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Episode 128: Ice Cream, Popcorn, & Fish

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7212 a joining Studio as usual with coming on board we have Eddie right correct going to be another associate producer over here

sociopath producer stay tuned for that what happened this week I just got back from my 20-year reunions at the Yale College over there and you know what does the people I was expecting like a bunch of really terrible looking people like respected like just like a real like poop festive like awful-looking folk like see I'm totally decrepit bloated out nasty like droopy like just all bad you know what they look great they look great turbo talk which is like a variant of this kind of like 25 20 seconds which I can't pronounce like pecha Kucha capecchi could pet you know something like that I think it means I did my normal strategy which was fit a 30-minute talk into 6 minutes so I just spoke as fast as I

couldn't I didn't have any water I went completely dry my wife was in the audience and she said that I was turning red in the face and then you know you can see that bite little bit of dry mouth spittle forming on the edges of my lips as I was like being a belting out in 8 billion words a minute what was going on but it went all right it was fine to me is the fact that everyone looked really good and I just kind of drove home to me one of the issues I think we're going to be looking to the museum I need to do my own research on is that the the problem with nutrition in this country is is kind of exacerbated I think by the fact that the people who are making the rules in general are people that aren't living the problems so you have like a group of extremely educated rather probably well-to-do fairly liberal ivy league types these are like the policy makers of for this sort of thing and

they all look great because they have the time energy and knowledge to spend on this problem and then you have them the rest of the people that are getting legislated and preach that by this group of people who are the ones having the real problem so I cannot really think you know we're going to be spending a lot of time kind of delving into this stats and kind of breaking his problem down more more thoroughly but it's really I mean I know it's anecdotal 1 College reunions but really kind of Stark slap in the face in a good way to surprised how good everyone aside to looking good how to comment Mike Mallory McGee episode 11 call the William eaddy episode listener

it was he's going to be in New York City in the real-life this next week because of this like science festival thing is going World Science Festival that mustache and I are doing some sort of cocktail for you to know you were going but you are so yeah he's going to be in town and that if if he is going to be in town on a Tuesday I said that I would handcuff them and bring them into the studio I think he actually leaves Tuesday so a lot depends on when he's leaving but I don't even know that he's eating Roberta's before us maybe we can woo him with like even maybe above the pizza level is Harold McGee comes in and can you get above the pizza and salad level of of cooking issues remuneration for for service rendered certainly I think I'll even pay for his car to JFK

is JoJo yeah you like that crazy all right is a bit misinformed on the way in the chi episode gluten intolerance is not the same as Celiac it's well known in the research that a good chunk of the population Mouse an immune reaction to gluten bleeding but if not us specifically is celiac or have like a you-know-what health health endangering allergy below full-blown Celiac which is more severe and immediate and non-immediate immunoglobulin response is a gray area because there's a huge spectrum of me post a membrane-based give me an immune response IGA is it mounts low inflammatory reactions to gluten it's often called subclinical gluten intolerant because the body has a measurable reaction but not a true allergic reaction it's a different type of immune response but you should know the difference between intolerance in an hour

not all folks avoid gluten because it's bad for celiacs that's not to say most people who avoid gluten it restaurants aren't full of sugar honey iced tea it'll be nice if she just black and white Celiac or not if there's a whole class of immune-mediated reactions AKA gluten intolerance Mike Mallory Mike point well-taken point well-taken to Circle fight in the last thing but I guess it will fight for a fact which is there's a whole group of people there who are full of sugar honey iced tea but I think my point last week was also that I'm kind of glad I don't care I'm glad look people like me who have no problem with the gluten like we're going to pound as much gluten is gluten Itachi Itachi Celiac and so we were discussing this issue with them and she was like yeah man if I could eat gluten I would be swimming through Lowe's of baguettes be like chomping swimming through

cause of bad cats and you know inhaling pieces as fast as I can eat them because stuff is delicious but but can't anyway but again thank goodness for the people who don't consume for no apparent reason because they create a huge industry that allows people like are good Piper to be able to eat that our products so you went to the Rhode Island correct and you went to go see now you can't can't can't don't you don't eat horseshoe crabs but a horseshoe crabs you think that they're kind of interesting when they're on the ground on the beach they're actually horrifying comments about how I'm up maligning them they're horrifying horrifying like little creatures so would you go see hotel where they were having a meeting a meeting event

and that we were supposed to be in a boat that they made us put on waiters I told you that like every couple feet happy weekend so it's kind of a young life between 8 years old and 10 years old I witnessed some of the most horrifying biblical proportion natural events in kind of the history of New Jersey and kind of the Eastern Seaboard thing they're right so we like we didn't have that many her quitting 77 we got hit by my name David is pretty bad not bad by then

when I was 8 years old we went to I went to Cape Cod to a thing or two a camp and witness one of these things by mistake and it was I had to wait ashore and and the entire Fairground in the bay with was coated with these monstrous monsters monsters monsters monsters horseshoe crabs and you couldn't avoid them and as an eight-year-old you know not being first in horseshoe crabs feel like I told you I got a couple years later horseshoe crab blood taste and not iron-based in terms of its oxygen carrying ability was incredibly valuable at the time in research and so I thought I was going to make a business of going back I thought I was going to become a millionaire like destroying all these dreaded horseshoe crabs and milking their blood out of them for profit didn't happen and I didn't happen and then like right after that the cicadas or right before that I can barely remember the cicadas came out

in Bergen County New Jersey and coated the ground and made a deafening awful traffic like den of horrible cicada like crunching of stepping on cicada the worst thing ever forgot I hate bugs and supposedly happy now but now is not it's not biblical days anyone called him be like have you seen people running and screaming covered by cicadas school buses full of horrified children and it's not like it was two cycles ago 34 years ago when I witnessed it and then the 1981 gypsy moth play that hit the east coast and before that a whole bunch of stuff so you know what I'm looking for is a bunch of the kind of biblically bad Natural Science to come on I don't really want that to happen anyway so you didn't get that you can get that stuff yeah well you know my maybe maybe this stuff is best experienced when you were a kid

by the way last week after that after the snake the heart of Lyme disease and apparently Lyme disease still going strong there like hardcore I was hoping to get it so I can get it in the official place I got my lyme disease in Brantford no man I got my life is Eid in line

I'm just kidding you don't want to get Lyme disease is horrible can cause permanent central nervous system problems if not treated properly Yeti out of this date do not take this as a making fun of the disease it's horrible and all that ice cream hey cooking issues radio team big fan of the show especially days tirades against ever-changing contradictory Health bad here's a question I'm a big fan of Fury gelotti ice cream milk cream sugar and nothing has where you have it mostly which I had when I was a kid and could never forget every time I see it a restaurant or ice cream shop I order it the thing is the texture is always somewhat disappointing correct you are correct you at this is not from this one from Lucas this is not from Lucas this is from Jose

man look at your questions coming later on Jose I apologize is your question every time I see always somewhat disappointing either they pump it up with excessive quantity of hydrocolloid make me a pasty or gummy order slightly granular probably globules of fat comping up and making butter or ice crystals frankly you know what the issue here is yeah is it textures a big problem with this time I will get into it I have tried to make it home multiple times I have a DeLonghi with a built-in freezer but I keep getting the slightly granular result which is not surprising since after Refrigeration to cream fat Rises to the top by the way that's a right there at the classic sign it's under Frozen the problem with the problem with the home ice cream freezers that have the built-in Refrigeration units is that they just simply aren't very powerful if you look at a carpet Johnny coldelite used to make a version that has a similar capacity to you

DeLonghi but the machine is a good three times bigger and the reason is because they have like a serious compressor built into it in the small compressors like if it doesn't like instantly is it just doesn't have the cojones is that doesn't have the cojones to freeze it down fast enough and so if you look at the ratings on the DeLonghi people are talking twenty-five 35-minute patch times for a load of ice cream and ice cream you really want a patch time me look commercial people they're doing bad time to 7 8 minutes on ice cream longer on surveys but like 7-8 minutes on ice cream and the reason is is a faster freezing means smaller Crystal sizes so you're a little bit hampered because you're dealing with a larger Crystal sizes to begin with because you're wrong three times then secondly if you turn it off too soon before it freezes me know a little more completely than what you have it now you have a big liquid phase matte liquid phase is going to cause some of these problems and also exacerbate your crystals because the rest of the stuff

as you put it in your freezer to harden right we'll quietly freeze into much larger granules so under front lights up under Frozen stuff tastes fine, straight out of the machine because you just found it and I like soft serve and you're not noticing the Christmas as much but on hardening those under Frozen ice creams are going to it's going to accentuate that Crystal problem now you have a third problem and that you're dealing with a you're dealing with on ice cream that doesn't have any inherent added emulsifiers from egg yolks right now what you call what you call a Furia latte ice cream which by the way is not made out of a field lot a cow's milk mozzarella all so delicious products different product grew up

knowing Spanish why because she's half Mexican and grew up in LA right so it makes sense that she would speak Spanish if I was half Mexican and grew up in La I would be finished my kids speak Spanish cuz they grew up in New York me I'm an idiot I don't speak Spanish here's what she says I learned Italian in college and forgot the Spanish cuz I don't that for you

wow okay so before you two so what you're calling off your latte ice cream is what we in the States called Philadelphia style Philly Style with no egg yolks no nothing it's just milk typically milk cream sugar vanilla with no stabilizer now the classic examples of this stuff in the US used to be Briar so Breyers is Ave Philadelphia Pennsylvania style ice cream and that you stay at out the fact that they were made with only those ingredients and they had a very very fast freeze time and so they results were good straight out of the box if you lived close to Philadelphia if you tried to buy Breyers and you live far away from Philadelphia or wherever they're packing plants were or if you made the mistake of buying that half gallon of Breyers ice cream and then not consuming the entire half gallon the instant it was open it turned to crap and that's and the reason is because there's no stabilizers are emulsifiers in it to prevent crystal growth in your freezer wear freezes off yourself

on the first problem initial graininess by just having a very very fast freeze time and Commercial continuous freezers but they couldn't get around the secondary problem of a turning to crap in your crappy home I'm going to send you home freezers crappy but your crappy home freezer cuz it because they couldn't get around that problem without a most fired so what did they do very very quietly I think like the summer sometime in the last decade they started doping Breyers with stabilizers carrageenan things like that was a good one because you can use extremely small quantities of it to get back to your appointment usually on Philadelphia style ice creams or in your latte they're fairly high fat and then high fat is to get around the fact that you are I don't know a lot about fiordilatte but I do know a lot about Felix I used to make Philly style ice cream all the time you know my my family doesn't come from there now but I've allowed him to come from outside to Philly area you work in Pennsylvania that's why I love pretzel so much anyway

that one of the tricks is has a higher fat content than you would get out of a standard custard ice cream so you typically you know in instead of life from from my ice cream I typically used one to one milk to cream but for a custard base ice cream and you know the gelato heads are going to use probably even less crime than that I can use more milk but more egg yolks and more sugar for a gelato style and don't let anyone tell you that in gelato they don't drop that stuff with don't throw that stuff will stay but a bit as much as I like Italian job in fact because I grew up with it I have a soft spot for a properly done American ice cream to can't be taken by anyone else is ice cream and gelato and I've eaten it in small towns in Italy in large towns in Italy in tourist traps in Italy and in the place where was and Italy and usually what it is is heavily loaded

with stabilizers super doped with flavors right like that's why hasn't pants Punchy colors cuz I have so much it's just so much of a muchness and it's good but I wouldn't say that I would always want to have that over like a good old-fashioned scoop I like I like the French but American style ice cream with me customer base and I also like a good Philly salad okay so in a Philly style ice cream to go higher on the cream so you need to probably go to 21 cream to milk in that rain in that range you running into a couple of big problems one if you overturn that sucker it'll get kind of very buttery tasting and you and you'll notice that which is why by the way the ice cream machine I recommend for use at home is standard old rock salt ice ice cream makers they make an unbeatable start their pain in the ass but pain in the butt but they make an unbelievable ice cream

careful in very very high cream recipes about overturning if you overturn your ice cream it's a very characteristic buttery flavor that's different from a green is caused by ice crystals and you'll definitely get a kind of butter note on it and I think sometimes you overturn stuff has a little bit of a truck and still but I don't know I just made that up off that my hair could be wrong but sounds right. So let's move two ways to fix this problem so typically if you're going to add stabilizers you want to add the smallest amount of stabilizer possible or if you're in a natural head you might want to go because all the stuff natural I hate that hate what I mean is if you want to go into something that doesn't freak people out is what I meant you no go into the carrageenan so that kind of freaked out

they did good news about carrageenan is it has a synergistic effect with milk so you can use absurdly small amount of it to get the effects you want right so you can typically and ice cream doll have a two-part system don't have a gelling system and a thickening system one to prevent Crystal formation and the other one to prevent the way from separating from the way for Tollway off way through separating and if we get another problem typically you'll have a two party system like a carrageenan maybe locust bean gum or carrageenan guar and you can add very small amount of that stuff and not naked gummy and do a really good job stabilizing where you could buy commercial stabilizer basis you know things and add them and by and large that you can get them that are all natural you don't have to get the ones I want to see all natural I mean just like seaweed powder to go to ones that have lots of like weird emulsifiers in and things like that another thing you can do I know this is going against the great thing about this kind of ice cream that I used to like cuz I didn't cook it at all ever is all cold had a really really really fresh case

why do people keep their Philly style ice cream so that they can get the sugar in but I just waited a lot longer for the sugar to dissolve and never heated it so I had a real fresh flavors that's that's I think what you're shooting at so I want to go for things that don't necessarily need a lot of heating what you might want to do is take a portion of it right so other things that can't be heated that are good stabilizers guar guar doesn't need to be heated flavor free Gwar though another thing you might want to look at is Joanna Joanna do you need to heat to a boil but what you could do is just get a small portion of the milk with a gel and set it as the gel and then blended into a fluid gel and that makes a very good flavor released super creamy ice cream right up super creamy good ol fashioned gelatin unless you are vegetarian gelatin makes a very good you know addition to ice creams to to decrease the amount of crystallization you gay

and you can warm a portion of the milk up too hot with the jet with the gelatin in Temper the rest of your milk / cream back into it and still have a relatively fresh taste if you want to go Sam Mason style and all you want the uncooked flavor but you don't mind adding things that aren't milked he chooses barely pasteurized egg yolks and they're not cooked into a custard and that's also interesting the same thing as you're looking at for the last thing on a milk-based only you might want to look at and there's a small subset you're going to Sicily stuff they make an ice cream ice cream over there that were they thinking it was starch to spit corn starch thickened ice cream and I haven't had it but there's a bunch of people on the internet who loved it and that stuff is so stabilized it has relatively good for oh by the way back on gelatin gelatin as good as because John has a very good good flavor release because it is not for you Star Stable so it breaks up after it's frozen and thawed out and it goes away in the mouth anyway has very little flavor impact drill at

is like later released par exsalonce right Joanne which I said before which is microbe derive also by the way I'm talking Louis hotel and which is a hard one he brake fluid also very low levels has fairly good flavor leave for a dust mask you know what I mean to smash things up but if you're dealing with some people like it I've done some starch-based ice creams that I hated but they were very high starts based ice cream when I was trying to make it snappy ice cream may like potato based ice creams have done many many versions of potato ice cream to have like a snap but I haven't done starts but a lot of people swear by it more fit and swears by it or swore by it and is minimal starkly what number years ago but the interesting thing is is that they're so stabilized

that you can make them with quiescent freezing and they still don't get big ice crystals right which means that you're a machine if it takes a long time to make ice cream might benefit from that sort of ice cream base because it's going to turn out smooth anyway because the starch Matrix is preventing large crystals from forming so I might want to give that give that a try there's a recipe for it on ice cream Nation., go check it out.

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free to learn that's crazy that's crazy man ice cream machine maker before yes I was talkin ice cream machine and so do all the ice cream so I buy the way Chris assumes if you listen to this that you want to learn nobody listens to this to learn I'm just kidding just messing love Chris how do you pronounce what would you guys think I a i n e in Hertfordshire UK writing about that freezes ice cream freezer hey Dave and Sasha do you have any experience with ice cream batch freezers so by the way

Oaks batch freezer for ice cream it what that means is what it says it does it in upper back so you make a batch you load it in and you turn the ice cream for specific amount of time and you get the ice cream out so liquid nitrogen in a KitchenAid freezer that's bad freezing it's not a bad freezer but that's bad freezing using the hand turned ice cream machines that with a rock nice all the opposite of bad freezing is continuous freezers continuous freezers constant amount of product is pumped in all the time and it's frozen very very short short periods of time so continuous freezers are all the all the all the big folks do it you know it commercially and produces can produce with the fuse good ingredients and you change the amount of air that sin ice cream is called the over run when you're using a continuous fries are you just the over run independently of the in a batch freezer the Dashers the spinning things are what does the aeration and provides with called the overrun how much air is in it and

100% 100 % overrun means that there is for every for every milliliter of ice cream base there is a milliliter of air that's 100% over rhinestone based on how much ice cream basic start with and you know anything over a hundred is absurdly you know so rudely light and anything you know more premium ice creams the funny thing about ice cream ice cream is sold volumetrically Ryan Soul by the pint by the court and yet the cost to produce the ice cream is based upon the weight of ingredients that goes in the quality of those ingredients so anyone scream he go to like the corner truck the ice cream truck and they give you the sauce I love you both so she ate soft serve with being inexpensive or having a lot of air in it and it's really a function of temperature and a mixture ingredient mixture not a function of overrun so if you go to Carvel which when I was a kid was like the awesome sauce served with East Coast only thing they don't have carbs on the West Coast

Carvel which is like Northeast like you know soft serve ice cream those suckers are dense their ice cream Conway is quite a bit right but if you go to not calling you out Mister Softee but some of the people have bastardize Armistice in New York City ice cream truck company but in those soft serve machines as an orifice and the orifice pumps the mix into the Chamber of freezing chamber and the size of your fist determines how much air is pumped into it at the time when it goes so some disreputable ice cream truck people will put an orifice in there that generates 120% overrun so you're buying more air than ice cream and you can fill those cones and then you pick it up and it's like a balloon floating out of your hand if so like whatever I get a continuous freezer is usually only done by larger scale people I don't consider soft serve machines which do continuously add product I don't really consider them to be

continuous freezers because they they don't work on the same Principle as a continuous freezer there's only one continuous freezer that's available at you not a batch Weezer that I know of that's available to small run people and it used to be made by Ross Ross I was bought by on how you pronounce it's got the but it's not pronounce to stir the thing which is how you pronounce if your German still taking its stoelting I think they bought Ross freezers but that's a frozen custard machine at 8 in essence is a continuous Resort and back to even question do you have any experience with ice cream batch freezers he has got to be right I'm about to start up a small ice cream company selling Quality Ice is made from local fruit and other ingredients from a bike with a freezer attached I didn't believe him how you going to hang a power that sucker I like the powder that I hope our own ice cream

make a local fruit salad greens from a bike with a freezer that's not think what he's going to do I think he means not a batch freezer I think it means a dipping freezer I don't think he means it is going to be the actual equipment right tell me if I'm wrong here but that be awesome if you had the machine on a bike first of all your legs must be jacked what's the name of that the Scottish bike do with the giant chainrings who got that movie made about him you only one time this guy in Scotland amazing biker he is that the one who won like a championship very late in life and switch the style of bike you need ID when a guy has a movie about him he like won a championship much later in life and he's known for having incredibly huge chain rings on his track bikes so they heat he's like his Barry White whatever chainrings the thing that you're even though are out there

reduce a reasonable output of ice cream in one hour I'm looking at about 9 liters per hour I saw the emery Thompson cb200 and the other side the larger size women have is the cb350 and look perfect but unfortunately is not available in the UK until next year do you know any others around the same size and price the other option I was thinking about was a pocket yet but I'm concerned that I might not be robust enough they look great for restaurants that might want to do one question at a time but I would need to pocket-sized which by the way in is the word I detest I would just say spend cuz pocket I want to let those guys were there are they charging and I'm a leg for the freaking machine and their Swit and one knows how I feel about them stars like the Swiss yes other half of us love the Swiss I have no actually have nothing against a real switch in the real life is like to make fun of them right now. I was watching and chocolate a great and I'm poke my point is is that. Don't don't let them have that weird to say something

spin the whole tub and do about eight or nine tubs in an hour can the pocket handle that my budget is between 3 and 4000 Great British pounds I'd appreciate it if you could answer my question on the 21st or 28th of May as I need to make my purchase very soon PS 11 the Show just discovered a couple months ago and catching up on the old episodes of here we are on the 28th to answer your question I called the president mr. Thompson of Emery Thompson and ask him and he's like I forget whether you said 3rd or 4th generation ice cream machine manufacturers and I wash his YouTube video on the CB 204 Cinelli for you in that machine is kind of in a size price category of its own I haven't seen anything else that's kind of that low so they retail you ask for about 55,000 they retail for 5310 and I miss that means I'm assuming and get it for a little bit less if you you know if you wheel and deal but I ain't what I asked him when I called him I was like well

can this person just fly over from the UK you know using you know you're awesome Great British money and making us look like idiots here in the US with our current state of our Monopoly money and purchase one from you that you outfit for the UK and take back and unfortunately mr. Thompson said no the problem is is that US 220 US 220 is a different wiring scheme I from UK 2:20 cuz I guess you're using single phase 220 over there and that they need to get an entirely different condenser unit for it it's made special they can't just you know kind of you know rejigger or pack one of their units here for you although he seemed to feel for your problem and also laughed when I said is there anything else in that price is right now cuz I think it's going to be a category killer when it comes out your next best bet is that the 350 his version the 350 is available that's a 6-quart at figure eight Court unit and the other one I don't have any experience with their machines but I do have a lot of experience with the carpet

lb100 the problem with the lb one hundreds or lab 100K on which vintage you get is that now you're talkin a $10,000 machine you at so I don't know what they cost in in the UK they're great machines they do have some known problems like if you get one of the older ones with the clear plastic front they break they always break and then you need to fix them the other option in the US I don't know if they sell them in the UK is Taylor Taylor machines are cheaper than the lb100 but having used them I was never a huge fan of the Taylor versus the lb100 if you can have a good used Market they do make a smaller bash me to put carpet johnny makes a very small batch machine like I think maybe two quarts even smaller than the one you were looking at it's a vertical batch freezer and sits on the countertop and that sucker I've never used one but suppose he has a very very high quality but there's not that much in that size range that you were talking about just a couple of cords that performs on a professional level so

sorry about that now on the Paco jet I'd appears in prominent pocketjet write your question is can I get away with using apocalypse and the answer is yes here's the bad news you cannot get away with using one package at because what will happen. Do you need to run at any one time sucker is going to break let me let me just be very clear about your pocketjet your package yet will break and are they will fix it right but at least in the US they don't do the following awesome thing oh your pocket gets broken and it cost him scene amount of money and you can't buy parts from a normal person so you have to send it to me to fix it so here's a loaner that you can use while your pockets that is broken because we know it's going to break in the US that doesn't happen so they just a guess what eat it Go and so you have to have not have your package yet for a long time or I have to have a friend that has a package yet so if you're going to do this you can do it but you have to run to Paco Jets at once also so it's like Pure Food and Wine

that was called someone on dialysis place she has an ice cream shop that runs exclusively off of Paco Jet and she has two maybe three and she's been running for years that way and it works but she always has one other one goes down here's the other thing I love to charge you a lot of money for the stainless steel bain marie that you freeze the ice soap opera jeopardize you don't know what to tell people always say it's like a blender it's not like a blender to make the world great shaved ice machine it slowly feeds a blade into into the top of the new freezer base solid like a rock and that feeds the blade and slowly spinning in advancing such a slow rate that the crystals that are shaved off on the same crystal size that you would get using a commercial ice cream machine they're fantastic they're fantastic but you need to what what a couple people have done with Taco gets clean meals used to do it aquavit and Pure Food and Wine does it is they freeze their base in quart containers which are almost free although I've Been Told

my mom is having told when I asked people in other countries hey I need some poor containers they look at me like I'm an idiot I don't think a lot of other people use for containers to find whatever the UK equivalent of a quart container is or buy some from The Good Ole USA and freeze your base in the quart containers quart containers are a little bit tapered so you can pop the stuff out of the court to get to get the levels right you pop the base out of the four container and then you'd jam it into your pocket jet container and spin like that the problem is if it's crooked right if it's crooked then when your blade hits it it'll hit one side of the of the base only and you can shatter your pocketbook will shatter the blade $50 however you were going to save money by doing quart containers because you need a lot of them to do the kind of thing you're doing I just buy yourself an extra blade do not attempt to run an ice cream business with the Nemo attorney Knox whatever it is a Frisch's air unit that was Mae sold as a competitive pacojet it will not

it works fine for the tiny little cups in it that it does but it will not work for what you want what you think so did I do good coach okay power power power okay I got a question in this one actually is from Lucas right if I can find it where is it where is it

where is it

oh my goodness also in the meantime if you want this episode named after you you can still become a member 2 minutes left that's true it's still May Jon Stewart not Jon Stewart from The Daily Show a different John Stewart which is his sign off line now says hello to the Hammer Jack Joe and my question is not very high-tech what is food-related we host an outdoor family movie night at and I provide popcorn I've been making a bunch of patches in a cast-iron Dutch oven on the stovetop it takes a lot of time I'd rather spend elsewhere this past weekend I had the horror of actually running out of popcorn oh my God oh my God so clearly I need to step things up it's taking too much time so I looked at popcorn machines which turn out to be expensive you are correct but the question is if you wanted to make a large amount of popcorn how would you do it or should I be looking at bar restaurant options for a used popcorn machine thanks and keep up the good work a different John Stewart okay

so yeah you're a little bit okay so here's what I'm assuming one you detest air popped popcorn because doesn't taste good is that right anyone else with me on this air popped popcorn. Do you like your popcorn ready. Player General too much effort it like to get your mushroom and you got your butterfly so your butterfly I want is your typical movie popcorn ones and I think they have like a bigger surface area for Catherine due to get my coat it with butter flavor but your mushroom types are better for ones that are going to be further manipulated like Cracker Jacks Tyler things like that would you like to get into it and certain varieties are going to have more and less of the skin is left on American expecting to pick up that's on present course better quality popcorn see what they call popcorn kernels that haven't popped widows

oh yes the manufacturer that makes the real ones is Critters and creatures makes popcorn machines all the way from the minuscule to the JJ gun discontinuous popcorn makers that can do like a ton and an hour and more they're awesome amazing but they are expensive you're looking at probably for a small one I kind of like on the cart ride like a thousand bucks other problem I think they're about a thousand bucks the other problem is is that they take up a lot of space now maybe you have a lot of space in which case I would definitely just troll auctions for one that looks kind of because they're kind of bullet proof we they work for a long time right but you know that they are going to require a lot of cleaning if you get a crappy one an option but that is the way to go my mom actually bought me two anyway I used to make that make it was with that was called a Whirley Pop and it's it's still a pain huge pain in the butt

the Whirley Pop is the aluminum pan with the two flapdoodle lids on top and the hand crank that you crank so makes fantastic popcorn a lot easier than your then you're Dutch oven technique with the shaking and shaking and plus the shaking of the Dutch oven the Whirley Pop the main disadvantage of the Whirley Pop if you still have to sit there and and turn it while it was doing it now I also use the Whirley Pop for roasting coffee because I never got one of the newer generations of home coffee roasters in the Whirley Pop I like the Whirley Pop because it's less of an air pot and air roasted coffee Flex Seal Beach roaster style coffee flavor and more of like a Probot style or like drum roast coffee website like it and like I said popcorn I was going to do if you're handy what I was going to do was put a motor like cut the end of the thing off and bolt a small 110 motor number to counterweight on the other side of the pot so it doesn't kill and then just run the Whirley Pop

off of a motor now you could have that whole shucker done Whirley Pop Plus Motor you can have that whole sucker done for I want to say fifty sixty bucks plus your time right and that's going to make fantastic popcorn plus you can be proud of the fact that you've hacked them you know you done the DYI Solution on this downside is you're still going to have to listen for when the popping stops are going to Scorch your popcorn now the Whirley Pop does a fairly good job and not scorching as long as you pay attention to it and then you could just paying off a chapter back when you could be doing other things while it's popping right second alternative that works similar to Whirley Pop it's a lot cheaper I think it's also around a hundred bucks my mom bought me some I don't even I forgot to look at the thing on the way I don't know if it's wearing or what but who could someone makes a home and maybe Jack or you can find they make like a little red hot like home version of a movie popcorn popper that works with with the with little hand on the side

does The Dumping and it works on the same Principle as a movie style popcorn popper in that there's a little basket that holds the corn you put the oil in it starts popping a zit pops pop out of that basket into a holding container and you can make it back after back and I've used it at kids birthday parties and it works fantastically you still have to listen for the popcorn to stop so you don't burn the stuff at the bottom but the good news about this version is is if you don't pay attention you let it keep going past the time that actually burns the Colonel's it's only burning those poor sorry widows that are left inside of the thing it's not burning the actual popcorn is popped out and put into the into the basket now it also keeps a popcorn fairly warm because it's inside of the trailer the other downside of that machine is because it's covered with glass all the way around and slightly smaller than the ones that you would use in in a real movie theater is that if you don't open the door pretty quick after it's done and has a tendency to get steam the popcorn it's on the inside

steaming popcorn is a No-No so what you want to do is drill holes in the in the in the side of that thing to allow the ski stand to escape but not so much that the popcorn can fly out when it comes out when they remember if you had your voiding the warranty and you may kill yourself and I don't want to hear about it because it's not my fault it's my fault this is from Lucas Lucas says I hate I went to the new Fulton Fish Market on Monday with a couple of friends with this is such a great place but no two words about it is a wholesale Market hands I have a lot of fish I made some grammar lots of part of the sound of sand in my first question is simple how long can I keep it in the fridge, but you're not talking about the same as self you're talking about the grab it last when you're done right I love the market and is quite a trip from The Village at unhuman hours because member the market is really running when you know

you should be asleep unless you're a bartender but I'm willing to make it every once in awhile the trip that is any other ideas how to use this market for a small household now listen Lucas most people owe you to say sorry about the bike ticket my deepest sympathies for a fragile and delicate massage for having to keep up with you a lot so here today if you live in the village Lucas one of your main problems is going to be that you have no space unless you are fantastically wealthy and if you are fantastically wealthy then you can visit the market and then buy your fish locally at a retail price so I'm assuming that you are not fantastically wealthy so I'm there for assuming that your village apartment is small which means you also don't have a large freezer if you had a vacuum machine and a freezer there are some kinds of fish that do quite well if you put a hard back on it for storage to freeze if you have a good freezer and a good vacuum machine

you don't want to cook it in the vacuum bag like that under under a hard vacuum because the quality is degraded but storage and freezing under hard vacuum is fine I would say things like this are good for three things parties parties and more parties when you're going to have a big party let's say you have that friend I don't know how old you are let's say you have that friend and they're having the engagement party right and you want to blow him out then go pick up a couple of salmon there do like an awesome like you know I used to that site with my standard thing I would just post up a bunch of Salmons and like put them out at with a bunch of different topping the stuff you know I think I did a good job think it's weird cuz this is why do for a living like that and I'd like that very very easy or anything like that where you you know you're going to be serving a lot of people and it allows you to do a higher ticket item and you would if you were buying retail and to get high quality because you know you're getting it from the sort of problem is is you never know quite what you're going to get until you get to the wholesale market so it's a little

dicey for doing parties but that's always what I do when I will always use wholesale when I know that I have a wholesale quantity of people are going to be feeding otherwise it's all about storage or making things are going to last a long time like if you like Pauline who hopefully going to get to her question from last week you know she does she catches a boatload of it was not a boatload because she's using and whatever I do a lot of salmon and she's making jerky and drying it then you know that's another opportunity if you want to go there and you're going to do products are going to take a long time let's say you were going to buy a bunch of Rowan make your own bottarga well do not buy that Wholesale Meats REI retail go get that stuff wholesale any time you going to make sense going to keep a long time but I can't think of any other like like normal day-to-day stuff I think I'd rather buy my stuff especially if you're buying stuff is sushi-grade cuz it's already been frozen once you know want to freeze it again so hopefully that's helping out back on the deck how long you can keep fresh salmon

actually keeps quite a long time the problem is you don't know how long it's already been kept before you get it so I'm fresh salmon if you're going to have a problem keeping it in your worried about it then I would vac it down and freeze it right away because I the earlier you freeze a fresh product and its lifetime the higher the quality is maintained over time because you don't get that quality back like a few vac down a piece of salmon even if a key if you're going to keep it refrigeration in refrigeration alone is going to keep your quality a lot longer than if you just you know keep it in the fridge but quality on something like fresh salmon right is very very influenced by how you keep it in the fridge so you want to keep your your fish like a professional would keep it and what that means is it like the skin side down resting on a bed of shaved ice in something that drains the shaved ice into a container underneath it and then lightly light like I don't actually cut if you have a place that doesn't have a lot of other smells not worried about it you can almost not covered all put a piece of

but it doesn't touch it you know like over the top but you know a lot of fish keeps depends on how much the temperature cycles and how much air is blowing over if you have a lot of air blowing over at the surface dries out too much and you can get off later some other things and you can transfer flavors but if you have it really tightly wrapped overthinks touching that they actual fish and you can get slimy nasty parts for the stuff touch it so you don't want anything touching it you can wrap plastic wrap if you have two over it but not touching the fish on a bed of ice and then check the ice when the ice melts put a fresh bag of ice down remember skin side down and not stacking a bunch of them on top and your face will actually keep fairly well that way the very few people who hears wife salmon goes or fish goes bad so quickly in the fridge is people like you buy it from a fishmonger they throw it into a freaking plastic bag like it's like like it's like dirty socks and then you take it home and it's dirty sock bag and then you throw it in the fridge and then some idiot comes and throws a bag of grapefruit on top of it and then it's horrible horrible once you make

short of it is actually going to keep a lot longer I try to find actual piece of information about how long I would like to keep by the way is salmon typically salt sugar salt and Dill accurate weather without weights you create for a couple of days at that it does prevent some bacteria from growing but it does not prevent things like listeria from growing and there's other spoilage bacteria is I've seen people say you get an actual facts extra to three days out of it from the curing after it's cured and I see people say it lasts a couple of weeks in there I haven't found any hard data looking to see how long it lasts in the in the fridge but from what I can see the main thing from a thology standpoint from up from pathogen standpoint rather it would be listeria because listeria will continue to grow on it but if you actually keep it under proper Refrigeration Wisteria should take a long time to grow the other problems are going to be more spoilage in then less safety problems but I could not find any specific things and nobody wants to come out and say

you can keep it for 2 weeks in the fridge and it won't be a problem because then if you get sick you're going to go back to them and save me a lot depends on the initial bacterial loading of the fridge salmon if you're buying really good salmon whole fish the whole fish salmon at wholesale Market playing at yourself you could see the gills you could see the eyes you see the skin the quality of it you know you'll probably get a good long time out of it but I like those other fools hesitate to give you an exact amount of time and speaking of exact amount of time I have shafted Pauline again on talking about the bacterial safety of her smoked salmon in Alaska and next time Pauline what I promised to address this very first on the show here we go ready for next week tummy issues

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