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Episode 146: Better than a BLT?

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and Jack in the booth how you doing today so she's feels like you like that like old school not know you have a problem with you

and I started it and interesting we brought back because I felt it jacket I have good news. Good news I'm leaving Brooklyn I'm moving to New York City

I like the thing that you might interest is that it when you live in when you leave outside of New York City and you ask someone from Brooklyn you know are you from New York City to say yes but when you're inside the city the city is really just Manhattan size back me up on this right and so even even Jack longtime Brooklyn push her not of it you know not not yet but you don't like it like a booster booster moving to Manhattan now admits he's moving to the city are there in living up up up up up up up up up Bushwick

Maxwell welcome back welcome back to our side of the river jacket only makes sense to be like when you go to their city and then they say you know when you going back I'm going back to the city and then you give the date you're going back to New York City a city like I also live in a city right now I'm in La now I'm going back to the city next week that we were going out like 20 years ago were you talking about that's true I paid attention people do get upset lecture in September that you guys did I didn't see him there do you see him maybe was there for several you read to live on the air

Danny McGee standing there and Joe Ligon be like whatever it's called hear the questions how is vinegar Powder made and if I were to make my own will be the best approach without the flavor becoming muted by ridiculous amount of into orbit is a tray of vinegar in a dehydrator the answer that one first commercially made is a through a spray drying so in spray drying what is vinegar is one of the very few you know acid eat that is volatile that's why you can smell it so much when you put your head over to think of vinegar

everything aligned you seen your like smells like lime juice but doesn't smell like acid you know what I mean when you boil vinegar you get that like Aroma or anything like that because those acids you know boil at a high enough temperature that they're fundamentally non-volatile where is acetic acid in vinegar by mixing it with a carrier usually multi dextrin and then a spring into a chamber very very the higher the better at a high temperature and as it goes down to miss goes down in the chamber dries out and turns into a powder the flavor house we saw their units pretty cool Pantry or the Saints or anywhere Terrace buys kalustyan's if you're here in the city and buy a various different flavors of your powder the problem is that like I say vinegar itself

is non-volatile I mean sorry exact opposite vinegar is acidic so you need to vent their malt vinegar or anything like that but it's not actually very tart so you'll need to augment it with another acid to really get the tartness of the vinegar back now

I think you could probably freeze dry vinegar as well and I don't know whether the acidity is maintained through the freeze-drying process because I don't know the I don't know how acetic acid works with sublimation and be trying is a sublimation procedure the other thing and I looked up people have done it is you can mix you can make a sauce with vinegar in it and then dehydrate the entire sauce right because then there's enough structure of other stuff in the sauce you can dehydrate and I saw on the internet that somebody did that with like they're their favorite buffalo wing sauce they paid for the buffalo wing sauce with dehydrator dehydrator for 2 days and then powdered it I've never done it but you could you could do that but don't use it is going to be an expensive carrier to use for this kind of thing and zorbit is a particular type of tapioca maltodextrin that is made specifically to have a very very very low density and it's used as a bulk

agent and he also is used to make powdered oils and the reason it works is because the starch Helix write the inside of the Stars Helix is relatively hydrophobic and Sophie fats and oils can go inside of that he likes without coming up the outside of it so that it remains bulky and powdery but the oil somehow stored on the inside as soon as you add water it breaks down and turns to you know it turns bi di box and turns into into nothing which is how the ends orbit powder oil trick works so you can't you can't do it with its orbit or at least it's not you know you get a cheaper form of Malto dextrin to use as a bulking agent if you're going to do the dehydration on it but anyway I hope that second question was

it's always been the kitchen rule to let cameras in stock school with the lid off less insulation and also the condensation buildup on the lid is left on could promote bacterial growth I hate cooling socks with no lives because it increases the potential for items to be dropping them during the cooling process not a question about cooling techniques but I want to know if there's any danger and slapping a lid on a hot stock and cooling it in an ice bath the room temp and then putting it in the walk-in well okay I mean look so

if if the product is way above the temperature that of bacteria right and I don't think in terms of bacterial contamination if you slapped it on it was really hot and neither did the vapors coming up would be hot it was hit it and everything will be okay that's not the real problem the real problem is is that it takes forever and a day to cool the cool stock pot with a lid on because if a huge amount of heat is lost through evaporative cooling so you know on on top of stock when schooling it would super drastically increase the percentage of of how how to stuff gets away about it like radiation very low and conduction to the are very low in

ways to get rid of heat conduction even to ice water through a Cambro is not super great to the camera is not so great at heat transfer write a metal metal container in ice is good but as long as there's hot vapor coming off your you're very dress we cool you're setting up a temperature gradient setting up convection so long as stock the same thing really increasing the rate at which a cool I really think it's all about rape of cooling there just isn't it really is evaporative cooling I poured Piper and I ran some tests today we did a quart container of product which is not some cameras must be a quart container of water with and without a lid drastically different cooling rates and then also I poured like a teaspoon of a little bit of oil on top of another 1/3 one and the same as putting a lid on a drastically

empty rate because you can't get evaporation off the off the top if there's oil on top by the guys in I wonder if a lot of it is because I speak into this a guy show previously said I had a little turtle as a driver like his last name with Sherpa and fleece from Nepal think about the food there is that if it doesn't have a lot of fat in it people like what's wrong with you I needed the fat to survive but I wonder where they're all so you get like Wicked evaporative cooling up there because of pressures and I'm wondering whether or not the butter is an insulation affect as well to keep the tea hotter longer I don't care

Anastasia Griffith on BLTs remind me of the easy way to make them better you can make one different I don't know if that's a tough way to open it yeah you can make a difference and I like a lot but I'm not going to make a better angostura because how can you be better at being angostura than angostura is

went to see what he's got Junk white bread is of course the way to go back in the days we take we take two pieces slather on to the deal is it needs to exist you know what I'm saying like when a French person comes to the United States and you want to and you want to like show them what it meant to be a kid growing up you get Welch's grape jelly

peanut butter of your choice mine would be probably Skippy Skippy because although my mom was quite sure you say she did not choose to if she hears my feeling like I like chunky but I think if you want to go full aymeric in on someone you got to give him I think you got to start with the decree me and move into the tunnel I don't know I don't know and it has to be Welch's grape jelly yeah right answer you get the Wonder Bread the Welch's grape jelly and the peanut butter and then you hand it to them and what you have to say is and it got to remember French people don't like concord grapes and they don't like peanut butter the freaks that they don't like either one of them is like that's like how many of those did you pound your grown up anymore

that was that V sandwich and and you handed to them and what you say to them is Halo but if you don't You Can't Rap. Just walk away and then go back in the days when to help build strong bodies 12 ways we take two pieces of bread head of lettuce we cook a sunny side up egg in the render bacon fat and slide it onto the bacon and tomatoes when you want a sandwich is greater than the sum of the part of its parts this is it now that that might be a good fam maybe even a great sandwich is going to be the difference

all right some of the greatest word in the world bacon egg and cheese with tomato

let me know what is it the weather like on Friday to Jack and Joe sorry for not updating you last week on the eggnog we had a question about a traditional eggnog that's made and then let the sit for you know several weeks we got to make that soon as ya paper me that weird Tiki one of terrible pipe hyperworks of this you know but he pushed freaking Tiki Bitters and everything he wants a TFI everything he made this eggnog he's like this really good right I'm starting are both like. It's garbage garbage right what do you have a light it's a terrible terrible

sour cream simple syrup which is like a genius invention of the of the recently concord grape and vodka and I'm going to make that one for with a absolute for Pernod Ricard back in a couple of days that's a good drink a drink but they are the tiki eggnog not so much so let's get to it as you were calling me a large batch of aged aged eggnog was concerned I should appear to be very thin about the consistency of whole milk the recipe calls for a minimum of Twenty One days now on day 12 sticking slightly to the consistency of heavy cream I'll check in again next week to let you know how it's going but just for the sake of discussion if it did not thinking on its own what would I do thanks so I talk to Piper as you may know Piper who works with us and who makes terrible Tiki flavored eggnog

and so right off the bat you going to let you know that that carrageenans going to be the way to go to really fix a milk system up very well because Kerry gain as sooner just took effect with milk so you don't have to use very much of it now there are that wouldn't use things like Santana even though Santana really easy it's going to start it up real quick and eggnogs already got sexual issues for me and if you want something creamy and smooth you don't want any of that you don't want any kind of snot rocket feel to it right. No snot rocket hate them. Rocket 3 different fundament while there's more but like the three carrageenan you're most likely to come in contact with r Kappa carrageenan Iota carrageenan and Lambda carrageenan and actually in cooking your most often just going to come up with Kappa and Iota Kappa make hard riddle gels you're not going to want that in this Iota makes softer gels and is used in things like yogurts to get cuz it also read the jewelry sets now you're not looking

gel you're looking to thicken and the prime sticking in carrageenan the one that's used in chocolate milk for instance Lambda carrageenan or maybe small amounts of small small small amounts Piper told me about the stuff that he used to use when he was working for CP Kelco and he stole from 5 maybe bought some Iris or something it's called genu VSCO call jenue disco into into the interior into their product anyway genu VSCO CSM to see like cold as like soluble em like milk so it's cold soluble in milk that doesn't need to be heated and the good news there's you can add it after you've made your product because just need to be heated so Jenny VSCO CSM to and he didn't want to use that in the ratio of between 0.1 and 0.25% so anywhere between 1 and 2.5 grams per liter and a problem is is that is set up

a thing with Le sanctuaire in California so the sanctuary is a distributor of CP Kelco products Piper checked and they don't have the venue VSCO CSM to do on their website maybe they can get it for you the closest thing that they have is Jenny VSCO J dash DS would you use a even lower quantities 0.02 leader in the problem with that aside from the usages it's mainly Iota and I think you might have I don't think of cold soluble and milk so you can probably call CB Coco and get them to send you some as a sample or petrol Sanctuary maybe they'll get it for you but that's how I would go if we take a break

underground bases in American producer of handcrafted salami and cured meats in Madison Wisconsin that use small farms from Southwest Wisconsin Source their meet the animals are raised on pasture for their entire lives by farmers who care about Animal Welfare Underground Beats use its European tradition they also use ingredients to create new types of Salamis experimenting with both ingredients and techniques the salamis are made using heritage-breed mostly red waddle hamboards Berkshires and you'll foots try their award-winning short pork shoulder and goats La me to learn more and purchased product is it shop. Underground food Collective. Org or stop by their butcher shop in Madison Wisconsin

they were back at 718-497-2128 speaking of us had a question in from Brandon thumbnails I guess I have to call quick if you want to grab that first

hi David was Johnny Kirk from Memphis Tennessee how you doing I'm doing good

and using Morton's kosher salt with that alright I know what I found was there's like a 3% if I'm pronouncing that correctly and 97% starting car out at 4 and when you decided in Paris is Nathan acid it forms a toxic gas

where is like a far as I know Morton kosher salt is 100% sodium chloride where that where is that other thing coming from

is anti-caking and he send me a quick it would definitely be much less than that amount let me just check up

in the kosher salt bad and anti-caking

Morton's kosher salt that have a anti-caking agent I mean look it up here for you real quick

I also have another question about something but don't ask me any question and I'm normally like I would think that they would use

never heard of using sodium ferrocyanide as a as a it's listed on the package

I have to search through the MSDS and it would not

it sounded after a long search that it contains 3% which I don't know which makes it

effects of gluten intolerance don't know about that either don't have to be much like if they were to put something like that in it would have to be much much much lower than that but I'm going to look I'm definitely going to look that in fact the reason that my pausing as I say this is I am in the process of trying to look it up as we speak

what's your what's your second question well wear it while we're while we're we're looking it up

I'm trying to package up anaerobic Gleason

cured meats and you know that to be spliced

and I've done it just in the vacuum machine and they lose color after being sliced anything that could help him maintain color so you're doing a normal cure with with nitrites vacuum packing it and then slicing it

it's so it is cured

and internal about 145-150



Donuts packaged color fade is a well-known problem in cured meats

because of light and I years ago had done some research on how to ameliorate color fading of cured meats mean obviously the main thing to do is not to expose them to light any nitrate cured meat is going to Grey out on you if you if you expose it to let you know when you go to the store and it's all gray you know what I mean because you don't lose the color in light but I'm going to have to spend many many years since I've read the papers on any attempts to make the pigmentation in cured meat lightfast if you store it in darkness it shouldn't fade on you at all but I don't know of a way off the top my head to preserve the color if you're going to have it be exposed to light in a retail environment now I'm sure there is because I remember reading about years ago this is a big problem at

The Producers have right and so I'm sure it's been solved but I'm going to have to I'm going to have to put that one on the I'm going to put that one on the on the on the side do some more research for you and and talk about it maybe next week when we come back so he will send an email to yourself for next week done fine tip of my head my head

but act like I'm interested. I was able to find that it is used as an are they kicking it but the but the it's going to have to be back to the sign that there's going to have to be at a super low level and I also see that it's added in what do you mean superlove I'm going to have to look up I'm going to have to look it up easy 535 sodium ferrocyanide I don't know how much is in there but

that is about 3% maybe it's 3% of the anti-caking agent but it can't be three. Yeah so then the question is what percentage of the salt is his aunt is anti-caking Agent

you say I'm saying so like 7 and 3

no it can't possibly 3% of 7 + 30 which is like death to us has to be made by acid yeah it's going to mean like it's going to have to be a much much lower much much lower percent but I'll look it up I'll look it up and I'll tweet that one out and then I'll also talk about it next week when I come back yeah sure you're the best way for me to see it you send an email to that the regular radio email or just tweet tweet me at at cooking issues and then I can how much faster cuz I see my tweets pretty much every day

okay and the email says Lopez Lopez at definitely take a look at it cuz I'm interested to know how much cyanide they're allowed to put into herself

alright thank you have a good day

all right back to Brandon Reitz hammer and the nails I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a really good salami maker thank you Brandon from Phoenix Arizona now the question is what do you mean by now do you mean like the people that make salami like a producer Swami and which cuz I've never had that you know if you ever had anything from the underground me to collect thanks for thanks for getting some more I'm sure it's nothing for us anyway all right I like your New York I like to sell a Mariah B Lacy guys I think they're really good and I mean I think they're excellent in fact and

I love the product and they were like early they were really early in the wave of people in America trying to make actual high-quality salumi it's a lot of people you know it's in the past decade or so have started making a lot to them because a lot of people learned a lot of people who like a lot of people who have taught other people have learned from them and so you know they are there one of them I think one of the people who deserve a lot of credit for what's going on in the in the u.s. today I mean another early and early salami thing although I haven't had his products was a Bertolli cooking by hand which is a book we talked about before I had a really interesting section on salami in it I think I figured out that cookbook I thought I was at the time is class can read it in a while Chris Cosentino our friend

Mario's dad he has a place in what's it called what's the place called and if that's not what you mean maybe you mean the cheap way to go you go like Auber instruments or anyone get like a PID control for your and they have a humidity controller for your for your phrase maybe you mean the sausage stuffer sausage stuffer I really don't think there's any need to spend like a boatload of money on a sausage stuffer I've used a really expensive ones that are like hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the 5 lb press and then I've used that $89 one from Northern Tool or Grizzly whoever happens to be selling them and the bills qualities may be a little better on the ones that are really expensive but they stuff sausages just the same I wouldn't unless you're a pro

everyday I mean it's a little bit harder to sanitize the crappy Hunters ones cuz the wells aren't as good and so it's more difficult I would just stick with the $89 sausage stuffer

so interesting thing in from Michael natkin and this fits in this is like this like three things kind of fit into is farmed a toilet kind of movement that we're dealing with the or if you have a composting toilet I guess toilet to farm to toilet right that's what we're going to show we're not going to do that and I was joking with Jack that we need to start the farm that farm the toilet movement I think it's started our good friend and he said what you know what do you what do you make of this

and it was this go on and look up by Bernard Jensen tissue cleaning like tissue like your bodily tissue tissue is it a bet it pertains to bodily parts right now in the bowel face tissue cleansing through bowel management and you got to go and Michael is a like a yin yang thing right 1/2 in color and 1/2 in black and white in the center of the yin-yang goes through the back side of like what looks to be a 10 year old naked boys but with like an image of the colon like you might have inside like like right there at the center of the Yang tang and on the lip

side the black and white side it's all industrial pollution and like airplanes and power plants and factories on the right side and color is I call apple trees and sunlight and so right off the bat just like you look at this picture and you like this guy's going to be a nut job and so awesome thing about it if you can look at a lot of it in the Amazon look inside thing here is a choice a choice tidbits and I appreciate you know Michael bringing this to my attention cooking shows like here's the thing right it's like it's like any one of a number of like like the master cleanse idiot we spoke about before that these cleansing regiment and they're written by lunatics have this idea that one single problem is or one single issue is the reason and the solution to all of our problems and part is really really pernicious Magic Bullet thinking this this like this this idea which

really honestly dates back hundreds of years but in the US most prevalent since you know Gram and I kind of like this and then later that the sanitary Santeria movement and the like the water cure movement and the prohibition movement all the temperance movement all of these kind of things stem from this font of evil pernicious thinking that is modern humans have degenerated right and we've we've lost kind of touch with ourselves and our bodies right eye and so we need to get back to that by purging and cleansing ourselves of all these toxins and problems right today that manifests itself in juice cleanses and other sort of BS detoxifying crap right that you get you hear all about you back in the day did manifest itself with Eugenics and Mass

genocide the same problems that there's a degeneration really comes from the same if you leave to go back and re-read wear like a lot of these are super crazy things come from they spring from an idea that human beings have a degenerated and that there is this higher earlier self and it's also unfortunately mixed in if you look at the history of it mixed in with good tinges of misogyny there's usually a good dose of anti-Semitism thrown in there like there's all sorts of a back in the 1800s and early 1900s prior prior to Classic a quote that like well-known literature on to generation was being that has to go in the back of the Garden or Dallas the classic author of the book degeneration which is kind of like the Cornerstone of a semi modern pseudo-scientific thinking on the general

literally says things like literally says things like impressionist painters this cuz that's the era he was writing an impressionist painters the reason they paint the way they do is that their eyes have degenerated they can't see the world like you and I can see it like really like stupidity on that level for this is the same time people are going around measuring people's skulls to try and prove that the northern European was a vastly superior based on the geometry of their skull all of these are part and parcel this idea that there was this this great old thing that we've degenerated to and they like this current feeling that the right now that manifests itself in detoxing right has its roots in the same sort of demented thinking right and his people that don't connect the dots of where their ideas come from so here is a quote

from and it is you got talking about you know you are people crazy anyway here's a quote that I love the bow wise person is a blessing and source of inspiration to family and Associates his cheerful disposition comes from having a vital touch and free body made possible by the efficient regular and cleansing action of a loved and well cared for bowel every person who desires the higher things in life must be aware of the proper bowel management what it is how it works and what is required in so doing you will discover many secrets of life that's a great quote just get your pooper in order is like a cancer probably have gone anyway thanks Michael for that little bit of craziness I appreciate I encourage all of you go look at that crazy cover that person

but on the subject of poop got two good poop stories no snoring got back from Bali recently and went to a co-op farm from Indonesia and what they do is is he's a civets right which are these that calls for the cat but they're not cats in the piper remind me this morning there weasels there weasels the reason Piper Piper is a hater of many animal varieties hate beavers there on in quotes the list right hate weasels and Annie variety remember that anyways do not threaten or do not even joke with Piper about putting a a woodchuck or any form of Rodan in a car that you happen to be induced so I didn't realize it, so what happens is the Civics they eat the they eat the ripest choice is coffee cherries right and then the bean that they Digest

the outer Hull and they poop out the beans and then you harvest the pooped out and one they only eat the ripe ones which is good because that means you're only getting the ripe berries into their digestive system is supposed to do something cool to their to their coffee and there's been studies on at the show that in fact it is all during certain times now and in Bali and the one I think that knows went to is Bali pulina and Nils brought back some Kopi Luwak for us to roast because it's a green coffee roasting which is amazing but he brought me back the special one that they don't sell they had one lying around this one's dies and you saw it right in log form now I don't know about anyone else listening to this program but my hat's off to the civet for being able to create a full online after eating all of that coffee

little suckers are eating

just coffee break coffee and like pooping out what looks like

like popcorn ball logs of like coffee being cemented together with very little else and you know that if you and I were to eat that much coffee any log action the picture of that and then I have to figure out I don't have that much of it and so I have to figure out what the best washing and roasting thing is but we'll run through some stuff but I've never seen it in the second poop story and for the toilet tissues yesterday and Piper at the lab for making lunch and I wasn't really paying much attention to what they were making some lunch and eating as they're halfway through their lunch I walked over and I noticed that they both have giant plates of a of greens and freaking Jerusalem artichokes sunchokes am I

holy crap are you guys for real and they're like what what I was like you really never rather curious. Have you there like now even though it's literally we have a copy of it in the office waiting for Harold McGee to come back and sign because we're going to we're going to auction it off at the Museum things right

so I asked McGee points out in the Curious cook which is a bookie Chicago get sunchokes are the 40st vegetable in the freaking world they're like v40 special they are so they store their carbohydrates in the form of inulin which is I believe a complex chain of fructose but your body can't digest this stuff right and it contains a boatload of it it's on almost I think like if it's can be as much as like 40% indigestible inulin in these freaking things right and so when you pound it so if you have a couple of pieces of Jerusalem artichoke in a salad all right that's not that much like indigestible stuff these guys are eating get you and you split you eat a half a pound a piece of completely insoluble freaking inulin fiber like the fart machine

you'll feel good and then are running outside and like you know doing our business and then an hour later like that's it we're just going to say people I was a benefit to the beneficiary of all this but added says an introduction to the curious

a handful of contributions to the modern table two of them mixed blessings one is the Persimmons who's the lights and shortcomings are described in chapter 9 I'll leave you go by the book book finder piggy we publish this sucker anyway the other is a so-called Jerusalem artichoke or actually the snappily Chris tuber of a sunflower this vegetable does develop a mild flavor reminiscent of artichokes when it's cooked after centuries of neglect it showing up again in the markets and being grown or growing itself in home gardens unfortunately the dry beans in its power to cause flatulence not all cookbook point this out and those that do offer a few preventive tips I track down a couple of simple procedures that tone down the Jerusalem artichoke significantly I also found at the usual explanation for the vegetables peculiar name was demolished decades ago there's long been a plausible alternative and the time has come to dust it off why won't spoil

I won't spoil about all the history that McGee goes into but he says that the end it's interesting because did you know this Jack I don't know if you knew this well-known fact though if you if your McGee's career as a food writer started with the beat with a farting being problem did know that I didn't know that because we didn't evolutionaries life story on him and that's that's pretty much how it opened McGee is a you know he's he was at the Caltech and then he went to jail for for graduate in something and someone asked him about like why do beans make you fart so he researches that and that that was the Genesis of on food and cooking with that and then and then later and curious cook he tackled the even part of your problem of Jerusalem artichokes and if massaging Piper had only read that section they probably would have a not even quite as much of it and be they would have followed me to give you suggestions to slice it

Lee & boilat 450 holy crap it was a painful sort of party and he said it was a painful toe deformity and boil it for like 15 minutes McGee says that reduces it or McGee says cook it for a very long time like 24 hours in a very low oven it turns black and sweet because the Indians broken down into fructose and then is digestible I said that he a text earlier today I haven't heard back yet whether or not he's ever tested doing the Jerusalem artichoke in the circulator but I haven't heard back so we'll see if he before the shows up to we were wondering at the station if you had to make a cocktail for Thanksgiving dinner who would you go with me

when will it rain in the evening am I having it this would be like if the pre-dinner cocktail really heavy it's going to drag me down I like starting with a carbonated beverage. Piper's got that red hot poker squash drink but I wouldn't do that before that Thanksgiving meal that time I don't know what are the what's a relationship to that mean obviously Patrick Martin's our Founders Heritage Foods USA

are our founding fathers

Robert Esquire about the deer Dave nastasha and gang thank you for the new techniques and improve my cooking skills and enjoyment in measurably that's nice as a former Good Humor man as a former Good Humor man and a ice cream maker in A to Z Astic ice cream eater I share your interest in mr. Softee which I consider to be a fantastic product although it is inexpensive and without pretense it tastes delicious and I prefer it too many of the more artisanal saucer of offerings now available when I drove a good humor truck 25 years ago I was in college the sound of the Mister Softee truck meant I would have to find another neighborhood to Peddle my where's that day good humors offerings are simply no competition for the Mister Softee

that's the guys like I was selling the good humor and when the Mister Softee truck came but here's the problem I have noticed that the problem of Mister Softee product as you notice last week Mister Softee machines allow for variable overrun and provide a way for unscrupulous Mister Softee drivers to sometimes provide more air than ice cream through some investigation he's a lawyer so you like stuff which I love he's a fraud lawyer was amazing I love this crap I discovered that the actual problem of Mister Softee very Billy has a different explanation and it kind of the he's going around and you was noticing that someone's were really crappy and it wasn't just it was lighter but the texture was wrong it was a bad texture thing so he looks up that Mister Softee telephone number right and you beats his way in and as he notes right when I told you I went to their to their Warehouse Supply Depot and they're not used to human beings at all

it's not what they do and somehow like at the time I was I don't know if I guess in my late twenties I waited his way through it and got to the president of Mister Softee right and the guy knew about I know I grew up eating my whole life I love mr. Softee I even used to be your competitor and I quit because your product is so much better than what I was telling you know who the president and the Mister Softee knows what the problem is he the president mr. Softee explained to me that the trucks are owned by franchisees many of whom hire drivers to run that the franchisees keep track of the cash receipts they expect to receive from those drivers by reference to the amount of Mister Softee makes it is used a given amount of mixed makes an expected number of servings and expected range of cash receipts the problem he explained

some drivers try to hide cash when their bosses by stretching the Mister Softee mix by cutting it with plain milk and then pocket the extra cash the weasel the result is a substandard product for the consumer less cash for the franchisee and less royalty for Mister Softee he didn't elaborate but he told me that they were taking measures to tackle this problem anyway I thought you would find this interesting I do extremely interesting I detest food fraud in any Farm whether it's by messing with the override I'd rather than you think as you did at Mister softees quality is just going downhill you know what I mean

and like it's like it's so old school old school fraud lights like you know watering vodka or or you know pisses me the hell off I don't know how they going to fix that but whatever anyway color Steve from Moscow turn me on to the show and which gives us weekly reason to keep in touch to discuss the wisdom we learn from me to podcast thanks and best regards Rob well thank you and on the way I don't notice this couple weeks ago we were talking about eggplants and I how they are kept a super blue in Japanese pickles and I got a note in from Jens Jensen who says that they're blue because literally in Japan they put iron eggplant eggplant eggplant figures figures little like eight plants made of iron into the pickling median when they

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