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Episode 144: Chuggin’ Diet Coke

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obituary in the back of a person who has anybody never work a show before correct Dedrick first time long time listener first-time engineer yeah and we got we got a paper on the line Piper's called in yeah it's alright so call your questions to 2128 Harbour Piper's on the line because you know listener friend of ours John riper not not Ripper not repair like the chef riper as in the fruits were about to talk about shipped as a bunch of fall apples from the Washington and Piper has a taste of pepper how you doing

pretty good pretty good guess pretty good for a we're doing a tasting of all the booker and Dax products at the lab that true or false we have that we have a big what's going to Bar mean today yeah yeah

wow wow anger in the air like that I like that sweetango the Piper's family came over on the Mayflower and they still haven't kind of wash the salt out of themselves it's only been like four hundred years or something like this you know since they came over right yeah I almost 400 years anniversary the family going to get together in Vermont and celebrate the celebrate the subjugation of our great nation I don't know Piper is named after a an old relative of his whose only job only job was to keep the lighthouse running right got drunk

I am not saying anything about paper or realizing I think of your part if we know he didn't Flip Flip the light on so either he's completely incompetent or a drunkard or both how do you not flip the light on how do you not like a lighthouse it's your only job you're only thing you need to do your whole life flip the light switch wiring a light it whatever they did back in the day that I probably big fir Knoll and whatever I'm not going to get into it anyway this is the relative that Piper's family chose to name him after if this gives you any indication of the family okay

alright so we have like a whole bunch of a apples that. Johnson and it was something like fifteen different apples some like this some of them are my favorites like ashmead's kernel everyone knows that that's one of my football know if you've heard me yell about apples before I asked me to call her my favorite apples but some varieties that we hadn't try before but one thing I will say John John did an excellent job. Everybody knows that Apple's they bruise and when he Brews the polyphenol oxidase enzymes inside the apples cause the apples and turn brown and oxidizing is no credit no one likes you even by course you would not like a bruised Apple bitmain perversely you would because you'd like something is kind of Plymouth you hate blemishes anyway it's too hard to figure out stuff sometime but the point is very carefully individually in bubble wrap over wrap them and label them which is awesome except I think what happened is that the bubble wrap was very effective at keeping the ethylene from the apples

inside in close contact with the apples and so I think we got some accelerated ripening on the apples in the Box in transit and what that means if you ever take a bunch of apples before you notice that as apples are you know as apples are getting more and more ripe and tend toward override that all of a sudden the apples to start feeling greasy and I think it's because of may be an increase in wax production but all these kind of when you pick them up they had the kind of the feel of an apple that was a little bit overripe and some of the texture had gone from not being as Chris but I know somebody Apple varieties is and apples and develop some of the kind of floral notes that an apple picks up in the later latter stages of ripe enough fiber in the stash are both are both but would you say kind of radio you got me a little angry. Angry but disappointed because they are two of the classic Americans who only like crunchy freak

Apple's is true or false

so you only like crunchy apples even though like why should every Apple have to be crunchy like like our reaction against non crunchy apples is because most of the non crunchy apples that we get in the supermarket are in fact bad quality apples there apples that are meant to be crunchy their store too long and their melee or were used to melee tasteless apples like red delicious which are horrible that you know I'm ninety-nine percent of the red delicious tree should be pulped instantly and turned into paper burnt for smoking pork or something useful like this instead of producing The Wretched quality fake apples that did not fake but the Crab Apples Crab Apples that's a good one right instead of crab apples I will use that one but anywho the point is is that there is something that is not a melee disgusting apple is not a crunchy apple and the term is crumbly in fact one of the ones that John sent was Cox Orange Pippin and you know which is the classic you know you caved does

variety apple and it is supposed to have kind of a bit of a crumbly texture does later-stage ripening which I thought was quite nice but I couldn't get these two Joker Moe's here to you no tits think outside of the of we know whatever box they grew up eating apples I'll tell you what the sad side effect of that is if you go to a farmer's market in the US and you buy what if you go to a farmers market here in New York okay nowadays you can find any time during apple season which lasts from roughly July until October you know November right when they don't even later for the keeping apples you can find 24 I usually write the problem is most of the Growers who bring the apples will always pick them under ripe because they want them to be crunchy because they know that even theoretically food educated people like mustache and Piper are only going to like those apples if they're freaking crunchy and the fact is if you pick an under ripe Apple to me off and it's worse than an overripe Apple because the flavors haven't developed yet so a lot of times you get varieties me like man that

thin and acidic and kind of liked it the bad version of a granny smith which is a one-note kind of pure apples North in acid flavor apple and the fact that matter is is that is that Growers just picking the suckers under right because Americans can't taste around a non crunchy apple okay I'm done talkin about that but some of the Pipers got the notes which is why I had him on the line I didn't even call him and just so I could be raised him about his Apple taste right about the added benefit that that that's a side benefit that you get so so the ones we got were like I am Ambrosia are lace whiskey have that one before

what's the deal

are Les are they doing that I'll talk about one of the ones that I thought was good but that you know that these guys had some issues within that is the the ribbon that right that's the one that I liked that that you know that according to the documents that we got from John is the greatest apple ever produced is that the said true or false that the one or not I believe I liked it but you didn't know yet but you said it was the best tasting apple in the world I mean I guess I couldn't get over the

text her know you also thought the interesting thing about it was it was an extremely high acid High Flavour apple with some spiciness in it right and so I didn't like right but I'm wondering whether that was a function of the fact that it had been around for a little while or whether or not like that's part of it but I think it's that stuff would be good to see by the way here's another thing that's great about cocktails for apples is if you're using an Apple for cocktails then

if you use an Apple for cocktails texture doesn't matter anymore you all you have to care about is the acid acid sugar balance and beyond that kind of whether there's any interesting spicy notes or other flavor notes in the apples so I thought that rubinette I would definitely want to get a bunch more Ruben at did you do some ones we had yet we haven't had a chance yet to juice the end

oh I was trying to give you some extra stuff to do don't worry about you have enough to do anything else you want to say from the Apple tasting there or like no no you're good is a big hit I think the overall like then the profile accidents

the one we had wasn't so Country Now Fuji would like a low batt and like not much of an acid backbone yeah super interesting and will my guess we'll talk more about the mess that I could buy some of those were the message you smell like I just made 3 gallons of eggnog with the following recipe per gallon 12 egg yolks 2 cups sugar 1/2 gallon whole milk 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup of Bourbon One Cup cognac in 1 cup dark rum will the stick and overtime or is there

proportions if it will not picking on its own what would be the best way to fix it thanks Tom Fisher well that sucker should that should take an overtime I've never actually made eggnog because truth be told I don't really like you like it to the lab and then I'll taste a little bit of it and impounded as per usual just likes pounding eggnog yeah I'm not a big fan of our most kind of Milky drinks I've never worked on it however I know for a fact that I was consulted a couple of years ago someone was doing an article on the safety considerations when your aging eggnog and this is right around the time that Rockefeller you've talked to one of the questions people have isn't necessarily about thickening it's about safety because you're storing raw eggs you don't cook this stuff you're storing raw eggs in the fridge for a long time and in fact the interesting saying that this article that I don't even know if that was corny but I was using background on that I was talking to this person at the Rockefeller University which is

you know a place here to get a lot of interesting you know about bio and microbiology work in their lab and every year they make at aged eggnog right so they make Thanksgiving time and they drink it at Christmas and no one is ever bothered to test to ensure or whether or not it's safe so they actually took a batch of eggnog spiked it with salmonella and then incubated it and it in the fridge as you would normally eggnog and tested it to make sure that the salmonella was going to be dead and sure shooting this time no is dead but you don't want to eat it you want to drink it right away because in fact the salmonella was not killed immediately by the by the alcohol in it but over time in the fridge just become safer and safer because I think most of the recipes that for the eggnog they come in when your aging it at like roughly 20% or a little higher than 20% alcohol and if those levels your stable from a bunch of things right acetobacter is not really going to grow up there and turn your stuff to vinegar you're not going to get

a lot of fermentate of action or it from yeast at that high alcohol level and you're not going to get any bacterial growth at 11 the fact you're eventually be killing bacteria which is why the laundry that's that's it's the safer it is now there's still a possibility of a mold growing on top just want to make sure that you know that doesn't happen with some pretty sure it is possible to mold growing on top but I'm not sure actually the other side of it is is that you have in that mix a bunch of different proteins right so you have I forgot to use whole eggs or or just yolks use just yolks I think some recipes my call for a whole egg I'm not sure anybody but you have proteins in the yolk you have protein in the milk and protein in the cream all of these proteins are destabilize to a greater or lesser extent by the alcohol that's in there and so over time are more likely to agglomerate with each other and thick in the beverage other than they were

would in a normal aqueous solution right so / time / slow-time at fridge temperature you should notice a thickening of the product I don't know whether they'll be ancillary fitting if you store it for you no like 2 years when like this I don't know but from everything I've read your you will get a thickening that happened over the first three weeks let's say it now simultaneous lie with that the products themselves are changing because you're not static primarily probably do the enzymatic reactions and just a different compounds and their combining with each other and altering their own flavors knocking each other out yeah so much stuff should thicken if it doesn't stick in give us a holler back and I'll tell you how to fake sick and it was something like you no small amount of carrageenan or xantander some stuff you don't want to keep it up if you don't have to write do you like do you like commercial eggnog

see that's why I love he was a thing right it's like we had last week right about the grow up liking some crap and then it doesn't matter whether it's high-quality or not right because that's what you grew up eating is that how you feel about soda to maybe soda I can't drink regular soda it's like it's like drinking candy for me but I can pound diet soda because there's like no no syrup and I like I haven't drank in a long time so now it tastes chemically to me so it's not it's not as awesome as it used to be you know what I mean where is I used to pound pound Pound it you know what I mean like back in the back of the sacrum days I was pounding it you know like I went through sakran NutraSweet and I never got used to The Splendid crap and I won't drink Stevia that's that's wretched but when I went to college

okay look people who live in the east coast cell service freaking sheep right like sense since I've been a little kid it's like two bottles for a dollar vintage cells are two bottles for.

I don't think so she's been on the west coast I think it's an East Coast thing like out in the west coast they drink Sparkling water on the airplane and you're like I want sell certain there like club soda in New York Seltzer water sounds of New York and that stuff is cheap as hell so when I went to college because I'm a I'm a cheap skinflint Samsung you know what right and so I was like I'm going to train myself to like Seltzer I hated selser when I was a little kid I only like soda and Crystal Light and if you are what I did it I just sat there and four and then when I went to free again College which is why I train myself not only did they have soda and seltzer on tap so I didn't need to train myself for the dining hall not only that

but if you go to the freaking cuz I never shopped at convenience stores before because I lived in the suburbs we shot to the supermarket right so I go there and I find out that inconvenience store they rip you off equally for all kinds of soda whether or not they put flavorings in that are not and then when I'm showing up in the store and I have two bottles right one that contains just sparkling water and the other one which contains sparkling water flavor color and aspartame I'm like Bobby God damned if I'm going to pay Canada Dry the same amount of money for putting less crap in the bottle until even though I like it less I would buy the soda that is how freaking cheap and demented I am

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alright so call me questions 271-849-7128 that's 718-497-2128 got some hot sauce in from New Zealand you remember like it was a while ago we had some questions about hot sauces that had to preserve them well it turns out that Rory and the person who I was making the sauce to have any questions from New Zealand a place that I would love to go ever since I when I was there you know what watching Xena Warrior Princess great program read more of a fan of Hercules or Xena Warrior Princess

okay well it was like channels are you on crack listen like you know like Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules crap Channel DVD called the WVU Disney Channel something else that you were calling Xena and Hercules crap that was that was that was groundbreaking TV back then Zena Zena was like you know one of those early like you know Wonder Woman was she was kind of like demure like you know super heroine Xena like was like kicking ass and taking names all the time all the time you know preciation to that I do but I don't care about that. I like the idea okay anywho Rory dropped off some hotsauce we're going to taste it here on the air it's called 90 mile miles

North I actually do Southeast New Zealand in the end the brand here is due north is a do know what to do on North Country very well and very peppery and it reminds me of a kind of a liquid form of man and I hope this is kind of a liquid form of you know peppadew Peppers the ones that come from from South Africa to bring them they sell them in an in kind of a high-end grocery stores are the sweet red peppers that are served in Bryan you really don't know what the question as promised to sample the sauce you and your listeners helped out with all the way from New Zealand a question for the show while here in New York I bought one of those flexi mesh bread mold with the aim of cutting it in half so fit in a home oven however the sales manager JB Prince one who was he was Tim he's not said that this would expose the fiberglass which would then burn how can I get around this is there any way to seal off

fibers once cut happy to try anything keep up the awesome work and excuse the way he says excuse the ghetto nope and I was told that you have to say budget now we've been on the road for 5 weeks now regards worry and all right Rory listen fiberglass will not burn fiberglass fiberglass are there might be some problem of fraying at the edges and it is true that on the edges I've seen cuz you seem Silpat Stars at the at the back of the school that are cut and they always start getting really brittle and framing around where they're cut so there might be something else going on there but fiberglass itself is glass and hence won't burn if you want to steal it because you don't want Little Fibers pulling out and getting brittle and fracturing and breaking apart on you with that has seen happen it might be possible to get some adhesion of silicone on silicone and take action to paint with silicone. The problem is you have to make sure that you get food grade so

phones there are and I don't know if all silicones are compatible with each other you know what I mean stuff and then they also you have to be sure that it is indeed silicone which I think they are I'm pretty sure the one you're talking about are the ones that JB Prince are the thin brown ones you can kind of see the mesh inside of but anyway might be possible I don't know there's Teflon tapes that can handle very high Heats but I did and they're meant for things like vacuuming Sheen's on the seal rod and you might be able to take Teflon tape and put it over the same but I'd have to double-check to see how high the adhesive temperature can take in those things because that's going to be that you're mean your main problem is going to be the adhesive tape on it on those Teflon tape going bad but I can give a check and then give a shout out on the Twitter later because it's go to McMaster and look up the the temperature range on in Jesus yes

Twitter question if I can just Fast Track that through from Mark Hayes and it says gluten-free Ramen alkaline rice noodles possible looking for answers you say that reminds me of days I don't know if I took bus on the year I was in Italy many years ago and they had a McDonald's thing as McDonald's ad and then in Italian underneath it did make a resistor

can you resist it resists any way stuck in my head for like forever so you know what you're doing is you're trying to strengthen the gluten proteins right and so since there aren't those things in there I don't think you're going to get the firming effect because the firming effect from the alkaline. Isn't due to a starch bolstering aspect of due to a protein bolstering aspect because gluten gluten network is stronger as Things become more alkaline to a point now that's it I believe so when I was asked about you should have text Piper Piper who is like our resident gluten-free expert because he himself is gluten-free and is good at researching thing

wow that's stayed there but you know because he is like that you think you would work on it I'ma Piper if you thought of anything he's like garbage and then let you know who you know who thinks you know who is not gluten free but thinks about this alot Mark Ladner from Del posto we can ask him to see if he's anything but he doesn't deal with with Ramen style stuff I mean specifically like it's the but I'll think about it I'll see if anyone is done any research tasks can you send me like an email to do some research today and I'll email it back to you next week we can talk about it with a 5lb CO2 tank after drinking gallons of soda water I'd like to try my hand at carbonated cocktails what are your recommendations for carbonated cocktails to make at home without a centrifuge I know you mentioned on the last show

you can make your gin and juice recipe using only agar clarification and I'd like to give that a try this clarification absolutely necessary for these recipes any other good ones I can try clarified or not thanks and other show Josh from San Francisco is it going to put juice into a carbonated cocktail and you want to get the kind of levels of carbonation that you know that I like men are going to need to clarify because otherwise you're going to get just loads and loads of farming if you don't want to clarify it and you wanted if you really don't want to clarify a simple agar clarification is not that difficult it takes only like a half an hour. Hates it

right and she won't do it that's one of the things that she refuses to do you know that list grows everyday everyday the list of stuff that mustache I will with you and I will not do that again say that list keeps growing you're like you're like I've done it I don't need to do it ever again time we had a problem right and we were doing an event for I don't know how many hundreds of people and we did freeze thaw and something messed up like some somebody messed something up with the free thought and the freestyle was broken so we had to all set it and we needed it within like 2 hours does a rancid ran today remember that we got it done just a nightmare any who so look I mean you can start out with carbonated cocktails just doing like simple things on clarified if you like whiskey so that you can make with you so I don't happen to like whiskey so very much

are you can make whiskey Sowers that's not a problem just make sure you chill everything you can then move to what I call fluffing existing cocktail so just taking tonic and gin chilling the hell out of them and then carbonating that at 42 PSI if it's roughly - 7 or 8 Celsius at the end so if you're going to do a clarified drink and any of your going to make your own tonic and or make your own mixers if you're only adding a small amount of unclarified juice let's say you're adding a half ounce of lime juice at the end they just carbonate almost everything and then put the lime juice in at the end and that's going to be least damaging to your carbonation levels alternate lie if you have to add something that you know is going to foam only put a small amount of a product in your bottles and carbonated like like instead of three times which was normally what I do with carbonation three times do it like five six seven eight times and really blast all the air off a little nucleus

insights that you have inside of the of the lime juice or whatever future using you're never going to get as low a foam amount as you would in and therefore you never gets high carbonation amount as you would if you clarified it but the more you get written because there's their surface active compounds in the lime juice it cause it to phone no matter what you will reduce somewhat the amount of filming of getting you get a better result with unclarified use if you just carbonate many many times what do they do I get to Phil's question for the in your fill year or so ago I had a ticket cuz it's a movie

do you like that movie I never seen that you gave me I didn't see the second one stopping at the grilled grilled XYZ with a miso stuff that got who was great but was truly draw dropping was the eggplant the center was creamy but structurally intact the skin retained its blue-black color I've been trying to recreate that so far the closest I've come is by steaming the eggplant in a pressure cooker initially this reproduces the cream texture and the absence of physical adaptation go some way to maintain the structure of cooking oil also improves in my opinion eggplant penis of the eggplant off-topic this pressure steam pre-cooked is also great for fish fragrant eggplant with a recipe for which you can get in a fuchsia dunlop's book I don't think it's funny I think it's the Evergreen rice or whatever.

however hitting The Sweet Spot between perfectly cooked and overdone is difficult because of course you can pressure cooker and the skin still gets that tired tired dull Brown look at the sky like anyone like trying to describe tired tired all Brown look can you offer any advice Autism Speaks shoes are you hating on Meredith Vieira all the sudden hating on getting to see their listen to just like just like hate down like women on women hate down for no reason and try to try to be equal opportunity with your tired yeah you used to call people who like look tired I called him early life Merle Haggard cuz Hagrid meets Haggard but morale is also Haggard looking out all we let you know I love Merle Haggard do I want to hear

Merle Haggard okay okay I'll topic the pressure steam pre-cooked also great for fish fragrant eggplant by the way it's just like in the sauce that you might also cook fish in Fish fragrant however hitting the sweet spot to be perfect and overdone is difficult in the skin gets that tired all Brown look that Meredith Vieira might enjoy according to miss tascha nothing to say and kind of meal can appropriate okay so much so they had to repeat it for any advice would using pectin methyl esterase or something similar be a way of cooking eggplant without breaking it down would an alkaline solution applied to the skin mean at the end of sign-ins maintained their would maintain their blueness and do you have any more advice for getting more eggplant in his out of the eggplant thanks for the great advice down the years and best wishes Phil from Bristol to listen

where to sign ins Co Brown it sounds like a like a like a like a PSA they've shift problem problems with answer sign-ins are blue to Red sew in an in an alkaline situation the epicyon is it going to be more blue and in acidic situations are the signs are going to be more red in fact of it with what you're writing back and you know that the Japanese crab and then copy made me think about in in Japan they have I think I don't know because they didn't let me see it but they'd be tsukemono these pickles they had these days you have when we were there was it after you we weren't together to have those bright blue pickled egg plants at the breakfast they were bright blue and Maggie. Maggie was like what the hell he had to do this but I think I was looking up the pH of rice bran pickles which I think how those are done and they're only mildly they're only mildly acidic like a fairly close to neutral for the Amazon and going to maintain their butt

three pickles are bright group and then Maggie said that he thinks that they to add food coloring to it in the streets but those things are amazing and it might be true that fermentation in that case is also helping to preserve some of the eggplant color with the other back to back to what we're supposed to be talking about which is the color when stuff goes Brown It's usually result of two things either you've cooked it to the point where it's brown made it crispy brown right or you have some sort of enzymatic issue and eggplant contained a whole bunch of and we talked about earlier when the show is Apple's polyphenol oxidase enzymes and that's why you get a lot of Browning in a plant typically what I do when I pretreat an eggplant and when I do I treat an eggplant I'm going to fry it or do anything to it is I'll throw it and I like eggplants dance cuz usually I'm doing Italian style Crest where I'm going to bread and Fry him because if you don't like eggplant parm is something wrong with you right that's a delicious right eggplant parm

eggplant parm for things nastassia like arm slam dunk kind of a situation like elbow slam with stars any any hearty Italian any hearty Italian fare no patience for undercooked or overcooked pasta to results faster you like the Pearl the center you're a gross human I thought we had this discussion board for me and I know where is the line between identity and undercooked for you Dave if there's a freaking starch Pearl in the center of it and it looks like the stars are still crystallize and it hasn't absorbed any water yet

what the heck you what I'm going to give you what you need to give you feedback in a bag of raw pasta he hates under cook risotto right ready as if you want to

a strong I mean we're all going to die but I mean it's right when you when you die you'll be held at ask for if there is an after be like undercooked risotto things in the list you know what I mean you stole that Twinkie you under cook risotto so I think the main problem is is it you need to cook the eggplant in an absence of oxygen and relatively quickly in order to preserve the color is my guess I wasn't able to find any actual scientific literature on it but that is my guess so you know your pressure steaming probably the issue is is that oxygen is getting to it as it's being as as the pressure as a steam is coming up oxygen getting to it before the stuff I mean might want to try doing a pre Plunge in boiling water before the thing is cooked just to set the air to sign into the skin and destroy that you probably feel

oxidase enzyme the problem there is when you cut it if you have an inactivated the enzymes all the way through my guess is that you you still have the issues because the enzymes in any of the enzymes that aren't activated get to the skin the stepped-up will happen I think but anyways what I was getting to his if you have a vacuum machine and you put and you and you right before you're going to do it you just slice the eggplant let's stay in to cut large pieces they not going to be thrown in a vacuum bag

ascorbic acid to it not a lot you don't want it tart but just to get rid of some of it to you have its antioxidant power be high before it in suck a vacuum on at the flesh will condense and go bright green as it condenses and the skin will maintain its color and then if you blanch off in the bag you should be able to maintain a perfect color on the eggplant then you can cut it out of the bag and do any finish cooking you do you will affirm the inside because you're going to get rid of all of the air that's on the inside you will have if you salted it right we threw it in the bag you'll also have gotten some of the liquid out that makes it so foggy and lastly but not least lie because it's condensed it will be more eggplant 87 answer a lot of work or whatever why you have to cook dinner for someone to know me but good news about eggplant parm sucker keeps

let's try before we get kicked off the air today because we have to leave its PIX11 why we taste the 90s

remember it's sweeter side but now I got hot hot pepper sauce

it's good

play intense pepper flavor but like to sweetness I like to try to do you have you tried peppadew Peppers before there's definite note of that kind of pepper do cuz later

it's got like a mild Heat at the end

well I got some of the questions are gone I'll be there okay the evening bruise what you think that yeah I'm bruised rights and how do you make your hot picture and how do you use it so we make a hot picture and all we do is we take a very high house is very high all facets meaning very bitter roughly 13% call Semco I also happen to like the aroma of it we take 15 grams of that half ounce and we put it in to shoot I think it's 250 ml of vodka 40% vodka I put that and I acai whipper put two Chargers on that so Thai pressure shake the hell out of it and just let it sit for a half an hour vented off and then poured out now you're interesting about it is that I was extremely nervous about this thing cuz it's so so happy about it getting skunked but the fact that matter is it doesn't get skunked like I haven't had it skunk out I'm going to run one more test Onyx I have

another one to see whether the flavor is changed if I actually heat it in the isi for a little bit maybe I can do some more like isomerization of the of the human lungs in there and then maybe with skunk out later I don't know I'm going to run some more tests but I also know I liked it and in drinks and seltzer good. I get an REI cured me to put in a comment about the refrigerator and humidity that we had before and he says at cooking issues Bridges run about 30% relative humidity at 38 degrees Fahrenheit which means it can hydrate or dehydrate depending on the item as we had suspected on the are you can drive pancetta in the fridge but it will ruin bread whole Nielsen rights and he is at OS webguy do you have any other required

thinking of gas I said I would think about it and get back to you but here's the here's the issue I like a lot of the books that I keep going back to aren't necessarily recipe books is just books that have fallen in love with for one reason or another I think that forgets a really amazing gift if someone has the bookshelf space for it is to go on eBay or a B ebooks cuz it's hard to buy an expensive when you buy me the complete set there's I think 20 in change volume but the entire time life the time life foods of the World Series from the late 60s early 70s is still one of the great achievements of a kind of your back in the day time life had all these library library library in your a library blah blah you know what I mean but this is really really amazingly well done and I make it a habit kind of dumb have it people like what the hell is that any time I meet someone from a country

where did publish and one of those books like hey you seen the time-life food to the world about your by your Homeland there yeah you like it and they're always like yeah they always like it when she's a really good sign it's got a lot of documentation amazing pictures they hired amazing writers it's not a recipe book like the recipes are actually in a whole separate series of volume that you have to get little spiral-bound guys but you're really fantastic cultural document I go back that all the time another wacky one is perverse is oh my God the name of it just went out of my head I always just call it Pella Pratt it's the art of modern French cooking whatever telepractice what everyone calls it and there's a bunch of different editions the Edition that's from I think like the late 70s early 80s has like the most over-the-top weird color photographs in it of like this demented preparations love that sucker I go back and look at that all the time with pictures and on that same note because they came out by the same an American or English publisher is

my brain just got a raise is the International Buffet book it's the same thing it's but it's like it's like all of the all of the highly touch food that no one likes any more like lobsters are split open on the back sliced jail with a speck in like layered all over the lobster but I can just like you know that billions of tiny hand of touch the sky and other technical aspects of Jones everywhere I love looking at that just for like straight-up crazy crazy talk right here on the North side for what you know I do for a living modern is the modernist cuisine book you kind of have to go get that right I mean if you don't have it already and you have a lot of money let me think of it like these are the ones that like whatever I want inspiration I go on the time-life book because I can basically your cherry pick from around the world just by going to it they want to have like a specific question on specific problem like tofu I haven't gotten a new one yet so I go to the shirt leave

fermentation I go ahead cats McGee's book I'm assuming anyone to listen to this already has on food and cooking right you got to have that that's like the prime reference for most of the things that I do for hydrocolloid if you're you know friend is it at science he ordered like if you want to get for Hamburg hydrocolloid is pricey and they have a new edition of it so I think it might be up to date it was not the day for a while but I think I might have a new edition it's up to date a couple book recommendations yeah what is that

I am going to get kicked out the are pretty soon to want to use why don't you give those questions for me since I substitute for tilapia because all other fish is so expensive yeah well you could just substitute dirt or you can substitute I mean tilapia okay look at everybody knows that everybody hates tilapia tilapia

not right nobody likes it right jack you like it no bad right now it's garbage here's the deal you know the old phrase they aren't you are what you eat in some ways that's true like take take the Pig friends it's right so depending on what a pig eats rats the fatty acid component of the of the fat in a pig will change based on what it is so if he eats you know a lot of nuts it'll have an oily or fat bass in it in its meat and the fastest will change if he eats a lot of you know gray and corns going to have a firmer fat right because in essence in a way that it is what it is however the pig

is kind of is a gift from the heavens in that it takes garbage right and doesn't like make itself into garbage if not a pig is not a walking piece of garbage a pig transforms garbage into amazing delicious food right it's kind of like it isn't it is like the Alchemists it touches LED and turns it to Gold it touches apples that are full of worms and a falling on the ground and are useless and turns them into delicious Pig flesh right it takes the way slop Miss leftover from making Parmesan cheese and turns it into Prosciutto de Parma right it takes whatever crap you have lying around and turned it into pig meat and I don't see how anyone can argue with that right that's straight-up delicious now take the tilapia on the other hand the tilapia is the living breathing swimming embodiment of Filth

garbage it lives in filth and garbage and is filth and garbage there is a a compound called Jasmine which tastes like dirt and is produced by the bacteria that that live in the filthy filthy fresh crappie pools where they grow this monstrosity of a fish the very best thing you can say about a tilapia is that it has no no flavor at all I couldn't taste it at all right, you can do with Tilapia with anything it's a kind of contaminated with Jasmine like there's a certain catfish is if you acidify the hell out of it right then that kind of takes away some of that job flavor Gigio's what have you pronounce it takes it away right somewhat you know Mass it actually chemically remove the smell of that stuff so people like

are you sure it wasn't all the freaking happens if you put on the taco and you could have put anything like a human finger in the taco and you would have thought it was good you know what I mean had nothing to do with the tilapia itself has to do with all the crazy toppings you didn't even argue might have all the time this is why people who make meat analogs that are poor quality of the people working a high-end but what are the arguments of people who make meat analogs will people can't taste it mean anyway right so what they're shooting for is exactly the kind of person who is okay with the tilapia because they don't really care about the flavor of the product itself cuz you're just going to Sauce to be there not overcook the hell out of it anyway so any quality is going to be there is going to be destroyed and they're going to Sauce to be Jesus out of it so that it doesn't really matter what the substrate taste like soap yeah it might as well be texturized vegetable protein underneath and now it it now I've never had texturized vegetable protein with exact texture of a fish but at least texturized vegetable protein doesn't taste like dirt

another thing you could do is Jasmine is a do you have to have you pronounce it is is a component and beats so if you want you can just grind up some beet puree don't peel it though if you want to get most that dirty stuff in right. That's something you can cook it. Dehydrated to a powder and then does encrusted tilapia in Moore Dirt BT flavor right yeah tilapia tilapia is going to be good for like here's a good tilapia like the fact that it can grow in filth in garbage and makes it really great for these like Acqua Panna culture things where the plants have their roots and then they're in the thing and they just feed garbage to tilapia tilapia eat the garbage produces tilapia I eat garbage and then poops and the poop is eaten by bacteria which then make the nitrogen from the from the tilapia poop in the stuff at the plants can eat right and then the plants grow and then they have

a greenhouse over it and the heat the whole soccer with compost so that you can live in Wisconsin somewhere and produce like like zillions of pounds of poor quality food and nutrition wise not work in like a box without a lot of inputs and that's very interesting so it seems to me that tilapia will rule the world when we were colonizing space and we're all living in kind of microgravity like centripetal gravity space stations that are spinning to keep the water on the outside of the space station so that the tilapia can be spinning around and I need his kind of self like made systems like you know when you go to the museum of natural history and I have those giant glass spheres that have like three brine shrimp in it and like a little plant and it has been a constant cycle so we're living like that then tilapia is the way to go otherwise substitute dirt fill cooking issues

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