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Episode 134: Fund the Puffer

this is Chris Young co-author of modernist cuisine I'd like to invite you to check out it's a free website we've created is a place to learn new cooking techniques and collaborate with curious Cooks from around the world sign up now it's you were listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn do you like this program visit Heritage Radio Network. Org for thousands more

we're going to cooking issues in a day volume guys doing

find out that we have a full crew over there we have I think we have to do if he made you suck up the heat thanks Joe but in the actual a little place where we do the show we have the stuff for the hammer Lopez as usual we also have Peter came from Mossad to talk more multi goodness with us and paper decided to go and take it with us today how you doing guys on a moped Museum of food and drink this is the last cooking issue show before our Kickstarter and Kickstarter ends on this Saturday and right now we're still pushing toward our goal we SuperDuper need everyone's help on this I mean it's a very critical that we make and break through this goal to get the Puffin go to the museum

contractor you want to say a few words here four days we need to raise over $14,000 of you know it's not just about the momentum for the museum as a whole and you know we can't really get into the details here but there's a lot more at stake than just this exhibit are there a lot of a to say important people watching and if we have a strong showing here we show that there's brought support for a food Museum here in New York which I think there should be then a lot of great things going to happen for the project this is really going to help us rocket for its opening up New York's first brick-and-mortar food museum is something really believe in we need your help please get onto Kickstarter at boom. Moffatt. Org right away boom. Moffatt. Org we really need your help thanks guys you've already backed it right you can always go in manage your place kicking a few dollars more it's not going to hurt you don't have to only pledge whatever you pledged to get your T-shirt whatever

Peter that's right actually real quick story I was on the phone my brother the other day and you know let me think so how stressful this whole process is talking to my eight year old nephew Oliver and Oliver of Basie was telling me how amazing the puppy gun looks and how he's so excited about seeing it and then he said I'll try to do a little impression

I looked in my piggy bank I have $10 I want to donate $10 to the movement Kickstarter campaign cuz I want to see the Puffin gun wow are you going to are you guys out there going to disappoint that kids like basically I think he's his whole life savings right there to Moffat and so if you know we got awesome stuff t-shirt $50 get you a tote three hundred bucks and you can see Dave Harold McGee Wylie Dufresne bunch of others have a puffing whatever they want in the puffing gun and we'll be doing some really interesting stuff there

years ago when I lost a bet and the back was

that was to say whether or not someone to produce a raw chocolate but I thought was even marginally halfway decent worth eating as chocolate right and if I lost I would have to eat a raw vegan food for a week and I did and wreak havoc with my GI tract let's put it that way so I was going to put this to you guys there in the studio can we think of an equally unpleasant thing that I can do and then let's say okay I bet we don't get more than $10,000 more than than than what we want so we never said that we won't make it tonight if we make it to 90 I'll go through with whatever unpleasant saying that that we think we should do what do you think

that's fine that's the reader that the listeners care about right like is there anything unpleasant that I can eat some way horrible stupid diet that I can undertake for a week or two wraps Dave hates Naruto Dave hates cherries

you can do 40 hard boiled eggs like Cool Hand Luke who would eat anything for like like two bucks so I was like so cheap I want ate a gallon of salsa for I think three bucks I ate like a couple of those you know like whole tea bags for like a. That was like I was that guy that was me that guy yeah yeah yeah but I'm not that guy have kids my wife is like really you can't you can't do things that dumb because it's you know it makes it sent the wrong message to the kids at the lemonade Cleanse Lemonade Cleanse Lemonade and cayenne pepper and that's all you get

unpleasant but it doesn't help me learn anything it doesn't have any like is there anything that I've derided horribly let's think about it for a couple minutes and I'm going to read something in from one of our listeners and supporter of mopeds since I don't know or John Doe John Doe would be the better it is John Doe and I have spoken with him extensively the guy's been a superstar really helping us to the Outreach pretty close to being caught about a back episode thank you for freely sharing your in-depth knowledge as well as making the methods and techniques so accessible also the most that Kickstarter is a food education Game Changer and I wish you all the best of luck in getting it back I'm doing what I can do to spread the word for my thoughts on Boom which is the name is excited by the way I'm put up a poster ideas I will call Sean Brock suggested you hate

I hate it when I get more people excited about doing it would be analogous to the communal oven back in the day I was wondering if you could possibly create your own grain and quotes the pups I understand a puppy has to do with grain moisture content and the whole containing the grain the moisture part is easy is there a food technology one can easily leverage to create a suit of Halo interesting ly hear that is not that sound normal popcorn stuff works but the pumping gun doesn't require the Hawks the science behind the Puffin gun I'm talking in general Sweeny popping popcorn what happens is you have starch and moisture and you heat up the starch and moisture and low-moisture is trapped not just because of the stars but because of the skin halo around the outside of the popcorn until enough pressure can build up that it ruptures that skin and boom explosion the popcorn in the Puffin gun you don't need that

are because you just seal it tight and the whole thing goes under pressure so there's no way for to expand there's no way for it to boil or expand when it's inside of the gun because pressure to Simply Mouse up then when you pull the lever everything instantly pause uniformly so if you put popcorn in a puffin gun it comes out his fears I Peters like totally Jack for that the game's been like dreaming of these popcorn spheres since since we got the guns but that's also why you can put dobass things in and that's how they used to make curious in fact this gun was originally designed by Kellogg's to make curious oh yes you can make your own for a mix of grains are there starches and puffing and I no problem by Peter he would like to buy a Zuki beans black sesame and rice if it works we can make a tasty Moshe inspired marshmallow treats please tell if your dad back moped Kickstarter and social day

hey I'm going good

put on for you so I've heard you got a certain affinity for game and I'm a dude from Minnesota to kill a lot of deer up here 11 a year and might be faced recipes to any thoughts you have when you have a circulator

why do yeah yeah so how's the stuff been coming out like when you do do the beef subs and assuming you're doing them you're doing them in a circular they still coming out what would tell me what tell me how that how to texture and the flavor the stuff is coming out when it when it works we play are you feeling by and large


redact all right they were going to hang up on this car

what would happen car dropped out by and large is he getting younger animals or older animals because won't one of the issues with treating games like a beef is that the piece that we get if I mean no offense to be but relatively neutral and flavor compared to a much older Animal should because it's younger and so gave me the older they are the kind of more flavorful or more different kind of flavors they going to have and if you're doing low temperature sous-vide with them which is a great idea because you don't have to overcook it and you know you can kind of emotes cook it very gently without overcooking it the problem is is that some of these things can get kind of overwhelming when you cook them for a long time because some of those game flavors that come out of what that there is no other things in the animal tend to accentuate overtime as they sit in the bag and also certain older meats are going to get tender no matter what you do

testicle suckers are tough and that's the problem we had when we cooked we cook that bear and we cook the line supposed to Yak which is freaking delicious

shut yo I don't know about any specific you know to focus specifically on deer cuz I unfortunately don't get enough it's cook myself but when I get back to New York I'm going to take a look at it take a look at it and I have after the hunt which is John folse is booked on cooking Louisiana game that he shoots down here and I know he has a big section on deer from now check out to see kind of what he thinks about

using deer with best advantage and then try to sanitech those ideas up hyper you you that you guys have a lot of deer up in Vermont that you eat or no deer or elk and I've done deer because people brought me more elk and deer I found some deer what what kind of luck if you had waited on low temp in a recipe for it but sausage it works really well this fall

you got company Good at Goodbye daddy answering lemonade cleanse I'll do it it's fine by me if we decide on that maybe someone from calling with something horrific for me to do but oh my God that's just like that the father that is I just want to see my kids cuz that's what that's the thing like I can't just move to Brooklyn for a month

and I'm not the one that has Brooklyn Nets Musashi to his Brooklyn

remember all of us who rather kill you than eating Brooklyn everyday for a month

know what you would want him broken here at you would do it you would do it the same fibers life

wow. You are you are a good person has rights in pronounce like burns with an M really burn from New Zealand I don't eat our cookies team and indeed Jesus would be Jesus listen to cooking issues with any form of Jesus ever have any sort of cooking issues well I don't know if you're aware of this but back in the 90s I think it was the group King Missile answered this in a song I wrote called Jesus is Way Cool And if you remember Jesus is Way Cool he can bake a cake better than anyone

I know you guys don't know anything about King Missile our own way cool you can't listen to detachable penis without you know going further and listen to the Jesus is Way Cool

thought I had Jesus like you know would be awesome like to hang around with you know what I mean

because he's way cool anyway I assume that's what he was referring to get from New York to New York from New Zealand around September October this year and had a couple of questions one that's a question to all back by red pepper sauce that you and your lizard help me out with that is the product that they sold here commercial that's New Zealand who is totally legit I like to drop off a sample for the cookies you seem to taste and critique if they like I'd love to hear opinions on the stuff we're going to be able to drop it off Roberta's Brooklyn DAC somewhere else and why had your name on it by Rhett

yes you are. Hoping to pick up a couple Russia Shaffer on Shaver and hopefully some quality cuts ibushi the stuff is not available this far down under you tell me where I can go for this I don't mind spending a bit if I know it will be quality and will last okay so long as you don't know kind of what we're talking about here aren't really Bonito there yellow skipjack tuna but that you use to make Dashi and innumerable other delicious things in Japanese Cuisine you call that thing more various incarnations are different word for it at every step in the process. So booshie so the way it's made if they catch the fish they cook the crap out of the fish they get the bones out of the

they dry the fish they smoke the fish they they let it rest a smoked it and let it rest a smoked it they spray some more stuff on the outside for really high right away then but then that's the stuff in the dryer and stuff they they put a mold on a jet in the really really good stuff you pick it up and you click it together and it sounds like a kind of like would like tank tank tank maybe stuff my wife bought me some from Japan when she went there maybe twelve years ago and said first time I had the actual thing in my hand and not just the flakes was I needed to shaver much as you do now the only place I know you can walk into New York I'm in New York and buy a real it's called I believe it's called a creaky so it'd be called like a Catholic music artists are not crazy. Cuz you worry so that the one that they have is a Corin you should go to coron anyway it's a nice door down in Tribeca and it's like you know Candy for it's like amazing place you know you guys were right

play it.

How do you say it's a nice store people who don't know Piper will be like it's an eyesore meaning I have by the stream I don't know how the exchange rate is Maine corn is you know it's more expensive than it was in 05 years ago because you know I exchange rates horrible but I don't know what the exchange rate is right now that the price is there because they bring the stuff in from Japan or directly tied to whatever our exchange rate with Japan happens to be at that time but they sell it and I looked online before I came over here and it's about $86 now what it is you can also go by the way they don't sell food so you're out of luck actually buying items and the sad news is I have never seen anywhere in New York good quality of the solid to purchase of the actual got the blue she thinks

you say they can get it but I'm not really hooked into the sushi suppliers right and none of the people that kind of work you know that I work with when I was learning a lot about cutting techniques and he can take me or even when I was doing a lot of things with the Gohan Society none of those people really shave their own flakes at their restaurant that I know of and so and and then when you ask them for sources they were very secretive I guess cuz there's a limited Supply so they never told me where to go get the good stuff you can go to Sunrise Mart which is kind of a local Japanese Market a couple of them in New in New York and they a couple of years ago like for 5 years ago started carrying the actual solid ones but they weren't the super highest quality ones like at we know what we saw when we were in Tokyo which were amazing second thing is also at that Sunrise tell a really crappy little shaver made of plastic and metal to stay away from its uses

shaver looks like if it looks like you took a wooden block plane flip it upside down and put it on a box and you shave on top of the box almost like a mandolin or a bad winter right it is really sturdy and solid and beautiful because it's you know one of those Japanese things of course they're going to make it sturdy and beautiful and have to shave this thing which is incredibly hard this would like a piece of dried smoked for metabolic fish now I looked at them people who were you know doing their YouTube stuff YouTuber e in English and all of them were doing horrible horrible job and by the way when I use mine I do a horrible horrible job the issues are that the actual moisture content of the Chattahoochee is critical to getting the Shaving right otherwise you get little grumblings of nastiness or like kind of gummy pills used to be just right also the technique you use and shaving have to be just right

if you're looking at it at Russia and you guys all use if you know what I'm talking about with you look at cataloochee but if you look at the Bonito flakes will call them you'll notice that a lot of the ones that you buy have to have a darker stripe running through it you guys noticed that too that's it that's the best that she eyeline that's the the bloodline it's in the fish and so you can buy two types of many but two main types of these Bonito flakes other than the quality ratings and that is you can get them cir e which means there's a bloodline it she got a new key meaning there's no blood line is whether or not they do some sort of procedure to the actual dried fish and pop out that bloodline or do they just shave it in a way that they're not shaving that part of it when they shave that other stuff make charge more I have no idea because no one in English has mentioned this stuff now the good news is

once you once you get a hold of this stuff you can learn how to do it if you can watch a bunch of stuff there's an amazing set of videos that the only in Japanese I wish someone could translate some of the things in Durant go to YouTube and search on Sushi taka f u s h i t a k a three-part series you can see if they're the ones that have. Mov in the title to even do you know people like me who don't understand any sort of getting a Japanese characters at all you can find these and they're worth watching even if you can't speak a lick of Japanese because the visuals in its kind of show how it's done most interesting ways no one in English that I can see publishes how to properly adjust this cutter once you get it you need a wooden or leather Mallet what they do is they set the blade in and then they laugh with a mallet to get the adjustment just right and then the video they show you exactly how to do it how to adjust it right and how to adjust it up or down if the shavings are coming out of it

so I highly recommend watching that and they also meant they also show in visual pictures thank God that you want store that you want to store them at 50% humidity in about 20 degrees C or in a fridge that's wrapped in plastic and then in a zippy now I know there's some people Wiley told me to frame told me once that they some people he'd seen you had them wrap them in paper towels toilet paper towels and Newton for a second and then in this video I saw them and they had a problem heated over a flame I don't know if there's a trick they're not maybe someone who speaks Japanese to watch these videos and kind of tell us what's going on but they have it so I can give you some love on the actual shaver but not on the high quality fish itself but have to find one else can find us a good source that maybe somewhere right in a dual probe thermometer Gadget like those on the chefs that store you know the yellow looking things with replace Wheel Pros everyone seems to use for sous vide thanks have to keep up the good work I'm looking forward to experiencing all the great food in America has to offer including America

something I never even heard of before listen to your show my regards really mearns now the only place I'm going to go to buy kitchen equipment like that in New York is JB Prince now JB Prince again that's not a place everyone should know you guys are friends right we have left for JB Prince JB Prince they don't carry a dual probe thermometer and everything about JB Prince is sometimes from people for being expensive but the truth of the matter is they only carry kind of high-end products and so you can always get something cheaper yet you're not going to be able to get something at JB Prince that's the same price as the one on the chefsteps website but they do have a single probe things when you're buying a thermocouple probe a lot of people on like Amazon for instance will will say that they have a hypodermic Pro that works for sous-vide and whoever wrote that must have never cooked a damn thing in their entire freaking lives

because they they give you a probe with way too wide and that when you puncture the bag doesn't reseal properly Piper you seen that before right where someone says this is a hypodermic probe and it's it's more like a hammer Over the Hole

Yeah we have to put rubber Over the Hole anyway no matter what kind of probe you use but the ones they like that you had a wd were you know submillimeter probes ever send an extremely Fragile by the way so you never want to use it to check deep fryer oil because it can melt out the thermocouple connection the actual place where is bonded together and use the thing is ruined and those things cost well over those classic a hundred bucks or over almost anywhere you go there are things called hypodermic probe that are only a little bit thinner than then you don't like a standard instant-read and that you know wouldn't would cause way to dig a hole like well over twice as big as the actual hypodermic probe recommend going to JB Prince and look at the hypodermic probe they have but a secret trick if no one ships the product he wants a New Zealand is a you can use your New Zealand Amazon account I think to order on us Amazon and have the stuff Prime ship to your hotel and I've done that when I do events even within the United States I've had stuff Prime ship

Tell hotel where I'm going to stay because you know in advance where you're going to be and you can ship anything you want from the US are like that hotels will usually hold it which is a good technique but you should definitely go by JB Prince and you should definitely go by Florence And if you want to see a really good book store you should go buy kitchen arts and letters anywhere else good to actually think about guys

I didn't care that you hot they can't even think straight over there Joshua right then I have little pee yogurt the sachets or anything more disgusting in your mind and ropy yogurt

is that a new one I'm going to actually Piper you have to buy this is yo girl talk about in a minute call Caspian Sea yogurt matsoni my to need fan mounted there's meant to b r o p and we can get the culture and make it and then just make Natasha look at ropa yogurt all day long will that be fun cooking class one of the things he said was very earliest been talking about is well bad textures are only bad because we assume they're bad what if you assume that that texture is good and then accentuated and so that's when he really started pushing besides you have stretchy ice cream with slept on Derma right and your kind of music created a whole thing around so that becoming popular he also said well what if you really wanted ice cream to have Giant Crystals in it why does ice cream have to be smooth and he you know show the French ice cream called like pen pen pen de lys

that I have to say all I'm with him in fiery but I didn't like the Pinnacle ice cream very much you guys number that one

yeah I remember you didn't like it whatever the whole point is is that if you push a texture to certain way on purpose it can be nice even though it's not what you're expecting so there's this rope others is yogurt that's real Pete it's meant to be real be in any other thing about it is that it uses a metaphysical mesophilic culture affect the culture doesn't low temperatures you don't need a yogurt maker to do it you can call Tritt at room temperatures and I get this weird ropy yogurt you can buy cultures for it on my way back to the question that Josh had recently and I've had several batches was turn out a bit ropey so it's not like they taste fine but the picture is not what I would like I told her procedure is to take milk with a bit of powdered milk added up to a hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit kills all the stuff at dinner right cool to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and add one tablespoon of starter yogurt for court and incubate at 110 degrees Fahrenheit

68 hours any idea what causes this rope like texture well I've never had it happen to me before but according to the Bible I will be texture already what is it according to the sensory evaluation of dairy products headed and edited by Stephanie Clark Michael Costello and Floyd W body felt how awesome is that guy's name

Floyd Body failed and Marian Drake is very improper gums meaning and proper second until I see that you're at but you're not adding a second or so that's not your problem microbial contamination which is probably what's going on yogurt cultures containing polysaccharide making bacteria all these things at the same thing and proper setting temperatures and too much sugar not too much sugar probably is not what you're doing all the rest of the other ones basically add up to this there's some hydrocolloid being formed any a polysaccharide being formed in your yoga that's causing the Robey like texture rent and either you added that polysaccharide because you're using a second or gum in which case you probably miss added some packing or something like that that's causing a rowkin Ascent it never have that person go roping in a yogurt application Piper

no what about carrageenans go rope you never had a Kerrigan to go rope be

environments can go ropey if they're not fully set but you never had to happen in yogurt to all of these things but basically point of the fact there's a polysaccharide happy now the question is is is it contamination am I a contaminant bacteria or whatever the floating into your yogurt and causing the rope in it or is it the actual yogurt culture that you're using that's doing it now it turns out that they know yogurt most typically is a combination of a I can't pronounce it so like I'm going to say anything wrong because I've only ever Reddit I've never pronounced it but it's lactobacillus delbrueckii I think it's pronounced right that's the one thing that does it and then the other

the other one is streptococcus thermophilus these are the two that are used in normal kind of higher temperature yogurt like the one that you're doing now that's strange can be either be a kind of produces extracellular rope be polysaccharides or when it produces a smaller unit polysaccharides it don't former Opie texture surprisingly you actually want a bit of that row penis but you don't want so much of the rope and it said it becomes ropey so that the trick there is you probably maybe doing it at a temperature that's favoring the the roping is or you're letting it go too long before you kill it down to fridge temperature too kind of stopped at acceleration and you're favoring the balance of the row P ones over the other one so you could just try switching your starter culture you could try guys making sure tri-covery and make sure you're not contaminated or you could try maybe shifting

temperature up a degree or two and then showing a faster when you're done I don't know if any of those are going to work but take a look into that where you got to think about that night and evening I mean it could be contamination that is existing in the milk before he starts micro kalba 480

just bragging about that eliminating add potential sources of contamination

now second question I'm also interested in making a lien bread meaning I guess I guess I lean red meaning only yeast water flour salt like a French Bull with about 50% of the flower as milled Brewers malt so it stays small and Specialty kill mold in order to pair with beers of similar grain Bill what I need to kill any enzymes in the mall to make this work are there any different concerns with working with barley flowers any help as much appreciated okay well because

great people out there who cook with nothing but sprouted grains right and so presumably these have a lot of diastatic activity from the enzymes that they're converted when you sprout it to 100% sprouted things but on the other hand when you read recommendations for for baking if you're actually using diastatic malt powder right then they are advising it's not adding too much because there's going to convert too much of the starch to sugar and you'll get kind of gummy results in your bread so I don't know where the balanced life cuz I'm getting a hundred percent sprouted grains and then some people have cautioned against using more than a small amount of you know I will tell you this from experience Lowe's in general are dense little suckers their dance is like 100% barley loaves are some dance and especially the barley that you're using in Brewing hasn't been

call Scott the husk still on it and that's going to be like that like that that that part of the brand there is going to be like a pauper Rama on your on your gas cells in your bread and feel like if you're doing whole grain kind of on pearl barley I'm assuming that you're going to be in the area of some dance until you're going to want to soak the hell out of them maybe so come overnight and then grind them that way instead of instead of for pre pre grind them like you would for mashing then let him soak in some water and then grinding them further so that the put the hots have all you know it's enough time to hydrate properly so I'm kind of at a loss here I've never done it but I'm assuming it'll work and if you guys have any talk to me Peter Reinhart has a lot on sprouted sprouted wheat flour but I don't have a lot. I don't have a lot on this way you guys have

it's going to increase your activity significantly during the the rising generation like a salad or something to give you a retard in the fridge you want to have it you know a continuous supply of yeast for sugar for the yeast to feed on while they're doing their stuff and so adding the you know adding The diastatic Malt will continue to break down like some of the starch and as a food for the yeast just don't want to overdo it but then I don't need some help from some some some people out there I don't know whether it's just a difference because there's so much more higher enzymatic activity and diastatic malt powder versus like your average sprouted grains but you know if you want the flavor what I would do is I would kill off a section of the stuff and then have those like a section of your of your nose heated kill off a section of the end end of my activity and then grind up some and leave it with you

demonic activity naturally flower when you have it some of the stuff with sprouted because it's very rare for you to have you know completely pure flower when are measuring the strength of flower that use something called the phone number where they take a MIG a warm slurry a flower and they drop a rod through it determined how fast it goes down and what that the measure of its how much was it to an somatic activity there is in the flower and therefore how much of the sky is broken down by the amylase is working on the flowers as their their butts not a number that most of us have in it I wish I had more information on this but go take a look at the look at anything to Peter Reinhart is written is written a lot of excellent books on bread and he's become over the past couple years kind of a proponent of using sprouted grain of flowers so he might have more information and I'll just go Section on the technical aspects of flour on bread bakery cooking techniques and recipes by Jeffrey hamelman and a lot of that one's available in Amazon search inside so you can go to that

last week I had a Milgram lights in on food safety in the team I was wondering if you could help me work out if there's a way to tell definitively it's something lurking in the back of my fridge is okay to eat or to do something to make it safe to reason examples I had some chicken stock in there for two-plus weeks and it looked and smelled fine but the prevailing wisdom on the Internet is it only lasts for three to five days through Friday seems kind of short about two weeks plus man of the other was stewed fruit again smelled fine and no signs of mold or anything but I've no idea how long it's been hanging around maybe a month is there a process you can do to render anything safe easy bring it to X temperature for why minutes to the all you need to worry about is taste or other other nasties that I need to worry about finally is there any way to test things that you can't easily he eating mayo cheese FYI my wife is pregnant the food safety is becoming increasingly important issue recently thank you for your help and your awesome podcast now listen Adam your wife is pregnant

don't fool around forget the stewed fruit to pitch all that crap go crazy go ape in your kitchen you don't I mean it's like there's a thing like most likely nothing is going to ever happen to you however like now is not the time where you want an incautious food mistake the kyleena cause a problem when your wife is pregnant but you guys back me up on this I mean like I got a pregnant wife I got this like three week old chicken stock

Tiffany chicken stock I'm just saying like I went kind of over-the-top it's because you know the consequences of making a mistake at that point I like your I believe I believe the hell out of everything whenever I was wondering by the way I'll just say this picture and I said this before and show me anytime if you don't already own a circulator when when you or your or your wife are our poor your close family member are pregnant is the best time to get a circulator if you don't already have it because then you can still have your rare steaks and you can still have your runny Poached Eggs even when you're pregnant because you can cook them to 100% food safe just will pitch for getting a circulator right now used to do that whenever I didn't have a circulator for my wife to help pregnant people keep a little bit of food normalcy in their life

Syria I don't like to a grow in the refrigerator in fact like that the temperature zone for the refrigerator is chosen such that you know things don't grow in it or they don't glow in it and very rapidly now there are bacteria that do grow in the fridge that are known to grow in the fridge listeria is one of them and listeria is one of the ones that you really really really really really don't want to expose your wife to when she's pregnant now lucky thing about listeria is that if you take something out of your fridge if it's in there right and tight listeria growing on it then you can kill it wipe it out by just hitting the crap out of it right it was stereo doesn't produce any any anything that can survive heating it doesn't produce a toxin let me know that that note that stays in the food after it's been heated to all you need to do is heat it sufficiently to destroy the listeria and then that food is fine the problem is going to be with things that were there

that certain bacteria that produce and Tara talks and thinks he can take him to your body that are an actual chemical that causes food poisoning aren't just you know the effect of having a the actual a bacteria inside of you and some of those are destroyed by heat and some aren't right and a further complication is is that there are certain strains of some of these bacteria that normally don't grow in the fridge but that there certain strains that will grow albeit very slowly in a fridge and so if you put something for a long time right you know you can get new situation where these things can grow two levels that are problematic for you now the general term for bacteria that grow in the fridge and low temperatures is psychrophilic men's don't know why they called cycle fill it's not cryophilic for whatever it's called psychrophilic because I guess that's the Greek for cold or something like that

bacteria are the ones that ruin your milk right even though it's in the fridge the milk goes bad of their sacrifice those are spoilage bacteria they're not going to I'm not going to hurt you the dangerous ones though are a subsection of the bacteria are called psycho trophic is that they are actually mesophilic bacteria once the growing kind of normal temperature ranges that can also retain some of their nasty growing habits in the fridge and those guys are strands of those from your common ones that we always get for instance

there's a little paper you should take a look at call the incidence of foodborne pathogens in domesticated refrigerators domestic not domesticated domestic refrigerators by the Jackson 2007 here's what I said the other food items including higher to higher with Ready-to-Eat Foods okay so they went and they looked at 342 domestic refrigerators and here's what they had to say. Coli o157 H7 were not recovered from any refrigerators

staphylococcus aureus which produces a by the way a non heat labile was recovered from 6.4% of the refrigerator's listeria monocytogenes and regular kind of E coli from 1.2% of refrigerators yersinia enterocolitica 10.6% of the refrigerators and as a result and has recovered species can survive and grow refrigerations or conditions of mild temperature abuse such pathogens May transfer to and develop the clinically significant numbers are in food in Dometic fridges so they can grow a little bit so I wouldn't bet against either like once they're sitting there and they can form kind of biofilms and get together with they know the normal to feel like you know the ones that ruin your milk and so I just be wary of you know this is not going to kill you but you don't want your wife you know

research and some of the like if you have like temperature of use rice you can get a B cereus bacillus cereus to my favorite words for a pathogen and that apparently some screens that I can Grill at low temperatures so you really just want to that I wouldn't mess around what do you guys think don't mess around right

play Centuries or Frieza LR everything but cooking the snot out of everything will get rid of anything that will actually kill you I don't believe the entire toxins do life-threatening stuff but you don't want to but don't take my word for it I hope everyone hesitating to make a kind of like pronouncement on things like that where he knows safety is a giant issue here what is it that I'm going to do like what like we got to decide this right now like if we make it we make 90000 have to learn any new cooking techniques or do anything be kind of interesting it's not like going raw vegan I mean I was kind of the be-all end-all huh I can do that again no. There is also stuff like the baby food diet

you replace two meals a day that's not like that's not like a challenge that's just ridiculous it's just like you know can I eat something it tastes bad so I mean you're you're doing some investigation into a diet that actually has some traction with some people in the US are mostly raw meat for a week if we hit a hundred thousand I'm going to do Paleo for a week and then lemonade cleanse for a week if we do $110,000 I'm going to do raw vegan again for a week paleo for a week and lemonade cleanse for a week you got that guys that sound fair

what to do in order like what the worst order would be to do lemonade cleanse than raw vegan know the words to be used to be raw vegan then paleo then lemonade plan right now is it feel like my body doesn't work for me whatever I never never never Welch on a bet let me tell you something I take very seriously if I say something like this I'm not going to I'm not that guy who's going to sneak in some real people food in the middle of my like raw vegan we go to the middle of my paleo week right but that's not that's not my style I'm going to take it I'm going to go ape on it I'm going to report it back on cooking issues of tell everyone that you want me to suffer for maximum 3 weeks straight on this and let's get the money and let's get this thing Kickstarter let's get her stuff going it's important for the museum which hope is going to be important to all of us in the Years rolling forward thanks for stopping by

and cooking issues

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