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Episode 133: Sandwich Sissy

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with me today

Catholic Beach yesterday on Sunday to a party and zero talk about the state of the Mossad Kickstarter before we get in bed

the old lady used to make puffed up to besides instantly started going to try and raise the funds in a crowdsourced better to do it and right now we're about 34 Grand what I need everyone to do if not just to know a lot of our listeners of already donated but I need people to go and find their friends and relatives and other people like my individuals to come on over and back it and you get nothing we're talkin

tote bags parties mean if you have a lot of cash tingling around in your pocket will make a custom cereal for you but the idea here is that

we want to crowd source is to show that we have a broad level of support should be very important to go if it just want a t-shirt or anyting else but that's my Feeling by we have any day is left on the kickstarter so we need to get her and I do not have food and drink the leader of the project I guess you can go to m. Moffat m o f a d. Org yeah I think Dave really you did a great job and cats living I mean we're really excited about this Kickstarter it's not just about kick-starting one exhibit the facts about kick-starting the whole museum near the plan for mofad right now is to challenge the traditional Museum out on actually create a mobile pop-up Museum and this will be our first exhibit and so

and I think this will open up a lot of doors for us and help us get you know how us towards our ultimate goal of opening up a brick-and-mortar museum feel the defib is like this

so we really need your help I need this is like a it's hard to overstate this but it's a labor of love we have a lot of volunteers working on this I was working until like 3 a.m. last night woke up at 5 this morning got right back up to work on it we're pushing hard on this because we believe in this we really think it's the time is right to create a museum that encourages people inspires people to think a lot about you know the choices they make him in our house food connects to the world around us

most Museum st. Louis Museum one of two things either a large collection for a very rich person very few museums are the way we're trying to start with you as an idea you know and then getting the funding from a broad range of support that wasn't already present so that's why I asked it's very important that everyone go out and find their find a place by the way that's cuz you don't live in New York City don't think we aren't going to bring the fucking gun in the neighborhood near you at some point the idea is I actually get it funded and we test out the gun in New York do a traveling Road Show to this point but that we are going to take her to the country and we have

I know you know how Dave's brain works a million and a half ideas for the next pop-up exhibits and I have to just be stuck in one place

you should go and check it out video anyway we have an incredible Cavalcade of awesome smart and famous people filling out for us on the on the video so don't go check it out and I will probably happen that a couple more times boom. Moffatt. Org. Mossad I'm trying to help my pops and parked High basal interest cooking fresh and finishing applications aren't doing the trick for him I'd rather you can freeze. Days on break it up on the way to my mom's house in the city but I haven't stopped by in a long time

Yonkers casino Yonkers aside from being kind of the first city on the on the on the left hand side to travel North up there

to go to a figure 8 racing competition with school buses in the school buses are going as fast as I can around this tiny figure 8 track without flipping over and then occasionally smashing into each other mean I can't think of much cooler than that

it's a 10 to your kind of a globe Italian basil is more common here in the US but it has the same application if you're not a friend of anise flavored things don't let that put you off what we use at the bar for our Thai Basil Daiquiris I like it a lot I think it's a very good by the way in drink applications but the problem with Thai Basil even as opposed to regular basil Italian one that we normally as they are in in mint turning that at least kind of black

so it's difficult to do things with them and have them stay fresh for as long as you would with with chewing like even with regular basis and enzymes and it will instantly go to work and turn the sucker swamp Ian Black so if you were going to do some thing you can do is to you can I've never dried Thai Basil some kind of talking out of the side of my body at this point I'm sure Mike would never try it work and it's not so good that you were going to freeze it you could plan some the problems if you blanch them shows the enzymes you definitely change the flavor and you lose a lot of that freshness if you freeze

very quickly and then never let them thaw again and then blend them into something that doesn't have a lot of oxygen you might be able to get around get around the problem of it brownie but it really is like it's kind of a delicate kind of needs a little bit of care and work now you can cook with it it's fine if you want that fresh basil that's why we go to all the trouble of freezing with liquid nitrogen and alcohol kills polyphenol oxidase a blend it into something a shark and water pressure test on oil you might want to sprinkle a little ascorbic acid on it before you do that to try and inhibit the brownings going to happen almost instantly as it falls out or

you might cry out modeling it with a little bit of super high proof ethanol is keep it green before you incorporate the oil and what not but just remember if it freezes and thaws out it's going to turn black dress you prevented by blanching was Joseph not till the first or last year and regrettably haven't used it that much it is regrettable to have a deep fat fryer or not you will see a commercial deep fat fryer I did only three things I watch TV

no thanks and worked on my 76 Bonneville required a lot of Bondo work and gold and what not and deep-fried French fries and habanero chili rellenos in my little deep deep fryer Fry Daddy heat oil in it last time I used it after skipping out the solid you got to be careful you want to cover it doesn't get to it and what time is that they have a porous surface area to volume ratio and so it's the other not really ideal in that sense cuz I was fairly large surface area

Great Smoky bacon flavor in the next week or so why Soviet I don't think you'll have salt in bacon and the salt is it's really going to increase the rate that she could bacon grease is usually heated to a very high temperature when cooking the bacon starting to break down the facts and it was starting to break down the fast and so in general bacon grease isn't your most stable of fat

they eat it it's just a question of is it still going to taste good

anyone anyone at the question cuz they probably tried it and then tasting the bread to see whether or not it has a you know whether it tastes like crap and then you can get a real feel for what's going on with the with the brats that's a good way of doing it but I have a fever and I haven't seen any data that says that you know you're not substantially shorten your lifespan by having a little bit of bacon grease it's gone a little bit over the hill

what's the lifespan of the oil in your massive fryer

very long so if you boil there's a couple of things right so I have a 35 lb prior to take about six gallons of oil every call format and additional because the tires are tall is a kind of Ideal the other brake thing about commercial deep fryer that uses tubes called two priors is that is relatively cool and also particles that come off your food if you find sink to the bottom and 2 relatively cooler oil instead of In traditional so stop trying where the particles hit the bottom of the pan which is the hottest part of the plant that is this in the surface area of heating a true fryer is so high that it doesn't overheat the oil too much because you have such a large surface area for transfer

if you feel more stable temperature instability of temperature is much better for the overtime you don't overheat it and make the time the oil last it has a smaller surface area on top and it's all in all this much much much much much much better

hey Davis talking at all from Tennessee Kowloon walled City Hong Kong idea what's going on the calendar walled City when

when does the British I don't really need to know how they got Hong Kong in the first place through some form of coercion or whatnot that when they gain control of Hong Kong in the early in the early eighteen-hundreds are trying to maintain control of certain areas of Hong Kong part of Kowloon where they had a fort so they can see what we're going to do in the late eighteen hundreds and I guess decided to alter the deal as Darth Vader would say they took over control of the walled City to Fort and then didn't do much with it and it stayed relatively and the fall of mainland China

just got swamped with people and still making no laws so until then and then just got kind of crazy or crazier till at one point in the 30,000 people were living with no law but you're literally no law except the Triads was feeling kind of down into the bottom of it because people just build kind of fuel eaglewalk waves people would bring any regal-x electricity

Five Points

yeah it right kind of like fire by 5.5 points which was incredibly vilified in the present time the vast majority of people who Five Points with a big gang area in downtown New York in the 1800's much lights that the majority of people who live there we're just living kind of normal life and you don't make a living and do whatever they needed to do so anyways anyways what happened is that a kick everyone out and then they tore the whole thing down German documentary that was done prior to when they tore it down in the 90s and they picked everyone I guess in the late eighties and videos how you can see people going about their daily business so I can

and making everybody crazy video but I spring roll wrappers and you do a very high hydration dough like one-to-one hydration of a liquid to a flower you let it rest and hydrate him at all the air bubbles come out on a very hot griddle with oily put oil down the report on a very hot and use a little kind of looks like a spatula rate and swirl around to cook and you flip it is a much less hydrated go if we don't really know what they use but it looks like

75% hydration or maybe a little higher ed for an hour or so before you use it to let it hydrates and then you get a fairly low temperature griddle right and I'm not sure yet if you want the sticky dough in your hand and you wipe it around in like a wax on wax off movement for those Rowdy kid and then after a couple moment it dries out because it's very from The Griddle in the same way that my wife will release off the sides of pan if you let it dry overnight if you don't want it to turn brown if you're not Browning it likes it's very low temperature probably somewhere in the 200 Fahrenheit in that

and he's making spring roll wrappers after I can't remember the combo is good for me

you mean you like a natural spring roll with the rapper and then rap again in letter because of the whole like you know Korean thing you didn't let us in and loved it but I really like you like the contrast of the crispy spring rolls fried hard and

fried chicken wrapped in lettuce

you can do it you should do a you should try it you should try it then wrap it in unfried one and then wrapping let us see how many layers you can go

this might be a good point that to bring this up I don't know if you brought it up before Peter and I hate America trap as much as I hate like a spring roll as much as I love tortillas of almost any variety all I do prefer corn from most have to walk around and then every once in awhile like think about the fact that rap or so popular here in the US and they're really just they're just viciously bad they're horribly horribly bad I mean think about this

you're taking an undercooked flour tortilla Which if you were going to do any reasonable kind of cooking you would reheat on a grill to kind of make it to him or cooked right and insured it right away in some sort of cooking and instead with a bunch of other than sweat crap

right away almost invariably that you have too much have flowering mess on one section and not enough in another and serving to someone that supposed to eat

and I kind of told me leave from believe tortilla things like it's no thanks to like you when I was a little boy who didn't get wraps that didn't happen that was not it was not a point between

play late 70s and the mid-nineties some person who hates fruit some person who absolutely detest all that is good in life came up with this kind of horrible rancid idea as perpetrated it on to back the most on Kickstarter

I will say that

you know a lot of times back when I was working as an attorney you know what we'd have these business meeting tonight and there'd be catered food and a lot of times I opted for the rap over the sandwich simply because I didn't want to make a mess in those it's easier to eat I still didn't like it I still prefer a sandwich I don't actually think that this was a crime against humanity has is you're suggesting but you know it's there is something to be said about how it keeps your hands clean

all right well K-Swiss this going is for a second that's true

poorly made sandwich is still better than a well-made rap right and the problem is is it is very hard to actually construct a sandwich for Best Taste and also bet that most people don't overstuff the hell out of their sandwich and then it tastes good because the feelings almost always tastes good but it's completely friendly ideas Health right like those guys when they when they make a horribly dry and almost more facts and it could be so much better with the simple addition of the condiment like mayonnaise or oil as a wrap

Rye sandwich or an under salt in Spanish with a salad and it's like a horribly bad wheat bread that they think is good for you but it's not because it tastes bad and I love tea sandwiches are good things to put out for people to eat are horrible I mean I don't know who got me into this movie another one for you when you wrap a bread stick with with ham right you don't realize

together they're going to sit around for a long time when they're worrying about catering things like business lunches what are your thoughts on the breadsticks

moisture migration ignorance

yeah I mean I don't think I would describe myself

I mean I agree with you in spirit you know I'm I'm right there with you just in perhaps the the magnitude is it what you're telling me is that the business meeting too much of a sissy to take the famous that you like taking the wrap it down

called fishes fishes vodka by Meat Ballers on cooking issues

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what's going on


what's your question take your grandad's fruit tray to it but it has a lot of it

well you can sicken yogurt with Kik instead on all the time the issue is is that almost all the way up for it to really get on it to get active now what you can do is keep the carrageenan and I was used to Kappa carrageenan is stiff and brittle and it doesn't reform after its broken where is Iota carrageenan is much more kind of a scratchy and also reforms Del Sol a lot of times people or things like thickening yogurt and a very small amount because carrageenan with the I think a lot of the times people would probably add the stuff before the second cuz they can have kids with without

and then and then over overdose dose natural straight milk and then stir that in let it show and then setup for their alternatively know you can take a live yogurt makes like a firmer Iota and then stir it in chest when it's warm but not too hot and let it sit like that and then let it go up a little more agile the other thing knows if you really want to pick it up just hang it you know that I put put it into like you know we'll find cheesecloth not the market and let moisture out of yogurt for a good long time and you'll feel trip out a bunch of the moisture and it'll thicken up quite a bit and then you won't have as much of a problem when you mix into it because I don't even just be taking it back to where it once was


like yogurt roughly five times more powerful than it is in water-based systems for kylo and get a pretty decent gel with rhythm Piper Christensen who works for us at Booker and back in at working R&D at CP Kelco who does a lot of good carrageenans so what will have him do yogurt chicken recipe and have him tweeted out and I'll reprint a check for the cookies you speak Twitter feed before and actually show

show me the comment right back from the person who are still out in the UK this is the Opera full part also computer on the are the museum is going to be doing a series of food for us I guess that's a plural for Forum where we get in different fields of food grade field on opposite sides of different issues

what the evidence is on whether or not that's even a useful thing or a good thing things are like what other Foods also GMO seeds

basically I take any any controversial food issue would have got a lot of really strong opinions out there you know bringing all these people together for a for a discussion and to allow people to see the difference

you know what we hope is that you know if this is going to be a a Bastion of kind of no BS straight through the eyes of the great we're all smart important topic today we have my axe to grind is it everyone else has an axe to grind either an accident or a commercial interest

yeah at work or some combination some combination thereof okay

I'll be brief isn't the time for having repeated Falafel disasters in either instantly Burns or just as completely disintegrates in the oil

yes that is true that there's nothing more depressing than a few more depressing than making the Falafel ball and then speaking it into the oil having it completely dissolve and inform a layer of burnt crap on the bottom of your fryer

it's horrible to me all the time but I hate to just like an over-the-air give a bunch of things I want to remember exactly how I found them take one of my main problems was early on and I really like I really like 80 flavor a lot and so I think I put a lot of it into the chickpea mix should I put in oil and plus I didn't add a lot of external binder to it and it just blew apart first in the field parfrey's a little bit that they hold well before the crust set up and I went through a whole bunch of rigmarole to figure out exactly what I said and if she can rest. Try to talk about it for next week so I program when it happened

a few things more depressing than watching your Falafel balls fall apart in fryer take the bottom

yes thank you very much. I will do when I got next week

go back to the storage time from 2000s. White Foams more I can take more but you can't you can't win the show me properties of it depends on the age of the hand and that's another article if you want you can go look at that deals with the problem of meringue specifically it's called

my relatively recently but I think all this stuff is kind of was

no not really what the hell you don't like those either what do you not like about those things right it's been so long since I've had one but I'm not I don't have much of a sweet tooth

what's wrong with you people why don't you like it starts is it because it reminds you how delicious it is I just don't care

because you don't like it because you don't care about that

did a series of tests and I really like somebody he knows my results turned out beautifully

why first where you have to owe you have to try out the Matthew pipe them before you cook them aren't necessarily dried and stone and it starts to charge point is basically that you can get a proper result after you pipe it or you don't because that's basically controlling moisture Lanza techniques are used for controlling the moisture content of the batter before it's so dry and controls the spread of the macaroni and date and end in Wisconsin

play back to the eggs that is older and more and more protein and then letting moisture flash off the top of the egg whites also increased protein can see either one of those things could be the big Point here is that all of the variables about the age of the egg whites and just be swamped he just perfect face Hearts macaroon section macaron section matters

am I right

198 + 200

okay, so you can throw it away as a block is most likely using a cellular

soluble in oil but it's in it now. It's not a hydrocolloid I like the Water by and cooled and forms a gel wear liquid phase it actually liquid oil and not liquid water transfer fax something for you to laugh at

first give you the one that they sent me the last time that we enjoy Funk and Hip-Hop and all this kind of stuff and I was not aware of this website link to call gizoogle take Google but they somehow use Google Translate and Translate.

Western North Carolina Barbecue in my area of North Carolina and wife owned by the way I know how you feel because in general against it

do you know who Williams is like brothers ever had and he let me throw in a bunch of Worcestershire sauce

Rapport means a lot to us to help so we don't get the support we need this is really just not going to happen so please get out the boom. Moffat. Thank you

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