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Episode 126: Chris Young on Coffee

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normal. I'm doing great how you guys a little blurry we have at the beginning there and you know that they have a word for something entertainment and information it's in the right but I don't want to wait that 718-497-2128 hope to be joined as soon on the telephone with the sponsors from today show Chris Young from steps and modernist cuisine

he's a bit of a coffee nut so I have some coffee questions that I put off from last time and some also I think one from this time marks a barbecue with her ray ray ray reviews

hey Dave this is Kristen Seattle how are you doing all right all right so Jo this is Chris Young our sponsor for today

Pastor Chris with any of your modernist andorran on modernist Andorra when he was working at 5 Pandora gliding cuz he's a glider pilot if you have any questions and how are you it's been awhile New York Knicks I don't know when you are always well I'm just about recovered from my last trip to New York so when I when I lose any sort of judgment I'll be back out but chefstep is based in several locations are how's it working we have a 4000 square foot of space and Seattle Pike Place Market

play powder on experimental kitchen and into it up we have our shopping developers and an entire production team here we do have a bit of a hardware engineering lab just out of Seattle and George Howard and a couple employees in Chicago and LA but other than that East Coast West Coast cocktail challenge I know you what are you doing

look somewhat normal cocktail problem to solve dinner taste buds a whole new problem to solve can you think of any Chris which we leave is open to the biggest challenges Kendra to come from unexpected places and there's been a bunch of people who has done a lot of work with it already and so you know I I I tend to do the hardest work in places where I think there's a lot a lot lot more work to do but there is a lot a lot of problems I think I have with people when they smoke that cocktails is they they tend to use

are they tend to use kind of those those are small format smoke generators when they when when you over smoke a drink with that attempt to take on more of kind of over phenolic flavors from an egg to be hard for those they can be hard for people to Dosa man think the best results I seen her actually from more of the Smoky flavor off of chard chips and what not seen good results off of that and had good results off that obviously smoking alcohol go together if you done any good experiments with her or not Smoky flavor in it

you know that I will have to leave drink that just about any day. Good luck with the isi and an oak doing like a semi Char semi Oak at the same time but my favorite way to add wood is in Forest to take an Age spirit that I like rotovap it so that I have the I have the oak leftover and then add it back to my other underage stuff we messed up that's fantastic stay out of the rain to most people working but a Christian

hey I just really impressed is as amazing legal resource I have my everything is done out there tomorrow and we didn't have time to do a lot of side-by-side test before the recipe that we were doing but enough

Jalapeno in a fight season the ribs and jalapeno but there really wasn't anything that we can discern both into helping yourself and then into syrup know the Hat kind of like the infusion afterward so we were wondering if that was because the rest of you is kind of imprecise it was just like one jalapeno didn't say how big how much and you know they can vary in terms of their heat but is used to know if there is some issues at the cafes and it gets kind of neutralize when you go to that process will make a difference if more

it seems to be after the stir it went in the store when did you eat a portion of the jalapeno beforehand to verify that wasn't a spicy habanero ice cream that would be fun in edible if it wasn't dissolved in that much bad

I might look to a jalapeno and slice it thin even in a relatively like if you tell if it's a good one with some strength and you slice it relatively Finley and do a boil out with it in the sugar syrup you should be able to pick up a good bit to give me the good thing about therapists you can continue to heat it for a while so you know what I typically do with heat I tend not to use a green when I add heat to things most of the time in dream

ice creams I guess I want to add more of a red flavored heat so I tend to use red things so but you just keep tasting it and what will happen is if it'll be the right amount of spice and then eventually it'll over it all over extract to get to spicy so I just keep tasting tasting tasting and then throw it through the course she want to scream it out as soon as it's at the place where I like it and that tends to be what I what I do it's almost impossible to measure Peppers because they're so variable with regard to their heat levels even from pepero pepero unless you're dealing with something preposterously hot like a habanero where you know that it's going to hit you with a wild-type but even then you can be mistaken we can get an owl say which looks for all the world like a habanero and smells like it but doesn't taste like it very much and isn't hot hardly at all like peppers can be extremely extremely variable and so I know how it always get a couple of extra

chop of Solomon white while you do the Heat and be aware that what Chris is right when you then mix it down with your with your milk and cream base it's going to reduce the heat even further so you might want to just have some spicy crab sitting around that you can toast back in the spice with but you have to be careful because usually then when you're dozing something back your dosage if your throat and a dry spice let's say those things get radically hotter when you infuse them so the red pepper flakes to get at a pizza parlor you can eat them on their own without too much trouble do you infuse them for a long time in a liquid and then they can start blowing your top off but right Chris and swallow them before they have time to to rehydrate in Tuscon start diffusing out the gas station to 301st and That's a classic mistake people do when they're making sauces is the throw in a bunch of dry chili flakes and then I got it's not hot enough and then I'll throw in some more dry chili flakes

then 15 minutes later they're done you know Garrett up your child I was wondering if we wanted to kind of pairs of these things with alcoholic drink and then I was thinking did you have you ever tried to do like an alcoholic version of an ice cream float

oh yes and so you made kind of like an alcoholic like a Susie and froppy drink and then you know just there any good combinations that you'd recommend a couple of good root beer or liquor worse out there you can make your own root beer flavor and you can do a classic root beer float at probably the first one I ever did you can't mean I mean I would imagine that you know every carbonated rum and coke would make a good float if you want for ditional flavors I've done you know if you like vinegar cocktails shaped like a really nice fresh fig ice cream with with like a slightly vinegar carbonated soda cocktail is nice and works as a non desert kind of a thing but there's any crispy ever done what what what play was you try with that

I haven't done right I haven't done any ice cream alcoholic ice cream float like a carbonated well with ice cream you might have to switch to a different Spirit but orange we have a drink on them in the bar menu now that's clarified orange orange juice where we at a citric and Malik plan to it to give it the acidic characteristics of lime juice and we use that we use that in a daiquiri variant where we milk wash the Daiquiri to give it a nice have it so it tastes like an orange julius call dr. J but that orange base that we don't clarify for the Daiquiri cuz he wanted to be foamy but it clarified you can have made a kind of gin like a gin celery celery ice cream or sorbet and then do like clarified orange with Malik and citric and like liquor of your choice carbonated carbonated and poured over could be quiet

we can know what I would try I've been playing with that we've been playing with this a bit lately is is the old school phosphates and boric acid in carbonated alcoholic. Yeah but the problem is is Anastasia hates it and so like whenever I want them go towards let me the issue is that you are you cuz you know this like if someone ask you to work on something you work on something but then if the people around you are constantly saying how they hate thing it's like makes it kind of a pain in the butt to work with the same way that like we don't do a lot with cherries cuz I'm allergic to it you know so it's

I think what happened was is that I've been punished I'm being punished for all of those years of making fun of people with allergies and so they're like oh world's greatest fruit yeah that that bad when you are carbon anything's be aware when your carbonating it is that you can probably go a little bit higher alcohol in a little bit higher sugar than you would for a drink drink but the more alcohol you have the harder it's going to be the carbonate probable properly when we're making carbonated drinks at the bar for consumption that you're straight drinking consumption we use ratios of between 1.75 to up to 2 oz that 60 of a high-proof spirit

in a total cocktail base of 5 oz just for your general edification anyting stiffer than that and it's going to be more difficult to properly and also when something stiffer than that is balanced out with acids and sugars is going to tend to taste syrupy and the first couple of bites might be good but I didn't even drink might be good but as it goes down it's going to be more climbing suggesting you know if you're working on a float you can probably go a little a little harder than that but also realize an alcoholic beso de will foam even more than a regular soda when port on an ice cream base I'm just really well because alcohol tinnitus home anyway like when you were carbonating cocktails at phones so much you know so am I like there's already a foaming issue with it obviously floats are in a foaming issue so it's just

coffee questions in the first of all we had a question last week some was asking about frothing frothing milk without it getting expensive frother and I'm actually you know in Spanish cuisine you guys have a recipe where you stabilize a foam with with whey protein isolate and super Westar sucrose Esters actually make latte art phone with an arrow latte is a dense enough to the sucrose Esters make it fine enough and still make it work it's possible to make a latte phone that you can pour latte art with using interlocking there's a fair amount of technique what I found is warming it as you go and you want to be working though that the aerolatte one really should have more at the bar. Try to drag a little bit of Aaron but then most what you're trying to do is just have the

deeper and constantly sort of breaking up the bubble for that you're getting a smaller and smaller microphone so I can to be moving the aerolatte around the bottom of the pot slowly bring it towards the surface but I should have brought the aerolatte to The Serpent and about the same time that the milk is the right temperature. If you want to get a a really wet foam that velvety and silky and you can't really see any individual Bubbles and it's going to give us her have that viscous poor to it be much hotter than about 45-50 Celsius at the most if you really want to have a remote that really easy to pour pour latte art with you can start getting the milk itself is 140 Fahrenheit it's going to be really dry and when you go to pour it on the phone to get a flight back to the picture and hot milk Street come out beneath it until I found it that's really almost more important

helps you add to the milk that you can't get it to the temperature that you would get if you were actually pulling up in a steam wand in the drink huge milky beverages so like if I drink a traditional cappuccino or a or a 5 o clock much hotter than about 45 Celsius and really nice smell text her almost every coffee shop I go into a coffee from a very pleasant experience and she likes the taste of the phone done kind of lower temp but she prefers the coffee to be hotter there's no really know where at me like like can you do like a quick nuke in like not real you're automatically ruined as soon as it's heated up

your host with the steam ones you can get to 1555 comfortably and still get a wet phone but my mommy I always pull up I always pull a hefty amount of hot water in the hot water tap on my espresso machine before in the mic up to preheat it but also if you want it really hot yet you know the boiling water out of the boiler into a pussy

when you're drinking that's also a video cups in general which is why you know paper cups are the devil

have the advantage that they go in your car real nation in a bit more of a Starbucks latte now I have no ideas never ordered that Beast of a drink it's like that the trend to her something at some like the big gulp of the lock SeaWorld I think it's like two shots that doesn't happen in New York because hear what you have to do is walk past five Starbucks to get to your car then drive to the Starbucks double Park go into the Starbucks get to take to come back out put it in your car and then you could drink it for the next hour and a half while you look for your parking space again

remind me of why I'm glad I don't live in New York Wolf Road in commenting on that question for last week and Scott says I want to write in for sound making decent milk phone without a steam wand on high-end espresso machine I found a fairly good and cheap technique you can buy a small french press coffee maker some specifically designed for milk you have the cold milk to the bottom of the pressure comes up over the mess message screen and you rapidly put the screen up and down in the milk and make it fairly dense and stable foam you can then heat the milk inside the glass container in the new the phone doesn't overheat and Pops is the air mixture doesn't absorb microwaves as well as he still liquid milk at the bottom with my setup it takes about 45 seconds to get to the proper temperature for a cappuccino and the phone seems to work best if he is very cold skin milk although you can get a richer but less impressive phone with higher fat Mo's I do not like skim milk from what do you think about that technique

the biggest challenge I've I would be concerned about it as you should have checked with a lot of care and attention you can turn a squirrel in keep the phone wet in together but I've never been able to get it to work where I can get a Knife Only wet dense foam from top to bottom of the picture that I can just treport to get such a nice rosette you don't spend a lot of money you can use a French press to do that skim milk does work best but it's too bad product let me just say this right now skim milk should not exist

why it's horrible it's a nightmare I mean like like if you want to like dehydrated and get the milk powder for using something else maybe the why would you ever want to me it's horrible you know my 90 94 almost year old grandpa is is only drinks full fat milk tastes like you're not saving thin gray awful thanks I guess I'm sure it has some culinary applications but as an actual product to consume it's a wretched you disagree with me I don't drink I know it's horrible Scott rights and also a separate issue we had last week was a song wanted to I serve a non-alcoholic drinks to their wife is pregnant and show your ideas of drinks that you can sit for a while and so instead of having alcoholic drink in your own drink out of

sumac sumac this is an old idea and is used to refer to a sumac lemonade you basically stupid sumac in hot or cold water add sugar to taste sumac is high in folic acid and so is the wind like bite to it the flavor someone would be in Florida makes a very refreshing summertime drink see macros wild around here he's from Guelph Canada I wonder whether he's involved with the university they were great Dairy Department there wild around here many people harvest it themselves sumac trees grow on the side of the road and they spread out as clones of the parent the spice comes from the red cone shaped Spears and adore the tree and you were supposed to harvest them when the weather is dry or the malic acid gets washed off during The Reign I did not know that I did not I did not know that I've been tempted to sumac lemonade but of course that both help you if you're up the spout which I learned last week means pregnant as well as broken or Pond what are the flavors of I shouldn't say this a lot of sumac work with the public yet I happen to love soon

a lot but you work a lot Chris

you know I think the last time it was when I was working at for this classic go to want to keep working with sumac Alec in there as well as got that kind of like sorely kind of hit to it too but I know that this is coming off the top of my head but it makes it take to make fantastic still but it makes really fantastic sparkling drinks really good and of elderflower of blossoms and maybe that's because it's a pretty popular drink over there but

a blend of lemon juice and then I'll make a simple syrup infused with a Douglas fir and a blend of the lemon juice be elderflower cordial and the Douglas fir of syrup and then diluted down with water and I I didn't know that the Fantastic combination that has a lot of really aromatic okay a nice bit of acidity and in a slight that this is a slight resinous pint flavors a little bit unexpected everything is there anything but that sounds delicious I'd like to I like to try that not a good thing for sumac we used to be used to grind sumac finer along with the salt and use it as a french fry spice

really good on French fries bring some of that acidity to it and it's almost like you know what you're not going to you're not going to douse your French fries and ketchup sumacs nice me if you going to Dousman ketchup it's really no point but it's Jack so I see here women who are pregnant or could become pregnant or advised not to drink pine needle tea in general for fear it could cause abortion wow and Jack welcome I didn't know you were in the studio. If you're pregnant or leave the pineapple with pear pear juice with using another flower very good carbonate that sucker to but you're assuming that you're going to know more about again Chris

Kohler firm North Carolina how you doing good she's always answering my questions on the Forum and it's a great resource that everybody that listens to this you know radio on your blog would actually love to do at the Malco is going to be bored at them because you know I feel like they might be over hype so that they're like in a little too you know whatever but what do I do with these things I hate ramps just because other people like them just you just a copy at Rice s that's right pickled ramps chart ranch sauce from them so I would

which El Paso County agar or gellan gum on the grill or some sort of the charred rapini video on chestnuts. Com Eula I would let them down with a little bit of water rather than a stock just cuz I think flavors fantastic adjust the seasoning and then if you wanted to you could drag it would stand up and have somebody to it with a girl I probably said it with about 1% and then Tourette and inconsiderate if you had gel and we might be able to go down to about .75% per hour for a fairly picture what's nice about the fluid gel if it's not going to be glue key or Chloe in the mouth cuz I'm very clean and really let the charge to rent flavor comes

one thing that was definitely don't have the salt for any acid to the cure until right before serving or you're going to end up just in general when you're using ingredients like that is Sans since you're going to have to send your going to charge extra for them and people want to know what they taste like and they're expensive and they only come around once in a while usually should you summon things that highlight them mean that's you know just practice when you say a little bit overly precious the Apollo to its logical conclusion you get to sort of sparse of of of a of a cook ramp on a plate with nothing else you can do a little bit more to it and then still really show up right but you might end up doing is composing a couple different texture so the Pickled ramp the rapture

all of those could be could be really nice

I'll leave the punch to you again

alright what what do you like what do you like to ramp it and what do you like. Cramps with I don't I don't have never I never used them at the French culinary because I just never did I would only ever cook him at home and so then I usually just I just do a Meza as a side I do like a quick saute asparagus salt and like a little bit of correction with acidity of the very end as it comes out and just serve him kind of glazed and wilted like that but because I'm doing it at home you know somebody in our form mention if you have a lot of RAM do you want like a 10lb case that would be fine but if you do end up making a tramp puree in which it was a little small a little a little roast chicken fat

you just wanted to say Schmaltz Chris

but I want to get into our conversation at start of the subliminal programming going on I think Sammy's roumanian is the last restaurant in New York where you can go have like the big thing of Schmaltz on the table

roast chicken carcass and then pressure cook the heck out of it you're going to have all this fat on the top and most people throw that out which is kind of awesome. Yes it is as delicious Planet what is the smallest Brewing Company beer bottle I will taste as if someone ever hears a student can get a hand their hand on a can of Schmaltz beer set it our way will definitely I'll get bread and Smalls and drink the Schmaltz beer with it ice coffee right I don't know I think people don't really know

take a quick break to unless you want to smash this out different ones of you had more of a hand in because it's kind of more of your thing you had a giant hand in the coffee section Craig is why I'm passing with the coffee questions I would like to say that I stood on the shoulder of the giant people like Jim Hoffman Wilburys champion and run Square Mile Coffee in London and Tim wendelboe help out if we were on Aeropress but before I get into it let me just say that my my expertise if you can call it that and coffee is almost exclusively related to espresso shots cuz that's what I drink

I drink a lot of it but that's what I make and that's what I what I think about a lot but before we even get into this I think everyone should probably go check out that if you don't mean modernist cuisine I read it the section on coffee actually today but also go to look at VST Mojo to go and what they have done with like linking refractometer has an initial coffee weights to kind of targeting where your Brew is and probably read a Scott Rao's book on everything but espresso if you're interested in kind of their mechanics of non espresso brew coffee sober

press in Moka pot but take the key is to is to understand that each one of these things has a lot of variables involved in it and each type of coffee maker that people still use on a regular basis can make a delicious cup of coffee however they're not interchangeable they won't make the same cup of coffee and so that the question is figuring out how to control the variables accurately to get a consistent and the best of that style of coffee that you can get would you agree with that Chris or no lady literally hundreds if not thousands of compound didn't get a very different drinking experiencing and to those who care about Gauthier can be incredibly interesting that something in the temple is the difference between a pour-over and a French press use such a very different outcome on The French Press variant up to newer style Aeropress the first question

easier questions is also from the first who doubled up on a question I recently acquired an Aeropress in a burr grinder this is why the acquisition of additional materials would lead to a domestic dispute so what we're told is he cannot purchase a more expensive machine other than the Aeropress in the burgmeier that he has I would greatly appreciate your comments on how the various factors affect the result of the Aeropress website suggested making very concentrated initial brew and watering it down will get a better result than adding more water why is this all so why does grind size seem to make such a difference one post I found online recommence and burning depression very carefully making sure that the foam on top of the coffee made its way to the final couple of you don't like that stuff right Chris that stuff that blows up you're not a fan of a break and I like the skimm the raft off in the case of French Press before before plunging over brewing and over extracted

question Alice also agree to that because they found the results of the turning upside down a bit oil in harsh but perhaps my palate is immature love to understand the basics of what's going on with different grind sizes temperatures and concentrations queue up the good work Alice from Toronto well I mean very very simply put in an Aeropress when you do the Aeropress I do I do a full staredown let it sit and then and then do the Press extractions at what you do or no tracking when she was you essentially got an intercept of a more uniform extraction can I help

I like them I think they're interesting there's a lot of great techniques online but I'm not an expert because I don't make it all that often water temperature has a huge impact generally speaking the cooler your water the more acidic you're going to get the hotter your water the more you'll tend toward to the bitter side something around 90 Aeropress folks actually recommend a slightly lower temperature but something in the upper 90s. Right you'll have to find where that sweet spot is for you with everything else held constant but in general if you lower the water temperature you're going to tend to find it more acidic and maybe a little bit Under and Over extracted the faster you will extract and then according to come in the story with it

back time to the company you kind of have to choose which of those you're going to keep sex while you adjust the others otherwise you start to get really befuddled and lose track of where it where you are and what you're trying to do in the Aeropress the quantity of water you add to the quantity of coffee should not change the extraction appreciably because you're not getting close to convince her to equilibrium that she just changed how strong the coffee is relative to pure water would you agree with that or no independent and quantify disinfected you actually want to get short of the ONN 18 or so percent extraction from the ground that would be similar

I've never really looked around between 18 and 22 you know what I've heard is Norwegian and Scandinavian paper slightly higher for liking 18% higher we family and she also go look at espresso the chemistry the chemistry of quality is a great book on espresso only came out a long time ago so I don't know what kind of how updated is but they they favor the kind of very low numbers they use no very like longer shots with lower lower initial doses but

show with espresso like what mass of a shot do you get out of from what's Matt the ground in a particular time frame and they'll do I get closer to 221 blue racer so maybe a 7 gram ghost can a 14 grams shot out where is you have Xfinity and end in this country because we never getting so much milk to use much higher dosing ATT 18 or 20 grams and then like a 1 and 1/4 the wrist rattle of a one-to-one Blue Ridge going to make a much stronger coffee maybe even a little bit

yeah but even as the so I mean really and really told me once yeah when I asked him so they were talking now like 10 years ago so you know I'm kind of in the early. Of the huge expansion in the in the coffee scene out where you are in Seattle I guess you weren't there at that time but whatever so what do you think about what David of us where they're using much higher dose rates and you are employed as you say is a noise like the florals are going to be reduced I happen to think that a Circa 2003 like kind of pan West Coast so take the bocce as I kind of the one that we all kind of heard about over here right now to shot like 2,000 to 2. Like that kind of a shot I thought was amazing the last time I was out there a couple years ago like these kind of like skim coat shots were there like hyper dosing it

out like weigh less than an ounce I don't know about that style what do you think

18 gram dose pulled in depends on the coffee but around 27 or so it is 2024 to 2017 track and field I generally like to get like three ratio if not it's not an Italian file but it's not this really overdosed hyper ristretto shot that does not back on the west coast back towards like slightly more normal shot volumes or no

actually there's an interesting train going on if your place is like Milstead coffee is in a great hurry up and coming young person named Andrew Milstead who won the station Fremont and he's basically going back towards smaller smaller you know if you order a cappuccino cup there and so will allow you to go sit down and Brewing ratio to be more than normal levels or levels it's really sort of maximize bringing up a floral Aroma notes you get in the coffee and away from the shop is really just designed to stand out in 24 oz of a break-in here have to be alright commercial with Chris Young

this is Chris Young co-author of modernist cuisine together with the tographer Ryan Matthew Smith and Chef Grant Crilly we've created something exciting and new at each day and our kitchen at Seattle's Pike Place Market we are working on new recipes as well as updating classic ones that we love and we're always looking for new techniques that make the impossible possible at we publish it all online with detailed step-by-step demonstrations as well as explanations of the science that answers the why behind the how in the kitchen and threw our Forum you can engage with our team as well as a friendly community of curious Cooks from around the world if you're interested in becoming a better cook if you want more from the creative team behind modernist cuisine and if like us you're a fan of Dave Arnold and cooking issues than we think there's a lot you'll like and the best part is entirely free to learn

how's that for an ad

another question also, now it's different one Alex gordetsky rights in about Moka pots which actually you know what I'm going to go ahead and say this I don't drink Moka pot coffee but the real problem with Moka pots is that people have linked the word espresso to the Moka pot and they're just entirely different types of coffee right I mean the same thing and I've never taken the time to get a good mocha cup but apparently people who like it like it in like three Moka pots in my lifetime that people who have no might be possible

right thing is is that there's a lot that control here okay so we've been using the stove top Italian Moka coffee maker for many years and we love it for a variety of reasons so maybe Alex is also a member of the cult let her know that's a question to see if we can make the mocha coffee better first grind we have been grinding between Nespresso espresso and Turkish that is too fine that is too fine for a Moka pot all the indications that I have are that you want to go slightly coarser than sweaty coarser than espresso water we use tap water to whether or not tap water is good depends on which type you have a kind of New York City water is a little bit too soft I think most people would say but I must be good that must have took off over there right

here but the numbers I've heard been around in something like a hundred and fifty ppm's of your heart if you were to go get Mike Bolduc water or Dasani or some some sort of name brand pretty middle-of-the-road water that's about perfect for coffee and people will go into fairly great afternoon taken trailer tap water is about that rent however Stumptown Coffee has a good little thing if you go on their website on using a Moka pot best they say you want to preheat the water before you put it in a Moka pot this makes sense because it means it's less time on the stove and less time to dry heat your coffee grounds which is not a good thing they also say that that one of the most important things you're doing Moka pot work is to keep the lid of it open so you can look down on it so that is

start blinding out on the extraction you can pull it off before you over extract out of it and then the other thing that they say is to wrap a wet towel to stop extraction at that point almost instantly I would say easier would be nice to have like a pan of cold water next to it you can just put the whole bottom of the yetis quench it and that's what I thought of and that's probably a good good technique so I think if you add those that's probably going to boost your stuff go to the top I would use a korsar grind and I think like those me I'm almost near intrigued now to go out and go out and try it you know one of the things that's false about if everyone is against it says while you're boiling the water there for the water is too hot therefore it can't possibly make good coffee with the fact that matter is that from the one or two people I've seen who done kind of initial measurements of the temperature it's actually by the time it's getting through your coffee grounds no longer boiling and not that far above what it would be in a good espresso machine so you know this is all stuff that can be tweaked out

my guess is he taking this weird attitude towards I'm sure it's possible to make a pretty good cup and spoiled do I have all these other things so I've never really looked at it but I think you're right it I can't see why you want it fine alright because I think you're having a longer extraction. You actually rather have a slightly course you're going to give you a slightly bigger margin for error of under vs. over extracting and wiggle room is going to be worthwhile things of that nature send send it our way

oil grapeseed oil and I've also followed McGee's advice from keys to good cooking about using another joke to save it but I couldn't I've also try the old-fashioned way with a whisk please give me a foolproof recipe for Mayo also what about adding flavors garlic mustard and making holiday another a style sausage finally how long will it keep mayonnaise is unsafe when it made unless you pasteurize the eggs however the longer it sits assuming you use the correct acid ratios in the manufacture of it the safer it gets so that's why in New Orleans people don't die from eating a man it's been sitting out all day but initially made mayonnaise is not safe and you can always as monitors because he will tell you or as Chris will tell you or is I will tell you is very simple to pasteurize yagos before

you use them and they still make a good man is correct on on what's it called Kenji alt did on on the blog on the Food Network enough food lab is really cool what he does Chris I don't know if you seen the video what is that puts a tablespoon of water which is a mistakes water doesn't add flavor out of flavorful liquid but you know whatever I think it was just because that's what he did whatever I'm not going to do it also add mustard but like just straight water like came out with like a flavor that cuz I just did it today flavor this minute and then you put it into the actual cup that comes with the immersion blender and that turns out to be the key so what happens if you put an immersion blender in the bottom you hit it and because the egg yolk is sitting at the bottom underneath the blades you actually are slowly adding the oil to it it makes us an emotion before the

Talk of the oral phase starts getting mixed into it and you can make a very stiff banged out awesome mayonnaise in like in nothing flat it's actually amazing it's really kind of amazing so like that's the way I like the way you twice a day for for service so yeah yeah well but here's the thing it's easy to mess up because so there was also getting too liquidy when Brian first said he was also too liquidy my initial assumption was you didn't use enough oil right because we all know that like you actually go to Bingo but I did so then I as an alternate test I also did it by adding you know that I added ingredients in all different orders I added you know very very high proof no 10% Scandinavian vinegar to see whether or no polish vinegar to see whether or not over acid in The yocan Message Nick

it was all perfect but then I made the recipe in a quart container instead of in the actual immersion blender cup and did not work because it created too much mixing of the book and oil before a stable emotion was formed so the kid of that technique is to use the actual cup that the immersion blender came with or if you've lost that use a mixing tin front like out like a tall cocktail mixing tank I tested and not as well with all the Oilers here is Young practice if you can put a fully pulling up and

container is not possible to do it in something it's too wide at the bottom that we are out of time so I have a question about souffle with ask if you have anything for stabilizing a high acid souffle other than making sure that the base isn't too hot when you put the acid ingredient before you fold the egg whites Chris

not off the top of my head you know the reaction when people want to talk about stabilizing a souffle not a souffle anymore but you're talking about being able to add a little more about next week Mark Jensen also rode in with a great use of his leftover 64-degree eggs he makes a hollandaise without having to precook and modernist cuisine Styles I'll talk about that it's a good use and then we had someone who's having problems with their criminal is Tom Fisher will get it to you next week so I'm sorry we didn't get to finish a clear all the questions but that's just so many good questions are good colors in the cereal Puffs for next week 2

New York Jets to come out and play with your Toys R Us is willing to like you guys can make your own proprietary puffed snack mix in are puffer you know the Museum's buffer will be also we shipped out we shipped a beta test unit of the searzall after you guys you guys get it yet the results you hadn't blowtorching Annette cook foie gras is ridiculous on the plug Rock and Chris thanks for coming and thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on

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