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Episode 131: Free Berries

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hello Bushwick Brooklyn on the Heritage Radio Network every Tuesday morning for 97212 ate all your questions cooking cooking cooking questions about nastasha maybe one of those all welcomed the usual with les and Joe is all alone in the mood today just got back from Bonnaroo so he's taking it easy I'm sure his Lots

recover from it maybe next week for questions the Museum of food and drink mofad explosion of the puffing gun graphics team labor Ryan and why it's amazing fellows are filming a Kickstarter campaign for the late Summer's exhibit of the puffing I don't know what I'm talking about back in the day starting in the I guess just around the turn of the last century 1900 where you seal the Grain in a in a sealed kind of gun is heated

you can't boil off because it's sealed inside of a computer light like a pressure cooker but instead of going up to 15 psi pressure cooker it goes up to the green at instantly pause as all of the water instantly vaporizes off and their various machines that are I use this nowadays that are small but Museum wanted to get one that was actually designed by Kellogg and a steel made by the Puritan Manufacturing Corporation in Omaha Nebraska so we got one of these large machines that takes I think 18 X 7 feet long big machine for the first time on Sunday and didn't really have an idea kind of much of a pussy was going to be coming out of it but unfortunately had to miss it but I will just say that everyone involved had chunks of rice stuck in their hair

it was sprayed all over Heritage all over the Heritage headquarters like just everywhere I was just amazed that you like let me say first of all you should find the kickstarter when it comes up and second of all no one is going to be disappointed when they come visit the puffing on an outdoor venues in New York City later this fall I later this summer it's just it's just a crazy piece of equipment and we have a picture actually follow me on Twitter and you can see a picture of the inaugural puff pretty amazing picture Red Sox and I can't believe like stuff flying everywhere it's like it's like you know Star Wars like another Millennium Falcon going into hyperspace that photo looks kind of like that good stuff okay questions in

Alvin Schultz rights and carbonation question how do you control the bubble sizing different cocktails Topo Chico versus champagne is it a question of PSI to Pacheco by the way is a Mexican mineral water right I guess not really it's not really cool right now so I don't really have had it I don't remember those of the bubble kind of quality of a topo Chico champagne is known for the finer the champagne is smaller the bubble size however it's fairly simple in this respect the bubble size of Any Given Brink is directly related to the pressure of CO2 that you put into it and the temperature which you serve it so at basically how fast CO2 is leaving so the more pressure the bigger the bubbles are going to be forgiven liquid the cold

serve it or the warmers Target rather the larger the bubbles are going to be up for a given liquid because CO2 is going to be leaving it faster so if you want some KSI downside is it also doesn't taste as carbonated if you want Tickler liquid so whatever the alcohol content is is going to increase is going to affect both the bubble size and how carbonated taste the higher the alcohol content for given pressure the less carpet is going to taste and a smaller the four also what is in the drink besides alcohol can vastly affect the bubble side sew-in champagne that's actually done method shampoo are the products it during secondary fermentation on its leaves and those are these products break down over time and create the liquid actually becomes

such that the bubbles are smaller soda bubble size will be smaller for champagne that is aged vs. champagne that is unable definition pain took the longer you agent that the small if I was going to be all so they're smaller than if you would have taken place while I'm ahead and Andre fermented and and carbonated so it's what's in the product is going to determine the bubble size how cold it is and pressure good if I didn't write back on Father's Day Happy Father's Day Dave here who made jalapeno cheddar Doritos I have an orbit way and I turn powder do you want to know the best breakfast in Williamsburg or Manhattan I don't eat breakfast out

now he's gone sorry I'm here I generally do not Manhattan and that it's not a sit-down thing Barney Greengrass sturgeon can you ever been there stuff it's Upper Manhattan Barney Greengrass sturgeon can't get that old school New York and you know you get their omelette with the fish in it that's good to go to Russ and Daughters and get some amazing lox and bagels get their amazing cream cheese go out have a picnic it's nice out me to Roberto's I haven't really know I still need I really need to get all mad and expensive that's your favorite combination bad expansion also there's hardly ever reservation so you're waiting forever and you could already be eating and you're starving in the morning

how you want that Mimosa but no one else at the table is drinking and then you don't want to be the dick because you know they're going to split the check and you don't want to be the dick I could sense all of that just when you can't see the look on her face when I could send some of that okay back to the Doritos are kind of coating snack chips with powders kind of fellow right he's our car guru on that he says it Doritos are actually applied not as a powder but as a slurry spray like you not sure whether it's an oil-based or water-based Lurie that they've been dry out later but they make a slurry and spray it onto the ships which is why they get such an even coating over to find think Piper typically when he's making slurries does about 40% oil by weight with spice mixtures is going to put in but your results May Vary definitely don't want to do you don't want to add and Zorba to that saying what you want is in fact the in the cheddar powder that you

add is a lot of multi dextrin already which is an anti-caking agent which allowed them to spray dry it and that's going to get in your way too but here are the basic ingredients for Doritos Piper get some research when I was on the train over here they are cheese powder they had milk powder and whey protein because they want to be cheap and don't want to add extra cheese powder you can just add more cheese powder if you want or if you want to be more kind of Milky you know without more cheesy flavor you can add milk powder and whey protein powder and to get a tomato plant then they had various Pepper powder so you can Source all this stuff by the way Pepper powder so I don't know if otherwise I'm going to have to just get

myslice very thin and dry them out and then post them and then maybe we dehydrate them with his wiper says maybe incorporate them into a slurry or get other forms of powdered Peppers probably both sweet and and spicy and then salt probably a healthy chunk of salt and everyone's favorite ingredient specially Nastasia is MSG incident even want to mix all those things together and don't add any extra bulking agent because you seem to be bulky enough now you can either take the fresh chip as a first thing like a fry it pull it out like shake it off a little bit and then shake it with the powder in a quart container but you're going to get clumps Piper thinks the cops are coming probably from the Malto dextrin but it's hard to say or you could try spreading them out and then making the oil slurry and spraying it with a sprayer the trick is you get a sprayer that can spray powdered I don't have one so we don't do that type R Us try doing slurry just was shaking but it was kind of uneven coverage they might have to stay with powders but stay away from the ends or bit because you're not trying to absorb oil off of your tree

spread of a powder over top of the chip

the other Jon Stewart rights in that that's what he calls himself who are our real Jon Stewart thank you for the popcorn if I see other week ended up finding a decent used popcorn machine on Craigslist for a hundred twenty five bucks work great for family outdoor movie night Craigslist for apartments of her stuff did you sell stuff on Craigslist do you like those people to Ebay that I got to get used to the Craigslist the whole kind of like where they don't necessarily call you back so I was like that means they already sold it

free flow hey man I want my money is Gloria stuff I take a white glutinous rice by the way has no gluten as we all know a couple of hours and steam it by the way that I cook anymore but that's a Christian away and a priest so catch that kind of water and get it started and the steaming you can steam it through without any sort of agitation and doesn't kind of wash the awesomeness off of it and so it stays sticky an awesome and shiny and it looks great experiment disregard was a miserable failure

first of all if you haven't already tried this you need to go out and this is a separate has nothing to do with what you just asked but you need to go out and buy some black sticky rice or tie black sticky rice or whatever the black glutinous rice is the number to the things they call it but it is it's it's it's a long-range sticky rice so it's already unique there and they don't remember the outside so it's got it and they and the brand layer is black and when you cook it it kind of turns purple and it's it doesn't stick together but what's awesome about it is the inside of it has that gooey texture of sticky rice and the outside still has some Mike snap from the hall on the outside it's typically used for sweet recipes but I use it all the time because I just think it's awesome I love it. Same with the White House extremely well so black sticky rice if you haven't already tried it. You're going to love it everyone who tries it loves it very few people I know use it for his traditional desert you know

locations bike most people I know just like Dennis end up loving it. I know I do okay here's my rice cooking has gone way down hill since the past 10 years ago I was given the most butt kicking at the time I think there's higher levels now Zojirushi induction neuro fuzzy rice cooker that sucker is so awesome that it can you cook fairly good sticky rice just by pushing a button and letting it go to stay tuned for rice cooking and I think for a traditional Speedy solution to your problem at this color color you're on the air Queens is great I have questions about cocktail cherries and I know you're I know you're allergic to him which of the tragedy but hoping you could help me out

so cheap and confirm with side storage and firmness I've been doing cocktail cherries every year with sour cherries from the Green Market and I use the recipe from The New York Times where I heat up nursing a little cooler and a splash of almond extract and poured over the pit cherries in the jars and I put the jars in the fridge and two weeks later they are delicious. My first question is I'm assuming that I need to store it in the fridge but I've wondered if the sugar in the liqueur or the alcohol level cuz it's about 60 60 or 64 proof if that inhibits the formation or other nasty can I store it outside the fridge at room temperature What's the total weight of a total weight of cherries for the weight of alcohol about a year I bought a Ford or three or four to one ratio with cherries alcohol pint jar of appoint mason jar with cherries and then just cover them with the

mini question on yeast and mold is strictly comes down to the final proof of the product above 20/20 25% and your inhibiting acetobacter you're in hit in inhibiting your inhibiting I think most yeast off the top of my head I would think although I'm trying to think of what there's a bunch of reactions going for like and they have how long do they stay firmly believe in that why you want to leave your fridge to keep more of us indefinitely in the fridge I have some that are two or three years older that are so fantastic and no signs of mold or anyting my stepfather's grandfather in about 1920 put cherries in high-proof brandy and they aren't stored in the fridge

stored in their stored in the in the basement in in in my stepfather father's basement so he's now 93-94 there in his basement and they're still good on those are those milk bottles vacuum-sealed mason jar and then they they they pull them out and they're still three left I haven't had one since I was probably you know 13 12 13 and knocked me on my butt but at the time it's still it's still good to go another thing you might want to do it if you want to experiment with extremely firm flesh ones is

hit them with a little oval shape so come for a while and Noble shape and calcium just prior to the alcohol soaked and see whether or not they could I have a test because you know I can't eat them the old Italian way is that you leave that you clip the stems but leave the stems leave the stems in and they say that that is what keeps him from going mushy I don't know if that's true or false many people do that just so that they have the stem in the cocktail but I don't know what's your experience been with that are you still on person or stem off on the way and I don't people to choke on them but yeah that was my next question was going to be about the furnace cousin of the luxardo brand cherries are really just kind of needy and you know that mine will be as they taste great after 2 weeks in the end of the car they get kind of Slappy and I was just wondering if there was some sort of additive you know that I can use to preserve the texture so it's no folk am being sold by

YouTube I know more in Spanish I think they carry it now you can text but it requires extra calcium to work and you could also just try adding calcium and that's going to permit of the calcium I helps detect in Cross link is cross-linked the stuff in the presence of calcium is it accelerates that there are called pectin with a peck of meth last race of the enzyme and its there are natural ones in the in the fruit that will continue to work but you could just be no jacket with that the one issue with it is it unlike the pectinase enzyme that we use to break down fruit pulp I don't know how Noble shape response to alcohol concentration so I know that I know that the pectinex ultra sp-l pectinase that I used was it works fine and liquor I don't know about no shape to run

thermos I maybe I can spend so Scrappy so that I haven't had the chance but the guys are good for might even have like a protocol for it because I'm pretty sure that you stuff like that to do the chairs to that any sort of out of Galaxy was going to help you thank you thank you

ASAP okay so Jon Stewart first of all if you don't already on his or equivalent like super rice cooker they're they're just freaking they're just get this awesome but what it does is just controls the temperature very accurate use a pre-measured amount of water so unlike steaming where you keep steaming it until it absorbs enough water for a few perfect you have to pre measure the amount of water and they have a line for sticky rice and whatnot but the good news about these rice cookers is it they can cook mixed rice is fairly effectively because they just wait for everything to absorb the proper amount and then they click out for instance I today cooked white rice

regular crappy white rice on the brown rice setting of my rice cooker this morning for like an hour and a half and it was a little more blown out to normal but was pretty much fine so you might be able to get away I just using like a semi Brown setting or or even maybe the sticky rice setting but I will try to send me Brown may be of one of those cookers with mixed rice and get it the other thing is is that you're never going to get stickiness out of the brown rice right so you need to have enough sticky rice to end to have it stick together even though the brat the brown rice is always going to be inhibiting on your sticking it's always going to be flying you're sticking to it meant so sad because it's the actual accurate answer to Is is pretty simple and here it is ready do your do your soap do yourself a dog whatever you're going to do on the sticky rice have times because I didn't have any sticky rice I couldn't run a quick test

do yourself then before you steam the sticky rice boil brown rice in copious water right like it's pasta now you're going to boil it for anywhere between 10 and probably 25 minutes depending on how much more steaming time it's going to take in that with the sticky rice okay then after you parboil the stop don't let it cool down when doing a retrograde and parboiling think we're going to drain it Like It's a pasta start mix it in with your sticky rice and steamed as as usual now that the major variables here that's going to the to change how much you pre boil the brown rice before you start steaming and I can't say I would start if if the brown rice the last time you did it was close to being done I would boil it for maybe eight minutes 10 is somewhere in that the hard thing is is that rat like rice is going to cook a lot faster and copious boiling water because it can absorb

water a lot faster than a typical absorption method a lot of extra water around everyone knows that the last little bit of cooking is the hardest part to get right size when you're making like a chance because there's not as much free water around to get back into your products might only take like 5 minutes or I don't know I N N Nick's an instrument that should work

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Ed this weekend I went up to Riverside Drive some friends up there at the Riverside Park over there is nothing but there are other plants are the three things that struck me so many different kinds of Shad / Serviceberry trees all almost pretty much in season right now

8 ball of poison ivy poison ivy poison ivy but the good news is that the mulberry trees and the service berries are not in the DC you don't need to ruin yourself really sad part about it is that I saw no one no one Gathering or the serviceberries me and my crew we picked a couple of quarts of mulberries the red ones made it I made a cut myself a Pion on Father's Day let Mulberry pie but delicious and then I started noticing there so many mulberry trees around New York so I started sampling them

turns out they're incredibly variable in quality like like the stoning leave everyone quality like some are almost inedible their crap and some of them are amazing with the other Barry is a no kind of like not too musky off labor I like a little bit of Muskie Mulberry flavor in there but enough sweetness and also enough acidity a lot of like when the mulberries are very right that kind of black acidity in the kind of little flabby and flat so you have to taste all your mulberry trees around you and now is the time to live in New York where the upper bound of of them and take them over there there's beer in the United States are native mulberries the red Mulberry morus rubra which is can be very delicious but the problem is is that the imported these white mulberries morus Alba which app which the good news about

but as you can tell if you've been there like a little more vegetable like they're alright me like they're no kind of their know if there no more but the problem is he's a hybrid guys like lunatics they're just like they hybridize with our with our native mulberry trees and they produce all of these like weird process so delicious and some of which are within just straight-up you know red mulberries are white mulberries a taser incredibly different than some fool has developed fruitless mulberry trees which is like I can't even I can't even describe there no polite term to describe play what I think because she is so messy crap on you for like 2 to 3 weeks are coming off a tree it's like it's like the most awesome the first of all of my beautiful trees so I can see

if you don't want the fruit still park your car under it saying jerks jerks should I cook I cook what I cook a Crab Shack berry tree on this very block I used to all the time until they built three are they built the parking lot for the for the End by next to Roberta's and this would you know I just walked by and you could just get up pull down a branch full some very soft in the be on your way send some pictures when did they not get that it was probably two or three years ago at this point but when I first moved in around here and and it was a sad day when I noticed it was gone. Sucks

just get a couple they're going to stay in the hell out of your hand so you're going to look like a vampire to I get blood all over yourself so there's a couple on up near Wheat we had some yesterday Stars right near Cosimo know where we went for lunch and then seeing their really good the ones by my by the parking lot near my house real Spinners real Spinners but I wish we still have the one from this person who knocked down was it I don't think so I think it's for that there's a parking lot for the wanton Factory that's also down the street I think it has to do with that yeah I can't imagine that the reverse people would knock down the Mulberry absolutely edible

Uncle like a local forager by any means compared to people who actually our local foragers but I mean that stuff it's delicious and it's right there and so depressing and not seeing people eating free dairy free food right now like if you like if you live to see the problem is that people aren't used to branching out of their normal what date what they eat you know so I can retrieve Arizona all the time cuz my in-laws live in Arizona there's all this free free Citrus on the street and no one eats it because it's our but it makes great lemonade they're basically or marmalade and if they're sitting there rotting because no one wants to free Fruit but if all of our was going to show you that fruit at you know X you know for whatever then you be like old is great people are dumb. You guys night not listeners Tom Fisher Allina Coon Recon follow up

remember Tom is having some trouble with us weakness team around the valve on his Kuhn rikon pressure cooker and I had a couple other people right in saying that they have had similar problems that maybe there was a QC issue for a while cuz my never did that you know my never did that anyway so I wrote him back and here's what Jill Stroup between Recon did thank you this is to to Tom thank you for providing additional information about where was making it would not it is normal to have a slight hissing coming from your valve as long as it is coming up to pressure and not leaking any water from the valve your pressure cooker will work as it should please let me know if you have any additional questions regarding real scoop so they're not owning it

I'm sorry about that time a little bit of Steam not remember we talked about steam coming out of the pressure cooker and the flavor loss and it in a pressure cooker because of the steam coming out the ones that actually vent steam vent a lot of steam they're like the whole time and you can see steam coming out and I think that you know small amount of steam coming out probably won't have as much a fact but that's probably a little Solace to you William McGee Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator and been using it like crazy could cause caliber is a good tea hydrate or dehydrate things like you hate that sounds like herb herb herb

he's okay tomatoes and bananas bananas taste and it's chewy I've read is store bought banana chips are either freeze-dried or fried any way to make them crispy without frying fries right here's the problem in a normal dehydrator as it as it dehydrates the the cells are going to collapse down and there's really almost nothing you can do about it unless you can either preserve the structure which is done in freeze-drying by freezing and then sublimating the liquid out of it or frying where the water is boiling out of it at a kind of a ferocious rate and keeping the structure expanded until it's dry enough to hold its own weight afterwards I really like that that's the problem. There are very few things you can do at at home to mimic that you can for instance par dehydrate bananas and then explosively puff them in the museum of food and drink

popping gun there are a bunch of people who have dried fruits and vegetables using explosive popping techniques the little bit outside the range what you can do at home another thing that's outside the range what you could do at home that does a similar thing is microwave vacuum dehydration now please do not tamper with your microwave in any way I can be very very dangerous that said I've done it and I had very miserable results when I was trying to do vacuum microwave dehydration with shows that even if you have a fair amount of a willingness to mess around with the technical aspects of thing it's not exactly a simple to do I tell you what the main problem with microwave vacuum dehydration is the principal there is that you put a vacuum on your product and can you put a microwave to boil the water out but because it's under a vacuum it doesn't spoil it very high temperature so that the products don't get in the sugars don't caramelize and it keeps

now the problem is is that if you even slightly overheat a portion of the thing with the microwave and it's under a vacuum you who can start a carbonized the outside once he goes black you get Hughes plasma arcs coming out of it and so you it forms almost like a giant light bulb on the inside of your microwave and it's an awful burning terrible smell and not to mention the fact that you are you modify your microwave and you know how to hook up vacuum machine up to a sister to get to nightmare nightmare now the other question I have an option to buy a used vacmaster vp215 the one with the oil base pump for a good price what are the things you need to check out to make sure it's in good working condition unit about a year old and is primarily used in a home that's always keep up the awesome work here's what you need to do first of all check to make sure it seals bags if the Teflon seal a bar across at the seal bars kind of burnt that's not such a big deal because

you have to replace that Teflon tape to goes over the seal bar in a relatively regular basis anyway open the machine run it for like 5-10 minutes to heat up the pump and a boil out any minute Center in the oil then stick a container of ice water into it close it and run it if you can eventually want to say eventually after like you know several men boil the ice water then you're then you're pump probably in pretty good shape it can boil it off and then you know you're doing well I have to boil that see if it can boil like cold tap water tap water also probably doing okay make sure the gauges work properly other than that write a check right off the bat mean it should sound smooth shouldn't sound like it has any any problems but other than that that's also make sure that they vacuum setting knob that allows you to change what the preset vacuum is make sure that it works properly it's a lot of times a vacuum gauge can go on it

those Kashi wanted maximum vacuum so you can see what he can do when he's trying to pull all the way down here and make sure that I can actually that that thing works a lot of times that goes. That's a big deal but check was that she was going to okay we got this one in from Scott at in Guelph and although we don't know where is at the University of Guelph or not

we don't know yet maybe hotels play Hey Hey Hey hammer and I can sound like it's cool it's it from getting hit over the head with a hammer

I've been eating a lot lately. Coffee espresso as well as a cup of coffee and they says stop running your being stubborn. Now she freaks out when someone throws a similar hate down

but we all know that it's Tasha prefers coffee that she gets on the corner out of the person who like lives in that metal box which is not the case or saying you know the highest quality beans are really cares about him that my job quality if the quality of coffee mimics the quality of the buttered kaiser roll then Kaiser rolls are so awesome. I love those swirly shape with the puppies right you don't like a plan cuz I got a chance there a lot of people out there doing a lot of techniques in experimenting with different variables I got a chance to try cat crap coffee couple years ago and I really like the richest and strength of the coffee without the bitterness or harshness what he's referring to hear of course is Kopi Luwak civet cat to sit it just a little creature it's also the same creature that day that they

kind of keeping cages in North Africa to get to North Africa and get Musk from people are up in arms about it but that what happens over and Kopi Luwak land Pacific there is the Civic cats run around eat the choicest ripest coffee cherries with by the way don't taste good I've had coffee cherries they don't taste anything like a cherry so I thought you're a traitor choices ripest ones and the great thing about these are civet cat things is they they they always go to the same place and they crap in the same place and they crap out a load of beans and you know they do it pretty quick cuz you know their height of cabinet because there caffeine in those beans as well and I'm sure that the fruit does a similar thing to you that though that the Brew does since I'm sure it's a silly cats are like running over there

they've been kind of D hold that points and their intestinal system which is somewhat short does some work on the outside of it and supposedly makes me being awesome. He sounds like a cat scratch fever like that Nugent is Ted Nugent right here's my rundown try and recreate the cat crap with non excreted coffee beans first of all and it's just got like letting letting you listeners know his technique which I have never tried before so maybe we'll try to create this but not actually being first of all you need a phone on a coffee filter the keys to hydrate the grounds first you boil a kettle of water and then pour the freshly boiled water on the ground little bit like the eye sign that said that you developed a developed for Infusion and start the process of dissolving all the coffee goodness

after about five minutes by the kendalls cool to the ideal temperature for coffee extraction tablespoons of coffee for regular 12 oz coffee cup the whole traction take between 30 seconds and 1 minute this is nothing at all the richest and flavor out of the coffee but not long enough to get the acidity in the tannins a result of the very rich Brew without the harshness it even tastes good when is gone cold I know you love expresso but this is a brew that is impressive even if it lacks a slap in the face beauty of espresso So Loved Someone like I do not know teaching my Hospitality student teach me how to make hard candy stained glass sculptures even assembly instructions with hot glue or molten sugar was talking about my smile because isomalt is not hygroscopic so it doesn't shut up you know doesn't suck up moisture from the atmosphere as regular sugar does and it also doesn't Brown as much when you boil it you can read when you heat it

reheated remelt a couple times without getting all brown and breaking down the way sucrose does anyway and it's been over there for those who don't don't do sugar work is there to invert a portion of the sugar cuz that ass it at high temperature high blood sugar breaks the sucrose into fructose and glucose glucose that invert the invert is there to prevent recrystallization of the sugar is it cools you got to get the amount right otherwise it otherwise it was too soft and that we crystallization since you have experience with 3D printing food I was wondering if you had any thoughts about 3D printing sugar rather than chocolate or Masa Paste can you imagine chowing down on anastacio shaped jawbreaker or just breaking it to breaking it so here's the thing there aren't there's a I think it's the name of the website cuz I forgot to look it up and evil mad scientist I think

are the rap rap guys and they did a extruded sugar and so what the extruded sugar I believe either in the more sugar or into cornstarch and made a giant wood screw out of sugar sugar sugar has been 3D printer for a long time and there are tons of Pastry Art's people out there who load isomalt sticks they don't use sugar steaks to use isomalt sticks in the hot glue guns and then use the ice mistakes as hot glue there's in fact a company called I thinks get sassy sassy shot is the name of the thing that sells a TaylorMade item for this I would use the low temperature glue guns and realize that you were probably burn yourself and say it again you're going to burn yourself and then as a secondary thing you might want to know that going to burn yourself also the auto-feed things don't work so you're going to have to use a chopstick on a stick to push the isomalt through the glue gun do not use one that was already used on glue get a fresh one and also

believe use the low temperature too low wattage ones cuz I've heard the other ones the sugar doesn't melt out in the nothingness and sprays all over and does what

yeah Burns you

second I just wondering Dave there's a whole bunch of info on sucrose syrup water concentrations working boiling temperature do you have any other sugars are sugar alcohols what's the temperature versus concentration curve for fructose dextrose or Xylitol do any of the sugars have interesting properties other than isomalt Scott well yeah the book you want to look at that has a lot of those charged is an alternative sweeteners edit by Lynn O'Brien Neighbours at and it's a lot of it's available on Google books on Amazon to sift through including some of the things I like isomalt and Xylitol to get there there sugar versus concentration curves temperature versus concentration curls in and how soluble they are in other words how high solids you can get out of it and other properties obviously xylitol is cooling I haven't played with it with isomaltulose which is a sucrose derivative and are the cool thing about that

processing your gut which means it doesn't set your butt on spray if you eat too much of it which causes multiple trips to the bathroom but that way apparently isomaltulose does not and it's absorbed slower which I believe is extremely fermentable you know what you might be able to use it to back sweeten beers after fermentation and then not have them get further fermented by the yeast although I'm not sure I haven't checked out very much so I'm not sure but look at it okay to believe this I get the phones are inherently flavorful which is why we using for making stock but I don't see how the phone can transfer flavor to grilling environment thanks Mike I agree with you I don't think it does what happens with a bone

using a stock using it for gelatin extraction and for the meat that stuck to it but when you're doing it in a we're doing grilling environment really if there is a heat module 8 the heat so that you don't overcook it some people like knowing on the bones and so there's that but I don't really think it's adding a much flavor to it okay so it looks again we have about clostridium perfringens and Rachel. In the mic microbiologist from Harvard and Harold McGee who sent me the greatest scientific paper I have ever read about Salt Rising bread and clostridium in the Salt Rising bread and about this awesome cassava product from you know from Cameroon in Africa that I've eaten and how they all link together and how this

same with gas gangrene and wound of victims in World War one but I guess there's no time cooking issues

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