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Episode 136: Dave Tweaks on Lemonade

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the kickstarter goal plus we made an additional $20,000 plus over the kickstarter goal which means that I have to do the lemonade diet and then at some point in the future do the do the paleo diet so what you're hearing is me uncorking my quart container of crappy lemonade

by the way I heard I missed phone calls because I was a little late at kind of noodle is it for posterity so maybe your call will be filmed or you will not because you'll be home safely don't know what this is the master cleanse was devised by Stanley Stanley I think Burrows sometime in the forties and was republished sized in the 70s of the last century and I went ahead and read anything you want to cleanse your body his first premise is that all ills are due to the stinky calls at toxemia

so in fact he doesn't believe that there are such things as dangerous germs are viruses are or microbes take that aids you know take that collar bad things that happen to us are caused by a buildup of a toxin that we taken at into our bodies which is funded space absurd and then he furthermore says that really what you need to do is clean up these things and so he has devised a cleanse that he thinks will clean you out and get rid of all the toxic stuff and fix literally whatever else he believes that this will fix whatever ails you so it's it's for every 60 oz of water purified or spring feet of water you need 3/4 of a cup of organic fresh fresh force me I believe this part lemon or actually wanted used as you know you could do is lime juice

women have more vitamin C than any other fruit and then maple syrup or organic preferably because it also apparently has all sorts of terrific stuff in it and lastly but not least lie some ground-up cayenne pepper because I think he believes that you know if it's not going it's going to come home I'm coming out clean you out you weren't saying he doesn't believe you need any protein in your diet because he really believes that like leguminous trees we have nitrogen fixing bacteria and I said allow us to obtain nitrogen out of the air and then synthesize all the necessary proteins Adams he believes that you can go in this lemonade cleanse for for 40 days if you want how do I stop that timer for salt water per share this morning was it a horrible horrible horrible anyway

do you out leave me if you found a liter of you know seawater style salty water that you'll get cleaned out my mighty quick but

when I say yesterday I did have a nightmarish headache because I am a coffee drinker caffeine if you withdraw from caffeine and so I guess this is part of the cortical toxins leaving my body but the problem is it the whole the whole concept behind this diet is that somehow that you have an adversarial relationship to the food you eat into the life you live in to everything about who you are as a person when it is true that if I don't have coffee for a day or two afterwards I will have headache until my body clears itself of its desire to have caffeine I want to get off my back I can't wait to get back on caffeine not because I need it because I like coffee and because decaffeinated coffee sorry everyone out there doesn't taste the same it's not the same by side by side in Coffeyville do what I came in you can't tell the difference I can I can't believe me because I'm not drinking like milk doubt like milk stravaganza is right

I like short straight espresso shots that's what I drink and I drink it because I like it so I will go back to to drinking it as soon as humanly possible also

have you already know it's like when you eat too much candy is so much candy and how you have a good sugar high is just your on a sugar high in the entire time it's cuz you're eating nothing but sugar in the form of maple syrup it's freaking nuts

nothing nothing what's the book sex drugs and rock and roll by yeah yeah I like I like I like people to know out there now recorded on videotape exactly what goes on in the cookies program is the person who who was asking whether they can save the stuff at the back of the fridge because their wife is pregnant now remember just wanted

stewed fruit although I'm still surprised there isn't a more scientific way to determine the food safety refrigerated items thanks again for the program I've learned a lot cheers Adam Ryan Berkley rights in about hams Jack and I'm going to add you and Eddie supposed to be ordered a whole country ham several months ago from Fishkill farms in Kentucky's actually scratch that actually order to be able to do that is it because I think it happens to us at Booker and Dax with our internet is so slow to hit click a couple of times you ever double bought some me know it shouldn't be allowed any way but don't worry Billy to order a sharpening me to take my 7 inch chef knife in for a proper sharpening thanks for the guidance Ryan from Berkeley California to well first of all congratulations on the purchase of a good hand Pittsfield makes an excellent hand-eye visited their plant once

they are they do like a semi ambient cure where it's ambient you know another's not temperature control during the first portion of it they said they used to anyway I don't know if they still do this but they really only cure one time a year and they run out the good product all around a good also memory serves as a non-smoker not a smoked ham and I'm tryna remember I think believe they also do bag here so the bat hands are wrapped in bags of there being cared for portion size 7 and chef's knife is not the tool to attack this with first of all go out and get a longer chest night for this sort of deal anyway but what you're going to want to do is get a thin blade slicer I don't do not I do not recommend any meat slicer on ever use other than a professional meat slicer the little ones that they sell their their crap mean a part of me if anyone out there sales in for a living with their crap they don't work you don't eat the ones that I've used it just don't work well you're going to want it feel like to look professional

Placer is super super baller. Awesome right but they're very big you have to clean them and it's not so easy sometimes newer ones are easier to clean the whole bottom so here's what you should probably do traditional old-school we've come to eat our hands like this cut cross cross Waves by the way you normally would get prosciutto to go to the deli across with and this produces a cross-section of what's going on in the muscle and it's very tender come to park but you're peeing Advocates have European ham folk have long advocated for slicing the long way so you get a little piece of of a bunch of different muscles and get these long strips they are a lot chewier but I had an expert make me some other day and it was quite good but got to remember you're peeing hands are not cured in the same

stars are in the way that they're hung so they don't have the same necessarily slicing characteristics cuz they're not the same shape finchville another hands are hung with the point with it with the hawk and down so that the Kush and that's a part of the meat kind of gets full and fills up because it's it's more normal for it to be served American style that way wouldn't recommend a more cut the cushion off the top of the hand and then use A Separate Peace to use the pieces on the bottom for different and then once you have is a more manageable piece trim away a portion of the skin make sure it's very cold when you slice it and then you can slice of thin slim thin slices with a like a long flat slicing knife which are there flat they're easy like 1 it's meant for slicing fish or that pathetic any long slicing knife but you going to want significantly longer could you want long draws on you don't want to do a lot of sign on it so you going to want to get one that's long like 14 in there more like I haven't measured one recently but long and if you're going to attack

a chef's knife you going to want me with a hand with this really matter you don't need a long shift nice because there's no place you can really get into it with it but go ahead and and next next you know super gift giving holiday like invest in a sweet tea or they used to say and all the Mad cooking magazines you know you know 1/8 and 8 in knife is good enough whatever let me tell you something once you get yourself a good 10-inch chef's knife good quality one right that feels good in your hand and I don't care whether you prefer Japanese Western Japanese or or western style knives with my one of my favorite believe it or not as if it's no French style 70a like really old carbon but once you start like using a tennis match such a joy right for sure and by the way

just keep eating a ham a little bit everyday that's what I do like ham like a little scraps and stuff and like ham and eggs like no one's ever made a better combination and country ham and eggs I don't think so anyway Peter rights and how to follow up on the fellow from Minnesota that dropped the call dropped calling you 2 weeks ago sorry about that the answer to your follow-up question. Remember he was asking about different ways to treat deer meat cuz I got a lot of deer meat in Minnesota which is a problem I wish I had your New York dance your father get a range of your throughout the season so you'll get anything from fawns to Old those when you put them in the bag the gamey flavor has been a bit intense and as such I've been using pretty strong salsa to counter them think juniper berries with currant preserves give any other strong flavor combinations that could hold it to the gamey power of an old dough 60 question I mean usually when you're talking about gamey flavor of people recommend like the pre-soak in some sort of anesthetic married if I have been able to elucidate the chemistry of it of why I don't know that it's a similar

what happens with prisons fish when you add vinegar on the minute I kind of deactivating some of the nasty smells her that I don't really know but it's Universal I wasn't I read that I went back and reread the after the hunt with John folse is booked on a Louisiana Gator kukri and didn't find any sort of stuff a lot of what I read about the taste of game are some deer has to do with what others natural gave me this because dear has a flavor thank God. But there's also a kind of an awfully where they can have it based on slaughtering and kill steps and I read a number of scholarly papers that were not very helpful because all they basically said was stuff that you already knew which is you need to chill the soccer down very quickly and that a lot of bad beer flavor comes from the fact that the deer hangs out in the back of the pickup truck too long before I can get cooled down but other thing I said was that in general people prefer a check this out so between those and Fox right people prefer dos and doze are slightly more tender at least in the studies that I've read one contradict

study on Poulan but most of the ones said that even furthermore they have a different kind of a flick flavor breakdown but I can't I don't know what else to die at the stud even go that far but interesting ly although younger Jose were preferred to older dose older Dozer prefer to younger bucks even though the younger bucks probably more tender people just prefer the domain strange right what I will get back to some more deer stuff in a minute on the air

hi this is from Indianapolis are you guys looking for somebody who is neutropenic at this point and I was curious if you don't do something when you take chemotherapy if you have like a bikini or something it wipes out your food safety at this point is extremely important and so maybe boiling quart containers before making soup server or whatever that I could do in the situation also I was curious about yogurt and

cultures that are good bacteria and energy question okay so let me just say at the get-go not having study the problem I like I'm going to hesitate to make any actual pronounce when you're sweet as fiction is absolutely nothing that would compromise the immune system there's no dietary restrictions from a food stand point

so it's kind of just like a very hyper version of what you would do with a pregnant person right at her look pregnant people as applying to the situation kind of but I'm still right I mean if you want to serve somebody like super safe just as an is a note I said the same thing I say when I talk about cooking for pregnant people as emergent circulator is a fantastic investment for I don't know if you already have one but an immersion circulator is a fantastic investment fruit for this for this sort of diet because now I don't go pushing that don't go pushing me edges do you know what I'm saying but like don't push the envelope but you know all of a sudden for this person you can cook you know a bunch of stuff that is you know

amazing that they can't otherwise have because they have the cook the crap out of it so I mean I would definitely focus on things like 62° eggs applications like that you know you're going to be more careful than they otherwise the other people would be about making sure there's no cross-contamination stuff like this but you have the ability then to serve this person food that they couldn't ordinarily get when they were when they were out now with yogurt I mean my initial inclination is that you're right there's competitive bacteria in yogurt that are going to prevent most most pathogenic you know the pathogens from growing in it but if if the if the here's the issue a lot of doctors out there will just say no you can't have it why because they haven't done the research and so rather than tell you know you can't have it cuz I haven't done the research I would say that if someone has said you can't use it I would go and see why they said you can't use it

right now I'm all for making an informed decision on this I don't know all the factor so it could be that some doctor out there who has a lot of knowledge and maybe even some clinical experience has seen problems with yogurt and patients who are on chemotherapy right and so and I don't know that but I've seen it go the other way to where doctors have made knee-jerk responses to questions about Foods just because they don't have a lot of food information they're not cooked they're not they don't study this thing they don't really know much about food and so I can't make a statement about it one way or the other except for figure out what the sources and then make a judgment I mean I have no problem overruling a doctor who just speaks from a knee-jerk respected you know but on the other hand I've had to go the other way worse people are like no I've you know I've seen actually clinical problems because of XYZ containers containers can very easily stand up to Boiling

it's not going to be fact that you know what can't actually interesting least a LIDS the lids are made from a different material than the quart container themselves that the core containers of polypropylene can easily stand up to boiling water in fact I don't believe they'll melt down even in pressure cooker although I think you're getting close I have to look it up whereas the lids are made of polyethylene with melted a much lower temperature which is why when you nuke stuff in quart containers the lids expand and blow up in the end of the containers are fine so you're going to have a difficult time sterilizing Lids of quart containers with boiling water I would just use the sanitizing solution if you're worried about it if your suits are extremely hot they should self self obliterate whatever I'm straight but it's a very good idea to keep a sanitizing solution bucket around the kitchen and just be ultra wear during this time of cross-contamination and making sure things aren't tripping on each other and making sure things are sanitized

I mean if you can you eat enough you can I don't know what you made but you know what is Ubly you know it because you're worried about it you're going to do a good job assuming that you're being vigilant do you know what I mean I'm about to get Med students not to have a lot of money to make your building the immersion circulator from the Seattle Boutique website and I am outside of the water it overheats and blows up strapping an extra over temp over temp thermometer to the heating element which one is that is that the ones built in the acrylic case

yes it is you're trying to figure out a different thing for the acrylic because just in case you're trying to figure out a better box for it than the acrylic but when you're done

70 bucks I mean I've never used I've never used it the only have used Only commercial circulators and once I built myself I'll say that the ones I built myself

you know like the first one I built was with you know coffee you know immersion coffee heaters and they leak electricity and so I got shocked whenever my hand went into the bath but you know temperature equipment temperature monitoring equipment now being what it is I mean you're going to be able to get the accuracy with the home so you're not from a safety standpoint you're not going to have a problem is just a question of whether or not you like to use ability of that compared to a right to a standard one button lucky if it's the only thing you can afford again it's eighty bucks do it you know do it and and I've seen a couple of people have found by kind of prefab boxes that were used for other things that kind of work you know what I mean for drilling acrylic when you're driving it feel like it has a tendency to shatter because acrylic is very shatter prone as opposed to other things like Lex and also you can't wash acrylic with alcohol because it crazes and goes nuts when you're Drilling

acrylic you're going to want to get a special drill bit that has a different point it's much more pointy and you're going to want to make sure that you have the acrylic backed up with a piece of wood or something else so that there's it doesn't Flex a lot as the drill bit goes through and it's going to prevent shattering cuz it's really irritating once you shatter a piece of acrylic you're going to keep probably getting that crack crack especially if it's out of stress point before joint pain in water on top of a block of wood and go through it but it is beautifully when you do it right but then you know when you stop paying attention is when you be no drill a hole through it and it should have cracked across that you know what I mean

I was curious what was the store if you were talking about one time but there is a source of national starch or something like that was that was just like 100% I mean I don't remember exactly what we were talking about but Nash the national start Corporation other than having an awesome name National starch what is they have a lot of different starches that are specifically geared toward certain things and they are very aware of gluten foods huge business so they have a you know they have a lot of knowledge about it and databases are online so depending on your particular application I'm sure you know the date if if they don't have a star SEAL Fit what you need then probably nobody has a starch that will fit what you need me Nae they are

they come by their name honestly National starch

hi Jarvis Theme Song from Milwaukee Wisconsin

yes I drink the beer I own the tools but other than that our owner has a farm that has Mangalitsa pigs and I'm trying to make Italian sausages out of it but what's happening. Come out really fatty because of fat content what happens is after I chase it I hang them to dry I do prick them and then when I need to render it in the hotel pan first to get the to get the initial fat off but when I put it on the grill

there's still more fat to come off and then also the casing splits as well so I was wondering the question about the actual sausage and then the casing as well as how do I make a hard knife 30 crispy casing on the grill just talking about this with Miss Tosha how did the Germans make the greatest sausage casings right size and that snap of a good sausage casing when you bite into it and it may just explodes awesome as we get back then sex on the first of all what's the diet of a standard grain diet are they being what were these pigs being fed knows what's the characteristic of the fat is it a hard fat or they really soft fat free processing

well it is kind of gets it kind of melts in my hand if we if you don't work fast in the room temperature kitchen right after it's not that soft oh that makes sense yeah it does so I mean for 4 sausage production a lot of times you're going to want a little bit of a firmer fat just because a lot depends on everything but everything depends when you're having like when people are making salumi would like dried stuff they want that like the nice stuff that really stands up to that you know so they hate you they prize so that's why things like the Toyota fed like what this really soft fat varicose they make awesome hands but hard to make straight drives that's awesome I love their dresses please no one to call me and say that they don't make it right but like that of the fats a little bit more difficult are you really chilling the heck

the meat before you grind it

I guess I guess not I mean I put it in the cooler until I needed it is cold is definitely not not warm or not as warm as I mean it's cold but it's not like you know it's not like Deke Shield where the surface is starting to feel up a little bit but I mean I guess I could leave it in there a little bit longer I put in the freezer for a second just to kind of give it a deep chill but not freeze it yeah yeah you know so what am I making sausage especially if I use a softer fat or like I'm using a non pig salad outside or something like that you need you need to get it really really cold otherwise and as I believe it might even say in the book

you know it's hard to tell when you're making a sausage what's happened to the fat during the grinding process how you can only really tell one to cook and you start bleeding out a lot of the fact that otherwise stay in so what I would do is I would I usually pre slice that the meat into the strips and I'm going to feed into the grinder then I'll am out on sheet trays and then I throw the sheet tray in the freezer and I wait until they get basically pliable but hard right almost par Frozen and then and then I feed them in and if it takes me too long I'll even have a couple of ice cubes to even though you don't want add water but I'm saying I love the look up and just keep that sucker cold also if you're using one of the big meat grinders I would I would throw all the parts in ice water before you grind like pull him apart Charlotte nice water get that whole soccer cold before you grind so then you know flick all the extra water off put it together take your par frozen meat grinder than and my guess is that's going to take care of

90% of your problems that's my guess now on the casings breaking apart are they breaking when there are they breaking on the drying step or when you grill them

when I grill oh yeah I mean if a sausage isn't like like typically I will pre cook a sausage before I before I hit it on a grill just because you're going to get much less splitting mean the best way and you could do it then, maybe you could do it and you could do it degree for an hour that's great so he she did it like that pulled it out and they're still breaking apart on you on the on the grill I don't know maybe it's just maybe with that I don't know I have to think about that usually will usually that's a recipe for keeping it together but you said that bubbling out and maybe moisture content but you said you'd ride off the stuff I don't I don't see why I don't see why I must have mechanically damaged if there are obviously everybody knows if you try to cook a sausage Raw on the grill you going to break the skin

everybody knows it but if you pre cook like that and are not broken when it come out of the circulator right

maybe try a little less drying time before you grill them off I don't know I don't know I have to think about maybe and maybe someone else who has some experience and if so can troubleshoot that but I think I've solved your fat bleeding problem I think you just everyone everyone tends to underestimate how cold they want their meat to be in the answer is very very cold. The recipe calls for you to paddle the the vinegar into the to the Grind after you grind it that's going to bring the temperature down a bit but I should also put the bowl in the freezer as well yeah everything should be everything should be like just cold and in fact the most it like sell it like there's two so when you're when you're grinding sausage is like the first time when like everything can go to hell in a handbasket in this situation right and also I mean I find it like pre cutting the meat into strips like that and send them out like give me another opportunity to make sure I'm not putting crap I don't

my sausage but like pieces of Brazil or whatever cuz I don't like to put that in even though I know you can't whatever I don't like to do it and then the second time you can mess stuff up is either on the primary bind when you're mixing it together if you really want to buy the sausage a lot or if you're doing if you're doing the most vacations Deptford emulsified sausage and both of those if he eats the enemy

I guarantee you that's what's what's happening but I'm pretty sure that what's happening to you is happening at the grinding stage already know what happens if it really quick I wanted to shout out somebody who became a member listener cooking issues Irene Lee and she had a really nice message I thought I passed long she said I thought you guys might be entertained to hear that we usually listen to cooking issues while we're on our way to and from Restaurant Depot which I assume you're familiar with the place is a real bummer no one knows how to park and a lot of the food is scary but it's part of our reality cuz it's our best option for dry goods paper and cleaning supplies from Boston in a member and then real quick listeners if you can't make our big fundraiser August 11th which is going to be awesome and we'll all be there $10 raffle tickets which is for a dream trip to see

battle all-expenses-paid flight hotel three meals of your choice at Tom Douglas restaurants so that's from Chef Tom Douglas out there in Seattle so it's hrn Hawaiian BBQ. for raffle tickets nice

my question to the guy who thought that you think there's any issues over bility mean on your for Chicago you're not from butcher Packer are you it's talking out his his Butcher Supply stuff cuz he is going to be there to be butchering more deer this year and I was thinking he's like you have any recommendations for other stuff I need sausage stuffers and stuff but I've only ever really use the only ever use like the five and I guess a 10 lb guys that will crank guys so I really know anything about a bigger ones than that do you have any experience with that

yeah me too I've used expensive ones and I've used the cheap ones from like Grizzly and the cheap ones from Grizzly seem to work yeah they work fine and you know what I don't like are the ones that look like the ones that look like weird horns but I just don't like them I saw I've seen them and so I guess I'm also well you know what we're talkin I'm answering a part of my Petersburg but yeah that's alright extremely dangerous in the kitchen because people don't think about how dangerous they are and it will cut your finger off as fast as it will cut off a you know a rib but

if you are accustomed to wood shops and you know how you know danger works then I think bandsaw is a good good thing to get for your butcher set up meme swear to God you're going to slice of a bunch of hams like especially country hands band saw so what was your question and sausage with me

when was cutting out a little bit Mosaic start again

yeah I nice

yes I didn't get a Bluefish this year a big drum redfish they got that sauce think about doing it low temp for tender ization doing kind of a test with for chunks over a 5-hour. Tested at 1 2 3 and 4 hours does that seem like they have you ever had an experience with the big top fish tenderizing them cooking is that usually the most fish you cook them for a long time and but they don't get better they just get kind of mushy so they don't get ya they don't get tender and hurts like the hardness is still there but it's just all so mushy there a couple fish that can stand long to cook in times like stripers I know stripers can take long cooking times and circulators and and they're one of the few fish I think taste okay at higher temperatures like 57

osseous which is like a hundred thirty-five so like you know like that's the kind of fish that usually I cook a long time it's all so luckily the fish that I usually get in larger sizes like 36 for me and stripers and I cook them whole and you need to cook them a long time because they're tough you know they are big but it's good because you're not overcooking them so if you're cutting something into fillets I don't think there's any reason to cook it for a long time when you cook it through and you should be done now prove me wrong like please you know cook cook it but I find that most fish when cooked for a long time tends to degrade rather rapidly like I don't really like salmon is cooked more than like 20 minutes or so even at your in a circus I'm doing like a higher thing like I'm doing like 50/50 and change for like a cold poached thing you know what I mean where I'm going to cool it back down so I can cook it through

I still don't know like it cooked too too long now that it would be the salmon so take to a striper can take two and a half hours while you're waiting for the center to cook through could like the large ones that I cook take two-and-a-half 3 hours to cook through at 57 and they don't they don't turn to crap they're fine so if you need to cook at that one yeah yeah mail outside Friday outside but like if I know if they can take it it will it will work unless you are awesome okay so I think the answer like Peter's question on the on dit well before we eat before you go go back if you're from Minnesota and and you're interested

and I are hunting you got to get the bull moose cookbook which was a cookbook by Christian a hair dryer back in way back in the day he on an outdoor shop and had a couple of cookbooks they are wildly inaccurate he was like crazy probably probably a misogynist and I know he had some very unchoi sings to say about Hollywood starlets in his book but his book is the craziest cookbook one of the craziest cook books I've ever read complete nut bag and like interspersed with like how to how to you know get a tortoise tickets head out when you cut its head off answers course to shove your fingers behind but it's an interesting book to read if you are a hunter and from Minnesota cuz it's part of your Minnesota hunting Heritage who now lives in Nairobi living in Nairobi at the moment for a while right now either I love you

what are to bake at altitude is it true can you describe why altitude might cause difficulty in getting bread and or cakes to rise I've had little trouble bread comes out different to at home but I put that down a different quality ingredients the flower at stars not the same person for me use frozen items are fine I haven't tried chemical Rising agency at okay look as far as I can tell Nairobi is at 1795 M which is 5889 seats at that altitude water will boil at 93-7 Celsius or 200.7 Fahrenheit now listen that is true and so things that are boiled tend to cook longer but that's not the biggest deal the fact of the matter is that also water is going to evaporate in a much more ferocious rate so

things just operate in different ways I would go to the Colorado State. EDU they have a whole thing on altitude baking and what to do with the tank and King Arthur flour actually hasn't anything cuz there a flower company but they the upshot is that a gas bubbles are going to expand more quickly so you can generally use less leavening agent as you go up higher I also because things evaporate faster right in in the oven they will because the oven is the temperature of the oven is and the humidity is lower so the water inside is going to evaporate faster as that happens it's going to create more steam much more quickly right so I think Stan to rise more and pop more it's also harder to get the boy looks so according to Colorado State high altitude has most profound effect on the rising time of bread at high altitudes the rising. Shortened since the development of a good flavor and bread partially depends on the length of the rising. It is well maintained that. Punching down the door twice gives the time for the flavors

stop or perhaps just use less freaking yeast write an addition flowers to be drier and less absorb more liquid in high dry climates there for Less flower may be needed to make the dough of proper consistency second-leg I really like darker sugar and pretty much everything if you're going to add sweetness why not add flavor at the same time it says Lucas and I think so as well not always if you're on the darkest sugar and play some more refined sugar for example of Phi muscovado in place of castor are the sweetness levels the same or is more refined sugar sweeter / volume keep up the good work until I show Cheers Lucas alright well volume is a Circle K so weak bases Brown sugars are technically a little bit less sweet than sugar because they have non sucrose stuff in them like a shotta things are making the brown now the most hardcore brown sugar you can get in the Codex alimentarius way you looked up with it is still 88%

straight sugar right that's like including the water that's in it and the most molasses a most our friend and that's high that's higher than any of the actual stats I've read on brands that I can find so you're looking at something it's roughly the same sweetness a sugar on a weight basis Now volume basis has a lot to do with density now the brown sugar that you buy your Domino brand brown sugar that we buy here in the states is about the same wonder1 sweetness as regular refined granulated sugar on a volumetric basis but it just packed brown sugar happens to be that way if you were to have a sugar of a different density would be wildly different do I always recommend going on a weight base with sugar right weight base so the answer is yes and no Irene Road in the same Irene I think Jack right from the Mets they may Street Kitchen there's in fact a Mei Mei Restaurant outside of my house and it's called the new

name a kitchen and I'm assuming I mean that yours is much higher quality than the one outside my house from Boston to run a food truck called Main Street Kitchen with my brother and a sister Margaret and the partner Max are we do a bunt we do a bunch of local sourcing whole pig smell like and we're opening a restaurant later this summer and hope you can come visit us one day our staff loves the show and the blocks at thanks for being cool and teaching us lots of cool stuff also congrats on the kickstarter we're eagerly awaiting our puff pack and a super happy for you guys so good sport events from Albion Boston actually in early September for a little bit I might have my dog with me I don't know if you have outdoor seating my question today is about MSG we don't use it on her food or at home but we don't mind eating it drives us nuts and people complain about it like nastasha friend since the number one complainer is our mom who claimed she gets headaches and can taste it in the cheap Chinese food we occasionally eat she is both a doctor and a Chinese descent so you can imagine that it is a tricky tricky tricky topic around the house please consider just sneaking into her food and then surprise

attacking her with the truth but I still live in her house so that seems and advisable do you know of any particularly legit or academic scientific work on the MSG myth that we can share with her she's right a few popsci articles in the stuff in her poem salon and they didn't really do it for any help is much appreciated all the best Irene Anime May Street Kitchen PS sometimes we're having a bad day we we listen to your rant about wraps thanks for that it was actually okay here's what you want Irene first of all look up the article the Chinese restaurant syndrome an anecdote Revisited in 1986 food and chemical toxicology word describes the history of Chinese restaurant syndrome in brief in 1968 dr. Robert Holman Quoc we counted a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine is experienced this pain syndrome whenever he ate and Chinese restaurant you report has experienced one of numbness beginning of the back of the neck radiating to the arms and back in a company by weakness and palpitations he suggested that the cause might be some component of the cooking wine the high salt content of the northern Chinese food

for the monosodium glutamate that was used this letter triggered a deluge of similar anecdotes and focus attention on MSG as the causative agent however a back then it wasn't MSG was called Chinese restaurant syndrome and fact I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that people who are eating stuff that wasn't used they weren't used to or if friends and say go to a Chinese restaurant and pound all of the stuff without having any rice it's not salted they're pounding a boatload of sodium this might do sent but here's another thing from that paper when the study population was screen to identify those who claim to have heard of Chinese restaurant syndrome and believe they knew what it was it was founded those subjects had a rate of reporting CRS type symptoms that was ten times greater than the general population and it's equally greater rate of reporting nonspecific syndrome is presumably from this group of dyspeptic individuals at the majority of Chinese restaurant syndrome anecdotes arised so

nice way of saying in your in your head I'm not insulting your mom but it's not insulting her mom hair don't take it that way a lot of papers later that were really a there's been a lot of papers the papers are found there's a problem I have a couple of with with manzanillo Colima glutamate have a couple of issues a lot of them are that they don't successfully mask the taste of MSG in the studies that they do the best paper I know up from an earlier date that kind of disproves really kind of strong Kaboom of that and there's no problem out of the proves that there's no problem is I'm going to make it is from a doctor tarasoff in 1993 model sodium glutamate a double-blind study and review which is like baller they put them on his own and glutamate into gel caps blue gel caps off did a double-blind control Placebo thing and show it in fact that there's nothing wrong with MSG there's someone who wrote A Christmas move their of that article and then he came out here she my Rx my music piano doctor tarasoff came out

and a with a with a rejoinder to that called another case of glue to Mania and also in 1993 and I will just read it very quickly because it is intensely awesome cuz it's one of them and I said it before the last time I went up an MSD it so you see the scientist like totally dropping the gloves and jumping like listen you d-bags here's what here's where it is and give us one of your mom have her read it I just look up look up another case of glue to Maniac by eye doctor tarasoff tarasoff I think it's 93 although it might have been a year later some poke from the article MN streams is an amino acid found in all foods and sometimes termed free glutamate or glutamate all organs in the human body contain MSG as it is found in the blood stream Is Mine by far the highest levels are found in parts of the brain the brain is protected from the bloodstream by the blood-brain barrier which is largely impervious to incoming MST the brain synthesizer

own glue made from glucose this is an excitatory neurotransmitter namely you need glutamate to think a fact which is worth while pondering also mine the brain eliminates it's used with tannic acid by conversion to glue to me with pen cross the blood-brain barrier that is the brain is a net exporter of NSG the Notions of exogenous and endogenous msgr only relevant around the blood-brain barrier outside they're biologically equivalent the turnover of MSG in the body is approximately 5 to 10 grams per hour since it is readily trans animated to Alpha ketoglutarate which is used in the Krebs cycle for conversion to energy and several organs Sally when plasma levels are increased by huge doses of MSG in the absence of food they were turned a basal levels in less than 2 hours unrealistically large doses can elicit mile Transit sensation such as light headed and stiffness tightness weakness of the Lambs and warm and burning of the skin face or Scout in some subjects I should be emphasized in such effects are caused by very fast

function in several minutes in the absence of food and do not reflect a realistic eating situation the World Health Organization and lift its numerical limit on the use of MSD in 1987 and more recently the American Medical Association did not support labeling requirements for food containing glutamate and human body to comprehend the issue is it is easier to start by considering some food which do not contain MSG pure salt and white sugar the crystalline MSG that is added to Foods is made by a fermentation process which produces the identical Optical isomer found in quote-unquote Natural Foods chemically is the mighty monohydrate of the sodium salt of our two amino pent pent pent pent any dioic acid the concentration of tomatoes can be as high as .34% foods containing fermented autolyzed hydrolyzed proteins contain much higher concentration of amino acids include parmesan cheese at equivalent of 1.5% MSG

equivalent to 1.3% msj so boom Diddy boom boom ba boom boom with phone I hope that helps with your mom you think it's going to help Petty Free free hardcore stuff okay we have to have time for a couple little bit

or gel

no one's there so we could do whatever we want thank Alex right about pressure cookers my wife recently gave me a pressure cooker which I've been delighted Lee using to make delicious recipes actually she claims to been unduly influenced by Envoy and unborn child on the grounds that she would never deliberately give me more kitchen stuff I've been thrilled with the results so far but the cooker was as we shall say a Thrifty purchase and I am somewhat dubious edible forms as well as a more robust model model a cocoon Recon specifically I wonder whether it gets up to the full 15 PS I called for by the recipes is there any way for me to tell what kind of pressure gets up to and how to modify these recipes to compensate for this thanks and keep up the good work Alex Galaxy

I feel you man you got the present from from the wife so you can't ditch it and get that get the higher-quality one that's alright listen unfortunately there's no way easy I don't know what brand you have if you know but you can do things like go on cooking issues on a pressure cooker test and we do eggs at different temperatures are different lengths of time and you can kind of Gauge by the Browning that you get whether or not you had a full 15 psi or you could borrow someone's pressure cooker and cook like to eat or two eggs in them hard boiled eggs in them for like an hour and check the pressure to pressure differences or sweetened condensed milk you can see whether or not they they turn brown at dulce de leche the same rate but unless you want to tap into that sucker I don't know that how you going to be able to test a pressure one thing I'll say most pressure cookers there aren't they couldn't Recon they need to be venting active actively for them to be at that pressure so it's not just that little yellow button popping up the indicated pressure is actual venting a stand that indicates pressure but yeah I know it's tough stuff you got the present you can say

love it honey but I wish I had to come Recon doesn't work doesn't work James booze cruise nights on Fire and Ice Cream when it works it hits it out of the park to stretching his ass in the sensation of cream in it without becoming too sweet however anytime I bury the recipe or even occasionally when I follow the cooking issues log recipe and fails to gain stretch have you done any more tests with this they haven't made it to the block cheers games well

Tessa didn't know I haven't I've tested it had it not work when I've used other than Idaho you know other than like russet Burbank style potatoes at a fail with me like kind of potatoes from Columbia this potato Crayola so I think I've had it fail when I let store too long when the potatoes been sitting around too long with the Stars retrogrades too much. I have had a failed I haven't done any more research but you know but let me know exactly what happened because maybe we can work this into maybe I could find someone who will work on the problem also a good stretchy ice cream is guar and low-end war end flavor flavor free Gwar and gel and that makes it nice that you asked me but doesn't have the potato which I like I like I should do more work on it wasn't able to make it with straight start a last Piper I'm sure people think about this crap a lot rights does that's kind of pipe is going to sit around instead of doing the work that was supposed to do he'll do that kind of stuff okay

are the EZ whipper Dave Musashi Joe and Jack long time listener first-time question asked her I love her show blog and bar thanks and look forward to each new episode you guys do a tremendous job keep up the amazing work I am an avid home cooking no matter how many eggs I eat and I ate a lot me to Exit good I can't seem to keep bits of shell consistently out of my eggs when I'm cracking them any tips on avoiding this I've gotten better at fishing them out with a shell it's like a magnet but would like to get good at cracking and without so much Carnage I also I know it's been covered over and over but can you recommend a particular isi whipper for Rapid infusion for a home-cooked alright on eggs you know I really don't know I am starting this very much I will say that Jacques Le Pen the famous French chef that you know we know hung up with a tweaker cam Jackie peeps I don't know why sometimes so that he always used to say that you want to crack your shells on a flat surface and not on the knot on the edge of your bowl if you want to avoid a shells also known as it obviously my shelf

I'm is worse when I'm not paying it when I when I'm literally like both cracking one-handed like breaking them open that's when I do it I think a lot has to do frankly with the eggs himself some eggs seem to seem to Shell out and throw get to Shell a lot more than other ones do but I don't know me what do you think I try the old table crack instead of the elbow cracks of a kind of shaft and yeah it's problematic I mean honestly like the lower quality crappie eggs have that problem and a really high-quality fake egg problems have that for different reasons one because the shell disintegrates in your hand and like falls into the other one because the shell is so damn strong that sometimes a bit of the membrane can come up and go in

I wish I had a good answer on that but I do have a good one on the isi for you so the isi people themselves or EC actually it we've been dealing with who make whipped cream containers they they kind of think that you want to use a half a liter whipper-in for home use a half liters probably good enough for a bar I use a leader the problem is you're going to make a lot of whipped cream kind of leader is nice to have if you're doing infusion rapid infusion recipes you might have to use two Chargers instead of one when you're doing in a liter vs 1/2 liter if you're not changing the recipe to get the pressure up there but I really don't think that's that big of a deal that you might have to change a recipe written for a half liter to work in a 1-liter but you can definitely work at and if you're at home the cost of throwing an extra charger every once in a while isn't big compared to the cost of being not as versatile if you need that one liter to do something right so mean if your in a restaurant and you're doing it every day you're being off for service was Charters out of quick but lie but if you are doing it at home it's not such a big deal so if I only could have one I'll probably have a 1 liter

now listen up with a new technique the other day for the isi Whipper so in a nutshell wrapping diffusion and effusion works this way you put product in a liquid in and I are side at room temperature you force the nitrous oxide in the nitrous oxide Under Pressure forces and liquid into the product you shake it around the pressure also increases the rate at which things come out of the food and into the poorest object into your liquid you'd invent it violently after a couple of minutes and stuff boils out and bring the flavor with it that's how rapid infusion Works rapid nitrogen Fusion in EC okay problem is you can't use any see or couldn't use an easy to get the flavors into a products of presents like the cucumber martinis that I made like you know billion years ago like we were starting out in this thing where I use a vacuum machine to suck the air out of a cucumber and then having it underneath Janan and gin and vermouth in a little bit simple and then when you let the air back in

set the air slams The Gin into the Cucumber making a awesome looking transparent kind of Cucumber martini that doesn't work in an isi because the the stuff boiling back out of the Cucumber makes it look not right and it doesn't have as much of an infusion so you can't do nice flash pickling in the isi and have those beautiful results I figured out a way to do it here's what you do here is the new technique I'm at work on I don't know what I'm going to call it like you see flash PICC line or something like that what you do is you put the cucumber and the Gin vermouth little bit of simple assault in a sandwich size Ziploc bag right at me. You cut me the planks right then you roll a roll three of those sandwiches Ziploc bags with the with the alcohol in them and I don't need much so for 200 grams of planks or 458 180 grams of cucumber plants I use about 200 change a Mills of this mixture right in the Ziplock bags you do it just like low temperature Ziplocs you put your finger in it you dip it under the water to get the air out so it's only

cucumbers and gin mixture in the ziplock bag rollitup stick it into your is I fill it up to the fill line with water close it put a charger on it agitated a little bit just a little bit you don't need to do it a lot and then let it sit for 2 minutes like that now slow now what's happening is the pressure from the from the nitrous oxide doesn't matter in this case to force the liquid in the bag into the pores of the Cucumber right there still a little bit blue gas bubbles cuz they're crushing there so you going to lose some of the infusion when you vent but not as much as you would if you were actually injecting nitrous into the Cucumber some cells you don't want to slowly vent the thing up to up to Atmosphere after about 2 minutes now if you were going to don't remove it although if you did you would look at you it's either still air bubbles coming out of the Cucumber just because the Cucumber doesn't know what the hell happens over the next five minutes or so you're going to see little tiny air bubbles coming up out of the Cucumber into the gym liquid so you let it sit in the in the

in the Whipper for 5 minutes then add one more charger let it sit for another 2 minutes vent very slowly and when you take the stuff out

whipper cooking issues

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