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Episode 142: Maximum Flavor

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Hello on Tuesday in De Jesus in the street I didn't call him that next time he's not here anymore though he left

alright alright so listen today we have a very special or just one you know I already called the unique group ideas in food, and Alex Talbot you know the kind of like the old the OG new text food folk on the on the on the line on the internet and are there today have released a new book called maximum flavor recipes that will change the way you cook and if you go in order that thing right now today is the first day you can have a shiny fresh copy on your doorstep tomorrow or if you still live in a place where there are real book stores you can probably go buy it right now what's going on

you can call on your questions to the ideas in food Brew or us if you have any questions you know for fresh funky folks over here to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 before we start with us when the questions I'm going to ask you one of the references you so I'll hit you with that later but what about the book I mean I just booked it supposed to first book Is this is a full-color Extravaganza of a book

novel idea if so is it when you talk about that talk about it for a minute

OK Google the weasels the weasels what's really interesting is that for many years your blog was known for being very photo heavy having a lot of photos I guess it probably just wasn't surprised two people to see something come out that wasn't that way you don't I'm saying

certainly I mean that the first book the first book is really a handbook for the kitchen and went out without pictures people are you supposed to look like the big the biggest pickup we came across with ideas and food the book photograph the Jesus out of it you're supposed to be at least through it looks great I didn't get a chance to read it because I saw you right before my ill-fated Starships demonstration which is where you know where the cooking and she's cruel as last week instead of doing a real job and be here on the radio we were at Star chefs having things not go our way but I can't wait to get a hold of a copy

but it's true that I looked at this morning on Amazon and I are you guys Pro Amazon or not want to come out for against public

what's the Phillies in the middle of nowhere and we could not have gotten any book there if it were not for Amazon so we are pro Indie bookstores we are also know Amazon it sometimes you just can't get things any other way for like if they already on the first book like what we know why should they go get this it's all new all different correct all new all different get the reference material that you need and then refuse to support it where is recipes that you really want to eat there's a lot of information jammed into each one and then it's a love thing

extrapolate from so you know and then it's also a great meeting point for people you know who aren't necessarily supertech r equipment Savvy although I guess you know a lot of people listen here are like they're still going to be a lot in for them correct because we had a lot of fun with it and the science is still there but it's almost hidden so it's kind of scattered through recipes and it's in the head now it's and it's layered more into stories as opposed to First book where the science center and the recipes are behind that we were more about like really really delicious food and then explaining how we did it

sweet well I can't wait to get a copy of it I'm sure it's going to do well why don't we answer some questions for the folks get right in question before then I have a little bit of an advantage over you guys at I got the question this morning so you know I had a chance to look at it but scratch and leave that notice that unfortunately when we went to Stockholm to a full boil a stable form of Homewood forum and would boil over vigorously this obviously is never happen to a fish poultry or land mammal stock that I've ever made before and this Lipa Dua Papa size there's some sort of stabilizer in the shrimp meat or shells it would cause this phone to form if there is put there be a way to use this in an advantageous manner to suit the needs of somebody or some entity also I never got to thank you for giving us a shout out on the show while back can't wait to get the most high gear represent Aaron will put my two cents in really quickly one thing I need to know beforehand on the phone meaning I mean

has anyone knows if you cook a whole station in special things like lobsters a phone like demons and so I would assume that you wouldn't get that much foaming for if you were buying headless shrimp do you what I mean but if you were buying whole body shrimp I would assume that you could get some decent foaming out of it cuz there's lots of them I remind you of a very old like dual-language Chinese American cookbook that I have that one of the recipes that calls for like phoning egg whites by hand and then putting it in front of the cooked crab on the plate and it's and it's called for crab spittle effect in English translation crab spittle effect and so you know which well-known if there's all kinds of proteinaceous crap that you know sea creatures produce specially crustaceans in fact when you have you know animals that produce waste nitrogenous products constantly in a

Marion tanks you have protein skimmer to remove them because otherwise in the way that they work is by foaming the protein stuff that's there so my guess is is there some sort of protein crap there that comes out the only other guess I have is that some of it know that shrimp shells are made of a product called chitin which is one of the most common biopolymers in the world and it's it's a nitrogen-containing kind of flower is polysaccharide like saying that you know I use the broken down form of a call Titus and four for clarification and and other things but that's tough phones so maybe you're getting some of that to you guys ever had any any issue with the stock or anything to say on crustacean stocks

shrimp shells for stock Lobster but we do and we're doing it again real fast and then I would say at Bay as opposed to shrimp lipless this man is not on not on topically but shrimp as opposed to Lobster so I think I know what are the common problems with a shrimp shell there's like that we get from a farm shrimp like even if you cook the hell out of it like there's only so much crap it's their right if you're just using the Shell and not the head and all that stuff in terms of me so paper thin usually there's not much so I don't really find a lot of problems not enough for me problems taste problems but I do find I'm curious about pressure cooking cuz I haven't pressure cook this one if you're the pressure cook like a hard shell lobster you know how when you over cook a lobster

stock to make a biscuit gets the only thing I don't really know what it is cuz I've never analyzed the board I consider to be kind of like up I shall taste almost like a calcium meat taste to it you ever noticed that we haven't found Fusion what you making a stock like from stray shells on Lobster like it's like good good up you roast them right then we took him up to a point and then when you over extract me like this craft done you know what I mean it's like yeah taste like shut the well known that there are proteins in their try to pressure cooker

do you guys believe my story they can pressure cooker shouldn't vent or no I still believe it very very wholeheartedly pressure produce a lower-quality stock then ones like a coon Recon that don't even though I just had terrible experiences weekly recount exploding in my kitchens freaking nightmare well here's what happened there is a you know how like you know how lazy you know me I'm lazy so like overtime cuz they're silicone they deteriorate and until we know it's my personal pressure cooker I brought into work so I need to do something and you have a price of gas cuz I replace it and you know next time I'll replace it next time next time there's a little there's a little secondary pressure relief on the top of the pan next to the valve and the silicone there wasn't sealing properly so it was always spitting out of the esteem so Piper

stop music hey David steaming do you say that ruins playlist on my right leg over there start fiddling with it right and then and then I'm trying to set the damn thing so I think maybe they're like someone permit in it or something so I'm trying to set it take a butter knife the back end of a butter knife and I got a Pap Pap Pap on the top of the thing to seal it and I blew it through the lid of the of the thing that is sucker was full 3/4 full of rendering like full chicken with a fat in it and everything stock at 15 psi like I'm talking like like like five leaders of chicken soup and chicken stock at 15 psi I punch a quarter inch hole through it and it was like Old Faithful Geyser it flies up hits the ceiling chicken fat like everywhere and you know Piper one that was going to put a towel over my Piper man that's like you know that's like whatever you're needing in the ocean to raise the tide like we're done here am I so we just have to sit there for a minute and watching the dance

coq au vin chicken fat in chicken stock all of red retire lab coated with a fine mist of chicken products my dog loved it the dog. It was fantastic I sent replace the gaskets next reverse of all the rubber Parts in your in your pressure cooker because they lose their ability to steal over overtime around the rim I'm always late and replacing that one and I'm honored pressure cookers have a safety override where if you look at the lid of a of a modern pressure cooker there are there are gaps cut into it in the reason those are there is so that if you build up too much pressure it will literally extrude

main seal and gasket out of these coals and then then I think but if you don't replace your gasket they just extruder normal 15 psi pressure. You don't have to raise back window at Starship doing this stuff I've been through it twice in one day coffee pressure cooking coffee ride beans libraries all over his Chef whites white because I didn't replace the freaking gasket and about beans and I'm hoping you will thanks for the advice a few shows back cracking them on a flat surface Japan style has reduce the amount of shell in my scrambled eggs questions about lacto fermenting vegetables and fruit lately I've been getting some really Kick-Ass results in advance I will kick Bible say kick butt results with simple countertop countertop ferments I did some experimenting and found that even crappy low-quality flavorless Tomatoes book and in French

delicious with some bubbling on the counter at fermenting bubbling also. Chili's with a bit of salt after four meant turn into Dynamite hot sauce that's true and my underwhelming sauerkraut taste delicious fried up with some potatoes although there's no reason for our current vendor will make sauerkraut inherently delicious Amy question is there an inherently safe / putrefaction preventing minimum salt prevent percentage for lacto fermenting fruit and vegetables assuming a normal in quotes water content in the amount of fruit or veg I've been eyeballing a salt and nothing against instead of measuring personally I've been eyeballing the salt and nothing's turned out in edible but I would like to be more consistent so I can get repeatable results I've also tried fermenting fresh corn and ends up really sour this is a known fact by the way sorry not so sure what ingredients are dishes it'll be good with Ratatouille any ideas do you have any favorite lacto ferment sauerkraut actually literally is mine but boring is that is can you use them like stocks can use them like stock what does the acidity totally change how do you how do you think of

ingredients by the way right now when you asked me if fermentation question I literally just pick up my my copy of the art of fermentation by sandor Katz and just see what does the research it is so thorough that you know I just there's no reason to reinvent the wheel sometimes I go cuz I'm sure he's research getting a fact he found I don't know her personally but April McGregor has a website called farmer's daughter and she doesn't sell those on the website but she sells fermented corn and her stand in North Carolina and she's like yeah they get really sour presumably you're using sweet corn sweet corn has a lot of sugar it will ferment very quickly and make very sour results but as for salt you know the end I'm going to let you guys way in here because if people ask me this all the time and I always say the same thing you can do for a minute without salt the problem is is that they're not they're not going to be consistent

the short answer is he's crazy amaranth ferments in China that that smell like like the worst smell in the world do people eat it without dying you know my feeling is that if it gets sour you're probably safe and if it doesn't get sour you're probably not going to want to eat it cuz some crazy stuff going to be growing in there maybe you guys any any any thoughts there

on a somersault free sermon yeah go ahead the flavoring agent so we wanted there to help pick everything we found fermented food just tastes better it is broken down to release more aromatics so

you know Hayden fermented is good for the most part and eating rancid that's a whole other story about salt brines in a way bass Brian's coming with at 5%. All these things are crazy it's like some people that they right in and they take into account their theoretical water base for their veg and some don't the fact that matter is is I think only if you are going to do this the same thing a lot right like let's say you were going to make 55 gallons of sour pickles going to be easy to get the stuff right you know what I mean and get get something to measure salinity and figure out exactly what's going on measure the water where you could buy you know in reality and home I think you know eyeballing it

in general is okay you know what I mean listen to this show unless you have a very nice you have a specific dietary restriction right knows that I believe that salt is not it is not harmful to people that is not harmful to write so you should probably put the salt level where it tastes good to you by guess my feeling what do you guys think about this

I already did that I think that it depends on how long you want to keep your pickles to if you're going to eat them in you know relatively quickly and you don't have to worry as much about the bacteria levels and I also think that would tickle making it's usually pretty obvious when things in Conroe and I think I actually Sanders says that in his first book that you know if it smells. If it looks bad don't need it start over again but it's clear they start growing and things get soft and mushy and as long as your second question is that the crap down and then put it inside of a second that a backpack in case it blows and try the second bag down you know what I mean it's like boom suckers suckers instead of submerged you know that's such an easy way to

take it if you have a fax machine such an easy way to get high quality I've never tried it just in sipping without a vac but I'm sure it would work at the zip bags will blow when it starts fermenting is the only problem a good vac actually interesting ly a not-so-good vacuum bag that has slight gas permit you know it'll confuse a slight amount of gas route they would they don't never really had one I've had them turn into really tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight tight pillows but I've never had one explode on me and and that the good news about that too if you get that nice little kind of petty on from the the CO2 that can't leave you ever do that and do you like doing the backpacks

we actually don't you know if you know me I like dancing, especially kimchi I love kimchi with some carbonation in it you have to like Countryside bubbles out of it right before service operates naturally but if you like the bubbles you can make it a bubbles if you don't you don't question sometimes I cook dried beans and despite an overnight soaked and

all capital so I must be very long cook time several hours I cannot get them to finish cooking with a soft interior and here's the kicker I don't add salt or acid just cooking them at a boil and then out of simmer in water I got them from the popular Green Market vendor lender that seems like they have a high turnover so it's not like a five-year-old being put the beans be so old that they just won't cook all the way through or am I just doing it wrong I don't have a pressure cooker and would that solve it that's interesting question I don't know what would cause them to stay hard if you're not adding any acid to it help center Isaiah what's the agent

in front of me but is actually an enzyme in the convoluted softens the skin of the game and help them absorb water more more easily during soap

you can put it in during a soap so can leave it in during the cooking time or if you have like grease opening 30 can always just put it in during the cooking time Johnny lives or what is water quality is like I mean most typically right I mean why what's a what's the pH of the water in Plano housing will strike and you're done you're done using

it's always a water so you know about it and it wasn't even sequester will you couldn't even hit it with him Johnny I'm I'm going to go ahead and say that we've discovered your problem you have hard water and you're going to want to use a water softener or get like a gallon jug of spring water or something like that

sequester my bean water to take a commercial break and then come back we're going to come back right back with ideas and food cooking issues

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welcome back. What is moot anyway we're back with ideas and food to 128 so the folks at Mei Mei Street Kitchen who we met when we when we met we went up to Harvard Road in the question I think they must have sent it before but I just got it they said hello from the current Main Street Kitchen. We are so amped up from watching Dave burn up a bunch of rice at the Harvard lecture I when I last time I popped in Electra it. Shouldn't do this lecture wise anymore we miss you and we cleared out a science building at Harvard but it did make a big explosion which was which is nice but very pleasant to borrow the podcast out of block everything was so fun to see you in action person especially Miss tascha sitting in the corner like a boss and honestly we couldn't think of a better end of the night and watching Dave set off the fire alarm in a cloud of black

non-smoking subsequently getting Harold McGee to sign our books while sitting on the lawn like a friendly and wise Woodland creature seriously think of we speak of burnt rice and it's great you've never heard of the Woodland creature Woodland creature their Cooks Emily and Kayden to figure out if the innocent one with a reference you guys specifically so I'm going to let you guys just take this up and run ready cuz the revenue something you that one of your techniques figure out if the air in a fridge is wet or dry and if it's in place in that fridge will dry out or absorb moisture we had a peanut brittle on the menu at the time and we were trying to decide whether we should keep it in the fridge to avoid melting it gets hot on a food truck in August or leave it out to avoid absorbing moisture and becoming horribly disgusting and dummy we noted that if you're drying out the skin a sign that you want to crisp you can put it in the fridge like Dave Chang.

in the Momo fried chicken recipe or Heston does in his home cook version of triple cooked chips it's french fries for real people getting British people absorb moisture other things you put in the fridge so they absorb moisture like on the ideas in food blog economics rehydrate dehydrated beets by putting them in the fridge what gives so now we're thinking about the relative humidity vs. absolute humidity I don't know what those things mean but my staff does and whether we should be thinking of the fridge at an open system or a closed system I don't even know what are question is anymore but maybe you can just giving you can just wax poetic about humidity in refrigerators and little like for as long as you do an appropriate all the best and thanks again for coming to Boston Irene and Max and Katie and Emily and Alex Kalin and Olivia and Peter so I want you guys talked about that for a minute

okay and I start skin environment with all food cookery that involves surface phenomena so that frying pan and Grilling par dehydrating anything is that you develop a situation where the inside typically the inside of the food has a much higher moisture content than the outside of the food right

so sometimes and I don't really know the inside out to your Technique you tell me about tell me about but they sometimes you can form a skin that skin is can be then permanent because the cells in class but you can get moisture back so that they can equilibrate so that the text her changes back as something that you like just by letting them oyster come in from the outside correct or no do you typically in this can be a very good thing for this kind of a technique very bad thing with fried chicken horrible with fried chicken right but I know a lot of what cooking is especially if you want things to last for a while after they're cooked is moisture control and moisture migration from the center of a product to the outside of a product and much time is thought about that especially on the on the pro level is why people had so much for their temper temper is actually not a good product this is why it actually is bad like I've had like some of the supposedly best temporary chefs in

World make tempura and I've eaten it and it was was bad it wasn't bad and that's that's very the type of Bulloch but it's not as awesome as it could be because it's it's did the moisture balance is shopping if you eat it directly as it comes out it's good but I don't know I don't think I ever prefer it and it can't last the way that it's made what you guys think they like to soak it in socks so it's sort of a combination of the crunchy and also the soggy not really only about the trip situation where where where they put stuff in the fridge and they're having their they want to know whether the the the environment in a fridge is adding is is adding moisture to or a movie or something so you put in a ziplock bag so it's moisture neutral but it add moisture to the skin by Rihanna quila braiding in general fridges are a what do you want

dehydrate right and fridges you get a lot of re condensation of crap on them you know the thing is like I think if you depends on the fan speed like in some of the pro fit because I've used that have a fan speed is too high on the circulation you can get a real pellicle on the outside I think a lot I think a lot depends on a lot you don't I mean yeah if you put chicken thighs on a rack they're going to dry out a little bit if you throw peanut brittle in the fridge like in the sealed is why I'd like you're never supposed to store coffee and then chocolate what does it mean in the fridge several reasons but but to me the reason isn't necessarily the suckers going to get moist while it's in the fridge if it as soon as you pull it out you're going to get condensation from the air and your toasted you must you live in Arizona you know what I mean

no. That makes that makes all the sense in the world. A hundred percent yeah that's against the way to go or vac seal you know I mean back sealed in a heart container or univac sealed in a in mason jars if you don't have access to a heart container can hold a vacuum here's another one for you on refrigerators and moisture content if it's some some of the hardcore in fact I think all of the hardcore Japanese sushi chef I only talk to one of them you know when he was 3 years ago when he came to the seti those guys all have commercial refrigerators and then they've never plug them in not one time and they just throw giant block of ice into the bottom of the fridge and they keep their fish in there because they want to maintain the temperature but they don't want the air circulation to mess with the water content at the surface presumably I guess they don't want it to I would say enough in a case of

fish with very high moisture product you know they want to drive by the way you were talking about you're talking about peanut brittle which has a moisture content the low probably 6% right like when it's cooked up when you say it's like 906 and a fish which has a Content probably above 80 or around 80 you know what I mean 75-80 so you know if the fridge is anywhere in between those things it's going to shaft both of them

that is true but peanut brittle plastic dishes tasty yeah it does it does it form like a little Snappy like a new like crocanti thing on the outside of the carmelites the second time I told you I was going to be smoking a little better how to The Virginian peanut Virginia peanut butter peanut and there's people from you know North Carolina and South Carolina will tell you that the that the Virginia peanuts are grown there or just as good if not better than the ones going to Virginia however it is called The Virginian peanut that's all I'm going to say about that but Virginia

you guys play with Virginia peanuts at all

now we have not that I know I need to go buy yourself a high quality black batch of Virginia peanuts cuz once you have a Virginian peanut you're like I can't believe I've been eating this other dreck no fence Planters I can't believe I've been eating this other dreck for so long Virginia peanut is just a superior product taste texture it going to like a really good Frankfurt has that snap when you bite into it you're like damn that's what a good friend for the taste like you know I'm saying soon as you bite into one of these giant Virginia peanuts a good one it's properly roasted everything it's like pop it's not so awesome Virginia peanuts smoke those yeah get some Virginia peanuts I got an easy one here for you Mike has cesky I don't by the way Mike thank you for phonetically writing out your name at first I thought it was like some strange name that can is always helping me with the phonetic scuzzy right Church Ave ski Michael jaski rights in about ham hocks hello everyone question about cooking ham hocks I usually braised in a typical mirepoix / water stuff my ham hocks

tommicus tender enough that I can pick it off the bone and shredded however I find it much of the Smoky salty pork flavor is too often leads into the breathing liquid do you have a recommended cooking method which will render the meat tender but not Robert David characteristic smoke and flavor thanks Mike should schefsky yes put that sucker in a bag and cook it a little bit of liquid because it takes an unbelievably long time to render out college and if there's not a little bit of excess moisture in with the product but it does it does not take much pressure steam it actually so it'll be the fastest way

and I'm into it didn't do that way the alarm 45 minutes job perfectly broken down chair the bejesus out of them and you go from there but baby selfie use it as an ingredient it doesn't matter

and I'm saying

you're the one that used to sell honey I'm dating myself everyday uses all those plastic bag full of seasonings and you would like if your pork chops and some liquid in them and is it crucial to shake and bake variant but it wasn't because it was

that sounds fun as a kid you don't know like every 20 years or so there's a Renaissance of paper bag cooking and I have paper bag cook books that date back to like the team's you know Alexis Sawyer the famous English ship while French English Chef who wrote the gastronomical generator in the 1800's and was kind of like you know me well known mfk Fisher loved his stuff his grandson I think it's in the team's wrote a book on paper bag cooking that I own so that comes back so the only bad stuff I used to do is we used to do I used to get paper bag shaking like once a week like that was my Jen when I was a kid in the 70s like that was like you know I once a week like I would handle dinner and I would bust out the paper bag chicken you know complete with you know all the 70s crap behind you I would rub it with the butter like you're supposed to and put the you know crappy you know curry powder from the from the Grand Union on top of it show that sucking a paper bag and go

how's my stuff back then and brown and someone messes with my brownies man those are the things I cooked and I was a kid what kind of brownies do you want you want the dense brownies are you a dancer of fluff right I'm a mix I used to hate cocoa powder I Was a Fool chocolate brownie because that was what my my great grandma and my grandma's recipe with a chocolate brownie and then I like how I learned later about the Cocoa Brown I don't like 100% cocoa brownie because the texture is always weird to me on 100% cocoa brownie I guess I could just add more fat whatever I don't know so now I do a mix anyway so you know I have not heard the word or thought about Rolo's in decades roll

this house is a candy Aficionado what are your thoughts on rollo's oh my God what is a god do you okay do you like the real life frozen Candy remember the Charleston shooter use the freezer supper or good will now I'm thinking about Rollo so don't be good Frozen

yeah that would be able to see that's why that's why you can go to the dentist and get new ones that's what is all the time everyday the kids been to them if you have a new kid every day and put through college the waist size gives a person money anyway and I pressure cook and everything and then they can pressure cooker this is why it's useful to have gas on the program you know I'm saying anything from Seoul Korea has a couple of questions a couple of statements and then a question about halloumi I should like halloumi but you know in my neighborhood I will talk to the couple of weeks ago the tofu soup what you suddenly developed a hankering for is soondubu jjigae I can't pronounce any word in any language shepherd German

Austrian German that tell the story of the year I went to Austria a little while ago and I told her I said the store in the area so I can do Australian accent because I listen to too many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies growing up screen rotation for what is known in the west as tofu and I J guys who mommy Rich soup off and met with feisty elements and served in boiling clay pot but I love myself the clay pots on my favorite I love the Tulsa theater the stone bowls I have nine of them have nine of them at my house and they like if it wasn't for liability issues every Applebee's in for TGI Fridays in the US would be serving everything in these hot stone Bowls because hot stone Bowl plus a little bit of oil some rice anything you have in your fridge and egg on top it delicious delicious I'm surprised of the things are

yeah you go in there and you buy them there stairs there's three fundamental sizes they and I have like some of each like the big one and you know I've only ever had one fail on me and it did not a hundred percent fail but it's developed cracks I can still use it if I have to but they develop an amazing kind of patina overtime start standard procedure they're made of a rock that may or may not contain asbestos they call a serpentine or something like this and maybe put it on your burner and white on my burner and I just shoot it with an IR until it hits 600 615 Fahrenheit then I kill all the burners and just laid a little oil into him smack the rice in and done I mean literally like if someone skip like a bunch of people are coming over and you know I just need something to be good now I do the quick look on my rice cooker 20 minutes out while that's cooking I blast out like you know whatever I have in my fridge I'll cut it up make some sort of quick sauce banged on I like it every

watch it on a set of the hot stone Bowl in my opinion okay so back to the question but that technique with the burning rice doesn't work as well in the clay pots for The Clay Pot can't hold nearly as much energy as though Stone bowls can I liked it I have a couple of clay pots to but I thought I could get them because they're like a third of the price or less of the stone and I thought that like I can get away doing you know the the rice trick in a clay pot and it just wasn't the same so then I was like we can have the country was thinking of just go buy more Stone balls so that's what I've done answering the winds book through the short leaf on the famous Shirley 1 is enroute once I get my basic total skill tofu making skills down I hope to experiment with mixing in some non-traditional flavors and of the soy milk as well as working and contextual surprises I also look forward to making

what I've done that is great I know I really the amazing thing about making you know what opens cans Eula is is the difference in the first couple skins and pasting them if they go down I've never had to do it kind of on mask I've never done it for nothing I just do it for myself at home but like tasting the difference in the sheets as they come off in that kind of like a like a fun fun awesome thing to do if you got you guys like that right that's awesome you should do it like the first couple that come off or like a much darker color and they have a completely different flavor because of the first stuff I guess it's settled up to the top and then they change as they as they go down and you know just like you know warm with some

turn off some sort of salty crab put over the top of them are delicious tofu skins cut the way handmade soba slice it make wonderful gluten free noodles and I thought about that and I've never seen one shot tofu that's not stored in water here in Korea I think every commercial everywhere every country people store it commercially in water I just happen to like to not do that happened to make it right before I'm going to eat it and then I just eat it without ever reaching all the stuff I was water my guess you're supposed like they're tofu mild and subtle have another question for you today but that was just a statement I have another question for you today can you explain the science behind grilling cheese has such as hell to me or finish and miss going to kill me Lipa Gusto queso queso para freir is a version of Queso blanco which is firmer even in Queso blanco and you can feed fry that sucker without a crust it's even more kind of resilient than

halloumi is what keeps them from melting when heated or or would it be possible to achieve this non-melting property with other cheeses thanks Nick so that their main thing the main thing about halloumi is that they cook the ever-loving crap out of a out of lumee and so a lot of the water is out of it when it's done and then they salt the hell out of it so I think that's the main function of the stabilization of halloumi which I happen to know I like I like it a lot but first they they do after they make the curve the initial Corso Hoobly I believe is rented it that's what I could get off of the internet it's renovated and then they cut the cord into small pieces like you know very fairly small pieces and then they cook it to like 90 not like in the 90 Celsius and then a dump way on top taper keep the way to pull the proteins out so they can make some ricotta like thing and then they heat it in in in it and press the crap out of it like Presley ever-loving crap

heated and then put the blocks and salted way so I can all of those things are like hyper stabilizing the cheese and giving it that kind of rubbery texture whereas Queso blanco is acid coagulated but then also as a quiet and very hot and insulted while it's hot if means it's going to be giving up a lot of its moisture and I think that that's basically all there is to it I don't think there's any way to make an actual cheese unmeltable unless you cook the curve before you press it out you guys ever made a cheese Uncle I'm okay you can makeup you can do it with gels but your ear what you did with regular mozzarella why you describe the process by which gives it a nice to you know do it again. The addition of the yeast extract to the y g g i

Anya is beautiful I got me caught up because like I believe how to make mozzarella tag me to tell those are the ones that are set with gelatin and and TI

I would think so yeah I mean would you just give it to you know and end with chunks of feta deep frying stuff like that what they're talking about that it covalently Bond proteins together in this case primarily I'm assuming you're using whole milk Ricotta and not the actual other stuff so there's a lot of casein present and the KC and back casing the protein casein from milk is the protein it added to most of the activity is most used in In The Biz is Activa RM which is a combination of activity enzyme amylase enzyme and casein milk protein so it's just casing on casing action it should what you said it does work with all right I'm right

it won't let me watch only get that's not as much as we use y g rank breaks like you have an RM or even in the YG I'm super surprised that the RM doesn't work cuz it's just more Casey and I wonder why why she has a high level T okay so here's the deal t i is and I don't know if they still have a coach wrap on it but remember you can't have a kosher RN because it's milk and so they assumed that you is milk protein so they're sending your binding meet with it and you can't find meet with milk that would be a kosher no no but they made TI which is just transfer Taemin Ace and Malto dextrin TI has a higher enzymatic activity program then RN does but I did not know that YG also has a higher enzymatic activity

knowing as opposed to 50 because you start getting off off Loblaws or something or or just then you get your mind really is what it was and we were doing this so it was David has YG but I only have tomorrow I'm so we started playing with it and set up nicely but they're watching you set up a little bit more firmly and it has a more full of flavor and I fall flavored iced tea. You coming from the yeast extract that's also part of the YG formulation that was designed to the dairy applications

command using r m which of the casein protein helper on gelatin I find it doesn't set as well when you're doing the gelatin noodle trick with the RM presumably because you really just want to link gelatin gelatin and not gelatin to casein. I don't know if you guys have also had that experience

I don't know why I did what you said with what it was was done but he is listening and said I live in Plano Texas are there any are there any times cooking or using hard water is beneficial sure making making alkaline noodles it can be helpful right now that is there anything else

put on cooking cooking broccoli so doesn't get mushy I mean I don't

well water is probably fairly basic right so maybe good for me I don't know me and I know it's alkalyn and hard water that was the original well water used to make the noodles that were then substitute later for conch way but I don't really know the pH of that water and play no Matter now so it might not even be helpful for that for the noodles because if the Noodles isn't a calcium Thinknoodles is really a pH thing so probably just stopping broccoli from getting mushy

or something like that right now and will Road in saying whole shrimp with use we have induction only so not a huge fan I'm just curious I'll push for a pressure cooker for many reasons specially after you know here in the other tips about a ham hocks and what not I got to give me the snack smack smack smack that these guys are going to want answered a Chris McDaniel rights in any ideas for making caviar in quotes I eat if I get to fake happy hour with okra seeds you guys ever done anything with okra seeds I guess maybe making them using the musical instrument

you should stay

that I have not ever done it I I mean I would imagine that you would still could that mean

I want you to take dried okra seeds and so clean laser focus basil seeds or something like that, have to start with dried seeds to start and because how are you going to

play with that yeah yeah we'll see how to cook a stew of fresh okra seeds to get lost finding stuff like that again it's just the what kind of flavor do you want anybody killed I exclusively eat okra Tyler fry whole or pickled I never use it as a thickener I'm not a big slime Master then let's be on the phone with me some xanthan else not have any any sauce you got alternate this not 2 seconds with xanthan that's my speciality group has most advanced prep any tips welcome stir cocktail almost always going to want to clarify them so I hopefully you have an inability to clarify blueberry juice blueberries are usually fairly low on brakes and a sage so you're

I need to do probably a pre-trial on it unless you dope it was so much sugar that you can use it in the simple syrup then you're not going to have as much blueberry flavor in the finished product we used to do one with a Mezcal lemon and honey with lemon Mezcal lemon and blueberry and a couple other things called malinche that was good but you guys ever done Disturbed with blueberry

model model dark blue color because suckers going to turn purple as soon as you go acid and you're going to go ask because if blueberries are they contain their own acid but you know I would try to be natural weed we used to do a light a lighter Mezcal mixed with tequila blueberry a little bit of sugar to augment because the brake system so high on that and that's that stirs very well but it requires you have a centrifuge otherwise you could crush model strain but you know you didn't start cocktail the big thing is you don't want it to be a soupy mess he wanted to be nice and clear

okay also Christian I spend on the road and have you guys been following that you don't meaning and acid right you guys been I get I get bothered about this quite a bit but a bit you know so for those you listening out there there was some research and it's been around a long time that you don't want to use carrageenans in high acid systems that are heated for a long time and the reason being that the carrageenans can be degraded and that degraded carrageenan maybe he may cause a man's carcinogenic potential overtime and maybe an irritant to stomach of degraded this is group called Cornucopia something that's been putting out all of these scientific papers have a link to it but you can look on the tweets on Twitter to me that you know there's a new kind of push out against

beginning that you shouldn't use carrageenan and let me just say this. The work that was being put out there is kind of the the worst kind of scientific funk I haven't had the time to figure out whether or not their actual points are right or wrong but the method of presentation is a lead me to believe that the stuff it is wrong with a friend sent you that scientific evidence that someone said I stopped eating carrageenan and then I stopped having the farting problems you know things like that so kind of like post hoc Ergo propter hoc argument for the efficacy of removing carrageenan from your diet and they they focus almost exclusively on the research of a certain dr. tabakman who has had an ax to grind on carrageenan for a long long long long time and I think you know one of the things that science is really really a real science not like you know like you know what we know what we do know what we the people who were talking here we can't we use the result of science

and you know where voracious man I'm talking to right now sorry voracious like I'm sick consumers of this sort of thing but actual science is a lot different and you know it's extremely hard work and it's a lot of boring boring boring boring keeping track of notes and and and really putting in the time to get your results right and the key thing to being a really good scientist it's a not start with with the feeling that your conclusion to your hypothesis is correct you really have to test your hypothesis and all of the work that dr. tabakman is done that I've seen has led me to believe that she is completely colored by her hurt hurt her mind is completely color by her preconceived notions that carrageenan is this you know evil thing and let us not forget the most of the carrageenan we eat we eat and extremely small quantities in fact that is the reason carrageenan is used in Dairy applications because it can be used in extremely small quantities have you guys been following this sort of thing or her

like recent anti carrageenan Run Like That by the way it could be the worst thing in the world I just I haven't had a chance to back it up I just can say that the writing about it is is if poorly done and it done in a junk science yy-yes one you guys had the last one on carrageenan and before you do it I'm going to thank you for coming I really enjoyed having you hope you have you again and I know the book is going to do extremely well throughout by everyone now your last words on carrageenan before I give that tomorrow we will actually be in New York City at the 92nd Street y 7 with a cooking demo so and book signing so if you want to join us they can come see it in person

what actor on the YMCA website 92nd Street y to go to the Kitsap liquid cost to go to a movie and popcorn. Please go to the 92nd Street freaking why you know and I'll go see these guys tomorrow okay now. You know they don't get along at all so well the point the point is the only time it could ever really be an issue if you know if the if the degraded carrageenan arguments right is if you tried to make a high acid system with a boatload of carrageenan and the only way to do that would be too overloaded with carrageenan Tilda carrageenan good then get obliterated by the acid wish you would never do

any is there there other argument is that you know that the carrageenan can get degraded in your stomach to become degraded carrageenan is bummed because that there is no a very limited Transit time and and bless you and you need a certain amount of heat in order for the degradation to take place you're not getting acid hydrolysis of carrageenan at body temperature but in the transit time that's in your in your stomach but you know that's that's that's that's just me reading the scientific literature don't take it to me anything you know what I mean

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