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Episode 120: Gas Burners & Acrylamide

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I'm looking to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold your lotion cookies just coming to you live from first pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn on the Heritage Radio Network today and it's nice nice nice of you anything spring loaded questions whatever you got by the way I noticed we had a little bit of a sponsorship that we were almost brought to you by beer and then it turns out we were brought to you by Percy Sledge greatest greatest grass-fed beef song as Regional first animal rock with a cover a little later and I think we should find out what the Reverend Horton Heat is doing these days and see if we can like get permission from the Reverend Horton Heat for the first people to have him play

just fabulous song eat steak remember that song let's do it but sponsorship beer and beef one day I can do a beer and beef dish

write a Guinness braised cut of beef every now and it will not everyone my sweet I knew that but I had to draw you into it say that I had to protect see how it works vegetarian cookbook I know you better win with my own money off Amazon Michael Michael you can't possibly know what new doors wood that is from cream cheap you love Musashi Lopez something's not about the things right. They're sorry really interesting news are we have a question later I having to do with acrylamide in Denmark

get you later but I was searching you know Denmark and food and problems and I found something that nastasha is going to particularly enjoy I don't know why I think that but I think she will and it goes back to the recent Spate of scandals whereby everything and it's brother has been contaminated somehow and so everyone's not like in a complete testing frenzy that the meats that you're getting are not authentic Exedra Exedra like perhaps your path your lasagna is actually a horse lasagna could be at least in Europe so the latest one which is like super box is a new meat scandal in shawarma

so if there's a shawarma you know if you know what a gyro is kind of like their hero if you know what it's kind of like that but the last thing you want to be doing is being a Muslim have a pork in your Shawarma that's the last thing you want and so

the Iran Shah spokesperson play Islamic society in Denmark told the Online daily politican DK It Is by no means a minor infraction this is a huge Scandal it will cause an outcry among Danish Muslim a religion prohibits us from eating pork now most popular because it does not contain pork which is considered unclean by Muslims separate anyway. Maybe that's the problem in a fried beef kabob a product manufactured by Angelo. The largest supplier Shawarma meat in Copenhagen coach Mustafa sahin the CEO and owner of I'm sorry

Oh I thought you'd like that

it's not what's not allowed obviously is not allowed food contamination is not a laughing matter but what's interesting is that as soon as people start testing Recreation regarding those either don't know a cheetah is there a traditional fermented grain traditionally corn corn against all those other things you can use to start starts fermentations from South America and you know one of the traditional ones is with corn and in order to get the starch in corn or rain starts really a Roots whatever South lyrics to I turn into sugar so you can firm it through the ethanol you need to introduce a amylase enzymes one way to do that is to germinate product you're letting it grow a little bit and then killing the killing the germs

tell you then. Don't actually like use up all the sugar that you need and then use the enzymes from the germination to convert starch to sugar mashing point is is that if you don't match something out or you don't have something that you can terminate you have amylase We're Stars and you spit yes you can choose a lot of communities that didn't have the ability or products that can terminate properly traditionally things would be chewed up and then the saliva be allowed to work on the products that you can get the same effect as you did from Terminator that's what we were talking about Jesse don't have to go back and listen to 118 God help you if you have to do that ok called Brewmasters Sam Auto he's from like Delaware so probably not say differently at Dogfish Head Brewery let you know they make some crazy products but they also makes me incredibly delicious products

where he and his staff chewnicorn spat it out then added it to the work and a beer was in serve at the Dogfish Head Pub in the show they even tested employees to find those people who saliva had more of the right enzymes needed to break down the corn referred to by Sam as super chewers that in for me it's okay to I chew up your stuff and spit it out your argument is that you're going to boil no matter what you're going to boil the ward anyway right so you going to kill any any bacteria or any stuff that's in there is going to be rendered harmless by the boiling procedure now I don't really know cuz I haven't had the time to look up whether or not that's legal or not like another is that whether or not people that should be okay if you actually listed the steps like I'm literally going to put in my mouth chewed up and spit it out and then I don't know me like I'm not saying that because clearly they did and I

so they're going to chew through a bunch of panels that stuff in nothing flat it took him forever to chew it turns out hard work but the point is is that regardless whether or not it's legal is it a good idea to do in your bar Brewpub or establishment and for Dogfish Head it clearly because they spend a lot of their time experimenting with old techniques and you know ancient bruised and ancient beverages for them it's clearly a necessary step they need to make now step aside let's say that you're not Dogfish Head but is it a wise idea the look on his face the horrified look on his face seems to tell me that no it's probably not a good idea to let me give you a I'm going to get groceries per second so you're literally spitting into something you're going to serve somebody right okay and if you work in a boiler that wouldn't be okay right right right now raise the gross like what are the hours of what if there was an enzyme in poop that did something right this is Kopi Luwak right when you eat Kopi Luwak

coffee beans they have passed through the gut of a civet cat and then pooped out of the Civic at the Civic cats poop in particular areas they eat only the choices coffee beans and the enzymes in the digestive system do something to the Coffee Bean to make it particularly delicious I've never tasted it right now and clean and sterilize and if it's a person was to eat coffee beans and poop them out without the okay to brew coffee from would that be okay if someone tell me more stuff on the torch name so as others know that we're working on a new kind of torch attachment that attaches a torch and it gets rid of the taste that I associate I called torch taste which I used to think came from the fuel but in fact turns out it comes from just incredible high heat of a torch we defuse it turn into radiant heat we're trying to find a name for this Gizmo you can look on the

blogging idea what the hell were talking about Kobe Brittany by the way asking where they can find the kickstarter the reason can't find it if you haven't put it up yet we're still we have that I was called beta testing so I had to know we'd give it to a group of about five or six Chef Sergio 610 chest and we're having them test it now to see kind of what they what they think what they think the problems are what Solutions are the problems we're making it safer Exedra Exedra

go fund said so fun and it's Tasha wants to stab me in the eye every morning contest on the names and I think we're going to probably like we should probably call the contest after this because I got a lot of really good names in and we're pretty sure we're going to go with some combination of Sally press plus something else and we're just focusing on it so we'll we'll go through and we'll see whether anyone actually earned the free whatever but we really super appreciate all the names that have been sent in and I'm going to read the last list of the name of the new T abbreviation of new torch in a nod to the salamander and eye of Newt with t as a capital at the end is always liked it so funny like these are things that I would come up with as well that I appreciate that I would so there's pipe Piper that works with us he's the pun Master he should quit working with us and go disco puns for living

or something or whatever like meteorologist like he could come up with their pawns left and right to be awesome at it but my point is is that these are all Piper where the puns are great but they don't want to necessarily have a product that supposed to be around for years he was the last cookie dough my arc reactor that's good name mayard reactor but you know again I realize it doesn't cover all the functionality but I think would be cool to pay the technical term and chemists Louis Camille mayor reactor if you look up chemistry reactors online are pretty awesome

turn it up excetra or you can sure you can easily get mr. T to endorse it and of course a tagline would be a pity the fool anyway we got a caller on the air

okay so is this for home or commercial

boom boom bar hopefully commercial use so much so just meet us there but I have used the off-brand ones before and they've been given to me and all the stuff and I have to admit as much as I hate chilling out for is I hear the off-brand ones tend to leak in the Seals Arc ready and they just tend not to work as well so I stick with the name brand ones I'm sure there's another high-quality went out there but I don't know then I prefer I've had the home ones that you know are plastic on top and stainless elsewhere and I think the ones that are kind of all stainless with the with the silicone grips are are better right now the next question is what size do you want to go with and now for All Purpose uses I think like either get the half liter or the leader depending on what kind of volumes are going to use I can let you have it

specific application for the very small one I wouldn't say it's necessarily that useful I tend to use leader ones and 1/2 liter ones the you know that the thing is if you're going to do small amounts in the full leader ones you might need to dump an extra cartridge in versus if you were using a half liter one so it but if you're not going to do it all the time it's not that big of a loss and your capacity is now all of a sudden greater right to bear that in mind when you're when you're buying one and the other thing is is that in general unless you have a very specific application where you need to keep something hot or cold for a long time the thermal whips which are which are insulated to make them look like they hold a leader but they only hold a half liter because they're insulated they're great if you need to keep something hot for a long time and you don't have access to like a circulator or bain-marie where you can just keep it in hot water but those applications are fairly they're fairly specific and they upcharge for the thermal whip is very large right so I mean

and remember anything you can do in a Therma with you can do slightly less conveniently in a regular is either sticking it into a hot water bath or by putting in the fridge one of the two and if you do if you do buy a thermoweb you still you need to pre chill it or preheat it with a fluid before you dump your initial before you dump your product and or doesn't doesn't work right you know if you do get the leader you have to contend with the fact that you just got to remember to keep your recipe or anything really any one of them you have to make sure that your recipes are the same volumes every time when you're doing things like infusions for things like that it matters much

and my second question is are we trying to mess around with baked bean recipes and seen previously work with big bro a chicken egg yolk I guess it depends on what you what you want right so like I mean I would look into kind of miso curing of egg yolks and see what kind of miso cured and then get the initial cure you she was you have to get enough water out of the egg yolk so that it's table before you undergo the normal kind of dehydration process and I know you probably don't want that late I've never tried it too so I'm just thinking off the top my head is

never done it so I can look into seeing how the Miso cured egg yolks work I mean that the bonehead easiest way to do it would be probably to cook the egg yolks out at like 64 molding into a block and then and then with salt and then and then let them dry let bottarga style me next the bonehead easy way to do it was not as elegant it mean if you want to keep the egg yolk and then grate it later then you're going to have to do some form of very slow dehydration and salting and then later exposed to air and let it dry out you know what I'm saying

show me the question is how how much money is like the eggs we eggs the actual eggs are extremely extremely fine in uni right super fine much finer than they are in the fish rose that they make no bottarga from so presumably some of them are still whole and then some of them were beat up by the pureeing and then in the tapioca just blew the whole thing together and then add salt to it

a person who works for that the problem with you know what the problem with regular egg yolks is puree an egg yolk and you puree uni he's going to have more structure. So I guess that's why they're adamant tapioca I mean like I don't know whether it's going to Super adversely affect the flavor but just taking the egg yolk up to like $64 or sixty degrees C is going to give you enough structure to have it sit around while it's doing its thing but I don't know if it changes like I say if you can just crack an egg yolks in to do me securing of them cuz that you know I've never done it with us as seen it done cooking issues and tell me what happens when you touch the stuff out because it'll get out of here for future people who ask me

great thank you so much thank you but I do all my low temperature work and Celsius the perfect name for your new tool that blows Uka I totally fell down the line for that just cuz it's fun to say keep up the great work guys and how do I find the project on Kickstarter if I like to support Celsius. We'll let you know when we actually have it up I mean I got to be honest I love the name bazooka I can't actually call it that but that was my vote by the way really I mean how could it not be

awesome like Bazooka Joe what do you think

yeah Jack and I will collaborate on this I have it by next week in photo just because it's called Gizmodo anyway especially if it can also predict the future by the way was the vote of Dax my son at called it Daddy's fear for a long time not knowing what's ear like searing anyway she calls it to see her which is I kind of like that but it said it sounds like kind of like really like a cult by the Human Torch human to Human Torch comic book a reference without issues and the I torch like to be iri because look how can I watch the whole deal

set included and should be tortured me the top Google search results that like that many thanks Olay got to mellow out on listen to this year you're going to burn out like we can you can listen to three of us today it's not possible more in this list is wrong with you you're crazy Dean win riots in Haiti I'm not sure what you guys are with the temperature hadn't thought about broiling Siri but what you really are doing is applying heat by hand with the position of an artist to that led to the idea of a brush fire brush brush brush brush brush brush brush and listen to the podcast hoping to hear my name on the next show new and here's your name again being thank you for your for the

so no more

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and your back cover grass-fed beef song coming to this question in from Buddha regarding baking substitution on the Sasha Dave Jack Joe at all are there any good substitute for bacon or pork and recipes for Soups or other dishes where there is Mimi's flavoring and not as a focused I'm a lifelong vegetarian and I'm never intentionally eating meat let alone bacon obviously you know that it's delicious even though you haven't eaten yet because it's a straight-up is right just leave it out obviously I am quite recipes in which the meat is the boltor main item recently I've come to realize that this is leaving me with Bland recipes that are clearly missing something most likely strong flavor compounds

from the meat navy bean soup has this I'm assuming a much the navy bean soup has I'm assuming a much different flavor profile with and without ham this most recently came to a head when trying to adapt a cheddar ale recipe I found on the serious eats blog what can I do to overcome this issue I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian so Solutions involving dairy or eggs are fine with me when I've asked for solution to this among my friends who may be Foodies but not necessarily chefs the general answer is a can't be done or to add some salt fat and Liquid Smoke thanks for your thoughts and it continues to in an enlightened Buddha okay there's a great question and the issue is is that a lot of chest who don't have you know certain constraints are certain ingredients that they won't use they tend to ignore the the the problem and say things like I just can't do it or just add something is in a relatively not so good

like there are a good liquid smokes and obviously smoke is one of the components in bacon and something missing if you don't have been using a low-quality that was so hard to dose liquid smoke too much liquid smoke and all the sudden there's there's problems even though I eat bacon you know quite often and I use it a lot as a seasoning meat I think you know bacon and country ham or two of my most favorite seasoning means where you don't actually have to use that much but to get a good result but saying what can you do to get around is to me as an interesting problem and send us all so he could hear my thoughts what is it that bacon it is is adding so it's adding salt to need add salt it's also adding it's also adding smoke if you're using American bacon which is why I like American baking even in recipes what I shouldn't like American bacon like Italian recipes when it starts with a

I have to use pancetta because it's not that I don't care if it's authentic because I like to smoke right you hate it

really since when you've been yelling at me for years for years but usually they are the ones that they sell in the store is really bad will you heard it here first yeah you heard it here first it turns out that we are American and we like Smoky bacon even when we should pancetta to like package and chat at the store it's so bad I've never purchased any replacing a smoked ham product or a bacon part now Liquid Smoke isn't the way to go so like if you were going to do a pizza and you wanted to have a little bit of that compliment right then offering since I have to always want to make pizzas I have to make them vegetarian completely vegetarian because my cousin who comes over and eat at my house is vegetarian and won't eat you know won't eat meat so I can't put anchovies into my sauce which is a normal one of my tech

should I put in and no one's ever complained because it tastes delicious and it has a lot of them on yourself

now he won't smoked mozzarella right is a good way to add smoked in that form or if you're doing a cheddar real thing use a smoked cheese but high-quality not a crappy one with a spray fake smoke on it secondly smoked paprika or payment own a fantastic way to add smokiness to a dish so right so that the other how much do I add smoked a lot of anything that you add that is smoked naturally can add some of those Smoky flavors and probably doesn't weigh that you're going to like better than just adding straight up Liquid Smoke which I can say is hard to do so you can you can go from being too little to all the sudden being too much and also a low poly liquid smoke is very monotonic it has one very characteristic kind of note to it fell apart because of the way it's produced in part because you can't buy a high-quality one usually anyway so the other things mean salt is obvious you can add salty thing but I usually like to add salty foods that aren't just adding Pearsall

but you also add the Umami products that you get the media mommy things that you get out of out of things like bacon so how do you get that any food that contains amino acids that have been broken down somewhat into smaller tasty you know polypeptides and I could break out what protein breakdown products especially if they've been cooked to give him some of that cooked flavor that you would get out of cooking bacon in a pan before you add the soup stuff to it right anything is going to add those flavors is going to make your product better so that's when you start pulling out like parmesan cheese being great at something to add to mommy because it's been age for a long long time and the proteins are broken down and you get a much richer more Mommy feel out of it tomato products clearly very high in Umami ground up cured olives right are excellent mommy carrying thing a majigs also

tomino's ride so a fermented sauce at night when you think of something to add Mommy to soups that you're mine probably first goes directly to Soy problem is if you add soy to a product all of a sudden it starts tasting Asian right so you can go to different products like coconut Liquid Aminos or any sort of fermented broken-down product where you're getting some of those meeting notes that you would otherwise get from a from adding straight meet with mushrooms and so some combination of all of those things but even just like making sure that you stop items that allow you to do quick substitution for a really high quality smoke came in town like smoked paprika and you know always always maybe try to Coconut Liquid Aminos see what you think and I think you probably have good luck Ruben rights in about his home kitchen Hammer Jack Joe and Dave

thanks so much for all your contributions and work and for the chartreuse which is a drink we do at the bar it's it's really just chartreuse and green chartreuse and Water Shield carbonated with a little bit of a clarified lime juice as I could but really, Ruben says that's one tasty beverage I'm sure the carthusians would agree you know we met the met the president and stylish and Piper and I met the president of chartreuse the other day and I use kind of hilarious he like I would like to go visit those mug sundae apparently you know they can't talk the carthusians when they're doing they're when they're in the Monster High but if you get him outside the monastery they they they they can talk that mean a movie that they've did look incredibly boring but I'd love to go visit them right for a Technics discussed here and elsewhere I'd like to create a work area that is functional for the current state-of-the-art yet flexible enough to incorporate future Innovation I have a small space but don't we all write a limited budget

with this problem and one shot at this much as I like I don't have the luxury of putting in a completely restaurant style work area that would render my apartment unsalable is it a huge problem by the way so like my kitchen at home is ridiculous and you know it probably would be an impediment to selling it because I have the Hughes deep fryer the huge six-burner range all this other stuff as wonderful as it is to have my ways to put cooking is frustrating that design thinking an ergonomics of seemingly not kept pace during a recent offhand thoughts about the outdated state of Technology like home Refrigeration makes me further concern the any specialized approached I take might be limiting in the future will you share any tips must Do's cautionary tales or overarching philosophy or nominally related tensions faced or anyone you know his face was similar quandary sex much Ruben okay

here's a thing so look at home you know it's very hard you have to choose whether you're either going to have a convenient like convenient and easy home stuff or do you have in the past had to choose between easy convenient home stuff and I like hardcore restaurant stuff in the hardcore restaurant stuff has a lot of problems for homes for instance regular restaurant kitchen stoves throw off a boatload of heat are not as well insulated they typically have standing pilot that means they're running all the time so in the summer time they really heat up your house in fact in summer time I turn the pilot off in my oven and I just leave my oven off and I do all my cooking in the salamander in on my on my crepe maker for most of the time because no one wants to have that oven raging during that during the summer time it's crazy right so it for some reason there is a there's a real disconnect so you know the most most people at home and and I wouldn't recommend getting that even if you

could resell your house with it and by the way the professional stove like a lot a lot of people get freaked out by like they don't specially mine because it's all PID control and like electronic and you have to plug in an in 5 different places my mind might have to take those nightmare but people get weirded out by it they love the idea of these you can't see the quote quote marks at my fingers are making the professional style home with most of the ones I've used a professional style home loans are fairly lacking in terms of their output power however if you can find like one that's like one of these kind of home professional jobs in a stainless that has a fairly high output burner and I don't have any recommendations cuz I haven't used one at home I use an old garland that you bought at a restaurant in front by the way

another tack you can take with a limited budget is to go to Restaurant Auctions if you live in a place where there's a restaurant auction get the commercial oven that you actually want install it and then when it comes time to sell your apartment throw it away and buy a normal oven to put into your into your kitchen that's what I plan on doing like when I sell my apartment I'm just going to rip out my oven that is put in like many many years a good service to me that I bought for $500 including the salamander at an auction right I'm just going to hurl it let you know into the abyss or give it to someone who wants it

please say I can't actually give it to anyone because so many modifications that I wouldn't want anyone else to have to let me know what time so I can get so I can get my butt head to anyway the point being that you can put that in for very little money if you're willing to put up with the inconvenience and then later put in a new unit but I wouldn't necessarily go there but you definitely need a good high output burners if you have a lot of electricity and you don't have a lot of ventilation induction might be the way to go if your cookware it can stand it although I have to say having grown up I mean I honestly believe in induction is the wave of the future but you know I'm an old school but ain't no gas flame fiend and I don't know that the induction I use induction at work exclusively cuz we don't have gas burners at work and I still I still would feel very sad

I didn't have my gas burners at my house you know what about use does an electric oven might be the way to go I mean it depends on how much modification you really to do and how handy you are I mean I recommend having a deep fryer only for me most people wouldn't do that never destroy the resale value of your kitchen so I wouldn't do that although I highly recommend only one if you if you if you want to become a monk of the fry then you need to have a real fryer I think that's just the case anyway to maximize your counter space from I would get 6 burners that can do a really good job it also throttle down to a low and upsetting that that you know they're still useful make sure your oven has a full sheet pan capacity if you have a full sheet pan capacity of a and 6 burners and then you give yourself enough space to have a enough space to have all the ancillary equipment like your circulators or you know counter

for the vacuum things like this then I think you're going to be in good shape problem I also I would throw away here's a big thing I think everyone's a mistake everyone makes they have all these different kinds of bowls and all these different kinds of God sees in their kitchen and then they they never know how to use my never find them if they like I'll give you the quick example you have to plan to have space in your kitchen to have the stuff out my old lost the my pasta machine by The Rolling of the atlas pasta machine roller was bolted to my countertop so consequently I made pasta about once a week once or twice a week pending I would make pasta because everything was out and the amount of time it took me to make the pasta with roughly equivalent to the amount of time it would take me to cook dry pasta because I was so fast cuz I did it all the time

a my new kitchen I dont have space not bolted to the counter I've lived there for 10 years and in 10 years I've made pasta 10 times because the stuff's not out you need to have so it like I think the main problem people make when they're when they're trying to offend you want to use something all the time at home you have to make it convenient and I would have a mixture of open and closed storage so that you're open storage is very fast you don't have to worry about it I would throw away all your odd size bowls I would go to a kitchen supply store and buy inexpensive stainless steel bowls in 4 sizes I would buy six of each size large small for mise-en-place stuff and then of the next size up next set up in a large I would have stacks of those do not stack them inside of each other put them next to each other

get stood like two or three different sizes of stackable like pyrexia is or measuring cups in two different sides and have those things out so that they work and get like you know easy-to-use things for like bulk storage of flower that seal properly so that you don't get Vermin problem and that's like the biggest that's like the biggest in and out and being able to grab those things very quickly make like I said make sure you have enough room for your circulator and make sure you have enough power the problem with a lot of these new techniques is that you're plugging stuff in and then all of a sudden you don't have enough power and you're blowing circuit so you're running your nuke at the same time that you're running your rice cooker and if you have an electric pressure cooker and you're starting blowing circuit everywhere so think about trying to run a few extra circuits in and just make sure you have enough burner work and the last thing I will say is please try to get a good ventilation into your kitchen I have done my kitchen I put a

like a what was the word chewing on dryer ducts yeah dryer duct so it looks like I have a dryer duct but I've been venting my whole kitchen out of it and you have to be really careful and know what you're doing to make sure that you're not causing a fire hazard when you're venting from like a kitchen but even if it means just putting a good fan in your window and trying to get the stuff out please make sure you ventilate properly because when you're doing a finishing of low temperature means that you cook you generate a lot of smoke and it can be problematic if you don't vent his many cents

is a very dark cover of the Harris Ranch grass-fed beef song of You Folks at home heard that guys who like yeah he was focusing on the slaughter aspect so I can imagine like playing at like I can imagine like the helicopters flying in and like you know strafing the cows

Slaughter Slaughter by a minigun crazy time which is I guess it's Twitter handle for stabilizing frozen drinks like margaritas is gum type important Santan Arabic Gwar Exedra okay look

I have done a lot of testing trying to stabilize frozen drinks but here is the problem is that ice floats and when your blending you're making little ice crystals so you what you have in general is a nice kind of mixture of ice crystals and drink then slowly ice crystals. And it breaks now I guess what you're suggesting is to add enough of a thickener to the product such a does ice crystals remain suspended

now I guess it's possible to do it and if it was very slushy it wouldn't be a problem you wouldn't want to use so your choices were xanthan Arabic Gwar okay so Arabic is not so much a going to be good for keeping keeping the ice particles station assuming you're even talking about the same thing I think we are big is going to be more good at stabilizing air bubbles and Foams rights of adding like a good you know foamy head or for emulsifying oils into something very good at emulsifying and it's good at kind of at adding body but you have to add a whole boatload of Arabic for you to get like great viscosity out of it because the bank is one of the very few hydrocolloids that is ping pong ball shape instead of spaghetti shape and ping pong ball shaped things are imagine trying to punch through a bunch of ping pong balls lot

easier than trying to punch through a mat of spaghetti or felt rights think about so Gum arabic ping pong ball shape that's why you can have extremely high concentrations of gum arabic and still have things beat liquid so I wouldn't have several use a Arabic if if the application talking about what I think you're talking about now guar guar aside from the fact that nine-tenths of Gwar is not good taste beanie because it hasn't been refined enough but you can get really good refine Quark all flavor free Gwar couple people make it but when I use it from t i c gums called play barfi Gwar plus also you know you are very expensive now due to is literally just a thickening agent so it'll slow down how fast ice crystals are

living through the liquid it's not going to stop them right because of Gwar Solutions have no was called yield point that they flow slowly but they always flow right so I mean just imagine this they just they always it's just a matter of how fast they flow xanthan on the other hand which is the first one that you mention xanthan gum has what's called a yield points which means that even in fairly low concentrations unless a product is moving the xanth then acts like a gel there's no movement at all it's stationary and then once you apply any Force undergoes it called Shear thinning and it turns to a liquid very very quickly very quickly and this is this is it like a well-known property of xanthan it's why you can use xanthan and combination for the things to do things like stop the pepper

other salad part in a salad dressing particles from floating to the top you can keep him suspended in fluid gels are also very good at this so you can use two orbits the old Orbitz drink they have those little balls floating in there was a fluid gel that was made out of gel and gum that was Blended and then with Santa and added my also if you thicken somewhat with something like why are you can add less this and then who are the problems over San Tan products have a snotty slimy texture to them so you can add some but you can't add too much if you have like a quarter percent if that's enough to suspend it then you're okay but if you have to add much more than a quarter percent of San Tan you want to watch start adding other things to help you no help hole with this and then or you get these kind of snotty slimy textures the other thing is is that the ability of a fluid gel or a hydrocolloid like xanthan with you point to suspend particles like Ice is very dependent on the density difference between the product source

Benny and the size of the particles so the bigger the density difference the harder it is to suspend the larger the particle with a given density difference the harder it is to suspend ice is quite a bit less dense than and then the drink that it's in quite a bit less and so it can be fairly hard to keep suspended but that said you could try some Santana and maybe anyone else out there is try this they can give it a shot the only problem is if the drinks it's around for a long time and you suspended it once it melts you don't have that weird xanth and look to it right so she was going to pound it right away I guess it's not a big problem more about it but that's just my current thoughts once again for your input on my quail egg conundrum

I have a, and a question for you first lie I've been thinking about the question you had in last week about the use of nanoparticles in food and so just to recap you know there's these particles nanoparticles and particle size is not regulated by the FDA and therefore her you know something that could be safe in normal size might possibly be rendered unsafe by turning it into tiny tiny tiny particles so right so we're talking about the first thing that popped into my head was the appearance of nanoparticle solution a solution of even size nanoparticles will appear as a clear colored liquid the color of liquid is determined directly by the size of the nanoparticles the reason a clear my light clear colored you know a lot of people when they when they think about clear that they the right thing to think about is clear vs. cloudy and then color versus you know Nann color right so a cloudy colorless solution

when is wife and you know a clear colored solution it has a color to it made a lot of people have this issue when they when we talked about clarification location doesn't take the color out clarification all it does it take out the cloudiness so directly by the size of the nanoparticles solution does not appear a pig as milk is it the scattering regime changes when the particle size gets comparable with the wavelength of visible light by the way emotions are cloudy because this is me talking no emotions or cloudy because the particles scatter like once you have it call the micro motion and the actual thinking of the Elmo slide product in it all the sudden the particles get smaller than the wavelength of light and the clear the behavior is determined by me scattering

it's almost any desired color could be achieved secondly one could imagine changing the solution set of the nanoparticles flocculate together and change the appearance of the solution completely could we use this kind of concept we were dealing with that. Drink you got to make a Florida that time Riverside Solutions are one candidate for this purpose I've seen colloidal gold solution to prove for medical application so I would imagine they could be consumed a safety I would agree with you that is an issue that is riddled with bias thinking it is of course also a very complicated issue since the property of the materials change when the particles become nano-sized this is of course also why we generally find them so interesting I thought the one cannot make any general statements on the safety of nanoparticles rather once you consider each one individually and before I go on to the question is that the comment to the question I'm going to say I went and looked on the internet at the at the pictures of different size gold nanoparticle Solutions and you know what really struck me is that the color difference based on the size of it very very

mostly looks like the exact color shift that happens to anthocyanin pigments when the pH is change so they go from red to blue to red violet to blue to green to color a so I never actually thought about it before what the heck is going on when you're changing the pH of with a design is that mean it's got to be something where you're changing the confirmation or something of the anthocyanin and therefore you're changing its reaction to his scattered life I never really thought about it it's interesting that the gold the gold Solutions look almost exactly like anthocyanin Solutions at different pH is definitely not Anastasia massages like please can I buy some shoes on Zappos please please what are you for real you by pre-ordering she was Christ I think we single-handedly support Zappos

I never ordered shoes on Zappos you never order shoes on Zappos what shoe size do you shop on go to Payless on Delancey know whatever whenever she's not wearing Payless shoes right now


that's so the actual question deals with acrylamide within the last couple of days here in Denmark all the news have been dominated by scares with Clomid and food the reason for this is a Technical University of Denmark and published a new study where they connected acrylamide to cancer I couldn't get that study when did you get an email that study Moustache I couldn't get the study maybe Tony in Danish I was looking for it I couldn't find it anywhere University of Denmark establish a new study where they have connected acrylamide to cancer presumably connected again because it's been connected a bunch of times and then debunked and then connect an empty bunk humans as well as rats and mice in general for the studies I've always felt is not fair to compare studies made on animals to humans humans are unique in having cooking eating food for thousands of years and therefore have been exposed to these products of cooking I would like it if you could say a few wise word learn about that few wise words about acrylamide from here in Denmark is it the scary has reached a level where politicians are talkin about making regulations towards acrylamide since this means not being able to buy

the Crosstour even crunchy french fries I'm naturally opposed to the idea it's a media but still there results remain I've seen a couple of papers where enzymes specifically asparagus have been used to reduce acrylamide in potato chips does one need to worry about acrylamide or is this another minor extra risk that we should be willing to take for the sake of good food and also can we find we are the mummies were without compromising the food we all love best wishes more interesting question so for those of you that are fresh to the acrylamide problem here it is in 2002 Swedish scientists found that what was known there is no nut has been known as both a human gamete like meat like a reproductive harm with mutagen right and also possible carcinogen acrylamide at least it was found to cause cancer haven't found to cause cancer in laboratory animals we would very high dosages by the way

turns out that it's occurring in foods and it's not an additive it just happens when products get cooked at high temperatures right and so I need anything that is brown or and contain starch has been found to have acrylamide in just naturally occurring and so when is first came out in 2002 it was a big hoopla of know what was going to go on and then of course there was a people know they're not it's not new environmental problem it's always been there acrylamide is always been in our food supply when I say always at least since we've been cooking anytime we've cook things especially starchy things and we've took them to a point where they get brown and delicious acrylamide I was born I haven't read the article you were talking about a spot according to the FDA and I haven't read it and all the hard core studies FDA side says acrylamides form from sugars and amino and an amino acid asparagine during certain types of high temperature cooking satisfying roasting and baking

there might be some way to reduce it there but then it becomes a really sticky thing because now all of a sudden people are saying well you know you have this product acrylamide and it's in all of the food that we eat right basically anything it's cooked it's brown me if your raw foodist you're safe safe safe from that but like you're safe from acrylamide so you know and even if you don't eat bread or start coffee right cuz roasted cocoa beans roasted anything outside temperature

and we have a thing in California while I'm out live in California Stars everything California called prop 65

no not you know by prop 65 so in California if you if you have a if you're on a list if you if you have any product that you're selling that contains a known carcinogen you have to write on it that this product contains something known to the state of California to cause cancer right and you're you're obliged to warn that it's in there so there is a huge lawsuit because McDonald's makes like a zillion dollar selling french fries every year and so a bunch of lawyers went and filed lawsuits in California saying that they had to warn their customers that the french fries might cause cancer because of acrylamide because it contains acrylamide and now is a big to do any of that mean it's foolishness obviously it's foolishness foolishness because it's always been there has been there I actually went on the internet to look it up and there was a Starbucks at had the warning sign about acrylamide in coffee I don't know whether that's actually be regarding California where someone just put it up as a joke but anyway people

taking that seriously however and here's the other problem with it the numbers are all over the map so I FDA has a very interesting site and cuz they don't really know what's going on I was told my dad still trying to figure out what the heck to deal with I'll tell you I'll tell you what they say in 2013 the FDA this is straight off their website in 2013 for industry concerning acrylamide in food since 2002 the FDA has initiated a broad range of activities related to acrylamide Ft is accomplishments include the following development developing an action plan outlining the fda's goals and planned activities and evening meetings developing methods for measuring acrylamide analyzing the results which they did they analyze 2600 samples of food and for the mud including like they'll go to like eight different Popeyes Popeyes at five different Arby's like two different Burger Kings in the measure the french fries and Mal and here's what sucks right so like different establishments or even the same

Travis Schmidt on different days or like one lays product and in a different Lay's products have vastly different vastly different acrylamide levels so it's not even something that's like standard that they don't really even know they're working on ways to get rid of it but I can't read that the Denmark thing because I can't I can't get to it I couldn't find it but there is a study out that I'll read the beginning of for you that came out last year it's called review of The Epic I going to get for you so I can get for exactly right the review of the epidemiologic studies of dietary acrylamide intake and the risk of cancer and I will redeem by Lauren lipworth I'll read to you the abstract conjectured associations between dietary acrylamide in taking cancer been evaluated more than 15 epidemiologic studies examining almost every major cancer site

reviewed the epidemiologic studies and cancer a substantially greater percent the results separately for smokers or adjusted to testiclea for smoking status where possible after an extensive examination of the published literature we found no consistent or credible evidence the dietary acrylamide increases the risk of any type of cancer in humans either overall or among non-smokers in particular is important part of the collective evidence suggests that a high level of dietary acrylamide is not a risk factor for breast endometrial or ovarian cancers with your generator particular interest because of the conjecture hormonal hormonal mechanism for acrylamide moreover the absence of a positive association between smoking and ovarian and endometrial cancer cause cancers suggest that any association of these cancers with a much lower more sporadic dietary for the my intake is unlikely in conclusion epidemiologic studies of dietary acrylamide have

demonstrate increase risk of cancer in near my favorite part in fact the sporadically and slightly increased and decreased risk of ratios reported in more than two dozen papers a strongly suggest the pattern one would expect to find for a true null Association over the course of a series of Trials are there for continued epidemiologic investigation of acrylamide in cancer risk appears to be a misguided research primarily priority in a reaction to that there was a reaction to that and not not so surprisingly was called reaction on the acrylamide and cancer review by lipworth in Carle Place by Jenneke divorced out of where is it from there from the Netherlands and they basically they disagree with some of the things but their conclusions some weak sauce their actual Christmas article that it is we believe that the author statement to continue Deputy epidemiologic research into the possible link between dietary coal mine Explosion cancer appears to be a misguided priority is it selfish

turn based on flawed reasoning we should be working towards better classification of dietary acrylamide exposure and establishing the possible mode of action rather than giving up on it entirely sure do like well we should give up entirely you know that's like a week way to end your paper right week we just not entirely but I can't I can't find the Denmark study but I'm going to say this if I have a slightly increased cancer rate and I just a horrible thing to say flip lie but it like if there is a slight slight uptick and it means I can't ever have delicious French fries again to hell with it I'm having the french fries cooking issues a Dave yes we've got one more writing somebody wants to suggest inflammo for the just food conference and if you don't know who just food is there a nonprofit organization that connects communities with local

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