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Episode 135: Puffing Gun Coming to You

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yeah for you and everybody what are good night since we last spoke made it yeah in fact we made it through it and if you go to the kickstarter page you can see what we did on our numbers were actually slightly better than that because a couple of them people donated from foundation in a personal foundations I can only give checks sending is there to I'm super excited and what that means is that in late August we are actually going to wheel this sucker out and

going to blow some stuff up on the street in front of the kids kids love the blowing up stuff right and we're going to have a party you remember stuff August 13th. We got a whole bunch of us going to be there to get people to people coming I want to start mentioning people then that's when you mentioned, that I have to do that lemonade cleanse a week now tablespoons 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper in 10 oz is filtered water you have to drink it six or more servings daily the only other options are a salt water flush of 2 teaspoon salt mixed in a quart of water in the morning and herbal

celebrity at night if needed where did where did where do you flush that is that go in the in the front end in the back in the salt water flush should slowly ease back into eating solid food starting with zu Fall by fruits and vegetables for 214 Days 7 Days that's going to suck air out of a week where I don't have to do any cocktail development and where I have no Demo's I think it's next week cuz everybody at mofad starting there's next week and you don't have anything next week this week make sure I don't have any dinner engagements to go to self to do the radio show though you're starting paleo next week I can't start paleo in a week because I have to do a lot of research much more seriously than most idiots are going to take paleo so like I already dusted off my old book on Flint

language is the technique of making stone tools and trying to figure out exactly what kind of Taylor you want to go it's kind of absurd did you say something is Paleo because Paleolithic people hate a wide variety of things depending on where they live what the climate was Petra to present it going to take me and I felt culture Neanderthal culture primarily meeting cultural that they did have a wide range of plants that they use I was reading all the recent literature on study the dental calculus in the NFL's + isotopic studies of their bone structure to figure out the relative of a kind of different things that they hate straight up nasty like magic giant chunks of kind of raw like dear not like them Carpaccio stuff anyway so I might choose a culture to emulate like like there are Timberland culture which is like Swedish culture that was one of the last to know three agricultural communities in Europe they had a fairly High fish based diet and

tools of relatively easy to manufacture a while ago but it just looks too damn complicated now I guess I have a reason to do it so I have to do a bunch of research before I can do the actual paleo when we have to like very short almost had to do the raw food again I'm glad I didn't have that one out of two at first because I don't have to do any research that one right on the Paleo I kind of want to make my own fire as well as my own tools but my wife said that I couldn't do that so I don't know what time either have to convince her in slow drips and drabs let me do it or not so more more word on exactly kind of which Paleolithic luckily these are these guys looked at the list of plant stuff has been found in their kitchen midden sites today a lot of shellfish easy for me to get but also a lot of plants that I can wild forage in Lower East Side

I'd like a date of airing lambsquarters which I can easily get in the Lower East Side is that as a non-domesticated product

so yes I can't compare the next week that's it that's the previous was the long explanation why I can't do Paleo next week because I want to do it right if I do it right it's useful information for us to have for the museum anyway so they got his a real quick from the station to we've got our huge fundraiser on August 11th so I hope that the cooking issues fans in New York and make it for those and I know this is a very Nationwide show we're offering a really really cool raffle $10 tickets and you can win a dream foodie trip to Seattle all-expenses-paid from Tom Douglas friend of the station is got some great restaurants out there so visit our website or hrn Hawaii BBQ. and get some raffle tickets it's the Hawaii the West can you go direct can you go directly say want to probably probably

72128 aranmoor in Edmonton Alberta I have to say for the record like I teased her about Zappos but she is a firmly committed to the Payless shoe corporation to purchase has all of her shoes from the pit you know why she loves that uncured glue smell that they have inside of the Payless me Nike 88 time you walk into you can blindfold someone and and like throw them in the middle of a Payless store they be like

because you know part of their part of their thinking of it part of the way you pay less if they don't wait for the glue to dry before they shut the shoes that has an and starts bruise on that you know she doesn't she doesn't know she doesn't like the other toxic kind of female things like nail polish and all that stuff I never smell that stuff in the office but Payless texture on the time I seen remember hearing that we can detect as little as 50 Micron but that could be way off what's the difference between a 400 Micron super bag in a 101 why wouldn't you just use a 100 bag for everything what cheese is training usually at as far as my primary concern thanks in advance morrin okay first of all my phone is a unit of measure a micron is 1000 of a millimeter also called my micrometer microns are typically how you measure things like very small sieves

simmzy's what do you like silver safe and also the particle size means like ice cream or chocolate now I have always kind of used as my Benchmark for ultimate smoothness on the tongue the size range that used in chocolate manufacturer in chocolate manufacturer you typically want to get below 20 microns right so 21 thousands of a millimeter is about the ultimate large size particle that you want in your chocolate bar before your chocolate bar starts having technical problems on the tongue right and stopping on a Ultra smooth that the number I always use for kind of below with your tongue can't taste anything anymore now

in ice cream a lot of people 2.2 larger numbers like forty microns is being the maximum Ice Crystal size that they want in a smooth textured ice cream I haven't done a lot of studying on that because I've always just accepted that the 20 Micron is being the number now invite a prep which is the blender that we use can get particle sizes down between 20 and 40 Micron so in this mood swings but not in the right now. If you get the 20 but it's above 20 but I can't get below 20 to get into the much much smoother rain to stop so for that you need for that you need like a high Shear super high Shear mixer for the other thing about it I would invite a prep is he still need to use a savior like a super bag is he say because not all the particles get down to the same thing specialty fibers tend to orient as they go and so you have longer and larger particles that you can taste on the tongue now

so clearly if if if 40 Micron to the cutoff for ice crystals and and your smallest super bag is 100 microns you're not going to get all of the particles out of something it's finely blended with a hundred microns Superbad the other problem is is that when you put a slurry or slap or something into into a filter it tends to clog up the filter and that is going to win the main problems infiltration just for your edification as well just so you can get an idea of Micron size coffee filters in general are about 20 microns they opening and they let through particles roughly 10 to 15 micrometers so that's kind of what what coffee is hope so you're talking about chocolate 20 microns ice cream crystals 40 Micron coffee filter 20 microns and super bag like the finest one at a hundred now

just because it's a hundred microns which is large relative to some of these things doesn't mean it can't straighten out a lot of Finer Things because in general when you're cooking something you things tend to aggregate particles tend to congregate together and also larger particles tend to start clocking up the holes and when that happens finder particles get filtered out by the larger things is called it's called forming a filter bed so you want to use in general the coarsest thing that makes your product as smooth as you want it that makes sense. And so one of the reasons to use multiple filters in a situation is if you want to try and shove a liquid through a coffee filter which is a 20 microns right and its all full of Gloppy stuff I'm going to say it good luck cuz you going to be there all freaking day right trying to get that stuff out of there so one valid way to do it would be to take a and put away for one of the advantages of super bags is that you the super bags are kind of shaped like pots and they can win

so you to stick the super bag into the pot cook the stuffing without ever agitating it so you're not knocking little particles all around your product and then you can just lift the whole sucker out and not have a problem that why you might want to use multiple ones is you would put the course one inside of the find one right and then as you lifted it right larger particles will be held by back by the faster draining course guide and then smaller particles will be held up in the finer guy and you would be able to filter stuff much more quickly so it often when I'm filtering something I'll take two different levels of filtration and stack them course first then fine because it just rapidly increases the rate at which you can filter things and that's a huge deal when you're doing large quantities of product to take a long time to filter anyway like I should think something I just wrote the section of the cocktail book on kind of clarification and I went through filtration which I really hate I really hate filtering things I also tend

you know I've never actually used in sis little you know whatever disclaimer I've never use the actual expensive super bags I always use paint spraying bags with your also might find rated because as anyone is met me knows I'm a cheap bastard right this very super cheap

okay Matthew rights in regarding pork rinds hate and Sasha and crew I had a drink for the first time recently try the hatchback and it was killer it's wrong and delicious I wouldn't be mad if I the stockpile of those and the bottle Manhattans up in my refrigerator I was wondering if every week and besides making stock with the skin I'd be thrilled to find another use thanks Matthew I don't see why you can't do it I mean what I would do is cut off the Skins write the only issue going to have is if you have a cure that has a lot of sugar in it sugar is the enemy of pork rinds and many many times I've made pork rinds a couple of times I've tried to add sugar to the boil water when you when you make it and it's free and nightmares of real giant nightmare so if you want to make American snack food style pork rinds

you going to want to do. Cut the take the bacon skins off you going to want to boil them in water I don't know how much thought you're going to have to add depends on the residual salt level of your bacon but you want to know enough salt in there so that when you pop them you don't have to add a lot of extra salt and flavors are going to skin you might want to add a couple accused of bacon remedy to keep the Smoky flavor or else keep the water level down so you're not diluting the smoke in the pit in the Skins too much you want to cook them for a long time like 45 minutes or something like that some of them tell you cuz it wouldn't goal here is to convert all of the college in roughly all the collagen to gelatin now here comes the part that I hate doing it you got it gently drain them off because they're right now because they're hot gelatin with a little bit of the other stuff mixed in in fact they're extremely fragile this point do you want to let drain them off and then I'll put them on cooling racks and cool them down till they are fridge temperature let them

they will reset and become a lot less fragile now the super unpleasant part you flip them fat side up and you scrape down the excess fat on the back side of the of the pork loin of the pork skin now if you don't scrape the less greater that you scrape off the denser your children will be and the more you scrape off down to the skin don't scrape the skin but the fat the more you scrape off the puppy earlier and more like snack bag pork rinds your pork rinds are going to be

after you do that after you scrape it down now you want to chop them into the side everyone makes him a little bit larger they don't realize quite how much they're going to pop when they pop up so you can make a couple different size of the first time you do it so you can kind of see what's going to go on now you going to want to dehydrate them real trick here is not the over dehydrate you want to dehydrate them till they're down to like a Shrinky Dink or like pasta and no more so what you do if you throw them in a dehydrator I throw them in use that start them kind of high like 135 degrees Fahrenheit run the dehydrator for a while and I look at it when it starts losing the white Rawhide look and start start going translucent I use you turn the temperature down and then I never let them run when I'm gone from the kitchen I'd rather just do the initial dehydration and kind of turn it off overnight or turn it down to like a hundred or 90 overnight or something like that and just let it run with the fan on it and not an expert Heating and it should carry it the rest of the way do a test fry and once you do a test Fry on

if it if when you fry it it doesn't puff at all and just Browns without puffing what's happened is is you've over dehydrated and you need to get some moisture back into it which is very difficult if you if it Puffs somewhat but the inside has a hard kernel in it then it's not dehydrated enough yet you have to do more so you got to get the exact feel of what the pork rinds should feel like when they're done and then you just storm in a quart container airtight and they're good for a long time until late until they go rancid they last for a long they last for a long long long time about what I would do is do it once or twice yourself and then get someone else to do it because it sucks yeah. I was like like pork skin like a freaking Glue Factory it's nasty

hi I'm Steve the old tools the old geography of where serious Foods come from for centuries and I strive to make these wonderful things available to New Yorkers for 37 years so it's a Fete accompli for us to support Heritage Radio Network. I hope you will too and I hope you'll keep turning in for more information please visit Fairway Market. Com

bil-jac did he say idiot career only calls they're actually quite influential mean the man has a hugely influential as had a hugely huge influence on the cheese on a cheese move in here in the US me giant influence when I say it's an idiot career but you know I'm not him I'm kind of glad he had that in many many places across the country now forget that when he first wrote his cheese primer you know Fairway there another number of places you can buy high-quality cheese in in New York but even a lot of places that had large selections weren't keeping the stuff as well as they were keeping it at Fairway they weren't providing a product kind of the same quality level Fairway was providing this is like decades ago and so he

he wrote the cheese Prime was kind of a game-changer a big deal anyway my feelings Brandon Hawkins right saying about where do you go when you went to Germany forced I love German

tell me about German vorstag they can get that you know that the skins on him a pop when you bite into a man in that explosion of juice and Fatima delicious worst oh my God so good any one that hates on kind of Teutonic Cuisine German cuisine okay if you're not a sausage lover or if you don't like I told Hooper's or potato pancakes so you don't like the stuff is straight-up delicious I'm sorry I'm sorry I had a few questions how many brats percipi in other words if you're going to cook bratwurst low temperature in you going to pre cook them in a ziplock bag with something I very highly recommend right how many can you fit in a depends on exactly at what size the broad are but I would guess it also depends on how you're going to serve you plan on doing Mass service out then I usually put like I want to say 5 probably I use gallon-size bags like five or six I can't imagine how many broads would fit

too so you probably five or six maybe then a little bit of oil or fat and then do the water seal on the brats cook them off at like 60 I usually do 60 Celsius which is like 140 Fahrenheit which is still like you know pinkish and little under dump remember you're going to grill them off when you're done you don't know nothing about that how long can I hold him a bath before the texture goes a long time on bratwurst to get hold of suckers a long time I mean I've never held held them longer than a whole service which is like you know if the six hours or something like that but I bet they at the end they were just as good as they were at the beginning so in other words for those of you that don't know when you're doing low temperature cooking and you're holding meat for a long time it doesn't overcook a Nutritional Center doesn't get top or high what happens is the texture gets a little bit mushy and I haven't had that happen in like the length of a service I'm cooking something like like brought you know and they also and you should think about bra

they cook through rather quickly because they're not that thick you know what I'm saying so didn't get a grill like a billion freaking degrees and then and then have your brats in zippies nnn okay but I will also say this if you want to do more traditional or others if you don't want to use hippies for whatever reason you can actually cook brats off in a circulator in an open bath style beer brats right what I recommend doing is up remake a kind of a beer stock out of it so just get some like a like sacrifice a couple of the bratwurst bratwurst break them up and cook them off in the beer so it appears soaks up brought flavor and then eventually the broth gets to the point where it's not adding or subtracting brightness from the bratwurst because I forgot I had to do the hot dog water

Time Magazine was like Jesus is the hot dog water in it and it in a New York City dirty dogs that say that the safe so I went and you know we gave the guy like to box or some like that and I was like I don't want a hot dog just give me a couple your hot dog water please and the guy was like two bucks is 2 bucks so he handed a cup of hot dog water first thing we didn't shut it thermometer and it determined that in fact it is at a safe holding temperature right and then I drank it and see kind of what I thought the flavor stuff what you have flavor profile was going to change the hot dog based on holding in the water and the good news from Flavor stamp why is that because the guy was cooking hot dogs all day the broad tasted more like a hot dog in a straight hot dog crazy it was like it was like the vs liquid essence of hotdogs much better than vodka

so that's another thing you can circulate to put like a wrap some cheese cloth reminder circulator in case something breaks I want to get sucked in and circulate circulate beer or no brought stock and then you can keep it in the good news with that as you don't need to bust open these bags all the time and you can just take take no you load brats and one side load not the other and that's the way I would do it if you're going to do let's say

410 mean in a day or something like that because then you just have your trough running you load in the front just keep pushing fifo by the time you pull the ones out of the front the ones in the back or cooked out and you're good to go what is my favorite sauerkraut well I mean my favorite purchased sauerkraut is that you can get in any kind of Supermarket why so much my Whole Foods is are Bubbies anybody's is delicious sauerkraut sauerkraut New York so there's a bunch of there's a couple pickles places and the pickle guys which are on Essex Street and just south of grand also have a delicious sauerkraut which they sell by the court I love that stuff sauerkraut also extremely easy to make yourself anyone I've ever tasted an actual

straight for men did non-pasteurized i e never heated with no preservatives added sauerkraut hasn't tasted sauerkraut the way I like and I like tradition kind of like screw where they cook the stuff off at 4th and all that crap but just like a super fresh and this is the one raw food thing that I was actually happy to eat when I was on my raw food diet with unpasteurized uncooked new crowd they called pretty fresh you don't even show up before I could send them a lot of salt in it that has enough salt that you know making sauerkraut but anyway so look for Bobby's and if you take Bobby's you know what I like and then you know find other ones are make ones like I said it was strange that I actually like we have made red cabbage sauerkraut and you prefer white cabbage red cabbage taste better

first congratulations on funding the moped Kickstarter can't wait to get my puff pack this fall me neither Jen's like my my wife she kicked in money aside from a she's like I want my t-shirt until bag cuz I was going to like this stockpile the things like it like that like a chipmunk sound like stuff in her cheeks like a chipmunk I was speaking of Booker's hamster died yep kids first pet did okay without chunks of fruit does anyone really like Chucky ice creams. Do you want to like things that have like chunks of food and potentially that you're going to need those trunks cuz they're always kind of stringing and then they that little gummy things separate salt from the fruit where the fruit the ice cream mix and that mustache is making her chunky ice cream face very closely related to her vegan face

extremely closely related only a real Tonya Shanty is of stars has a nasty faces can tell the difference between the junkie ice cream face and the vegan face I'm curious about flavoring ice cream with fruit juices I assume that Citrus ice cream won't work due to high acid content is there a way around this is there any technical reason there aren't more diversity and ice cream flavors I never see watermelon pomegranate grape apple Cherry Blackberry or blueberry ice cream is this just for historical cultural reasons or is there any reason these fruits won't work thanks Tom picture well

at me so if you want to look up the ice cream right for what you're talkin about look to sherbet flavors that you're talkin about if you're going to make a highly flavored item you're going to have to add so much of that juice if there's not enough room left in the liquid base of your ice cream to man to make it ice cream anymore so I mean you know if a traditional ice cream texture you know is for me you know half you know like 500 500 scream 10 egg yolks and 170 grams of sugar plus flavor right so if you how you going to do that when you're adding a lot of fruit juice to it unless you're using concentrates and if you're using concentrates you can get away with it and I've done that quite a bit like you can be okay whatever I know it's going to sound like you know real kind of lowbrow but if you go buy Welch's grape concentrate in the storage industry

hi Brix like 66 you can you can formulate a fairly good straight ice cream out of that by upping the queen content has a little bit lower milk solids but whatever so but traditionally the milk-based product that you make with high fruit contents are servants and they have all of those different flavors in them and they have milk the trick is adding more acidic products right up right before you freeze because I you what you don't want to have happen if you don't want the the milk my kirtle whatever but you don't want to cuddle and form a large particles in it before you turn it right the other alternative you could do which tastes delicious the police don't freaking called ice cream is like a froyo thing where the whole thing's already said to hear the people tried to like you like this stuff tastes like ice cream no it doesn't it taste like frozen yogurt with the wishes but snot ice cream

recipes out there for things like lemon ice cream the reason is lemon and you can add in small enough quantities if you add zest and and or your extract and Juice I didn't suffer Eternal but you can you can add enough of it to not throw off your ice cream balance and still get that the flavor to look at sherbet recipes for these kinds of things been going to find what you want they typically because they have less fat in them and lower milk solids content Laura Stylez content in general compared to ice cream it didn't have a higher sugar content in them then the most ice creams with another thing you can formulate that really really really freaking good is coconut milk-based sorbets with with fruit juices and I do that all the time like you know get a can of coconut cream actually and Prince and passion fruit juice bang good

so I would do that if you want if you're worried about it you can also stabilize your ice cream members stabilize your base so make your base your your milk base base milk or cream base base with a MILF just because I think it's cheaper and it's supposed to be kind of a lighter product but you could just make it with cream instead of with milk and so basically cream fruit juice and sugar and get it done. Like I don't care about ice cream so give it a try and tell me tell me the kind of what happened okay we got a call from schinderhannes one of our earliest Wieters on the cooking issues but what do you expect us answers on the air or is this just in general I don't think you listen to the show I think you just a Blog reader is heinous. You are the only person who's email address I have found from the orbit of Dave Arnold like that I posted a comment on the Bangkok Daiquiri post and cooking issues but I fear it might be overlooked since the Block is Hot

I know I know there is a wild idea of mine have you ever tried degassing your Spears never look before we get into this Bangkok Daiquiri is the kind of the first thing I put on the menu at Booker and Dax that uses a technique called night remodeling night remodeling is where are you you take an herb and case the Bank of Zachary it's Thai Basil which I love you add liquid nitrogen to it and you crash into a fine powder and then you add liquor to it in the reason you do that is because you what you want to do is get all the alcohol into the leaf before it thaws out if you don't they polyphenol oxidase enzymes in the in the leaf will instantly turn the Thai Basil kind of a black color it'll taste oxidized and crappy and Swampy the same thing happened with a lot of other leaves like mint other kind of any kind of herb like that black and when you crush it instead of muddling it also makes a particle size extremely

small which means that you get a very very fast and fusion of flavor and you get these brilliant brilliant colors out of night remodeling so if you can purple basil you get these incredibly purple drinks Thai Basil is like a bright bright green and so it's a really good technique for that now one of the things is if you take Spirits right regular spirits and you just blame them in a blender with basil you can get a similar result but there's a lot of oxygen it's whipped into it before they alcohol can before the alcohol can take a nuke the polyphenol oxidase enzyme and and so you can see slightly more I could I flavor than you would get if you make it when I come over that's the background have you ever tried Solomon's contain dissolved oxygen in many sensitive chemical reactions that is a major problems in Genesis by the way

way to do this is the bubble Argon gas through it for like 10 minutes with a thin tube or syringe needle it rips out all the other gases in saturates the liquid with inert argon if you want to speed it up you can do it in a sonicator which is not a Sonic bath cleaner this eliminates the molecular oxygen that many enzymes need to do their dirty work okay also argon is a lot heavier than air sole heir of argon is formed in the bottle of D gas oven at it nicely protects it after pouring some liquor simply Shazier in the bottle with new argon the remaining stuff in the bottle Stacy Gass this might further improve the quality of sensitive. They might even want to feel the head face is sensitive cocktails in high glasses with argon unfortunately I do not have time to try this maybe it is a bummer and schnapps without oxygen tastes awfully lame good point, does it affect the flavor maybe it is the next big thing and you will find bottles of argon can be bought for TIG welding or for scuba diving is real cheap will be in every Pub starting with Booker and Dax and no time thanks a bunch

schinderhannes okay I have not tried that I mean there's that new product that uses are gone to Persia headspaces of a wine bottle so that they don't go bad if I try that I've tried nitrogen bubbling as a distillation technique because you if you bubba long enough the gas out you keep making a new head space above it and so you can strip away my only thing is I be wonder I wonder like how much flavor stripping you get out of the product through the initial 10 minutes of Diva but I would think not much because in my in my testing when I was trying to see whether I could do flavor distillation with nitrogen as opposed to using normal like rotary evaporation it was very very inefficient from the time standpoint to get the stuff so I would assume that you wouldn't lose that much through the initial bubbling I don't know it'd be interesting because they know what you could do is like you could actually do probably a long term infusion of something like

herb I don't know I got to test it and I'm looking for the stars is tapping on her arms against people out there don't give a rat's behind about what we have to do today also I wish I wish I wish the other people thought my time is valuable so maybe next week I'm going to be on the lemonade cleanse so maybe next week I'm going to sound like a lunatic when I'm talking because I'll be high on maple syrup and lemons. Ketamine its replace two meals with Special K

and what would it what is Emma doing all beans so I'll do the lemonade cleanse already have everything in the house to do it yeah I need it

holy crap I can't drink water I can only drink this crap

do saltwater great thanks can I add salt to the lemon maple syrup trap

hey you know what as much as you relish me messing myself up you have to deal with me on next week

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