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Episode 143: Olive Slime & Fantasy Football

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Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn

as always and Jack and Johnny and June with how you guys doing Kickstarter there on the half a Kickstarter the underground

collectors a question I'll get right back to you and it is to create a hassock plan now not a has a plan for restaurant all you can use it a restaurant but not not just for restaurant which is much simpler thing but a verified has a plan for doing cured meats and verify means that the protocol has been tested and verified by an independent lab and accepted such that anyone could use this has a plan for raising themselves to do USDA approved and it's very expensive process normally $10 and what they're doing is they're going to pay for theirs but then make it available for everyone to use on you know if everyone to use and therefore Kumon open source has a plan which is a fantastical

successfully raised its goal 3 months ago 3 days ago sorry 0 seconds

3 days ago is an hour so they raised $50,000 for their $40,000 goal so congratulations. I'm glad they made it a crap at a good time last week with the ideas in food people what are you doing today means Our Lady Peace of American-made products and it's kind of cool we're doing a cocktail as usual and were using a particular apple called a wixon

call Wickson Crabapple even though I don't believe it's actually Crabapple I believe it's a regular domestic Apple that's what that up if you guys look that up for me Wickson Apple but it's very small which is why it's called The Crab leave it's originally from California hence American-made not just grown in America but old or has not been a lot of the famous Apple varieties are all apologies from Washington and varieties East Coast to the north and a wixon is a fantastic little apple because it has a very very high sugar content and a very very high acid content what that means extremely friendly for cocktails so flavor profile another Apple that does that that's not American is he

turn on which I hope to get very soon Ashley's colonel from Out West New York had them from New Hampshire but I've never had them from Western asked me to ask me to colonel was discovered sometime in the first decade of the 1700 in England also a very high sugar and acid at Apple in to relieve you some real about the wixon original not just High icing sugar but a very nice flavor kind of spicy make a light light light light pink juice that's really pretty Ashley fraternal makes yellow juice is not a red flesh apples a Redskin apple and just a fantastic you so we'll use that in a little bit but the Draper making me listen today is we're taking what they were using vectors and we making a similar drink tomorrow with Maker's Mark butter whiskey

ice makers the Rye or the bourbon that were using bourbon Suburban in both cases and where the problem with mixing a fantastic apple like weeks in mixing it with straight whiskey and then also the problem if you're going to carbonate it which we are the problem is that the oak all of the Oak extractives in the whiskey really dried roughshod over the top of the apple variety in this don't marry well and it just becomes a big confusing mess or cordle you is my son book report that he calls any kind of mess of coral you after the what we do is we have to strip out some of that oh and we put it to a process we called D tanning and the way we do it is we add various charged charged ingredients to the to the to the things that agglomerate and then we kind of sand

Sha Na Na my brains erased it kind of sounded positively charged I think hydrocolloid derive from music from shrimp shells are there within the next couple of years will have fun Glee available Titus and I always forget return policy with the negative in my brain. We had we had some of that to the to the bourbon we won't be shaken up we let it sit or sit around a while then we want to suck out the kind of sand and also suck out the tannins in the oak extract is that are bound to the kindest and so I don't want to add something that is that dissolves I want to add instead something to just swells a little bit but has a high surface area so I add High acyl gellan that's Coco jlf which is a hydrocolloid that is oppositely charged from Titus and but won't dissolve in the liquor and you at it and shake it and it turns milky and you keep shaking it and you shake it over the course of a couple of hours three or four times and when that stuff settles out you don't even need a centrifuge stuff off and you have whiskey

some of the kind of parsnips of it removed and I have more aggressive techniques that use gelatin but they're extremely aggressive like it comes out in 02 neutral for my tastes even take that we mix it with weeks and it's not called Taste of Martha what's it called American-made how many rings did Baker Flats in its winning Awards

strong okay Zach in Pittsburgh how you doing why are they terrible how come we live in a time when every grocery store has an olive bar with decent oil and salt cured olives many restaurants continue to put these black balls of disgusting on their salads I like how to Black to the black ball of disgusting not even not a black ball disgusting out of this to blackball discuss you're forgetting the sliced discs of disgusting that go on top of the nachos how do we defeat the canned black olives Menace thanks Zack in Pittsburgh's first of all I never I would literally never spoken to nastasha about Nastassja this Olive style and since she's from California land of California

Pizza on Saturday so I can eat them you can eat them but you are you always not like you like olives so you're not when you okay okay listen to get angry at me there bad product right there not a good product okay if I just put it that way I don't mind then here's my feeling and Zach stick with me here don't like switch off the radio and run screaming if you think about them as if they were an olive then they're horrible you know what I mean it's a horrible thing you and I mean if all you're thinking about it is kind of like a squeegee somewhat oily black texture blob you all right then I'd say it's better than a lot of the people pull and it's just it's just

a little textural thing it has like a slight flavor and so I find them theoretically offencive and in most applications I would rather have real Olive you know but I don't I don't think that they're I don't think that

well maybe they are an Abomination to should be erased but I don't mind them somehow you know what I'm saying what are they are they are olives okay so let's talk about how they're made in fact you can look up there's a UC Davis put out cuz I love U C Davis. I love pre-loved UC Davis they put out a technical bulletin a call olives safe methods for home pickling that you can get a PDF of there's also an online pdf available called California Olive processing the crop that goes through the technical literature on how to make California style blackout should you be a moron enough to want to make California style black olives with the olives that come off of your tree in your backyard UC Davis tells you how to do it which I freaking love

is there very high in a substance called and I can't pronounce it every one who know who listens knows I can't pronounce it a damn thing is all your opinion which is extremely bitter compound that in our in our state is water soluble so the trick of all curing techniques right is to leech out or get rid of a certain quality of that all your opinion right to make the olives palatable so in a salt cured all of traditional old-school stalk your knowledge you just take Apache olives and salt moisture leeches out as result of pain and it drips down in the thing and then put and you have to wait a long time right to your house then you can rinse off the salt pack whatever you want

brine cured olives typically before you add that the brine you crack the olives and then you'll put it in a water solution and the water will leitch out the old European and tell it what to do with those change the water like once a day for you know depending on how much bitterness want to track you want to leave some of it in the more you extract kind of not only bitterness flavors are gone so you lose more flavor is you go right then after you're done with that you then I can put it in a brine solution a salt solution and do a straight fermentation of it made kind of delicious Olive or if your puny or if you like this you can just add a vinegar solution to it and that will prevent further fermentation and you have more of a piccolo these things take time and what do the California Olive producers not want to take time they don't want to take time so they have this genius genius this technology called

Sly and in the kitchen so lie the basic solution y breaks down that your opinion and makes it easy to extract so when shall I gets in there wipes it out in a couple of days they can go through the entire procedure right it's been weeks they can do the entire procedure from and you know a harvest to in a can in like in like 10 days like 7 to 10 days and here's here's how it works first of all they don't have enough production facilities to do olives to do all the outlets at Harvest Time in fact it doesn't make economic sense they want to do harvesting throughout the year so California Outlaws what happened is there pick and they're put in that they're not even put in salt brine patch anymore they used to put them in salt brine bad to keep them static so that nothing happened to they didn't want him to ferment or change because it's not what they're looking for the not looking for fermenting change they're looking for a bland neutral California black olives

they do and by the way they're not they're picked I would call the green right stage right but it's green hasn't turn black at even though I was will turn black on the tree black southern green and are stored in the salt lamp on all the salt into the Earth right now literally just store it in giant that contact combat of a mix of lactic acid acetic acid which is vinegar and benzoate and sorbet to keep any sort of yeast or bacteria from growing it so it's in a preservative Brian and I are going to brine a preservative Acid Bath and they can stay there for like a freaking year for a long time although apparently according to the processing the crop PDF premium quality California olives are usually processed before July 9th remember that's freaking July so they're sitting in a static bath since

play put them they used to do it as a as a processing now they just have kind of like a automatic tanks that can do it big automatic tanks why is the trick you need to give it like a bunch of different lie bass you drain off the lie and you add more light rain off the light and add more life and in between during that process your bubbling air through it right and it's the are added to the olives along with the library stuff down right and makes more of the polyphenolic compounds in the olives available to kind of agglomeration you add air and the I can help some oxidized and that's what makes the black color they all it is the air with no air right then you would not have a black olive in fact UC Davis the document when you're making if you should ever want to go home and make the California blackout yourself what you do is you put the lie in it and then you drain it and let it be exposed to air for a while then add more life up up up up up up up up up so you keep lying and you cut them open you look and soon as the light hits the pit

delete that enough of the only real peace and it's much faster than a benefit leeches are almost all the characteristic flavors of the island so you have tasteless paddle left right now now that goes through a procedure to get rid of the to get rid of a lie and they have accelerated mixing systems are the plastic stuff out now you got rid of a lie with water they dumped all that crap then they do a light brine solution and that they have to brine it they have to get the brine solution you know up in increments of the wise owl of a civil and then they cannot soccer at a high high high pressure before canning they add a little bit of some sort of iron compound and compound is there to fix the black colors of the black color doesn't fade or change over time so the internet's they will falsely say that that that that the this fair thing is added so fair as things added so that

to make the black color because you're not turning black but I prefer accuracy California black right olives nice

underground bases in American producer of handcrafted salami and cured meats in Madison Wisconsin that use small farms from South West Wisconsin to Source their meet the animals are raised on pasture for their entire lives by farmers who care about Animal Welfare while Underground Beats uses European tradition they also use ingredients from the Upper Midwest to try to create new types of salami experimenting with both ingredients and techniques the salamis are made using Heritage breeds mostly red wattles tamburitza Brookshire's and you'll foots try their award-winning short pork shoulder and goats La me to learn more and purchase products visit shop. Underground food Collective. Org or stop by their butcher shop in Madison Wisconsin

Norvasc station station vodka right that's the real name of the song I mean it's very closely related to The Vicious vicious vodka The Amos Milburn cut which we you know if we used to use it we got to call her they've got to call her

I have a question for you about the natural pickles I just bought a bunch of a bunch of different vegetables at the farmers market I want to naturally ferment the mall I was wondering if you have any pointers for other kinds of vegetables at what are good vegetables what vegetables I shouldn't do is cooking vegetables going to screw up the process can I do any fruits just anything you can advise you on the sander cats book by the way

I've heard of it but I don't have it yet you should you should get it it's worth the money on this stuff and I'll tell you why he is gone through a few don't necessarily agree with everything you said as he is gone through and tested a huge variety of specific fruits and vegetables under specific during regiments right now so I highly recommend that you go and even actually you know if you want to cheat if you do the Amazon look inside you can look inside and like fine like various tips on on various different thing the thing about cooking vegetables or fruit beforehand Francis do it putting cucumbers in in a in a hot bath right it was a lot of what that's doing is trying to kill enzymes and bacteria in the organ denature enzymes and kill bacteria in the product that might soften the vegetable before the pickling process is complete ordering the pickling process right sew in

converse that's the only reason you know that they'll do a quick boil on them to it to do in the outside a lot of vegetables the same way but like if you're doing something and you wanted to stay extremely extremely Crunchy Black Rock crunchy I'm saying it's hard like let's say a carrot you don't want to do it so long that you have a problem I don't really know if there's any advantage at all frankly to Boiling a carrot before you pick late cuz I haven't you know what I'm saying but this is the kind of thing that sand or catch a probably be great on for for for looking up the other thing if you're dealing with something has a tendency to soften right then you can add some sort of positive positively charged ion to it like calcium feeling like this and that's going to strengthen the pectin in the cell walls and you know let you have a crunchy or product over time like what vegetables do you have

5 carrots brussel sprouts beets onions and broccoli all that stuff I've never I've only ever done vinegar pickling onions that I don't know what I have traditionally pick illenium sure be delicious but all of these things are you know why she know you have onions inside of kimchi with like but these on

these are all the things that I like a highly recommend that you didn't you just go get his book or do the Amazon look inside because I don't know specific recommendations and there might be a particular trick for a particular vegetable that I would miss and why why miss it when you can just look it up on his thing that makes sense or no would you recommend question so you know that calcium chloride Pace or riffic but you could use it in in small quantities in fact they add calcium chloride to canned tomatoes that's why I can tomatoes don't break down when you cook them the same way that Tomatoes break down when you cook them and their added usually at a low enough dosage rate that you know you don't taste it with the rest of the stuff I'll owe you know I have a mental block about adding something that you know taste horrific but you know you could add a little bit of calcium chloride

you could I do a dip in pickling lime or add a small amount of pickling lime water has calcium hydroxide to it that'll increase the calcium and make things more crunchy that also has a flavor but you know you want to add a kind of my new quantity so it's calcium hydroxide calcium chloride and that's why it's called by the way pickling lime do you know this it's the same thing that's used in in nixtamalization which North call when you're in Mexico but it's all it's all the same stuff or Thai Red Line paste all the same product and its calcium hydroxide which is basic and very very very very weakly soluble so you could do is soak in in a pickling lime solution then do pickling that confirm it anything like that calcium lactate calcium lactate gluconate is the least flavorful of the earliest disgusting on the calciums but also the

also the hardest to dissolve and the most expensive carrots actually have a high amount of calcium in the modernist cuisine guys told me once that the inside of a carrot that little pippy part in the middle extremely high in calcium so I don't know if any of this stuff can be necessary and something like a carrot but might be helpful in broccoli for instance

okay now at at cooking issues and let us know how this stuff works out and whether you figured out any good tips or tricks cuz I like to thank you very much. Joshua Tree answer the question in that order

you know you can if you know the answer Richmond Booker and Daxter in my first trip to New York it was nothing short of incredible Welcome to New York come back again we like we like to us to come to New York that's how we make our money in New York what you think this is back in the day here's the thing I used to live in in Times Square right outside Times Square in the Garment District Stars you live really close to it now right and this is not I don't think this is my idea I think it's goes back to an old like New York Times magazine thing from decades ago but the concept is that you have a Taurus Lane where you're allowed to kind of stop. Yeah take pictures do whatever it is that you do when you know you're in in the city for the first time and then I kind of a commuters walking Lane where if you if you if you slow down at all or if you swerve

in any way other than to get out of the then you get shoulder instantly upset about it because I got bitches a shoulder you know kind of like bikers do on on the Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge bike ride out there and you bike on the Brooklyn Bridge you're a freak Show you just like confrontation and you just you just hate me because that that's what it would be like it'll be like that if you put a tour if you would have computer and walking Lane in Times Square you would have the same situation with angry people that you have on the Brooklyn Bridge and by the way maybe wasn't a Taurus man that was the idea but in the New York Times They just they basically said that we should have these Valens where people who live in Manhattan aren't allowed to go in Times Square review one of them and we're just not allowed in there because we just get angry and that's our freaking problem like that is not built for us that's not for us but they're not for us

Manhattan person is not allowed to get angry at tourists in Time Square that's unreasonable like it is there for them you are just a chump who like happened to plan is commute through the one the busiest tourist places in the world you're bad your fault anyway that has nothing to do with cooking nothing short of incredible the ham and pork buns were both outstanding but the drinks were out in this world will thank you Joshua I appreciate it consider buying a centrifuge just to make the Gin and Juice again you can make without a centrifuge using agar clarification anyway well there I tried some orange juice with a lime juice acid profile I have done a literature search and can't find any standard acid amount in Citrus varieties except for citric acid any help or recipe would be great also I used to live in England and I love the English style bacon rashers that are in full English breakfast do you know what cut specifically is used and where I might store sit the only butchers near me just repackage what they are sent there for no custom cuts

and if there's anything special about the Cure thank you for all your help Joshua okay well so Jack and Jill you want to try and hit that guy I got nothing I want to take a stab at the bacon want to just say it's a thickness thing it's just pork belly okay well I have to admit I'm so much on the first part of your question I forgot to even look into the second part of your question which is horrible however I will say this and you know I like that stuff bacon only in the US does bacon really mean just the belly cut of their of the pig and in fact you used to in England have a whole the whole side of the pig which would be done at cured in the in the manner of bacon and I presume that they do pump Styles but also dry Drive Thousand like one of the famous when you look up his wheelchair cut or will rupture

dial baking that's one of the famous skiers I have the actual old old techniques in a book by a guy named Nichols called Bacon's and ham and I did a short review of bacon and ham on cooking issues of books from 1917 and has a picture of the author Nicholas dressed as a flitch I love the word flitch of bacon as a Fletcher wilcher bacon and it's got a fold-out pig with all the parts in it and it's if you remind me if you send in a tweet next week I was specifically look up at how to do the wheel shirt style or maybe Jack and Joe can look it up like that the classic English bacon style will Richards. The last time I checked which was three years ago Google hadn't uploaded it but maybe you guys can see if they have uploaded bacon two hamsters one of the all-time great books the guy has a real sense of humor about bacon you know what I mean and he was a producer and just an awesome awesome guy Penny was so f

your first question so you say you can only find citric acid and the reason is is that most fruit juices are most fruit juices are specified in terms of the titratable acidity as expressed as grams of citric acid per 100 ml of product that's how it's done right and so it's expressed as an acidity percentage at of citric acid and luckily for not leave me no points identity the majority of acid in orange juice is in fact citric acid and it's usually somewhere in the in the range of 0.8 to 1% in that range 0.82 1% acid for standard acidic orange juice that you have lying around so I use 0.8 now what that means is that there are

8 grams of citric acid in a liter of in a liter of orange juice or there are 0.8 grams or close to a gram of citric acid in 100 ml of orange juice now lime juice right lime juice and lemon juice are both roughly 6% acidity 6% like so there would be a lot more right and so-so lemon juice is almost entirely citric acid so if you wanted orange juice with the same acidity as lemon juice and the same acid profile as lemon juice you would add roughly 5 grams of citric acid to a hundred milliliters of orange juice and you have roughly lemon juice if you wanted to do lime juice lime juice has a different acid profile it is roughly

6% but it's two parts of citric to one part Malik so to make lime juice acid Out of Water you would take for grams of malic acid sorry for grams of citric acid and 2 grams of malic acid and also a Pinterest acidic acid which is the real thing that makes it taste like quality lime juice but yeah that is a secret between all of us a very difficult to get the other two you can just get at a home brew shops or wine supplies so you add that and you get it so when you're trying to take orange juice up to lime juice acidity assume that your hundred milliliters of orange juice already has in it one gram of a citric acid so you need to add another three grams of citric acid that write 343 grams of citric acid more and then to grams of Malik let it dissolve and whammo you have orange juice with the acid profile of lime now

and I'll go more into this if you buy you know in a year's time in my cocktail book comes out if you buy it I'll go into excruciating detail about why it's useless to use PH meters to measure the acidity of juices and that really the measurement that you want to use the only thing that's important is the titratable acidity as expressed in grams of citric acid per hundred miles and even though different acids have different levels of acidity that really is up you know till first order of magnitude all you need to know because your mouth doesn't taste Pho your mouth taste how many acid molecules are present at a different acids do you have different profile so lemon juice which primarily citric has a very fast track attack and then Decay where is malic acid has a longer longer present time on your tongue and so malachite attempts to Tennessee last for a longer amount of time but have less of a punch weapons attack so they are slightly different but there you have it what you think

another question hear some of your general rules of thumb for keeping leftovers and then subsequently reheating them

well depends on the leftover really I mean so like with meets with me if you want to make sure that you don't let oxygen hit them so you don't get to warmed-over flavor when you reheat them right because it's an oxidative think so if you have a meet with sat on it the fat exposed to are you then reheat it you can get oxidative damage to the oils need this kind of cardboard e off flavors and it's known as warmed-over flavor and that's considered bad so you want to throw that stuff without without heat but you know if you have a future maybe everyone will have a circulator just like sitting around kind of running so they can they can reheat stuff in general I think an unfortunate thing that happens is we tend to off at home I tend to store everything in Port containers right so you'll make a stool you make a soup and make whatever you're packing to do a quart container and you put it in your fridge or if I don't know if you don't have pork there's packages of those are relatively difficult to reheat because other relative there thick so let's say you were to make a stew or some sort of whatever you know whatever you want and packet

and then you try to reheat that well doesn't really work and then you break out you put in a pan and stuff in the bottom of the Panthers to Scorch right you had this happen right side and it's irritating the only alternatives are to like sit there and you get a billion times and stir it while you nougat try which is irritating right here's a better solution I think is to put your stuff in Ziploc bags and then flatten them when you see them now the entire package entire ziplock package is only a couple centimeters thick maybe and then you can heat up some water to a simmer turn it off throw your packages and you want to boil Ziploc bags because they can hit beside the Panthers break and they reheat very quickly and very evenly if you have a rice cooker that is induction fire with induction right and it's a grain product that you're trying to reheat throwing a couple tablespoons of water into the bottom of your rice cooker and then just dumping the product in and breaking it up and hitting the reheat cook cycle is a fantastic mellow way to reheat stuff that'll work I mean should you have to read

rice at the best way even though it might be the best way to make fried rice by red delicious delicious mean I don't know how to know how you can. Like it was delicious anyways do you like the egg mix in or the trunks of egg really like both so I mix them in and then I cut up that makes him like you know some stuff as well so but if you want to reheat it normal style rice but I usually the Sochi Russia which is awesome piece of equipment induction fuzzy neuro fuzzy rice cooker 18 cup and I tell you what you look at the price that you like 250 bucks for a rice cooker I use that sucker so freaking much it is such a freaking machine doesn't a great job on right they also that can we hear things like lentils or dryer things like beans that are more difficult to reheat need things that are liquidy beans and I really need it all I guess I could have never used it for that that's really gentle and because it's induction heated and has a fair

accurate thermal control it doesn't ever Scorch never ever never Scorch torch do you like do you like the way he possibly like frying the bottom of it to get a real nice crust on it or not depends promise if you over cook the pasta at all in my shoes and then turned to crap got to hate that I hate that you hate that hate that what you think Jack these good suggestions or know this great reheat reheat techniques I think that's good for now we also wanted to know what what your tailgate would look like as it's kind of tailgate season right now

for Fantasy I don't like fantasy no offense like in general like fantasies in general I don't I don't just like fantasy football I feel that you know and I'll let you know stop bringing up personal stuff here I just feel that we have enough work to do at Booker and Dax equipment company trying to get some of our products off the ground that we don't need to fill the time with Fantasy Football Fantasy Football at work and Piper sitting together with some sort of stats up discussing the relative merits of the Manning brothers and discussing your fantasy football pics as though it was some sort of urgent problem that needed to be addressed

Stephanie that is Thursday is like Thursday or that you don't do it at work fantasy freaking football fantasy if I was going to do it I mean I would bring a bunch of my Sears also I can finish some stuff off are you allowed to run your car during the tailgate or is that considered like really bad news bad news right that's ruining the environment bad for me so what do you want people to bring a bunch of batteries to run their circulators

I think they got it off a generator generator I would probably do like some serious brats and burgers with either I can grill or searzall or both and I was just crank out some super high-quality products like that I would take how to make a bunch of carbonated cocktails and then I get a bunch of you know probably bottles are the people who sings I don't think you can bring glasses so we would do I'll probably some bottled cocktails for me in plastic bottles right carbonated because yeah people are tailgates are not driving so I think they're all driving I do this hops tincture right now that you can add the seltzer water and it gives kind of a beer a feeling to it but it's much higher quality product in my I just feel bad buying a weird anyway

salt and ice chilled what happened to listen to this American life. I don't want to hear anything from a beer aficionados sang American Beer is supposed to be cold and has no flavor so it's supposed to be really has flavor but it's supposed to be cold and actually you want that thing slightly more than I've brought you might hate fantasy football like nastassia hates vegans

on my window and say hey can you stop working so we can talk about vegetables doesn't happen

you know I want to know what half what's happening when you're cooking meat from Frozen and is it ever negative quality thing like if you were cooking a braised pork cheeks or a pig head phrase would that be a good thing or like acceptable or would you get a really mushy Prada all right well I've never done a side-by-side I have cook from Frozen on you know on occasions on several more than several occasions I have never done I've never done a side-by-side now there are people of course who always sear Frozen like they freeze the product and then sear it and there's some people like the modernist cuisine are recommendations where they just parfrey's the outside with liquid night or not far from hard freeze but only on the

what is liquid nitrogen into their Seer and a fiery they're being that you're not going to overcook the interior the meat right right you know the results are actually slightly different ideas in food now has a big frozen cheer thing if they do and I don't know if they cook the rec from Frozen or not I think they do but I'll let you know there might repeat might be a difference and what happens when you're cooking on a slow cooker York you're talking in a bag slow right

yes yes because you can't really do it traditionally a traditional temperatures because you overcook before you thaw you know what I'm saying so you can't do it that the only difference I can see is that in a standard piece of meat a large portion a standard unfrozen piece of meat that you're cooking low temperature a large portion of the meat is in the range in kind of the middle temperature range between 40 cells of 40 Fahrenheit you know Aunt fridge temperature and cooking temperature let's just say 55 Celsius first mistake that I do right there's a good there's a good amount of meat in that range and in that range when the meat is in there different things can happen enzymes can help break down of tissues in different reactions can take place you won't have those reactions take place in a piece of meat is going directly in the bathroom freezing because they'll be a fairly fine line between

cook temperature place and the place where it's Evil Zero and very and not zero but he is 0 Celsius in very few of those reaction to taking place so my feeling is the real thing is I don't really know how much of a difference that'll make my guess is not that much and if a product of the parts already. Already thought any way of knowing if you saw a product out so I always tell people they say it like I know how is my meat going to be that has been frozen as a while when you saw it look at how much drip is coming out and a meat that's been stored poorly or for too long with a lot of temperature cycling is going to have a huge amount of drip Los out of their meat right but frankly you know it if you're doing a brave as you're going to be cooking at high enough temperatures that you get an equivalent amount of drip gloss out of the freshening anyway because you be squeezing that crap out when you're when you're cooking it it's only in kind of steaks in areas where you get very little drip out of the cook because your temperature so low that I think it's going to make a big deal about the drip

boss on thawing inside the bag I think it's probably going to be minimal in a brace with my feeling my only the only caveat with raises in general is that you want to hyper reduce any stock or any flavors are any sauces that go in the bag with the Braves because otherwise it's going to taste post when it comes out instead of braised post

okay and what about traditional if you were going to do a traditional braids with one of the complete out like I talk or cut and not in a bag from Frozen yeah I don't know I'm more loads to do it and it but the question is how long how long is the window of Awesomeness on the cook right that's the first thing you have to ask and then then how thick are the pieces and how fast will they thaw out in the simmering water that the second you're in the in the in the bubbling water that's the second piece of the puzzle so if the window of awesomeness let's say you're doing like in are you getting a pork shoulder and you you're making you know I don't know chili or something like this in your brazing it out you know I wouldn't do a whole pork shoulder that way that's crazy now if you if the Peace of the pieces are already been cut down you know such that that you know they're only centimeter to cm

I'm off to get a little crush to have a phone to reduce anyway right that's pretty song in a little bit and then you throw them in well we all know that you know you have quite a bit of time from the time he first becomes tender to the time it's crap for that to be done and they'll probably saw that pretty quickly so probably not a big deal you or nothing. The pens and just have to kind of Judge in your mind how long it's going to take us all out and how big of a window you have

okay cool that's really helpful thing works out we have to try to get in we have from Parker cook who is at gun pistol man when whether he knows Byron Ferguson years ago the fastest draw in the world got a freaking incredible died of a heart attack in his car like the fastest draw like to ever have lived like the world's fastest in a car heart attack made us sous-vide Burgers but on occasion love a burger from McDonald's what do they what you got

total binge massage is a candy but she's also she also like has some weird hates like you hate what what flavor are gummy bear do you hate what color I should say wait you only love light red and green gummy bears only for the white sometimes the Reds and greens well first of all you don't for for many many years I had not been to McDonalds like two decades almost a decade and a half and then I swear to God once I have my kids and I bought a car and you're rocking down I-95 or trying to you actually stopped in bumper-to-bumper traffic traffic on I-95 like one of the worst wrote it wasn't like that thing or 20 years ago when I used to drive it everyday now

freaking the worst traffic mess in the world I want to get off and find something real and you know what I've always loved the McDonald's is the fake milkshakes does big shakes a freaking delicious I always feel bad after I make me feel wrong but I love I love the texture so I don't know how they make those and a llorar vanillin the vanillin fake shake from McDonald's you like those things I heard a rumor and that's actually might be something to look into for next week that the McFlurry at McDonald's is completely vegan if you get with Oreos so there's no real milk in it

add I do not know that I will look it up it's a rumor I've heard I don't know could be completely false to put the real symbol on the milk symbol the real simple but okay but I don't know about this McFlurries isn't Fleury owned by that someone else without their there's the blizzard which is yeah blizzard Dairy Queen okay so listen so here's the real trick Parker I don't believe in feeling guilty about what you mean and this is I think the primary this is primary think I don't allow anyone to say the word to use the words junk food in my house and the reason is I think that thinking about food as something you do to make yourself guilty or not guilty or at as a as a reward for being able to do something that you perceive as bad is fundamentally unhealthy way that we look

eating here in this country I think that you know there is food that I don't allow my kids to eat all the time there foods that I don't buy because they're low quality like Lunchables I don't know who the hell does the marketing on Lunchables right but my kids ask for Lunchables all the time Booker my oldest son daddy why won't you buy the Lunchables is it because they're low quality of life like with the Quality Meats at my local kind of you know Supermarket I feel like why don't you buy the bet your daddy is because it's low quality of my

so I think that there's foods that are kind of low quality they're still have nutrients and they still be eaten I don't know why those but I don't believe in any category of food being junk just ones that you should probably eat more of and one less up but I think you know we as a nation would do better to think about to not think of food that weigh a ton of candy that because you're eating a ton of candy you know what I mean when I went to Austin after I did my after I did my vegan Purge and I ate nothing but you know barbecued beef brisket and like pounds of it like you know for 24 hours straight I felt bad not because my body just come off of a vegan person I was polluting it with me right to much freaking me I just say to you just piles of greasy poop every barbecue delicious me

play King of the Beach when they can get the stuff that's perceived as junk food Twinkie is not a well-made products I love them if we get a good maybe that's why I like it Wiki made and I still like them I can taste it there bad poorly made and I still like them maybe the same like I can deal with those black olives are poorly made but I still like them actually enjoy you know I feel that way about like processed cheese queso dip that stuff is awesome queso is freaking awesome anyone it doesn't like queso has issues best of straight up delicious on a chip come on wishes I like it I like do you make your own you buy Rotel you can fake it with the jalapeno slices chop

and they and just chopping on tomatoes but real tells you where to go on the way up Christian spinello from eat the pig we received your copy that you gave us of the Curious from Harold McGee thank you so much we're going to have him sign it when he comes into Indian pretty soon and then maybe we should use of a way I could sign it and maybe use it for fundraising right cuz everyone out there should go get a copy of the Curious cook his second book and the one that's unfortunately out of print and I beat into his head every time I see him that he should put some of the available online cuz it really gives an insight into the Mind Over McGee and Christian also asked Dave while back you mentioned olive oil from Italy that you liked it was a good deal of glue for I believe 2002's can you get it online I believe you can buy ATS not sold under his name but it's in De Pollos de Pollos olive oil in the powers of the cheese shop here in Manhattan if you should come to Manhattan please go to the

and they will sell some of their delicious olive oils online I happen to like a lot of olive oils from Sicily I specifically like certain you know Olive varieties of Florida things like that would you like it depends year-to-year how to harvest day so you really want to go to a supplier that has olive oils and will let you taste them

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