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Episode 147: Mocktail Tales

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I'm in the studio right and we are joined in the studio by maybe it's maybe because I started last week with twin you know about this be if I didn't realize but you know it's okay we'll have I got east west coast rap battle thing go on or something something something like that but yeah a newcomer in the oven

great are you all right it's the first time cooking related questions will be here to answer your questions for the next 45 minutes over the years I've never been to his bar because I've never been to Brazil I like to go to Brazil you been in the world in Brazil I have I have whole text books on crazy different fruits of Brazil technically it's called like light blue cover and all the pictures of the fruit are on

dislike weird grid system that's like light blue and like they're all crazy colors and some things they look like fruit mean like honestly there like that they see no like if you were going to come up with an alien movie you would look for the fruits in the Streets of Fire Brazil book and then that thing I really like about the book love him about it is that very hard to get actually you can get it at the fruit and spice Park in their gift shop in South Dade and there's a couple of Hawaiian fruit tree suppliers and sell it but the back all exotic fruits in the Apple Apple ID but I mean by sadek is not from Brazil

Skippers a Christian band the band the history of the history of the Christian heavy metal band hello in China in here to-day what is your opinion about the importance of non-alcoholic drinks on bar menus and you are view what makes a great alcohol-free drink and what just doesn't work can you give a few examples of interesting drinks at work for you in the past at events or Booker and Dax either high or low Tech and what are a few solutions that you try to use to mimic / of 15 for the taste or flavor a cake of booze and a non-alcoholic drink yours example from Darcy only Elsa Garcia Neal is the author of the book fix the pumps and kind of did you know I would say you know one of the leaders in that kind of soda soda jerk soda pump

what's it called Adam Resurgence in the past couple of years and he's a nice by train that he has an excellent blog called The Art of the drink what you should look up and fix the pumps it's kind of like that classic small workman's Smock and I so consequently you know he spends a lot of time because you know the soda fountain movement went hand-in-hand kind of with the temperance movement people wanted to go out and do things and it kind of have fun you know in an area where they weren't legally and sell soda fountain is kind of the golden age of the non-alcoholic mocktails kind of a situation right so I had to recommend that you go by 6 if you haven't already purchased and he has an interesting post me to look up his cognac oil and what it is steam distilled

like wine Lee's I guess when the fermentation that they do and sit in Darcy says it is kind of like a really good thing to add non-alcoholic cocktails to give something on of mocktails whatever kind of bad name after I always hate to say I don't like saying mocktail I don't like I don't like the term I don't like that you're being mocked for not having alcohol so it's kind of a drink yeah it's bad it's like it's like not a good turn someone needs to come out the first person I'm sure he said my feels like Piper who's the king of Pain by the way I don't know but you know Piper kind of king of Palms Casino that's that's beneath you write a freaking genius and now it is de facto the term for a non-alcoholic cocktails

I mean shrimp cocktail near feeling but the crappy crappy Pete pre-packed shrimp cocktail like horseradish ketchup makes like a crappy shrimp plastered into a parfait glass this week like I would much prefer to have a very nicely made cocktail sauce and then dip a well-cooked chilled shrimp into it rather than have it all kind of pretty blond into into into a crappy glass bong

pick up trim I hate that what about when you bite into it you have that little bit of green is cuz it wasn't fully thawed what about the one where they saw it too much water in it inflates with with a freshwater and then starts dripping everywhere everywhere is a favorite so massage massages back back in the studio but still at the dealing with whatever they are the aftershocks were the telephone calls yet everything okay yes it's relatively nice and sweet and everything okay here is Darcy's recipe for aromatic cognac syrup 5 oz of the alcohol wise if it's a weird word write the alcohol lies the alcohol wise white wine I don't know why when I went into wine white wine

I don't know why because I'm stupid 4 tablespoons of wine jelly for tablespoon sugar seven drops cognac oil would you can get on Amazon by the way I don't know the quality or not three drops of chamomile essential oil three drives a green peppercorn essential oil into teaspoon glycerin protector the aroma is that make you think that there's alcohol in there and then some of the biting bracing nature. I haven't gone that far into it and remember we did a real estate we're doing a school project years ago I'm not going to do that my cocktail book but I mean like today this is a people out there this is the classic stuff that this is the reason why I yell at nastasha on air sometimes it makes me look like a bad guy because she'll sit here and make a face like I'm like a Taskmaster ogre saying that we should make

play some point we visit starting an incredibly fun project so yeah so that makes me the jerk anyway so the big jerk now and I we had some payday idea school project is is that you know we we take pictures people doing a Scandinavian ritual the school where they do a cheers with aquavit or any Schnapps and do the shot and you look in someone's eyes you take the break and then you look back and say we did this trip take pictures in those funds from Friday we had some people we wanted to school who didn't drink alcohol and so then one of our problems will how do we mimic that are mimicked ones were kind of bad you wanted him to taste like aquavit so it was Caraway infusions and then to make that like kind of a shot of aquavit add Menthol to it like Menthol crystals remember a couple years ago and everyone we were we were some of those people everywhere

they made that kind of Menthol face Menthol face I didn't like the piper and I have done some non-alcoholic drinks that we want to put on the on the menu there's a couple of things that you need for a non-alcoholic drink it can't be as sweet as soda if it is sweet as a soda can you feel if they're getting a soda sodas are generally in the range of about 10% Sugar by weight around 10 brakes somewhere between 9 1/2 and 12:12 like a toothache but if it there's a lot of complaints going on to compete at high what you needn't sometimes do is tell him back the sweetness of because most cocktails like they are in fact less sweet than that if they're carbonated now I non-carbonated cocktail can be that sweet but it's counteracted by the fact that there is alcohol in it which is going to cut from the sensation of the sweetness

the issue is you want to do things on the dry side that's why tonic water is so fantastic because the quinine in tonic water cuts the sweetness perception tonic water typically a little less sweet and then it's on the left side of a rocking around nine and a half percent Sugar by weight for all you freaks out there so I think adding bitterness back the other thing is if you can make something incredibly fresh even if it would kind of be considered as a soda if it doesn't feel like a soda because it's entirely new and different from anything anyone's had before and you can dial back the sweetness a little bit VT stand for Piper and I clarified sell my watermelon juice a while back and made a very kind of light and then adding lime to it and with the PO in its appeal ads have the essential oils with fresh peel with takes it less out of the soda room and into kind of the cocktail and did a carbonated watermelon soda that would have been good as a as a non alcoholic drink

strawberry soda with freshly clarified strawberry juice that it has a huge Punchy flavors but not overly sweet no one would confuse that for a yellow commercially made soda and so they would appreciate that the Karen time have been made in India put into it for pork to be kind of registering as soon as I took like a worthy of the same feelings as an alcoholic drink if you can tolerate small amounts of alcohol you're doing it just because you don't want to drink and drive then you know you can add all kinds of bitters which have alcohol in it to like we make a hops bitters hops tincture actually you can add that I'd like the real feeling that you're having kind of a beer anything to without having a beer if you are if you can if you don't want anything at all alcohol at the makes it a little more difficult than you can only do things like entering agents in spices and not actual Bitters and pictures that are made with us and all but mean it's only if you're being very strict Because the actual amount of alcohol you consumed is less than you would consume from eating for instance anything that are fermented

what is the meaning of sniper that I'm missing here I don't really drink soda but I like sanbitter so it would be way to the base of Campari with bittering agent and all of a sudden it becomes more adults and lemons a good one it's kind of like you know kind of like tonic but with more oils dispersed in it so it's cloudy but got bitterness and it's more grown-up this is us later this week will be more grown-up anything like that like ass and Bitters or no making it would be kind of good I think a good choice also if you just want to make yourself some Campari and soda Fizz that is delicious next question

simulate alcohol you going to need to stimulate the trigeminal sent his kind of and I am not a fan of Szechuan button to things like that to do it but there are sugar alcohols like me Summer cooling on the pallet that you might want to use and things like you babes have a cooling effect there's also like in a certain herbs like teradon can have kind of credit criminal sense kind of but something's going going on

any Shepherd rights and has a new vegetarian book that he on the iTunes and you have the title of it doesn't have the title of it I don't have the title of it is a new digital cookbook on the iTunes called vibrant vegetarians I'll check that out haven't had a chance to read again and see what see what's going on inside Brent at the katarian Everyone likes alliteration you know that in the old days you know before English was a strictly alliterative and non rhyming you know the same face on it kind of a very complex structure of meter and alliteration like old school Beowulf is brilliant eligible but makes you Pine for the days when alliteration was kind of the way to go and we still have that sense of alliteration in our language I spy rap in American English sound so off

especially American English without that are flat or flat pronunciation of everything that's why rap is so amazing here in America and when you ship it to me no offense to MC solaar but I mean you know French no offense to French rap but you know you're not in a anyone with me hear listen to much French rap but maybe you can make me a mixtape for something like you know what is not as cool as like alliteration it's like it's like Bale will sounds a lot like we got there.

I think that's the first time I can't remember spend in 25 years. Dry ice I use dry ice for number culinary applications for fast freezing carrying Aroma Etc I also don't currently have access to liquid nitrogen pity pity

but in the UK it's not all that easy to get hold of dry ice it isn't widely available so generally have to order it and reasonably large amounts at least 10 at a time that's 22 pounds are you us folks out there which is inconvenient and quite expensive get this paper eighty bucks for 10K 80 bucks he says he has a little key set for a pound so you could do it we must have been the conversion for us especially if you are cooking for small numbers of people at a time I wondered if you had any experience with producing your own dry ice for culinary uses I see online if some equipment is available for making dry ice he's basically you seem to be simple things which attached to CO2 tanks do you think these might be a good route for making small amount of dry ice around a kilogram of the time in a more affordable and convenient way also do you think something like these bits of equipment couldn't be made it home rather than bought I know David was very handy with this kind of DIY stuff and also self-proclaimed Cheapskate so I'm hoping you'll have some

all the best Eddie Shepherd okay so what you're looking for here yes I have guess I had them as you're looking for something called the Joule Thomson effect and affect the mentally is that most gases will most real gases when they expand you know rapidly and don't give off don't have the time to give off heat to the environment will chill and in fact so much so that you can convert CO2 at room temperature to buy dry ice because member dry ice doesn't want to exist as a liquid in at atmospheric temperatures and atmospheric pressure is rather just wanted to this is liquid so here's how here's how it works there people on the internet to say that you can make dry ice by taking a CO2 fire extinguisher putting a bag over it and then squeezing the trigger for a while and then chilling the stuff off and you pray

we can make some dry ice Safeway however this is extremely inefficient process right so that what the what the items are what you need first of all is a siphon tank so in the US are sold as 50 lb CO2 cylinders with a siphon what that means is there's a tube extending from the top of the tank all the way down to the bottom so that the pressure on the top from the gas is foreseen the liquid through the two and you're actually spraying until it depressurize did you spring liquor up liquor liquid CO2 out of the out of the tank so that's the first thing you need is a siphon tank II tanks are also good if you're going to feel a lot of your own CO2 tanks you know it's good to have a siphon tank if it's easier to fill out of a siphon tank trust me

the other thing you're going to want to do it is the wasn't them that their commercial wants you screw a brass valve on that can handle the high pressures right and then that brass valve is designed to more efficiently expand a CO2 and convert the maximum possible amount of it into dry ice there's an attached to that as a snow in that sack now there's various and that's the cheapest one that's like a hundred bucks at 1 and then there's various what kind of levels above that that and you can make it yourself from the valve once you on the valve and you possibly can make the value self but I don't know I don't want it I haven't done it so I don't want to get into it but then they they kind of Route it through a wooden box or a plastic box and then that the dry ice in packs into the box and compresses itself into a brick and then you can make a brick that way I'm sure that once you have the the Joule Thomson valve scenario thing that you could modify it from a sack collector does the snow is kind of a pain in the butt goes away quickly to a brickmaker

here's the downside this is an inherently inefficient procedure so first of all you know if you look for GMAT from Bel art in the US makes they caution you that it's really really only converting the liquid once once you're out of liquid you're not really converting that much more into dry ice and the amount of liquid in your tank is not the same as they wait till at atmospheric normal cylinder at you know at regular room temperature only like 2/3 of that a little more 70% of that is probably liquid in the rest is a form of compressed gas on top so already out of 50 lb cylinder your yield is down to snow 70% of that now taken to that that on your other uses base you said you're the best you're ever going to get is about forty-five forty-six percent of the weight of the CO2 that you spray out of it as dry ice last of that 70 less than 50% of its going to turn into dry ice

everything is suckers loud me put this sucker is not quiet and I mean it cuz you're you're opening a tank and spraying it out as fast as you can as loud irritating you don't want to do it at a bar or in your living room at night feel dangerous and certain ones are at are much less efficient than others so the thing is you got to figure out how much is it going to cost usually on a 50 lb cylinder you don't buy it you rent it and so you have a rental fee on the cylinder and then let's say it's a 50 lb cylinder at let's say that 70 let's say you get a third of 70 is like what's 72 / 3 5 / it's like 20 like 25% lights at 25% so 1/4 of 50 going to get like 12 12 12 and a half pounds of dry ice out of a 50 lb cylinder so then the question is how much

sing for the cylinder if your if your pay the good news about the cylinder is it that you can keep it there for 8 year 9/8 years because you need to rehydrate that for you to keep it there forever and then make the drive when you need it and there's no sublimation of the dry ice when you know make it when you need it so there's no lost that way but you have to figure out like what your overall cost would be to buy more than you need have it sublimate use it and then had to go away for a day is you know you know you're going to get 12 lb of of CO2 out of this tank and I was dry ice out of the tank and then is it cost-effective and I just don't know I haven't done the math in a while but I remember when I broke my dry ice maker I didn't buy another one if that's any indication as much if you have a walk-in fridge yeah you should before you make the dry ice the cold or your cylinder is the higher the yield you going to get out of it because the more of the product will be liquid different color

are you on the air questions will ask you on the comment last weekend have you ever had become available from Vietnam and like the last 18 months or so. The reason is because the taste test that I had done was before that stuff was available and then so when I thought taste test I just went back into my mind of the old taste test and it wasn't in that lineup because it wasn't available yet but yeah that's that's excellent all right I was just curious about that and then

my actual question I made the full modernist

chicken taco maker 3 ago and it came out fantastic but it took me a hundred years to actually fry all the ground chicken for the amount of stock I was making his act act my interpretation with the recipe says to do protocol from someone out of your of crying and deep fry by forget who originally came up with the African who originally came up with the idea but yeah okay go ahead

put on a homestead when I've got a pretty good homes though the time to actually deep fry several pounds of ground chicken I mean it went on forever if I put the ground chicken on sheet pan in the oven can I get somewhere close to the same effect and how much oil and time I am your first get the time and temp I wouldn't flat so much I think like the whole of the benefit of the deep fry on the grind is that you're getting maximum surface area of stuff that's brown and so I would kind of leave it as fluffy as you can and then I would put them on like as many pants you can fit in your oven and just Panem in and I would do like whatever you know you don't want you to do the trick if you don't want to Scorch it so I would probably do somewhere in the range of 3 seventy-five 400 Fahrenheit sorry you're a turn my oven in Fahrenheit somewhere in that range and let the let the stuff roast

you would a normal bone I don't think it's going to require that much High although you probably could go higher because it's so small that mean the ground but I would still stick in that range just because I don't think it's going to be necessarily beneficial to crank it to 500 to 550 and there's no reason to go lower so I would I would be somewhere in that 375 to 425 range if you have a convection that'll help blow some of the moisture off and get it Browning faster but I would definitely leave it kind of fluffed up because the whole concept of that recipe is too it to get Browning on the maximum possible surface area of a product

I will give that a shot in my next go thank you very much for tweet me in at at cooking issues and tell me how it worked

I will I will thank you so much I hate you

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Court typer thinks I was from Vermont Vermont

it's the New Hampshire of next door people who people who are from the northeast of the of the United States might not know that you think that Vermont New Hampshire which are basically identical structures like flipped and then stuck next to each other like they look identical to each other just kind of flipped and forend and glued together that these guys they don't like each other so much it's kind of like it's kind of like they don't like you were from different parts of Pangaea it's not it's not the same place at all I mean physically they look the same just flipped Ryan me for my looks like an upside-down New Hampshire or vice versa yeah and they're both literally right next to each other like a doppelganger yeah but New Hampshire has no laws

seat belt laws Live Free or Die right now Live Free or Die turns out that whether or not you live for you eventually will die interesting Michael machen rights in a was enjoying the farm to toilet a discussion we had yet last week because they both girls club and Piper this is regarding their overindulgence in Jerusalem artichokes last week which you know if Casey of course we know she didn't hear last week's true samurai shows contain very very large quantity of a non digestible polysaccharide called inulin and when you eat a large quantity of inulin you if you have Painful bloating tooting phenomena going on for a good long time and I was laughing because they just read the Curious cook they would have known this beforehand and both Piper in this

Sasha for lunch decided to just inulin themselves like straight up the Wazoo if I'm remembering it right Lewis and Clark had to over Winton over win over winter with the Mandan Indians for two years in a row in The Frigid Minnesota winters they were stuck inside the teepees for months at a time and guess what the main source of food was yep Jerusalem artichokes can you imagine me a Roma compared to that the two of you were probably like a field of daisies so you can tell Dave to quit his whining Michael natkin nice nice a good guy is going to have the kick-start a launch for the Sears

Thanksgiving when everybody is supposed to go out and consume people here in the US for the Christmas season Kickstarter on air for this year's all on Black Friday for launching at Thanksgiving the next freaking day is the next freaking day

I'm sure your mom knows it is the next day I'm just breaking on you anyway but whatever I say anything flavors like my mom was a great freaking out as far as the human body is concerned it's not the next day till you wake up that's why I can pull an all-nighter you like your calendar get messed midnight on Black Friday we haven't decided yet whether we're going to run it to Jan 1 or whether we're going to kill it on the 26th of December every sided 24th why would you do that

MLB on Kickstarter so if you have a problem when you're at home I offend you don't have access to very very high intensity heat source to do things like finish low temperature meets there any anything like that so normally allow what a lot of people do which I think is a horrible idea is the use a torch and when you use it towards you create all sorts of off flavors in in the food that there we call it we call it and it smells and indeed you know Ariel UC Davis did some GC mass spec for us and show that in fact you are creating kind of secondary compounds when the super high intensity high heat flame from a torch at it cause he's kind of off flavors so we developed and have a patent pending on this little device that turns the heat from a torch into a 3in like infrared infrared

trailer kind of that you can hold in your hand and so it makes kind of very quick work of that it's all so you know reheat pizza is whatever do whatever you want I like to finish steaks it does great work on scallops is the only way I would ever cook foie gras ever again I would never cook for I brought any other way ever actually a higher heat intensity than a salamander Broiler like it because it's not really for like very like heavy duty used in a restaurant because it's small and you have to hold it while you're working with your years we have a patent on the on the technology so like we could build a huge one it would be like the world's most insane you know Grill if we wanted to but that's done one comes out and it's not totally finished right you can finish it like in a spot finish things or if your ends on Monday and you have like one particular thing you want to do it either one I like at being there a hotline you can finish something right there

or if you doing catering events or are you know you're at a picnic and you wanted me to test you can carry around and just put like a nice flame on kind of smaller things out of a good tool for that right now and I liked it better for things that I don't like it like it's worse was more powerful than a heat so it's converting a torch to this other thing and you can take it off and use your torches normal or you can put this on and in music like a searzall I like it better than it's more powerful than something like a heat gun torch you know what he was going to make bad taste keep going to be okay but he has much more kind of focused and smaller and it's not it's not as powerful and the big thing I don't like about it he gun is got to go to court on it I hate having to have cords on stuff and I'm using it and it kitchens really irritating anyway so we're going to kick start that thing and have we agreed on the on the kind of what we think it's we should not talk about price or anything like that right now yet not so hungry I could beat the deal is it that we need a pretty good insurance for this

Giants and we're going to have to go get it manufactured right now Piper and I go down to the basement of Booker and Dax lab and weld all these suckers by hand and we don't intend to do that no product need that we can so we're still working on figuring that out but we're going to do it you can see it on Al Jazeera America for the booker and Dax lab if I was saying what's going on I have a question in that's basically what does the trans fat ban mean for the mass marketers of things like Suites in can

everything that has lots of trans fats in him it's just probably it's probably going to be a cost increase when I would say that that's about it there's no business of the fat doesn't change the functionality of the fat the transmissive the see what the deal is is that when you you know when you re making break double bonds you can do it in in in a way where where they the citizen trans has to do with what side of a of a double bond they were the substitute in Chains are on cyst meanings on the same side and transmitting it's on the opposite side and so the sickness are transmitted doesn't affect really things like their temperature at which the fat melts or anything like that that it affects me

the effects more how your body reacts to it and so the it's in the manufacturing of fats that they produce you know of things like Crisco and Other Stories that they produce these trans fats so all you have to do is then get rid of the trans fat or do another process to isomerized them to Trend and so are all I can for cereal is a price may be a price increment and not a functionality and commit that makes sense from the hammer and massages Twitter handle is hammer and Hammer video looks at it

nice all right guys in there for all day what to who is Jack or whomever else there may be there this day so it's up whomever don't be trying to put some more precise / modern tools into the plan we have a six-burner gas range and I want to expand my options my wife is reluctant to give up the storage or the counter space but she's open to a flat top perhaps even a 24-inch Accu steam griddle if I can find one in good shape I can sing good after that he was going to say it's like a sandwich layer stainless steel griddle to have water in the inside and it has an extremely fast recovery rate everyone has it in a short-order situation loves it because the recovery rate is almost instant and everybody respects him if things are great the only downside of them is that they they can fail to their pressure vests

I need repair and Repair on an actress named is expensive so if you talk to people who don't make me other Grill suppliers near like what about acuse de Sol that's just my my to my two cents but they are good product while they look fun and then can release my inner short-order cook at the accustream I don't know how much usually get in the world where a fry pan or two will usually do you know what another good thing to get any sort of like a prom with most riddles as they don't have a super they're not really high heat enough Nate and they don't heat up quickly enough in my house I have a an actual gas-fired electric 1/2 garbage a gas-fired Krampus crepe maker which is how wise is 18 inches my hands

24mm 18 24 inch cast iron top heats up too if I needed to to 615 can Throttle Down to You Know down to low enough temperature to do pancakes or even lower and it's super fast and it's fairly Compact and it's on the counter gas fire thing is awesome they're hard to find here in the US but next time you're in France they're not that expensive in France and you can't get the tickets cost twice as much as I do not know how much I will get to use a griddle where a fry pan RTV usually do instead I want to push away with good on that crepe maker is razor clams razor clams Poncho style to deep fryer I've been okay with frying on the range top so the small batch is consistently adjusting the temperature recover them and then not overheat them can be a pain to a better solution is sought I have heard you mention to become a master over the fry you need a real fryer true true my wife's cancer

when is the safety Maintenance Cleaning requirements and how big it should be to be useful assuming I use equality fry oil and you should get commercial fryer oil by the way commercial what kind of Life can I expect out of the oil how often does it feel to replace how should be stored besides a type K fire extinguisher are there any other safety precautions you recommend any features I could see any other advice on whether or not a fryer too good idea thank you keep up the good work no question that a deep fryer is a good idea it's unquestionable cooking Sandpoint let me put it this way there's no question oil last in a home environment for a tremendously long time if you ignore you filter it regularly I just keep it in the fryer and cover it completely so there's not exposed to air or light so that you're not getting light base oxidation or a lot of oxygen oxidation the top of it and it lasts for a long long time and you can just test it in between fries with that we like a piece of bread to taste to see whether the oil is starting to get that card Gordy rancid taste but because you're using a tube fryer and all the stuff sinks to the bottom and the last a long time

stainless steel pot and you're good like the old iron ones are oranges good for keeping any way your wife is a hundred percent right these are all completely not necessarily safe in a home environment or not waiting for home environment only put it this way this might avoid your homeowners insurance if you have a fire based on having a deep fat fryer in your commercial deep fat fryer in your house your homeowners insurance my people I let me say that again your homeowners insurance might be void I also if you're not set up to battle of fire for my fryer or you don't know how to use a fryer or you're going to freak out of his fire this is a dangerous proposition ice I will point you at these YouTube thing look up MythBusters water on oil fire right and they have awesome slow mo images of them dumping a cup of oil into the fire and showing what happens by the way why you don't ever have a deep fryer next to a stove because you might spill oil into something and then what happens is is it the water instantly vaporized

will is split say you're when you're using a fryer you should never ever but you should never leave it if it goes over hot if thermostat breaks and it goes into run away, run away once the oil Auto at nights and then it's something like water hits it after it's Auto ignited then your misting it is the water hitting it will cause tiny oil droplets to be at me or sprayed into the atmosphere like a like a like a like a aerosol that aerosol will ignite into a fireball right here the other problem about fire extinguishing an oil fire if you fire extinguish an oil fire on if you have oil that just spills out of the fryer and hits a heating element and ignite sure then you can you can hit it with that with a type K fire extinguisher it's not going to be a big problem if you have thermal runaway and your entire batch 30 lb of oil is at Auto ignition temperature and you spray it what you're doing is your spring to oil with the with the with extinguisher you're spraying

Adams Auto ignition temperature all over your kitchen where it will then again a good night as soon as you release the fire extinguisher in less you have enough fire extinguishing power to like kill it completely cool it down with his wife that ansul systems and in an ansul system the group that they spray out of your ansul system is especially saponified the fat so that it doesn't reignite after it stops and it put the suppression blanket on top of your fryer for like 20 seconds please look up pyro chem kitchen Knight 2 Fire test demonstration and fern extremely boring boring but you go through them an ansul r102 suppression system vs. dry chemical extinguisher on YouTube special that second one ansul r102 suppression system vs. dry chemical extinguisher and you can bet it really boring go to the interesting part you can see a firefighter spraying a dry chemical extinguisher on a thermal runaway Auto ignition oil temperature fire from a friar and the disastrous

salt contains also for a good laugh look up William Shatner turkey fry because William Shatner has a say I love fried turkeys to taste my taste I love it but then he has like garage melting down from someone putting a poorly thought-out and or too much oil in it so check that stuff out for my cooking standpoint are the best lazy Faire the air hey David 90-60

for a long time in the oven right

but initially he misses the bird with hydrogen peroxide and I've never heard of anyone doing this why did he bleach the turkey

because he says he's going to cook it at a low temp so he wants to completely remove the chance of any like bacterial growth especially botulism since the process will break down into oxygen and help help keep botulism from growing and the protocol sucker up and we'll talk about it we still have time before Thanksgiving next week Rite hydrogen peroxide on the bird is an oxidizer it just kills things it said

yeah it doesn't work based on a city it works based on like literally like ripping things apart yes I'll look that up an end and what was will try to see if we can figure out what's going on I mean I would I would prefer to use kind of a slightly nitrided salt and get that cured case rather than use a bright hydroperoxide but I don't know I'll go buy some hydrogen peroxide with dump it on and I don't know if I have time because I work on the kickstarter but I'll definitely get back to you next week in Toronto right to cooking issues team any recipes involving powdered gelatin consistently asked that first be hydrated then heat it up to questions as long as there's enough water won't the gel in hydrates and heats up anyway and to what temperature must one hit the mixture in order to mail to set gel and thanks keep up the good work Allison Toronto actually they don't tell you to add to the cold water to hydrate it there they're putting you into to swell it so that it can disappear

please leave before you hydrated what they're worried about is that you add the gelatin powder to a hot liquid and it forms clumps and then take a lot longer to dissolve the reason that doesn't happen in Jell-O powder is because there's so much sugar separating the gelatin that easily disperses in hot water okay but the blooming as it's called is not a hydration any type of colloid that you used and gelatin even notice protein is classified as a hydrocolloid is usually a two-step process dispersed which is what you're doing with the blooming process getting them swollen but yet not glued together and then hydration by Heating and gelatin hydrates what like what 140 smile at Fahrenheit is pretty low

Patrick Patrick Watson on hands you're cooking issues gang I'm thinking of trying to cure ham in a location Upstate New York is low and sometimes high temperatures dip below the freezing point for 1/4 to 1/3 of the Year this excludes a completely ambient curing aging process but I'm thinking of providing just enough to keep the temperature above freezing to do a semi Ambien hand and then let it age for a long time at least over two summers with the temperatures are still still relatively mild I don't have a desire to produce a facsimile of another place is ham instead want to do something that stands on its own you think in general is an okay idea or is it simply not a good idea to send me I'm being have most likely on smoke outside the traditional hand belt alignment done you describe the four completely Ambien seems out of the question also are there any detailed references in English you would suggest for him. Hearing I have a copy of Fidel told his dry cured meat on the way and Paul Bertolli Put Me by hand as a really good description of its own prosciutto method not looking that tastes like its own unique climate and geography all the best look this up dry curing Virginia

dial hand Virginia Cooperative Extension by Norman Marriott it's about Virginia ham butt talks about the general procedure how to pick out a hand properly for curing I don't necessarily agree with all his trimming procedures that goes into salt levels I think like this when he actually an advocate of the bags out here and it's probably good for curing small amount of him rather than the box here where you're layering lots of hands on top of each other too bad for you add the specific amount of salt you need to the particular ham wrap it and then you know you overhaul a couple of times but it's no easier to get to get right I think that you have a good idea I don't think it's going to be a problem as long as you keep it from freezing if you have it in a semi control place and you can't remember a lot of the smoked hams that we know we have a new overtime come from more Northerly places were freezing is a possibility and so many things wrong your fires to keep them from freezing among other things and so I think that should that should work great and I'm look mad I love to try in Upstate New York style ham Samy Ambien

7 a.m. Ian ham your aging temperatures like the reason that the country hand my feeling is taste the way they do Southern Country hams is the very high humidity high temperatures that they experienced in the summer time and most of your aging most of that kind of funky next meeting is going to happen during the summertime's last week we had in a caller asking about sodium ferrocyanide insult and I always have and I rode in with the with the actual theater sheet from Morton saying that there can indeed be there and it's not going to hurt you first of all sodium ferrocyanide it's not 2% it's 20 mg per kilo of salt is the maximum allowable amount in in European Standard anyway which is like .00 IBEW the math what's 8.002 percent of sodium ferrocyanide and sodium ferrocyanide ferrocyanide is a is a bunch of cyanide

around a an iron atom and iron Bond so well with the Sinai that takes an acid stronger than stomach acid to release hydrogen cyanide gas and so sodium ferrocyanide is relatively non-toxic you need to consume a whole bunch of at 4 for it to hurt you and there is not an excuse me there's not that much within there anyway but indeed it is there so it's not 2% it's 20 mg per kilo which is very very very low

Chris Chris Koller rights in his written like collard like holler like kristalla but it's about 6 months now I'm continually amazed with how long it lasts laughing Quantified days without drying out molding or showing see significant drop in quality my first assumption was this bread is 77% hydrated and that's playing rolling laughing longer I recently did a side-by-side of 77% Levain bread and $0.70 for hydrated no knead bread with commercial use in a traditional kneaded bread at 77% hydration with commercial use all 3 razor made in the standard country style the red met with the van with a clear winner and lasted a week but a slow decline in quality Bonita bread lasted for days and then no knead bread was shot after 2 any thoughts on what's going on at the follow-up I recently got a Wood-Fired oven I'm trying to convert a mini fridge into a proofing chamber so I can hold pizza dough is 65 Fahrenheit for extended periods of time I can't imagine being too difficult of the scope of my scientific knowledge

in the world of medicine not engineering that's why I'm offering intimidated by the smallest electrical project risk color as far as the first thing yes stay sourdough technique especially on whole grain breads like when a man is has a radical effect in a positive way on the steiling properties of of those appoint you to this article in food microbiology from 2007 called the impact of sourdough on the texture of bread and there's a couple things going on the acidity from a Sourdough starting is caused directly causing some of the anti stealing things by how it affects the way enzymes are breaking down starches during the fermentation process and also probably due to their effect on the gluten in general which they say can affect staling although I'm not exactly sure how I'd have to go read the whole article the other thing is is that the lactic acid bacteria that are growing in a sourdough starter

make their own extracellular a cellular polysaccharides which can lead towards can be poured and by stealing effects and also break down other things like proteins and other things that are more present in whole grain bread and so a Sourdough plus a whole grain bread is probably vastly Superior from stealing technology but just go read the impact of sourdough on the texture of bread I went to go look for my copy of the bread Builders which I think also even though it might be out of date is very good book on that style of bread but it's already been packed cuz I'm moving very soon I'm kicked out the air in a second John wrightson hey Dave and Sasha the crew I had a question about Ginkgo specifically the evil female tree for a while my wife and I had to get go on a block and collect the seeds for a brief moment to dry out the seeds for Chinese date we wanted to try but unfortunately soon after the process of separating the softer flesh of the sea from the intercede we found during the process that the fruits contain a camper

2nd and Passyunk you wish you all the stuff from from from Poison Ivy in a few days following that tree is long gone but I do see a lot of the trees dropping their stink seeds around New York City now I was wondering if I was Brave or crazy enough to Brave the stench and collect them again is there a way to neutralize idea that you know the dermatologically impaired product which I will not try to put out again before trying to get the seeds to avoid getting poison oak side effects again while the Freshies were good I'm not sure the risk or effort involved is better than the ones you pick up in the Chinatown aside from knowing their origin and processing and pricing them yourself compared to the industrial variety thanks hope all is well John okay look so in fact I'll have you pronounce it is actually that technical thing is only from that family the end of Cardis and a card they see which is like mangoes and Poison Ivy and and and whatever

I look this up I didn't know that this isn't Ginkgo and again my my book on poison ivy problems with that I have a couple actually but they're already cuz I'm fascinated with treason. Now that I've been packed away all ready for the move so I couldn't go look look that up but it turns out the ginkgo has a related compound in it that can cause dermatitis but doesn't necessarily cause it for everyone so towards some people who work cuz I'm highly allergic to poison ivy but I smashed Ginkgo seeds this year in fact and haven't gotten any any problems here the other problem finding a mentor football ginkgos are unrelated to any other living a text entry they are they are they are kind of there alone in a group they're usually classify with the conifers but they're kind of like a living fossil there only really wild in China what they were brought over and it extensively cultivated another place including here in New York City it's an interesting tree it's it's either male or female in like a mini trees would have male and female parts on the same tree there's only male trees and female trees and female trees produce

stinky stinky stinky Ginkgo nuts which is why most people who cultivate them only cultivate the males but you can hear a New York City I can verify this from my own personal experience find factors one right outside of Moffat offices there's a female trait it was dropping its nuts Deez Nuts and you pick it up and it's not really worth it to see you know who but you break it and it you smell homeless and you can't wash the home of smell after because of the intense concentration of butyric acid on it now I did not know that it also contain an irritant but in fact it does and so I will write it down. There's a lot more into whether or not there's any way to actually stop yourself other than gloves gloves gloves specifically and Michael on the proper venting of occupation Ali related contact dermatitis butt and that came up when I search for Ginkgo but I wasn't able to find specific dingo reference that kind of guy had to work around it but man

you can Brave that stench first of all the fact that you put that stuff on your hands with a smell cuz it's so hard to wash out your hands I was sitting there watching for like so long to get the stink out there are things called barrier creams that are given to forest rangers and people who check out that are supposed to stop Poison Ivy from penetrating the skin and maybe that would work here but man I mean I would collect and then you know maybe they use some sort of fermentation to get the pulp off instead of pumping if I hand I will look it up I will look it up and tell you John because if I'm kind of curious about all those too late in the season for us to collect he could have imagined if I brought it back to the lab and was thinking up that lab of butyric acid like smelling like vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit I can't imagine what they would do it, it's like vomit plus not wash it's like fun wash Von it's like it's like it's like you didn't wash for a week you spent your first 20 bucks on the cheapest liquor you can get dragon and then puked it on yourself and then just fell off

in the hot sun that's what it smells like to make will look it up and we'll get back to you cooking issues

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