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Episode 145: Do Octopuses Feel Pain?

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underscore radio gemstones in cashews Trader Joe's sells most of their protein in vacuum bag some clear some black are they low temperature safe I wasn't able to find anything off the bat on the composition of the Trader Joe's bags and I dreaded but I will do during the next week fighting my way up the corporate ladder to find a human being who knows what the hell's going on but everyone knows Cooke what a pain in the butt it is fit to deal with corporations like that right stuff but I will tell you something about Trader Joe's I always kind of like I said I was fine until I found this out you ready for this

play Smite with the bread and life bread life is like a they provide food for people that don't have it may take donations there are Brooklyn actually I'm not telling anyone to change their buying Behavior based on this but a lot of the big food purveyors around the whole foods and what not right they will give their like the day before their stuff is going to expire take it off the shelves and I'll give it to organizations like bread and life will instantly cook with it so they can get it out before the expiration date right and then they're not throwing away or wasting all this food right Trader Joe's doesn't because they think it's too much of a hassle they specifically destroy the food throw it out in dumpsters instead of giving it to bread in life because they think it's going to be too much of a hassle so that I know yes I know some of that the higher-ups add bread and life I have stopped by and Trader Joe's and you know my wife encourages me to stop by and Trader Joe's I haven't done enough research yet but

I'm hoping this is just that just like some sort of like corporate like brain what whatever you want to call it in the air and that they may be could change their policy but if anyone is listening knows anyone to Trader Joe's and wants to do I don't know comment on that or have maybe figure out a way to change their policies because literally there that bread life you were told as his too much of a headache for us to give all this free food that we're going to throw away to all the people who need it sucks right jack see now what they are and how it's kind of production I'm thinking we're going to have to call Trader Joe's and get a comment follow up on this yeah that is what we are here at the Harris radio network like to refer to as a load of crap call out one of your tweets there that you can we find it here. Finally made fish sauce cured bacon freaking delicious I saw the pictures about it

musically Piper gave me the Baseline and I just replaced the default with fish sauce and it was actually around and 8% so then I just posted it a bit to get to the 12 and a half and then just added brown sugar and water to the appropriate percentages to sogeti the Brine and I left it in the fridge probably a little bit longer than a couple of stages of dilution and just water that's actually one of the questions I call I've been calling you about but today is to build a taco and then just smoke it for a couple hours with on the ski and it came out really awesome

and I had discussed when I discovered that it was way too salty I pretty much stunk out the whole house and people were pretty upset with me but that was very good but it was just really powerful and and somewhat in consumable but I mean you could put in stuff but then I just hit the dilution and ended up working out so actually my question is is there some way to come up with like a concentration such that you take care of you know the botulism all this all the all the bad things that come along without having to figure out the exact time like basically leave it in there indefinitely without having to worry too much about you know the under or over salted is there some sort of cross typically a Crossing between optimal flavor and

and handling all the the microbes that you don't want in there I mean things like botulism going to take care of with nitrates and nitrites to it so mean like in the nitrate concentrations are small enough you know you don't have to use what were you using what we used to Prague powder or using like a salt with nitrates in it I would prefer to is pink salt and regular salt increase the saltiness of your of your product as you're not going to be adding that much relative to the quantity of what would normally be regular white salt to it right the beasties that you're really worried about like you know they the ones that are that will grow perhaps if you were going to cold smoke a whole it right so you know so that's going to take care of that stuff you said you added extra salt of the fish sauce right

and a half because I believed to be the the basic brine for a bacon different Brian concentrations that have to look up exactly kind of what the the minimums are but you're not holding it for a long time you know what I mean so is me of the nitrite levels are are high enough to inhibit things like botulism to get a good pink here with us out a picture so I can spank right yeah yeah so let me know if that's going to take care of a lot of a lot of those problems you saying that it was unbearable to solder the aroma give you tried to try pre cooking the fish sauce a little bit to blast off some of the volatile

well what I had done with I just yeah so what I thought it was you know once it came out of Brian I just took it out immediately to cook it just to taste how how much fall penetration was so I think I had some excess it was still pretty wet that's why a lot of you know it was pretty like boil the fish sauce a little bit before you use it as a brine

oh no I didn't I I just did a straight right that might mellow it a little bit in terms of how it smells after it comes out I have never done any side by sides but it's always been my mental perception when I get heated fish sauce taste very different or smells very different from unheated fish sauce that could just be because once it fills up the kitchen and it's combining with the ingredients that it just smells totally different wanted to come by I don't know but it's always been my feeling that like something's volatilize in off of the fish sauce that kind of round it out and makes it less offensive to the people around who might not love who saw us as much as we do as much as I do and be you know from the east coast of America cuz that stuff is just straight-up the list what brand of fish sauce to use

the fake hydrogenated vegetable proteins in the front so yeah I forgot the name of that one I did want some years ago like four years ago or something I did a side by side of a lot of the ones that were available and kind of the local markets around Lower Manhattan where I live and there's a lot of Japanese fish sauce out there that I love it's not really available here that's made with Siri and there's a bunch of different series one of them is called one of them's from squid solely from squid guts and that sucker is amazing cuz it's extremely needy and that's the one that I think tastes as close to Sally green who's the cheese the fish a Roman fish sauce expert and she's done a lot of Recreations of the recipes and large tanks as part of her PhD thesis on fish sauce and she's done a lot of work with a PC

she and her husband in Translation / adaptation of a peaches for me. Maybe seven eight years ago that is I think the best one that's available in terms of historical accuracy of cooking because it starts from the it starts from the premise that they actually meant what they said when they were writing as opposed to some of the earlier like a Dover Publications I forget who's the translator on that just being kind of plays fast and loose with its assuming that we moderns know better about cooking than they did back then when it's always better to assume that someone who's writing about something is writing about it let me know but any who so I tasted her fish sauce years ago that was the gharm Sochi are matches made from mackerel guts in her case and age for a think two or three years not very close to just one Japanese asherian the difference between it and normal fish sauce is it had much more of a kind of canned meat hammy bacon me flavor than than your standard fish sauce above the standard fish sauces mean the ones that a lot of people like

my friend seems like the three crabs whatever it is is like super doped with with you know isolate Protein Isolate which is in the one with the baby on the front but that of the commercially easy ones to get I like that when I believe keep roaches out of Thailand but I'm not sure I never got the best fish sauce you know that being unsafe with having just the 8% on a on a brine like that and then you know then you'll get a relatively more fish sauce flavor vs. salt flavor it with might be good and try I would just do a side-by-side where you just boil a small sample of fish sauce and it tasted versus the raw just side-by-side after they cool to see what happened

in case you guys ever thought I might be able to build structures be able to put Other Desert things next to it and was wondering if I can add to it and went still allow the effect of microwaving but hold more structure is there a is there a lot of dairy in the cake I think it ends up being half a stick of butter 4 tablespoons of butter it's mostly pillows from the either a or S G Series a fairly viscous one if you pre hydrate that and water to a fairly High degree so it's kind of pasty and enfold that into

mix that will that will gelatinize after so and what but you need to pre phone that right so you can you pre phone that and then if you have egg white or Santander something in there that's holding a structure to the issue with the with these with these things is that would cakes there is you need to have structure before hand right and that's what the whole lot of Bubbles as they grow and then you need to have structure structure afterwards which is the starch that sets so you know what years and years ago I was working with Johnny iuzzini and one of the things we did for a demonstration we were working on was a no protein you know cake angel food cake style but without that kind of bite of egg protein and we worked it out with methylcellulose and we would phone with an isi canister you see canister into a cake batter mix that had as a portion of it hydrated methylcellulose the issue and it worked because the methylcellulose it was all

found methylcellulose with gel Isaac he did in jail that held the structure in the same way that a protein will the structure in a cake and then after it was cooked the Stars took over problem is is that it has bad interaction with Terry you know like messing up with cellulose doesn't necessarily react well or work well in high Dairy applications sweet pink salt for baking bacon there's a?.? I okay if you go to if you go to what's it called if you get your pink salt by the way for those who don't know what they do is they mix there's two different kinds of pink soft ones that have nitrates in them which of the one that we normally use and ones that have nitrates you only want to use nitrates for long-haired things like country hams and whatnot because nitrates break down over time into nitrates

so in short Keurig saying like they can you only supposed to use nitrites and nitrates really wrong with say someone please tweet and tell me but you know when people like french fries I say you go to Whole Foods and you buy what's called uncured bacon they should put giant ass quotes around me quotes I mean around that because what happens is is they use a food stuffs like celery they're very very high in nitrates and then they just purify I guess remove the flavor and you know greatly purify concentrate the amount of nitrites in the celery itself write such that that is strong enough to cure the bacon bacon that is actually uncured looks like roast pork right and taste like salted roast pork which is not bad

a bacon you know what I mean and I'm pretty sure that they had the paint color to the Stalls just so you don't accidentally use it as salt and I'm virtually certain I would say 99.99% certain that I always forget to call Prague powder instacure powdered I never remember whether it's number one or number two I can't remember because I said to do not to color it now if you get nitrates in the form of Tender Quick Morton's Tender Quick that is NaCl regular salt mixed with sodium nitrite in in a docent it's meant to be used straight and that sucker is not pink so if you using Tender Quick or with hook you know that kind of a curing salt on a bacon then which is your it can be recommended because there's no possibility of error with it but you know my brain Was a Race cuz there's always a good chance

Nikki Bella just keep going so I'll keep going Christian spinello at eat the pig tweet it in listen to up to a back show where you talked about octopus and was curious if there is an anesthesia step-by-step NC the anesthesia step why is it so hard

yeah I almost as good at that stuff because yeah by the way get Piper drunk. Difficult tongue twisters are like she won't say it related to a pun

cars it wasn't drunk well

I'm sure he's listening and now I'm going to have to put up with that all day never listen to that he can hear that and then give me give me crafts off for being the bad person that I am doing pink salt that is a very interesting question question and one that I can't believe that we haven't thought about the form part of the issue is that I never purchased a live octopus at a at a market if you guys ever had that live tiny octopus on a chopstick not really I really want this not that I wouldn't even so hand it to me tonight in my thing you don't even that the reason why it's super important it is that you know as I said you know many times cephalopods you know octopus and some squid in particular but really octopus are kind of the Geniuses of the invertebrate world they're extremely smart and but they are very bizarre and that they have their brains don't function the same way ours

you're not put together the same way now they're neuron that you know the neuron transmission works the same way because you know nerves already developed by that time and so they function similar Pathways but they're nervous system and their way of cognition however you want to put it right in and I think you know I think we're we're all past this idea that animals are somehow just machines that can be let you know that you have no sort of inner inner inner life or working at all I think we're you know what kind of past that as a as a society we don't you think so very few people think that anymore I think you know there's a bunch of Hardcore scientists who kind of believe that but it's almost three equivalent of Solace system on an individual basis to believe that we are the only animals that have some sort of in your life just doesn't really make any sense you know the question is no does a clam really think about a lot is there an inner life to a clamp I don't think so but the closer related octopus I mean it can do some pretty complicated

an amazing things I can learn some pretty complicated an amazing thing so I think I'll be a little disingenuous to think that an octopus doesn't have some sort of inner life going on whether or not they're they're aware of their own existence or not whether you know that that's unclear but it is very exciting to think about what anesthesia and particular what you could be made my due to them that you could be met is is is is it a set of Japanese fish killing techniques but in the larger sense you know we're not referring to any particular traditional or even newer Japanese healing technique were talking about this subject were talking about the purposeful quick killing of an animal in this case fish cuz he could be made means he officially in a way that increases their quality and typically when you think about fish and I want to get stuck into arguments of you know what is the fish actually feeling the question is is do things that seem like less stressful ways of killing the animal right from just from an anthropomorphic thing that's not

talk about being rigorous do things that seem like they would make sense to reduce the stress of Slaughter like anesthesia like taking the brain out right away muscle stress in a sentence like destroying the spinal cord so that there's no more impulse is coming from the spinal cord to the muscles to use up the ATP to cause rigor which is why you want to destroy the spinal cord and some strong something fish like bass and tuna to the question is is things like that it makes sense from a human perspective as reducing spread do they have an effect in the tastes not that you don't even have to think about what's going on in the inner mind of the fish because you have a much more verifiable results things that look like they cause less stress cause the animal to taste better when you eat it so there is there is in fact so it's like Humane whatever that means killing techniques somehow a line in this case and hopefully in as many cases as we can see a line with best practices from a food preparation stand

now to get an octopus I came across this site looking for here. W w w h e h e r a fresh. Co. JP and they do I was May say some interesting stuff they saved their octopi but they say octopuses when they when they translated are caught one at a time using pot traps it said that only strong healthy octopuses enter the pot traps while the shallow waters are still abundantly full with pray this enables us to capture strong fernland octopuses have the highest quality unlike the trolley Methodist Harvest method does not disturb the harvesting Waters and also prevents overharvesting matric making it much better for the environment and for resource conservation that's really interesting just on alone on that standpoint because the idea that they eat that you want to catch a good strong octopus and they in a dozer want to go into pot traps it kind of makes sense because I know they like to hide right so I mean I don't really know what an octopus pot trap looks like but if they might go in there thinking they're hiding and they get trapped right where I

it's a well-known fact that as soon as a male octopus donated sperm wherever you want to call it to the female octopus that it goes like this called senility that goes in Saints and it goes crazy and just start wandering around on the bottom of the ocean floor so they can get picked apart by whatever I pray you want so then you're getting kind of crappy yet on the flip side as soon as they see a female laser tag it stops eating and sits in the cave like blowing water over the eggs to keep things from growing on it and guarding them against you no predators and then as soon as the the babies hatch she wanders out to get picked apart eating and died in senescence oh so you want a nice good tasting octopus that hasn't gone into senescence already got to get one that still has its if self-preservation instincts intact so I'm looking something up she can talk about Dominican I don't send you a picture right now

yeah, happy octopus and it does look a lot like a kid and I am I going to make sense and it literally says Tom happy octopus in the name of the Trap is Taco is subo anyway so I thought that was really interesting and then here's the other thing that they say is they say then they practice speaking he met on it to kill it very quickly now there is a there's an article that's available in the September it's available September 2013 on the Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology call the identification and management of pain suffering and distress in cephalopods including anesthesia analgesia analgesia and Humane killing and it's by Paul Andrews at all this is fairly recent article

and it's extremely interesting survey we don't have time to go into it now but they go over all of the markers that human beings would look and if they supposedly nonantum morphic way although it doesn't make sense to think of it really in and I know how you would judge whether or not something is experiencing pain to the degree that that animals should be protected in a research environment and then it goes on to figure out to try and figure out whether or not we can prevent those sorts of Payne & Payne remember is different from nociception this is getting complicated for radio show but no C-section is the idea that there is a a noxious stimulus and animals go away from it so you take a cockroach and you put fire next to the cockroach cockroach moves away from the fire are they experiencing pain I don't know or they just responding to the heat in the way that sensor you know smoke detector sensor responds to smoke right so

response to what human would consider a noxious stimulus is nociception pain is a Consciousness state that has to do with whether or not the animal understand that something is going on and feel some sort of distress relative to that so they go through a bunch of arguments about what that would mean and then they go into what is now the important part for us which is well what regulates said so the two main of the two of the anesthetics that they use one of which is clove oil which is the one that we used we were anesthetized and fish and there's a lot of data on using clove oil and its derivatives used to take message to ice fish right and I've done it many times I've anesthetize lobsters which are entirely different set of you know animals crustacean with using all and I believe that there is an observable difference and therefore I don't have to worry about whether or not we're actually what's going on in the mind of a lobster because I feel that they taste different if they're in Essex house beforehand and if they're killed quickly

so question is does it work in cephalopods answered yes it appears to work in cephalopods but here's the interesting part magnesium chloride which is a widely available salt you can get it at the Duane Reade member we got the magnesium chloride the drain with magnesium chloride added to the water that invertebrates like mollusk in clams are living in causes them to lose their their their muscle to muscle relaxant right and so if you had the right amount of magnesium chloride to the solution and hear that I have the numbers it's approximately 0.5% weight magnesium chloride and volume along with 1% ethanol it will cause your muscles to completely relax now what you don't know here right but you can't know is whether or not that is actually showing their brain down or weather is just shutting down the ability of their muscles to work but large amount of magnesium chloride stop down stop respiration and cause the animal to die so I can man killing technique might be to put

small amount of clove oil along with a small amount of ethanol magnesium chloride slow their muscles down and put them into a state of anesthesia right and then to add more magnesium chloride to stop their respiration and then you know do whatever cut your brain out the other you know if problem with octopi is that they don't have a central brain to have a large kind of brand new the eye so there's midline dissection where you take out the entire eye area and get rid of the brain section but they have a bunch of other quote about brain sections unlike us right but that's one of the key made the order complete decapitation of the octopus immediate decapitation I'll talk to us another good he could do it with other parts of the body or it's all bad now I think it's like this and like most of the neurons in the tentacles because like the complicated but there's a point is it that nobody really understands what it means to knock out the consciousness of an octopus because nobody understands

and one of the fascinating things about researching cephalopods is that their entire method of perception of the world is different than our so that like proprioception like how you know where your body is in space Works entirely differently in cephalopods than it does in mammals and so it's kind of hard to evaluate what's going on but it's extremely interesting subject than anyone out there who has access to live octopi I'd be curious to run some tests on taste the same cuz that's the only thing I know I can test is how that sucker taste on my how that smart awesome thing taste when he gets in my mouth anyway

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welcome back to cooking issues with us in those Heritage Turkeys they were straight up delicious I did I think I did a bionic turkey on Heritage Thing Once that was I think maybe the best we ever did we did a bionic Heritage turkey and suck it was awesome yeah the Barnum circus we're we're about the skeleton replace it with a skillet on aluminum tube skeleton with holes cut in it so that we can pump heated oil through cooking from the inside out so they cook quickly and then flash-fried afterwards to get a crispy skin which is delicious to do that again if we tell Jack we tell rather Patrick they were going to do some sort of fancy things that get you and go over hook us up hook us up with a Heritage turkey talk to each other about alternate protein as soon as many as you know already I mean you everywhere you know in Medina Mexico you got those fried grasshoppers which I just don't think taste good that's the thing I'm in a crunchy but a lot of things are crunchy you know I'm saying

then there's the ant eggs Eskimo language I haven't had but I think those are extremely you know high-priced there's witchetty grubs are some grubs are apparently delicious tasting I mean there's no there's no reason not to eat then you know other than that the growth factor and that they're fairly small right so I don't think there's any reason why they shouldn't be like obviously there's a gross as fact is a lot of people have to get over but you know then you know who it was big into eating bugs is Danny good you didn't she write about that in her new eating a man eating bugs and then they what's it called what's it called Natural History Museum had that Big Bite bug eating thing a couple years back self a lot of bugs but you see but you're not above had this in on the Twitter eat the fat is Trader Joe's in STL which is St Louis we think donate right

donate a lot of food to our local at Campus Kitchen maybe it's just a in-store decision well that's good to know there's not Trader Joe's nationwide and it just means hey New York Trader Joe's step on up and give some food to bread life

I'm sure they're probably all like Run Like Love a jack you want to say something nice about the bread life friends of our station all the good work they do with her to choose also had to leave and then come Thanksgiving we work with them as well they're also add my wife done some architecture work for them and so as you know another couple of friends of mine to be really kind of good people you know the stuff that you're about to throw away why throw it away why I have to go to basic plenty of people have plenty of people here in New York that could use the food in the right jack absolutely okay here's a question out to you guys about the eggnog did it work did it taken it's been like a week or two right since we answer that question the eggnog should be sick now let us know if we don't end well before Thanksgiving

I said all right. Piper's going to do some crazy with the right he can't help it

that you and I are going to do it won't tell until afterwards

do allergies he does love the side by side Bethlehem this is what we call meat glue and it's the enzyme that Bond's proteins together at The Vines and glutamine residue to which is it a new your acid to a lysine residue I didn't say residue when I'm talking about a food residue

lysine lysine residues clue Tempe together with it and apparently the answer and you can see it because he responded to the glitter is a yes it does glues it together and he he says I wanted to say here thanks for putting together the broken long live the hammer fan of the hammer I know you did come on please everyone everyone loves

if you met a few days back I tweeted Dave about using his favorite enzyme Transylvania to make Steam tempeh solid enough to charge to Char Burger style since I know he's not a big veggie but he might be amused by the results I thought I report back the upper half he shows the part that's not a TG and it's all broken apart in the bottom Patty with a 1% by mass transit and a switch is a good number for something like that I have tasted pretty well and take the pretty good with lettuce and mayo but everything to do a lot of male rats lettuce tomato taste good almost all the way to a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich in fact if you're vegetarian I hate to say this cuz bacon lettuce tomato about this over the weekend because we did an event at at the Discovery Center at the Thanksgiving Farms could talk about later something else that's like a science museum story so the point is is it like that time of the great sandwiches Mark thinks that the reason such a great sandwiches you can have it at any time of day and

going to get a lot of flak about this but it's not as good as almost a good as good a sandwich as just with just two toasted crappy white bread Mayo an excellent tomato and lettuce yeah I mean right now you need me

do you eat BLTs without mayo Jack is this a problem we're going to have no no no all right

Dave Aude remix let you know that the gloves come off in the hockey on the ice anyway so that was okay we had a question in last week we forget who came in from right if it was a caller asking about gluten-free Ramen and they specifically they want to know whether or not you could add consomme which is the kind of alcohol and solves their use the firm up Aqua noodles of which Ramen is one of those two flower you at Conn's way it raises the pH more alkaline and raising the pH strengthens the gluten in it and it causes a noodles to have more bite more snap more more like this make them firmer right is one of the reasons why people do alkaline noodles the other one is there is a specific alkaline taste that you like you're accustomed to that and we are accustomed to that in certain things at slightly different alkaline taste different than do pretzels have an alkaline taste in them because they're boiled in alkaline water before their or Giffin opolis

my bath for which is why they have that awesome color and that specific pretzel taste so the other thing that the alkaline stuff does Inn in wheat flour is it turns that yellow which is why you have those kind of bright yellow Alcala noodles right now with Ramen I think most of the time Ramen is made in an alkaline noodle semi Alcala need a process not a high level of alkaline noodles from the date of that I could get from you know that the internet's on the actual industrial production of ramen so that they have the classic Ramen production is you make the noodle probably without plan with out of wheat flour sometimes with the addition of potato starch rather very fast hydrating starch is to allow the rehydration to take place much faster in the cup when you add the boiler me a water to it when you're making the ramen I don't have made ramen in so many years from that from the from the bags of you ever won last time you had one of those things

buy the package break it open with a little flavor pack 2018 noodles they are steep this is kind of cool they have a conveyor belt and the conveyor belt runs at two different speeds right so the faster running conveyor belt load onto a slow-running conveyor belt and that's how they get to wave in it oh yeah babe by the differential conveyor belts fit onto and then they get the wave in it when it's on after it goes on the slower conveyor belt the cause of the wave and goes through a steam tunnel the steam tunnel Cooks the starch out right and then goes it's been cut sometimes folded it well then they put on another compare about the stretches of a little bit to separate the noodles after they've done that is all pretty cool right and then at that. This damn thing and then it goes it could cut and sometimes folded into the full block if you're going to put it into a block form for like in packaging and plastic then goes into a fryer if fries too dehydrated it's a fast dehydrate

InStep it also as opposed to regular dehydration opens the pores in the noodles because it's boiling the water out and that's why Ramen rehydrate so quickly because it's got all these open for structures from the frying that's also why you can eat ramen without cooking it and got kind of a good crunchy texture because it's slightly it slightly is more porous than dried pasta that's why it tastes better raw radish then pasta It's then further dehydrated a little more and packaged. That's how the wrong number so then the question is so clearly adding Conway to gluten-free Ramen isn't going to add the functional benefits of texture that you would get in in wheat flour however there is a new article out and his brand new I think it's like not even out until 2014 I think if one of us wanted them Free Press right now in the journal food chemistry call quality improvement of rice noodle restructured with rice protein isolate and friends with hammer

iSpy yank him at all and it specifically looking at increasing the to thinnest of rice noodles using transglutaminase and they talked specifically I think about Ramen and how ramen might were okay and so it was interesting if you look this paper up if they have photos of a scanning electron micrograph microscopy photos of what you know just plain rice looks like as a noodle and like everyone knows has ever just made a rice noodle is like a bunch of BT's doesn't hold together while there's no structure there's no protein Network like there would be intimate has Bluetooth why when you're making gluten-free things with rice what you do is you cook off some of the rice first and then then add that cooked rice back to your raw rice flour because otherwise it has no structure right so they have that they may have that just with transport aminase added and it doesn't joint do that much to any back together because of rice is fairly low and proteins that can be bonded by a bound together by chance of 10 minutes

didn't and then he said that look one way to get around this is Dad soy proteins and all these other things but these guys did a study where they added rice protein back to it and you can see it and the one on that the one that has the added rice protein out of back to it as well as transaminase added two bonded together looks a lot more like a traditional dough structure than that so maybe that's a way to increase in a gluten-free application the to somnos of other than you could probably also if you can't get right protein you can probably do a little bit of cooked rice soy protein last year against its hydrated along with the rice with transmute a mayonnaise and get more of a firm kind of Snappy texture out of it but go take a look at that article because it seems fairly the one issued only issue I have is that as as I said there were arguments and I haven't had the time to do the research to release us it out about whether or not adding transglutaminase two things that contain Trace amount of gluten weather makes that whatever makes a gluten fraction

more reactive or less reactive for people suffering from Celiac and I've heard kind of arguments on both sides however I will say that this article is specifically addressing the issue of celiac and so you know they're they're looking to make a gluten-free rice only product that has good eating qualities and they are interested in the ramen issues so it's something to look at and you know it's current right now to transfer Philippe lament last name Lament

he's a good name of the event you like I bet you're like super happy though if you have if you have a name like you can't you can't like you can't be Melancholy you know what I mean cuz you know but at least it was like I'm not living up to my name I won't I won't anyway hello Anastasia Dave Jack and Jill Ice Cream soft serve machine amazingly and I told them I'd be glad to make a ton of ice cream base for them for a party now I know how to make ice cream that is turned regularly but Saw Service different moreover run right what do I do to make a baller soft serve okay is a great question

here's the deal so I want was the proud owner of a soft serve ice cream machine also kind of Strangely I was walking down the street one day this is an AR-15 12 15 years ago I was walking down the street in the Garment District where I used to live and just literally so when it's thrown out on the side of the street a giant like you know two flavors and a Twist Taylor soft serve ice cream machine on Wheels and I was like look sewing machine and my wife's like so what am I so what is coming back to her house and it weighs like cuz he knows whatever 900 lb in Chinese crappy little casters I don't know is that if that's what I looked up the cut sheet later on the sucker and so he was on His Garment District at the only roads are worse are the ones in lower Manhattan down where we are now but like the Garment district has he's like all bent get all the roads are messed up from heavy trucks years is rolling over them all the time right thumb rolling this thing

couple blocks am I I know my loft where I live in time and we roll it in and you know I spend the next day-and-a-half bullying all the roaches out of it and liking a completely nothing left to live in that you're making sure that I wasn't bringing a family of rats with me or anything like this disassemble the machine put it back together unfortunately the unfortunately the one of the compressors was shot affect the compressor for shot so instead of two flavors in a Twist I had kind of one flavor is where they cylinder compressor work and the actual Refrigeration compressor the thing that keeps the base going didn't work at all so I had to like pack that with ice to get it to work answer the first time I ever made a huge quantity of ice cream base and so what else a is this when you're making supplies anything if you have low temperature you going to want to go ahead and cuz you're going to make galant's if you have a nice soft serve ice cream machine like I remember I was like crap I can't even Spire this sucker up reasonably unless I'm making like $4 so I try

make a 4 gallon or 5-gallon batch of ice cream base in my turkey frying pot right now if you've never done this before it is very difficult to get an even-tempered and stupidly because I'm a jerk I tried to make I tried to make a whole back at once just buy whiskey really hard and the bottom of it obviously I got a little overheated I didn't move it fast and so all of a sudden I see blue I see all of these I see that the quagga lated over cook eggs float to the top of my very late and I need the ice cream on the table right because I have a family dinner I need to have the stuff out the other started shaking her head she knows how I am by putting it in the in the case of scrambled eggs this way prior to Heston Blumenthal making scrambled egg ice cream famous I couldn't look at the Blumenthal recipe I'm just I'm just trying out this yeah I meant to do this is what happened does all the time

you're not looking for scrambled egg ice cream scrambled I say egg ice cream no good and I haven't had has been sure it's delicious I don't want to talk about that so anyway I need the coolest Bass Down super quick right that I had made and I messed up part of curling part of the effort to the last message always at the last minute that you ruin the base which is why it's so horrible I think we had burnt it because I'll be the real Joker move whatever so it's all straightened out and have it in there in a bus tub because I lost the original thing in the bottom of a soft serve machine and I3 dry ice into it to try and pull it down faster and of course it tasted lightly carbonated when it came out of a saucer because of software hadn't frozen out all the water in it and so I had this kind of carbonated scrambled egg ice cream it was the worst ice cream I've ever made in my entire life by then threw an ice cream party afterward and quite smartly at the time although it's a cop-out then we'll talk about ways not the cop out I drove up to the Bronx to the Mister Softee Warehouse where they actual trucks for Mister Softee go and I said look at I'm not

I'm not trying to Horn in on mr. Softee business I have this ice cream machine my wife's going to make me throw it away in about a week and a half I'm going to have a big party I'll pay whatever you want just let me buy like five gallons of Mister Softee mix and they did they let me but I wasn't that much I mean the guy I was not used to it so I can like a normal non Mister Softee guys showing up at the window where the Mister Softee truck show up to buy their stuff and my kind of making this place and I guess I can look at me is like this person is not a professional person in any sort of way and so you sold me the stuff party was insane party with nuts we went through so much soft serve ice cream that said I'm sure you want to make it the right way the first thing to do if you never made a huge batch of the floor is make them in smaller batches so that you don't do the stupid stuff that I've did second immersion circulator I would just make it an emergency circulator in kind of too late to leave at a time and just build it up to three and four leaders at a time in bags and build up that way because you're much less likely to have a problem it'll take you a little bit longer

it's easier to chill and easier to keep keep Don Knotts it if you want to know about the actual formulation of saucer of the problem over run in a soft serve ice cream machine isn't achieve the same way that you would she be overrun and regular ice cream with a with a training thing the way that sucks officer literally inject air into the freezing cylinder at the same time that injects the mixture in so you change the over run based on the orifice if you look in the saucer machine there is a pump the pump draws the base out of the of the least one I had out of the bottom of the unit and injected into the chamber through what what looks like you know a MIG welding tip little orifice and you change that orifice size to change the overrun and so unscrupulous people who are making saucer what they'll do is go put an orifice in there that increases the overrun to like 100% or more so you're getting more than you know is more air than you are ice cream base in the finished product Converse that you can do a spike a super Premium One by reducing the over

run by changing the orifice in it which is what companies like Carvel do so Carvel you know you said you know it's not super premium anymore by zo modern standards let me go back in the seventies they had a very low overrun ice cream it was still saucer that's why I Carvel cakes once they're hardened dances hell because it's actually a very dense ice cream that's why I like carvell and I know whatever their flavoring is I got you can learn to love when I was a kid so I have no idea whether or not right but you didn't grow up with Carvel do you like it

NAB you didn't grow up in it so it's ya mean it's like it's like black and white cookies if you didn't grow up with a black and white cookie don't love a black and white cookie so the point is the overrun is controlled by the government is controlled by the orifice so you can go buy a new orifice and they're fairly inexpensive so whatever make you have you can easily go by the office to pay Silver Run you want the trick with a saucer machine is it that you have to adjust you have to remember that they can be served warmer than a slightly warmer than Ohio hard ice cream to sugar levels need to be a little bit different and what you need to guard against is over whipping because this thing stitched they're turning the entire time even when you're not drying at least I believe that they always turn even when they're not drying so there's the issue that something might be in the cylinder of much longer than it would be in a normal machine and so you need to add emulsifiers to it to prevent over whipping in the cylinder as it goes now a good place to go for this kind of information if you just

Google Soft Serve Guelph Guelph which is where the university is that does a lot of the good Dairy science stuff it's available on the web and Gough g o f f which is the professor's name there's a huge PDF that you can look at on the on the internet that deals very specifically with all of the different all the different things that go into soft serve including the fact that you want a higher milk milk fast side non milk fat solid milk that's non-solid that's where it is and and ice cream because you're not going to have lactose crystallization problems over time and it increases the body of it it talk about the fat content and actually give some proportions that you might want to use when he's going to go out and get some good emulsifiers men for egg yolks or good enough to find one at the overturning and they talk about fat content and everything so just go on to that man actually talk about changing the wetness or dryness perception the ice cream based on whether you add certain salt and it's something I never

thought about before that I'm going to do more research to the next time we do ice cream work adding sodium citrate or giving calcium to either make it wetter or dryer the ice cream I had no idea that something to look into Guelph all right so that's it and shout out to John rapper who says sorry to hear the album The Best of shape but glad you could still go to tasting with them he sent us chocolates and then I was told that I was throwing I for one really appreciated it and I thank you John cooking issues

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