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Episode 139: Eat Your Yolks

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Brooklyn show me the program today where is Jack still over there or is he at before 971-287-2128 cooking question 9 cooking questions whatever leapers 500 on Twitter a theory about mustaches hate of everything leapers to 500 Leeper

the password I just have to warn you that you are about to start some sort of evil Feud with mustache and not necessarily something you want to do but she hates everything because he wants the Wonder of her Universal hatred to keep people asking her what she likes

I think he's giving away too much thought

wow wow I hated that

I may get very good threats probably do that we don't know we don't know what which one the right now we don't John rapper in Seattle happy birthday brother thanks for listening to the show meet him and his wife when they came up here in Senegal but they were lovely and brought us all some nice little gifts for me to speak for myself

is a horrible day to take it like I guess drips also a bad word but pour-over sounds like the Breville bcg800xl Smart grinder what is your take I'm hoping to find something that makes effing good coffee that's all bleeped out because he says I know you're a family I try to make us family show from Jacob okay so you guys know my take on this so everyone Northwest Machine and they always then off and don't spend enough money on the grinder it turns out that the grinder in terms of the quality of your coffee is

equal partner to your espresso machine so if you don't get an espresso machine grinder rather that's up to Snuff for your espresso machine then what's the point now back when I bought my grinder which was many many many many many moons ago I I got the rent Zillow Rocky which at the time was the best option for snow semi-serious Home Folks cost $350 and my wife made something akin to mustaches vegan face when she found out that I purchased it could seem like a lot at the time that does a good job it's a flat grinder right it's it's okay and now 12 years later I think about 12 maybe a couple more years later that I've had it you know it needs new set of birds now probably or need sharpening but after I got mine everyone said you know what the one to get is The Mosser mini right now.

mini is functionally in a professional espresso grinder you could find it you know too small for his professional set-up but it functions in the same fashion as a full size professional espresso grinder is 575 bucks right now it's really freaking spent five hundred seventy-five bucks but the great thing about the monster mini for espresso is that it's got a very fine grind adjustment is that nice conical Burrs that are fairly large I'm going to warm up your coffee fairly repeatable and that is kind of the standard by which all home possible grinders for espresso or rated now I'm not such a big I don't really think too much about a grind quality for a pour-over but in essence the problem you're going to have is it you're going to be doing a lot of adjusting between pour over and not pour over I mean I leave mine tuned close to what I want for espresso and a my Rocky and I never touch it and then

I'll adjust it up or down based on how to shop at some point today which is I believe a lot notches to do with the beans but also the relative humidity anyway but stay close to being dialed and I don't like to move it around a lot now you might want to consider getting an inexpensive grinder for your pulled over and a really expensive one or if you can afford it a more expensive one for your for your espresso I've also heard good things about the loss and Marco lower-end professional one I had one that was out of whack that I picked up use I never got to work right so I don't want I want to talk about it because I don't know acid when you're asking me about the Breville Smart grinder I've never used it ever I went and looked at it it's a lot cheaper than the rocky which is the one that I have or 299 bucks which although they haven't had a lot of recent postings as far as I can tell was the website that I used to go

you all the time when I was in the coffee purchasing and coffee thinking mode more of a coffee thinking of purchasing mode there a gripe about it is that it was it's a good grinder but they say that the the adjustment on it for the grind adjustment is not fine enough to really perfectly dial in an espresso shot that's the grippe and I heard that bright from a couple of people who seemed relatively knowledgeable about what was going on not that it's a bad quality grinder but just at the grind adjustment wasn't fine enough and I don't know if that's something that can be hacked or tweet but if it is consistent important but not adjustable enough so that's that's that's what is that what you think

good job ragamuffin and I can do some sort of nothing dance now in the muffin method sugar is treated as a wet ingredient understand that this is possible because the sugar dissolves are you want to grab that before the muffin question about muffins and I'm going to take this car

hi my name is Gucci Mane I was just I recently started eating only because I heard it was true

I don't believe so who told you that

right it has more cholesterol and fat in the yolk that's true that's true but do you have high cholesterol

I don't think so no but I don't want to have how high cholesterol either you make you make your own cholesterol egg yolks are one of Nature's Miracles they're amazing like they taste delicious I think you have to agree that when you eat only the egg white that it does not taste anywhere near as delicious as when the egg yolk is in it and I also don't think that the products that you make with it I'm going to be a satisfying mean you're probably going to have to eat more of it now I can see you know if you have if you need for some reason just a whole boatload of protein for some reason that I can understand then yeah I guess you could go with egg whites but the fact of the matter is there's not that many calories in a whole egg so it depends on how much there is there is quite a bit of bad cholesterol phospholipids things like that but you know what I think is is good stuff

supposed to be nourishing it grows a chicken you know so I think that you're much better off if you're really worried about the caloric intake just eating slightly less and enjoying the taste of real whole eggs in an omelette or scrambled for mattering anything like that mean there's plenty of places where I use egg whites like when I make angel food cakes which I think of delicious all those Stars disappearance of me something like a 4K be sick but what do you disagree with me or no

I think I yelled fire are really good but the protein in egg is like super natural protein or something and like the protein that you got in your fish or whatever else isn't as good the quality of the protein isn't as good as the protein in the egg completeness of proteins across-the-board by mean egg egg is Pinot Nature's Miracle kind of food you can grow a whole chicken from it I'm I'm not a firm believer in proteins that are deficient so for instance you know if you eat only you know certain brains the proteins in them can be deficient because it don't contain the right balance of amino acid but I don't know that the quality of protein from an egg is going to be fundamentally different in terms of what your body does with it from one in Meet it is a very high

but like I said most of us have most of us get much more protein than we need in this country bodybuilder with murder know maybe a bodybuilder but you know that that my firm belief is that you should eat the food in the way that makes them taste good but that's going to make you sated faster you're not going to necessarily eat as much or or be driven to eat as much if you just focus on trying to make products it did taste good and egg is nutritional Marvel from a cooking standpoint the yolks are a miracle because they have all sorts of the multiplication property is aside from the fact that they're delicious so I would I would say that unless unless you have a specific need to get rid of the egg

jokes that you should keep on using them

losing by not eating the yolk in terms of taste and I'm sure that there's some sort of like awesome list of Dino vitamins and minerals and whatnot that are in the yolk I don't I don't normally keep that stuff at like rolling in the front of my head because I'm much more concerned with the yolk as a functional unit in cooking do you know what I mean but my feeling is that you know

the chicken doesn't grow from the white alone the chicken grows from the egg yolk and egg white antibacterial properties it's one of the only it's one of the only things that we eat that comes naturally alkaline you know basic in nature as opposed to acidic be so he's got some really interesting properties but you know I would never I would never break them I would never eat an egg white only omelette for instance lever

understood thank you so much I appreciate it in the sugar is treated as a wedding greeting I understand that this is possible because the sugar dissolves readily in water but what's the actual benefit of doing that would there be any difference in the final product if I treated my sugar as a dry ingredient instead of a wedding comedian thanks from David I mean

I don't I don't know I mean it is one of the reasons as you say to put it in there is that it dissolves readily whereas all the things are in the dry ingredient list aren't really soluble in the liquid but I don't really know if there would be any difference in the final product if you do one way or the other I doubt that you would hinder the hydration of of your product too much perhaps if you used tractor sugar wouldn't dissolves readily if there was other things competing and swelling with water and so you actually want the sugar dissolve more but I think it might be six of one half a dozen of the other I think I've never I've never really thought about it.

I would try it I would make two batches of muffins and see whether they come out any differently and maybe that that that method doesn't use any friendships whipping power of granulated sugar or any of these other things where you're using the power of the sugar as an actual aerating agent so I don't really think would make that much of a difference but I could be wrong maybe the sugar won't dissolve if you do it that way because it doesn't have enough setting time for dissolve out and your flower won't hydrate the same way and the whole thing will be a big massive crowd with little sugar specks in it maybe what he thinks does he ever give her mess with the way you don't make you mustn't hate you like muffins really don't care

just so you know she says that working with the cooking guy has stopped her from having the time to bake who is the one at work will never step into the kitchen and actually do cooking work with leftovers and like talking about like all the years of the French culinary were like and now she's saying that she doesn't have time to cook now that she has home

Dandy calls in from St Louis regarding Applebee's or as he puts it crapplebees it like me believe that they named a chain restaurant Fuddruckers appetizer sampler platter based on the menu at Applebee's the party host always think the food sounds good but when it stinks as it always does they say they've been crapple bead iOS and this is not my opinions by the way this is Vance St Louis Missouri talking here not not not my opinion I have not ever been to an Applebees so I can go to if you're interested in looking at their appetizer menu I decided to make Wonton Tacos with adobo Style Chicken presumably not like Filipino with fried fish

fried fresh mozzarella and pretzels with beer cheese dip that would be good pretzels with beer cheese dip

I mean I really do you like soft pretzels cause I bought some modern country. Calm and use this recipe HTTP ww.w. Com recipes blah blah blah how is far too thick for portable cheese sauce should I just increase the amount of cheese increase the liquid or the amount of sodium citrate I also any suggestions for frying fresh fresh mozzarella my thought was to do a standard double dip kind of fry and Tessa mozzarella at room temperature straight out of the fridge but I wonder if I'm overlooking something love a show and I hate well

should I don't know if I can co-sign on the on the recreation of the Applebee's menu Scituate on the cheese thing is is you have to assess and sodium citrate is going to increase the meltability and the flow ability and then and they granularity of it so it's it's a melting salt that's going to allow that the casing to become smooth so if your product is smooth right but just too thick then I would add a liquid if it's smooth as silk but just to but but if it's smooth as silk but too thick add liquid if it's clumpy or has some problem with texture other than actual viscosity then you're having a problem with your most Financial that makes sense as I do

a flower coat first in case to pick up an extra moisture double dip and then I fry it extremely cold so that I get across for me before the cheese starts melting out I have never tried any sort of much higher Tech thing like dusting into methocel or anything like that but you know you lose like 1 and 10 mozzarella sticks 115 mozzarella sticks when you fry them out another interesting thing you can fry is they make a if you want to go a little off menu there is in South America in the Middle East I guess they make something called halloumi which is a grillable cheese good cheese in Latin America they make something called case and not stuff you can literally deep-fried Sockeye without a coating on it doesn't melt out and it's delicious except when it cools down it gets squeaky like you're chewing on styrofoam so you got to eat that sucker hot out of the fryer or hot off the grill but I highly recommend

trying queso queso para freir or hello me it's really good with a little oil drizzle over the top salt pepper grilled or fried but back on your mozzarella just coat that sucker like a demon have it be cold fry a Toads crisp and then if you need to you know you can throw it in the oven to melt at the inside of them or the problem with most frying setups is that that they batter the the mozzarella around you want to be really gentle with it and not do a lot of manipulation because if you break the crust at any point you going to get a leaker and then your toasted do you like fried calamari what was the stock from freeze-dry protein Allied David Chang's Mind of a chef usually find freeze dried products yes you know I have never made stock from freeze-dried stuff I looked a little

Intuit I haven't spoken to Dave about this personally I don't know the advantage of freeze-dried stock a product except for the relative speed of extraction otherwise I don't know what will go on in the freeze-drying of it that would actually increase the ultimate total flavor attraction to get from it so I need to talk to him and see what he has but no I've never tried okay

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and welcome back to cooking issues we have a color color your on the are you doing Christian from Michigan got a question for you too well actually two seemingly unrelated have you ever use the Aeropress as a means of being a clarifier so how you use the cheese cloth to use an Aeropress to do the clarification relatively inexpensive coffee maker that uses a moderate amount of pressure it looks like a giant modified syringe

accurate so far and so when you're saying when you're saying clarification I generally don't do I don't clarify by a filtration I use cheesecloth for only for

holding back salads in something that they like an agar raft or most of that when you're doing it you're not it's not that the pressure that's holding you back it's the ultimate kind of leak rate you can get out of the raft and when you increase the pressure too much you actually can start forcing product through your filter medium what I actually use in those situations to increase the pressure just the right amount without causing problems squeeze through clogging is I use a salad spinner so I'll put stuff in my cat in like a super bag or in like a like a fine like a like a linen napkin and I'll tie the neck off like a sack throat and salad spinner and just spending a bunch and that and that was pretty awesome free up that the mesh by picking it up and just rubbing gently the cloth together against yourself to free the pours out and then spending it again and you very rarely get any I got to bleed through when you do that

oh okay that's a much easier idea I don't drink coffee so I don't have an Aeropress I travel I usually bring the Aeropress with me just cuz it's easy to carry cool have you ever done a DIY project for making a like a deep freezer unit like how deep freeze like throat aching like a commercial blower unit and making your own kind of a crazy night without spending like four grand on a on a True commercial freezer unit to get me down as temperature quickly so you took my prepared meats or pre pre pre cooking or post cooking pre cooking in bags I would definitely do this

your question first I have not I've often thought about installing just like fan units inside my normal freezer to try and increase the rate of freezing a little bit because they are standing there in the freeze rates are abysmal the problem is as opposed to a commercial blast freezer wouldn't want a fan going in there all the time it's going to accelerate the drying effects are you going to have in their right but commercial glass fries are not only has like a large amount of air circulation large amount but it also has a huge cooling you know a huge cooling outfit to match it so you know your freezer is not is not freezing at its fastest possible rate because it doesn't have air circulation or very much air circulation but there is still a maximum rate at which you are freezer can freeze because of the actual amount of cooling power is being applied to the freezing box and so that's the part that's kind of hard to get a run

is the fact that it's only ever going to put a certain number of a watts of cooling per hour into your product you know what I'm saying or pull out of it what I would do is put your product in zippies ice and salt is very fast and can freeze down to minus I forget what it is off top my head but something like - 17 or something like that. Freeze Ice Cream Rock Solid and so you can do a very rapid freezing in a concentrated salt water brine and then and you can possibly even store that Brian in your freezer I gave you had a freezer you were going to dedicate to this you could possibly store a saturated salt brine in the in the freezer to in the freezer so just wants to stay where it is and then you're storing a boat load of energy in the partially crystallized ice and in the salt water brine and that sucker would freeze your stuff very very quickly

yeah so then that so they're not salt water brine would bring down the ambient temperature in the freezer compartment as well then to Weezer / time to to slowly add the energy right to make your to make your Brine and then it would not fully freeze until it got you have to do some calculations on eutectic freezing point to get it to work just right but that's what you really want to do is store a bunch of ice at a temperature below freezing have the freezer slowly and put that energy over time is it when you throw your meat and bags into the brine it can very rapidly cool it right and then you have the rest of the time to keep storing that energy again. Pretty cool

well thanks for your help as usual is the bridge option call the jelly babies wobbly Lolly another jelly jelly babies wobbly Lolly by the way yeah it's the popsicle or ice lollies they call him ice lollies I guess him and and UK that's an absurd word ice Lolly would you ever say ice Lolly Pedro

ice Lolly

music oh yeah it's an ice Lolly they get floppy when it melts next to guar and xanthan although I have to say in advance reading the Restless I don't think it's what we'll talk about it you can look at it on this YouTube thing which is going to be in comprehensible to you but if we'll get out there on the on the web somehow you can imagine that there are many more and if you look at it it's a little kid with like what amounts to some sort of logical thing that wobbles around like a like a what does things called that you make out of Jell-O the Knox blocks to call him Taylor's right like a mix between a bicycle and a Jiggler and he's sitting there wobbling it back and forth the pollen four points out what is probably obvious to you you can imagine there are many more semi of seeing videos featuring young women eating these Pops I will leave it at that here are the ingredients for lime flavor in honor of the limeys that created them

water sugar fruit juice concentrate 25% straw Strawberry lime stabilizers xanthan gum guar gum hydrolyzed pea protein and salt natural flavoring acidity regulator citric acid and color spinach extract supplement with abuse flavor Viagra tannic acid but does it have a texture modifying properties as well if you were to take a stab the recipe to recreate this popsicles what gum concentration would you start with finally have you made any other accuracy texture frozen treats besides your world famous potato moxa left on Durham I made a wobbly with you, first of all the other one I've done also a solo trip off is a mixture of Gwar and a gel and low ASL Joanne that that sucker also has a snap to it I really liked and that one you can light on fire which is awesome and it doesn't melt because you make a fluid gel from the

Joanne and so it doesn't melt down in that Tonka chefs have made Joanne fluid gel ice cream it's like you know when you get the weird text rural properties Warren gel and witch Estee still alive only studying in Frozen form I don't really know why it works we did it by accident happen

what's going on here is it's not actually the Santa and Gwar that's causing that xanthan LBG which is a close relative of Gwar will form a weird gel but as far as I know is an Gwar does not have that same synergism what you're looking at here is actually I believe a synergism between guar gum and the hydrolyzed pea protein hydrolyzed pea protein is a pea is a protein that use because it has relatively neutral flavor It's relatively inexpensive and can be subbed in for things that might otherwise have like I have a nasty flavor or people might not want for like soy protein or other Protein Isolate protein or dairy protein is there is a 2000 Master's thesis in Manitoba was in a field pea protein through formation of multi-component systems using various polysaccharides

and guess which one had the most wobbly it's pea protein and ding ding ding Gwar so it's the glory and the pea protein together they're doing what we need to do in this situation I don't this anthems probably just there I guess they had some more body I don't know whether it's there from the stabilizing standpoint because I couldn't find really fast what the three star characteristics were of this but and also the one thing I don't know how how melt-in-your-mouth these systems are but what you're looking at there is a pea protein Gwar thing which I believe has to be heated for it to work before it's frozen but I don't know because I couldn't find out but these protein is pops I'm surprised as they weren't advertised as protein tops because most of their pee protein things that I've looked at were in the high range like 10% or a little more protein show me information on these P protein popsicles

muscles and mollusks Bluefish last week I'll report back to results it got me to rereading the fish chapter in Harold McGee always a good idea by the way to reread any chapter one of these books I'm going to see him soon and a little bit of secret santa secret you know I think all of you knows who's been following the most at in the Puffin gun that we like the Puffin gun well we at Booker and Dax Equipment Corporation have purchased our own mini popping gun so that we can do we can now do commercial puffing experiments the Chinese one complete and completely unsafe there are no when I say I'm safe there are no safeties in it so I car Puffin gun even though it was designed in the museum even though it's designed in the 40s 39 actually and made you know and if it is it still has like all kinds of safety

I said it don't die this sucker comes and it's comes it starts with that box look like beating the hell right like the stuff falling at Larry stuff falling out of it like all crazy and they just expect you to like what this thing together and put up to 180 PSI and then hit it with a big old steak with no protections at all and no safety so we haven't fired it yet because we're busy constructing big massive safety cages and my blow off valve stuff like that because I'm hoping to take that to Harvard so that Maggie and I can fire that for the Harvard class at the beginning of the school year and will let you know. Just because he said Mickey see what happened to see what kind of changes that go on I noticed that in the Shelf is section but he says it's possible to cook the catch mussels and shellfish IE those knobby much is left on the shell of a clam or oyster and not typically eaten since they are so tough addition in the substation Tender Quick tough catch

what it says they're also paraphrasing because I don't have in front of me I cannot find any references to cooking the catch mussels anywhere else besides McGee I was wondering if cooking by a prolonged low temperature method might transform them into something delicious I know you always warned against fish turning into mush with this message method but it's but this muscle seems unlike anything else in the Fish World at least in terms of toughness I'm always disappointed when I throw away what looks like a tiny scalloped attack in the shower and I'm now imagining this muscle transformed into something with real flavor and texture a scallop with the flavor of a clam for example also I'm sorry I missed the gun I don't know if the museum is looking for a brick-and-mortar space anytime soon but I have some ideas so we should I have Peter contacting so I reread it

so where were you take let's a muscle or anything apart there's always that little tough part attached Michelle and I were talking about it when you shuck a clam so is that right and so the adductor muscle which is the main muscle and by that I thought you two valves ie2 shells the main muscle the a doctor is broken up into a couple of different types one is meant for quick closing right and that's the one that we normally eat and scallops are really good at that because they flap their shows open and shoot themselves across the the bottom of the ocean so they have big fast you know a doctor muscles and then a portion of the adductor muscle is designed to do it called catch and what that is like when you walk up to a clam and try to open it and goes and closes and then you can't pry that sucker open and even though it's been sitting there for like hours or days you can't pry it open that is because of the specialized muscles that are called catch mussels and they're extremely interesting

and they're tough and soap McGee doesn't fax say that you can through long and slow cooking tenderize it and I haven't tested this and I couldn't find a lot of reference to it over the web but it's worth trying but I did do some more research on that and it turns out that there's a lot of scientific study on catch mussels in in bivalve mollusk and other arthropod High date date they are able to maintain their rigidity their contraction even though they don't use a lot of energy for a long long time and so it turns out that there is at a giant protein so we have giant proteins in our muscles are called Titan tight but with an i not. T i t a n t i t i n a part of the elasticity of our muscle ansible actually the largest protein known and there's a there's a related protein in mollusks called called twitching and that protein

in the state of that protein allows the muscle to lock shut without expending any extra energy over very very long periods of time as unique invertebrate muscles and it was just figured out in 1997 in fact if you go on Wikipedia and you look up niacin it Stills it still says that that these muscles have their cats respond based on on perimysium which is number to put on the myosin type-r the article you might want to know if I have a link to it on my page to tell you my paper here to tell you about but go Google it and cuz here's what's interesting I can't figure out any references to how to disable that just by cooking cuz it's not a standard kind of collagen breakdown by but I got to look at it was very interesting and when I see McGee I can ask him more about it and sorry I didn't have a full answer

Alex rights in oh by the way I have a couple of questions on induction so I'm going to I'm going to combine them all right she wrote in about induction and I'll shorten about induction I'll do first hey Dana Sasha Jack and Joe great show after I discovered modernist cuisine at home I found your showed them blasting through the archives for about 5 years and chemistry of beer got me very interested in food I converted my Brew system DIY style to all electric a couple years ago and have not looked back I I know I stopped Brewing eight years ago to all electric spare parts I had laying around the brewhouse it works great but I wanted something insulated will it cover it was a little larger I don't my second version circulator for an Arts Fest party at Penn State where I live and State Nittany Lions and you know I never been there I've always want to go to there dairy program

that's where my grandfather went one of those Igloo maxcold 150 quart coolers with a 5500 watt water heater element and a ranco temp controller in backpack 30 lb of ribs each rack individually of course and cook them in 143 Fahrenheit for 48 hours then finish them on a really hot Weber charcoal grill with wood chips they were delicious and I did indeed look like a rockstar I recently passed out the Fry Daddy I bought in college good move Fry Daddy good starter not a good need look no no no insulted a Fry Daddy Corporation not enough power in a Fry Daddy in apalit name it should be called like you know Friday junior or like fry baby ride baby ride baby is very small is in no way the daddy of I'm intrigued by your French fry price of my friends are processes pain in the butt it's like involves like enzymatic treatment than blanching then some drying depending on what the size of the Friars then freezing then twice trying anyway

the month of the fry or whatever you call it on induction cooktops available now so I've been told him to take a caller and then come back and answer this question about induction

using his color on the air

hey David Brian Evans disco over the weekend I tried to make some banana pudding delicious but I used called Crystal cornstarch on so it ended up a little bit more butterscotch pudding or banana seem to call for some kind of starch slurry before I mixed it in and there were no lawn but it didn't have the kind of stain smoothness that I really wanted and one thing that I saw was it after you cut it finish it after it sets if you continue to stir it too much and that might

cartoon with some pretty to someone during a should I continue using time for my cuttings of starts but like my cornstarch or tapioca starch or something or what's a what's a better method well you know I don't do a lot of I don't do a lot of puddings but all the ones that I have done are with the cornstarch I say what I'm going to do

Piper's not around I'll tell you what I'll research a research and putting stuff for you and will get back to you next week can you tweet it into me so I can drop it into my inbox for next week writing about the pudding because I don't feel that I don't feel comfortable enough to answer you on putting right off the top of my head I'm going to look up some data on grittiness in a typically I do I do the old fashioned corn starchy once so I'll look into it also tweet me the recipe that you used if you have it so we can troubleshoot that and no problem thanks so much

okay back to induction I have a gas range for my normal cooking was wondering what you thought about the stand-alone induction cooktops available now the infomercial New Wave one can be had for $50 in the infomercial New Wave is an oven that they make some sort of what I think I could tell from their advertisement is a is a kind of a home in pengamen oven like like a fast are in pain but they also make something called a p i c Precision induction cooktop but I am dubious of any of the of the infomercial stuff unless it's a Billy Bass product God bless Billy may you rest in peace essay his voice I would buy anything it's like it's like you know like Billy Mays I would buy from him I'd buy you know pretty much whatever Snoop Dogg try to sell except for those awful Malt Liquor beverages that erupt the new infomercial New Wave one can be had for like $50 since you can suppose we control the temperature rather accurately with these things could have to plant a dedicated fryer for the home kitchen is no is it powerful enough to keep a diesel

volume of oil at 375 or is it just another piece of a TV infomercial jump I don't know I don't never used it I don't know whether it's high-quality it does appear to have a bunch of nice functionality but any attempt to beat level getting this alternatively can you recommend that you think would work this application forgive me if you've already answered this question thanks keep up the good work and I'll be visiting book for burgers and Booker and Dax and another question on induction in from Alex Grey show thanks for doing it I was looking into getting started in induction cooking but there seems to be a fair amount of incomplete or misinformation out there on the internet I even noticed that modernist cuisine. Com recommends a Max Burton model that has a picture of a mr. induction at the top of the page I am confused what kind of power size features will I want as long as you were throwing out recommendations is there any brand of pots and pans you particularly like on induction burners and burners is that the right word cooktops in England going back to the ice lollies folks they call them a Hobbs but I don't know anyone in the US that cause

a burner a hob do you would you like to meet with deception gross do you have

yeah yes. Doesn't like hop I would just keep calling it a burner but if you're from the UK you can call it an induction hob like Thomas Hobbes be like corn on the cob for the corn on the cob in the pan that's all I will say before I can get you that all of your induction questions first Max Burton interesting thing about the Max Burton there is a I own one I haven't started using it yet all of those kind of small induction things are my guests relatively the same meaning they all have relatively the same power output I think they're roughly 1500 watt 15 1800 watts but you can't use a straight wattage output and the reason that's why they are is because in the US everything is designed to be run come

Emily off of a 15 amp 120 volt wall socket and so most companies are very loath to on a consistent basis pull more than about 1500 watts out of the wall little more anything more than that and you're going to get into a commercial unit that uses 220 volts and then you can start putting bigger wires and you can have a much thicker record and then you can start pulling more wattage out so if you're going to get induction range in your house to supplant having a regular gas or electric range that's going to have a much bigger set of wires going to it you can get a lot more power to you cannot equate you cannot equate the wattage directly to the wattage of electric heater because it is boatloads more efficient just tons more efficient so it's very hard and you can't really quite at the gas because it's a lot more efficient than gas now a very very high output home

very high output commercial gas burner will boil faster than one of these mr. Burton sings but the average even Semi-Pro home gas burner will not boil water as quickly as a decent home induction unit and that's really the method that's really what you want to test how fast is it going to put heat into into my brother the other great thing about induction that's just made times that I love is that it's not going to heat up your whole kitchen because it's only heating the pan that said you need to have pans that work well with the induction and most pans you can tell whether they've worked well within within duck you know one second you put down there or not whether it's going to work but you a lot of work with induction we should check to make sure I don't have any particular one that I love or don't love but I will tell you this sucks about cooking with induction

is that whenever you put a pan down on an induction burner induction burner sits there and tries to figure out what's being put on it and it and it said first makes this weird noise while it's find a cycle through figuring out what the exact kind of frequency wants to hit your pan with to get the maximum heating out of it and by the way for those who they're looking up heating induction heating in general I can be done on any metal right because you're dealing with what's called I squared r loss which is literally just like the power of resistance of getting it but with an induction cooking cooking you're not just doing that you're using was called the hysteresis loss of ferromagnetic materials to to increase the effect of the induction thing going so that's why it's really only pans that had their special friend that will work whereas if you look up induction furnaces you can easily do things like melt aluminum with them so that's it that's the dealio but that special effect of induction only works up till What's called the Curie point of the

and that's why for instance I can't make or have not been able to make an induction version of my red hot poker yet because the induction heating elements that you get will not heat things up to those levels just a little aside in case anyone get the crap now that back to induction means the irritating thing about induction is is that is constantly scanning for a pan and if it doesn't find the pan it goes 8 on you and so instead of just keeping the power there it's Cycles off and on and gives you a little weird error messages so was whenever you lift up and do a sautee it makes a little weird noises and I are trying to get used to us

you never lifted the pan while you were cooking on it you cook on induction everyday

I also had does not very good feedback but it's fantastic especially in case we can choose what and they're getting they're getting better and better ask for your Max Burton the interesting thing about the Max Burton view finding people on the web to call open they have ripped apart hat and describe the circuit of that particular Max Burton model and it is particularly easy to tweet don't because it's dangerous and I want to hear that you created yourself because Dave Arnold told you to tweak it I want you to go read open schemes website and blame them if you electrocute yourself but I will say that they give detailed explanations of how to dork with that circuit and so I have plenty of projects out there where I really want to mess with induction and so if I'm going to do that I'm going to do it with that match burnt will be out to get a very specific Max burn one okay back to the question of frying on induction here's the issue

temperature control is not the name of the game in frying it is temperature recovery so what you need is not something that is going to you know keep a very accurate the high temperature but one that as soon as the temperature drops just hits the oil with full force Power until it gets back up and even maybe slightly above where you want to go that's the Hallmark of a good fryer and that's why PID control is not a good way to control a fryer now maybe these folks have figured out some awesome way to like program a fry cycle into their thing where buy it knows it's a fryer so it goes into bang bang I eat off on control like a fryer does and just hits the oil like a ton of bricks with full power as soon as it drops below their temperature but I don't know what they're not they can't possibly be doing it the job that I want because they're measuring it through the pass through the oil instead of oil which is what I want you to do their measuring the temperature of the pan through the time

of the heating element which is not very fast or not going to get very fast response time so I'm guessing that they're not going to be super aggressive with the oil which is what you want the other problem with cooking on a stove top and it said his nose keep saying it stovetop frying is never ever going to be as good as commercial to like a tube fryer frying because you don't have a cold Jean whenever you are heating from the bottom particles are falling off of your food sinking to the bottom of the pan and scorching at the bottom and ruining the oil and also when your heating from the bottom you don't have a ton of service area in contact with the oil and so you have a lot of local overheating the oil and problematic you really want if you really want to do frying right you want to get yourself a tube fryer and I've been what happens there the tubes have a huge surface area and also there's What's called the cold Zone underneath it and I've been in so that your particles fall through The Hot Zone in the codes on a dumb sport chat and no one makes a small one

at home when I don't really know why I don't know why answer your question

live tonight thanks for your help on the pressure cooker question I sent a couple weeks ago I recently came across an article online that suggested dry salt in poultry instead of writing it obviously you would lose the benefit of drawing more water into the meat but really isn't kind of equivalent to watering down your meat is dry solving an alternative if so how much salt should be used for a given weight of meat poultry and fish any ideas about how long it would take would also be much appreciated thanks Alex I look like a brine your meat the reason to brine your meat is because you're going to take the meat above the temperature at which is going to start losing voice to write that's why we do it one 2 to get salt into the meat if you're not going over cook the meat you don't necessarily need to add a lot of water to it however you will be drawing water out of it by salting it because if you're doing a dry salting you will pull liquid out and then the liquid will will fall down right where as if you brought away from your part unless it's Brian bat bag in there if your brining it it will take up a little bit of extra water but usually if you're going to overcook your product you going to lose too much water anyway

that's one of the reasons you Brian because the stuff wasn't moisten up when you can't when you were done with it so you needed it to pick up that extra moisture now if you're not going to overcook it then sure you're solving it just for flavor but I don't have a problem when I do a light brine for satellite Prime for flavor winner brining a fish you're also brining a fish because Brian for flavor there's brine for brining for flavor you can do by salting on the outside the problem with something on the outside is it tends to be relatively concentrated on the outside so unless you wipe it off and then let it cool a break for a long time you're going to get an overly salty outside and under salted inside where's Brian like to be a little more gentle on yourself contact just saying and if you ever tasted your Brian that you've thrown your chicken into of your turkey afterwards you know what it taste like like saltwater with a little bit of blood that you're not stuck in a lot of flavor out of your products sold your only real gripe is the water that you're putting into it right there sure if your flavoring if your brining for flavor shirt dry salt it a little bit and then you know wipe it off later

celebrate for a little while so it's not too soft on the outside and maybe you're going to be in love right or maybe not maybe it may be too soft on the outside if your brining because you're going to overcook it then you want to add the extra moisture to it as well as get the salt in there because the Salted proteins hold onto moisture better than the unsalted ones do okay so there it's whatever. The third reason to brine something out on something like fish is because if you cook fish that hasn't been brined especially with low temperature you get too much of that white protein crap bubbling out of the fish in it spoils the appearance to the surface and a light brining will take care of that for you and stop that from happening and sure you can do that by just salt in the outside if you're doing it just for flavor I don't really have any ratios I just go like this that you would be if you were looking at me if you see my hand sprinkling salt over I sprinkle did coating of salt all around it and then let it sit but I've never really measured it you Stars I hope that helps

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