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Episode 14: Berlin!

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Davon attorney live from Germany where I'm at the Berlin cocktail conference in Berlin on my iPhone so if I click a pop you'll know you'll know why and today has two ears and a heart Dave Dave who's in Germany the number is +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8

I would really like it if you want from Germany called New York to ask me a question on in Germany will see if we can make some email question one of our favorite blog readers wrote actually from Germany but not why are the two most important beer and apple juice beer for adults and apple juice for kids you so rarely and Cocktails and you have any good recipes please. If I would apple juice in cocktails at apple juice is relatively diluted show most cocktails that are produced in bars and therefore also most recipes that are written for them are based on the idea that you're going to make it rain and then dilute it with the problem is

by the time it's chilled and diluted interest much to water if you don't have to have enough alcohol in it and you're also not even have enough flavor of the of the apple juice and there aren't that many drinks using it as a solution to this is to kill your drink beforehand but when they're mixed together you don't have to dilute it a lot with a relaxer really good techniques it's actually freeze the Ice Cube's get really cold but

I like apple juice and whiskey I think it's really good and making our own apple juice and will it clear or yellow Seattle Apple to read if there's a lot of ice cream and then and then clarify it out of work but I will do mix on Apple and Tequila lyrics on Apple and and bourbon most the time we were only doing and we really want to show the flavor is it that Apple apples are

Malachi said we should be up or you can really old school hot beer cocktails not a lager you can help and an Acura brandy or three times whiskey and then we'll flame at you but you need to get the hot stone or or just very hot.

over the past three or four years in the states and return some more beer based cocktails in the future especially in restaurants that have liquor but it can serve wine or beer which of these places do a lot of interesting work with wine based cocktails and beer based cocktails I don't have any good recipes right off the bat that is a sweetness with the one I had with a Woodruff Green Goblet of green beer and beverage of the area that

I'm Conjuring I'm living down in Washington DC and I just been soaking it for a couple days but when I saw the drink some with the pressure when I did it I usually do and what it has

I'll let it sit for a couple minutes about 3 minutes out overnight in fridge what do you do and you're still just kind of emerald color water down coffee or tea color and you're the very first part

I would bet right like my guess just off to be getting in and I don't know what is the main question about the color usually it's kind of very vanilla and crafty kind of like am or I was just wondering if

yeah I mean I would almost guarantee that you're breaking some cells when you're doing it and thereby releasing some enzymes against on to get him to work cuz he oxidizing and creating some of those brown flavors. I think that you know it's definitely true ribs are bruised and also there tonight and some not shake it real hard I just swirl it around when I use those because I want to minimize breakage and we've had some luck but not great luck they don't even a little bit of an antioxidant probably develop something going to ask it's asking to change the flavor like ascorbic acid at the auction but I haven't tried it so I can't talk about its efficacy now fit difference between two different things going on

by the way for people who don't know what we're talking about go on to cooking issues. Comm and look up I guess infusion and I is I and you can see it's just text me where we do dirty rap and flavor in in whipped cream makers and yell for me it's really it's really good technique because it allows us to do something that we would normally use a vacuum machine expensive and you could do it easily time until I think he's better or worse just different I think it's true that you're going to extract you eating a traditional for a longer time right now

navigation to change the flavor so you think a little different in the last question you asked me like this brown apple juice flavor of the apple juice

I think I might have just perhaps if extraction things from it and general you know I know a negative trends that you I'm shooting for so I tend to go try to make it taste as fresh as possible but again oxidation there is not bad it's just

Associated as being negative because we're used to were used to it being a negative characteristic in prison to things like pepto and I think most of oxidation like like basil and cilantro oxidation has a very characteristic flavors and what kind of those flavors and so it takes on a bad name but there's nothing inherently bad about oxidation. It again real quick in the peanut butter peanut butter cup

oxidation it or in the mouth of the year I guess

answer your question thanks for calling in and let's have some more systematic stufful put it together and show you guys very good thank you we have

all right so we're going to our first break and we can come back by from our two continent cookie issues from New York and from Berlin


hey welcome back to cooking issues 25 on the Heritage Radio Network every Tuesday even when I'm in Germany so pizza and I am in the building cocktail conference in Berlin 97212 871-849-7128

Duncan right there from Sacramento and said he's been trying to make a stable foam from beer so you got a couple questions if I like to see all these questions are working together today or not been able to get a dentist table phone at work I'm not sure gel it would shut up while in the presence of alcohol the beer fine for 12 years not that high in alcohol it so it will affect it a little bit you might have to use a little more jealous than you normally use but it's definitely going to work I've done chalets of champagne many times and it works fine if you want to make a not amused with this ring is stamped and foamy I get a really good result I will see you the same formally at least wb-50 and Taylor restaurant and currently has the bars name for some reason come in Germany

Lowe's product that is officially can with anything into a moose in Turkey famous we made using I'm at the Shell at 58th and make some nice dance table like a little bit that's a really good time you don't like metal shelf and because it's one of the only thing it's not dumb quotes all-natural it's not a chemical that is natural

people having problems. Sometimes we use a sweetheart which is basically a shelf that's like Frank 50 that one I think it's really easy to use an egg white you might have to add a little bit of a thickener like I don't know about the Dexter sunny today in a beer to get out nicely but I should work

hello my name is Derek I called I wrote in a couple weeks ago about a question about eating meat

oh yeah yeah

anything you want for the info. That was great I have another question to ask about today which is dimensions a week or two ago something I've heard before about long as you're basically face because the insides of meat is basically sterile but I wanted to ask about them getting with parasites and if you had some donut doing it

can you pick monkfish which obviously is full of parasites off of cod fish full of parasites going to inspect you but they're incredibly disgusting and the basic be when you're cooking something to eat we don't cook things enough to pasteurize them not to kill all the bacteria that the President right and that long did texture can be up by that true on certain beef muscle Cuts Like a tenderloin like you I think if you cook it long enough to pasteurize it or temperature going to pass rides at the you can damage the

but you're also probably not getting the internals up high enough to be any different than you wouldn't she peed because you are overheating you are really scaring me outside and killing itself is that I don't think it's any less safe than the traditional methods that makes sense at all or no one of these worms and things to be killed by freezing temperatures than a lot of bacteria and such

try to make the face unless I'm making sushi out of it is probably okay that sounds about right

will infect you and those are the ones that they get rid of by freezing it so anytime you're going to buy a sushi grade fish it's been frozen to kill off those parasites right so you're good to go with regards to take the worms going to pick my I have to go but I swear I'm not going to tell people that you know because I haven't looked into it but but I also think they're like you said I think you're probably fairly easy to kill super low temperature work on a fish is going to have a lot of parasites because then the plate and that would be that would be no customers running out like three meals a nightmare

we've all seen like worms coming out of car out of months from the day City books that came out years ago in Spanish but she's not going to answer

food sticking intermittently but nothing's foolproof nonstick but I think it's probably happen is you probably have a couple of hot spots in the pants that can cause occasion and then once this year's it is yours pretty well set point and so maybe you can get a boil over one particular section or dried out or somehow you got an easy to the pants and the more you use it the less unless it's going to stick and rough ER and surface I trying to find that you're really good seasoning on them they're not really

people who recently but my thoughts are in that post if anyone wants to go back in and look at it. I should be stored in the fridge and the treasures in the last longer can you extend the shelf-life eccentric cetera

it's all different ratios that you can use and what but but particular recipe isn't going to taste the same as what the writer intended unless you use the same proportion today at I-10 is there a middle school can you use with color a.22 one simple syrup has scales they have cut measures so they don't make simple syrup based on volume now luckily standard American granulated sugar weighs about this close to the same as water on a volume basis just lucky and volume simple syrup or about the same when made with you as granulated sugar

in a bartender make Wonder one simple syrup because they're not heating it even though using Wichita strike quickly in there stirring it because you don't necessarily have a heat Source right there and they want to be able to make their simple syrup without shoe with superfine sugar so like that stupid like that's a bar recipe just as simple syrup one to one that's probably what they mean a lot faster when you leave a lot less cheer up in the bottom of your Jigger the downside of it is that that's simple syrup also has a lot more water for the total amount of sweetness prefer to add sugar in the form of sugar and make simple syrup

one part Water by weight and then cheated until it dissolves and then allowed to cool down and when I need it in a hurry I do a four-part I do for parts sugar to 1 part water ice cubes to show down 50 now

more sugary play the simple syrup the bridge it's not going to mold over time I don't think I've never really had to go moldy in the fridge but I'm sure probably won't notice much else to load a cat outside and you keep it in the in the fridge as well but the question is whether or not you look kind of sounds like you're going to get out of it a lot depends on a by the way

about because you know whatever you're going to keep it for a long. Of time if you almost hit a boil and let it drop down again you're going to you're going to kill the mold in it and you get to extend the shelf-life again just not going to get water to boil that choosing with the with the sugar right then you know you might be going through something and you probably also giving it more of a substrate to act on that might be one of the reasons that you speak anymore

research any specific you know mold Inhibitors I definitely not on a one-to-one and even our two to one I've had two to one in my fridge for lunch and then you'll get a couple of crystals around the bottom of it but not a huge huge deal from time to time take a break.

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all right well go back to cooking issues doing the tree at two times and silver in Berlin and we're in New York so sometime to call in +212-871-849-7128

Jay wrote us NASA's question about a protein in flowers and here she was just a reference I'm going to wait because her that she's going to come and teach a class in less than two weeks you can too if you want there still spots I go to the FBI website and look for the movie up on these kinds of things and it's been a lot of research that the protein question flour protein question down as a whole because I want to give Jay a better answer

and we're hanging with the key to drastically better by telling it does why does salt make food taste better to make food taste good without salt are you all right it's not possible people that actually sensitive the salt from a blood pressure situation but I mean salt sodium chloride is 100% of 2

your survival is human being okay not your neurons don't work without sodium like you know read me don't work there is no life for us without taking a mammals first where you like I'm thirsty I need liquid the only other thing that works that way it's called where there's like you have a child that the prime exteriors Shield coming on

because they come from animals animals contain sodium but you know I don't even need to ask and I like saw a lot so you know definitely it's just a question whether or not you add salsa and Shiloh Hills everyone in the world loves Tuscan Cuisine myself and quit it I love it

I pray that you can make it better by adding shock here's why you can't because she looks like crap on the outside because

and you can't fix those problems by sprinkling salt it in a truck another place where salt is you know often useful knots repay standpoint actually increases the yo when you brine something you're actually going to be here by applying some salt to it beforehand so it's like our grand prix grandparents generation add more salt and we do because we have a refrigeration

Taste of the population in general than the refrigerator because because I used to be so we love shop because we need it it also makes things taste delicious effects of the salt I haven't been invented oral sex to a brought the taxi changing the aroma of the bras because he Alters the weight of all those are basically like they came out of their captured allow things 2 release release come off and you actually get stronger impact

you know it tends to be synergistic so it makes other things taste better without which can also increase the probability of something without adding a lot more salt or gram for gram and then she adds about one-third of sodium that sold us because we usually get my monosodium glutamate does not as much salt as a Sprite so anyway the long way

salt but there's only like one or two groups of people in the world are known to not add any sauce always forget what they are and I'll be like probably like some Mike's Bike anyway culture or some like that is eating like no whale meat out of the out of the ocean because it's stuff tastes good you know what I mean and more research on and talk about it as far as most of the leaders will know is the Chef at alinea which is a very very fine restaurant and I did not know if it's open but is going to be good

but I just haven't tried it yet

now I got one more question from just one we're trying to get Mark Wagner right

maybe we'll I'll just get it to work with my you get is coming separately and we'll just say what you said. That is really cool but she makes ciracle lenses out of iced tea can start fires outside

that's pretty cool friends to light a fire using it wishes I would like to try that but the problems of the difficult

yes so basically a back in the day prior to if you know of mechanical Refrigeration most ice that was used in restaurants bars or nice houses Artisan ice and harvested from lakes and rivers in the winter time with Shana and The Four Mints in layers as if he mentioned he knows better than I do because he's a bad gas in any other actual development don't get any grated into the Crystal Reed on the bottom the impurities are getting concentrated in the center as as are the dissolved gases and then a certain point the top of your ice cube freezes over and then the inside first of all

and the gas is there and you have a big like messy you know cloudy male ball in the middle of your ice cubes for lakes in lakes that doesn't happen because you're depositing simulators are constantly being washed and layers are built up in the totally clear all so clear a good pick lines out of that the problem with doing it home is not is it going to clear ice because the top will freeze over it has also difficult or distilled water won't solve the problem the only way to really saw that it is the way that they Prineville kind of manufacture for

Harbor Freights ice ice Carvers require clear ice and they make sure that the freezing happens from the bottom of the cube up and they keep the water circulating on the top so that the top can't freeze over and that is built up slowly over the course of the day or so to take 24-48 hours to freeze one of these 200 lb blocks in Klein belt

your crappy water off the top of your left with a block of perfectly pure Crystal ice and now it's at home, she had like it either but it's not something you can just kind of do in your freezer only one of you can really car well because it is very easy to carve and doesn't shatter but not really going to make your drink taste better that's a good news

we're doing fine I think we have like two minutes left so say something takes to get stopped in the Dusseldorf airport in between flights and have basically a full body cavity search so the cookie school after you do a demo with your folding box cutter by the way like everyone in the world to have a folding box cutter in their pocket at all time box cutter with me unless you know where I can get blamed for it anyways I go to JFK Airport New York I take the boxer out of my pocket and I just called the blade and put the empty box because I don't feel like I talk it right so

what's the problem let me prove I sold in Germany and Dusseldorf and I have to go through security again I showed him I was like you know everything putting my shoes

are looking through it and they see a box I brought them to your cocktail demonstration here we're testing a temperature I'm doing basic cocktails he defines a of organic chemistry again

wires and a tree with a box cutter airport thank you Sasha and we'll see you next week