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Episode 121: Hard Water & Feral Pigs

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welcome to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold Euro to cook nice which is it the second one because someone's jackhammering on our roof don't worry set the radio station how you doing

who's crazy here that I feel like this might be like in Yosemite Sam's going to come falling through the ceiling joint as usual with hello pretty good we might even be able to hear you over the Jackhammer like here and again being out of shape and old is my 42 Now set my birthday besides being out of shape and Jack Hammer above my head thinking about biking

we saw someone last week and a biking to the streets in New York and they were on the ground in a bloody pile holding their head rolling and writhing in pain surrounded by a group of people waiting for the ambulance to show up and what's the moral of this where are freaking helmet people if you're out there biking wear a freaking helmet I don't care how important your hair is to you you know who I'm talking to Brooklyn hipsters put on a helmet

are you guys thinking engineering good about hummus

I wholeheartedly agree

yes it's terrible and I'll tell you what like everyone they moved here from wherever they came from right like they go to college they do whatever they're going to do they moved to New York and they think that biking here is just like biking when they were kids back in like East wherever they come from your insane and here you will get hit by a car you'll get doored something awful will happen to you you'll get your head cracked open and you might even die wear a freaking helmet I drive so I know exactly how crazy people are in cars if I drive a car I hate pedestrians in but I just I hate whoever I'm not at the time

but I can't be polite on the road and Michael purpose rights and with two questions one hilarious and I have to say I really didn't bring it up because you guys home can't do anybody but this Camry over my head really driving me bananas

this what it's like for you to dentist by the way I hope that I mean obviously her dad this is not a listener to show but you know is I swear to God I used car sales person she will sell Anastasia any line of dental work anything anything like she's like oh you know what you need to have all your teeth without and then the exact same would put back in your going to be under trust me I did that work you owe me a lot of money and status is like says like hey it's no problem I got done with yours doesn't matter that like only one-tenth of all this crap that's happening is covered and that you're paying for this lady's kids college has more than just his money

where we get the job done size you know someone's going to take my teeth out and drill holes in me I'm not worried about the thickness of the digits if you know what I'm saying

anyway I might a Barbra Streisand first I live in Ohio and have pretty hard well water drawn straight from Limestone Bedrock I don't know what exact composition but it's probably mostly calcium carbonate with enough time to make it taste kind of bad until the iron oxidizes precipitates out and stand everything at which point the water tastes fine I don't know the water is a kind of pain in the butt how is your water in California

like Sulphur La Flor like hard off of like they didn't lie either when you were in the shower now and that's about as much information as possible after reading your post on Nixa MO station Next Mutation by the way is the process whereby you take calcium hydroxide and I'll cook corn with it and breaks down the outside the endosperm of the Corn as well as a bunch of other things like making it tastes awesome in making hydrocolloid out of the end of brain that make Masa such an amazing thing anyway and freeing up nice and after reading your post on next Monday should I put two and two together and realized it was not my excellent timing that made my broccoli so firm and green but the hard water I was boiling it in the reason why for those of you that don't know it's going to come up later is a calcium cross-links with pectin and and when that happens the pectin becomes much more stable towards being broken down at

high temperatures so late when a calcium Crossing for the uniforms that they know they are crossing painting then like even boiling it for what would normally make a mushy product right. Cuz texting is the main thing causing the kind of Consciousness in the hardest vegetables if you stabilize the pectin it keep stuff crunchy longer and the other interesting thing about it is that two things are working against each other right you supposed to add a pinch of baking soda to water if you're having problems with your vegetables turning your vegetables turning what's the weather look for brown right because the chlorophyll is getting ruined so happens is is that's accentuated by acidic things to do at a pinch of baking soda to your water the water becomes slightly basic and that preserves the green so you get bright green vegetables the problem is is that basic conditions also destabilize pectin make a breakdown much faster so the problems you get mushy products are mushy broccoli if you add baking soda to your water if you choose calcium hydroxide

baking soda the calcium by Crossing with the pectin cancels out the problem that you have with the basicity of the baking of a normal basic things baking soda have green things that aren't mushy by cooking them with a pinch of calcium hydroxide about any who so the calcium in is causing his broccoli to not go crappie as long as in it just explain what the hell we're talking about here this made me wonder if I'm effectively got less basic lime water on top while you have water high in calcium and what sort of benefits for being prepared in or with hard water and what other sorts of stuff benefits of being prepared in or with hard water and what should I do about the iron in it I know I'll definitely make pickles with hard water in the future okay

may we all know hard water it depends on how hard your water is right so I mean the obvious thing about additional and also depends me and your specific case your hardness is coming from calcium so what are the benefits you're going to get from it is is increase firmness and vegetables that are boiled okay even though as you're boiling it to the cow seems kind of precipitating out and so you have those probably I'm guessing those nasty rings around the outside of of your pant I actually forgot to look up how to get rid of the iron in a normal way because I was focused mainly on the couch and we had me with calcium in my brain went on Fritz and I didn't look at the obvious problem right so it may have you probably know what the problems are but the obvious problem is things that you want to get really soft things like beans right so beans have the problem that you're trying to get them soft and if you add anything that contains Calcium to the water or too much calcium to the water the beans might never ever go soft in the same thing happens if you add if you accidentally added

you're making baked beans and like me you like a little bit of vinegar in your baked beans have that acidity and you make the mistake as I only ever made ones of adding the acidity early in the process realize your beans never give anyone try to make baked beans for you you don't like babies right cuz you got brain problems are you ever had anyone give you one that just was like hard cuz I had an early in the cook process or they could be really hard water or even worse most other place where I see you have a really really large Advantage with hard hard water and if it's basic basic water is in noodles and in some bread formulation so maybe something more basic and increase in the calcium and other minerals in water tends to increase the increase the tenacity of gluten structures right so you get firmer goes now this is especially true when you're looking at Noodles specifically Chinese noodle so if you if you do the research on Khan

play which is a mixture of I think potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate or some mixture of those things basic things with calcium are these are added to Noodles to enhance the structure of the noodles which makes them more elastic and stretchy and also in certain cases makes them kind of a bright yellow so if you see those kind of the color yellow alkaline noodles and they're made by adding kansui however the speculation isn't this technique derived from a trying to mimic the product was made from people who had Wells with exceedingly hard and alkaline water so you could see a significant benefit in certain types of noodles and also certain types of bread doughs now if your water is too hard obviously you can go too far over their head units no longer to Vantage anymore but I would guess you with your main points of diversion in terms of it being lucky with your with your calcium water is two things like

vegetables also preserving fruits and preserving Tomatoes I would suspect that if you use a can tomato if you have enough calcium in your water you might not need to add as much calcium chloride or other point of calcium to the to the mix to get the tomatoes to stay hard and it's going to dovetail nicely with another question we have later in the show but you might also you know be able to do things like that have berries Stay Together better if you're making preserves out of them assuming that you have extra water added to it what you typically wouldn't but but they have it anyway in fact I'll do your second question then I'll go to the other question based on on berries which I can handle it handle later where things that I have to ask for 1 minute or or 15 minutes I have to look over this is why I've been why I always ask Miss Joshua that's okay or not it's because I have no idea what I just said so I have to ask her whether it's okay

if anyone out there which I doubt work for the Zappos Corporation this is what I want someone to confirm I want someone to break whatever sort of customer confidentiality you have and just sent us an email says yes we were received the orders my name is Payless

Michael second question second how safe is it to use transglutaminase in first aid is a hilarious one right so Transit a man is a question to ask Maya Maya forty-two-year-old resolution to try to not go hyper tangential before finishing the question 42 on the one hand it seems like it could be good I could be closing cuts and preventing them from easily being pulled back open the other hand it seems like you could be extremely bad potentially ceiling in anaerobic bacteria or else short-circuiting the natural healing process and causing terrible or awesome scars depends on your view terrible Ross and the others people who makes cars on purpose like a form of female body art there I don't expect it to be a replacement for stitches if they're needed but ordinary wins and slap a Band-Aid on it cuts heal well enough without professional attention so can it be done safely and if so is it worth the effort

how to show a man tearing through the archives okay so for those of you while so I'll mention what it is in case you're don't know what it is

transglutaminase is a an enzyme that cross-links proteins okay so a literally takes two amino acids from two different protein chains and covalently bonds them together to form a kind of protein aggregate polymer rent it's covalent bonds and ionic things once it's made it can only be broken physically it's even cooking it right doesn't denature or it would denature the protein but it doesn't break that Bond so what do you know what two things were joined by transglutaminase let no one put asunder so our bodies have transglutaminase and then this is a natural part of your body in fact blood clotting to go back to a wound stuff blood clotting what happens if it is there's an initial thing that you form of thrombin right then those aggregates

glued together in the big clots by transport a mayonnaise in your in your blood system in your body in the presence of calcium to going back to calcium again transport ammunition your body is dependent on calcium for proper activate Ok microbial transglutaminase which is meat glue which of the stuff that we use to bond different pieces of meat together one of the amazing things about it other than the fact that's not the right from an animal is that it if I was kind of unusual right to have something is derived from a micro they actually bomb things together instead of breaking the part I hadn't thought about it the most stuff that I get actually Break Stuff apart

and what I thought you said something far more inappropriate stuff together without calcium so the theory is an can you use this thing to bond your skin together and well the idea with anaerobic stuff but the idea before and it's hilarious but also kind of like horrifying that you would take this powder for cooking and like kind of glue yourself together with it because everyone always ask when we're teaching meat glue like whether or not it will glue your skin together and the joke we always make that is that well if you sand your forehead until it's bloody and then sander handheld bloody and then bandage your for your hand to your forehead and let it sit there without moving for 4 hours then yes you could probably buy but then you can always rip it off you know because the bond that you make a transport and it says usually only as strong as the bond between two adjacent pieces of muscle right doesn't Bond it usually as strong as

now the whole muscle unless it's in the presence of a large soft whatever so and also in my Pro go transfer stuff that you buy special to get the RM there milk protein in it you don't want to like having your wound also said you can't get one with straight gelatin but I mean it makes a lot of sense so I went and looked it up and there's a company that and I believe you know sometime in the in the early-mid 2000s called life on Life360 transglutaminase gelatin goop and they say that it's almost completely biomimetic the word is self-evident biomimetic and Son awesome word even started saying they're going to buy you in her head I can see you're saying they're making the scoop that you can put into your wounds and

and actually speeds healing one of the things are looking at is in Battlefield situations where you need to like stop big wounds quickly and put things together and sit in a way that can stop like high-pressure arterial bleeds are there they're working on it so it's very interesting you know what I'll redo from from their patent most high pressure hemostatic device is currently on the market and high-pressure hemostatic devices bake mainly mean can stop blood in a high-pressure like an arterial situation that's that's translated write down or sideways currently on the market are normally nominally if he's in there point is that transmits hemnes put gelatin is it he's into your tissue massage making a nasty face here and he said devices currently supplied the members of the US armed forces the mineral zeolite crystals in quikclot sponge cos x cos option of the water molecules in the blood does consecrate in the clotting factors

blood clotting putting like an absorbent powder on you they just like like she soaks up and causes quick clotting hence the name quikclot the kind of mixture that makes up hien khanh has a positive charge a Trax red blood red blood cells which have a negative charge the red blood cells are drawn into the dressing for me a seal over the moon and stabilizing the moon surface so these guys that like pain I have anticipated your question and are now making transglutaminase base wound dressings and we'll see how that goes in the future but do not

Activa RM in your cut before you slap a Band-Aid on or if you do it do not say that I recommended that you do so let's go to our first commercial break

hi I'm Steve Jenkins from Fairway markets I've devoted my idiot career to the old ways the old recipes the old tools the old geography of where serious Foods come from for centuries and I just drive to make these wonderful things available to New Yorkers for 37 years so it's a Fete accompli for us to support Heritage Radio Network and I hope you will too and I hope you'll keep tuning in for more information please visit Fairway Market. Com

are we back we're back always slow in likes and I'll sit there and I'll bring it back every time I want to give a quick shout-out to Ben Lambert just became a member seconds ago about cooking issues listener so thanks Ben probably no relation in fact I'm sure no relation lamp Lambert radiating bodies relation I'm sure you're just looking it up like I can talk about it a little bit not so it was you that listen to show might be aware we're working on a new product and it was going to have the name some form of Sally something probably and it forms a little handheld salamander right and what it does is it diffuses and converts the flame from a torch into a into a mostly IR

infrared heat it makes it very very even and the advantage of this unit is that it on almost instantly because the screens that make up the unit have a very very low thermal Mass it turns cherry red almost instantly like a couple seconds right people testing it they were having some sort they were having problems using it because they weren't thinking about if we're going to do a video about this maybe I'll be posted on the Block eventually shooting some tomorrow the problem with it is is that people are holding the unit as far away from the food as they would hold a normal salamander right and the fact of the matter is is that you have to hold it much closer than you would a normal salamander in the reason the reason for it you know is that most people aren't thinking about how heat from something like a salamander actually work so for those of you that don't have a salamander don't even know what the heck I'm talking about a cell

gender is a form of a commercial Broiler and the way that most commercial salamanders work is they have a series of bricks that have a bunch of holes in them gas comes out of the bricks and through little holes ignites and forms an infrared like an infrared kind of plane of heat right there that where the brakes are and the thing is very long usually like on the orders 3 seat is typical for a salamander and I'd say the bricks are maybe six and a half 7in across okay to have a strip of bricks it's about 3 ft long and 7 inches across the difference and now so so take that right and so was a long time ago back in the days when Michael batterberry was still with us and I was writing a lot of food are taking up those who don't know who Michael batterberry is go and look him up right away he never again we're like in a huge influences on my life and my career and a lot of other people who are in the food business you know that they've done a lot of good that they

don't bother taking credit for anyway so that when I was ready for food art I had to write an article on with called deck trailers and deck broilers are things that actually most of the restaurants don't have but if you have a steakhouse or a large Hotel your app to have a deck Broiler and what is deck Broiler is is a managing a bunch of salamanders live where the where the bricks are stacked next to each other to form instead of just a strip of these brakes a square OK and it always amazed me that even though each individual brick in a deck Broiler has the same amount of energy that's leaving it per square centimeter deck boilers are fantastically more powerful than salamanders in normal operations and also very very even and that's why they're really good for things like steaks right why questions why any answer and also when the problem of salamanders is it salamanders have what is called a sweet spot and it's a line that runs all the way across the sea

are the long axis of the salamander and the issue is is that a deck Broiler is acting pretty much like an infinite plane of heat that raises where we're going back to Atlanta and I going to get to the nitty-gritty of it in an infinite plane of a radiating heat right of ir of ir radiation rights if you have an infinite plane or something it's a approximating at such that such that basically the food can't see that literally see the edge of the of the heater then the amount of energy that the food is receiving from the heater is roughly independent of how far away it is so everything he even lie and the amount of heating is just do is just a function of the output per square centimeter of the heaters make any sense at all like an infinite plane and then anything within it is going to get heated evenly and it doesn't matter within a couple of you know centimeters how far away it is right and just goes back to you know my son Dax is obsessed with this

Byron Ferguson Byron Ferguson his motto is if I can see it I can hit it and Byron Ferguson can take an arrow put off his back and he can shoot an aspirin out of the sky lyric his wife throws aspirin into the air and Byron Ferguson poison arrow off of his back and shoots it like as it's leaving his wife's hand practically and his wife is so used to this that she doesn't even Flinch imagine like imagine what I would do if I was going to try to shoot an aspirin IV she should rightfully Run Run for the hills you know what I mean like it this is not some sort of William Burroughs situation with his wife at the Apple on his head like this guy's real deal so check them out Byron Ferguson anyway if I if I can see if I can hit it and the same thing goes through with heaters if you can see it you can hit it so under a salamander when a piece of me to sitting there it can see the heater on all day today in the heater can see the food all the way along the long line of it so that sections working like an infinite plane right but the sides on the edge of a relatively marrow it doesn't act like it and of more the further you get away from something in the less it looks like an infinite

wait the more and acts like a point source and a point source the amount of energy received like goes down as the square of the distance from it's a long story short the small salamander only acts like an infant playing when you're very very close to the object right eye and in tow that long story short you have to hold this object extremely close to the food when you're cooking it so that's why I was thinking about it and that's kind of a long digression based on Lambert but you should also think about this when you're when you're cooking in general and think about how large the heat source is compared to the food you're cooking and the larger the key source is compared to the food you're cooking and close your food is to it the more I even you'll be if you can withstand that level of heating that make any sense at all question on calcium we have this is a nice one Chris Wright saying hey Dave nastassia Jack show and indy Jesus

we haven't an awesome picture from Indy Jesus's Facebook the week but apparently Jack says he wouldn't enjoy being referred to as many cheeses I don't think so even though it's like honestly with all of you know I don't know I'll have to ask him tell him I would love and in this picture we have from Facebook it's like in Dekalb like I said he doesn't even like being called a hippie so I can't really imagine how Indie Jesus would affect him I have a pecking related question my goal is to firm up small fruits like blueberry so they won't rupture and bleed out in cakes muffins pancakes excetra I know you mentioned this technique in the past but couldn't find in the backlog of Love by the appropriate ratio to use in the future thanks so much for the great show definitely a highlight the week in backlog is great for Sunday morning a kitchen cleaning without question my food is made of jumping quality thanks to the radio show and blog and now regular

enzymes gums and pre hydrated starch is an additional my circulator regular with delicious and consistent results Crist like that that's why I like to hear okay so now the enzyme in question is a methyl Ester race and it's the opposite of Covino kind of ESP Alex break things down cross-links packing in the presence of calcium now most fruits have naturally occurring pectin methyl Ester Ace and we'll cross link some what if you have calcium especially in in the presence of heat when the cells start to break a little bit it'll release some of the pectin meth last race and if there calcium present you a lot increasingly Crosslink your product that's why I just a little bit of calcium and can tomatoes you they use use calcium chloride and fortunately causes those canned tomatoes to be really stiff and that's why those canned tomatoes when you use them in sauce never fully break down right you know Sarah says yes so novozymes who makes the who makes the

SPL that we use and everything also make something called Novo shape and you can use it with calcium I forgive it to calcium ratio is is but you can use it the same way you use text Nicole kaspi Elmo says you can use a bow out of one or two grams per liter of liquid that you're treating with I would add a couple percent of calcium to the water and then let it soak and I've done that to raspberries have vacuum injected and then boiled them and the raspberry stayed hole in boiling liquid they want to make sure that you know that the lake was roughly isotonic with the raspberry so you got to have some sugar otherwise it'll just blast apart because of osmotic pressure but they I was astounded how well those suckers held together it's crazy right and I want to do that with Brandy cherries but I know there's a problem at the Cherry Harvest over there was a problem with people ordering cherries for me this and I can taste him anyway so am I

is it really that Juiced up because I know I couldn't I can't taste areas cuz I'm allergic to them anyway so that would work you might try and I don't know whether or not the modernist Pantry ever started carrying an oval shape they could are the only thing between them and that is the investment in a 25m pale that they can break up and we never had enough application to play around 25 pill we buy 25 Tales of SPL all the time like we we are actually basic industrial user that's PL know if you wanted and then you just add calcium & Noble shape and let it soak in your good so I would do that I would also just try adding straight calcium and letting it soak for a while on the calcium and then you can bring the heat up and see whether or not it has preserved them or not but anyway that's what I would and that's what I would do you know how they make the fake blueberries in the real life

they actually want to do is eat a blueberry juice and they make they put a spear of blueberry juice inside of an owl turn its shell of blueberry juice and that sucker last forever it's not real but it last forever and that's in fact that was one of the like that was one of the original think well before anyone like you know Ferran was using out and it falls out Falls are being used in industrial applications for things like flake fake blueberries things like fake onion rings things like that so I just want the pizza sounds like why do we do to show you how much easier would be for me to just buy you a pizza every week

I mean whatever I can afford the pizza I'm saying okay Pete rights and Dear Dave at all over the years my family and I have typically procured our hands from local country Growers who let their page forage in the woods I have often read and there's not been a case of trichinosis in the US from pork Senza 1950s but given the source of meat I've always cook my country ham to an internal temperature of 137 degrees Fahrenheit I know from talking to growers in Hunters at force-fed and feral pigs at the great word feral pig right side where I could tell it stuff that look on her face will take to heal why you know why people because she loves cats and as like as soon as you say the word fear of the word cat pops into her head and she doesn't even think about the word take the pig just please and it's a feral cat which is like in here and love

sit around like an old bat things around and

God I hope not that way at all time low. This is true in fact I read an article in the 1800 in West Virginia where they imported a bunch of pigs to a particular area West Virginia that was infested with snakes and the snakes with I mean that in the pigs with white the snakes out to wipe them out 8 every snake that was there and reports of the hams made from those snake fed pigs with it they were quite good I look that up and you know many many years ago when I was researching country hands for the first Museum of food do missions last movie when he's like a boar hunting means like wild pigs are not animals that you trifle with you know I mean don't go messing with the wild pics anyway

will consume any Carey and they come across a years ago I read a study that indicated salt curing at least 9 weeks of hanging with sufficient to destroy any by your recent suggestion that one does not have to cook a country has got me wondering about this again is this still the thinking have there been any recent Revelations about the resiliency of trichinella Sis love the show Landon PSI been freezing my pork for Italian style here I can hold muscles to ensure that they end up with trichinella free meet I would love to not have to do that okay

here's a deal go to you want to go to a surface which is the animal plant health inspection services section on a pork and by the way for those of you that don't know what trichinosis are these little worms that you can get from consuming undercooked meat you know pig that used to be the big one you got from Pig but also bear anything kind of wild meat right and then you get them in and then it's the disease is measured in number of worms per cubic centimeter muscle mass and it causes huge have it because if they they invade your muscles and plus it's just it's gross right out more than that when the grocer wants for you where your muscles with invaded by these worm anyway so that's the problem with pork until for a long time that's why they had you had you cook the hell out of your meat okay here is what we have to say and here's what the animal and plant health inspection services have to stay on their website about trichinella and

trichinosis has a long-standing association with pork products not only in the US but around the world concept which many people have about the need to cook pork thoroughly is based on the risk of becoming infected with this parasite this concern is well founded in history at the beginning of the twentieth century conservative estimates show 22.5 infection of percent infection rate in u.s. pigs even more alarming where the post-mortem service connected in the 1930s a National Institute of Health Report published in 1943 found at 16.2% of the US population of pigs is infected one out of every 6 this type of information latest a considerable publicity is about the danger of eating pork they storical problem trick trick and eye infection in pigs is responsible for strict Federal controls of methods used to prepare ready to eat pork products in the US and expensive car fails inspection requirements in Europe use regulations are still in effect in the code of federal regulations for process products and then the directors of the European Union way with actually Jose

inside out of every pigs have 16.2% of the US population of people has some form of trichinosis trichinella in their in their system that's gross I believe that despite the chicken is association with the pork industry major changes have occurred in the last 50 years human cases of trichinosis they write trichinellosis trichinellosis for the 58 year of the last decade further many of these cases result from non-pork sources such as bear another game meats major decline is also occurred in the prevalence of this parasite in pigs while problems has declined considerably in the u.s. pigs the lowest prevalence rates and domestic pigs are found in countries where Meat Inspection programs have been in place for many years including the EU notably Denmark and Netherlands these countries consider themselves essentially free

trichinosis the dramatic Decline sentricon and pig reflect changes in the industry historically infection pics of associate with feeding of Ron garbage major transfer major inroads were made into a nose infection with the Advent of garbage cooking laws passed between 1953 and 1954 and not hog Colorado radication program of 1962 importance of been a movement to high levels of biosecurity high jeans under which most pigs are now raised still opportunities for exposure to pigs exist in some precautions should be implemented so that's the thing on your stuff does not adhere to this because it's from a wild pig super long time they're considering getting rid of it now the good news is as you say you can kill pigs that you can kill trichinosis by cooking meat for a mere 47 minutes at the core at only 52 degrees of Celsius or 6 minutes at 55 also a deep freezing

causes of trichinosis worms to be killed in the system be killed but you don't want to have to do that now unfortunately there is no single set of a you know you do this so I'll do that that they can guarantee that they will safely admit guarantees trichinosis however all you need to do for curing your own stuff to figure out whether it's safe to eat without cooking is go to the US Department of Agriculture code of federal regulations search on this one ready Title 9 chapter 3 paragraph 3 18.10 and that one that paragraph I read it this morning but it's too complicated to go to list all the specific curing mechanism that you can use to destroy trichinosis in pork without having to go through a free step or a cook step and they all are combinations of salt levels per pound of meat a specific contact time of a salt on meat in days

I take days for whatever forget what it is and then holding in the drawing room for a certain number of days I would a certain amount of Equalization to assure trichinosis death so if you follow those rules precisely or or greater those rules are greater in other words that amount of salt or more that amount of time trying or more that amount of water loss or more then you're guaranteed a safe product from the trichinosis standpoint but I if I were you if you're dealing with feral hog don't fool around with this one make sure that you can form to the specifications that are laid out in Title 9 chapter 3 subpart 318 10 but is my impression that you when you're doing country has specifically you do not need to freeze As Long as You Follow their rules but please don't just take my word for it read that chapter in its entirety I want some wild pig meat you're the only time I've ever had you know anything about pigs

can you say that they were at eating I think they said they were is at can't go back and find it but eating stuff to eat off the forest only one time if I had a USDA slaughtered pig that was eating a fallen nutmeats, that's right sewing stuff falls off the trees which happens in the fall pigs eat it right and so if you happen to be in a place where you get a lot of nuts like Hickory nuts and things like that the pigs take in a lot of a lot of these kind of nuts fats and they're fat composition after number of weeks leading this tends to conform or two of these is not that ratios in this package off to her right which is bad actually for certain sausages where you want the backpack to be very hard but amazing for things like ham and the closest American ham that I've had to the Beer Co fed GDP Rico the beautiful America which they feed off of chestnuts falling from the trees in the desert in Spain and the amazing thing about that

just those guys in Spain are good at curing about securing their meat is that the actual composition of the fat is altered by the by the chestnuts at the reading and it just has it's amazing acorns rather chestnuts, granted I don't know what the hell is wrong with me 42 what the hell is wrong with me

anyway they get this kind of soft and amazing fat and I had one from Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Tennessee what does Ryan mean where the pigs have been feeding they were Tamworth Hogs they been feeding on these Hickory nuts are falling off the trees and it was from a fat composition standpoint probably the most amazing American country ham that ever had so and I'll take that to wear them sure that your hands are delicious if you're making it that way ya noodles at leapers 500 there's 499 other Libras out there what is a leaper I don't know I just read a concert and he's camping with a gas stove for 3 days and trying to find a guy trying to figure out food and drinks here's what I would do so the issue is if you were to use normal Ice Cube's right you get a huge

amount of to preserve your food as soon as you have big coolers and don't want to have to plug anything in get giant Ice Cube's what I'm saying giant I don't mean small I mean giant I'm talking big I'm saying like get a cut a bunch of coolers and get ice cubes that are like a foot by a foot blocks the larger the Ice Cube the larger the mass right / surface area and your melt rate is going to be determined in part by how good your Igloo cooler is but also by how much surface area is available for the meltwater to occur if you have a giant block like that you should have no problem lasting 3 days in an attic with cooler and then you can put your food next to it and then you can ship off pieces of it for making your drink's right especially if you just practice a little bit because it'll be tempered because it will be at 0 the whole time so you'll be able to like chip amazing pieces off of it so you could do shaken drinks be good also make amazing stirred drinks with it because of your eyes because you got to buy this is from someone right so you go you go to whoever is at your local ice sculpture person

you buy a 200 lb block or and you have them sought into large and two small enough blocks they will fit into the coolers that you have and then pack again pack you put it on a great so that it's sitting off the bottom but not sitting in some water so you can train out the extra water when you need it and then have the food sitting next to it by the way there's also that that's the way that that's the way that in Japan the hardcore sushi chef store their fish they they buy big coolers big Bridges they unplug them because they don't want the air circulating on the inside and they put giant blocks of ice in to keep their fish exactly where they want them so you should be able to keep your food good unfortunately for you we don't have. You know you don't have my light torch attachment yet because I would be sick sick out there because you can you can stay cook that way it's a little bit of a pain in the butt to cook a steak from 0 to 0 to 100 that way but it's pretty damn but you say you have a I think it do you say a circular before you can pre bagged the meat as long as you can show that your eye stays good you could do a pre cook on a lot of your stuff and then flash Grill all day

does not use that much charcoal if you're allowed to have chocolate are you glad that you're going to Coachella I don't think so they had the 2Pac Shakur they had that they had that holographic Tupac hologram Tupac was there last year

I don't know I mean it would be kind of poor form to do biggie right but

be nice hologram hologram gas stove so you should be go with faith you have a circulator I would Circle bunch of stuff in bags put it in bags they don't get contaminated by the fact that they're all sitting together with your giant ice and then just bring straight booze do a lot of delicious their drinks and occasionally some shake and drink lines are fine sitting on their own she don't even need to refrigerate those suckers bring as much stuff as you can it does need to be refrigerated and go from there you're meltwater is also good so you can use your melt water for cooking things like pasta because of nostalgia goes with you she needs that positive things must must must James Beard award-nominated my friend of the show written down your carbonation rig I need to build one for at chefsteps know so Mark powers

carbonation stuff from an outfit called Mark powers in Guntersville Alabama and I love those guys cuz they're the cheapest people anywhere like they're so cheap that it's like they Define cheap so what you do is you call those guys up you order a 25 a 20lb it or if you don't want to order 20 pound if you want a smaller bake a 5lb CO2 tank it will arrive empty okay they shipped the kind of nice aluminum ones you need to get along with that a what's called a their high pressure regulator and I don't really like those Regulators for commercial used ones that they sell they sell tap right brand and the top right brand Regulators that they sell 10 to get broken very easily and service if people are rough with them or knock them about and then they start having problems not safety problems but they start having problems so if you can afford a nicer regulator you can go with like a Smith or something like that or Victor or nicer regulator the top REITs work for

and they are by far and away the cheapest ones you can get I don't think the mark power cells them but you can buy cages for the top-right regulators and the cages prevent you from damaging the the the gauges and the regulator by banging about I would definitely invest in those if you can get them from them then all you need are the hose barbs and the hose and you go directly into what's called a ball lock or Universal either Universal Pepsi or ball lock fittings and they're different from Coke or pin lock fittings and the ball off fittings from Pepsi you want the the the ones that are gray right there either gray or black and once for product and once for gas I think the gray has gas all I can never remember but this system uses the gray and and they became kind of the de facto thing that homebrewers of used when they're using the old 5-gallon Cornelius kegs which is how they used to make soda for brewing and I used to do it back in the day everyone does it show it's the de-facto a Homebrew technology of these ball locks

and they're almost free to like $2 for a connection so you buy you buy those you buy the hose I usually use quarter or 3/8 ID reinforced hose I forget the name of the brand they stock at at the end those guys stock but it's like call Mike Holt like hoes master or something like that and they'll ship you all the stuff by Far and Away the cheapest possible way to do it then you go on any Homebrew site and you get the Liquid bread carbonator caps and then you're ready to rock and roll you just need some soda bottles and that's how we carbonate at the bar at home I have an actual McCann carbonator would you can also get a pretty good rates from those guys and I use I use an addition to what are the primary regulator which which takes that the tank pressure on the CO2 which is like you know upwards of a hundred pounds or whatever depends on temperature and converts it to First a high pressure which I take off at usually about a hundred PSI then I go into a secondary regulator which I take it off at cocktail carbonation pressure with

General about 42 42 PSI Advantage here is I can take the high pressure for my Hundred pounder I can drop it into a commercial carbonator and the reason you need to run those at 100 PSI is because those things are carbonated water at room temperature so you need a much higher gas pressure but they're awesome and then I have a water filter so that the water goes in gets injected in under high pressure carbonated water it goes through two circuits of a Coldplay one to Circuit of a cold place to chill it down the only problem with my rig at home is that I wasn't able to put an ice maker underneath my counter so my way instead of having an automatic ice maker I have an eight-year-old in the house name Dax and he takes the ice out of my freezer and daily dumps it into the ice bucket to keep the cells are called back in the lab in 54 in Chinatown we we have an ice maker that don't directly on the cold plate and so there we have our Billy to carbonate cocktails and sodas and are Billy to have Seltzer on tap a Day Without Shelter on tap is a day without sunshine

Ren and I think that's it for today right cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening