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Episode 123: Mashed Potato Nightmare

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back over in where's it at this place called Bushwick that was a lie atop now right now in the mail yesterday man beautiful day out here and special guests in the studio today with us who is correct

I do analytical chemistry and flavor chemistry on Bitters and other things and you are not a professional or semi professional I mean at a flavor chemical collector true or false

we are stars and I visited place called David Michael's which is a flavor house down that in outside of Philadelphia and what's what Factory was it right is right near Sun Factory it was making Nabisco holding play smelly Gloria's true or false in anyway and then I realized I left now is about a vanilla then an infant has about the world as they're born pretty amazing Aroma compounds what's the name of it Rotondo Rotondo like rotund

I love the word everyone knows terpenes to Centennial there are the are the bomb back when I was a kid they actually what we're having sex with centennial's for things like Civil War

yeah that was right sesquicentennial coming up was, came up on the thing when I was a kid must be some other War whatever and radio network is it true or false jacket like interesting guy I met the sous vide class SUV low temperature class and I will not reveal its history for fear but also incredibly generous incredibly generous Giver of the five volume modernist cuisine set

it was awesome and and now I never ever again will be able to make the excuse I don't own the books so I can't tell you what they said right I vow a vow never to say that again very very actual and real heartfelt thanks thank you very much

and by like again he's involved in Mass a little bit I'm so excited this summer we're late semi-related anyway this summer we're going to the invitation again this year El Maguey night maybe Andy Ricker the chef from Pok Pok good friend of ours and we're going to go last year here only two years ago and I went to the Fairchild which is the world's biggest collection of mangoes and unlike a lot of other mango collections throughout the world by Prince famous manga collection in India or Mega Collection see in Southeast Asia the Florida one is very interesting because south of Miami where it's at the very tip where you can actually grow almost anything you can almost grow mangosteens not quite mean you can but not

they specialize in having everything so that all varieties of mango and the people out there who their names Norris Liebman Richard Campbell I believe the two weed people out there and they are mango nuts and Jackfruit nuts last time we were rained out kind of and also at Justice with a big it was a big mess the big mess the visit we're going to go again and when I go down there I'm taking the kids to be like that casino Dax Shepard Rockets now tell me about the special special Minecraft thing you have

the NGC okay so we have a gas chromatograph Mass spectrometer or analyzing the volatiles responsible for but we have one with a switch and a cold trap that lets us basically remix all the volatiles from a sample or take a few out and have like an emission mixture and then see how that changes the aroma research research had money for it

I think honestly we built it from spare parts Sunday schnoor Jasper Shield which is like a UC Davis face environmental chemistry

yeah I mean

basically it's an old and older GC that we replaced with a newer model so we may be spent like the Thousand to thousand dollars on parts and then put it together nice and I think that area was a person who is doing the the GC work on this year's Hall showing that the torch case that we all had thought was incomplete combustion with Zak is actually more likely caused by secondary combustion products from high temperature of the torch true or false work for us on what happens to lime juice overtime as it ages correct actually seeing like an overall reduction in volatile

reduction of stuff is covering other stuff up rather than the creation of new crap I supposed to know him like he doesn't talk that way he doesn't he does he does my my jersey sometimes I have a horrible horrible like these situations where you cooking dinner right and you let somebody else do something at your house for dinner you know is a dream don't worry people that didn't happen and somehow they if they were mashing the purple potatoes I don't know how the hell that happened in my house because they don't match the well but whatever

I look at the mashed potatoes right before they're going to go out because I've seen whether they're going to add butter or cream in your I have my thoughts about both and it was simultaneously lumpy and Gloppy and the food mill I own both I own several of Cheech I was like oh my God I woke up in a sweat I woke up in the mashed potatoes hadn't been in a horrible horrible reminds me of a very interesting recipe that Nils noren used to make what he used to actually put potatoes with little excess liquid in a fight a prep and blend them until every single starch granules completely ruptured and inform kind of a gloomy like potato glue and it was actually good which is a classic example nothing to get hearts on and I do as well

taking something that is normally a flaw and pushing it so hard it becomes a benefit again

okay enough enough for microbladed listeners should send us their food nightmares to if they have any

I ain't try to help prevent you from incinerating them in and tell you why they were incinerated but if you have any actual like food like nightmares like that like you're trying to run away from someone in your feet turn to rub her uterus if your feet are asleep in bed your legs have gone to sleep and then so your legs actually can't move properly when you're asleep and your body somehow sense of distant turns your legs are rubber man that's my theory

spice up a horrible circular name for the Sears all they wanted to name its Sally Hammer after use after you said cuz if you know looks like a hammer function of a salamander and would be your favorite weapon of choice so I appreciate it but as you know we've already chosen in centrifuge said no I said I don't think so you know I wouldn't say so you mentioned the cheaper champion model but I mention I can get into the three-wheeler range for about a thousand bucks so far internet with three leaders for that price can you follow up on that comment with some suggestions for that price quantity thanks Ryan Santa's well I don't know whether these guys are all tapped out

the company that I buy my centrifuges if the manufacturer of my centerpieces is out of business because it's out of business you can get fairly good prices on ones that are Hemi recent origin in a decade of right and some of them haven't seen a lot of use and the advantages because they were somewhat common back in the day there are lots of parts available the company I uses which one which is a French company drama Spotify thermo-rite which is a large manufacturer of all kinds of scientific equipment which is I guess it's a division of Thermo Fisher writer thermofisher so thermal bought those guys and then discontinue there's one brand right so most people when they're buying new centrifuges most of the chefs I know they're going they're buying headache is what they're buying I don't know why I guess I had a good price point or they know they're liking A-1 buys one of the other by Zone but I know Tony Conigliaro has a headache and why are they both have had to choose fairly small footprint and it but but for non refrigerated

I think you're looking at like seven Grand and for you know fully tricked-out when you're probably looking closer to 8 to 10 grand with buckets and everything like that so we can get that much later about why you choose a swinging bucket or a fixed angle Center Feud anyone actually cares about it I can talk for a long time about which one you prefer in the kitchen most likely you want a swinging bucket because the fixed mangle rotors unless you have like a very special fixed mangle rotor have a very narrow throat on the on the on the containers that are in them is very hard to get the product out even though technically they tell it a lot faster than a then swinging bucket okay whatever

I don't buy used ones from Swan can be very cheap now I used to buy them for a couple hundred bucks I've talked about them and knock there's not that many out there so you know if 10 people listen to me then all the sudden the price availability is go go down that said there's a company called Ozark biomedical and there's someone in the Ozark God help me I think they're in Arkansas somewhere think so yeah and Ozark biomedical specializes in used and I like fixing centrifuges and one of the ones they carry is butuan they often have reconditioned units and they can run between 1200 and 2500 or 3000 bucks in that range with buckets and Michael 90 day warranty which is probably good enough most us going to break within that. It's going to break they'll also make sure that your buckets are sterilized for you so you don't have to go on like bleach rabies. Com and get rid of everything out of it and they make sure that your buckets aren't deemed up so you're not going to have any like a media fatigue fractures and a poorly handled bucket

and to make sure that the rotors are good and a hazard least they're not like super speeds where you actually have a possibility of of would you call it reaching the wall of the center if you should there be a rotor failure right so you know once you get into the much larger much faster models that they the energy contained is so great that you can throw even a large piece of equipment across and through a lab you know and there are plenty of pictures on the internet internet of a rotor failure in ultracentrifuge as long as you get a new or unit that has the safety interlocks you can't run it while you can but don't have to run it with the lid open you know you're probably not in a life or limb death situation that said you don't want to have a rotor failure and it when you buy used you don't know whether some knucklehead like through the buckets around you don't know whether or not they cracked it you don't know whether they cleaned it with no detergent that is a deleterious

aluminum which is made out of you don't know whether to put systane an impact you don't know anything like this so sometimes I'll take a chance and I'll look at it and I'll make a judgment but I've been using Center fuses for a bunch of years and I had a bunch of people who had been using centrifuges for years look at my son refuses before I started running them when I knew nothing about Center Fusion if you go with those are biomedical you won't be paying that much compared to be paying like probably a third to less of what you would buy for the equipment new model and it's kind of guaranteed to work out of the box and they're also very friendly and we'll walk you through the parts of it if you have problems with and they carry Motors in Ford's in buckets and all the replacement parts hope that's what is it that we've been doing this for so long and we're still buying skippity Scrappy's off the internet

do you remember that like our new what's your New Year's resolution remember on the box I'm still a fan of duct tape the product but our box of crap at the show up with will not be duct taped together anymore we're making the move to New Banker's boxes whenever we're moving stuff around by ourselves for no reason

I'm here you know how like you know when you're a musician and you say every year you like man next year someone else is going to carry my bass rig you know I'm saying that has ever happened no 42 still carry my own crap can I keep seeing not being whatever anyone ever so I have like a lot of years of caring moon crab to go that's what I just got from that that's awesome. Don't follow the route where you make it a priority to have people carrot carry your crap for you like we always dream but never made it a priority this thing

what the heck is this thing points to a link on smokaroma. Com website food or marijuana wow good idea they should get in that business but they are pressure smoker manufacturers pressure smoker which I've never used the pressure smoker but they're like you can make you can make a barbecue barbecue ribs are not from around here so you don't sound like that you can make a barbecue River like an hour but I don't really know that that's the case you can make a soft red with a smoke flavor in an hour

hamburger in like 12 seconds they did generate the smoke under the entire system is cylinder pressure and then I guess they must use a compressor to evacuate Evacuate the excess smoke I've no idea I didn't have a chance to look that up because it just came to me this morning but I will check it out people are interested in smoking and everything if I don't people like can I smoke in my vacuum machine can I smoke in my can I smoke in my clothes dryer can I smoke kill everyone wants to smoke and everything clear Falls high pressure smokers any good again Chad I've no idea that was weed invented instant Burger Okay so

and you're not allowed to put salt on the burger beforehand or Reason to become a parent but you can put it on yinz and bell peppers but if you do that you're not making Hamburger listen to me people do not put onions and bell peppers raw inside of your hamburger I think it's horrible idea what you think says I like a big thing of raw onion on top of my burger right there you go take it from the scientist no offense if that's the way you make your Burgers no fence okay so as it Cooks a place to measure burgers in 25 seconds without getting hot and it's not strictly speaking true it did the burgers get hot what they mean is there's no a lot of my lot of excess heat pump into the kitchen I guess it was an awful lot of current I think they're manual says 30 amps 30 minutes like 20

is this just an electric chair for burgers yes it is it claims to cook the hamburger simultaneously inside and out and only cook some too well done by Design there's a microprocessor that determines when it's done I suppose by measuring the current load how does this work love the show more question for me to follow dad raised in fifty Lakes LLC nearest hospital near wants to work at an ice cream truck come with licks for hamburgers and it works on a direct resistance heating right so there's there's different ways you can heat things okay so one is by heating the air near something this is how you know things work radiant heating by generating large amounts of the IRS how years old by

those things are all conduction and radiation is not but the other one the regular air out and actually is conduction mix of convection microwaves cause friction by vibrating the molecules on the inside of a on the inside of the food that's an internal cooking technique is to scrap electrodes to something and pass a large amount of current through it use the object itself as a resistor and then use the resistance of the food itself to heat the food right and that's that's a principle of the unit of resistance heating resistance heating now actually about the electric chair for lobsters

maybe largest company in England to try to make it as an electric chair for lobsters to shock Lobster to instantly kind of stunned / kill them before you boil them is too wet plates and you pull the wet plates down and conductivity and it like fries a lobster but you need a very fun Friday that has its nervous system but you have to use a pretty I mean I was using I tested it with kind of bad results because the carapace got that in a weird way I use regular 60 hertz wall socket 112 110 voltage with mixed results I didn't think it was any more Humane and didn't make lobster any more delicious than just cooking it and less Scorch marks on the carapace but anyway it was touted as a humane way to dispatch lobsters and I didn't have the Electra stunning is a huge field in both large value fish like tuna things like this and waveform and the way the current is applied is extremely important in terms of how effective it

yeah this is an electric chair so what they do is you eat you have to conduct deflates you you set the thickness of the plate with a spacer on the inside the smash the thing down it squishes the burger flat and this is why you don't use salt because presumably it changes the conductivity of the meat and they like a specific fat content they say it's for juicing this but I'm sure it's also to get a specific conductivity is meet you push it down and from what I can gather on their pound of kind of literature around it and some of the patterns around it just passes a large electric current through it I don't know it's probably measuring yet how much load the burger is providing our beginning versus the end there for judging done this base I guess on I don't know whether they're measuring denaturation or water loss or whatever but it's like games and done and it literally keeps the burger by zapping it with the electric current and the old models used to have a rare and a well-done knob and they removed it because it turns out that that they don't want

do to actually mess with it and it's the people who only wear Burgers weren't by any instant Burger it's the people that you know didn't want to think about things were buying into Burger to the extent that are bullet points of how awesome they already know cooking oil is needed but you do need a hamburger that's so you know 30% fat or fat that's one thing I don't like about the Whole Foods hamburger meat is it to 93% and horrible normally not on very very long right

here's my favorite no cooking skills needed

do you want your hamburger stuff made by someone with no cooking skills don't worry we make it in a way that it doesn't matter whether or not I really could be a machine pushing the button here enjoy and Cooks out calorie-laden fat but retains the delicious natural juices that's just Hokum crap

Seattle by the Kooks. The calorie-laden set cook chicken breasts as long as you can squish squish lapetina two plates and get good conduction all the way through you can cook and Cooks it very very quickly I am anxious to try one at some point to see whether I like Smashburger flat and cook the bejesus out of it I don't really think it matters that much how you cook it on the website but it's no it's hard to say and I don't really know how much this thing cost I mean like I am a fan of a bunch of different Burgers if you're going to have a thin Smashburger and used to have plenty mucho grease and then basically what you're saying is I like the flavor of a beef crust wallowing in Greece with hamburger fixings on it and maybe like a little bit of meat in the middle that she knows still what kind of meat right this true or false am I wrong and if you like a sticker Burger means you actually want some sort of like you know that that text was about to tell you whatever

I see both sides but Nick solares you know Hamburger Guru he likes Smashburger I think S as well does a Jackson thirsty I think police said they liked the big poofy open parallel string of me

hi I'm Steve Jacobs from Fairway markets you know there's no more telling aspect no more of a group of people having evolved in a lovely way how they feed themselves how they entertain how they put food on the table what they put on the table looks like Fairway Market in the we both care deeply about what you're having for dinner tonight. It's radio network is not just about food though every time I learn something about things other than food to design stuff like that but from where I stand I still say if you can't what's the point for more information please visit Fairway Market. Com

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automatic braking issues by the way Mark Ladner Mark Ladner is doing for the Heritage Radio Network on April 27th when is that

we can have S doing an Abruzzi style Italian barbecue on Saturday April 27th between 6 and 9

I got I'm going to have to do some research when I get back to you and the music is by Herbert Spieth links flip LinkedIn spliff LinkedIn I wonder whether he enjoys

some of the herbal medicine no comment on that one is that if you go look at the image they have for it it's it's the it's not marks on face it's just a special Ladner glasses special ladder glasses glasses to the head of shake off picture shaking off a ladder glasses, okay 72128 questioning on soda bottles for eight 6 on the twitters as any safety issue with reusing old soda bottles multiple times for the carbonation system that you a line when I carbonate things I use a soda bottles usually I use 20 answers for test batches I use one at the bar one and a half and to leave for events where you know you're going to pour a lot of

miles are made of and is there a safety issue not that I'm aware I mean I don't believe that they have similar issues to PVC where you get nothing to see Lex and related things where you get you cook it in the dishwasher and you get like detergent + 8 + heat equals released math chemicals I don't think that's the case I think they're fairly and I never put them in the dishwasher I just do a hot water so princess and let him try out and I am not aware of any safety issue the reason I think a lot of times people don't want you to reuse it is kind of bacterial reasons but you were putting carbonated stuff in them and alcoholic stuff and we're washing very thoroughly in between and all the time in between there their you know they're either dryer there in afraid with alcoholic beverage that are carbonated which are very bacteriostatic and

but they're not pathogen so they're not going to cause problems not health problems anyway and so if you want to make sure that you use you could tell when they start to go south on you and certain newer bottles have like outer layers I think they're laminated on for gas barrier properties but I'm not aware of any safety issues if you use bottles that are not intended for carbonation they can explode so frenchtons if you use Fiji Water with the goofy Square bottles that in that made the millions of dollars that could be square bottle but if you use with a with a goofy Square bottle and you carbonate it can explode I remember once so I'm just kind of guy where where I asked once I asked twice and then I just screwing around and Britain in like break craps is three times its why I only ever wants where's the bottle

where's the bottle no response to that nitrous oxide with the Creamy Feeling bring the body back to coffee without giving the that kind of that prickly sensation you get of carbon dioxide and

coffee in like in Neenah like all around the room so that I had a line painted across me of coffee and there's a line all around the room in this tiny is before we were in the trash and stuff for a while I was housed in a closet in the amphitheater and assuming Tire closet in the Amphitheatre had his back the French culinary head like a line of coffee around if they lasted years they can never get something off military painted over it eventually so the answer is is that they also if you heat the bottles with very hot stuff like if you're trying to do like it would say you were trying to do a gel and fluid gel you need to carbonate it was very hot siphon the problem that he's hard to get carbonation is things when they're hot because they are the harder it is to let me see what he wants to go in there those bottles start losing losing their structural integrity

somewhere probably in the 70s or 80s 80s nice in that range they lose their structural integrity and they can start the balloon out on you which could be a safety issue because if it explodes when it's hot it's spraying hot crap everywhere doing more than ruining your jacket but other than that it's a pretty safe you heard anything area on second but you want to make sure they're not very good gas barriers over the Long Haul so you don't want to I store a carbonated beverage in it and think that's going to remain carbonated in perpetuity write another problem with plastic in general these plastic bottles are designed not to do it too much we nursed their chosen not to do this but like a plastic can do it called Scout flavors so especially if you have an oil-based flavors that are in there or anything that has kind of a hydrophobic component on it that can absorb into the plastic than the plastic intake on a smell which then gets transferred to your next batch and also it can it can

banana flavor from things called scalping flavors that you alter the flavor of your product by the absorption and like you get this especially in sodas you'll notice we like low-quality photos of high levels of suspended whales in a grape orange you'll see the bottles are actually discolored which is why and also things like root beers tend to leave a Roma's in the bottle that are hard to get out which is Why when im carb cleaning I prefer to buy Seltzer bottle because they come neutral man destroys worth

from wine hacker on liquid nitrogen to remove hello Dave Musashi Jack and Joe didn't know you were going to be here that's okay question I sent an email a couple of weeks ago with some questions about the general use of Ln in a bar time environment she seems to be ignored it which is fine

hacker so my email recognizes you as spam so you decided to name yourself wine hacker

I found it buried at nine hundred other in spam emails not a very instructive I want people to get a little taste of what it's like when she already the comments with she seems to have ignored it which is fine I often ignore myself to it's very good Lexile deprecation since we are close to breaking into the parts I don't dominate us know whatever I'm going to do it ready they do it the one I've never tried this stuff in front of them will be having an event in a couple of weeks the theme is a speakeasy go ahead and make fun of us for being so original not original

play absurd amount of energy for being called out on there that she has no more are you angry

okay well I don't know about that you'll be in your you know you'll get a diet dr. pepper no dr. pepper I drink it whatever don't get me started once you get some caffeine after the show should get her and go back to visit around the seller set up a bar Renton furniture and other era appropriate crop to fit the theme when I began to think about drinks we might serve in addition to our wines I immediately thought about a podcast a couple of weeks ago and decided to make our own we will probably try to keep things fairly simple and offer to drinks Manhattan Martini are probably FrontRunner they're delicious parsley since they both use vermouth I though I will need to make a red and a white vermouth about using liquid nitrogen examples trying to find a couple of benchmarks we looking for examples carpano Antica doloroso dolin Blanc block Lake View in Oregon made products above everything else

like some of the herbal aromatic to the Dolorosa dolin Blanc was very nice though seemingly really relatively simple compared to the other three if you had very interesting aromatics probably using pine for or something similar are there any other commercial examples you suggest we look at how currently I think we will try to make a sweeter red and a dryer white while before I get into the other things that you write yes I would look at martelletti smart already is and I had it first maybe three three years ago to four years ago they started coming into New York's far as I can tell and it's very very good completely different mouthfeel Center mouthfeel and different kind of aromatic set up from carpano and not played out yet which is good you don't even like it's it's likes people know about it but not a ton of people know about it so you can still be kind of the first one on your block to have it as far as I know it's good you know made by the people at Punta message you know try that out

and then on the white side I guess classic you know you should try my pride but you don't use it much I actually use Dolan quite a lot for my for my wife I like the Dolan and if they're stolen dry I actually I like that they're sweeter one better at the Blanc tight end at 10 to use it more than I do the drive and not for martinis you know what I mean like a sweet red vermouth only because of the color and not because red and white wine actually be from a red wine sweet that I think is the stolen sweet white even as far as I know there's the Rosso a sweet white sweet for me yeah I like it actually I like that product other thing I would look I would go beyond strictly speaking for moose and I would go into other aperitif wines like friends in Skokie Americano

or if you want something a little on the kind of more mainstream I guess we lay because some reasons why matter what I think I know about the manufacturing vermouth base why is nearly always white sometimes very neutral sometimes an aromatic riding sometimes it's purpose purposely a hour at all so that they often use a wine where they purposely stop fermentation by re doping it by Doe B with alcohol before they bright wormwood Joan of Arc in gentiana the major sources bittern can be yeah yeah yeah, yeah well yeah right yeah sometimes it's still there steam distilled cuz that would just be adding a distilled step is a true adding essential oils if you have a right to

short a fancy way of saying that trivia

yes caramel can be added for coloring juice of sugar can also be used to tens on the center of identity right what kind of juices can be at Instinct so sugar and cane sugar right no other

total sugars around 4% for dry in between 10 and 15 / Suite final why must be at least 75% wine the other twenty-five consisting of sugar alcohol and water anything else that anything else missing their remember vermouth it is an acidic ingredients of a lot of times and sugar so people add things are like they have any sugar or or acid make you run now that's that's BS yeah yeah I'm looking right now they're three herbs I found for coloring red Sandalwood annatto seed and Rose by time ever I think I need something more the color is not a dark enough red to bit too much like an orange colored Rose I don't want to use more sandwich because it gives too much booty flavor hell yes it does and it would have to Orange I'm at the cheat Matt a few percent red wine or perhaps find the sand with Xbox any suggestions are appreciated here

I'm not sure we want something that red that's hardcore right

I'm from the Flavor more than the color of the reds are usually actually more brown mean likes pretty bad is it is there an FDA against that are we okay is that grass here

I don't know you're pushing your crush AKA crushed up bugs have to sign in that's red at the at the at those pH is but they're not stable so unless you're not going to use it right away you know they're not time Stables or not heat stable and they're not like stable that's been my experience also how many one sponsor your radio show Joe any ideas on that one

that would be send an email to info at Heritage Radio Network. O RG and also the Abruzzi BBQ was going to be at the Heritage Warehouse which is right around the corner from Roberta's that's my info go ahead and get your hands on the Marlet even try that try those other ones and try cooking where can we use a boatload of folk Americana what the bar delicious Emily Osment Coqui Coqui Coqui and interesting site to point to a lot of things and I don't own it but you know I know Jared Brown and Anastasia Miller and they wrote a book called The Mick Selene guide the vermouth and other parties and I haven't read the book but I know them personally and so you should go take a look at take a look at that it's available on the Amazon and a Kindle so you do not even have to wait for it to show up at your door in case cuz Amazon

couple copies at as of this morning anything else about the stuff that you learn from your study of bitters Ariel is a bunch of copies of a maid and a Marines like wine production and technology that has a pretty good section on vermouth is public records can you Google book that name in the title one more time but I mean like

there might be another community colleges around there that each one so they could have I'm thinking about using liquid nitrogen to chill the glasses and maybe for night remodeling I read your primer on liquid nitrogen I only have two large 250° around so what you hold liquid nitrogen actually anything you put that stuff in to do her but usually when we saved you are we meeting the big doors they've store that nitrogen Under Pressure roughly I think 20 lb of PSI depending on what size do you have the larger 240s I don't know if we have two forties they know they store to slightly higher pressure bedding with that's what is so I will make a phase separator as you by the way I said if a separator is a Mufflers extender brass Muffler that you put on the end of it and let you take stuff off and liquid nitrogen tank otherwise it sprays everywhere be aware that on the larger tires on the two forties that I've used they don't come out as smoothly as they come out of the 180s and the ones

and you can get a little bit of a choo-choo train chugga chugga chugga resonance on some of those things and I think it has to do with the pressure comes out of she might be able to adjust the length of the extract to to pull it out of the stop it but we were having residency shoes on on a 240 when we had it and it was like it was like chucking like a choo choo train we still got the Ln out and it's not as violent as trying to take it out at pressure but it wasn't as efficient as it was out of the 118 the 160s just a little note to been in any way okay I know about safety in a bar tab environment I know how to work safely in a Cellar but not at a bar you still do you still use airpods to hold liquid nitrogen or do you suggest purchasing an insulated Dewar Flask do you remove the internal dip tube from the airpods are parts of a coffee thing just be used to dispense the LMC car not really closed system but I'm unsure if removed how do you say if you to spend a dispensary Ln does not seem like an airpod pores very safely any other tips

watch anymore I used to use airpods the coffee ones with the lids on top and I used to try to use the little dispensing unit they aren't sealed however the plastic in them can seize up you can get condensation and then I've never had one getting a situation it's unsafe you can always see if they're venting off but I've gotten it where they no longer dispense properly and it true those ones with the poor tops are very difficult to get to the clothes at the bar we use crafts like thermal coffee carafe and camping thermos is we buy them from REI because they have a guarantee and I walked up to the counter to REI I'm like the suckers got to guarantee you say yes I was like I'm putting liquid nitrogen at this thing has a guarantee yes I was like so so when it breaks I can bring it back to you yes okay what we do is we own one at the bar v l v l door

like legit door and then we empty we refill the 5 liter Dewar for service bring it back behind the bar and then use that to fill the thermoses you don't get that much loss out of a thermos in a bar situation you're using it so fast and so much that if you don't get that much of an advantage out of tapping it cuz remember when you're not using it you get a layer of nitrogen VapoRub of it that provide some insulation and so you're not getting a huge amount of loss because it's got a very thin nose guard very small narrow opening at the top and those things poor quite well as opposed to the airpods which have all that weird nonsense in between the pour spout and you because you're not meant to pull out of your meant to push a button and have it dispensed so I move away from the push-button dispensers and move towards coffee Thermoses things like this however throw away anything that allows you to seal it let me speak to you again let me say this one more time throw away don't just like the less you take it to your house or something to do not ever put yourself in a situation where anyone under

any circumstances for any reason can make a mistake and screw a sealing lid on to a thermos I need it I need you to I need you to listen to me on this one this is what caused the pork German cook in Germany you know years ago to almost die in Toulouse I believe you lost like one hand all of one hand almost all the rest of his hand and I believe one of his legs and had to be put in the medical medically induced coma because he brought to his girlfriend's house liquid nitrogen in a sealed thermos never never make it even a remote possibility that that could ever happen right there's a difference between knowing how to not make something unsafe yourself and guaranteeing no one else can make it unsafe right and you want to guarantee that nobody out there can seal up that

container also I think you know in light of what happened to that poor person in in England I think whenever you're bringing liquid nitrogen into a bar you need to do a lot of safety training and that safety training is one you know telling people about the eyes of your eyes keeping away from the customer explaining ways in which you know it's showing how it can be saved show me how things they think maybe run safe like getting a little bit on your skin is not unsafe at the same time reinforcing all the horrible things that can happen so you know making sure they understand how vitally important it is that liquid nitrogen never know cryogen ever be serving clearing dry eyes ever be served to a customer in his native state very easy to know that all your liquid nitrogen is gone out of your drink before you serve it if it's smoking it's no good to serve to your to your customer I mean it's Hammer that stuff home Hammer home that keep keep the Trident away from the customer notches in service but you know throw that throw the extra extra liquid nitrogen down in behind you know

be careful let people know they is real let people know the people have gotten hurt when rules haven't been followed let them know let them know we'd to them the stories of that of that poor girl who had her stomach removed me to them stories about the German who blew you know almost killed himself in a follow basic safety will never let them pour it above their heads never you know you'll make sure that they don't have a situation when they can pour it into their pockets are getting caught inside of their clothing just like you to reinforce read the primer read other people's primers reinforced safety like that the most important thing you can do when your training new people is to engender in them a healthy respect for the bad things that can happen

it Bears repeating a lot of times people think you know it's a gimmick you shouldn't bring in lots of things are dangerous we're just trying to know they're dangerous we know knives are dangerous we know deep fryers are dangerous you don't necessarily understand how or why liquid nitrogen is is dangerous and also forgiving a small quantities in a bar you don't need to get that much into asphyxiation but you need to make sure a lot of people still go bring large amounts of liquid nitrogen in elevators they'll carry them up stairwell so do all sorts of like awful awful things with liquid nitrogen the most the time won't get you killed but then there's that time when it will you know so just look into it that is that way things I did

yeah yeah yeah okay so interesting question in got a really interesting one what time is it so hopefully I can finish Mark rights and he was worried about nanoparticles before but by Marco recently some concern us cuz they can like reach certain barriers but I like too large to be dealt with the way that like regular sized part of the yeah yeah yeah but without script rrr testing of our archives Katie Kieffer on Straight No Chaser has done quite a few episodes did she enjoy the nanoparticle

thanks for filling my question on nanoparticles I now have a question it's a bit more technical I like this more technical than nanoparticles I've been working on making Vietnamese rice noodles using the basic recipe in Charleston and also available on the chef at slanted Slanted Door in red snappers restaurant in case for snacking and staff meal but they are too short and stick to each other too much to actually sir after experimenting for a few days I think that they do is find a potato ricer that I'm using baked potato ricers and by the way this like I had the nightmare I read about this how awful that isn't strong enough tool for a harder dough like this and doesn't make it look pretty do you have any suggestions about hacking a potato ricer to get more force or a different kind of tool that could do the same thing or any general advice about making this kind of noodle thanks Mark okay so first of all to get an idea what this looks like

I went to a injury and Lynn's website Viet World kitchen. Com to look at she reviewed fans recipe and also had a video of doing if she also has what looks like a really cool cookbook that I don't have called Asian tofu they're not think I need to buy because you know I Follow My Tofu stuff comes from like a million years old shirt Leaf you know book on tofu and and musical book of me really yeah you pick up the phone I was like can you make can you make tofu from edamame like that. Horrible waste of Human Resources in life I'm like oh my God so I eventually what I want when I'm allowed to buy books again when I move my apartment I'm going to be allowed to buy books again and I'm going to buy the book A I think all of these noodles and many noodles race in general and also dragon's beard and all those are really just exercises in in in water control right so like

bit more water can make a huge change in the reality reality of your dough and so I would say that you could probably Lift Away that these those are made is that the way the snow was made for those who don't know what the heck were talking about is you take rice brown rice in this case and you can you soak it sometimes at the four days later for men to little bit and on the Block they let you to show you different things you can pour off some of the soaking water and then I add freshwater cook it right now you're cooking out a good portion of the Stars right that's providing the structure for the dough so when you're using when you have up a dough that doesn't have its own natural right with rice one of the ways to get structure into it is to cook a portion of the Stars before you make the noodles and that gives you some structures so that it's not just breaking apart turning into nothing that's allowing you to form noodles write another way to do it that you see on if you look on the on the web to make rice noodles if people will pour a thin layer crepe style into a steamer with a lot of oil in fact I saw a really cool

video on it and see if I can find out the name of the person that I looked it up on on eat now cry later how to make fresh rice noodles and she paints to paint soil layer by layer in a steamer and then and then peels in the part afterwards that you don't have to peel off each one individually and that's pretty cool if that's one way but this other technique is the way also you make dumpling wrappers a lot if you pre cook some and also Choux pastry you pre cook some of it to get structure of a Choux pastry is different because well you're retarded lately cuz you have a lot of fat in an egg in it but then you pre-cook it to give it to whatever so I backed away so that the point is is that they are pre cooking it and then you're adding a key as tapioca back but some people don't they add more rice but happy I was going to give it spring or Texture you control the water level of letting you extrude it into boiling water and you form the noodle so you want to be very careful to have enough water I would add more water so you can get out of a potato ricer or I would move to a higher Tech hire for style situations

KitchenAid now makes apostate scooting attachment that actually apparently works its $150 I used to have their pasta making attachment for the meat grinder and it was a little bit less than useless I don't know if you've ever used that one useless I mean like it's worse than nothing cuz it makes you think you can do something and she's a horrible but apparently a new one new one work but there is a style of noodle in the south of India that they make with rice and that she's a really bizarre method where they fully cooked dumpling dough they make the dough they do the soaking the grind it wet make a dough cook it in a pan then format then boil the dumplings then take the hot dumplings and extrude them to an extruder through noodle it scooter but they make a noodle presses for that you can get at any stores that serve I serve I press that the one thing I did know about is it make something I'm going to mispronounce a call. Chocolate press

fried Indian fried like doll noodles doll and flour rice I think rice or whatever flour noodles that you extrude through an extruder and Fry and they look like like a screw like a cookie press Spotlight brass and those things would work for this because they have screw pressure and it so you can screw this up or down and extruded out so I would do that I would a try to make a lusardo and I would be try to use one of these screw things that you can get at an Indian and I can Indian shop now that said reading about this I went ape loony Right and started doing and my entire morning was shot because I was I was looking looking stuff up I'll give you a couple things there's a guy and this is how you find it you look up my notes are holy crap what you look up is making rice noodles Chongqing China okay and there's a Google there's a YouTube and here's what this guy does you guys familiar with Oobleck Oobleck cornstarch water

like a non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid that doesn't act where where where you know the the this guy said you have a change is markedly depending on whether or not it's being agitated right non-Newtonian fluid so you know a lot of things would called Shear thinning so the harder you stir them the more Force you apply to the more liquid they get which makes sense because you know the things that form of mat you hit them hard enough and then the Strand a line and also becomes easier to shoot through the mesh are thinning well there are things that the harder you work them the more difficult they are to blank is one of them a new black is made out of cornstarch and water and you can go online and see these guys there's a there's a video called you know people running on a pool of Oobleck and its people running across it like literally running across it like walking on water and then stopping and sinking into it as the chest deep bit strong but

this guy this guy in Chongqing China and I'm annoyed that he made some form of Oobleck noodle noodle thing so he has what amounts to just a strainer he's holding it in his hand write any Scoops out of a bucket handfuls of dough that appear to be a solid Spooks them up throws them into the strainer and then at the bottom where there's no force on them they're straining out like a liquid and he does that a bunch of times until it looks like it's what he wanted and then he holds the Oobleck over the water into boiling water and makes noodles that he then cooks for a couple seconds Scoops out and in Frozen right holy crap holy crap I'm out in California who is at with the White currently is the the international culinary Center out there in near San Jose video on hand-pulled noodles and I went to go look like

I've never gotten good at it by the way but I've noticed there's two varieties of the hand-pulled noodle so most of times like when it's attempted in English-speaking posts on the internet the hand-pulled noodles style is one where the first step is to completely destroy completely obliterate the gluten structure by over needing the hell out of it right and if you want to know about this but it's another thing I lose yourself a favor if you're at all interested in how weed scientists measure goes and you don't have access to it like the expensive books and you don't want to go like you know try to let go on Google Books and read all of Hose me to stop by like pasting and cutting between all of the different books like you know serious I know that go go look at http www. Wheat flour and wheat flour book.

all of the things of how weed is rated by serial chemists when it comes in and how things are done at physics they say a sample of weed is considered infested if it contains this is Strike me as very odd writing that contains one two or more live weevils to one live Weevil and one other live insect in injurious to store grain right or three two or more live insects who are injurious to store grain other than lie weevils that's dumb any two insects that they don't care they don't care they're like it can be to evolve a Weavile another insect or two insects I don't know maybe not in sent me I know it's a it's a bug bug bug but maybe it's not actually like an insect from a technical standpoint and so that's why they had

one thing would have been sufficient any combination of two or more live insect or evil Lloyd things it counts is infested there's another one definition of light smutty wheat wheat in a 250 gram portion that has an unmistakable odor a smart or which contains portions of smart bulbs are spores of smut and Xs size is like somebody wait there are standards from the American Association of Siri cereal chemists of recipes with which to test flowers so like when they're like they have like the standard sugar snap sugar snaps cookie they have ginger ale or whatever they have like the standard and they also have something called the Asian noodle texture test and it literally is like you line up cooked noodles and they have a plastic tooth

pushes down into it right and a sample of 5 noodle stranded randomly selected into cutting a 7 centimeter pieces the five little pieces are laid side-by-side on the ta ta. Xt2 temperature in a to buy compression tests before I'm using a special plastic tooth impression is performed to 70% of noodle thickness and then released and then redone again it's like literally they have an Asian noodle texture test is this document is an and why it's important noodle texture is an important quality characteristic oh really I had no concept this book is available for free people this is free like this is like this is what I'm being told that I have to leave before I leave so go check out the wheat a wheat flour and I found that because I had to look up know they have like one of the one of the test that uses they make a they make a disc of dough and inflate a bubble into it to see how it extends right it's called an alveolar graph look like in your lungs yet and so I read that in the end

Paula Ciccone book how baking works for in the front of a bacon side of the story is that I was looking up as usual it all ends up back in hand-pulled noodles and I was noticing that the because hand-pulled noodles are very interesting because you have to have to pull have to have extraordinary long extension right without snapping so you think very low low gluten or you know what wheat gluten flour so they won't snap back right right it's done so if you look at like the ones that are done in English they put things typically in a mixer and they just destroyed a glutton obliterated wipe it out the same way that you do for beaten biscuits with the saying that I can make properly write over mixing then you have the ones at end Village want when you're looking at them hand pulling the noodles they pull slowly and but you know quickly naturally but like kind of evenly and it is pulled across

you can see that the noodles like almost want to pull themselves into nudle shape right and then you look at the ones with no speaking that are done most of the time in Asia where it's just some guy on the street doing it and those guys have an entirely different technique I'd like the intersection of their needing right first day do the tearing and ripping and destroying and you can tell that they're they're putting water in there doing water control sing me a song by Alexa like proper sofa manufacturer all that water control valve at Water control and you can see them when I get to texture right but then their final needing process is a stretching aligning and rolling weather actually looks like they're lining and a play start doing that they never again go Cross or rotate they're always just just proportion and stretch back torsion stretched and then cut off little pieces and always going in the same thing in those guys write those guys when they're pulling the noodles it's like slapped hard right and they're slapping the noodle around which means that that's

must have more structured now the ones that I've tried to learn from hallways been to western-style one and those are premised on the fact that there's no internal structure one way or the other just beat the crap out of them and I've always found that most of those noodles don't have a lot of bite my question is that everyone out there who's tried it is there a fundamental and qualitative difference between the slap a rap dap and the beat the hell out of hand-pulled noodles I have no idea of cooking issues

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