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Episode 12: Busted eBay Junk

precious Finch hello welcome to cooking issues radio on the Heritage Radio Network on Dave Arnold the host of cooking issues here with Miss Tosha Lopez cooking issues hammer and we are coming live to you every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 call in with all of your cooking related questions we are speciality is technical questions but we will take any questions call in live to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and Today Show is brought to you by the Whole Foods Market and the Craft Beer Festival which is coming up by starting this Friday right cuz the whole week of craft beer stuff and to kick off the annual series Whole Foods Market Bowery is hosting a beer and food pairing event at their beer room Oskar Blues on tap and Chef Jacques Cartier of parkslope Palo Santo is cooking up one of his South American device to accompany the food tasting goes from

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call when your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Sons. It's been a busy week right for the screw eye which is why you haven't seen much on the blog recently because we've been super busy we're in the middle of Starships week which you know is a yearly Convention of a chef's I guess what we think starchefs anyway at the armory on the east side of Manhattan and oatmeal a lot of the glitterati of the food world show up for 3 days and hang out and we we did a cocktail event yesterday was good we haven't had a cocktail event this afternoon and tomorrow another one tomorrow and then coming up on Saturday and then I think we've only 20 tickets left we are doing a cocktail for the Heritage Radio Networks yearly fundraising BBQ that Heritage Radio party here at Roberta's pizza in Brooklyn and if you want to get one of those last remaining tickets are $100 a pop you can email info at Heritage Radio Network. Com

info at Heritage Radio Network., okay let's look for some questions and see if we get any colors Don Rollins rights in and he said he just now listen to one of our previous shows and there was a question we answered about vodka and sauces and he says it Alton Brown mentioned I suppose on the on the what's it what's a good eats a show that Tomatoes contain several compounds are soluble in alcohol but not in water or oil and adding alcohol to a tomato sauce brings out more of it to Central tomatone is based on that fact well. I did some research early this morning

and there are many many references on the internet to that being the case to there being an alcoholic like a certain principles in their tomato that are more soluble in alcohol but I was not able to find any specific technical reference that for that out now it is true that alcohol's going to change the release of alcohol in in in your in your project going to change the release and followed us from it and therefore change the flavor impact of the sauce and I was able to find several technical reference sister that there's also some mention on some sites of alcohol actually reacting with the tomato with the actual tomato to to produce flavorful compounds that were not there before so that those are some possible things but I don't have any Ironclad evidence that I could find you know sign the paper that said hey look here's what's going on I do though have a text in to Harold McGee so if he gets back to me on

on the question of the tomato sauce and vodka and whether there's anything more complicated going on I will relay it to you next week okay Jake Andrews rights in to nastasha and says that he wants to know whether anyone he got taken on eBay with older polyscience polytemp circulator that is missing the thermometer to control the bath is there anything you can do or is he shafted well I really know I sympathize with you I had my first kind of eBay shellacking recently where I bought a piece of equipment refractometry actually an automatic refractometer things would be crazy awesome because it measures basically there any any of the refractive index of almost anything it'll do brakes this hero up to you in the 90s automatically automatic temperature compensation I can put a flow through device on it so I can measure things as I'm producing them so I can measure alcohol content as as I'm just feeling it has user uploadable software profiles right now

it should be like a $5,000 piece of equipment I bought it for $100 on eBay to say was working but guess what it wasn't and the company I'm not going to mention Reichert my name but they were not at all helpful to me I know they wouldn't even help me troubleshoot I think there's a problem with the eeprom which is a chip that you know loads of software into it because hardware-wise it seemed okay they wouldn't even like open their mouths to tell me like what to look at so shellac now you're lucky in the one sent a polyscience and not like this I did a quick search on polytemp I don't have the actual model don't know what the hell you're talkin about immersion circulators are a piece of equipment are becoming more and more common and kitchens today that very very accurately control the temperature of liquid are used to be loud equipment but now they're basically used in kitchens for low temperature cooking and fill a present from polyscience just released the first kitchen remodel in a couple of months ago that specifically designed for kitchens not just a piece of lab equipment piece of kitchen equipment everyday it's the Party Machine it's the brunch machine like if you ever have a party or throw

brunch at this kind of equipment you know you should look into it but you can see it on the website or go to Philip is not a huge fan of you going out and buying used equipment because he wants to some new equipment and also because he says he doesn't know what happened to the equipment back in the day the other problem is I've ever worked on many of these Ebay things that you know in the past eight years I've maybe had for 10 years I've had a I don't know 10 12 ones off of eBay and a lot of the older models break because they've been used in Laboratories for a long long time the bearings 10 to go bad on them you tend to have corrosion on the internal contacts which leads the resistance and overheating on the internal parts so there are issues with the older ones I'm assuming if it's older it's analog the good news is if you can get it to work the analog ones are fairly accurate once you set them you just need to get separate thermocouple to monitor digitally what's going on now the problem is is that you don't have a temperature probe on it now I did some research and appears that some of the older polyscience circulators have

what's called a thermocouple basically which is easy to Source in newer ones all use platinum rtd's which also are not difficult to sort to wire so what I would do is contact of it'll give me the model number or contact polyscience directly and ask them what type of what type of probe that unit has and any one of those probes is very easy to Source Vie eBay or McMaster-Carr not that you wanted to see resource on eBay again after you got shafted but it was a fairly easy to source so you just need to find out exactly what it is that you need to get and then make a determination as to whether or not it's worthwhile first why you should fire it up make sure the motor still working you make sure the electronic still come on anyway I hope I hope this helps okay at one of our people from our sous vide class last week which is the reason why we couldn't be her last week Matt Road in and he said he has actually the restaurant Uptown in my old neighborhood up

a hundred and Ninth or tenth and hundredth call Sip and check out if you're up there I haven't made it made up there yet but I intend to see you wondering whether we ever tried to carbonate lick liquor everyone who knows me personally knows that I carbonate nothing but liquor basically liquor in it and water it I don't I don't I like everything with but most everything I like with bubbles in it right starsha bubbles show his question is I have never tried to carbonate in an old fashioned soda water container up because he wants to put it behind the bar because he thinks it's not cuz they do look. Cuz he thinks they look cool and he's actually going to make sure he's going to make a an infused liquor based on like a pepper and tomato and he wants to carbonate now whether or not it's feasible to use his old bottles depends on what you mean by old bottle soap is roughly you can divide into two different categories one is the kind of take Chargers on them like an end to sorry CO2 Chargers and he's a kind of the older variety home units that glass

with a metal cage around you know you see made them a kis I have everyone calling number other manufacturers used to be made a lot of Czechoslovakia very thick glasses and these ones can be used to carbonate problem with the message that they're it's very hard to get a very good level of carbonation first of all liquor is going to require more CO2 than water and it's hard to get the headspace out of the top of the of the unit so what I recommend if you can use one of those with to charge a fuse to Chargers what you do is make sure your liquor is super super cold not super cold you have a vacuum machine deaerator first to get rid of some of the air if you don't don't worry about it so you going to go to the Second Step you going to put your liquor and make sure you always felt the exact same level every time just what you know your recipe is going to work changing the level of liquid in the bottle is going to change the amount of carbonation you have a style okay so make sure she has the same every time make sure the temperature of the liquid the same every time as cold as possible then put a CO2 cartridge in

Charlotte to get it all dissolved and then vent it so that it Foams up and so you loot sorry apologize turn it upside down so that the actual stipends these old Celtic Cycles have a ride which goes down to the bottom so that when you press it the pressure forces the liquid up through the rod and out the nozzle right when you're venting you have to turn the Seltzer siphon upside down so you're venting the gas and not the product out otherwise you're going to be in for a terrible mess turn the thing upside down vent out the gas that's going to get rid of the are incident still trapped on the inside and it's also going to get rid of a lot of which call the nucleation sites with cause excess bubbling right so that's the key step turn it upside down and venting it then turn it right side up put another charger into it shake it and chill it and you should have a good product now if you mean by old Seltzer bottles the kind that the Seltzer man delivers on a truck or woman I guess but typically they were so cement delivers delivers on a truck like three stooges style and you have a little lever and you

please when you spray your buddy in the face or put out a fire or whatever know that one is much more difficult to feel they they don't take a charger and they don't unscrew those are actually at the tops are left on them and they are washed and filled by Machine by actually you squeeze the the nozzle like you squeeze the lever like you were going to spray Seltzer out of it and then I machine squeezes and nausea and fills it without taking the top off so I've considered for several years actually building something to do that but I haven't done it and it's not a trivial process so until Saint. It can see one on the internet and telephone works out like a super slick I do it yourself way of refilling those old old Seltzer bottles I would not try to get one of those other it's always been a project that I've been interested is just too nice too many projects in tool time do markets and I was going to get you one but also if you going to do it get one with a metal mesh around it because you know someone next one of his old glasses and you're inflating it up to 60 PSI are so mean but those were Bill 420 PSI but who knows

I mean I don't want to shatter and explode glass all over you and then you say that are you okay I have a question about the chicken because I cook chicken thighs all the time and it seems like no matter how I cook them they come out wonderfully and everyone thinks a great so whenever I cooked chicken breast or chicken cutlets or even a whole chicken it just seems like the chicken breasts are never that pasty at are often dry and especially the next day like the next day you can heat up the stew with chicken thighs and it's really good and even better but whenever I tried to heat up chicken broth the next day they're even dryer so I just wondered if you have any tips first of all Superior to chicken breast and I do not know what kind of marketing nonsense is convinced the majority of Americans that somehow white meat chicken is superior to dark meat chicken it's insane it's insanity

inherently has more taste as probably has more fat in connective tissue is going to stay more moist and has a higher tolerance to overcooking than the breast meat does Menasha straight up fat breast meat in like a typical American chicken doesn't have as much flavor as you'd like but you know here is here's some things we do you brine the breast know if that's a that's a good thought here's a here's the thing so when you brine the breast two things are happening I find both but you brought in the breast with I usually make it something like a even if it's do water solution tell it's a salty taste like salty almost like ocean salty and then you add sugar to adjust get sweet what you're doing is is by adding that salt you are changing the amount of water that the muscle can hold on to write so seems counterintuitive because when you add salt you figure drawing moisture out when the salt gets into the meat it's actually changing the amount of moisture that the meat can hold onto when it Cooks

I'll give you a couple extra degrees of temperature before the meat dries out and it'll also appear moisture when it's when it's cooled down the other obviously you want to be careful not to overcook the rest of you cook a breast separately from the thigh it's easier but that that that made things to bring also the Briny is going to increase the salt level on the inside of the meat which is going to increase the flavor that meat make it a little less inherently flavorless you know so if you'd win two times with that if you have an immersion circulator that is a spot on way to Edina the piece of paper are talking about the spot on way to cook it cuz then you can cook a chicken breast to like 60 364 Celsius and when it cools down it's super juicy and the texture is just right but personally I think it's hard to it you know using traditional cooking techniques to achieve a a good chicken breast it's good as a cold preparation the next day yeah that's why we

how to chop it up and toss it with mayonnaise you know what I mean

I don't know whether I've been helpful add mayonnaise right now I wish I could say that there certain things that you grow up with in life you just tend to like them and one of them is I like store-bought mayonnaise I hate to say it I just know that there's a there's a couple of I used to do it quite a lot and came out with a cookbook in the 80s and he has a chicken salad recipe poached chicken recipe that he attributed to Danny Kaye the famous actor was also I believe a conductor in and a fine fine cook and use the technique where he would put it into water although I would use broth right and then you can raise raise the temperature to just come to the boil and then you cover it and then you let the heat right out and that's no way an accurate cooking technique but it's a variation on a cooking technique that has been used for Millennia for his hands used to be cool

that way in a 5-gallon large container you would you know you do to keep the water off in the Lord put the ham and close it and wrap it up and let the carryover heat in the theory is that the Carrie overheats going to be enough to cook it but the temperature is going to drop enough that it's not going to be horribly over cook the meat by the time it's done so I used to fill up a you don't like a pot of water and put you know of a pot with vegetables and and you if you had some broth or stock you put it in and then chicken breasts I would also use thighs bring it up to the Justice Center close it and let it ride out and you get two things to get a nice bras and you get some nice chicken meat that's good for a cold salad because it was not overcook a cooked in water so it didn't lose a lot of cooking moisture so I didn't lose a lot of a lot of thumb you know it's not right so you know attributable to Danny Kaye through Jacques Pepin if that's helpful

oh and I'm told that we are coming onto our first commercial break this is cooking issues. Tricky issues radio on Heritage Radio Network 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128

welcome back to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network where we answer your cooking questions at +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 okay so Michael Griffith Show from Philadelphia is a follower of the blog thank you so much and he called in because he has having a problem with some seafood sausages he's making it cuz he had a ginger to them and he says they didn't come out the same and he's pretty sure that the ginger reacted he thinks with the eggs and mess it up he said because he also has put ginger into consomme and you couldn't get the raft when you cut your clarifying new clarifying things you asked you recently you add an egg white wrap and the protein along with whatever ground of lean meat you put in helps hold on to the what makes a turbot turbidity helps clarify the stock overtime Satchel the proteins are charged in the actually hold onto a hold on to the stuff to make cloudy and he saying he thinks it's the ginger that's messing it up and what the hell is going on

now I don't actually know that it's the egg whites specifically that's having a problem with the ginger it might actually be the meat and The Binding of the muscle proteins together because Ginger well well known enzyme in ginger is there's a protease enzyme in it and I believe the name of it although I could be wrong is Zinedine Zidane Japan and that's how you know a protease enzyme it's going to break things down and it's used as a meat tenderizer and in fact you know it's it's just as effective if not more effective than Papa in and you know all these other commercial meat tenderizer so ginger juice is a well-known has been a well-known tenderizer I believe since Antiquity so you know that you've does contain protease enzymes not going to mess up your rat and might also mess up your sausage you could cook the ginger but then beforehand that would wipe out the enzyme but might change the flavor the ginger but these things

cooked anyway so if you cook the ginger you're not going to have a problem an interesting recipe to look up that has to do with ginger and proteins is a Chinese dessert called a ginger milk curd where they basically they take a milk and they add Ginger and it causes it to curl and set so this is a is a well-known and interesting fact you know, your attention to it and another interesting thing I looked up look up a technical literature on Ginger enzymes and ginger enzymes that you know is in Japan or whatever it's called is very effective specifically at College in the breaking down connective tissue as opposed to it it seems to have a higher affinity for that than other protease meat tenderizing enzymes do so think again thank you for that question and you also had a question about lobsters because he heard that the lobsters that are in tank start to feed off their own flesh which it was true because they typically don't feed lobsters in tanks with if you feel

fostering a tank it's going to raise the screen of the waste products are in the tank and any feed that's not used up is going to cause problems they tend not to feed I guess I'll see what might cause aggression problem has been a long time since I've read that kind of technical literature on lobsters but that is true but they can survive a very very very long time so I don't know how I don't know how much flesh degradation there is just from being store on tank although it's something I've heard quite a bit the next time I speak to a lobster scientist I will definitely ask him that that question is what is the enzyme that breaks down Lobster meat after you kill them and how long till the enzyme starts to work etc etc can you prevent that enzyme from working by freezing it now listen this is an incredibly complicated question because they're very very very many enzymes on the inside of a lobster Lobster tends to have a breakdown of a tissue relatively quickly because the circulatory system and basically all the guts of the lobster everything's in close proximity

kind of an open system so once the animal is dead does enzymes really starts at two were quickly there's a number of enzymes is not just one enzyme that goes to work and lobsters there's enzymes in it that that break down to break down ATP and other nucleotides and they eventually become products that that affect flavor in fact I m p in the same amount of phosphate is produced the original change the other things that have a negative impact on quality in that is easily tracing is using an indicator of quality because as that starts to progress other things like proteolytic enzymes have also been working up breaking down the the meat so and it's so very well known that what I forget what this thing is called the organ on the inside of a lobster swimming like a bad pancreas look like that contains a variety of protease enzymes they are just going to wreak havoc with the meat and I hear the bad news you cannot stop those enzymes by freezing because as you

the meat out like freezing it then they will work somewhat as a frozen cuz unless if there's something called the eutectic point where when you freeze something below the point at which there's no water left at all then yes and somatic activity stops but in fact what happens is is that a normal freezer temperature is there still a good bit of unfrozen water left inside of your tissue and enzymes can continue to work in that situation but real hell breaks loose when you thought because then you have a lot of water that becomes available to these enzymes are in a hyper concentrated state in the remaining tissue of the animal and they just go to town and so you end up having huge degradation on on thawing especially if things are apparently things are rapidly thought so I hope this answers your question I plan on doing a lot more work with the lobster soon I've been literally for year-and-a-half oven supposed to be pitching Southington New York Times on on lobsters and

and what we what we do with them so look for more in the someone near future although I don't know if this is a shahada near future do you think I'll realistically what do you think not only the enzymes working more but I found a study that says that the muscle fibers a lobster or something like four times more liable to Breaking pipe proteolytic enzymes then then like mammal tissue that when they use rabbit they said the Veloster meet with broken down four times easier than right at me then I only saw one paper and passing this morning but anyway so cool thing there's a paper called novel uses of fish and Marine invertebrate enzymes in food industry from 2008 have a cool thing that that and it's because of this question I looked it up they have a cool technique where they use enzymes to descale fish so this scales can basically just be washed off

skin is perfect you don't have any problem with with knife marks are scraping in the skin and its use because people tan fish skins for leather and those guys don't want any scraping on their skin and so the end tonight but I wonder whether there's any application for food industry may think fun Marine pepsin thank you for that question in our form our former favorite Thai in turn only tired can we do love and we pop our we pop sleep I asked about the old cucumber trick of rubbing cucumber and together to get the bitterness out so because you aren't aware there's a there's an old kind of what you want to call it like a kitchen when he going to call old piece of kitchen wisdom I hate that term old wives tales I hate it that mean

anyway so it was old wise tale that old wife's

I don't even know it's crazy even though there is an old kitchen piece of kitchen wisdom or maybe not wisdom that if you taken cut the end of a cucumber off and then the both ends of the Cucumber flip it and rub the other end with the other end then all the sudden the bitterness is going to go away now for those you out there that are like hate cucumbers are bitter what the hell are you talking about right now listen there are wild cucumbers are bitter pickling cucumbers can be bitter most Supermarket cucumbers in fact are not bitter and if they are bitter it's the it's the skin it's bitter it's very very small percentage of Supermarket cucumbers are bitter and certain people can't even taste the bitterness even in the Cucumbers that are bitter what's making it better and is a is a thing called future will never be able to pronounce it

cucurbitacins B and C and these are present in all the cucumber plants but usually not so much in the actual fruit and if they are in the fruit they they predominate at the stem and so if you cut the stem and off and then peel it you're going to get rid of most of the bitter but I have not found any sort of evidence for rubbing it getting rid of that bitterness and doesn't make any sense if you're cutting the ends off of the Cucumber well then he'll you getting rid of the most bitter part of the Cucumber specially to peel it so that's going to help right there the rubbing looks like it's doing something that Foams up in forms a spine but if you think about it and I'm willing to be proven wrong on this how the heck is he going to pull bitterness out of a whole cucumber just by rubbing the end mean I can stick a the end of a cucumber and in a pot of stink for like you know a half an hour and then cut the stink off in the rest of the Cucumber still fine so how you going to drive the bitterness out if I rub in the end or false. She looks upset now she's never again

is that even on the same plant some cucumbers will be better and some won't you know exactly sure it's like the stress of growing like how old they are but your best bet is to cut off the ends and peel it and then wash it to get rid of the bitterness and you're going to be okay we have a caller

Hello Color hey hello how are you

weather would be a lot of trouble hearing you because your your cell phone your cell phone's breaking up on me I heard what I was able to hear was espresso beverage and foam but that what what do you say cocoa in it and yeah so if you've ever carbonated coffee before it's a nightmare in terms of foaming it really Foams up a lot like a lot lot

and I've never done the research on why but there's a you know you know coffee has a lot of espresso specifically has a lot of body to it and a lot of emulsified oils in it and has a high total dissolved solids content and snowing for holding a head like a good espresso right has a creme on it so when you dump a Nespresso into a Coca-Cola and then try to uncap that you're going to get like a serious head formation I've had you know when I carbonate coffee beverages are usually carbonate with nitrous not carbonating bicarbonate with nitrous to add the cream in his back to the to the coffee beverage like I'm doing cold like a special based cocktails and they phone like the Dickens you just can't you can't get around it I should have done more research in a bottle under pressure it's a it's a it's hard to not have it spray all over the kitchen it is delicious I mean

you should try to know if you like that and if you do you have any one of those isi cream whippers where you are yeah so just you know just prefer Giggles when you're not doing a Coca-Cola one when you're doing a regular one just try hitting a cold espresso beverage with a shot of nitrous and you get a lot of that body and cream in his back if you get from a fresh shot even more so but it doesn't have the the carbonation Taste of the carbonation taste like as a Manhattan soda called Manhattan so. I think it's really good that is a carbonated coffee drink but a lot of people if they don't they want that cremains without the e and add phone minutes without the carbonation you can try nitrous net that's had good success with that

great thanks for calling in we got some more questions on the email okay so Anthony Wong and took our suvi class Road in and said I mentioned that use stainless steel pans for cooking a duck breast instead of scouring the skin now a word he wants to know where I can get it what kind of word of background here when you're cooking a duck breast you want to cut most people will tell you you want to score the duck breast near the skin side of it so it when you rent her a skin when you when you Christmas can the fats going to render out now Mills Norrie you know do you know my my buddy partner in crime head of the French culinary culinary Department detest this practice because he says that where the scoring is you're going to over cook the meat but people who say who is Corey say what they want more fat render. So where it where do you know where do you come down on this well Chris Young Chef formerly the research at the fat duck Restaurant & Inn

in England and Nathan myhrvold the Microsoft billionaire inventor of PowerPoint many other things you know are coming out with a new York supposed suppose I've seen its really good working out the greatest Tech cook book ever written into huge magnum opus coming out at the end of the year they demonstrated technique last year starships were they said well what if you took a dog brush and it looks like you go it's like a steel dog brushes go to a pet store make sure you get when the stainless steel and it's got zillions a little tiny stainless steel spines on it and he just smack the duck breast with the dog brush a couple times and it makes all these micro perforations in the skin and they allowed to Fat to render out of the duck breast without without giving you enough area to over cook the meat at underneath and you know what we've tested it several times and it's a fantastic idea so I think anyone that cooks duck breast on a regular show regular basis needs to go by

a dog brush please don't use the brush you've already used on your dog that's gross go get a brand new dog rush I think they're like $3 or $4 you can give any pet food store a pet store or no Pet Supply Mart right and are they do. They do what they do wonders so brakes are at being told we're going to our next commercial break so call your questions into 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 cooking issues

just shut up

welcome back to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and we have a caller hello caller on the year are you hey I got a question about stick I want to cook the steak really hard sore tendon that runs through it and I'm not sure what the reason for that is or what the silver skin or the actual piece of connective tissue that is that little peanut that one little section on the upper part of the muscle is something that's in one part of the not the other there's not there's not a lot you can do about that far as I know you you have to kind of cut it out I tend to trim it mean one thing you can do you can see it before you before you cook it right and you can trim that out and then

re glue it back together with transglutaminase I can't remember what that's made out of me and I don't think that's going to render even under long cook I could be wrong I don't remember where that does but you push you never going to cook that kind of meat long enough to render in so I don't think short of removing it and gluing it back together which I have done many times I don't know of a of a good way to get that done you have access to me clue you know in certain that the stake like in it like a lot as you go along the you know that the rib steak you'll see that they're certain ones that have these little like dots in them in the in between the two muscle parts that are real that don't think it's a hard basically

now that there's an enzyme called transport ammonites Activa transglutaminase it will glue proteins together it's very simple to use probably have to buy a whole bag of and I have a question on that actually came in and emailing an answer in a minute but they can rebound to meet together and I use it for taking out pieces of connective tissue and then cooling meet back together and that's viable but you know you have to have the stuff lying around the problem with circulators with that is that to rent a piece if it was connective tissue which is going to get soft with long cooking and I don't know that that's the case at the temperatures are going to want to cook a rib-eye which is roughly 55 degrees Celsius it would take several days to really break it down and you know in the test that we've done with with ribeye you don't want to cook them more than about

6 hours we've done one hours 2 hours 3 hours for hours 5 hours 6 hours 7 hours 8 hours 9 out of 10 hours in overnight on Ribeyes and we like them best in the rib eyes that is in the two two four-hour range and we like them okay you know up to about 6 at 8 we feel that there are starting to take on kind of a little bit of a squashy texture and it and it gets fiber as you chew and that long long cooking on Ribeyes not going to be necessarily so good for it so I don't know that you have a long cooking way of getting out of going to meet you though you can still cut out that that that portion that you don't like and and then basically almost where you could try dusting and I don't think Joe is going to hold it together at the high temperature trying to think of something you can use other than other than meat glue because all you really want to have to do is bonded together you have a vacuum sealer as well

when you can try sprinkling a little bit of like salt and then some sort of jail if you vacuum it together it's going to hold together while you cook it and it'll probably hold together while you sear it but then as you cut it on the plate obviously you're going to see that you've trimmed out a piece of the of the muscle you know sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this one if you definitely do you definitely do well thanks for calling in that leaves great into our next question from Matt who says he's been reading up on transport a man dies after seeing the Iron Chef episode where my brother-in-law Wylie Dufresne used it to make unfortunately not trip noodles tilapia noodles tilapias you know not our favorite fish has a couple questions do you know of a supplier who sells quantity smaller than the $90 bags online Witcher 1 kilo

either an online supplier or brick-and-mortar store in Boston or New York and the short answer is no I do not it used to be that and it might still be for all I know that if you call up ajinomoto the company that makes it it's ajinomoto makes transglutaminase enzyme which is meat glue the stuff that glues proteins together you sprinkle I like powdered sugar and the meat cheese sticks together it's great stuff they make it ajinomoto under IG Foods USA makes it and the brand name that use Activa and the one that you want to get to start with his Activa RM they used to give out like small 200 gram I think sample packs Two Chefs but the the chef Community is taken to it so much it might no longer give out sample packs and unfortunately ajinomoto does not sell increments smaller than one kilo and because they come packed direct from ajinomoto in 1 kilo packs and not in like 50 lbs acts the way that the way that like me

how did Ida College come companies haven't been willing to break them down into smaller packs and ajinomoto hasn't been willing to make available for to pay for their sample packs now to be demoted just said hey look we're going to quadruple the amount of sample packs were going to make and then just charged 3 times as much per pound people still buy it because people would rather to test spend fifteen bucks on 200 grams or twenty bucks on 200 then then showing off for a whole kilo they don't know if they're going to use it over time especially compared to figure they're not going to use it before it goes bad now we have toyed with the idea of cooking issues of making that enzyme available the same way we make pectinex Ultra sp-l and Peck next smash you know that the miracle pectin breaking down enzymes that make the world's greatest french fry and the world's greatest to the but we decided against it because we didn't know if we want to get in the business of cutting open that retail pack and then repacking it and selling it

maybe we should I don't know what to think we should I have to figure out whether or not whether or not it's a problem to do it or whether or not we know we're going to run into any issues with it but you know would be useful to people so I apologize if there is no way but here's what here's what you should do you should get together with somebody's you should split a package of it and then when you buy it and make sure that you cut it open you instantly get all the air out and stored in the freezer and it will last a good long time in the freezer like six six eight months in the freezer and you'll get good good use out of it so I mean it's it's definitely worth getting if you can split the bag with like you know for 5 people even more so but anyway I'm sorry I couldn't be more help with that but then glue be used with non-meat proteins and can you do something interesting with nuts for example of never done anything with nuts but it does make tofu firmer and you know you can make friends and peanut tofu but peanut tofu is very very soft and very hard to get this to hold together so perhaps you could use this is perhaps they'll never done it

perhaps you could use transport a mayonnaise help Crosslink proteins in like a peanut card for example and then make a more effective peanut tofu it was a real pain in the butt really clogged sings up it's hard to get to set up nicely delicious when you get it right though so that's possible so yeah transglutaminase works on any any protein like that I guess I haven't tried not to put it works on cheese you can glue things to cheese works on egg yolk that thickens up a go quite nicely and you can glue things to egg yolks we can bacon egg yolks which is me but you can blue cheese to an egg yolk I guess you know any protein like that I mean that a problem with slurries if there's not enough protein is too much fat like a nut paste then the protein does have anything to bind onto and it makes her very kind of weak bonds Williams in certain situations tend to act more as a thickener then Isaiah then as a glue to use for yogurt to make yogurt set up everybody as I use

I am by Johnny iuzzini to make ricotta dumplings yucky rather so yes it will bond any anyone or it will it will be active on any one of those any one of those proteins there's a lot of a lot of things yet to be done with it while he's my brother my friend he has a very very interesting application unfortunately it's meet cuz it uses gelatin but basically he uses a transport a mayonnaise to cross-link gelatin so that it doesn't melt anymore and he makes sheets out of vegetables like pasta then let it set overnight with the Trans with hamonaiz and once a gelatin sets up in Cross Lanes it no longer melt but stays flexible like a noodle Nissin can be fried in the crisps are using pasta at the Fantastic technique you can look for it on the internet that one you want to use the activity that there's a special one called Ti that's just the enzyme it doesn't have the most of the ones we use have casein or out of jail at 9 if you want to make sure you use the one that's just great enzymes that technique but hopefully that's helpful and I wish you luck in your in your transmute amination a journey

I have no question from REI in DC by Ray and I he likes our show which is nice thank you and a friend of his went to a place called PX in Alexandria VA Alexandria Virginia and they said they had a drink it was made with tobacco tobacco in the drink tobacco infused and he thinks it's made with bourbon well that plays PX is the guy that has guy named Todd Thrasher and for a number of years now I think three or four he's been well known for infusing cocktail cocktails with tobacco I forget I asked interview done it once and it was so good I like his childhood memories I think he grew up maybe near a tobacco farm anyway they have a lot of childhood memories from the smell of tobacco I believe he does not infused the tobacco into the bourbon he infuses it into a believe water and then adds the tobacco Water and Sewer as a syrup to the bourbon I think how he does it

I'm not sure cuz I don't think it publishes his recipe now the second part of that question was what do you think about the health effects of that while it's definitely probably new ingesting it that way it's definitely you know less harmful than

then smoking it because you know a lot of the harmful products in tobacco come from combustion of tobacco but it's not risk-free obviously you know I don't know what the long-term effects of ingestion are nicotine by itself has no effects on your under cardiovascular system if you ingest huge amounts of it for any of you have ever tried dipping tobacco you know like you know the stuff dip you put in your lip and it accidentally swallow the juices you know that concentrated tobacco juices you know make throw up like a demon least I make me throw up if you dip all day everyday you can start swallowing the juices without spitting and not vomit but the one time I was in my buddy Charlie's room and I was in high school and he gave me some dip and then he said why aren't you spending and I said you need to spit and 30 seconds later it is entire room is coated with my lunch like at large concentrations tobacco juice don't sit well literally in your stomach and so

I doubt he's putting enough tobacco in to have that kind of effect which means he's probably putting a very small amount in which means any health effect is probably small you know especially cuz how many drinking I don't know what he thinks. E I don't like it so I hope that hope that answers your question and Ray also says that he's been infusing vodka using our Fusion technique and we appreciate we appreciate it thank you for your question regarding freezing and enzymes Frozen then thawed is compared with fresh well I haven't done the test myself but that's entirely possible if you slow freeze a piece of meat what happens is it as you're freezing it water is drawn out of the tissue forms ice crystals a slower that it's frozen though the bigger the ice crystals are and they can have a tendency to not only

puncture that meet sells say when he saw you get lost but also those big ones are harder to reabsorb back into the meat tissue as a thought so when you're freezing something it's think of it as a partial dehydration and when you're throwing it the meat is reabsorbing that liquid now the more something drips liquid when it's thawed the more damage you've done to to meet now that damage though it's possible I haven't studied it but it's possible that that actually could make it more tender as long as you're not cooking it to the point where it's going to dry out again so it's an entirely so it's entirely possible as you say in your question that the that the proteolytic enzymes present in the meet Kik into overdrive as they're thawed but I don't know that information off the top of my head I'm going to have to do some research those Stars if you want to reach out this question down I'll try and look for I'll try to look for fries the tenderizing in this

intific literature over the course of the week is it any question I hadn't thought of it but if it's probably you know the effect which again I haven't tested is probably a multi like a multifactorial thingamajig alright so we were trying to call our good buddy Mark Ladner for this next question mark Ladner is a chef at Del posto in a tall man how tall is 64610 East End crazy like 6465 so he is tall is Steve rights and said a friend whose name is Colleen Wright is a is a tall woman and she is at 6 foot 7 tall with sex short she loves to cook but she gets terrible back pains and working in the kitchen

a particular preparing food and so they have a you know you are standard countertops are 36 inches high and inadequate for her they did some calculations and they figured that the average countertop is Bill for someone who's 5 4 2 5 5 Things based on kind of like the average housewife that that's 13 in 13 and 1/2 inch high table that fits on top of the countertop that she can do her cutting on but and she loves it and you can look on the internet there's a pictures of her using and she enjoys it but she's enrolling in a culinary school in the questions what can be done for a very tall cook does she have to bend over or can she bring something like her modified butcher block with her to school or are there other approaches

that's an interesting question first of all I don't know that 65 that 6564 is actually I'm sure you read the studies I haven't I'm 5-10 and I like countertop Heights a lot when they're even like a couple inches taller like let's say like they were five inches taller for me I get the key because of the way that I'm used to it to cook and sew a lot of how you a lot of what's happening with your with your back and working at a countertop has to do with how you position yourself at the counter like what your stance is and where your where your wrist in your arm is so I'm used to working at 36 so when you go lower or you go higher like I get to I get totally messed up right now but that's because I'm used to that now I stood on a stool that made me as tall as Colleen Wright and indeed my arms I could not get a comfortable Stamps no matter how I try now course I'm sure, his arms are longer than mine you know what I mean

I need to see him so I don't know what percent accurate but I can see the definite need for someone that height to increase. That the height of their countertop

cheers the problem if you're going to a cooking school I think what what you were going to do Depends entirely on wire going to cooking school and what kind of cooking school you're going to if you I was kind of discussion my wife's an architect and I was having this discussion with her last night after this question came in well for instance would a workplace be required to allow you to bring something in because of your high could could you friends go in and obviously I'm not saying being tall as a disability and I wish I was taught you everything but like to know if we have we have the American Disabilities Act and you have to make the workplace with the exception of a couple jobs like Airline you know if flight attendant whatnot safety jobs like that you have to make the workplace accessible to anyone based on something it's classified as a disability but I don't know that I don't know that you would classify being too tall for the countertops as something that a workplace would necessarily have to make compensation

I don't know the very interesting question now if you're going to cooking school and you're not interested in working in a Pro Kitchen you know if there for years and years then by all means I would say I'll ask them let let let let you bring it in and use it the others no reason to break your back but if you're going to be working in professional kitchens for you know a long time you know I would I would recommend at least trying to figure out some way to modify your your your stance or modify something about maybe using a weightlifting belt or something that can help support your back I don't know whether that's because Mike and I was talking my wife again architect and designer she's like there's two choices modifier environment or modify yourself and the one supposed ounces I don't know if you're going to be able to modify their environment if you going to go out into the professional cooking environment if you can't modifier environments in the only thing left is modify yourself and I could be with supports for your back or a Hino Alton Brown's apparently

tall and that he designed these knives that have like a bend in the handle so that he doesn't have to bring his wrist all the way down to do the shopping now for me they're goofy because I'm short and Beyond 5:10 and 7 regular knives were great but you know I don't know whether she's trying these knives with the band in the handle that are designed specifically for tall people in the makeup for the the difference in height in countertops so it's an interesting question I don't have a resolution what do you think Saturday I think I don't know but that I told you about the other part where we knew the guy who was really tiny

well if you're still works make it the professional kitchen that's easier to modify a stool or something but it's a very interesting question and I wish you know I'm going to get in touch with some some Cooks who are very very tall and some Cokes you are not so tall and I know you have a very on tall and we will I will try to figure out what the what the answer to that think it's I think it's super exciting but the long story short if you're not going to go pro until fessional kitchen and by the way I'd never think any professional kitchen to discriminate against anyone for any reason obviously but I'm just saying what can you realize realistically expect to happen when you go to a kitchen that's the real question is not what they should do we all know what my stepfather said should get it I can't get it to them what they will do is what you need to worry about but if you're not in it to GoPro you know I think a long talk with a cooking school I'm sure they would like to have her

money so that I'm sure they will make some accommodation my run has disruptive to the class by Clipper I can't learn Mio to be disrupted the rest of the class so I don't see why they wouldn't but anyway hopefully this is helpful and raised an interesting question that I will be thinking more about I love airgonomics and design so I'll see more about this problem and thank you all for listening to cooking issues this year this week's cookie shoes brought to you by Whole Foods Market and the Craft Beer Week putting your shoes thanks so much

where I'm at