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how you guys doing are you going to go back to Baltimore visit the family nice quiet Thanksgiving yeah I'm excited though I'm excited just like that I've heard that they have no internet and telephone in Vermont that true no no Pedro to know if there's any that died before in Piper's on you know they got to kind of hate hate thing going on between Vermont and New Hampshire what's the only thing that they can agree on there

Main and what about men

it's a dark Wilderness actually like me.

Director house where near New Haven and who's going to make a turkey mother and how is your mom still a little dry a little dry

what's my next band name wheel drive to a potluck family Thanksgiving thing so I have no idea what the food will be like at all but I do know one thing I am driving there and driving home again from it which means I will not be having any wine at Thanksgiving that sucks you bringing as ready as it should be for a food person is one of my all-time favorite holidays I love myself and Thanksgiving and this year I have not had any time to devote to it at that all what I do have is one of fabric Barn Heritage soon as I get home so I hopefully maybe before next time I can talk about the get home cuz I'm a big believer if you go or somebody else

Thanksgiving and you don't necessarily get the the turkey you want that's all about the fellowship but you should still try to bust out one good turkey

the three of us we didn't talk about it right by the photo shoot with gelatin gelatin and then and calcium cut it it was set it cut into blocks and lay around it and then did the very finely pounded white meat turkey right around the bend me right around the gravy packet then we did the dark meat turkey than we did the skin we did the cook-off we then we'd write office can we hit it with the Sears all Sears all Sears and I made my mom stuffing we packed the stuffing and we put the Parker House roll around it and then we are cooked

the crannies he's registered trademark the stuff we made the cranberry sauce drained out the salad and mixed it with the mayonnaise right

let me know what you do the solid some cranberry sauce and when when it was

why not set but still too warm to put the yolk in there you made it from scratch scratch you didn't mix mayonnaise you made it old school is it because I yelled at you that the guy that bow made it the chocolate mayonnaise back in the day and made you feel bad about it I mean you said that is sort of a president that was really good I want to do it for my family I think the recipe into Twitter can you get a dead short

I did a whole thing for steak once in Twitter sounds like now she's looking down we are the struggling tweets right now what if I just wrote it down and then took a photo of it

I said week tweet a tweet tweet tweet tweet try to get within a medium which is the Mayweather and in order to get it I'm not going to put it on the cooking issues tweeting feed you're going to have to go follow Booker and Dax lab which is where the searzall thing is is going to be going up in 2 days 8 hours whatever it is midnight Midnight first Friday there's Friday Black Friday that was fine with it I mean if you're following us on Twitter you already know that we've got a lot of big names using the Sears Outlet in this year's Hall and we're going to launch it the video is coming together the pages coming together looks great friend

does night have eaten at Jiro the armlet the tamago there is in fact different from any other one and delicious noodles kind of fluffy in like it almost like a cake but I think things about gyro was the tamago delicious developer I guess the master of my favorite tamago now use it this year so June bugs is there a restaurant somewhere in the West Village inside jokes on the radio they were in a taxi cab with a famous chef who is known for having a bit of a temper and a taxi driver was unable to find a sushi restaurant and so are there was hilarity ensued right and by Larry I mean anger fear

skinny crisps up with it it's awesome maybe someday we can go eat some see how do I see how that works out for us I love to

a real quick before we eat we move on I just want for our first time with Sinners I want to jump in and say okay so what is the searzall why do we want it Etc might have a first-time listener I feel like I had like we have a surgical for 10 gal tank so much is an attachment fits on a torso for years right doing low temperature sous vide cooking especially at home the way I used it honestly the way I used to finish a steak or anyting fish poultry anything that I would do sous-vide deep fry deep fry problem is not everyone has a commercial deep fryer in their house mean I guess because of like what I said before a couple episodes ago about insurance reasons of what not so people don't like the idea of

thanks finished frying things for sous vide the wrong it's delicious but you know whatever and most people don't have power output enough to heat up a pan sufficiently so many charcoal grill is a good option but you know a lot of people can't do a charcoal grill right away or they don't have one or there an apartment or something like this so a lot of people turn to the blowtorch I probably blow torch is it creates what we call a torch case on the meat would you be a very very characteristic Torchy's fuel taste that you know our friends are real at UC Davis did some my work out for us thank thank not thank you where she showed it and in fact it's not the fuel itself it's causing it but the intense heat of the flame is creating combustion flavors on the meat itself so we have this item of the searzall which plugs onto a torch we recommend a Bernzomatic ts8000 ts8000 because of 12000 BTUs and it turns into a mini handheld

basically waiting longer type of the type of the fine spinning blade my question is how can I preserve the juice for longer than a few hours I'm tried searching the Google but I get a lot of mumbo-jumbo that how you shouldn't try to preserve it because of its magical life-giving nutritional properties are so bleeding because it tastes good TV and no caused by eating the fruit juice press Here Fruit prior to juicing or in fact the resulting juice I'm Keen to make bulk lots of tasty fruit apple orange and or veggie juice whatever is cheap in the market on the weekend to last a week love to show is always keep it up regards Rory Martin okay PS PS4 answer the question cuz I love it PS on

Virginia peanuts while driving through Virginia on our us road trip holiday I want to do all that crap around the country

I used to do it and I appreciate that did now but boring as hell to sit in the back of the car and watch a bunch of stuff go by so like when we drive with the kids the kids like they had their faces buried and iPhones iPads in like my wife and I remember not giving a crap when I was a kid read but you guys don't have this experience to share with me because you didn't do that

I know you the way you know it's not really like cross-country road trips but you know we drove couple hours here and there that's kind of like nauseous great times we haven't been much of the episode with a man buy Virginia peanuts while driving through Virginia on our us road trip holiday my wife said yeah right how cook in the peanuts really be I don't know exactly what my reaction was within 10 minutes of that we stopped at some tired-looking roadside shop and pick up a can of the good wow we were both low and away they were so insanely good and just as you described as an unfamiliar but satisfying snap in Virginia peanuts

so just one note on juices you mention orange and obviously aren't you going to do sit in a different way. Be careful when you are juicing oranges because some oranges specifically some navels some tank bugs on or in for some tangerines other will the juice will bitter over time so you just you know just passed a couple as its variety dependent and you know that you just test it and if after a couple of hours that hasn't gone bitter you're probably you're probably okay but it's just something to put on some citrus fruit to some will undergo post post juice bitter rain some tangerines I don't know what are clementines do I think some kind of time to do a lot of navels do

ascorbic acid is going to be your Lifesaver on a lot of these things I wouldn't do a pre I wouldn't do a pre juicing heat step on it because I don't know you're not going to get mold growth that quickly on Your Juice in the fridge or in the freezer as long as it's not moldy to begin with you wash a wash it thoroughly do you want to do is sanitize step if you have a non flavored feel like one of those fruits and the fruit called when you like a week chlorine dip it in and then let it air out I never done it I never done anyways but you can't do it juice it

then I usually weigh overdose on ascorbic acid like way overdose on ascorbic acid like to the tune of about a teaspoon per liter right that's why it doesn't have too much flavor flavor but you know what does Busey up on vitamin C so you can be no pee yellow and maybe live forever for the last following was a famous two-time Nobel Laureate scientist who was the second one you want with a Peace Prize but he thought you could greatly increase longevity and reduce Disease by just megadosing on vitamin C you don't happen to him about a bunch of vitamin C in a died that's pretty accurate so I usually a damn about a teaspoon per liter and stirred in and if you want to keep it for a long time I would say cold back baguette and then freeze it when you when you do it the best way to freeze it is

2 vac bag that juice and then lay it on a sheet tray and freeze it flat in a sheet and that way they stacked very well in your freezer and also when it comes time to thaw them your only thought through you know like a No-No by 3/8 of an inch to let you know that 3/8 of an inch of stuff that you have to thaw out and running water in order to get the juice usable again that's why I recommend and juice last a good week in the fridge depends on the juice to me and my grapefruit juice with Piper orange juice couple days it's time to get mold piperwood add would you add to best preserve it if you really want to keep that sucker sodium benzoate potassium sorbate and small amounts supermicro like


now if you only need a small bit of you really only preventing the slightest look you're not trying to keep the sucker you know yeast proof and a shelf-stable application over like a zillion years you're talkin about keeping a sucker in the fridge for a week stabilization unit near you need is minimal I wouldn't I mean if you're doing it for a week I wouldn't put anything in but if you're going to have it on the Shelf I mean they're not carbonated so like when you're doing application which is what type of done most of the research on you know that they carbon dioxide is also a huge inhibitor sorbic acid but I also agree that I think you know you're right on point I only drink the juice because it tastes good that is reason enough I don't believe in any magical life-giving nutritional properties in a bunch of kids

third grade class and just one kid he asked me like do they make any machines that that use juice as a fuel I was like you are a machine that uses juices if you were my friend third graders are awesome explain steam engines I love it when they learn about food I don't care Matt from Chicago rights and also about not these but yes it's nutts hello David all the people who are The Cage movie apps without thereby causing the whole show to skip a week out how have you ever met

I think I feel like I've done it once without you have to look it up you mentioned on this week's episode of desire for a question every week we got another one after this to questions we get to the ice in Remembering one of your early episodes of brief reference to a book which covered methods for making not merely actual tofu burrito flew like five things other than still a cited nuts baking soda and all emanations there are but never was interested in experimenting with tofu ask ingredients in the kitchen I search through the archives has been unable to identify which episode this was let alone which book so I just come out and ask what information sources would you recommend for someone of my situation and my merely hallucinating the Saskatchewan the shows past is there any consumer intelligent home cook Oriental literature which provide a useful Guide to the production of Fufu I like pho Phu as a term a map from Chicago is PS I feel sorry for whatever poor deluded misguided persons wanted to remove your pro gear from your old apartment kitchen I for one would happily pay app

guys like you preaching to the converted over here okay so the

I did talk about that and my thought was that it's in modernist cuisine in the you know the massive tone that is modernist cuisine here is the problem as I spoke last week I moved apartments and all of my books are still in boxes so I didn't get a chance to go to the book and search but my recollection is that modernist cuisine has a section not merely on reforming tofu tofu with transglutaminase but also on making alternative tofu's from other legumes and other things like that now it's extremely obvious that you can get tofu like textures from almost anything you want any not know if you want by setting it with the appropriate agents but I assume that's not what you're talkin about I assume you're talking about making an actual tofu like product that uses a quag Elation as it as the technique now I myself have experimented with peanuts and the

salt delicious but the texture was crap it was worthless useless like I would try to only one time and also clogged it wouldn't be hard enough so I clogged my draining draining towels so and also my Nguyen tofu book also packed them all My Tofu references are packed I shut down shortly but he doesn't believe in any of that stuff anyway so next week hopefully I have the the books unpacked and I can address it again with tofu but my guess is if you took a protein or like something like peanuts and try to make peanut Foo and you added transfer 10 minutes when I was doing my experiments was well before I started working with friends with emanates this is like 2,000 like 2,000 you know when I was doing this stuff and it's like 10 or 12 13 years ago or something so I need to revisit it may be with transglutaminase I'm sure you could get peanuts to set harder with if you use tigi what do you think

I'm assuming I don't know Matt what are you have a centerpiece or not but we'll

man Piper Piper

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hell yes I speak about it feel Bravo a friend of ours kind of friend of the show the show the person that massages Piper federalism artichokes to to mess with his insides he has possibly one of the great radio voices of all times and he was supposed to come into the show today and read the questions for Thanksgiving his voice when he wanted to be is a dead ringer for a thurl Ravenscroft who you might know as the voice of Tony the Tiger they're great which was a life-changing mr. Grinch rendition

saying that the Grinch is is Boris Karloff book The Voice of the Grinch is Boris Karloff and that's why it sounds different that's why the song sounds different from The Voice with the song is in second person in the Grinch is typically in first person with the analysis correct from creative writing major

anyway so like I can't wait for the extremely short Christmas season this year so that I can hear Phil Bravo do his rendition of you Rafael one mr. Grinch the reason I brought that out of Hearst Ranch grass-fed beef

as authentic as he gets older he'll thanks for the salami recommendations a few weeks ago I order the Tuscan salami Super Side supersize sopressata underground Meats underground Meats everyone that tried them thought they were delicious in Spanish chorizo with particularly tasty which I serve with Manchego and quince paste on some toasted baguettes

finish up in his face if that's alright I have had in the store I thought you'd be happy to know how awesome the show sponsor Is Not only was all their sauce is delicious but their delivery was very fast I would recommend any sausage fans give underground Meats a try thanks for the suggestion Brandon Hawkins that's good of the show Kingdom of that party he's going to give us a comment on the on the breastfeeding we have two comments on the breastfeeding thing and that's surprising most people look like I'm not saying that someone should like shove their shove the stuff in your face necessarily I'm just saying you know don't don't be hatin right that's my point

now know so Lucas wants to give us some is deer meat which we desperately want like 54 elevators are lab by the way on Elder Street between canal and and Hester like we're not available until after Thanksgiving for the record I think women should be able to breastfeed however they want I'll be at the you say to the scarf should be a matter of good taste rather than a policy right breast after breastfeeding I don't think you can demand too much and we're on it we had another comment

should be treated with the utmost respect when I examine a breast in an emergency department exam room is done only with a female staffer in attendance when it's not being down even though the patient is in a private room I realized cultural norms very around the world but in a New York restaurant with a wide variety of public in attendance I agree that the respectful thing particularly for the woman in question is to keep the breast covered the mystery of the female form is worthy of preservation Dr Bob

alright Alex from Santa Barbara that's that's the next thing you play Piper I will skip the Friar Tux and ask about Thanksgiving I've been working on a pecan pie with pecan right he can take me off they have a new Fruit Loops thing that has it's like weird Center group in it happened to the

Fruit Loops Toucan Sam is there with his two can minions and a freaking metal detector why do you need a metal detector to find Fruit Loops follow your nose Sam it always knows what the fruit I don't know man I don't know I don't know I don't know what the hell's going on with it first of all it's a fruit loop not a fruit pillow and second of all the freaking toucan with his giant nose and all the colors any dang Fruit Loop product from a mile away in the fact that may be so old. You got through the metal detector to find it and then even worse my kids saw that and then they still wanted it because they didn't realize a slap in the face it was the two cans everywhere that they had to use some sort of electronic gimmickry to find the Fruit Loops jerks

okay I was working on a pecan pie inspired dessert for Thanksgiving kind of like a peanut butter cup but with the constant the flavor is a great one sugar oil in the last about it but the texture is off I can't get the crumbly moist dense texture that the mad scientist at reason. Any ideas listen to the trick with when you're trying to imitate somebody else is texture the best thing to do is to figure out kind of how they how they make it right now I don't have mentioned on the on the show before that one of the key notes in a real Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is is rancidity is oxidative rancidity of the peanut butter and I believe I mentioned I know I mentioned at some point I don't know how long ago that I spoke to someone from a company that does oxygen Scavenging packaging to prevent rancidity in packaged good and they did a test run of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with

we are with the oxygen scavengers in them and nobody like them because they missed the taste of rancidity right so anyway when I recommend you do is go look up a copycat recipe for Reese's there's a dude named Todd Wilbur he has YouTube videos I think and he has a he tackled and his trick supposedly is to use reduced-fat peanut butter and powdered sugar so he like he's using fundamental reduced-fat peanut butter and powdered sugar now luckily for you the pecans that you get in general have my guesses from having ground a lot of pecan butter over the years but are constantly

thank Christ that part of my life is over smile on her face right now. He's going to be leaving that nightmare with

we found a guy in Home Depot litter they were in the plant section mustaches in the plantation cuz like I'm I'm going to go get some bulbs for my house like what the issues are and I got all you taking me nothing in my in my yard and I hear to some people so I can let them know how ideas in food ideas in Manchester fire. Got it working on the van working on the Sears off so I haven't had a chance to fire up the freezer after Thanksgiving without the future I got to jump in here for a second so a listener just sent in to info at Heritage Radio Network. Org a picture of Krusty O's from The Simpsons that comes with a free Jagged metal Krusty o inside

I didn't say that maybe Toucan Sam is looking for Krusty O's metal detect the speed at which that came in I guess it's live radio right now is a is to use the reduced-fat peanut butter my guest from grinding a lot of pecans over the years is that cuz we would typically to get a good oil yield out of pecans we would add some oil back to remember that size because they're not as dry as almonds but there are more dry then probably peanuts definitely peanut butter that has oil added to it if you grind straight pecans or like I said maybe using pecan butter and then you got to get your molasses whenever else you do to the texture of the powdered sugar it mean that's going to be the issue then I'll make

how do you do that just use brown sugar and tell her it right so you don't have the extra moisture content just powder eyes brown sugar in a row Boku with some other dry stuff for using powder it like how you gonna powder Rancho get the get the free running get the free running Brown order and pestle is maybe I can cornstarch to it cuz if that cornstarch that's in the powdered sugar might be helping out a little bit with the ratio of cornstarch in the NFL sugar is do you know it's not really helping with the texture a little bit right I couldn't see I'm making you giving it that pasty that right and then powderize the brown sugar substitute and then just make sure the fat content of your pecans are too high and that should be getting the texture you want and it even want to check out the Todd Wilbur's

Todd Wilbur's whatever his website and times where God's not but now I think Hickory nuts are God's Not Dead 2 Jack and Jill restaurant called a mass in coping I never been there for like 13 minutes and I took a train to this week and got that never been to any of those restaurants there we were served a bread made with 1/3 fermented cooked potato we were told

mashed and put in cryovac bags and fermented in a warm room the bread was amazing but wouldn't is anaerobic and warm environment create a poison what's up thank you this is very similar to Salt Rising bread and sometimes made with a potato starter there's a lot of anaerobic fermentation of potatoes in in Indian cooking wearing a potato comes from some of their freeze-dried turn your potatoes are kept in water and fermented and there's also something called a tocar chateau gosh which is like she really bury the potatoes in water Farina Illinois months and then you dig it up and then you and I both know that that's not the case so so so the two Mains are saying that you're going to get growing in a fact Salt Rising bread the actual Rising is not done by a yeast it's done by your good buddy clostridium perfringens

and do not want to get a a perfringens infection especially if you're like you know a soldier in battle to that causes gas gangrene which is bad and also creates an enterotoxin which but the good news is when you cook bread you're cooking it up to the boiling point of water at least a well before that toxins from the bacteria killed the spores can't germinate because the moisture activity of the bread is not high enough when it's done and the cuz you might not be feeling Sports remember because that takes a much higher temperature than that for a long. Of time just before the country and vengeance is a spore-forming bacteria

actions are neutralized the vegetative cells are killed and the spores can I germinate in the environment of the salt salt riding the line on the internet they say that while the other the other problem and this you can get this from a poorly stored baked potato botulism right botulism can grow and there's been cases of poorly stored you know people eating baked potatoes botulism in you can cause problems so the good news is that if you're specifically growing clostridium Australian perfringens will out-compete the botulism in there been studies showing that botulism clostridium botulism stream will not grow in the presence of a thriving perfringens Colony just let's say you should grow it a boatload of botulism botulism

not going to die from eating properly made stuff and my experience for making Salt Rising bread and from having cluster diem fermented cassava in in Senegal was that it has a very characteristic smell to it and so you kind of know whether or not it's got the right bacterial mix in there when you're when you're eating it I when you're making it rather and so hopefully that stuff should guarantee that you're not going to die and apparently you did not because you wrote us a question. Did they not a food safety blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah we had a question in from Joe Blow

adobo 66767 any ideas for what you can do with peanut shells seems like a giant waste of life is like that like totally adds to the to the Westin call right right but okay so you guys are a little bit younger than I am so a person a person whose work with peanuts to see if they lose only when I was a kid

people feed elephants George Washington Carver man when I was a kid if you said if you said the word Carver or George Washington Carver mean if you said peanut George Washington Carver at least in the seventies we were there was this guy his life's work was he's going to figure out how to squeeze every last piece of utility out of the freaking peanut so worked on sweet potatoes and a bunch of other stuff he was the who was the head of the agriculture department at the Tuskegee Institute for many years starting at the beginning of the 19 hundreds all the way through I think until I think until his death and he he did write a book that you can get online portions of it at least called how to grow the peanut and 105 ways of

pairing for human consumption and this is not about the whole but you should go check it check it out and he also he did a lot of patents work on like different ways to make appointments out of peanuts medicines out of peanut oils out of peanuts like to popularize peanut butter here in the US of a

again french butter maybe it's because last night against George Washington Carver weasels but very interesting story you should go read about George Washington Carver born born a slave became an eminent scientist peanut uses is Peanut and cheese roast Raveis Sunday after the case and you can make this a great 1 cup grated cheese on a cheese ever since like 1910 or whatever so you know whatever maybe let's figure out kind of what kind of cheese would have had blood just flying around in free backgrounds they got your 1 cup grated cheese 1 cup of breadcrumbs your teaspoon of chopped onion

you're one cup of finely ground peanuts tbsp butter juice of half of a lemon this is weird recipe right salt to taste in the butter and a little water in right there like adding water to sweat the onion out before the but that's random stiff stuff right there random mix the other ingredients and moistened with water more water using the water in which the onion has been cooked pour into a shallow baking dish and brown in the oven that is a weird weird recipe to do a block it doesn't say whether to serve it hot or serve a cold

and that's crazy recipe he says cook onion and butter and water so why add the butter then and wanted to add the butter later and then mix bread crumbs peanuts lemon and cheese together with the water and onion stuff and bake it

as weird strange but I didn't want to answer your question the only thing I can think of that's useful from a food perspective as you can make charcoal in peanut shell so you take the peanut shells pack them into a Chimney Starter light em up and then to make charcoal you have to cut off the entire oxygen supply once it starts burning you cut off the oxygen supply they should go to Charcoal most people when they're actually using it for fuel than compress them into briquettes and you can look up online how to do this I wonder what it is that used for the really fine charcoal maybe it's a really quick way to start charcoal right means going to burn relief quickly or burn really hot or maybe throw in on top of charcoal to give an extra burst of heat I don't know

just not charcoal that like regular shells I don't know what I know what they're supposed to taste like but that's a good point fiber I like the way you think I like the way you think they heard there's a lot of people who consider using in places that don't have a lot of wood and that you know can't afford other things you don't mean a lot of peanuts

play cooking from the house so maybe someone will give it a try and making a Chev sorbet cream cheese and shave and syrup turning it as normal it's freezing smooth when it's fresh overnight it goes solid how should I stabilize I don't think you have enough sugar you need to increase the sugar level on it what I would do if you don't want to be sweet is to use a low sugar sweetener like glucose syrup which has a DEA of like 40 something like low d e ee glucose syrup at what you're going to have a very low sweetness level there are even less sweet things out there but they're going to give you the body in effect you need in a softening affect you need

the actual stabilization problem I like LBJ locust bean gum for that kind of an application so you just cook the whole thing out with the a bldg coldest person to into hopefully water or whatever and then and then cook it cook it out above about 85 bring it back down if you had a choice I guess you didn't and then I cerveza stabilize it prevent any stabilization problems you have a texture but salinity is almost always a problem if you don't want to I don't actually like to do that because the it melts weirdly when you add a lot of alcohol to a sorbet like it's like holding together and then all the sudden is not holding together anymore it doesn't have the same meltdown that you get from kind of sugar in a bishop melting this has been my experience in life about you cuz he feel the same way or no

hey babe I was going to JD hey how's it going to do it like those people how's it going to keep 64 degrees C eggs in 60 minutes and I was wondering in terms of capacity of being able to say run one circulator and I'm wondering how many eggs you can run to be able to meet that 60 Minute limit if we do the preheat 64 news on 64 is it a lot easier to hit 64 than it is to hit 63 right so that the two e's the two you think the easiest one is 62 because you don't need to ever go

Eye Center of the 6264 you need to get it at 64 but if it goes a little bit over like two times three times now. Not a big deal but why do you only have one hour to do it in terms of just being able to understand return time and be able to prep for service and that's so I guess the better question would be and you know trying to maximize the amount of eggs for one circulator in a certain duration so I guess that's kind of basically I want to be able to maximize the amount of proof for the bags in a set amount of time right so

so what I had noticed is that you know they were doing they're trying to do a 60-minute add eggs and they were doing and they were telling me that it was it was taking a little bit longer than they expected and basically what I determine that they were preheating the water higher than then so what would happen is that they have to wait for 60 eggs had to wait 20 minutes for Recovery to get back to 64 N64 you need to be at 64 to get a 64 so I mean that a lot of people do is especially if you're doing something like a creme anglaise it's really high temperature for circulator like you know 80-82 set it to 85

drop the stuff in and within a couple of seconds it it drops down so you can like over overheat the water yet to figure out kind of have to do a lot of you have to do some some checking some submit doesn't take that long to overcook the white on the inside so it can be a little problematic ramping the temperature high enough to really get back fast enough nothing you can do is when you're cooking eggs to a specific temperature like 64 again that's harder than 62 but easier than 63 it in terms of difficulty not turn to texture have to make sure that the eggs are piled such that the the eggs in the very center aren't getting proper a water circulation around them or it's not going to be cooked right so one of the things that's going to limit the amount of eggs that you can cook is how many layers you can fit where you get water circulation between all the layers of eggs like that's critical right

if you want them all to cook at the same rate the second thing you can do in this is I've done this before is you just keep a pot of boiling water near the eggs and then you just Add boiling water by the you know by the pan full until Level out right away and you can get a sense for kind of how long it takes you to get back up and you can fail water out and then if you go over you can throw a couple of ice cubes in and you should be able to stabilize the temperature within like 3 4 minutes mean if you have low boiling water you should be able to get a fairly stable temperature within 3-4 minutes now as to how many I've ever done at once with one circulator usually what I what I'll do is mean I've done 62 in very non ideal circumstances where I've gone like a hundred you know or more in one shot not ideal

maybe you'd see a flat as what 36 in a flat that right at 6:36 1 2 3 you can probably do three Flats probably but you know they can make your life a lot easier it is to just you know run a cycle and then chilling down run a cycle chilling down and Industry thermal mall at service temps research we are either of them at like 50 55 50 56 and then you can just keep him around there's no need to cook them all at once as if you want if you actually have the time you can cook them beforehand and then found them up the service and they only need like 30 35 40 minutes at 55 to retherm enough for service and then they can hold at a temperature that load like 55 56

1157 really they can hold for you know hours and hours and hours and hours and not going to not going to change their texture at that temperature you know what I mean that that might be a good solution for mmm mmm yeah basically like wires facts and I was wondering you know how effective do you think that would be as well as what do I need to keep in mind in terms of emails keeping food safe and not you know if I wanted to get materials you know what would you suggest I would best suit that you're going to make it out of a stainless you know I'm not sure I was going to maybe try to throw some fire baskets and something of that nature and stacks between somehow fryer baskets

like a demon in my experience they're not as stainless as you would like them to be at the Dover and so like date they tend to rust and even most cooking rates that are supposedly stainless like they rust out in a Cirque over a long. Of time you know you know they might last a while if I was going to do full Custom Stainless for me and I would do stainless steel other alternative would be acrylic or polycarbonate not cooking at that high a temperature you're not using alcohol mean if you're not if you're not a believer in poly car because you're worried about things leaching out if someone cooks and cleans it with detergent starts breaking down the polycarbonate you can go with acrylic acrylic CZ because you can laser cut acrylic so if you can build something that way but it's going to be heavier and more fragile mean stainless is kind of i d like wirework stainless fitting

find somebody to do the wire work stainless for you you can make something with fryer baskets but when people load eggs in the fryer baskets they tend to climb together in the middle and then the ones in the middle of going to have problems with no one's really built that would be super sweet is something that mimics a flat of eggs but it's just made out of like empty wire and then holds the eggs and then has a way to stack the next flat on top of it so that every egg is in his own little cage that would be freaking genius like I would buy that that I would buy that I should make that if you don't make if you're not going to make it I'll make that I won't be using a full-size lexan for that you want to fit in a half size Lex and anytime you cook enough eggs where you need a full-size Lex and recovery time can be ridiculous so I would feel something to maximize the guitar half that have Lex and it was what I would go for

yeah it's it's half on something that you can use their no good luck on his first of all extremely expensive you know it it's kind of flexible it is impossible to join so you have to do everything with screw Fasteners and like I've never machine Teflon but I don't know how easy it is to machine expensive man I wouldn't I wouldn't play the Teflon game have to clean is it doable

yeah to be able to watch circulation and make sure that it's working properly I mean like you can just throw one or two

floaties craps into it and just watch him go around you know what I mean like I always have it anyway I'm always like what the hell you can get a good feeling for a for what's going on but literally like one or two little thingamajigs and there is enough to see kind of how the flow works you can dump me to recover later it's got to be big enough so it's not going to get sucked into your circulator forget the time that I didn't cheesecloth my circulator and I did like a star ship circulator to get their flavor of the wooden oh my goodness oh my God such a freaking letter but the oil is good I mean it's a good technique circulating chard charred wood chips in oil for oil poach mean

okay thanks for everything and keep up the good work Thanksgiving all right we actually we have to we have to go out now but Elliott Elliott Rodan on the Twitter can you debunk some stock mythology cuz it has something on on turkey stock I don't have time to go into all of it later on but turkey stock is covered or uncovered and I'm going to go ahead and say that the only reason to cook a stock uncovered is so that you don't have the problem of it going to a rolling boil without you noticing it otherwise you would want to keep it covered because that's going to keep the aromatics in more fiber agree or disagree and you can ensure that you're not going to get a rolling boil in it there's no dang

what do they do that I hate I mean the name of the enormous amount of time and they and they are the bones the bones and meat to water ratios in my opinion where the hell off right they made a week stock

I don't think I can come out on on the radio and say then I don't mean it in a bad way they would introduce it later more from the James Peterson School cookbook writer from his school which is you know don't overwater it to begin with to minimize production you have to do later and that's kind of the school of thought I'm in so if you're starting with a high water content you're doing a stock where you're cooking it for a long time and I frankly I don't think turkey stock needs to be cooked at long like you do like the old ones I just don't think a lot of people spend way too much time cooking their poultry stocks you should really use pressure cooker anyway so they do some cooking in the pot you want and then covered it sure doesn't go to a rolling boil the Reason by the oils into it

Elsa let it rip overnight to so Happy Thanksgiving cooking your shoes thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening