce it properly but you know which is a great a great and very distinctive kind of senegalese drink reads Brotherhood which by the way they're extremely you want to talk about that man's not really food but give me give me a couple words on the Marines

Oh Me Oh you don't mean you have the traditional pretty soon is in Senegal and that's also one of the reason why the country's very tolerant because you know they've been sending this Whitley Orthodox type of Islam as you you probably noticed they when you enter in country is 90% Ami country for sale so you can do you have your drink you can have your email address

remind call Amadou Bamba who who came to synagogue during the colonial time and he had it Pacific type of resistance compared to Gandhi in India front end developer and tripping over you know you see a lot of movies traveling the world see many of the people you see the stuff of New York video of Gumbo Paris I must be movies and they they know that if Kolkata to buy and to buy is the name of the the holy city of the movie you know that's a couple hours from the car

he's going to Dubai that's good that's going to do them to Mecca in all the movies go to too bad they don't go to Mecca and children age our question by the way to get back to the question if someone answered the reason that were on the on the phone together they're going to be talking about rice cabbage and rice and fish rice incredibly important to it usually would typically would have been made back in the day with broken rice right to thicken it up Morgan you know we've got me to write a snotty right but it's coming up before I get into the question so for those of you that don't know kind of senegalese geography at all because of monsters in the South right

you know what year was saying the kind of the heart of nuba Jen is in assembly which is in the very North on the river right so in the northern part

what is the point is is that in consequence what a lot of people don't think about is that the original rice of Kaza mines is not Asian Rice original rice of kosmont is a slobbery mirallas which was actually domesticated in Africa and I think probably in Senegal and Gambia to stay right where it comes from those races have been even locally except for in small area is completely replaced unfortunately next with with Asian Rice correct or not right now with Jim original even made with the glamorama or wood or is that they also had to grab him up in Saint Louis or what it always there have been made with Asian rice

Empire like the whole Vietnam region and now I'll write is unfortunately important that the unfortunate because people prefer rather than you from Indonesia and Southeast Asia is also in Guinea in Sierra Leone in Liberia it was the African right now and that's right is an ancient as a father mention of the Asian right we have two families two major family I don't remember cuz we like it we can get to go to Cosmos and I went to buy don't know that we even handle every month

I thought we probably need to know we didn't have to because again like I said dog is eating imported right woman with one of the reasons why we had this event is to what we really have to change it the people ways of thinking that when it comes from elsewhere it's better than what we have at home and that's unfortunately the case in in in in in museums Africa you know we import a lot of our food and and the local good in the country by the people think it's best to order to import food from for my phone as well as the Asian right is very very popular

and he's competing with a few months out of the year like a couple of months when they have is something then you know it is finished leather it might help you right but it has another flavors that mean you you didn't get to experience when you were there I'm trying to find a way to drink a bloody Riverhead New York and we will definitely have a taste of it you might have whatever when I was over there ever was talking about the quinoa problem you make something that's popular and then all the sudden the people who make it and rely on it can no longer afford it so it is very hard to win

stop. But you know that's a good problem to have experience with help us deal with you no more, because that would be fun fortunate to to have in a city like this because of competition can we have a call I was working and we're going to take me to get there. Whatever the colors going to ask but then after that before we go to break we're going to get to the question which is about the crispy rice at the bottom of the TV gentleman wants to know how to make it so I figure the best way is to get a official Senegalese

yeah but got questions on pregnant and you know bouncing for like fish and chicken against you no texture and quality guidelines for a low temp of being so without a vacuum right so when I'm cooking for pregnant people with a circular which I have a lot when you're cooking eggs for Benedict's just cook them at 62 for a full hour and they're good you're safe when you're doing any other meat cuts I go to password station temperatures so like for 55° steak you're going to want to let it go for probably meet it's Overkill but once the core reaches temperature like a hundred twenty minutes from now.

actually Overkill but I like the overkill when I'm dealing with us cuz you don't want to be your fault so it's going to take you see her that you sear the outside then you cook it normal size rib steak will probably start its kill kill stuff with in at the center will start killing with in probably 30 or 40 minutes or so and then after it reaches that killing stage you hold it for 120 for this kind of thing I really recommend getting one of the iPhone or iPad apps like sous-vide dashboard or the other polyscience one because they're good at figuring out exactly based on the thickness like how long it's going to take to get to the temperature when it comes to fish fish is kind of a pain in the butt it's impossible to pasteurize most fishes and still have them taste good fishes fit and ISO ones that can tolerate it are the firm flesh Whitefish so stripers are good because you can cook a striper you know at 55 56

7th firm may be firmer than you normally like to cook it but it's still I haven't gone dry and the meteor Whitefish like that are better when they are overcooked as opposed to you know overcooked 2 Nurse Ratched obino overcook salmon even at those temperatures is pretty wretched but a striper can kind of put up with that sort of thing so those things can be those things can be done if you don't have a vacuum the question are you putting it in the ziplock guidelines for storage times I'm always like when I'm looking for someone I have kind of like just hyper about it when I'm cooking for either pregnant or someone who's seen of hospitalized are sick so I tend not to store things for a long time unless I have to because I'm the only person I can cook cinnamon I only seen once a week and you should be okay for that especially if they're doing a r e Thurmond if they do a retherm they can do like a temporary Thurman in like a really hot bath before they bring it up slowly the temperature in and you should be all

that the answer the questions

yes thank you and I'm impressed years all New Uses we found it where we are in the end think thanks so much for backing us have a good one so this word which I will not I will not attempt to pronounce x o n and end with an e on how do you say that the rut crispy rice at the bottom to come from the back of your truck in case you know you're just joining into you take your rice have you take your fish you slice it you stuff it with

like a herb mixture you cook it a little bit with oil and onions and you make a broth and then you put the rice and you cook with tomato you cook it with the broth in the root vegetables the righteous Oaks at the liquid but in the bottom of the pot you get this crispy say that again home and inform any people this is their favorite part yes you know perfectly we didn't you have to have that Golden Krust golden brown crust from the bottom of the pot when you could put your weed in it comes on the side and it's really is a great way to enjoy your last text. Christine and we love it I said give me the secrets is it that the part that heat the combination heat in the pot is it the oil that goes in the bottom I'm sure that way last name to do with it but just tell us like the secrets to get a good one

absolutely Diora in the past when you when you cook it first you started when you said that you would do you start with the oil and the tornadoes right you could allow it to cook slowly until the tomatoes are good to know you could use tomato and tomato paste and grills for my red light mean he's a cretin was black but you don't want to burn it you don't want to do anything without you cook it if you feel that it's starting to burn and water to tbsp. Of time but slowly you know that's before you add your water that's going to the right and then you have to go and tomato

David caramelization that's happening that's why the tomatoes going from red to almost black but not like you don't want it to be blunt again but that's sugar is going to a sugar combination of the sugar and the boys are going to be the agent that will

and you know there's like a lot of cultures have this love of the crispy bottom of the of the thing in Iranian cooking you have that you know I think they they use binders like egg and yogurt in there it's right they cook it in and they do the egg and yogurt I forget it's been a long time since I looked up the recipe for that stuff and then also a South Carolinian cooking of South Carolina old style which probably is all from West Africa anyway turn out like a like a like a casserole dish it's like since I scooped out of the pot and then the crust is served separately right it's presented on a platter yeah if you eat around in a bowl like with a traditionally it's on the corner of the volume two

not everyone is the crust in orbit right like they did for you know those two mature people you don't give it to the kids you give it to the only allowed to have thought of that club Senegalese cooking right now that you're listening to that we went to a seminar about it is that people are using more and more oil not for the taste but just as a sign of being able to use the more oil do you think that's affecting the way that they the cross is being formed in general in the average tea with Jen or effecting cooking in general in Senegal on the way things taste Now vs. way they would have tasted a una lady a hundred years ago it is affecting the way people yet the way people are eating some reason it is still seen as a sign of of of well you know if the mold

the mall absolute you are that's something that came up I believe in colonial times and gradually pump with or without I will I will or Love Story became something pretty girl you know the French back to his game a ding add peanut oil and peanut wasn't it wasn't used to waking up toilets use right now anyway

we use the more you eat the more affluent we are heading into all recipes to and now you see people using more into their rights and also brought some of the illnesses that existence and it's something that's very popular now because of the change of diet. Did the population that sweetie is very important to it but it doesn't have to be in excess you know it's important to have the first step when you prepare that's right

and tomato the cooking process but it shouldn't be more than an ice buckets right and you cook it slowly again before you add 1 + Tomatoes at 2 tonight to caramelize can you add your water allow the water two boys and then you add the right and you cook can you close the right at that stage and you just lose it and lower the heat and you forget about it now Donald touch that but all the water has evaporated

give me a lottery to sit for a moment and then you flip your right you redistribute the Tomato you have your bright red right and you realize at the bottom of that but that truck horn pack me talking about has foam dinner so you pull out the right spoon you know you just take out the cursing always somebody is trying to eat but you pull up the truck wreck the bottom of that but just again let the tomatoes and caramelized before you had the right and then do not touch it.

very very very very simple process actually right now on Amazon music is the only one available right walking title Senegal from the store to the table you hear about it

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pretty sure it's all goats Lonnie right salumi

add pepper to know

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I go to Mommy's good business

really good

really good stuff

taupe Miyabi sing tasting it not going to be like torture you guys was sitting here eating I'll wait until it wore off mic tour an interesting you're eating delicious swimming but a dress undergarments. Com www underground meats that are low acid product salute mean when someone produces they just try to write a way to kill off anything that's in it and also kind of covers up fault in the meeting fault in the Quran before I'm very high acid kind of slime you try to have before soundtrack please. I don't want to taste too far but don't taste like super high me they're really taking a lot of care

can you can you can tell that I really care about what we should talk about the most out of it so we have the puffing gun which is kind of going underground right now that we're rejiggering it again to be able to take it to schools hopefully after the winter break they call it winter break now it's winter break by the way if you're out there we don't actually have a way to send you a deal cards for Christmas we don't have their e-mail address they don't kick starter doesn't give you the email address until the case is over, we're going to do that again

as a Hanukkah present for somebody so if you want to but we can't say it and can't send you a card saying for Hanukkah holiday cards freaking Hanukkah card be specific be specific if you cannot be specific be generic know is that a bad we have we have a question on Thursday we have our first ever form that we're running I'm going to be the moderator so Peter tells me that I'm not supposed to interject any actual personal opinions and it is going to be

we're trying to have a debate about food where we actually get both sides of the argument in and not just freak Show hacks paper tigers real as smart as smart as and as go to people's we can get from either side of a debate come together in a moderated discussion in front of people that we're going to record and everyone can't be there in the first one that we're going to tackle is the soda ban and you have the information for Thursday December 5th at 6:30 p.m. at the CUNY School of Public Health it's free online if you go to Round Table. Mofad. Org and it's hosted by Dave and there's Goldberg from the NYC Coalition against hunger Hunger Nicholas freudenberg from the NYC food policy Center some guy named parkwild from Tufts University

consumer freedom and Lisa Young from NYU so it should be a spirited debate and some guy some guy someplace else anyway so that should tell you how to tune in to listen to the song I am I'm really excited. I want to be like the style know he gets involved

but yeah but like that's something like that that's about at least involves I can get it back up here to Morgan kind of a situation

billets that's that doesn't care about the actual only wants to see me squirm I think you should show up in like Empire Baseball umpire uniform I thought you were going to say yellow unitard well that would also be interested in going on and take a question because I don't want to run out time for we do it I know you love Stacy stock other places say use raw ingredients for a tasty stock obviously they both can't be done at the same time what's your take on the issue have a good one Zack from Pittsburgh to be there just that there's totally different right so if you are roasted meat white if you're making a white stock you want it have a meaning slang

two bones near for college in but you need some more meet the kind of both written by the way on roasted bone thing I consider if you cook a chicken let's say or whatever and you take the carcass when that cooked chicken and you throw that into a pot that might as well be a white sew a white stock as far as I'm concerned in general I don't know that I agree with this mean it tastes very different but people tend to say that that flavor if that's the flavor you're looking for then you need to roast bones. Now if what you want is just clean meat flavor and you don't want all those brownies things then you can go for a four-way stop I will say this most of the meat that we buy with before it's cooked is pretty flavorless and the reason is flavorless is because it's

use a bus. Cook also very kind of young if you want to do a white stock the same as chicken you going to want to get an old hen that sucker even if you don't roast it is going to have a delicious flavor if I had a really delicious hen that you know was older than laying eggs its whole life and then stopped laying eggs and then you have that thing to have to cook that guy I probably wouldn't roast it because I would rather have the pure flavor of the chicken coming through if you're having a broiler chicken it's only a couple of weeks old and have a bunch of carcasses of it right because you use the meat for some other purpose because the meats very tender because it's really too young it hasn't developed a lot of flavor well then I would roast the hell out of those things because I'm a flavor going on in there if you have a you know we're roasting off all the real stuff because

kind of flavor if you have something that you don't like white not necessarily in the way that like it never used to bother me except for we went through it when we went through that. We were born in all those pork skins for making chicharrones and like always smell for days with the boiling Pigskins to anything that reminds me of boiling Pigskins like anything that reminds me of like kind of also like I love tribe but try before you prepare like how they kind of my point is is that like usually for a pork stuff I'm going to roast it off chicken like young chickens roasted of old animals that have a lot of flavor they can get away with being more purely the meat flavor

now yeah you can always have the best or the worst pending on how you look at it of Both Worlds if you have if you have a like a really meaty meat you can you can kind of mix and match me to get something in between you can get the cleanliness of a white a white stock and then also get some of the brown stuff just mix the two together in general if it is a bull stream affect you want then I would use roasted if it's a kind of methi pallet you want to draw over and you don't want the extra notes of the roast don't roast it that's that's your choice especially in a pressure cooker quick and then do a second stop then you could redo this

and then get the freshness of that meat out of the best of both World bicycles and I think we're going to give some extra screens as a stretch goal maybe were talking about trying to include one of the clan so I can see if we can make it work we're going to be talking about call you Eva Tommy lovers out there which is a type of torch whether or not going to be able to support the iwatani in time for the kickstarter to be over maybe some European torches one more thing I need your help tweet me in I'm looking for a source for anyone who's from South America,, which is a delicious fruit and unfortunately also has a lot of antioxidant power so everyone sells it is powder,, I need,, puree here in the US have another source let me know at cooking issues,, if you re has to be red has to be delicious has to be pure a cooking issues

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