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Episode 124: Olive Oil & Mark Ladner

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Bushwick Brooklyn Park Piper Piper from Brooklyn bag by fiber by your veterinarian close to the mic there got to get closer


took first and foremost I'm going to make a call your questions to any of us Glee Mark for all of your mark Ladner style? You're essentially here to to get plugs for your review with Aaron and Patrick some of the logistics for this small get-together we're having on Saturday morning at the Heritage Warehouse which is on the same block so yeah I'm going to head over there afterwards check on my girl make sure everything's going to come to my place because I will be flying to Senegal I'm taking a trip organized by a good buddy from another brand of car restaurant.

excellent Senegalese cookbook called you lay lay the whole point of these trips it's supposed to be a series of trips that chefs are taking an American chefs are taking to Africa with a 2 with a two-part a two prong kind of gold one we get to steal ideas ingredients and bring them back here right and two people over there that the hope is that our country what they really want to see is authentic Real Deal stuff they don't want to see some sort of BS fake friends or some sort of you know Western garbage that there's that there's inherent value in doing you know very good presentations of local three cheese cultures

not good here because you know you know you've been to Italy you've been to France you know what's good they're so if you're going to know if you're going to Senegal you don't want some interpretation McDonald's McDonald's to see how they're different from American McDonald's Eventbrite

absolutely Italian BBQ. I'm not going to say that if you don't go you're worthless and stupid but I wouldn't say that it's their Heritage USA is very own red wattle pork shoulder expensive not expensive is the you know what's my favorite word is Hep a related word is mangle Easter that's if you like pork do you like for today

Madison Wisconsin have you had your product yet to have their product I would like to try the product to see whether it is as delicious as I hope it is there of cooking issues so excited to try it you know what I had last night from pork pork pork related to sell Mary of the AC guys there are excellent you know salami curing outfit here in New York and New Jersey good people a lot of people a lot of a lot of people who are known for their curing now in this area is a spent a lot of time with the guys that sounds kind of learning their technicians what they did that was very interesting way back in the day was instead of changing their procedures to meet to meet food code they hired and paid for people to prove that their techniques were safe from a food from a food food safety standpoint

I think a lot of money you know but they are point and I was hanging out with Paul from there yesterday in the point that they made years ago when I first met them was and what do I want to do it I just I don't want to do it so let's see whether we can and I don't know anyone else who else it does that but they had they had the most delicious wild boar soup I had yesterday of course I'm from the Eastside call Super-Sod ridiculous weather in Florida but USDA really good right now? Rights not this Mark. Mark Ladner the mark of the noodle questions last week

remember if you listen to whatever he was trying to make up a rice noodle it's made from a partially cooked out hydrated rice starch mixed with more rice starch water and pressed through you know if a potato ricer into boiling water to make noodles in the reason you pre boil part of the Starship because otherwise it doesn't really hold together very well if it's just rice starch water so that I told him what water is what I told him or a more baller press those are two choices I gave you the final it was compromised I'm definitely going to try the Indian noodle pressing you mentioned I can't see how that wouldn't work because they are in India they make these noodles from cooked out starch and if they're really stiff and so they need really hardcore presses depressing stuff out that KitchenAid that the new power to scooter that fits on the KitchenAid

haven't seen it but never seen it you were one of the really nice new positive but not the arcobaleno you know how she correct when he used to Extreme Rules outside a plastic Riser and I know that I would break it I know I would break and I know me I was basically when he will look on a handful noodles a question isn't that there's some guys and it's usually the people who are attempting to mimic you know Asian recipes from an American standpoint they are pulling style and a handful nude

is it shows the dough is so slack that if they pulled over Li hard at all it would just fly apart in the nothingness and Men occasionally you'll see those guys pull the stuff in the noodles friends will break and fall into nothingness whereas if you look at the actual guys doing it in Asia their slap adapt and laughing laughing that stuff around it looks like it has a lot more resilience to it and then from my perspective a dough that has more resilient tonight if you could be posed going to have better tooth me it's just obvious to me that it's going to have more to some extent was structure when you guess the uses of the real secret ingredient of people are using they use Alkali water in order a buddy's baking soda when they're doing it so when you add it to a regular noodle not one of the kind of over-processed hand-pulled noodles but a regular noodle it's going to strengthen the gluten and also depending on the culture of our Wii U use a increase the

she got the yellow alkaline noodles that have the snap to it right but hand-pulled noodles never going to have that kind of bite to it because in order to pull it if it had that kind of bite to it and it wouldn't pull right you know what I mean so it's you know when you're making the hand-pulled noodles you have to get to a point where the you know where you know it's not so elastic is going to break short but then it pulls you want the extensibility but not necessarily be able to pull back elasticity ever successfully attempted this yourself at work but I've never been like oh I'm good at this or oh I would serve this to my friends are family and that you know who you were talking about in my limited experience in flagging method is really helpful if your noodle dough has been sitting with make sense cuz the glutens fans would probably read when you get a little bit for more of the network I'm only use the recipe from chef

how much is the one available on the internet and I found a few pull the noodles right out of the mixer bowl like he doesn't a video they are easy but they can tighten up after resting so a few quick Flags can help get them back to being pullable maybe the resting can help a chew thanks again Mark I think it right at the resting at you but the other thing is I think like everything else there's so much more than they like the one thing I almost got good at was doing the dragon's beard candy and even then I sucked compared to know that you know that the million-year-old dude has been doing nothing but dragon's beard candy because I don't know because that's all he does I don't know that you're not really good at what you're doing and that you are a farce you know where the solid a but then when you're hitting it but then when you're not hitting it you know it drains through a it turns to a liquid and so there's videos of guys with cornstarch and water is the most famous when you can make this mix cornstarch and water

running across the pool of cornstarch and water and then stopping and thinking all the way up to their chests in the full of cornstarch and water and eating Asia said it's actually not rice with what we thought last week there sweet potato and Paul Adams has made a proper Oobleck Noodle and so we going to get my my Twitter they're cooking issues he made it with 5% pre cook sweet potato starch uncooked with water and Alum I still don't know what the island has enough with the updates on the noodles Wright radio member at the low cost about $0.50 per cooking issues episode amortized over all of our episode exchange dude questions

online but that PBS took it off because because they're publicly funded and so they wouldn't have it streaming understand that that make any damn sense makes no damn sense beautiful qualities of American me so is there any way to make me so it a home environment and could you achieve the superior quality to what's available in the store that way granting it may take it you're failing that any New York City or mail-order sources of quality me some Dave is occasionally you know liable to make some hyperbolic statement in fact there is no you can get some delicious me so here in the in the US and you can get some crap me so here in the US most Americans when they go buy me so I mean actually nastasha Mark and I were all in Japan about a year ago we had some pretty good when you get me some relaxing amazing me so I had to add the guy who is the head of purchasing from Park Hyatt bought bought me some hot show me so which it is very hard to get really good hot for me so here you suck me I don't never seen it available

I see really bad version of how come you so here they lie gets weren't treated well and how come you so is one that's age for an extremely long time it's made of loose-leaf soybean and it's very dark and kind of pudding flavored salt coffee and also to be really awesome stuff and the real the real good stuff is just light-years beyond the you know the crappy version that is that I had here in the US however other extremely high-quality me so that are brought him most me so's most people like the lighter me so's are they they they get hooked on the lighter me so is like a Shiro miso and things like that and most of those are done with very short fermentation times and then they have to dope him up with things to stop at the stop them from growing in the package and blowing off and so those can taste not so great right but any major city that has a decent Japanese population in New York being one of them I'm sure San Francisco or any go to any one of those Japanese places and they have

my hand 20 20 different pieces some of which are going to suck and some of which are going to be good and not being able to read anything in Japanese and not being able to communicate with a lot of people that are selling me this stuff even though that they actually all speak they all speak English in stores here in the 8th but I still for some reason can't communicate with him at Sunshine Mart but you been Sunshine Mart so so anyway so cuz you're trying to walk into a store here's what I want to know you have 30 different things I don't want to fool around I don't have the time I can't even type the stuff into a search engine is tell me what the good stuff is point out the good stuff right and even though I know it's a very nuanced question like still think of someone walked in and then and you know I had a bunch of different

price ranges of things and I said why is this thing cost more they would have some sort of explanation anyway so I end up buying like you know a couple of a higher price ones and and maybe one of the crappier wants to see what the difference, but there are some very very good mises available here but you can make your own if you wanted me so is there's a lot of steps in miso and anything when there's a lot of steps even though you can do it yourself there's a lot of room for not being as good as the people who are actually very very good at it that's the same way that you can bake bread at home but most of us unless we don't message for a lot of time to it's not going to make bread as good as the best bread makers that we can go visit if you want to make your own you should go first of all you should probably own at any rate sandor Katz his book The Art of fermentation he has a small section on me so and then he he actually directs you to be kind of still you know I think almost two decades or more later like grantome on me so by William shurtleff and Akiko yagi which is the book of miso the same people that brought you the book of tofu

I'll talk about these guys on the are a bunch of times the tofu book I think I told you I called him and he was like you to call me a bad person for trying to make toast without of edamame he said I was like yeah she said I think that I was a bad human being and he who I think has been superseded with more modern book but I think his miso book is still the his and her miso book is still there at the one to get beware that they have a bridge small paperback versions of the book of tofu in the book of miso and they've been hacked up and then reglued into a paper bag for him and to me that was almost unreadable get the big version but the larger version weather in paperback or in hardcover and you can go to his website writing something so I never know you know what I mean anyway info and a good choice good source for Kodi unique OG to make miso and a good source for that is Gem cultures ww.w

gem cultures adapt, we know my favorite pieces

my phone with me so I hate down on music

nothing like putting things that it doesn't belong in but I really like I like I like milk face miso soups I like cream of miso soups I like I like it's just such an awesome which flavor but you know apparently I'm a bad person another one like okay you ready for like a bunch of people I'm going to lose a bunch of listeners now ready I like I like what I know that I'm a bad I know it's bad I know it's stupid and I know and I guess you have to be a certain generation for this to be really a fancy to you but Wasabi mashed potatoes taste good I'm sorry they do like Wasabi mashed potatoes taste okay I said it I'm a bad bad man and it's like an incredibly trite and that you know I shouldn't like them but they don't love status

Humana can make more, cuz he know he's special in this is Christ and they don't taste bad how about this color you're on the air hopefully it's not about to Wasabi. Gross that I did and I'm interested in a sweet application for it so I was just wondering if I can substitute at 1414 butter and whether you have any recommendations or something that would be is particularly delicious in a sweet duck fat

yeah I think it's I think it's awesome make a pie or something like that would be so happy to be a little softer than better than flavor Crisco though no not necessarily have you done with duck fat

check this out one thing I be aware of is when you're making pie crust you know everyone says you're butter has to be like exactly the right temperature I find it that's kind of like crap that you can kind of make pie crust with any form of butter in any form of Crisco and effect Stein Garden Inn in his first book you don't have the whole thing with me and Marion Cunningham make pie crust and they don't worry about the temperature there water or anything like that but once you move too highly plastic fast at 10 degrees out on you Lord being one and I'm presumably duck-fat being another especially after it's rendered duck fat you're like oh it takes forever to render out of the skin so it must be really resilient know like one since they're like it softens up quick in your hands and you're working with it now chilling your water and making sure that that that that that the fact exactly in the right plastic range it's going to be a lot more critical because you're making those kinds of things you really don't want to melt out too much of the fat into the

into the flower because it's just going to change the consistency of what I would want to see would be bad but it won't be the same consistency that's my feeling

I don't know if buttercream or cream ducky ducky cream would try doing oh I would try maybe he's subbing half out to see whether it works or something and then so I can replace half the butter with duck fat receive my dear you also is a master of punch if you need a pun Piper group yeah you need to come by before the ball over or no

absolutely and I was really helpful I think the half and half is probably with the way to go to the better and so we're going to call at 1 Piper Piper Piper okay, what's the deal with kidney beans by boiling can deactivate the toxin in kidney beans which is up Fido hemagglutinin but the temperatures below boiling put exacerbated I've seen obviously filed because textile chili has no beans in it right I like beans in chili

purism of any sort like sometimes. Miss van like a dinner parties to have like a we could talk about Colonel Sanders being a peer as later because you know he was like kind of the purest of all-time insulting his own restaurants it's amazing. No reason to be a purist and beans and meat. They love each other so much especially in it in Chile to other while I can meet each other I've seen obviously not the coffee beans to be soaked and salted overnight then simmer on a gentle heat for a couple of hours in a dutch oven on a stove top is that safe Kenji alt recipe on Serious Eats is one such example okay there's a deal kidney beans beans beans contain in them PHA hemagglutinin along with other I would call anti-nutritional Factor right some of them are you know an indigestible think some of them are or protein absorption Inhibitors and some of them are just you know sugars that you can't digest and so they make you

toot yes latest latest eating beans because Dax told him that they making part he's never had a problem with it like what there's never been running around the house to hang out with beans and yet the idea that it might happen now is turn them off of beans until and he says daddy you need to you need to have a way to guarantee that they won't make me to and like I can't I can't I can't do that I can't hear you should be concerned your point shooters the worst enjoy something and like someone like just toots out at the bar anyway okay so if you go on the fda's a website and they're bad bug book right they in fact I put out this notion and if you go on the Wikipedia course

Wikipedia search Wikipedia they both mentioned the fact that incorrect cooking and it and they both mentioned I think 85c cooking it at these kind of simmering temperatures can increase buy some Lena order of like five fold the toxicity of of the appearance and what it is is it's a form of a lectin which is a protein that Bond's to two polysaccharides and another another style thing like that is ricin with your just got mailed out to some of our politicians unfortunately come to the castor bean that's deadly PHA and I can be deadly but if you eat too much DHA in the form of a raw or undercooked kidney beans it's not fun like you got yourself some diarrhea and some some sickness and some but you probably know I don't take my word don't go out but but as you say what's the deal with that why would cooking it at a lower temperature make it much more

much more toxic and then when I went to try and read all the scholarly articles I could get on the subject of deactivated cuz it's a big it's a big deal making getting rid of the anti-nutritional factor to things like kidney beans in fact I did not see that that was the case I did not see any situations where soaking and low a simmering actually made it much worse I think here's my feeling on it and I please someone who has the doctor come and tell me why I'm wrong that if you were to cook a bean at a temperature that wasn't going to deactivate a lot of the PHA it wouldn't taste cooked so if the bean doesn't taste cooked then the beans not cook and you probably should need it if the beans taste cooked it's probably been activated at 85 they know it's probably been activated cooked above temperature to deactivate to denature the protein to an extension it's okay my guess is that the person who that whatever study which I was not able to find even though the US government puts it out there is a fact that you can make it worse by undercooking it it's got to be that

partially breaking up the bean and then masticating it makes more of the bad stuff you haven't deactivated yet available to your systems got to be at right now I can't think of any other mechanism anyone anyone just hear about people getting sick from it study here I can't but it's called a clinical presentation of a kidney bean toxicity and it just came out this year physiology vulgaris consumption by a Sandeep Kumar February 2013 may be interesting point that these toxicity things come up more often in the UK than they come up in the US different cultivar perhaps that we consume another possibility is that aside from actual toxicity due to PHA there's it could be another factor in allergic reactions to leguminous things and maybe there's some other

complicating Factor the ones in the UK are no but the study specifically said there's a higher incidence of problems and you cakes in the US you never like my cousin man in the hospital after that kidney bean leaves that are you heard of that okay

underground Meats is an American producer of handcrafted salami and cured meats in Madison Wisconsin that use small farms from Southwest Wisconsin to Source their meet the animals are raised on pasture for their entire lives by farmers who care about Animal Welfare Underground Beats uses European tradition they also use ingredients from the Upper Midwest to try to create new types of Salamis experimenting with both ingredients and techniques the salamis are made using Heritage breeds mostly red wattles tamburitza Berkshires in mulefoot stir fry their award-winning cured pork shoulder and goat salami to learn more and purchase products did it shop. Underground food Collective. Org

shopping Madison Wisconsin

welcome back to cooking issues Orlando says I wouldn't have to give my kind of useless information on the market yet so I'm assuming it's going to be hopeful usual mammals are always welcome in there in town my wife really loves carbonara who doesn't I'm trying to figure out the best recipe for it I've heard you and him or argue about bacon vs. pancetta I live in Florida we don't have very good pancetta down here what do you recommend love the show thanks for everything Mike in Orlando first of all before I let you reckon if you believe in the old school where people so can soak in like simmer there American baking to get rid of the smoke or is that just ruining the flavor of the pork all over the fall of the map

yes Mark Ladner

sweet all right well you know I really love you much more I can say about that cuz the fact that matter is Bacon's delicious but if someone actually wanted to have more of a pain chat experience do you have any good mail-order source of pancetta or anything anything you like him but made industrial pancetta is absolute garbage I wouldn't I wouldn't recommend using it it's just really salty and smell and smells and tastes of chemicals and

stick with some bacon about


the history of carbonara is based off World War 2 American GI

C rations and being powdered egg and some sort of bacon product I never have powdered eggs

but in case I put some of it up on my Twitter feed last week but we've been reading around here this 1979 interview with the 89 year-old Colonel Sanders where it's genius interview is in a moute notebook of humor book called Junk Food and this guy goes to the Colonel Sanders when he brings an Egg McMuffin a filet of fish a Big Mac a Krispy Kreme donut and then a bunch of smother smother you know fast food stuff to a milkshake and all this and gets this opinion on it as well as the Colonel's opinion on Kentucky Fried Chicken's phone products and it is an amazing an amazing interview the guy pulls out of his pocket and all the different food when they can somebody take me to Krispy Kreme me the sizes there's the same as I do not like he's raised Donuts they turn into balls of dough don't you know

using amazing interview Sunday we had to put the whole of it up on the on the cookies website to order to get sued bacon that has less smoking it also if you wanted to all though against smoke inhalation now we're on to the tasting portion of the what she saying pop it open Piper Piper rights in a few years back Harold McGee show that holding olive oil a deep fat frying temperature for 5 minutes drives off pretty much all its distinctive flavor compounds some Italian cookbook authors harrumphed it that buy some Italian cookbook author author Marcella hazan cookbook authors around at that and said the olive oil will indeed in part its flavor when cooking an egg under conditions much milder than Harold tested most of us cooking home use olive oil in the huge gap between those applications in

initial minute or 3 but when the oil is hotter than you'd want it for an egg can you give any useful guideline what will shit I mean shoot keep I love you I didn't mean to curse on air I apologize we'll get Jack and Jill to believe that I was one in a while though I got ahead of us would know which containers were which and then the entire thing would be ruined so I apologize out there and listening land for that for the curse

okay I'll probably lose its flavor is it heats up and whether those flavors are transferred and retain in the cooked product as the oil loosen the hard and fast rules but I did read the article that you forward to us which was a New York Times from November of 2010 and is that something he usually does it right you know what I mean he doesn't mess around so he sits there and he doesn't make off the cuff statements ever I mean never you know what I mean and so you should go read his article he test a bunch of different seed oils a bunch of different nut oils and a bunch of different olive oils at varying quality under two different heat regimes and then takes those oils also to take those oils to specialist olive oil tasters and has them taste it to see kind of what happened and

so this is that in his opinion most of the actual quality of the olive oil is lost fairly quickly during that during the cooking time there was a rebuttal on zester daily by Nancy Harmon Jenkins and you can read it on there Friday rebuttal and I'll give you a quote and I have a lot of respect for much I was on cuz he doesn't have a lot of respect but she says something here that really ticks me off as degrees in Natural Sciences and biology immediately Rose to the challenge hair on the Beast challenge she seemed to have a great she seem to keep a great sigh in her Facebook page it was discouraging once again to see a scientist writing about cooking as a scientist she wrote you can only make sense about cooking if you write as a cook now

I absolutely hate when people say especially about McGee that he is just a scientist in a lab thinking that Maggie is a lover of all food eating gustatory experiences and he doesn't sit around like I hate the majority also of Food Science where things are reduced to meaningless you know quantities and you don't really get a feel for what actual cooking is like by reading it or or or the studies of people do don't actually have a lot of implications for real world cooking McGee is not like that Maggie is not a scientist in a laboratory McGee someone who had a few readers original book The curious cook it fantastically shows you like if you want to know what's in McGee's mind how Maggie works really curious cook it's out of print that's easy to get

and what he does is he notices something in a kitchen or someone tells you something and Sparks and ID in his brain and he runs it into the ground and he runs tests using his mind and his mouth he is not here it's like I know what it's like to talk to scientists who poo poo the real world and an actual experience McGee is not that so I I bristle at any implication that that is what Maggie is doing in the article that's just wrong now what she does say is that anyone that's cooked and in quote someone that and he knows but that wasn't in the olive oil tasting that everybody knows that if you cook an egg in a good olive oil is better than if you cook it and not get out well so what I have for these guys to test here I have the same oil under three different procedures and I want you to smell on and Neo tell me about the different oils and then I have one egg cooked in an olive oil and one egg cooked in a while I didn't have I didn't have any novel in my house actually so the only thing I had was Pam

I put an extra amount of gross kind of pan in the can I use it for my waffle maker app a minute and fried an egg in pan so why don't you guys go for the oil so I pass pass these around here which one did you let me read the that one says

s l o o

so what are your thoughts on the S l o o

smells very vegetable

you keep moving should Dave and then the last one

the last one labeled a roof or UFO smells like pure

so so you taste them in so there's that so what would you say about that that that like the middle one again fiber you taste this feels just a straw

I am going to have to be at the other one the middle one sorry that you can't see what we're tasting everybody apparently we talked about in a minute this is the s l s l o o no smell like fish

so while he's tasting that I did three different machines one of the one of the oils is a you know an actual one that I would use that I actually used to eat on things Raw it's if it's you know it's an unfiltered olive oil from Sicily It's a combination of three of my favorite olives know chillara to Bella teacher Sola and Bianca Lila and I come from a guy named glue pho in the south of Sicily and I've been buying his oil for years and I enjoy it and that one was labeled roof of raw unfiltered oil the one labeled e v o o that marks that smells like fish stands for extra violent overcooked oil and that's deep frying conditions so I took it up to just about the smoke point

and and then fried a couple keep the bread in it and then straighten it out through a coffee filter and to me all of its all of its olive oil in this is pretty much been wiped away it just tastes smells like like oil that's been slightly abused little one I sauteed some lettuce in very quickly just to just to give an idea and that one to me I mean it's not great but it does maintain some all of me to those about half and that was that's if you're doing a very quick kind of a sautee and it maintained and then I have to two eggs here see whether you can see what are you getting olive oil on the side of the eggs ever work here by eating them that's why there's a fourth president

tonight to tell me where it ran the test here and I think you know Maggie is pretty much right to things are happening when you overheating while you're damaging the oil and you're making the off smells which is where that fish stuff is coming from and you are driving off a lot of the other bottles of a difference between

and that specifically said fry an egg so I fried an egg and I used what I always did as I heat up a cast iron skillet till it till it's you know till when I slap the two when I slap a service in a skillet with my palm it feels like it's the right temperature to cook an egg and then added a small quantity of oil crack the egg into it and then before you know before it fully set I turn the pan off and let the seat carry through the pan that's my typical fry egg technique

is that the one that had the free broken egg yolk that's the one had Pam is it just because the pain was bad or because the olive oil is good

you just have more flavor in general I don't think that they were was

any noticeable Advantage one way or the other on air test of a listener question on the cooking issues related tomato sauce and leave a lot of the oil that I cook the garlic in would it be better to fry garlic separately and then add cold oil and heated up just a 212

Tiana are usually when I doing garlic I do two-step I do garlic and then I always add fresh wheel back to it when I was like save your money for a good extra virgin olive oil use that to finish and then just do the initial cooking like a grape seed or Canola 3 liter containers of olive oil one that is roughly three times the cost of the other one and there by the tens because I use a lot of olive oil and because they have note there they have zero light transmission so they don't go bad very quickly in the 10 and I don't stalk a lot of different cooking oils because if I'm going to fry I deep fry and my deep fryer has no 3000 30 or 40 lb of oil and its I'm not going to buy olive oil for that cuz that's crazy I use user use like a neutral vegetable I've tried a bunch of different ones I like you know

I used to use a lot of corned beef Corner such a corn flavor that I got so sick of that I don't like using Cornell anymore unless I'm frying tortillas in which case it doesn't matter but the but I don't use excessive amounts and so I'd rather with my cheaper olive oil as one that I'm willing to eat I'm willing to eat it raw if I had to but it's you know it's not breaking the bank and I use little amount it when I'm cooking so it's easier for me to keep it around if I was going to do that professionally I would have a bunch of neutral oils around because we'll get big cost-saver if I was doing it all the time but at home you know the space is more important to me for the amount that I let you know that I'm using it doesn't break my bank so that's what you know that's why I don't have anything but olive oil around you know anyway

I was with a Triton Zack and Pittsburgh rights and I'm considering getting a big boy blender for my apartment kitchen I know you guys like the Vitamix but the price makes me kind of gun shy Blendtec looks like they make comparable blenders at a lower price I know you've talked about blenders at 10 but would like to hear some more the show continues to be great I just wish they wouldn't yell into the mic so much and blast the levels keep up the good work Staffing Zack and Pittsburgh size loves anytime someone insults me back she said she's doing she doing the Ya-Ya pound in the air with their yeah I'm not though you got to get close to that Mike alright alright alright I'm getting conflicting information parently screaming and staying close to the micro two separate things

which is better screaming or staying close to the mic snake with Cinema so here's my feeling I've never seen an inexpensive leave price Blendtec blender I've used their expensive one the one that goes in Jam Jamba Juice and of course I use the fight of prep and it's the power of the blenders is both good but vital prep is just a far better blender in terms of the controls and how I like to use them I mean I've talked before in the air that divided prep I have some issues with their old picture style I think they're newer pictures are probably better but you know I don't see chefs using a lot of any other kind of blender which leads me to believe that no one's had that could have luck with any other kind of blender now stars and Piper here and said that they've heard good things about the ninja but I've never seen a Ninja Professional kitchen blender Ninja blender in the presentation

when I was at when I was at can you can media

they're going to give me office they're going to get me off the air in in a minute in a minute so like marks anything else you want to say bye for her I should be there so you can get to talk to it to Mark you know you still having a good luck with that or no good luck thanks Piper for coming on and I'll tell you a little story that I may or may not get in trouble for about ninjas so I was going to kinokuniya which is like the awesome book store in New York City for Japanese Fox cry too expensive because I think they even if it's an American book they must ship it from Japan over here enjoy it to the really expensive over there and my son Booker you know new is awesome but you know sometimes we say things I shouldn't like the screams in Mechanicville why is it so expensive here these deals are not good

sorrentina can do that because they haven't Sia upstairs and zayas like I kind of like a Japanese Cafe we have here in New York and they make actually I love their onigiri the little rice squares with the Nori because they're Nori is hermetically wrap and placed around the Rye Square so you pull the plastic off the last minute and then or he's always really really crunchy and say so Booker is obsessed with the with his eyes onigiri so we're there and act like a little best friend little little sister we're sitting and xayah and some women walk-in you know we're not perfect but the other at the other the other kind of Islamic dress that where it's just the eyes are just the eyes are visible and you know they're wearing full face cover and Dax is Dax his friend Amaya looks over Whispers in her mom's here

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