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Episode 148: Rolled Meats, Roasted Peanuts, & Deep Frying

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Bushwick Brooklyn on Harris radio network every Tuesday from the hammer in The Slammer so what's what's on this pizza for a bird by the way we today we have to go shoot at food and wine we will talk about it later and so we have to take our lunch during are commercial breaks today so what time does Pizza this laminates collard greens and prosciutto I think I don't know I'm not a restaurant that actually working in the restaurant I just bring the pizza in the greens on them and stars Nyle of the pieces of Greens on them and then whenever we want one they're like not today no greens I like them when they're when they're cooked

and I like when I like them both ways good product Greens on a pizza give me to put you on the spot there are doing great thanks a little red in the face down but you know you don't work in the restaurant that I'm going to start a blog for all the cooking issues listeners about although Roberto's pizzas maybe someday mustache mustache and I have a an ongoing kind of Feud battle accurate so until I know some of you may know I have two kids and a wife right and so you know I've kind of been through this whole scenario by the way and not so easy

he being a mom in New York if you want to go outside and so I am not in the least bothered by any sort of public display of feeding your babies if you get my drift breastfeeding yes breastfeeding the babies and stars here well it's that Roberto's especially is a breeding ground for these women who take their entire breast out and don't cover it up don't look at it don't look sweet action automatic why don't you just cover it with a nice scarf to show it I just don't think that they're not about you it's easier you're looking at it like it's about you know if you're eating in a restaurant in a woman has her breasts at it it's have pizza

does he have you know what the heck is a pizza and the cheese

with her breasts out Joey want to weigh in on the schedule I see it from I see it from both ways my thought is that you can just avert your eyes but as soon as you started going about the chi is I don't know that was a little much for me the way in on it you know what I want what I want I want mothers to be able to go out whenever they should do they have to do it when is painful if you do not see where I am but I'm not telling them not to cover it up cover it up I just don't see why it's like that is crazy crazy crazy crazy statement

I cannot believe I cannot believe that you said this on the air now I want you people out there this a little taste of what it's like a little bitter taste to do what you got to say that nobody had to say that call in calling to respond to Tina or any other questions 72128 long time listener and supporter of Moffat by the way Lucas Road in that says that a long time between the show involved in super low temperature physics which kind of interesting that he was saying he was dealing with a call like Einstein Stein for low temperature physics he has a deal for us he says he shot a doe yesterday you don't they do a deer a female deer

just have to meet and be happy to donate some of this in the name of the progress of Science in terms of us cooking game and I hope he says unfortunately the condition to the deal with his friend where that all the awful from the first year goes to his dogs which is so weird your dog doesn't give a crap oh my dog really only likes to do that I want any damn thing nobody likes the best down dehydrates waking up dehydrated and bread on the first day of the first Sushi I made its kind of beat up yes

I woke up the hell out of that Lucas

watch Frozen at like we're pretty much like in a k-hole right now at home you know I will get into this later but like and I have been able to test me recipes Chris Koller Santos the tofu block by fighting when they so much worse I have no kitchen I literally am moving permanently but what happened was removing across the street and the people who are buying my new apartment they don't want my you know commercial fryer my commercial hood am I a commercial range and all that stuff so I had to get out of the wall and I want to call out who it is they are relatives of mine and so so I had to rip it out with my bare hands so now

I'm I'm back down to dorm room skills I got a toaster oven but I also can I see you're only something can I can I see the most things what can I see you're everything at the Michael Buble like it's like the end of the world is coming with the blue blazer whatever whatever whatever whatever again now people now you know now you know

Jon Stewart Road in to cooking issues about a serious eats figure out when the serious eats a post question 1 this is what it is is it I forget what they call it they call it something what they called like a Turk know where they call it a rolled turkey turkey breast roll with the skin or not but you know you know that we baby actually you know what I like even before I had meat glue shot the pan back in the day you stood do Valentine's of chicken that were stuffed with kind of like a a dried fruit stuffing and I use to make those things constantly like in my twenties I thought was my go-to I used to love making that visits a different I think this Meek Mill's you know more info

a friend of mine he back music aquavit would turn any meat into a tube any any meet you Hannah me to turn it into a tube he would take him a lobster's Tournament of tubes, NG tubes chicken boob tube like the tube so much is that a cooked very evenly across a very good meat glue and rolling technique and was actually his formation of tubes that caused him to be here that are like like one of the top two they went back and forth Wiley and Mills on who is using the most meat live in New York City way back in the day so I can so we used to turn me no tubes consoling on the inside rolled up turkey breast with a skin around it that you low temp cook and then

try which is kind of the classical low temp classic mode in a simple fashion supposed to be skeletonized turkey nonsense that we do every once in a while I don't have a kitchen sucks the last time the last time I I did a major poultry project at the lab actually doing yesterday but it's on the 4th at a pressure cooker and it said it was Old Faithful of chicken grease everywhere I can picture that is I can smell it picture it right now in degrees Celsius for 4 to 5 hours and then deep-fry for most tender cuts like chicken breast and tenderloin I think you you meeting me recommend keeping the time shorter to prevent motion its thoughts on this and

you use for the time temperature of turkey breast supposed to all the questions first I'll answer them whatever whatever my tangent allow me to Rolling it and binding it with twine would this be a good application for meat glue transglutaminase to bind it together better if so how are you otherwise change the technique still rub it still rubbing his vices and spices interfere and or just be weird a better than the meat and question 3 if using transport and a switch when would you use i c r m a g s t i and y g o my hair so yeah I would use glue on this mean obviously you don't have to use meat glue

but then if you don't use me clue you don't have to tie it right there you go and then you can just roll it in make sure you get a you know a polyethylene only plastic wrap if you're going to use going to make the rolls with plastic wrap in the still on the cooking issues Block in the low temperature section there's a whole toriel blah blah on how to roll a chicken there and also examine show how to roll it make sure you use a non PVC one and smell the pot I would put the meat glue I don't really matters as long as you're not coating it with so much spices at the meet can't touch me I don't think it's going to really matter you can use RM

irm is what I usually use it to powder and you sprinkle it on because I don't know Nails would always say he hated the ones that were made into Pace cuz he didn't want a lot of water to the inside but if you have a lot of spices that you can use the GS which is a slurry and you paint it on and you can paint it on but don't pay too much and it's probably the one I let him with strength and then sprinkle the spices into the into the slurry and then roll it up and you'll be you'll be good to go with something like this you could actually you won't even have to actually have to wait for it to set normally you would wait for Selena said but as long as you're not cooking too high for hours or so or overnight as long as you're looking down here in the 60 degrees Celsius range you could very easily if he said it put it in the bath and as it Cooks through it will set won't be as strong as it would be if you let it sit in the fridge overnight but it'll be strong enough for the application that you have here and then you won't have any twine marks around it right that takes care of questions to and three right that's the question 1

all right look I'm sure Kenzie has access to all the same programs and databases that you know that I have and so his four to five cooking 45-hour cooking time at 60° is probably based on what look be roughly 4 in diameter cylinder right and so the issue is is that he's trying to get up to the actual temperature 60 in the center of a 4-inch diameter tubing that does take 4 to 5 hours however right if you look at his recipe so I'll say I'll give you the rest beer for those who that are instant you can look it up meme you know Serious Eats it's right there and 45 hours removing Runner cool running water transfer to a nice bath and chill for 5 minutes that's again old standard technique leaves to do to not overcook the inmates removed from the bag and an adenine congealed YouTube

baby Rich carefully and thoroughly Pat drive a paper towels transform or cylindrical shape if desired although I would swim after you fry after you fry in a large Walker Dutch oven to not feel more than one third of the way in order to allow for public me this place when he's over heating oil here because she's going to get a large temperature drops he put them in will not be fully submerged covering cook steak in a pan occasionally post battery dies a bit I would just a little over-the-top and roll it and the thing instead of having two like atoms or whatever but that what this is just about 2 minutes adjust the flame the position 350 and then using a large metal Ladle spoon Ohio there a flipping cook on the second Side based in the whole time so I guess he's covering it to get the temperature of you a lot faster by not having as much steam Escape that's must be what he's doing here but you're looking at a total cook time of 7 minutes

at 350 degrees and that is going to push the internal temperature of that nice crispy skin was going to push the interior temperature of the bird up considerably which is why he's only cooking to 140 degrees now 140 degrees is too dang elephant pictures of could probably about a hundred percent of the people who were going to eat turkey breast still going to have some of that weird translucent and kind of you to it and you would want it that way style 63 degrees or even Some people prefer 64 dark meat she looking at like 65 as the lowest really 66 Some people prefer if you do low temperature cooking you're careful and you brine it you can cook the white meat up that high but you know whatever you did to these are the general numbers of what you want to cook turkey to now in my opinion turkey meat that is cooked

for longer than about 2 hours low temperature it's not that it goes bad it's that it gets what I said the texture is not as good as if you taste it side-by-side with meat was cooked the same temperature of a shorter. Of time when you bite into it it has a little bit of string in his mushrooms and releases its water and in a way that I don't find as pleasant as I find one to two haven't been killed for as long as some people like that picture cuz I've done a bunch of side-by-side taste test back when I was in a teaching low temperature cooking back at the SEI but it's just not it's not what what I like what I would do and if you were to get one of these things like sous-vide a shovel or a polyscience sous-vide that dashboard where was called now one of these programs that allows you to check it if you could just increase the temperature of the cooking Water by a mere three degrees you would chop the time down to around under 3 hours if you were to then reduce the cylinder size from 4in to 3in you chop it down to low

2 + 2 in a fraction hours to get it cooked up to the temperature in the center right and that it seems to me is a good way to do it what I would do is do that and then ramp down the cooking temperature of Grass Valley or put it in ice water a little bit longer so you're not going to get an over cook when you put it in into the fryer it's going to be easier to drop that temperature a couple of degrees then it is to raise it without overcooking is that makes sense to us because anyways that's what I would do I cook it to a higher temperature and then drop it harder and then and then fry it without overcooking and I think that's going to be better if you special you want to make it for a quick Cross development so I wouldn't actually cool it in the bag or in the I wouldn't call it in ice water in the bag what I would do is cool it down till I would drop the temperature to Grass Valley to like 50 or 52 pull it out hot and let the steam flash off of the get the moisture flash off of the the bird maybe even hit it with it with a fan or hair dryer to put a pellet

the outside do not use a used hair dryer on on food by the way because you'll notice it throws little piece of burnt hair what happens when people are blow-drying their hair is a hair particles get sucked into the intake and then some of them make it in and then they get kind of slightly incinerated and then when you when you fired again occasional of fire out these little bits of half burnt hair particle crap that's what so ever blow drying my hair I hate blow dryers just call them like you know kind of food food dryers that are awesome at that like french fries everything but like the people trying to blow dryer on my head about to tell you doing my hair will dry my hair will dry and like I'm not going to get a cold going outside do not blow dry my hair that's one of the reasons I like you Star's real Santa you blow dry people out there they smell bad

don't use a used one so that's what I have but I forget what it is can you shoes

Napa Valley thank you for listening to the show in our industrial World highly processed food and wine for the values Heritage Radio Network all of a sudden change in Courage you to seek out individuality and Beauty in everything you eat and drink to learn more about us by. Com

and we're back one of the reasons why I hate Napa I hate it map of Napa Valley I like the freaking sun in Vineyards lines we live in New York I hate you

West Road in on Twitter said peanuts into peanut butter and what temperature is okay so the thing about peanuts thing about peanuts and you know what like that's probably the best one of the best song you know you're from that area is that why you don't like it. Johnson on east coast rappers matter okay with peanut butter is going to want a fairly high oil

scratch that leaves out the absolute royalty of peanuts God's peanut which is The Virginian peanut which is a variety of if you have not gone out and purchase high-quality roasted salted please get The Salted please for God's sakes get the Salted salted don't get any flavors on it though these guys who make these Virginia peanuts allowed on they make all these ones with flavor because I think that you need to flavor it. Virginia Peanut the texture of a Virginian peanut in the size and the way it explodes in your mouth when you bite it does not require any sort of crazy flavor and it requires Simply Salt and your mouth to eat a banana and a fist to shovel them in your face because that's what you're going to want to do with them by The Virginian peanut even though it is the best possible peanut that I've ever had by far like so far and away above any other elsewhere other than Virginia but they're just called Virginia peanuts and

that's where I get where I get most of my don't know where most of the ground but they cost more and there were that you was going to happen you're going to go and I hope you going to go on the internet I have but like but some people don't know they don't know go on the internet you going to look at it and you say why the hell does Pima cost so much and then you going to get it and you said it's oh so don't get those for a peanut butter but that's a waste anyway of the amazing texture and The Virginian peanut I think doesn't have a ton of a high oil content of you going to want something higher like Spanish peanuts or some like that in oil I would recommend roasting at your if you can make peanut butter you can put the salt in later so it's not a not a problem but everyone seems to say to roast it at 350 Fahrenheit converted to Celsius because I classes in Nyjah Panic like 15 or 20 minutes as opposed to in the Shell of a peanut board and all that

men's going for a 30 35 minutes of that same temperature 350 Weber they don't tell you the real secret of roasting a peanut butter if you have a peanut that doesn't have as much oil it's a simple matter when you're grinding nut butter to add a little bit of oil to it and we used to do it all the time when we are good friends since we would get California almonds no sense because I had some good ones why I see no labor his his a grandpa is in an almond farmer and he got some really good good enough good enough but the thing is that majority of the California almonds that you get are some variety that has a very low oil content because I guess I think that's what Americans want like it supposed to Marco knows where you can see the free like oil on them so delicious but they said that those nuts that is almost worthless to make up because that's all

even pecans with a fairly high will we would have to ask him whenever that we were making all the stuff we have to add some back it would save a little last batch and make it kind of like a trying to get a perpetual motion machine out of it and we used to grind it and then put in the Santa to get a really witches you know how much Melatonin should I kind of take all your Italy Italy you know like a doll everything away from from India and we used to get really good really really good textured nut Butters notice pain in the center for you to get even better awesome textured nut Butters if you want to put salt like do you like eating peanuts in the Shell I don't like not so much a fan of the yess shelter in shell peanuts everywhere everywhere right

yeah yeah but you don't want people to eat the peanuts on the subway like that though they're bad people but my point is is that you should not I don't like people eating at all I don't want to see people looking to take a sip of water no problem but I don't want like I don't know I don't want him saying people anyways my point is I don't like I don't like to I don't like you know what I really hate I hate the I hate like the like the takeout food container open in the subway in the entire Subway smells like take up next to me yesterday it's always like that I like vinegar sauces and stuff you can smell the fried good you can smell all over the thing or like Subway sandwiches

the messy people anyways it don't do it right side like like the peanuts in the Shell the worst and they're not salted I hate that hate that you want to stop the nuts before you roast them they'd simple kind of boneheaded way without technology used to just soak it in a salt brine for a long time then you know when some off a little bit and roast them right that'll work dehydrate first below roasting temperature because if you don't get the moisture back out before you roast it all you're not going to be able to get all the moisture out before it gets to Brown so you need to take him back down to normal kind of ambient moisture content at a loan on roasting temperature either in a dehydrator or on a super-low oven with it with the lid of split with the door open with that with a towel in a house

do if you don't have a dehydrator and let him really dry out before you roast it proper at like 3:50 baller really busy bilibili baller way to do it is to throw the peanuts and a Brine and whatever other flavors you want into your vacuum machine and do rapid infusion into the peanuts and you can Infuse them almost instantly so you don't have to wait for the stuff to soak through like you would with a normal bride that we have to wait hours for that for the brine to make it through then you could do you can make your Brian suck a huge vacuum let the air back in the brine I'll be pushing to the peanut dehydrate you know in a low oven until you break One open field make sure if you hydrated and then roast it off and you're good

mr. Dave Arnold Jeremiah bullfrog how are you what's up I just called to chat when can I get my hands on one of those searzall sir we are still making them by hand in the basement 54 Eldridge right now Piper as an Elvis glasses into his but yeah I literally that's what we were doing so right now we're we right now we only have a couple we only have a couple that were using for shooting cuz we're doing we're finishing the kickstarter shoot on Thursday and it's going to go up on on Black Friday Black Friday but miss your bullfrog you are definitely on the list

what you're saying is I have to send Santa Claus a letter and preparing my love for for all things that heat stuff up very hot like a question so technically in a food truck you're allowed to have the handle propane tank technically

is are you asking me or are you telling me cuz I sure as hell don't know how to get April yeah so where the kick-start I'll be over right around the Christmas time and then we're looking for a hopefully and really that soon but the ones that we make now you know the Proto ones are literally in the basement and show their budget and that but we're going to get them actually made you know for real and we don't know where were we have a couple Factory for looking at it but we're going to get them ready for you made in China in some basement by TLC I need help could possibly be made in India by small Indian else as well as

years was kind of the stainless the issue is that you know we can get fairly competitive price on like the high at the high-tech stuff like the like the insulation and the and the and the mesh that we use but stainless fabrication is just completely price out of existence in in the u.s. for this kind of a thing and so you know that's the kind of the traditionally you get a lot in like a lot of bar where is Made in India but over the past decade or so China is really kind of rocketed forward to challenge and I think of a superseded Indian terms of their stainless manufacturing at least in terms of what's imported into the US and the cookware department so it it's a question of which which one you're going to go to but it's just phenomenal you know the tooling cost and everything are phenomenally expensive and since we don't know that we can make enough of them to afford the initial kill on the initial cost on the tooling for a US operation on that

don't forget that we're looking to hopefully assemble here though she was going to exceed anything that I think you ever could have imagined you know your brother from your lips to God's ears but don't worry if you want to look old friend of a friend of you know at the French Culinary Institute so I believe I up in the lab at one point and also a few remember you were the one that made us test out whether or not I'd Ave syrup was indeed I did indeed make a difference in margaritas I'll be drinking margaritas it's going to just you know going to turn this class up a notch

I believe we were having cocktails during ICP and you did you could lay that theory on and I'm going to take it out of my own I'm a big Margarita fan and a fructose is interesting as opposed to sucrose in that its sweetness hits you right away and then leaves very quickly so what if you use agave

you're using something it's very high in fructose so when you drink a margarita you get a real hit a sweet right away but it doesn't linger where is the lime linger so you're not left with a client sweetness you're left with this kind of lingering lime flavor in the margarita there still some backbone of sucrose there from the Cointreau but like the initial kapow hit of the of the sugar that you've added is in a fructose form which what we thought seemed to work well and now the margaritas back in the day

alright alright well you're on the list when you get out of order it put an order in for margarita pizza and after the show just eat that for me so I feel like I'm part of the crib I'll tell you what we're going to do food and wine shoe but next week I will I will you'll be an official In Absentia crew member here and we will order a margarita pizza pound of for you

Hickory I picked you

all right now but wait time at Alex Road in last week about fryers and I gave a long spiel about how you know they might be the insurance in your house and that they could they could have safety issues and go and apparently

I've already purchased my new deep fryer for my email my house because it's kind of like who I am that's like you know whatever anyway so here's what he wrote back on the Burning Down The House prospects that would point so large deep fryer the home no longer appears to be a viable option as I've never seen a countertop deep fryer with recovery time for frying it looks like I'm back to stock pots and Dutch oven while the iron is appealing I've seen some sources online that iron will react with the oil degrade in the quality or imparting off flavors is there any truth to this yes also what is the chemistry oxidation going on in the fry oil that makes it break down and turn

before I before I get into it let me let me just say I looked around and there is I forget whether or not you said you lived in the apartment you live in a house right because of what one of the things I've always maintained is it if you live in a house with an outdoor space like that's where you should put your fryer right and there is a company from Homer Louisiana these guys are crazy crazy they're called R&V RMV like RV like recreational vehicle but not recreational vehicle a car and Ampersand V Works in Homer Louisiana their website is Cajun fryer., and these guys sell its intended for home homeowners warranty to the contender for home a real honest-to-god outdoor so got a cover on it a propane-fired tube deep fry

with a cold Zone it's freaking nuts it's awesome it's not even that expensive compared to other commercial stuff and it's meant for home so you're good to go just have to fire it up not inside these guys also have some insane a grills they also make a very crazy pressure smoker that looks like a giant autoclave and uses like verbally / Gladewater I don't think the pressure is that high I couldn't figure out why the pressure is how high it is and I could have calculated if I knew exactly the height of the water that they're pushing through to generate the pressure but I couldn't say whatever I couldn't do it but those guys are genuine making those fryers and so I would I would go to them another thing I should tell you is that I also forget whether or not you said that you're good with building things or not you remember remember stuff and remember what you can do is what you can do is build your own fryer and I've done this so what

are sweeter some basic basic math for you my fryer or the one I just threw it out but the fire that I had in the fryer that I'm going to get has approximately 90,000 BTUs for about 5 gallons of oil about 35 40 lb of oil and what that means is you're looking at around 18000 BTUs per gallon and that equals about 5.2 kilowatts that is a Freeman locked out of a as you rightly say home fryers they don't have really the ability to heat that much because you're looking at roughly 1500 watts Mack 1.5 kilowatts if you have a 220 circuit then you can you can probably boost at 2 about 3 kilowatts are you need to heat a full gallon of oil so here's what you could do if you're Handy by a temperature controller by to write you want you don't need PID you don't want PID bang bang control

something it turns the heater on and then turn the heater off when you're done okay scrap one of the strap a control bulb or a thermocouple directly to a heating & Go on get the longest you can eat 224 this not 110-220 hit the longest bendable immersion heater that you can get at the highest of power that you're 220 circuit can deliver right now you want to bet you got to get a pot you want to pop at all fairly tall for it's for its size right and then you going to put a a great a rack in it you going to put want to bend like special eggs for the rack so the racks it's fairly high in the pot right below that's going to be your cold Zone and then not only a couple inches give yourself then you're going to rest the tube heater the longest one you can do you bend it into a sign that fits into the pan the reason why you want it long as you want the long answer for the biggest

Seria posible you really have skills you can put fans on it but don't worry about it but ended up out you have a thermocouple that measures the oil temperature and then a safety One strapped onto it to shut the thing off and make sure it's bang bang Susan Boyle temperature drops you wanted to go on full force you don't want any PID action because it's going to slow down your recovery rate then you can do things like measure before you start frying with it how you could be careful if you're worried about Alexa to yourself don't do this if it's not safe it's just saying you can do at home anyways I've done it before and you can make a relatively decent deep fryer if you wear the cold Zone if you have if you're handy if you're not worried about things and it will go put course you are there because you if your wife doesn't have depression but it also doesn't want you to do to be bending tubular immersion heaters and and hooking them up understand whatever it took the project started shaking your head and saying that I'm a jerk back onto the pots even if you have dings in the enamel you're going to have some iron

is reactive it's not nearly as bad as copper copper is like the Ultimate Enemy maybe think about it what happens at the old commercial deep fryers were regular steel and not stainless and you get a layer of polymerization wailana steal that we just never go away and then that would that were trying to protect him from further degradation but in general you going to want to go stainless an animal should work fine you don't really care about how much heat is going to build up because you're using the thermal mass of the oil you're not really storing so much energy in the cast iron so I wouldn't worry about that too much so I would also recommend going online to little bit outdated and getting a PDF copy of Eagan press would you put up an American Association of cereal chemists fats and oils books free readable and they have a whole section on so you're basically from them what's going on is hydrolysis in the fat oil so water is coming out of the fat oil and the water effect of high temperatures is causing

breakdown of a fat into free fatty acids you know which are the other than cause oil breakdown and so you know hydrolysis from water as one of your enemies oxidation is one of your enemies in this stuff's accelerated at hired at a higher temperature of the oil molecules is another enemy and then also as you fry more especially higher temperatures on a pan you're going to have food particles falling to in pot rather get a food particles falling to the bottom since you are supplying the heat from the bottom the hottest part of the oil is exactly where you don't want it to be where all the settled crap is I'm so typically what happens is if you'll get very fast oil breakdown you also because you don't have a high enough power to recover fast enough your oil you're going to be constantly overheating it and even minimal overheating of oil is incredibly bad for for the life on the taste of the oil that you're using for frying so

that's just kind of a general range of kind of what's going on and how you're getting shafted like I said I found the best way to help yourself even in a home frying situation is to go to a commercial supplier go to someone who supplies restaurant and get commercial grade fry where they've added they've added antioxidants to it they've removed the fatty acid compounds that are the most likely to degrade quickly and they also they sometimes at antifoaming agent which also prevent people from breaking down and so though that professional fry oil is so much better than the stuff you get at the supermarket that that that stars not considered actually just buying a bunch of it selling it to people like like we know what we're doing because it's so much better

I got to buy in 5 gallon and commands so if you're using it you know relatively quickly stored away from light it shouldn't be a problem to come in plastic Cube they've come in like Square cardboard on the street by joint you know I got whatever place that use a lot of fires you'll see them on the on the curb there there is cardboard tubes with that with a plastic container in the middle of them and that's that's just fantastic so if you get a hold of that you have your fry games going to go up immensely right away when he says you should I add to my baby I want you to know this lady has a scarf over the baby's face is so she needs to step back but today by the way how to say that says we're going out today we were going to go to the food and wine and we're doing a Thanksgiving soup with Sears all right you're some sort of fancy text

what's a similar technique to the one that I did back in the day for the hamburger with the exploding catch up in the middle way back in the day but I'll give a little bit of a secret what we did is we made Parker House rolls that are filled with stuffing Sosa thin layer of Parker House roll with stuffing on the inside of the pretty good and remember I looked at the turkey and peroxide h202 to disinfect a turkey that's been cooked at low temperature from it was based on a blog post by Simon Cowell and field and I looked it up and the guy coated entire turkey bacon by the way I are freaking turkey is like a it's like a like a pie is like a lattice is like a lattice of bacon and I was not able to find any references to whether or not that would

affect the flavor of the meeting anyway it's used in water and it presumably it'll all you know it'll react and you won't get it but I don't know whether they like the extreme oxidation reactions are going to do anything to the flavor of the scanner that I wasn't able to find any references and since I don't have the kitchen I wasn't able to just soak a piece of chicken or something in h202 and then cook it off and see whether there is any residual effects but rest assured we will try this at some point I feel like we got one more question and stuff over flavors and reheat a chicken and then kisses marinade baked or pan fry this question what you do is is store store the product away from oxygen it's it's oxidation is oxidative rancidity is causing the warmed-over flavor so you can reheat gently

and in zippies Ziplocs that you have gotten all the oxygen out of and then just hit it with high heat the Chris Ball for do do whatever you want but your enemy there is storing it allowed to cool and rest Inn in contact with oxygen in the air and remember to get your Thanksgiving questions in because next week is just before Thanksgiving cooking issues

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