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Episode 137: Delhi Belly

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Lopez Show in the booth right now how you guys doing and I'm back on food people is over and God that sucks the worst but she surprised me is that she says I'm kind of like an animal and kind of a machine because I really just don't I don't care kind of like I don't know if things don't phase me like pain punishment right

yeah hunger getting through it wasn't like a like a difficult from a wheel power Stampley it just sucked and what sucked about it was is there was no point in it at all I don't know why because all I realize is that you can in fact walk around with a sugar high for seven consecutive days without falling over I think we should just do this one just Sour Patch Kids and wine not the same time yeah but I don't want to do that in the winter

physical fitness there whatever it was. I'm glad it's over nothing about yourself I learned that I really don't like the idea of detoxing I think it really doesn't make it true you get rid of caffeine as I said last week you know when you know your body is mildly depending on caffeine if you consume at the quantities head and by the way first thing I do when I woke up on my by the way I broke my lemonade fast with Falafel I make falafel because a couple people asked about on the show and I hadn't made it in a long time so I made Falafel kind of a combination between Joe Nathan's recipe you know the famous writer on tuition jewish-american cooking cooking dinner and. This lady called the six fix a kitchen anyway who's a convert to Judaism

recipe and looked at the donation well I saw the theory is this like so you're feeling right that's what you really want to do is Purge your body of everything right like the best for me was the time I had that horrible gastrointestinal disease and I thought I lost a ton of weight there because your body is like working overtime to try and fight this horrible disease that you have and you're flushing your system of everything and you can't take anything in but your body doesn't go into horror shutdown mode because your brain is telling you not to eat or drink anything because if it shoots right out of you so your metabolism is fast and you're not taking any calories that's the genius thing that's that's what we need to do that relates to my other business someone out there please feel this year's Eid ready for this we're going to get samples of contaminated water from around the world right and we're going to ship them to people who

live in places that don't have any sort of parasites in their water and then you're going to drink that water like maybe like 2-3 weeks by the way I'm not serious is a satire like two or three weeks before you go on a vacation right country country right and then you have all of your horrible gastrointestinal problems and Home in the comfort of your own home on the comfort of your own toilet I know some people that you know Stars they could have used the comfort of their own toilet wouldn't had some horrible GI problems on a trip last year and think about it and then I'm going to an unfamiliar country where you don't speak the language and needing a toilet within 10 seconds or wherever you live wherever you with the matter where you live like you know your own toilet my point is is it this will be a decent business with people used to take tapeworm pills really really really really stupid stupid

stupid stupid stuff but and then when I came up with the idea because they were saying you don't want to go to Deli and get this you get when you drink the water there they call it in this is from a native so please don't don't right into me but Delhi belly which is the sweet names of some sort of Rich Manhattan folk person with pay for this here's what we do you come into the clinic it's a one-day super detox right, the clinic you drink the same call the FAA so so so so so there's like heavily phosphate salt Laden Saudi have to chug it and let it roll through you like a freaking steam train and sprays out the other end lickety-split cleans you out one shots you do that we also feel

she from the other side just for good measure then get here's the good parts does total dialysis

toddler the same time

will manager

you know only the smart people know that that they should go to the it like any place that has a Chinatown if you go to the Chinese hair salons is in is in the states I don't know it's like around the world around the world but the best head massage in the world for almost nothing in question before we get to cook bison I would like to say we have this in from Aaron will vary we love this guy to Hollywood I like I like I want to say congratulations by the way about the kickstarter the Puffin gun first of all like those things exploding how how like loud and impressive is that explosion stuff give me a minute now I'm a video on my phone I'll patch it through the board maybe it'll come through and radio

this is about nothing I would like to see it makes me incredibly proud to be a part of something I feel strongly believe in I truly believe in the long-term applications and massive positive ramifications of such an entity can and most likely will create in all honesty I am I am a poor yet passionate cookout here in Oregon but only because the momentary circumstances allowed for the expenditure I was able to donate my entire paycheck this last month to the Mossad fix your that people entire paycheck as such a long with scheduling staffing issues I have no feasible way to monetary fund a trip to join the festivities to follow this month on the 13th grabbing a big puffy party on 13th of August I would have ever hate to see my invitation ticket and spot on the Fire Marshal's Max person limit list to leave that to go to waste if there is any possible way to auction off a resale my tickets to again benefit

come outside so that someone else can enjoy the experience I would greatly appreciate it again I truly regret I cannot join the amazing group of like-minded persons that is sure to convert for the event I hope to hear from you soon and that you all have an amazing time at the event Aaron well from scratch restaurant in Lake Oswego Oregon by the way everyone go out and patronize the Scratch Restaurant out there in Lake Oswego Oregon and also he said PS if they've never wants to come out to the pair of pository still the invitation stand I'd love to go it's right around now I got to have so much stuff going on this fall it's like the worst fall ever in terms of stuff but if I finish my book. Just look on her face like guess what we should have someone

get this ticket something nice to do for you

better when you're looking at the video how are you doing how you doing all right

I got a question for you I know you like to cook some weird things and whatnot with trying to make some mayonnaise this weekend with turkey eggs and made man is a hundred times and never had a problem I was curious if different game eggs start to make creating mayonnaise difficult or or different do you say you have done turkey eggs without a problem no I've never done turkey eggs before I've done near regular eggs and made mayonnaise of the hundred times that I'm wondering if like wild game eggs or something like that has it like different protein compound makeup or something like that

I have a stock of turkeys which been produced the turkey eggs though it's a it's a good relationship a duck egg is a little Rich this is like X custody with it's a little bit thicker as he kind of would expect her like a bigger bird it's for the super delicious suspect on top of like pasta and what enter and do they have you put them in a circulator do they cook at roughly the same temperatures I haven't put them in a circulator so I couldn't tell you that one I would love to know that the short answer is I don't know but with regard to mayonnaise but I do know that they different birds do have different protein fractions in their eggs and if they respond differently to certain treatment for instance I know one of the things that I have experimented with the different egg varieties is treating them with li Harold McGee and I used to do an alkyl in edgware you soak it

Lyons salt solution and then you cook it and then even after you cook it the egg remains translucent right and so and then and then McGee and knows not used to use to substitute that out biscuits daylight is the lie I cured fish to what we would do is use the egg is lutefisk thing and then just serve an actual smoked trout next to it along with some so it was good but the but the point is is that the duck eggs chicken eggs and quail eggs all responded differently to the treatment because the protein makeup is slightly different so duck eggs responded really well to that treatment and you know I am and so did Quail but chicken eggs were much more difficult to get to work with that because the proteins tended to fall apart more when they were treated with the lie so they didn't show up as nicely as I know from that experience that yet yes the protein fractions are slightly different now need a mayonnaise is mostly concerned with your multiplication properties of the year

and I would assume that you know because the Yoke has so much more emulsification power in it than is necessary to make any sort of reasonable quantity of mayonnaise that unless there's some real unforeseen thing in a turkey egg that I can't you know fathom that there's no reason why I wouldn't function the same way in something like a man is that make sense yeah maybe I just think but it was really weird I mean no matter how much you know like a little bit of acid or a little bit of water I just I couldn't get it to come together so I'll have to know

yeah I'm never researched a turkey that's really interesting question I'm trying to think I like what it could be that would not allow it to happen but you know I can't bite you sit there you make with a chicken egg no problem and then you make it with the turkey egg and it's been problems yeah it's super weird and then you know it is like I've tried everything like I let it sit in the fridge but everything separate pulled the yolks back outside to slowly added back inside the cold method tried room temp method could not get it to come together so I have to keep playing with it and see if maybe there's something in it that's that's maybe there's something I've no I've no clue but but maybe someone out there knows you know like a I wonder whether have you tried so one way to find out whether there's something in the turkey egg that shafting you is to do like one to one turkey egg with that chicken egg and see whether

not you can make that work right after Me Maybe maybe there's some sort of crazy inhibitor but again like I just feel it like something just weird might be something weird might be going on you know yeah I agree it seems weird to me I couldn't imagine that the most occasionally do that weird but I heard that different rather but yeah it was pretty strange you to keep us posted because I want to hear how this works out or get us some turkey eggs and will mess around with we will make many says

yes I wear and you can even put them in the food and see how they do chicken eggs set between 60 so they're runny of 62 in their set at 64 Celsius are relative to relative to the chicken which is the standard standard egg bread thank you so it when we talk about something else we're talking about a cooking issues how does the pressure pickle technique burst the vacuoles make sense with the chamber but I'm a little confused this referring to the pressure rapid pressure pickles

technique I put up on their cooking issues blog the other week and last week on the air right how that works like you so they the idea isn't that normally when you're refusing a liquid into a solid using vacuum machine you suck the air out using the vacuum machine you have it in a liquid are comes back in air air smash is the liquid into where the air pockets used to be in the thing and you infuse it said the problem with doing that Anaya side is that when you release the pressure at all of the stuff that you confusing boils back out again and you get almost like a net-zero in terms of infusion it doesn't look Infuse the way an awesome like a vacuum fuse thing looks so I saw that by putting the products in Ziploc bags inside the eye aside so that the soluble gas CO2 or into doesn't get into the product and therefore won't boil out as finally the question here is how does that burst the actual

arrows why don't think numbers like I think what what here's what I think is happening in in in this technique in a vacuum when you're using a vacuum machine to inject a liquid into into an air hole what you're doing you're removing almost all of the partial pressure of air on the inside of the air holes in the other pores in the inside of your liquid inside or sell it when when the air comes back and you have a maximum external pressure is 60 of 15 roughly PSI pounds per square inch forcing the liquid into those things in an isi you're talkin about 60 or more pounds per square inch at least 60 70 depending how much foot pounds per square inch pushing on it and that is enough to crush air bubbles down to almost nothing so you force the liquid into it right now you're not forcing anything solid act like soluble gas is in there you're just making those are bubbles tiny important liquid in when you release it right those bubbles expand and

leave your product let's say cucumber right and take with it some of the liquid but they also as they're leaving they keep on then leaking out because you made Pathways to the liquid to get to them it during their compress during compression fit the second time you hit it right is why you pause for 5 minutes the second time you hit it with a charger Yuri inject that liquid into those into those gaps right and the second time you will be sitting very little gets sprayed back out until you have fundamentally and Infuse product that's why you need to hit twice that hook that makes it we have a bunch of going to hit on the circulator crap now she'll circulator has no email that not yet you send me an email I'm not going to answer it

yeah but but but but the Obama machine but they change the names to each person so I think you're looking for the Rock and Michelle Obama's emails and I never get response a birthday happy birthday happy birthday brother next time we go out the beers around me

no response

no response anyway I personally and like I'm not a fan of the fake personal you don't even smoke

the fake personal emails are hilarious it's like I love it when an ATM machine thanks me as though it's not a machine ridiculous

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we back back bottom Portland riots and regarding the egg the egg cracking thing we had last by the way you know like someone like to be a pastry chef that's what everyone has made fracking thing so Bob Reitz hey Dave nastasha and Friends WhatsApp friends here's my nearly foolproof the knuckle of the other hand like I'm knocking on the door gently at first then gradually increasing until the egg cracks and then insert my thumbs and spread the shallow part no egg white on the side of the bowl or the countertop Bob in Portland and it's made a peanut a tree shaft was saying you know what you'd get that cat very gently on the table at the at the widest part of the egg and put your finger in open it till he let me tell you something I am a freaking gorilla monster in the kitchen like if I spent more and do it the way I am

I just I like to do everything extremely quickly as fast as a shake your head like like I can't like I can't like I should spend each time and give every egg of the respect it deserves as I crack it but like you know that's cracked the hell out of those eggs really quickly you know what I mean is when I'm separating eggs out and even then I don't pay that much attention and suffering since when I'm when I'm separating eggs out cuz I'm going to like make like as a by owner I'm going to make like a meringue or something like this right

I never cracked the damn yolks mean like when I throw them into the pot sometimes I crack them but I don't really care mean I never crack eggs when I when I'm making fried eggs right do you think I'm a freaking gorilla you don't even like I'm I'm the worst person in the world and so she was a patient of saying that like that's typical for someone who like hangs out with Savory people all the time that you know like you know I just cracked the crap out of stuff you put it put it through a strainer to make sure that there's no piece of the shells in shoes like you're a bad person at least with regard to that okay now we got a whole bunch of stuff we're having some sort of a circulator Extravaganza on the Seattle food Gates the first before we do circulators day for you coming to the party on Sunday Sunday

are there still tickets there still tickets Sunday Sunday but I don't do drugs I'm confirming it right now oh my God are we going to do this in Yonkers Raceway where we going to do this and you confirm that you found out about the Party by listening to the show I'll give you a special discount code just ask for me info at Heritage Radio Network. Org and if you're not in New York get a raffle ticket win a trip to Seattle 93 kind of an operation and you know

Jack Joe Eddie he says only that you know Aaron who comes on once in awhile these guys only did like eat I need to purchase food you know what I mean like we need to keep this place on the air so it helps to it it helps do I go to these events and guess what it's a win-win because you're going to have a good time and we get to keep providing program in my right about this in the morning. Play 60's music off in the morning Piper Piper Piper and ask to borrow a hangout figure out the stuff and also a longtime listener here had a question for you looking for food recommendations you went to Ho Chi Minh where do you buy never mind so you don't have any recommendations for a van. But sit well where'd you go good in Hanoi in case he makes my day

do you know where he is he's in he's in Phuket and I want everyone like when I was when I was in Stars this exact same thing you know how we pronounced it when we were at a lesson right anyway so it's what you have there

free food you can go to any restaurants or that you spent all your time in the hotel room it only went out after dark to gets free food and taking the piper you're busted face which is another face that none of you will ever get the safe all right well I apologize for making you call in when you have no useful recommendations for Alvin


because my favorite call in the history of the show

all right because you can call Piper up and like say something like that I don't know Piper Goodman on the history of Pachuca style mezcals know but it except for the fact that you know what I've always told the same story that that they put basically in the distillation flask so that it kind of up reflux Stills on a piece of meat so so different places with to use different kinds of meats open true God is a use the chicken breast with other people through other kinds of meat into they kind of vapor chamber above where the Mezcal was distilling and that's where that comes from a bit as to why you would do that only God knows I don't know the story but we know I know some people from Dumb my gay and some Ryan Fitzgerald all these guys next time I speak to them

some history on that sat for him and I was last question what does rotovap collection flask what does rotovap collection flask boil late in the Run how to fix what that means what what collects

how to say I don't know if it's complete one last thing so I have the next drink that I come up with the bar that we don't have a name for you ready for this one so Tristan really is he not one of the bar manager at the booker and Dax and his last name is Willie right so here's my favorite tongue twister I'm going to name the next drink this ready Willy's real rear-wheel say that

Willy's rear rear wheel rear wheel it doesn't look imposing credit it looks completely harmless under third toe Willy's rule the world Brewery nitrites in construction crew I'm working on a new product will hopefully make sous vide cooking not just cheaper but also better than current immersion circulator technology coming in and I are boy are we pop Sleepypod

AKC puppy pot from nomiku okay my question for you guys and what would you like to see improved about Korean immersion circulators are there any pain points are missing features you can think of also where can I send a demo you once I get one as I'd love to get your feedback well the address for Booker and Dax Equipment Corporation if anyone ever wants to send us free stuff is 54 Eldridge Street storefront 1A New York New York 10002

I mean there's a lot that's kind of a hassle about them but there's a lot that's great about them as well as the power be nicer to have more power sometimes for no me I'm so used to them so youth was cleaning them to be a little easier rice as I hate cleaning them out

what the plastic one who's got the last part but it's more it's harder to clean in some ways because they're just more parts that you can't see whether they're dirty cuz they're inside the machine supposed to stay in this filthy but if I should let her know I'd like to hear from people out there and what they don't like about their circulators what they think need to be changed regarding also circulators we got up at Seattle food gate get a circulator build so Chris Hale Road in regarding Seattle Food King circular build by the way it's because you don't know we're talking about very quickly the circulator think allows you to keep water and sometimes I do liquids at very content temperatures absolutely necessary to do low temperature cooking which is the greatest innovation in cooking in the last 200 years of my shopping list and had good results but bending acrylic sucks but last week for the circulators drilling is frustrating and cutting it is impossible then it is hard to clean not very durable and looks like crap after a few months if you don't have a laser CNC machine handy and nobody does but Seattle food gay

don't use acrylic I busted up my acrylic box last week and saw the whole thing and a black abs abs of the kind of plastic do people use but you know remember ABS can't I get to do hot check this project I recommend at least four inches tall by 8 inches deep I put mine in a 6 by 4 by 3 and I spent most of the weekend rewiring it because his face was too cramped then there was one time I plugged it in and welded my AC supply line to the relay but I'm sure you're smart enough to keep the metal backing of the relay away from the power connection by the way one note honest I noticed a lot of these diy things use relays I hate I hate mechanical relays for this application spend the extra three bucks and get everyone listen to me spend the extra three bucks and get a solid state relay I hate that click click click click that relays make and I also hate the fact that they have mechanical things in them that can fail because of arcing when things go bad so just get yourself a solid state relay they have an infinite lifetime basically compared to a solid state relay they're never going to go south on YouTube

you fry them out and they don't go click hate the click on it so back back back to Christmas point in power connections anyway once you drill a hole in ABS you can use a file or hacksaw blade to make the whole whatever shape and size you need it won't crack and it's easy to clean with some property size grommets the hole for the power cord a circulator pump will be the good work they pertain to be good band right or half of 30 plastic box out to the project box of screws and it's a couple of spring clamps there's so much faster than some screws some screws even if they aren't as versatile as far as what kind of container you can use them on good luck and happy circulate from Chris Hale and also criptana price in for your question last week I use an aluminum bar bent with hands over steel railing not acrylic for mounting this the heater

in fact he has no housing at all so if he put the electronics for it on the on the outside but the test by wires over on the other side thing I will say cry attempt or crypt amp that your situation not exactly ocean friendly because it looks like I could get that pretty good if I didn't pay attention but I'm sure it will work and when I made my own circulators and didn't care about getting Zapped I did get that all the time

Alpine Type of getting a scratch or calling or not we have in from joblo joblo says people says cooking squid or octopus either need to be cooked for very long or very quickly nothing in between why what's the science behind I got to say it's another one of those things that I just it's just you take it for granted that you don't know and here's the other thing I read a bunch of scientific papers on a squid an octopus and most of the work on that stuff was done in the 80s and sneak around then in the mid-eighties and the people who are doing it has a typical problem of a lot of scientists when they're doing these kind of papers did they didn't cook it properly so there's no no one no one did the right experiment for science paper stand for in saying like what exactly is

when are the muscles between a short cook the medium and the long cook the toughness in between however you can kind of the deuce based on what's going on that what's happening so the interesting thing is squid and octopus muscle is very different from a vertebrate muscles right so first of all of the protein compositions are different so there's much more myofibrillar protein allergy actual muscle fiber protein in in Squid muscle as opposed to the sarcoplasmic proteins which of the one kind of surrounding an in the cells that aren't the myofibril proteins so those are the ones that actually caused the contraction pain contraction that sucker so they can go right so they have more of those myofibrillar proteins that are going to cause toughness when they denature also they they have they have a fibers running in

two different directions around right so they can squeeze and then also radially so they can been into all searches that so they got this is kind of to Direction muscle fiber action going on also the proteins are a little more soluble than they are so they tend to swell up and bind together and Shrink like a mother much more than like a vertebrate proteins do or even see a fish so they might my feeling is that if you before you totally denature those things and they shrink up which happened somewhere between 50 and 60 so before that happens quickly you're going to have a tender pot if you can get on the rare the low side then as soon as you shrink those suckers are going to be hard like if you'd like rubbery like rocks until you cook the ever-loving snot out of them and break those two bills have a fairly High portion of connective tissue in them to visit

add a giant octopus tentacles every octopus tentacle by the way they so different to Summer more dominant than others and a octopus tentacle taste different from the from the tip to the to where it attaches to the animal the tip is a little more I think kind of like a little more gummy little more like you know and I like the stuff kind of in the middle actually that is what I think is going on some other interesting things about squid have a high level of a proton protein breaking down proteins enzymes in them and so I would think that prolong heating I haven't tested if you think that prolong Heating in the 60 degree range before you wrap it up would also make it very tender another interesting paper for you at least interesting to me how gross it is ready for the Stars

anti-whites interesting conversation of squid loligo vulgaris which is logos are genus of squid that are mainly kind of they live near the bottom of the ocean right lower lobe and Helix Helix ones are there are the murder of fastening Kenosha needs with bromelain put in a protein tenderizer right and racism bovine spleen lysosomal in Rich extract hide liked it sprinkled all over your squid was yours is really interesting thing that I had never thought of before and something maybe for you guys to think about is usually when you're thinking about what's happening with protein extracts what year what you're thinking about is

let things get mushy right because you breaking down the structure of the proteins and for something like meat when you break it down that's good because it tenderize it but usually in fish it makes it mushy but things don't necessarily breakdown in kind of a very uniform way so both of those things they both I and spleen lysosome extract and the and the Flames are protease enzymes but the bromelain and you can look at that in this paper is very interesting to Bromley when you treat it with it makes the squid mushy and people don't like it's more tender whereas the the life is on this plane a bovine spleen extract tenderize it in such a way that it just reduces the sheer force the same in all of the parameters of a tasting of the squid so it reduces springing this by the same amount that it reduces hardness all the way around it just makes it more tender but still keeps the same textural properties of squid so it looks like there's a whole world out there

breaking down of protein in the protease enzymes out there that we could use to make things more tender without making them mushy which is something I never thought of before another interesting thing about endogenous meeting inside of the tissue already a squid Ensign is that they are active at alkaline pH is so soaking a sitter you think would make the stuff harder and there's some research that says it does and another thing is treating squid with phosphate salts as a brine before hand and salt in general the phosphate salt which I think they don't give a reason for it but I think it's because it makes it more basic more alkaline will help the enzymes more let me break down the proteins of phosphate treatments of square that taken into the slightly alkaline like 7.4 range instead of like a slightly acidic range maybe help the squid get a little softer

and the time for one more thing going to have a giant calzone for lunch I can eat this whole calzone just by myself I rather crazy paper on how people when they write papers on on frying things they always want to reduce the oil in things that's all they were never cared about when they write papers on Fry and they want to reduce the oil to check this out so when you're making industrially when you're making fried things for freezing what you do is you make your father if you throw in a bunch of gums and all the stuff and then you pre fry your product right and then a few pre fried to set the batter then you freeze it and then you when you refry it you cook about all the way through it right so

so it's a well-known fact that if you had methylcellulose two batters you decrease the oil absorption of the batter's because methylcellulose and okay so what's happening is is in water hot water and forms a gel and this is why it's used in pie filling so that the pie filling doesn't boil out of crust it's used barbecue sauces to increase adhesion when they're on the grill and being heated it's used to make those noodles at set when you spray him in the soups in in kind of modern cooking and you know dumplings that don't blow out all those kinds of things metal playlist so well-known fact that if you put it into batters and decrease of a little coaching these guys don't the hell out of it depended this believe it or not in 2002 what they do is they make a really loose battery thing and then they boil their freaking chicken nuggets like dumplings with methyl cellulose and then give you his kind of boiled nugget which event

try later that sound weird I kind of want to try to see what happens he's kind of boiled dumplings and then fried but I really see the advantage because I don't really believe that I want to decrease the amount of oil that's in my fried foods do it mean like you got my fry foods that you need to reduce the amount of oil in it like the trick is you don't want your sex stuff to be greasy but I don't mean that you necessarily want to reduce the oil that's on the inside of it lunacy let me see how many times you say one more time what what it is is is it's a chamber that you fill with whatever you want and then you has the stuff you fill it with high water content somewhere between 12 and 60% water you feel it tight you heat it with about two hundred thousand BTUs of a gas flame you spin it so that doesn't score

anywhere and heats up to like three hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit and like $150 and 80 psi and then you hit you hit her with a giant steak the door flies open the stuff explodes at end and pause because of the water at inside it's my turn to a steam table so we were testing it because we had a bunch of people suggesting what we should test and things that you would expect to work well like rice did work well if I couldn't taste it when we're making them last week I tasted them this this week and they were kind of software I think we need to do some post dehydration with a soft when we were popping them so we just need to do some post dehydration before we serve them red basmati rice puff very well popcorn to mazing because they popped in the balls which is pretty cool buckwheat was could be good wasn't there when we did it by could theoretically be good

okay so then we tried so all the stuff that should have work work now we have not had any luck with with I'm sorry folks that we have not had any luck with our weird alternative stuff yet right so first thing we we do with but how about some red lentils dried lentils Redmond and we heat it up and I'm standing up there and I hit it and it will be like a hundred and sixty PSI instantly the entire heritage heritage Foods USA Warehouse is filled with lentil dust the entire place is coated with burnt red lentil does the entire play smells like burnt red lentil Does my like my clothes were covered in red lentil does everything was just read every single lentil had been vaporized the truth is crazy so

Clinton swimming and eating puffing things like not eating anything working like a demon yeah on top of the shed framing gun I'm sweating sweating not eating anything and I can't get other people to like work because they're shoving sandwiches in their face the fact of the Wichitas always says machine machine machine idiot you have glass around it right and then on our first Kickstarter test when we exploded are Plexi Plexi or maybe we should switch Alexa you know maybe not a good idea to throw shards of glass into into into people's eyes during I think so then we put lexan up we realize that they steams up almost instantly

you literally like a window screen up and then after we put the window screen we decide to test chickpeas and soybeans right let me tell you something not only did not. Not work but the chickpeas and soybean blasted through the netting and I hit us and hit us like like like like Buckshot like DB's right so we have no luck with chickpeas we have no luck with soybeans although I feel that we could get it right we did pasta when pasta comes out of the Puffin gun as opposed to pasta that you be no puff using the traditional she has technique of puffin costume when you pop it in the gun it looks describing Stars it's like gnarled some sort of like weird asteroid like gnarled craziness deformed thing it's like it's like imagine it's puffing like in like a 300 mile an hour wind you know why cuz it's puffing in a 300 mile an hour winds you know what what do you mean

get that stuff for the look of it because it looks like

I want to get chicken skins and things like that so we will let you know as we test it out and so I'll report back from the morning of the party next week thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening