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Episode 129: No More Apricots

this is Chris Young co-author of modernist cuisine and co-founder of we've just launched a free course on spherification that's quick and to-the-point it teaches the fundamentals and then revealed the details the best chefs use to create amazing dishes that border on culinary Alchemy sign up now at chefsteps. Com. Every Tuesday probably 12:45 or as usual we have on the show our good buddy Ariel from

someone reported 72128 that someone 8497 to 128 South how you doing I'm good thank you report other people did not see if we do anything I can't remember I don't think we did anything is doing some sort of the cocktail party at someone's house to write like 30 people are something we going to do whatever liquid nitrogen all sorts of crazy things get nice nice and I'm going to inspect are puffing puffing gun today after the program okay so I mean let the cat out of the bag is going to it's going to take off the heater RI Museum president or Devin had directed ready for end of summer and so we're going to do is we're probably going to kick start this thing to try and get some money until we can get the stuff to build it out right

I have to make it before that I was going to do a Kickstarter for that torch and we still are four reasons no batteries new batteries and just because we're also working on another product the same time that you haven't revealed yet and we have a little bit of question of which we want to launch first so we're holding off a little while on searzall Kickstart but it's not that we miss our deadline

it's already actually do it it's just a question of strategic re in the booker and Dax team as to what's going to go up for a stress has been pretty much true so let me go right into the matter how you guys doing I was wondering

what's the store hours for edible schoolyard maybe you saw her sister like that we did record Alice Waters what is a two weeks ago evolutionaries recording with her so her kind of a life story I just got finished editing that so interesting if she she really doesn't want that edible schoolyard idea to be proprietary at all she wants as many people to take it as she does exactly mean from Alaska I'm finally going to get to your question because I'm not a bad person as people make me out to be a good are you on your food safety stuff you still up on that

marginally you had to study that crap when you were doing stuff right

handle touch a flow Touch of food safety you're up for caller you're on the air

is Dave and Tasha at all

answering my question a couple weeks back have a quick question about juicing in Vitamix Vitamix alot thanks to you by the way nice my love that makes it good good good blending product

yes well he's making smoothies to get a bunch of good stuff and my question is when it comes to doing more of a juice product without having to get a nut milk bag and squeeze it and all that sort of messiness what would you recommend for straining so what kind of juice is he looking to do

I don't know we've done like you know chard from the garden with green Hood apple and ginger and I took the call ya overpriced juices with a juice bar at home problem means the main problem if you're doing things like ginger it's not such a problem because there's not many there are there's their things and ginger but you're usually not using enough Ginger to have it completely you know feel your juice with with with a with a bunch of Blended pectin it's a it's a blended pectin in things are going to make things very very difficult for you to free to strain out because they increase the thickness of it to an extent where it just it just doesn't want to strain very very much now when I will say is that if you do get one of the of the elect the word nut milk bag that's my new favorite word

you can try but it's going to be difficult not to get to that place if you get any one of these are straining bags or super bags that let you tie them off such that no product can get out of it one really fast way to get a liquids out like that restraining is to put them into a bag like that tie them off throw them in a salad spinner and just start spitting them out and that little bit of extra centrifugal force in the on the bag speeds or drainage by you know by I would say an order of magnitude would probably like a factor of 5 something on that range and it's also going to eat first and then what you do is you throw the bag in there you give her and give her a couple spins with the thing you spent and then you pull it out and then you grabbed a bag and you like massages contents around a free up the pores and you spend another couple couple of times at the technique to put on the Block but it's a technique I developed to help people when they're doing quick agar clarification cuz most people in there doing quick agar clarification a squeeze the they squeeze the bag too hard and they

bagghar through the bag and they else have a difficult time getting their yield up until that was something I developed to help with that a second thing you know if you have to go to buy a little bit of tack the next Ultra sp-l enzyme and blend that in with the product and that you know over if you blend at us warm then you know it's almost good to go right away but you know if you'll wait a little while it really helps thin out your product and makes it a lot easier to just get more product through for instance a regular chinois the other thing you can do what is another thing you could do it mean if you're having trouble if if if you're having trouble with a duel or dual Parts trainer that makes things a lot faster so if you're going through first something course to pick up anything left over. There's a lot of course stuff after the fight of prep and then going through your finer straining like a person to bag or something like that then you're going to get a much faster drain through on on the secondary

strength routine gotten some of the bigger stuff out right away to prevent kind of instinct logging you still have your strainer on the inside to re clear the pores as you're going is going to make it drain faster and of course a good old-fashioned hitting the side of the strainer with your with your fist and it's going to kind of Pop the stuff off the porch would help a drain faster is it is helpful or not

Yeah so basically I mean there's not you're basically saying a stranger and a nut milk bag do not do not like a China really super fine china cap or something like that type of thing like you know there's two basic ones we use it I called him both kind of machine water trying to cap one is a piece of sheet metal with holes drilled in it right that's the coursework and the fine one is literally a piece of cloth like a a piece of of a wire cloth and it's very can be very very fine wire cloth and those things are great so those you put it in and then initially you pour your product in there and you hit it with that you you hold the handle and you hit it with you hit that right by the handle with your with your fist and it and it can ride with or you just take a ladle or a spoon and costly scraped the side the clock to read read free out the pores or another alternative is go through an old school Tammy

and you just take a pastry scraper and scraped back and forth across the Tammy and you can get very very fine Tammy's you can actually buy them industrially as a as a bolting saves or as a match-grade you can pick with match-grade you get because people use it to sort out particles like in the real life and that you scrape your pastry scraper across it and you can get a lot of you know a lot of products do that way but I would recommend a chinois if you can get it because it kind of funnels a liquid down until much smaller area easier to catch into a Pyrex or a or a picture or whatever but the to me yeah I mean yes I like the Smashing motion I like but you just get a feel for it is you when you're smashing it I know they liked it when you're smashing you get like a like a bloop that'll fly up and flat back down into your into your she wants to make sure you don't shoot the bloop into the stuff that you've already strained that's depressing

directory is a damper as well for that got it thank you guys are really helpful

okay Trish back to Pauline's question so for those who do not remember I will read

I weigh at this point I'm not me I do not live in the interior of Alaska I live here in New York. I live in interior Alaska to make annual pilgrimage to dip net the yearly quota of various salmon species which sounds awesome like it's like a walk and then she goes on to say this is one of the greatest things about living in Alaska that and obviously the giant cabbage we ever going to get that you're honest I wouldn't talk about this right now but like Steve hubachek the world's largest cabbage grower right in Alaska cuz for those of you that don't remember respond to number of hours of daylight and there's going to keep growing as long as the number of hours of daylight are high enough and it's not freezing of cabbage going to keep growing right so they get cabbage is there was a lot of cops out right and so we were going to we were going to let you know by have a state fair in Onalaska I forget what town it's in but Davis

State Fair and they have a giant vegetables competition in but they also have a you know a giant like Spike the kind of the queen or King depending on what you look at everything is not you the belle of the ball would say and said I couldn't take the most famous one and we wanted to get one of Steve hubachek season one of his prize and then make like the world's largest single head serving of coleslaw with like a chainsaw on a woodchipper I'm not mad at 9 it's not that not that that means it's someday you and I stars are going to have to take an airplane to Alaska

the most dangerous kind of sea plane is the amphibious ones with the wheels that come out of the Pontoon because it like all the pilots say it's not a question of if you're eventually going to land in forget to pull the landing gear up and land with landing gear down in water which instantly flips the plane by the way like you man with the landing gear on an answered and you flipped that suffer in the water crashing the motorcycle mask isolation got some in a steak store near Media consumption and leave a few hole for extravagant harvest party not like Italian pastry chef stuff they sell in are still in the store are smoked salmon we almost Jerky like and full of a smoky slightly salty slightly sweet flavor Isle of smoked salmon and want to do it better learn more

Metrobus I'd like to hear what you might suggest including ways you'd like to use this fish candy and like I said I believe I mentioned this even when I didn't answer your question there is a huge difference between the stuff that they sell in the store and properly really beautiful awesome you know Nova style smoked cured salmon and lox I mean stuff that you can get in a supermarket is indeed Paladin pasty are the hand sliced stuff is freaking awesome but it's not what you're looking for and I think that most of stuff that they make the really high quality stuff say if it sent it apparently that's not the style that appreciated by the actual Alaska natives they're probably getting something that was shipped back from the lower 48 up to Alaska and then serve to them and that would be an insult to be an insult to get for her to get this crappy salmon like cured in the lower 48 in a substandard way pre-sliced with some sort of preserve

vacuum packed and shipped up to her right back I'll be like smack in the face if you were going to smoke you be smoking in a relatively large area like a shed or something with a relatively small fire which would mean cold smoking right but that's that's kind of trials and tribulations of of curing and smoking by the way back in the day when there are various different things have occurred and some estate around because they're more or less safe but not all traditional smoking techniques can actually but not a guarantee of safety so the first the first thing is is you're probably not doing a traditional like certain areas where they cured fish they didn't have a lot of salt line around beak

I took a lot of energy to produce all especially in colder climates of climates vowel a son reading it aloud drying effect or places where there's high humidity or they have a large so they would time do slow salt things with just when drying and and also perhaps smoke presumably you don't have that problem and you're doing what it's become it might have been all along in Alaska for all I know which is you going to Salt it for a while or salt and sugar it for a while to get the salt content up there that's going a different be good for flavor up to certain point with boys especially if you're doing the jerky can you stop stop they're probably a good bit of sugar in there with probably go similar to grovel Ox cures which can be anywhere from like a two to one sugar salt to 121 depending on how your prior looking at it right get a certain amount of salt into the meet your then going to hang it wet for a little while to let the salt level equilibrate call Equalization rides

but it actually seeps into the whole thing that initial salt load is and hopefully do this part under Refrigeration so much because the salt levels involved aren't necessarily shown to not prevent the growth of listeria you know unless you super salted but then it's going to be unpalatable frustrating so equilibrate at fridge temperature and then you're going to hang them up to dry with a smoke right out and so I went around and looked about it and by the way you know that just look up on online and that with the relative actual brine strength the problem with most recipes if they just give a brine strength which isn't really a hundred percent useful because it's going to depend upon the ratio of Brian to fish and soaking times and all that other people actually just put salt on it so I'm not going to try and get into this I would just I would just go to any one of the many

University any State University for instance smoking fish at home from the University of Alaska Fairbanks has like a website on this and follow one of their recipes for salt levels so at the first thing you got to get rid of in a salmon is parasites right so I like different kinds of worms that are growing in them some of which can be zoonotic a they can jump from salmon and infest you awesome right I think the one I read the study on was associated with eating raw now here's the bad news salting doesn't necessarily kill the larvae cold smoking does not necessarily kill the larvae hot smoking kills the larvae and freezing kill the larvae now there are some websites that have said for instance smoking fish

freezing the raw product at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for two weeks or longer before assaulting and smoking when freezing the product of home freezer may take several days to reach 0 Fahrenheit throughout the entire fish is very interesting that they wrote books they had to freeze it before you salt and smoke did I read on the USDA where they didn't seem to care whether you froze it before or after if if you can and you feel comfortable doing it I highly recommend freezing it afterwards and here's why the more water that present in in the food right when you're going to freeze it the more crystal growth you going to get in the more texture damage you're going to get and I would think it would alter the appearance and you get higher drip loss which isn't necessarily a good way to get rid of moisture in this in the falaise before their smoked and dried out you see any reason why you can't freeze it afterwards Ariel

I don't think so I mean unless there's something like I'm frozen Brian that the first I could live in but that doesn't freeze it before or after I mean concentration increasing the brain concentration that much you would think that that would kill them I would seem to me that you could then the question is whether you're going or you're going to cold smoke it I would read just for your own edification fish smoking procedures for forced convection smokehouses was written in 2001 by a Kenneth S hilderbrand Junior seafood processing specialist at Oregon State University and they go through a lot of the parameters of smoking now paper online

to the FDA fda's fish and fishery products hazards and control guidance specifically processing parameters needed to control pathogens in cold smoked fish for cold smoked a situation and act like these are both online and there's a there's a lot a lot of a lot of things that your there's three main things that you're that you're looking at the thing that people are most worried about in cold smoking

backup back up when we already talked about parasites right to smoking unless you hot smoked it to kill it's not going to kill the parasites right another problem with another problem with a

micro Micro Labs is listeria monocytogenes listeria can grow in cold environments is not killed by cold smoking is not killed by salting right so what you want to do is you either want to have to not worry about listeria which means if you are actually cold smoking you think that cold smoking wood would increase listeria by a lot but actually the range of cold smoking isn't fridge temperature there it's more like room temperature up to 80 90 degrees Fahrenheit in that range you'll preferentially grow lactic acid bacteria and the lactic acid bacteria are good competitive Inhibitors of listeria monocytogenes if you keep high enough to Hot Smoke it you're killing a listeria wiping it out and dangerous part in smoking is if you fluctuate in temperatures that kill and prevent lactic acid bacteria from growing but don't kill listeria so in that weird range of like a hundred and 203

in that kind of like that range you have a possibility of wiping out your lactic culture time and temperature have to go look up the specific numbers but not wiping out a listeria so you want to make sure that your zone is either hot enough to kill listeria or cold enough to not inhibit your lactic acid bacteria that makes sense so then the other thing you want to worry about is you don't want to culture anaerobic bacteria while you're doing this very closely confined situations you are producing relatively anaerobic environments however in cold smoking the only way to really do cold smoking is introduced a lot of air along with the combustion products and so it's almost always an aerobic process and almost always there for will not be growing clostridium any kind of like in there right this is all that don't take my word for it please do not take my word for it go read the the USDA in the fda's website on it and you know some of the other safety sites out there but those are the Mets

those are the main issues if you're actually turned onto a jerky situation then you're probably getting a low enough water activity that is not really it's not going to be too much of an issue and if you are worried about food safety on this kind of stuff a little bit and they don't add it much commercial but a little bit of pink salt pranks all night riots on the fish will also prevent any sort of an equestrian thing from from from Bryan and if you make sure you dry out the outside not so fast that it's like totally dry the inside still wet right show local on the outside which is a dry thing on the outside who ever from a food safety standpoint you're much better having me outside still be at least a key when you start heading to hard smoke on it because then the inherent antimicrobial products property for the smoke I can have a fact we're so they can be blunted if you have a full pellicle on the outside

that's awesome in the in the in the literature any good ideas you guys were you out I just eat that stuff right so expensive here they call salmon jerky and salmon candy that like I just eat it by itself I never used it for anything however it would be fantastic rated over pasta mean obviously be delicious pasta

right yeah I know you don't like the Target right yeah

flavor you don't understand over-the-air what

any kind of things to deal with sort of like white truffles it's like too extravagantly expensive expensive doesn't mean that you can't do all kind of wacky crazy stuff to it for me it's like it's like the time it's only gave us like a little block of tea that cost $400 and they didn't tell us that it cost $400 and we made a drink with it like a bourbon it's like if it's really expensive unless you're rich right you don't get to have it very often so it's like any sort of nuance in the thing of your product maybe you're probably can make like our bourbon drink maybe it was better than the TV by itself right but that's not the point the point is you can't have this to you very often and you want to absorb all the nuances even if something is the best thing in the world if it's me no dripping off of every rafter

and you can eat something by itself enjoy its nuances and then you can work with it because it's not prohibited expensive to get more of it if you messed up sulfites in food safety and Allergy stuff today looks like we always going in what's it called like that one sweet and yours have any other favorites California I live in the Central Valley

I like mangoes

this is one of the reasons I like stars is like just like the straight-up non sequitur like they can both be good products right but you're saying that if you could push a button and wipe out every apricot tree and have dried mangoes on Jack. Jack, okay good dried apricot over a mediocre fresh apricot yeah they stay mostly suck one to make it to the store they suck and here's something I don't like is like no offense California but like the little or the little ones that are done whole they're good but they're not like baller they're not awesome like the big flat split rightly orange plenums that you get from California high grade California producers like I would take those

over many things in life


I haven't even music for pizza yet but like tortillas or sharing fake you put that sucker on the grill and get it on high for a few minutes I mean it's it Cooks things I'll send you got you got it from that guy who's associated with modernist cuisine it's up to 100% traffic report

answer the question and it's actually my thing is actually about washing dishes on the west coast they have taken the detergent

for water quality issues and doesn't work are you up with what's going on with the West Coast detergents Jenny the research is it say the guy with the phosphates right and I don't have those cuz I'm here in New York so that they don't work they don't work we're spit

it does expect expect on your dish when it goes in the dishwasher when it comes out if it's nice to know email it to us as part of next week stuff to research and I'm going to research anything cuz I haven't looked into it yet anything that there is to know about this problem and maybe even I'll try to put her to call the manufacturer and see whether they can give me some willing to say to the stuff doesn't work as well it's like in the old days with the model cement right tester and I've ever met plastic models testers they had the blue tube cement that was safe and the Redtube cement that contained a bunch of toluene and we all knew that the toluene worth 9 times better so we never bought the Bluetooth stuff and I think testers pretty much agreed there like yeah the volume stuff works better that's why we still make it even though it's not cool. I'll do some research

next time around

all right I'll talk to you about it next week so I'm trying to get a dehydrated apricots I have an awesome. I like 8 because it sounds like a like a monkey apricot okay. That's the Cowardly Lion song where they got that I ain't got her a mi misma like this is a thing like this generation just below mine or a couple things below mind like look every Thanksgiving you watch the wizard doesn't matter you watch every Thanksgiving and after like ten eleven twelve times doing this you to know the whole movie about it anyway I have an awesome Excalibur dehydrator Excalibur like Square format Excel and it has the biggest the most of the small

easy to get ones and tens of dehydrating and it also works in a square format which is much better for for anyone that thinks is straight okay to say that the cut fruit should be dipped in either ascorbic acid in ascorbic acid bath or a sulfite bath in order to prevent Browning which bath is most effective for preventing Browning and for how long should I keep the fruit and I have are both ascorbic acid and potassium metabisulfite purchase from my local homebrew shop I am concerned about the health risk of sulfide especially since my wife has asthma and it seems like a self I scan in pack asthmatics thanks so much Brian okay yeah so in order in terms of actually making fresh fruits not turn brown sulfites including bisulfite to metabisulfite are by far the best and then just below them is ascorbic acid right underneath that

is a Blanche Blanche in or steam in steaming them to kill them kill it to wipe out the enzymes and then well well below that is not doing anything so if you go to the like the Moon quotes natural food stores and you get the natural Brown gross-looking dried fruits you will find that not only do they look bad compared to their more process shall we say Brethren right there these ones are boys mascot to be happy but also they don't taste as good because so what you going to want to do is now by the way you don't want to over if you add too much salt to do to just taste if you're not

Chantilly to sulfites taste that powder it taste nasty I don't like it a lot of people say they can't detect the sulfites and things I can taste all fight and I can't a sulfite bath salt to sulfites and sulfur is actually getting consumed by the process of what is doing so you're not you're not getting all of the flavor on the fruit when it's done that you're getting if you dip and taste a bath by itself and so I've never used it as a dehydration a but according to the literature when they're doing it commercially they're using extremely powerful Solutions of bisulfites like on the order of two to 5% with his well higher than what you be using the folks at Excalibur recommend dissolving between 1 and 2 teaspoons of bisulfite or a little over two teaspoons of a regular sodium sulfite but you don't have into each quart of water which looks to me of did some back-of-the-envelope math is about a half of a percent or in that range

you know what I mean I have to a little over half you know up to 3/4 to a percent or a little more and let it soak in that for about 5 minutes for a slice they say or 15 minutes for larger have fruits okay that's what I'm looking for in in sulfites you're going to need probably a lot more than that of ascorbic acid you probably going to have to use

are you going to sprinkle ascorbic acid on but I don't do that or make up and toss it or make a bath but I would probably do a percent or two of us korbich acid and I wouldn't be that the fresh fruit stuff like with ball makes because that's just a mixture of citric acid in ascorbic acid the citric acid isn't really an antioxidant it's just lowering the pH which makes it more difficult for the enzyme to do their dirty work right if you're going to blanch as opposed to using sulfites the problem is is that that that wipes out the enzymes but it isn't actually an antioxidant and even without the polyphenol oxidase enzymes that are in the fruit eventually over time you'll get non enzymatic Browning of the pot so it's not a long long-term solution another thing you're going to want to do with apricot is to push it like when you take the haves push to have to break their backs that's going to open up more of the fruit of the apricot the speed or dehydrating and the fan

sure you get it down without case Harding it the battery going to be from a quality stand for on sulfites and asthmatics I went to Fay which is now owned by Serta Thermo scientific and they're the people that make the rapid immunoassays for different allergens and should have a very good website vaidya. Cam PHA now there are there gig what they make their money off of is protein-based you know ige antibody tests as a switch or protein reaction so they don't really do sulfites but they had something on it and is there a website which is pretty good says that roughly two little under 2% of the general population has some sort of sensitivity to self buy at some level navigate day she was everyone who's everyone who says that no one has a problem with sulfites especially in the wind is going natural sulfites in wine that's true it's true but you know that the fact of the matter is

sulfite is not like an all-or-nothing situation it is very dose dependent on what kind of reaction going to get so 2% less than 2% of the general population is sensitive to some reasonable amount of sulfite in food on the flip side if you are asthmatic and probably according to the data I've read if you if you have asthma that responds to steroid therapy right in the form of steroid inhalers I think like that at 4 to 8% of asthmatics in that category are sensitive to it to it so I see you're looking at probably four times greater than the average population which is a lot but doesn't mean that your wife is necessarily

allergic to it now it's not one of those things that is where it's like well people are know they're just hysterical about it there's been a double blind Placebo studies with sulfites in Seal capsules so there's no possibility of tasting the sulfur with Joshua that MSG is not something that causes reactions double blind Placebo capsule based studies and deposit it to that we're giving different levels of sulfites in wines and a good bit of blind and a good bit of them had a very severe asthmatic reactions to it so I don't fool around with it you going to want if you think that she might be you know if she does if she has like a wines that are known high in sulfites all the time and she eats dried fruits and she has no problem

she has no problem if she's had problems in the past I would go to a doctor and they do is call the challenge study we're in a controlled environment in case you go into in case you have a very severe asthma attack they they can fix you right away but following the rules that the Excalibur people you're probably can have a lower level of sulfites and you would in a highly doped out commercial thing anyway and if she has no problem with that you probably won't have any problem with you yeah break time

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at chefsteps. Com if you're not a fan of us you can go there you might like them anyway even if you hate us you might like them we had anyone hipsters hipsters and the really bad roads Linda court date are you supposed to write on my calendar look it up when I get back to the story Road in from the website kcd which is like a

fantastic minimalist webcomic about science and math and

things like that love to look at the account with a graph of time on the x-axis and the y-axis is a prevalence 9 or as it's put here how often I see... And it starts out and in time is over the course of years and years and what's interesting is is that at the first part of first line in the graph is a hipsters how often I see them and I ate the follows basically a logistic equation for a grow where it starts out in basically a log face growth there's a goes into a log phase growth in the after the log phase growth a kind of plateaus out to a certain kind of stable population number of the carrying capacity of hipsters presumably in Brooklyn or wherever it is right

similar slightly lower right below the maximum number of pictures right like you have a like a lag of a about a year while you're incubating the beginning of the of the complaints about hipsters and then they go into their log phase of growth and then much longer lag phase is complaints about the constant use in discussion with the word hipster and then and then even it's still in the log face we don't know what the final carrying capacity is but presumably lower is complaints every level of meta opinion on hipsters represent the same tedious navel-gazing by insecure people right and then just starting but with an extremely extremely high thing plateaued out

away like after a unit of one is grass making it all worse which includes itself too self-referential so thank you for that good fellow 8 years back Master hammer in the boys I like that and the boys Hammer monster trucks that are no voices is the monster trucks are comparable to the Mini pack or other commercial vacuum chamber vacuum machine you can go a little into detail as to where the VP model doesn't measure up even better in my case

what to use in residential applications will never be using a commercial setting thanks in advance from Edmonton Alberta Health and daddy issue with it is is that it doesn't have the same kind of a very strong vacuum pump and it also has a much smaller chamber size than is in any of the kind of commercial machines that I'm used to have taken over there as being the tech guy and he's more than more legit in French and it seems like a serious actual Frenchie anyway the vacmaster people sent him a free one at the school to test you know we got Kannapolis Police anyway. That's that's that's some language born in that for nothing anyway so

any real comments on my guess is that it won't handle a diaphragm pumps have to run it a long time to get any vapor that's trapped in it out and possibly put a desiccant in near it and I don't know what to get rid of the stuff when it's sitting around but it's just not going to be as fast or is baller or had his big of a thing at home are they seem to think it's going to work well I'm hesitant to recommend anything I've never use myself temperature rights in about Kuhn rikon sure he would have called out and if you knew area was here I'm sure you would have called her out to pressure cooker during the first use I noticed after the valve begin to ride I was getting a quiet hissing sound like

what are the risks of steam steam stopped but the top valve continue to make a quiet hissing noise twisting the valve cap slightly reduce the sound for a moment but shortly it return is just normal thanks Tom okay because you are and my my country kind is at the lab I actually don't have a pressure cooker my electric one finally died and I stopped to take a break to go back one for me. I don't know what I did I take place like dead but it's not like it's dead so I can look at it I could probably do Recon has or the old ones that I have have a like a silver faceplate and then a table that pulls up and down but now that pulls up and down is a spring-loaded valve has two red lines on at the indicate the pressure that's in its natural pressure gauge and hooked up to a spring on the underside of the thing as the steam pushes up it pushes

valve up and that what is what registers pressure if you want to lift the little kind of plate the guide plate out the stainless one that surrounds that there is also a second but on the phone Recon that is a little metal piece and rubber that is a secondary safety that guy's going to continue to hiss until it comes up to pressure and then it should self seal especially if you have a relatively new one so what I typically do two minds old and I haven't replace the rubber is I sit there and with the back end of an offset spatula I just whacked that thing until I seen it and it just stops hissing all together that's a little that's the little button on the right that actual pressure knob moves up and down should not leak unless you over pressure once you take it past the second ring and another about 3/8 of an inch beyond the second Wrangler it somewhere in that range it's going to vent violently up through that pressure not and that's one of the sea

safety features is that starts venting steam through that it should not vent steam through that prior to that happening that if it is it is simple underneath the red part when you have a disassembled unassembled unscrew it clean everything you actually don't want to put I've done it once you don't want to put like oil on it to make it smooth because what happened what time does Slimmer eyes and come up and then you know you have other issues with it coming up I would just make sure that it's screwed down tightly and that all the parts are in order but no that should not leak and maybe make a tiny but you shouldn't get steamed that was a noise they shouldn't make like a it shouldn't make a lot of hissing you definitely shouldn't see any Steam and you should be able to stop that button on the side that you'd is not visible normally when you're doing from hissing let me know if you're still having problems cuz you having problems interesting to me

Nicole Craig rights in about pasta from the restaurant root means I'm thinking of trying to reconstitute some House made for Nola into a sort of pasta or possibly even a cracker the granola have some currants and raisins in it not a lot so I'm thinking of stooping this product in milk and then spreading it onto a Silpat and putting it into a dehydrator and I can't use a machine to make the pasta because of the oil in the oats bus the sugar I don't ever I put sugar and things into pasta Willow Willow and oily thinks no no heading to the pasta thing at the school and it just got sucked into the positive thing in like wrapped around it like eight times and we couldn't get it out we couldn't get it out

yeah yeah yeah yeah it was a nightmare and like you can't put water on the pasta machine to clean them

does having memories memories thanks Nicole cracks do you look up there at the restaurant there one most of time if you're going to make a cracker or something with granola you do it by cooking off the oats dry then adding the granola e crap to it honey to Sugar the butter those products are used as the binder to buy in the product into a granola bar or Cracker if you go relief in shape right if you're dealing with a product that's already been cooked and you want to make a cracker out of it I think if you prefer so if you soak it in milk you're going to be taking away a lot of those products that are in

and you need to add them back because that's all that's finding it really mean you might get some kind of starch out from the from the old state that help find it but I'm not sure but what you could do you could probably blend it blend it milk it Blended spread it take on a Silpat dehydrated the supper will probably hold together on the basis of what's already in there or you could do what Anna Ginsberg from daily cookie on cookie Madness website does and just add more butter brown sugar honey and syrup to the to the granola what you can spread out and she does that no bakes or so it sits in the driver or you could do it like two wheels style in a dehydrator and dry the stuff out and make it since you don't want to add extra sugar you can probably also melt yourself you know some other Neo Nan Nan hypersweep product like ice a mall or some like that Mel didn't we lit out that way and make something really crunchy now I was trying to find anyone that had a

recipe for a Milky that contain pre-cooked dry start space stuff we all know that you know the potatoes and put it in there but I wasn't able to find anything that used to dry soaked cook thing on on a nyoka specifically and I looked actually I'd look for my copy of my old blue Jolly books you and I was yelling cuz if anyone had one he would have a crazy recipe for something like that but it's entirely possible obviously is soap to soak bready things and then add them back to new thing I'm going to tell you this might work for a suite-style gnocchi I don't know how to do it but a recipe that I used to make a lot and I would go down and was it Woman's Day cooking encyclopedia which I read the hell out of

I'll come back and call it for me recipes including things to make while I was moving my wife was a gourmet's best dessert Circa 1987 and on. Page 328 of that book there's a recipe for steamed cranberry pudding with Grand Marnier sauce and I used to make that thing all the time because I was obsessed for a little while with steamed puddings what I wanted to do an American stay put and not some sort of British thing and plus I had even left the idea of making like you know a Christmas pudding an aging it for a year I was like the hell with that. Hate to put in for you with all the weather look like in your life when you're you know 19th the recipe for that which I will Witchwood I'll tell you I'm putting that they have shot his his they use dried bread crumbs they mix it back in with some flour eggs and butter and a little bit of Leaven or steam it together and it holds together its shape is classic to make it with a precooked farinaceous product like breadcrumbs but I'm sure granola would also work so I'll give you the recipe real quick.

quarters cup of cranberries and 1/2 cup of plants almond pulso sayings to break them up a little more than I want to see quarters cup of sugar cinnamon like 3/4 teaspoons in 1/4 teaspoon allspice quarter teaspoon ground ginger and then mix that stuff all together now take your three three cups of breadcrumbs on your case post out granola may be lightning with bread crumbs 3/4 a cup of butter is 2/3 cup of milk and a 3 waist eggs in a tablespoon of baking powder little bit of salt if you need it depends on what kind of butter do you use mix those things together combine the two things for them together put them now you have something that would normally be a steamed pudding but it seemed to me that you could probably post that stuff out if you had like a nice flavor full thing or if you hadn't sametha cell or something to hold together you can probably post them like a gnocchi dumpling right if you made it a little more if you had a little more binder to it you could probably figure out some way to poach those out or like like steam them or something and

steam little putting things and then the glaze that they got it was awesome wish that you would just take you would take a cranberries and a little more sugar cooking down to make a cranberry sauce glaze would you pour over the top and then a Grand Marnier sauce with just butter and Grand Marnier Like A Book Like a poor Blanc with Grand Marnier which bolts Bollard it going to make a full putting your going to steam it for a couple of hours in a pudding thing make sure you let it cool sufficiently before you unmold it or it'll just explode under its own weight when it comes out but that's it's a good it's a good product what are some interesting things to say about clostridium and cultures and salt Ray Ray's bread and reading a cassava and the question we got in right before the show that James had about clarify

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