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Episode 122: Life’s a Beach

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we're not joined with the Sasha to have her Lopez we are she is called into you want to wait and you can too with all your cooking related question

hello massage has lost all credibility with the cooking issues in the Heritage Radio team because we've heard her talk a big game about how much she hates the springtime weather Springtime weather hey Springtime people hate people when they like to spend time with her and where are you right now decide I'm so happy that I'm not in New York because I don't have to see everybody and their flip-flops The Minister's on their bikes and all that stuff you're at the beach seeing all that what the hell is a different show so she is in Rhode Island and are you familiar with the actual full name of Rhode Island

no well it is the it's the smallest state in our Union however it has the longest official name it is the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations we were that wasn't enough just to be the smallest they also have the biggest name and then they strapped it to Delaware Delaware almost almost as small as we got no sales tax I think it's kind of a Delaware said yes so I assume it's nice over there I'd let you know I would hate it I hate it and so the idea of a beach I love the beach in the winter time but the sun is my mortal enemy anyway we got some questions in from Ryan Santos

tire for medical equipment sales gifted us with an unused Center few she had in his storage it's small and runs fine but it's missing the containers for the inside those some research through some research the maximum this machine can take is 4 by 50 ml conical tubes and as you're probably aware those for small tubes and adapter are not cheap $4,500 in total obviously with the quantity limit we won't be able to go there quite that smart they can spend it at one time we won't be able to use it for any real practical production use because 4 * 50 ml as you guys can do in your head maybe is 200ml which is a small amount is there any small special to use that would warrant spending this kind of cash at that quantity hardly yield anyting even just for fun personal use for to $500

is a lot to spend on the tubes for a 200 machine now if I didn't get a chance to Thermo scientific IEC Centra cl2 I didn't get a chance to look at these specific specs on that machine but let's just say for the sake of your sake of argument that I can do you know three to four thousand G's and it has doesn't have already wearing it usually refrigerated centrifuge it has like a letter r and a sorcerer don't have a fridge so you're going to spend $500 to be doing 200 mils Now 50 ml tube is a lot about you whenever you can go on and buy one that does the does a hundred that I'm half that for like half of that uses the small what's the one that we have one to remember

and it's new and you can almost like a rid of it when it's done 200 miles is not going to be enough for a large production run I would see if you can get it cheaper if you actually have the metal tubes and you just looking for the bottles then you know you can get away with cheaper or not using it all but I personally would be hesitant to invest $500 in Salina can do 200 mils if you have the space to get a larger size one because you know for $1,000 you can get a really good condition 3-litre unit you know like a thousand to $1,200 so I know I would be hesitant but on the other hand if all you have is $500 and you want if you just kind of thing where if you don't have a center fuse yet and you want to take the plunge then in anything you can do to get you into the centrifuge business is going to eventually be good for you because I've never had someone has gotten a Santa Fe so I can get a couple things like that signify to prep so I can immersion circulator no one's ever like damn I didn't use that that sucked you don't I mean it doesn't happen there are other pieces of

where I can see a little buyer's remorse when you when you're done with it but if you're buying a centrifuge for commercial use in a restaurant or at a bar it will pay for itself is so long as you use it right and and use it for menu items worth going to save you big money on yield on your expensive items it's going to make money back so if it takes $400 to get you into the into the center few things so that you can bend eventually go by your 3L then I think in the end you win what do you think says 33 bench table centerpiece on Amazon onto rep that is singing Like A Champion Walk Like a Champion for that Center fuse then we can put those two guys to get their down in Georgia or Florida somewhere I think when he's in the u.s. is down there something

I'm still in jail with those cooking chart do I fill out there we decided for the torch to go with the name Sears all because she doesn't see her some things most things not sure something terrible and see your son would be like the worst name in the world is all that's a strong name however all seeing eye so she says that I don't regret all the time she's going to be that

she's going to be that lady wandering around the Lower East Side monthly or else they have it that's the name and shot some videos on the blogs showing a techniques on how to use it and kind of what's good for a long time listener a supporter of Moffat I don't know if he's a supporter of the radio network or not I don't know but the supporter of the museum said about the Sears all that has these questions one what does it product do that an inexpensive widely available and time-tested electric paint stripper will not do if if I lower temperature is key is it possible that a home-cooked might be better off with the lower temp on a paint gun I have used the paint gun and

I think it's it's a it's a couple things I don't like about it once they're actually not cheap like paint stripping guns are like you know you think that they're like 20 bucks they're not they're like 80 bucks or four more and so they're actually meet me there more than what we hope to sell this unit for we don't know what we're going to sell it for because a lot depends on how much it cost for insurance and shipping and boxing and all the other stuff but we're hoping to have it be a price competitive with those guns secondly those suckers require a cord which I detest having Accord running around so they don't heat up as quickly as you'd like and it's kind of hard to judge I've used them before they just don't do the same thing it's just not the same thing they're just not the same having having use those things now I like those Hired Guns for other things for her for heat shrink tubing mandelson cannot be beat I used to have one someone stole it didn't happen with me I'm like I lent something people stars and then they just steal it from me

the ladder makes me nervous and I just came to this is how I can ask me more questions when I get the same effect if I held an $8 replacement camping Light Gas mantle with tongs in front of the torch I mean leave aside the bonus thorium on my chickens can well be that don't know what they what they do is they take a I think it's I don't know what the fiber is but it's a fiber in a fiber that they weave into cloth is how they make those really bright gas lanterns for camping they take off a cloth they put some like a very high temp refractory fiber in it and a dope it with thorium which is a substance and then when they when they like fire to it the fabric Burns away and the man becomes exceedingly fragile and then the whole sucker incandescence like a weasel when you when you light it on fire and that's how those mantle Base gas lamps work

besides the awesome thorium as you point out man was quite small and exceedingly fragile and also look like they're they're not that it wouldn't work the same way they would you like to hear the incredible hacking coughing every once in a while and I inhale some more of that cement cement play stars you make it all the way here and you're fine and then like a block from Roberta's you inhale like a lung full of cement dust and for that reason only when you have Tom's you're shooting at something that you know you tend to lose a lot of heat to back spray which is why we have the account the real trick of the whole device here is an incredibly low thermal Mass such that the sucker heats up very very quickly but doing that with a material that maintains its structural integrity and strength at the elevated temperature that we're talking about in there quite hot the inner screen the outer screen probably only gets up to like

oh I don't know like the 1,300 Fahrenheit or something like that but the inner screen probably gets up closer to like 1700 Fahrenheit or something like in that range so it's right at the upper level of even with the metals we're using can do an in fact we're still playing with the Allies there so I had those man was extremely fragile this thing needs to be more kind of bullet weight for a kitchen use are you doing anything about stability hardware store propane canister is comfortable to hold and has a large capacity but is inherently unstable don't I know it which is why we had a patent pending on a clamp that not only holds the propane canister when you're using the Sears all but also holds it when you're using a regular torch which should I stink is inherently dangerous and any effect

the heat of the usual BernzOmatic not nozzle is dangerous but I suspected the ignition level temperature dissipates pretty quickly adding this a salamander this year's to the top makes a total package. Perhaps retained a dangerous temperature levels are there is a serious risk in a busy commercial kitchen in a nightmare for Consumer use a lot of Spanish whole thing and I was like one of the main things that we are addressing the last point on the danger when it comes to Dave's tinkering the Heathkit customer made by the way for those of you that you know I don't know we have young listeners out there it was a company back in the day that became well-known after World War II for supplying Parts you can build things like a kiss you can buy things like oscilloscopes when I was a kid I sold a robot they have like you know so I can amateur Electronics like what you're doing now like used to be scared but you know whatever is amused by what day by day is hacking of saying electric pressure cooker

especially when I'm just not had a problem so don't modify your pressure cooker to get to the actual 15 psi that God wants it to be at even though I highly recommend only cooking with 15 psi pressure cookers and it's theoretically possible to take the Cuisinart electric pressure cooker make it 2:15 PSI I have to urge you to not actually modified corn to the instructions I post on the Block right stuff I have two things so Buju Banton is in jail until 2019 also you have a car

pair Bluetooth with the cocaine especially post instructions probably be considered a consumer product in a manufacturing seller assumes the serious liability or at least the likelihood of consumer injury lawsuits win or lose good luck and I expect to invest but just in time is Pam's nomiku immersion circulator seems to have overcome some design and Manufacturing issues and is on the verge of production now delayed from last December as I write Verge listen carefully and you will hear the derisive laughter I get for my wife and friend to slap down on pop pop pop chilling in and he and the Sears store in this color color on the air

oh yeah David unrelated questions here first one on pickling the reference everything everything irie don't pay claim says that if you hit 4.9 on the pH but that's sort of an intrinsically safe pickle is the salt content or anyting you can go with a reasonable salt content okay oh yeah

does anybody make a test strip for that for that explicit number that's a good question and you'd think that they would but the thing is with the test strips

PH meters are really not that they're not that expensive anymore I think you can get one now like an extech for the lower line company

you're telling me that I'm Flix pH meter is how about his life that is no longer the price of a decent used car so you're going to pay for going to pay for Quality you know what I mean so if you're going to use it if I if you were going to use something like let you know I know more about multimeters and I know about pH testing of pH testers right but if if I'm if I'm an engineer in a going to go out in the job site and I know things going to get dropped in my buddy doesn't know how to do anything from a hot rock is going to take it and he's going to stick the probes on something weird I'm going to go with the fluke right now if I'm just at home cuz you don't know we're talking about fluke is well known and trusted brand of test equipment you know they have a characteristic look and you know if Luke when you look at across the room right now I used to be the kind of guy

that would only ever only ever buy Quality Equipment because I knew that if I didn't buy Quality Equipment it was going to come back to bite me somehow that at some point I would assume that I own something at work and I would need it right then and then it wouldn't work and I be let down and it be worse than having nothing at all sometimes it's okay if you have one application you know it'll work for it and you know you can be Ginger with it and not going to take it out on the job site and it gets relatively good reviews and you can go ahead and get the cheaper one and so something like a pH meter I think you could probably get away with something from extech at like less than less than half of what you would pay for you know that Brandy trust that we don't know whether you can believe I don't know whether you can go that same route or not or like whether it's not in you to buy a piece of equipment that you don't trust

X-Pac is generally adequate for the once-a-month I want to do this I can't remember if I ever had a problem with one or whether I've ever heard that they were unresponsive at the stuff break the promise PH meters in general if you've never had one is that yet you need to keep it what goes wrong with them is that the especially inexpensive one to use I don't have the glass tip ones which is you know they can kind of like a lot of people have I have the other one's a little toot like a metal take Xanax and its up and she'll at the bottom it actually does a couple different things that also do TDS I and a couple other measurements on it you have to keep the cap wet at all times if the if the probe dries out the probes shot and then you have to buy another replacement tip for it so that's the one caveat you need to buy a probe and you need to buy the buffer Solutions if you calibrate it right you know it's it's a good investment and you just got to make sure that you there's a little sponge inside the cap you got to make sure that sponge stays wet

shut the program try out and get and get ruined and I don't know of any reasonably priced one way that's not the case but I've had one for several years and it's it's still working for me so again I wouldn't do it if I was doing it professionally but it's certainly okay

I make this

1/3 fish sauce 1/3 lime juice 1/3 sugar and then I just mandolin some form of hot pepper in there until there's no more room left right and if you leave it in the fridge for a week or two it seems the pickle beautifully other than buying a pH meter is there any way to like be relatively sure that's not going to kill somebody one 1/3 Lima said and 1/3 1/3 sugar 1/3 fish sauce the fish sauce is 1500 mg of sodium per tablespoon you know the fish sauce isn't going to go anywhere lime juice is not going to support too much growth sugar is going to be reducing the water activity so the real question is is what's the ratio of the product to the to the pickle now

you know I don't know whether the salt level there is sufficient to inhibit anything but like to get to the galactic taste after a while are you getting some action fermentation you can see the peppers Peppers go from bright green if I could have the sort of the fish sauce and just get a very subtle different flavor to them that carry in their fine I mean like you're just jump start by lowering the pH initially your then selecting for more for lactic acid bacteria to grow rather than other nasty stuff so nice thank you again like I will get the pH meter and test it but I wouldn't feel too nervous about I'm not going to I'm not going to come out and say that's a safe thanks I haven't run the number to look at the system are gone and checked any data on the on the web but I mean I feel I would feel comfortable serving to my family put that way

traffic completely separate question you were talking the other day

about pizza seals oh yeah and I never used one that Christian was talking about and they have someone in Massachusetts making it music for a few things besides pizza enough not to warp if it's heated unevenly or is it

anyone use it on a random question but like I can get my grill after with diculous temperatures right if I turn the air on to

Rebounderz radiating down from above at the same time and the girls going full up from below and I mean it gets hot in there like 700 something degrees. I'm afraid to do it to a ceramic pizza stone that way cuz I know the dang thing of crack

make a permanent wart okay I haven't thought about it however I'll say this you're going to buy it from the guy in Massachusetts making it with the modernist cuisine label on it yet but about seventy-five bucks so I don't remember exactly how thick it is but remember the whole the whole megillah on that sucker is that it's thick enough to store up enough thermal energy to put a wall up into your crush right so you're going to have some inherent stiffness from just the fact that it's a thicker material but the other the other good news is you're not heating it up to a cherry red not like putting on like an oxy acetylene flame on it and melting it out it's probably going to take quite a bit of energy to work that out as opposed to like you know black steel pan Which is incredibly easy to warp on a range right and you probably going to have more widespread out he pattern than you would on a range if you're doing it on a grill but the good news is

I don't know that guy in Massachusetts and never met him never spoken them however I have spoken to Chris Young about him when they were starting that projects he was here on the radio show at a year or so ago talking about it and the fellow that's doing it is an engineer and Maya and he know I'm biased because I got a family full of Engineers but my my feeling is that it's probably something that he's tested cuz you know engineer's are like that. I mean my impression is he's not like some giant conglomerate he's a human being has a real company that does other stuff like a bigger company I believe is a metal fabricator or something like that or have some sort of large shop but the guy who spearheaded that that company might be the owner not is natural human being

I always have to look him up and then 30 again completely unrelated question I use my sous vide machine set-up more Forum confit than anything else and I love it but basic food safety questions

Fahrenheit for 8-10 hours

is it essentially I mean can I mean to worry about the big ice water bath and not it is not canned and yes and no here's the deal

so the original old school Kung Fu recipes right fairly extensive salting regimen prior to coffee process they also have you know classic bunch of herbs that gets packed into it those time and whatnot are bacteriostatic have some bacteriostatic effect and salt is there to provide provide you know some bacterial protection so now I don't know of any cases of someone getting worried about a spore-forming bacteria hear you're going to kill all the vegetative stuff you're not going to wipe out the spores so the question is is the water and and here's the other problem when you're when you're doing

a traditional comfy you have first assault that gets rid of some moisture increases the salt level that's inhibiting bacterial you have the putting of the of the herbs on that's somewhat inhibiting bacterial. Hard to quantify you then have the traditional comfy in an open roaster let's say around a pot on the stove and a sucker is is also getting rid of moisture cuz moistures have a brain off and can get out you doing it in the bag most modern coffee recipes don't have as much salt so I can't guarantee there's bacteriostatic you not a circle using the same herb profile so can't guarantee bacteriostatic there and also you're not evaporating the moisture out of the bag moisture stays in the bag which is why you're going to lose you lay in the bottom of a bad cam fee item and I liked all that terms of taste but I wouldn't trust it for I wouldn't trust it for room temperature and for not having a spores in it okay so I will let you know if you want to do it that way you know you got to get a retort bag and you can buy

retort bags and then just be how you can press you the pressure of the retort bag and then no suckers are sterile that be shelf-stable at that point

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food content in the nation

nice glad to see Sam Edwards and supporting the show you know I like you that's why I said we're 10 Joe you like that stuff

I do enjoy the surryano ham and someone calling from Edmonton Alberta to question for you about that

Coachella stream online there's a company that basically is able to provide you with a clip so that you can put a CO2 cartridge on to the Sodastream without purchasing it or exchanging it directly through them but upon further eating I noticed that our design for paintball gun concern

there are companies that only Supply CO2 for the beverage industry right and also if you buy your gas is from people like I guess I would say in the small cartridges of the gases that go in I have always and everyone I know purchases CO2 from paintball suppliers but from welding suppliers including Italy restaurants and you know most there's a mess you're getting your gas directly from Coca-Cola or Pepsi or whoever you do you know Universal beverage or Coke where we deal with you no pretty much we're all using the welding gas and that's it I've never noticed any taste problems or anything like that Amanda stuff is you know it's a tie. E I don't know I can't I can't say that study that too much except for I don't ever worry about it and I've actually feel

I have a 40 I have a 40 lb 50 lb siphon tank and I fill up smaller things including 20 oz paintball tanks with it feeling myself you know I don't recommend feeling your own tanks unless you do it a lot of reading on the safety because if you fill your own tank and you do it wrong you cause a serious so it's a serious hazard in incorrectly filled tank as a serious serious Hazard so I don't you know I don't recommend doing it unless you've done a lot of research on it but yes I wouldn't worry about it I think you know the Sodastream people have done a great service to the world and if they brought home carbonated beverages to a large large number of people but they are ripping you off for CO2 there is another kind of why I wanted to go with this little Ahmad clip that they have is just that I could get more on that without spending the two or three hundred bucks it would cost me to get that 20 times change the regulator

buys it and it's no offense to any Homebrew people that are listening but those guys are small shops and need to make they make their profit off but they don't sell that many right so the prices on like a tank bar are fairly high in a regulator you know if you eat you can get a 5lb tank which is a lot easier to sling or if you're going if you're doing it in your house and in 20 and I want to say that a 5 lb tank is way under a hundred bucks and regulator is like 30 if you get it from from our powers in in the Guntersville Alabama I don't know about Canada I don't know what the rules are up there yeah I hesitate buying a used tank just because you got to make sure when you buy a used me you can I have but you got to make sure when you buy a used tank that still certified otherwise I'm going to have to get certified you know what I mean but once you get the investment in the end once you have that tank then CO2 is so cheap it's ridiculous your price per litre drops to it you know like a penny it's ridiculous

Yap like a 20lb CO2 tank does like on the order of two hundred gallons of seltzer water you think about that and then let's say it's twenty bucks which I don't even think it's 20 bucks so that's twenty bucks for 200 gallons you can really get more that's what is that that's that's $10 that's a dollar for 10 gallons is that right right a dollar for 10 gallon so that's $0.10 a gallon that's like like two and a half cent sell think about that

Yeah Yeahs ridiculous plus you're not going to run out very often so so I go through tanks and tanks and tank specially you know when you first set up your regular probably have a leaky system and you lose your tank a lot faster than you should but yeah chanclas a good long time even with a family of four that drinks almost exclusively Seltzer they last a good long time so definitely go that route going to save you money in the long run for for sure and then later on okay if you decide to move on to a different system you already have the tank you can you can do anything you want if you want to get a carbonator cap system and to take a t Branch off your regulator and then I do cocktails that way which is kind of more flexible than doing in Sodus new style you can't that's only another 15 $16 investment to your system because you can upgrade it right away and you're not paying for a Preposterous mouth of the CO2 every time you do it everyone tries to make their money on the gas and for me that's

not a proposition I enjoy

all right great thanks for all the info I appreciate it so the reverse of all obviously we have lawyers looking at it we have insurance companies were talking to about getting Insurance in like I'm sure a good chunk of the cost of the item to the consumer is going to be our insurance for it but we're doing a lot of work to make sure that the product itself is safe so that you know the initial design of it was kind of operator ease-of-use and comfort right to the cone is the cone it was there originally to stop heat from coming back on your knuckles to make sure that everything worked fine there the second then after we got a nishal usability Down

are we focused you know a lot of our tensions being focused right now on safety issues so you know the very first thing we says this thing is to Tippy make lamp clamp that fits on it and the clap actually is kind of cool because the clamp will fit on a butane tank the tall propane tank and the camping propane tank it also fit on a wine bottle if you want to take it to a picnic so you see why I should care about is if it's on the wine bottle rice task

are stupid. Get it go get that go get the check lamp Jed Clampett Jed Clampett it was like you're stupid that's a dumb name you like guess what I don't care I get to name it you don't it's the Jed Clampett anyway so Jed Clampett fit on a propane tank butane tank wine bottle you name it in fact eventually we want to sell that sucker just for use regular torches because I've always thought churches were unsafe standing up there on his own but Dave Chang especially was like people aren't always going to put the arms God put that the clamp-on so we're trying to engineer it sucks that it's safe even without that first of all the one that has been on the web there there is a if we modified it since then there's a safety cage around it and a safety cage is made of wire so that it doesn't retain heat very much and you can you can literally knock it over on the table and it won't catch anything on fire and still hot not going to lie but you can you can hit it

turn on for a long time and not sustain horrible Burns as if it's like you would if if the naked cone fell on you and we're still right now before we working on a bunch of different safety tweaks to make it as safe as we possibly can you know and in addition of course it's going to come with a list of instructions a mile-long on what to do and what not to do but rest assured that the safety of the product is you know once we came up with the functionality that we like the safety of the product is our primary concern when you say that's true stars in the Phoenix in a long time start here in Phoenix I don't like it you don't like it


you don't like hipsters Avenue contest you'll get a free T-shirt If you write in five things Nastasia likes like you even have that contest done before the end of the show if your liked tweet in five things she hates

yeah it is over it's not the point yeah yeah what do you have against Phoenix besides the awesome saguaro cactuses in their in their awesome smell of the desert I do like Sedona Sedona is beautiful have you been there. Deep Creek Park no sense weird hippie freaks we love you my father-in-law I used to fly into Sedona airport and that's a bumpy ride in a Cessna 172 let me tell you in a long long long time probably probably you know when I used to go out there in the in the 90s I would like the last place on Earth you can still use leaded gas I Hope they've changed that I have no idea

Simpson have a few questions I bought a polyscience creative Siri circulator last week and I've been using Ziploc bags per your low temperature primer are there any applications where a vacuum sealer is a must-have for example what I need to vacuum seal short ribs before I cook them for 72 hours know you don't well we're going to do it with a vacmaster vp112 chamber sealer work well enough to also do a quick pickling or what I need a more expensive chamber sealer for that handle this before we before I got to the second question so here's the deal

you can do and I say this in the in that you know when we were used to teach it you can do 90% of what you want to do without a vacuum by using Ziplocs however right if you steal something in a vacuum bags so that's just from a cooking standpoint vacuum shines in food preservation reasons to use two of the main reasons to use a vacuum machine R1 you can bag thing so you can do low temperature cooking and for me personally that's the most important thing to it by removing the oxygen from the bag you are at and also by removing any sort of gas, if you're going to freeze let's say something for you to freeze it by removing and you are preserving the product in a in a better condition for a longer time also threw the preventing freezer burn if you're going to freeze except prevent crystallization

because there's no surface from which the water can migrate out before Christmas on the surface okay so for preservation you need a vacuum in the better the vacuum the happier you're going to be I haven't vacmaster vp112 which is what what you're talking about is I've never used it but I've looked at on the web a bunch of times it is a lot cheaper than the pumps that the vacuum sealers that I'm used to and what it it amounts at the chamber machine which means that you're not sucking the air out of the bag you're sucking the air out of a chamber and then sealing the bag that by far away is the better system to use than one while you're sucking air out of the bag I've had nothing but bad luck with the ones where you suck the air out of the bag with the exception of like 36 inch striped bass which I can't figure out how to seal any other way so yes chamber is a good good way to go but the the vacmaster looks like just like a FoodSaver on steroids and by that I mean it.

can have a commercial quality vacuum pump in it all of the kind of all of the big kid vacuum machines a chamber machines have in them a bush pump pump made by the bush Corporation and those things are monsters there they're always always work they're awesome right they suck a very fast vacuum and they go down to very low number millibars a good piece of equipment all the way around all of the major ones that you find in a Mini pack multivac and Kosh they all use that brand because everyone knows they're the best ones out there for normal use right now then this guy has a piston pump in it which it is it has its limitations is never going to pop as hard vacuum as another thing is never going to pump as quickly as other things now

the question is is it enough I don't know you know when I looked on the web I looked this morning I looked at a bunch of reviews on line of people that have it no they buy it at Cabela's which is you know the you know the sporting good store because you don't Hunters buy things like this and some of the people that have it like it however I never saw this I never saw hey you know what I'm used to working in a kitchen or in a processing plant with you know a real vacuum machine like a Mini pack and I had this one and it's almost as good didn't see that once didn't see that once I did not see one consumer or One customer review of that machine that's that that said that it compared to what I would consider to be you know the commercial machines that I'm used to and I will also say I spoke to a mini Pac rep yesterday and he said that in one of the places they sell a lot of vacuum things in Alaska cuz I have a lot of fish in there back in the fish down

UniFirst for freezing in shipping and he said that literally in their in their showroom they have that unit the vacmaster city next to their unit so you can make a decision for yourself which way to go now at home maybe it's enough I don't really know how high of a vacuum love looking get if the vacuum pump is no better than a FoodSaver it's not going to do as good a job quick pickles anywhere near as good a job as a real vacuum machine I can do but I don't have any personal experience with it already thinks does are the price of the next machine up 1/3 a mean so I don't know whether you can get away with it or not no one's ever sent this one so I can so I can't make a an informed judgment anyone out there in in a tweeter land has used both like a regular commercial machine like a Mini pack a multi vac or a car charger there something similar and one

vacmasters please just let me know tweet and tell us what you think whether or not it was with her not to do anything but is there a way to make it wouldn't you put it in the liquid nitrogen listen to spice rubs if it is possible what would be the Shelf like what a shelf I would probably be non-finite you know if you could do it here is a problem dehydrating things with sugar in them can be quite difficult because the more you dehydrate something kind of that the more the sugar doesn't want to lose that last little bit of water until you crystallize it out but more difficult to crystallize because they're using high fructose corn syrup eccentric cetera first of all forget using regular dr. pepper red forget it just go to you can go you can buy a saw it on the Sam's Club website this morning you can buy dr. pepper

syrup I couldn't locate the exact bricks but Sansa Dr Pepper is probably somewhere around 11 bricks and sent it to 521 Stirrup to soda ratio that means that you * 60 * 6 to get the brakes so it's probably somewhere in the area 6266 bricks meaning 66% sugar in the syrup that you get so for every kilo of that you only need to remove three you need to remove 300 mL of water now what I would do is you could try boiling some water out but it's going to get sludge he's going to heat up fast want to heats up going to start changing the flavor you could try spreading it thin and putting in a dehydrator and then trying to get it down to us any more brittle and then pulverizing it with the rest of your salt rub so that your saw your your spice rub absorb some of the extra moisture and can't turn grainy and Sandy you could do that but you know short of that

you're going to need like something commercial I can spray dryer or more preferably do is freeze dry cuz freeze-dried you can get it down to a powder or just be like sugar and it wouldn't have any heat damage but I don't know anyone that makes it freeze dried and actually start to give her find that person who could do contract freeze drying

yeah you have a guy get out maybe they can freeze rice and dr. pepper syrup and then you need a dr. pepper powder they made a dr. pepper gum when I say I forget who made it but I saw that on the web to they made it hears anything about dr. pepper the flavoring contain prune juice

but dr. pepper prune in fact there's no pruning it or prune flavor and like I want to know what does that still try to come fare fare so but it was still like naming 4th May me for things are going to Waiting for Godot with this thing so dr. pepper contain prune but that kind of spoiled it for me because like I love the whole prune thing in fact my favorite you how it every soda has a rip off brand at the supermarket you know like whatever and then what my favorite dr. pepper rip-off is a doctor thunder only because we affected the prune on your GI tract

thunder so pointed doesn't contain prune hear that hear according to there's a and here you look it up under free New York. Net dpfak sinful dr. pepper fact and here's what they list they go through a bunch of things this seems kind of relatively true vanilla almond right in this is why it's amaretto and amaretto and rum is the Flaming dr. Pepper shot so because it's vanilla almond denatured Bromwich they probably means like some sort of rum the alcohol as oil of orange and phosphoric acid and lactic acid and also some tickets are really interesting acid blend in there and so are those flavors explain why the Flaming dr. pepper which is amaretto and amaretto and rum

lit on fire why that tastes like a dr. pepper is because you hit if you put a little orange in it you've hit pretty much all the the high notes in a bunch of using age wrong but you're going to have to mail it in vanilla notes from the would you hit almost all the high notes in a dr. pepper that's cool rice does a flaming dr. pepper drink you before the actual dr. pepper to do it then I do the show is not for you find listeners out there I guess it is it's for the pizza and then you talk to Jack and Jill every week which is like getting two pizzas in the Sun

cool one pizza that's fine that's about silence this week

maybe Joe can have a pizza with you and yeah Ernest Pantry hope all is well we have a number of calls lately from your listeners looking for an oval shape I just want to let you know we are now stopping at base on your recommendation Chris Anderson from modernist Pantry I started to order some of that stuff for ourselves cuz I don't think I have any left here's the here's the deal with oval shaped nose shape it's the exact opposite of the enzyme that we use almost all the time which is pectin X Ultra sp-l Novo shape cross-links in the presence of calcium don't forget to have your calcium people you need to add calcium and a cross-links pectins in the presence of it and makes fruit and other vegetables a lot firmer so like the ossified vegetables or whatever that they know dude movie read to order that they do it no more that you can do that without using very heavily flavor mediated calcium

by using Novo shape in in conjunction with like a mile or calcium also if you want to make yourself some cocktail cherries from fresh cherries and cherry season runs around or when any of your fresh fruits are coming in do you want a can of and have a real nice firm fruit you can use Noble shape and calcium and really firm the fruit up so that it keeps for a long time if you're going to Brandy or something like that so as the spring and summer rolls around in the fruit comes in consider getting some Novo shape to really just increase the quality of your Brandy and candied fruits of effort pitch yeah okay finally Eric Wright's in on the red velvet cake hey cooking and I know is that we took a little bit of red velvet cake in the past but I've been looking into red velvet cake recently added love to find a recipe without dye or beats my research show that the other side and that would turn the batter red

anthocyanin that you turn the battery red with buttermilk and vinegar the problem is most cocoa in these recipes is Dutch processed and access to basic I'm looking out looking for a stream of blood red becoming more than the brown chocolate cake that normally comes without dye any help would be appreciated okay here's the problem are all of the natural coloring that I know that are red come from one of two Lifestyles there's beat Elaine's which are from beats and other related plants and anthocyanins which you get things like cabbages or in a bunch of flowers and teeth and all of those pigments are pH sensitive to one degree or another

you can you can you can cabbage is fairly neutral if you want to go anthocyanin and Beads I don't know how how neutral it is the problem with beets and beets are extremely concentrated source of color which is why they're good but a good sort I know you said you didn't want to do beets but if you want to look at a really red cases beat based go to The Big Bang Theory Blog blog and a person there I don't know who it is actually but they did a whole series of tests and the red velvet cake their beat based red velvet cake is freaking red and for them you know that they point out all the things that are important when you're using a natural when using a natural Diantha sign-in or beetle in based like the things that are important are the ph and you going to want your pH to be lower which means that you're going to have to switch away from the Dutch Dutch cocoa unless you really really insist on having the flavor of the Dutch process cocoa in which case

can I have some difficulty this difficult to get a bright red if you're going to have something we the reason that Dutch process cocoa is the color it is and is the flavor it is is because of the alkaline processing I think I don't know what I don't think you can just add extra acidity to neutralize a Dutch cocoa and had to work but maybe you can have to run some tests heat so they found on that website that and I've noticed as well that the longer something is heated in the further away is from raw the less red it is and the more you have to use to get it to that color so on that website they literally blend in a food processor raw beets in water it's got to be one king he'll mess right Skype me some nasty stuff to make Musashi do that if she doesn't disqualify

said that but I'm going to assume check check California Trail gone. This is heating hipsters and the number five is Zappos AKA

directions on your T-shirt you know what I would do is Eric and I'm going to try and look more into it I have a bunch of articles that I have backlog read back login to read on a different ways to affect the stability of natural base red red and blue pigment because I was doing Samantha sign and work for the bar so I can try to get back to that as soon as I figure it out I'll do it but go to The Big Bang Theory's a website and look up the recipe they have there are they they don't use the Dutch process cocoa and they use cream of tartar and buttermilk and fresh beats so check it out I know you said no beat but check it out you can probably do the same thing

with cabbage long as you really acidify the sucker so that it goes bright bright red now on the way out I want to say that you are a nation's restaurant news set me a send stuff to my inbox everyday before this one caught my eye caught my eye KFC Miss what's awesome about the world right big this is big news KS she is coming out with boneless chicken with the regular stuff promoted line above everything else using some sort of like you know like you know Osteo challenge chicken there actual chickens that the Bones have been removed from its not like some like weird sack of growing chicken plasm that they have around there real chicken know I've been saying by the way I've been saying boneless chicken for decades because my wife does not like to eat chicken off the bone first of all thank God she doesn't listen to a word I say because she hates when I talk about that in public

but she does not like to eat chicken on the bone and so for years I've owned everything you know bone the leg bones bone of my bone everything and it is really frankly more enjoyable is more enjoyable because I'm not going to call anyone out nastasha but she takes three bites off the drumstick and leaves all the meat around the bone so weak that is 2 on the on the KFC it's all they had to do to make big news is take the bones out of the freaking chicken

here is a subset of everything that is wrong with the mental process of American food thinking okay the one of the one of the firm's was hired by KFC as a senior consumer research manager said this about why they think the Boneless Kentucky Fried Chicken is going to be popular you ready for this this is quoted in the nation's restaurant I think this also has to do with healthfulness because if you see boneless even if the product is breaded and fried we tend to think of boneless as less and so therefore may be more helpful I think they healthful seriously I think the idea of boneless and Generals one will see a lot more of can you freaking believe that people that is how dumb that is how dumb people think that we are that by just having the word less attached to the word bone that the fried chicken is going to be more healthy

not that I like fixing a fried chicken in health terms anyway because you know what you should eat a reasonable amount of anything you find delicious and don't go crazy including fried chicken bones in Her Bones out cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening