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Episode 118: Fermented Llama Saliva

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he's on the road driving to Austin doing a million shows in between screaming his brains out Morgan Matson from Denmark rights in hi Dave at all? I've been making a quail egg recipe based on the Noma cookbook called Hey smoked quail eggs I'm not going to announce that thing that's pretty good I was in Denmark for a day and like it's so weird it doesn't sound like it I would have anyway okay

in the recipe are the eggs are Blanche for 1 minute 30 seconds then cooled then Blanche for 50 seconds and then cooled again to set the white so the idea of being the double Blanche I presume I don't own The cookbook recipe but the double Branch I assume is to hit that whites as hard as possible without overcooking the Yoakum it seems to me that's why that's what that's the guest okay after the eggs are peeled the recipe thing goes on to smoke the eggs for 20 minutes with hay and then pickle the eggs before they're served with smoke from a Smoking Gun for my recipe I skip the hey smoking stamp and stay put the eggs in a water bath at 64cc for 45 minutes to slightly set the 86 45 minutes more than you need for Quail Lakes quail eggs through in the under-15 their stuff there so fast remember the speed at which like you double the size of something and the amount of time it takes to cook through to the Center for a given set of variables is x 4 not buy two in the same thing goes in the other direction you were do something by 1/2

and it's a quarter of the time it takes to cook so it's incredibly quickly anyway which is why presumably they're only Blanche for 30 seconds and then 50 seconds my question is the following is there any easy way to peel the eggs you stumbled upon one of our favorite things to make other people do which is to Quail eggs rice is used to love doing that the interns. Is there an easy way to peel the eggs as of now it is a pain I've use a pair of tweezers and carefully peel them that sucks the time spent for egg is long and even still I end up destroying half the eggs through the struggle with the fact the membrane is a quail egg seems to be extremely tough you are correct I do prick a small hold a bunch of the aircel on the bottom of the egg without this the egg white above yourselves not set as much resume be due to the insulating effect of the are so so far I've tried to use older eggs as at least for chicken eggs older eggs easier to peel and you're wondering why this is the case with us but in a minute I've tried modernist cuisine trick a blowtorch

eggs to make them easier to peel however this result result in either exploding eggs because of excess heating or too little to no effect on the peeling do you know what the desired effect the blow torches yeah I'm pretty sure it's too in Spanish out that one point to help a pulled away from the membrane. The atoms are buddy and Popular Science writer who is testing our bar blow torch thingamajiggy right now he says that they're the torch thing is good for peeling the eggs because you don't get the Scorch marks on it is it a question of generating steam beneath the membrane to detach it or is it to dry out a shell or something out there some combination of all the time I'd rather pressure cooking is sometimes employed on Commercial scale to cook eggs since his could make peeling easy I have ever seen the way of doing this on the on the small quail eggs I do however make sure to have a rolling boil on a bland CA maybe I can steal my eggs from the vent on a pressure cooker

show with a nasty but expect the egg become an edible after this treatment another consideration be using the technique seen on this video and I'll tell you what the video is the video is sick and you can get there's this one is also crazy or crazier one of the guy that goes like a hardcore Scottish accent no teeth they were Scottish anyway so you hard boil the eggs you break the egg on it like a little bit on two sides and then you put your mouth over it here from stash start cleansing and you literally blow the egg out of the shell you keep that you keep the shell intact on the side you create air pressure behind it and blow the egg out I've seen it on the YouTube couple of times I'm going to say

this is not recommended procedure if you're going to serve people food would do it and serve it to you but you wouldn't want you to do in service to her

you said you'd do it but that technique brings an interesting question if you were going to do soft so I can start with something you didn't ask because it's my nature in my nature to do that we used to have a thing where we would try to circulate soft quail eggs at 62 and 63 Celsius right and then the question is how do you crack them out of the shell the same way that you crack chicken eggs out of the shell that are at 62 and 63 because it's almost impossible to do it you normally bite of cracking it open it because as you rightly point out the membrane of the Quail Lakes is incredibly tough so here's the way they do that we are they little quail egg Stoppers a little quail egg cutter they look like cigar Cutters you you take the egg and you click both the fat and the synonym of the eggs so that you have are hitting both sides and then you can shake out the the egg gently onto you know whatever you want toast forever and I found that we get

almost zero breakage when you're getting when you're taking quail eggs out that way so we went from almost entire breakage what we have to do you know get twice as many quail eggs if we needed to almost no breakage we were doing like that way so just quit both side and Shake It Out and remind me that is that it said Freakshow blowing the egg out with is a hard boiled egg out with his mouth okay article you should first of all the article you should read and in general and it's available on the internet for free is the effects of cooking methods on peel ability and Pierre and appearance of eggs and Hall and Hong Wan Lee out of 1997 good ol Storrs Connecticut there at UConn where they did that the study if you have a copy of Science and Technology okay reference to but really just for a 16th you know a description of what's going on at that 77 article is great old eggs are better for 2

could you go to even on the egg Dairy council with egg board whatever it is Incredible Edible Egg they will always talk about one or the other of the reasons why older eggs are good but not both the same time here's what happens as eggs a CO2 laser CO2 leaves the egg whites become more alkaline right and simultaneously the air sac between the two membranes and in the fat part of the egg becomes larger as that membrane becomes larger there's more are in there and are between those two membranes facilitates peeling and so that facilitate the healing however the increased alkaline nature of the egg white also t-bonz the protein or makes the protein Bond less strongly from the white to the membrane and therefore also facilitates peeling so it's a dual effect of increased air in that are in the in the same and of

and if increase alkalinity over store if your wife very fresh eggs can be difficult to peel in the 1977 study they they found it piercing of the fat end of the age where the air sac is does not necessarily Health in peel ability the bad news is that the actual data for all this stuff is all over the map pressure cooking right it turns out that the majority of the benefit first of all so you're going to get better Pele ability if the eggs go into hot water all the studies show that putting in cold water and bringing it up it cause of the eggs to be less peelable although there will be more cracking of the eggs if you put them into hot water initially but the eggs that don't crack and get destroyed that way will be easier to peel if they go into simmering or boiling water as opposed to being brought slowly up from cold so the two things that affect also the way you crack it affects it so the way that they they if you go on the internet and you want a fascinating thing look up egg peeling machine and you can sit there and watch these machines

various ways peeling eggs but they all do some variant of the crack and roll to break the shell up into a bunch of pieces but leave the membrane and taxes then can peel it off without a shattered without it without it ripping the egg so there's that but this the pressure cooking is very interesting and I've never done this technique but I looked into it it's it's mentioned in the article from 1977 and a lot of other stuff was done on it I think I hit pressure cook who you know we've spoken to on the on the Twitter a couple times and she might have written in here once I don't know but she was doing a pressure cooking a peeling eggs and then here's the deal it turns out that it's not and it's written in the 77 article it's not the high temperature the pressure cooker that is in fact making eggs easier to peel what it is is is you do a quick release of the pressure after they're cooked the quick release of the pressure causes the shells to pop out a little bit from the egg and rupture and therefore make it easier to get the eggs off to get the shell

off of the eggs so the question is how can you do that in a quail egg because quail egg cook so fast well you have to be quick on your toes which means if you had to be able to get your pressure cooker up to pressure extremely quickly like extremely quickly and by that I mean very fast so you don't like you want as much water as you can in there like a small load of eggs that close the door if you have an autoclave or like a Frankie commercial pressure cooker that can get up and down like in a matter of seconds you might be able to get the eggs out fast enough to not overcook them I don't know but it's definitely the pressure don't you could also probably literally just put the eggs under pressure in like an isi or something like that and then just bent the pressure real quick and have the eggs pop open but I'm just thinking that as we're saying I haven't really thought of it I thought of it because I just told you about it but I haven't tested it because I just thought about it one I had one last thing to say on egg egg peel ability

but it's out of my head I guess it doesn't exist anymore could have been out of feel like it was very important but eggs and their relative peel ability okay Dave Jack and Joe Auto Joe no shouts to you because you're shouting your head off out there in Austin right now I wish you're not here no shouts if you're not here you don't mean no love unless you're in the studio that's how it is how it works on coming to make a pitch for the rating for the radio network in what are you alright to take a short break from talking about Ivan's remove questions do a pitch for the for the Heritage Radio Network and all the good things that they do a welcome Aaron how you doing

I'm doing great thanks for having me a little pop and getting tons of people coming through the studio to do interviews were reaching out to college campuses Across the Nation trying to get the most radical Progressive thinkers and food coming to the network shown what's going on their Community is and just building on the existing stuff like the great work you guys do I'm cooking a she has so much that's why that's why we haven't massage and I are together because you know we never agree almost right I mean she won't talk about it on the air but you all know how she feels because I'll go off on it that's what you need speaking of people disagreeing on are how we doing with the Museum of food and drink Series where that's going to happen right it's totally going to happen I'm super excited and get some amazing people in here what we want to do is have strong conversation for

maybe yelling but not yelling necessarily over each other or particularly at each other but I think I'm moving forward looking to hear from your Guy Peter and then we're going to rock and roll no talking about some topics are we going to bring up and I'm going to take the format is going to be probably that I'm just going to ask questions of people moderate them and hopefully you know at the end of it will have to break out the Crisco for the big wrestling match right now I'm more of a fan of Jell-O pudding but if Chris goes away to go you are the expert while we we can go either way I mean I was thinking more of like jello wrestling thing but I have seen people try to pick up grease pigs and it's hilarious at the college campus Outreach you know it's just that they miss students relate their you're wasting all that Jello all that knocks could have been used for something good anyway anyway I do want I do want to make a little pitch for a membership I mean the cooking issues at Team cooking issues listeners are definitely

one of our primary sources for membership and that's really the one of the main funny streams that keeps the station going allows us to build out new program to bring you more Dave to bring you more nastasha to buy more data despises Pizza Roberta's donates the pizza I'm only kidding and by the way thank you people you know you out there listening will want to be part of that too

I don't know what else to do in this situation

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damn skippy damn skippy hurt your favorite my favorite network song new competition submit your cover version of the Hearst Ranch grass-fed beef song that's very Jack we have a question later I'm going to give you some heads up right now they want recommendations in Brooklyn I have a cold we connected with you know that I have like an aversion to crossing water unless I have to I don't ever eat out and it's Toshi's out all the time cuz I got through with the kids

she's Miss Brooklyn you know

I heard she was opening a restaurant Brooklyn actually right

Craft Beer by out here. There's nothing out here you can't you know anyway there's no there's no Brooklyn Pride or love a beer out who done nothing at all McDonald's out here okay through the back catalogue I'm around episode number 60 you made my commute much more fun and help quite a bit recently got my hands on some wormwood and I'm thinking about making my own vermouth I live in Toronto to the provincial alcohol Monopoly only gives us a very limited number of choices Martini & Rossi Chainz I'm annoyed Pratt and stock and they charge you way too much that I was shocked shocked I went to Vancouver a year-and-a-half ago with Donley the master of all like kind of back of the bike. Lemaster anyway so it turns out that the bottle of Hendrick's there

like little gold nuggets and we're able to carry them around and trade them for large amounts of delicious sandwiches from the street trucks because your alcohol laws are so nutty in terms of the the taxes

more to the point they're all sold in largest bottles with sit for months months in my fridge eventually going flat flattening I get oxidized not flat because they're not carbonated anyway I'm a home consumer on my wife is not particularly fond of vermouth cocktails got to work on that you got to work on your wife there Ivan got to get you know what if you got the higher quality from is it by me if she likes cocktails at all right unless she's only a citrus cocktail person if you get the right form unless you can probably get her on the on the remote for most cocktails water bottles get your vermouth bottle it in the smaller bottles with almost zero headspace cap and keep them in the fridge and the last Almost indefinitely that way because they won't further oxidized right once once that once you've gotten all of the air out of them but I would say that you have a question in second about like how to make your own I'm going to get to that first color you're on the air

hey Dave it's Mike from Fort Collins Colorado I doing good how are you

I got a question about using a circulator for making cheese and wondering if you ever done that and you know how I go about doing that I mean so presumably they never made cheese before one of the critical one of the critical aspects of the production is exactly the temperature to which The Purge is heated during the running thing because it determines a lot of things about the final space By the way that's why you want to do it right exactly the problem with the main problem with it is is that mean you can't directly circulated or you'll completely gum up the works and you know you don't want to have that much movement in the thing so you know what you could you could do bath Bath & Bath you know what I mean where you swear you stick up like a stainless steel like half hotel pan into a like a lexan Filipino put it up with water clamp the clamp hotel pan

down to the lexan with with spring clamp so that doesn't pop around because I'll tell you what that's irritating having have it happen to me many times and then circulated the problem is is that your heat transfer is going to be quite limited so it may not limited but it mean when your heating with a flame or something like that right you know you're using a large Delta t and a shoe and a large thermal input in there to get the temperature of relatively quickly now you'll get a relatively large thermal input but your your delta-t between what you want in the curd and what your heating with is going to be minuscule now you can set the water bath like 10 degrees Celsius higher than you want to go and then just monitor very carefully and you won't scores but you still have the problem that you might overheat it and then at the end you can turn it turn it down but that's an easy way to do it now if you for some reason wanted massive circulation once you once the stuff brakes and you and you have way and reasonable size particles you can wrap a UK

wrap a circulator in cheesecloth I don't know that I'd recommend it though because I've never seen a recipe that requires that much agitation like a circulator would provide you know what I'm saying I don't know what it would do to the to the structure of it to have it like literally pumping through like that you don't I'm saying I want to know, certain things or if you're cutting the air if you're cutting the curd apart like in the cheddaring process or any one of those things are your breaking but not like constant pumping around and never seen a recipe that Advocates, and pumping around but try to Bath & Bath and give yourself like a like a like a delta-t of like maybe 10 see and then when it starts getting close so you can turn it down and then you can like so get it whatever temperature you want for you know however long you want me to circulator is fantastic for that

I'll give it a try when you guys know what happened I was trying to help you keep your vermouth lasting longer and by the way when you come to the United States buy yourself some because we have an amazing selection of vermouth nowadays down here that are am a delicious and buy some bring bring him home and then you know trade them on the street for sale but yet you get recipes online and they also gets boiling the Botanicals in a bit of the wine for about 10 minutes and then mixing it with the rest of the wine sugar and fortifying with bran promises for also yield a full bottle size which would end up going equally stale although I told you you could solve that problem by putting them in like micro bottles and then only using what you need also vacu van on the top of the bottle in between uses in the fridge is is is also helpful with that

I thought a possible solution would be to infuse Botanicals in the Brandy at room temperature filter them and then have the vermouth base it would last much longer in this way if I have a glass of white wine left over I could just mix inadequate proportion of vermouth base and sugar and have a truly small batch of homemade vermouth and a side benefit I could use the same base for sweet or dry vermouth just by altering the amount of sugar and whether I get to caramelize or not do you think this procedure are there any issues I should take into consideration as a side note the spice herb ingredients changed a lot from recipe recipe with other than wormwood which you know you're actually technically need we're moving what is the source of the word I don't even know what language is hitting some sort of traumatic think do you think they're looking forward to having her move forward cocktail with my own product because you are partial to the Martinez mean I like I like this and you know that kind of a party thing with highlights with quinine in it you know like a pinata with quinine and you can

the bark control in a bar or you can buy oregano and rosemary and Josh is making a vegan face over there but you can also put in sweeter things like vanilla or bust citrus peels are very popular I like classic other things like gentian I like or else but I don't think that's classic I don't think people normally put orison but I like or else but you got to be careful it I like things like fenugreek if you add like a million different things you get that kind of spice store smell so bear in mind that when you were using these Botanicals the quality of the Botanical vary widely depending on the source near for the strength of it so it's very difficult to follow a recipe written in grams that's made with a dried spice Because the actual potency of that dried spice can vary over you know I wouldn't say in order of magnitude but at least a factor of two or three times right and they can be very different so like what I like

Gander a lot and so be with their various different kinds of coriander some have more of a sacred Cenote and some some donuts he's got to be careful that the reason that they ask you to do it in the low proof and then for the fortification is to make it last longer OK and upholstery the reason they have you infuse it in the in the wind first and then I the other stuff is so that you don't boil the way too much alcohol right that's the reason sugar so you could you know you could feel it to seal a bag or Sheila flameproof bottle with a cork don't see her so they can build pressure explode because that would be dumb and you can heat it there without evaporating alcohol and that's the way I do hot infusion of Liquors all the time but very very careful that you're not hard feeling a container that can explode when you put cuz that with that Liquors going to boil at a much lower temperature than water and you can Infuse things that way and you could have an herb base you know you're there are like very bitter herbs

drinks like Swedish basket drop our which is like this incredibly bitter like wormwood I think and presumably you could add it to Wine I don't think the results going to be exactly the same because if using a lower proof is going to provide a different result from fusing at a higher proof ever might be delicious you never know you know I would I would assume that the results are going to be different every time you change how your infusing something what the alcohol level is temperature level the length of a fusion all things changed so you might be able to get a delicious product but I don't know that you'd get the same product as a classic classic made vermouth and also you can lose your going to want to sit together and marry a little bit before they get totally integrated so I'm going to think that you're not going to get a hundred percent the same result but you might get a delicious wants me as to what you're doing is more akin to making more work into making a Bitters and then adding the bitters to the to the wind Duluth theaters because you were to be adding more than you would for a bitters for the shakes make sense

anyway I hope that helps I don't think I was very helpful but they have it that's what I got Ryan bone loss in to into never-never land right that's what I do yeah okay so we're going to get you last Bob rice in thinks that we should name the torch thing tour strap it sounds like I'm being trapped at also write descriptive right by this is what happens when your people like you think you have something really good and I be like then like one idiot like this is why any of you out there are in the like think you're going to have kids in the near future don't tell anyone outside of your partner what the heck names are thinking of cuz you know what you don't want to hear it by the time you name the kid no one's going to be like

that name sucks because they can't they can't throw like the classic problem here too many outside people you don't know and then like so I'll give you a classic example of that remember they are over the Earth in young I used to be whatever you see the end of Anderson whatever was the accounting like firm that consulting firm right there now called Accenture and that's what happens when you have a name by committee Accenture I don't like that name does Accenture and the person who won a huge amount of money I think forgetting the name right so they're laughing all the way to the bank but you know I just I just don't think it's a five-year Accenture Accenture Century so it may be other I know the clamp that were making a cell with a torch thing ain't no one going to change the name of that things that Jed Clampett it's a jet clamps so that I can say to someone go Jed Clampett

you know how to say and I don't care I don't care people like but I don't I don't get that joke I don't care if you get it or not it doesn't matter to me it's a Jed Clampett see how easy it is when you have a conviction about something makes life so much easier Sam rights in about 10 TV rights in about teacher just want to know because she thought about it but 5 months into a year-long research project in Ecuadorian Amazon that kick some serious butt right the Amazon Amazon reason order the choke hello parently if I go to the choko I won't come back alive like I might come back as a food product but I'm not going to like choke has like completely in Columbia and I know you're not, but everyone in Columbia is like will Waiting by truck all amazingly beautiful can I go now

not controlled by anyone is crazy because I've had the opportunity to eat some pretty amazing Foods including fried Grubbs smoked cured monkey you know that's the one thing I can't co-sign although you explain later but I can't co-sign the crocodile, which is the largest freshwater fish in the world and Damned ugly so ugly a r a p a i m a four-legged animals I cannot identify I like that you stay away from the two-legged animals just in case I'm only consuming them while living in indigenous communities who's hunting practices may actually support conservation efforts in addition to these animals I've been consuming copious amounts of chicha not corn teacher but boiled yuca

which women and only the women to spit into clay pots add water to and left for men for up to four days the TJ is slightly sour alcoholic and has a thick wavy texture not way like you or the like kind of you know Mexican word for liking of ombre like way like Wade Milton way with a noticeable saliva undertone it's actually quite good my question is how would you mimic this and reproduce the saliva undertone in the United States as my assumption is serving humans live well received nor legal not sure legality of using animals so I have either probably not going to be okay but if we can eat tongue or blood sausage or horse tartare while he'll remember the horse starts hard saying what was a mistake people weren't supposed to be eating that that was a you know what's got fraud in in the Europe I don't really see why you can have it I don't really see why we couldn't eat for men

llama saliva applications besides just using it as a drink let me know what you think love is show Sam KB on your question who had recently over the alliance and was trying to outlaw eating a lion and so we got a bunch of calls yesterday because I wrote a post a long time ago wear one of the things we ate was lying and so everyone called me to expect me to be some rabbit defender of eating lion meat and in fact we no longer buy meat from the butcher that we got that from czimer's because it turns out that you know went to jail for for unsavory kind of sourcing in practice we don't use anymore but it's an interesting idea. Everything's coming everything's like weird things coming up weird like lion meat and weird Meats message okay back at you check the book that you want to look at is unfortunately extraordinary really expensive it's like $375 on Amazon and you know

what I advocate you downloading illegal PDF copies I was not able to find any legal PDF copy however you can get all the relevant information by going between Google Books and Amazon and they both preview different pages so you can paste together the net by the way that's the classic trick is if you look it up on the Google Books and their previews are different from the ones on Amazon and then I've also looked an international Amazon sites to get free views in between those to try and piece together like he's information I need but here's what you need the handbook of indigenous fermented foods 2nd edition revised and expanded by steinkraus all right and steinkraus devoted a career like really like these are really kind of amazing book so they have a section on on chicha and it's mainly about maze cheap but it goes into the whole production here's the thing remains teacher there's two ways to do this to the reason the saliva is working here is that you your mouth has amylase enzyme amylase enzymes

enzymes that break down starch or they break down starch into sugar so what they do is they chew on starch containing items that usually have been ground and cuffed right so that your mouth can act on the right not dry or sometimes just I guess with the flower I think it's cooked before and I have to go read it again. You chew on it and then you let it dry while the amylase stuff is working you then grind that mash it like you would a typical match thing that the end of the enzymes from your mouth will you know the greatest Arch during that process to Sugar the product is boiled too concentrated sugars and then fermented okay the other way to do it with that will work with corn but not with cassava is to actually germinate the corn the same way that you would terminate barley malt when you germinate you activate the amylase enzymes in the corn itself and you can then make a cheetah that way so what you're going to have to do is you're not going to get

use the saliva and it's by the way not just in South America this is traditional in all places that had starches and wanted to convert them to alcoholic beverages especially places that did not have grains at with germinate and provide other forms of amylase enzyme so this is traditional in many cultures to true on Star Search things show me this usually the women is that weird is it cuz it women only cooking or just cuz men are gross I don't know usually women in South America parents usually the older women and younger women wear weird anyway so here's the bad news for you and this guy Escobar in 1977 did his PhD thesis at Cornell University on chicha fermentation 405 of that book I was telling you about on indigenous fermented foods and he produce both germinated this

but so it's not directly related to cassava but produce both germinated chicha and salivated chicha up there in at Cornell both products for sun dried and ground into Powder Mill the flowers produce where they extract with water and a portion of one kilo water 250 grams of flour is 75 Celsius of constant stirring the Xbox with in filtered through a muslin cloth never duplicated bubble butt and they were then fermented for 6 days and here's the bad news for you teach a prepared by the salivation procedure was clear yellow in color and then alcoholic flavor resembling apple cider teacher prepared from Germany maze with darker in color Mortar Board and a slightly acid taste both the teachers are suitable for consumption after only two days of fermentation this salivated Chicho is Judge Superior in flavor

I don't know what to do about that we can probably find love you can just buy the enzymes now so maybe germination does other things for the flavor but you can just go by the enzymes now so you can probably get some of the amylase enzyme that are used by people like vodka makers who are taking potatoes and turning them into into vodka and use one of those amylase enzymes which way to order one once we never got one in there not the same as the Brewers are diastatic amylase things because they have kind of a more broad spectrum functionality and they work better there's two the two main amylase is it beta amylase and Alpha amylase and you can't be sure which one you're getting when you get it a home brew shop door trying to Source the really good deal maybe that would make a good spit like chicha I don't know good question love is kind of question the apollyon funeral oxidases and jam rights in and said just want to share that my restaurant we were team Lee Circle eat avocados in their skins for 50 Celsius for an hour and they are then indefinitely free of all Browning problems regards

could you know I would have thought you had to go much higher because and some other things polyphenol oxidase is not degraded for until much higher temperature to reach that's good to hear that works someone else give it to give me a call back Blake rights in why is my stop so sweet he says why does my why does my reduce chicken stock taste sweet is white chicken stock reduced to a sauce thicken tomato sauce to thicken baby commercial chicken wings carrot celery and onion the stock is not sweep before reduction okay here's what's going on thank you for previous self is that a young here's what's going on carrots have a lot of sugar in them and onions have a lot of sugar in them and especially as you reduce it that the kind of natural pungent flavors of the onion are going to die back and the only thing that's going to be remaining is the sweetness so what I'll do is drastic and carrots same way I would drastically reduced while I'm not saying was not the same but the sugar is going to

where does it goes in the same way that if you add salt to something and then reduce it it tastes too salty if you add sugar to something and reduce it can taste so sweet so I would dial back your your vegetables specifically your your onions and carrots that's what's going on dear Miss Hammer I like that Dear Miss Hammer thought of a name for the kicker for the project torch kemer listen to Z Astic sound of ever heard in my life. Thank you so much over rights in about rice cookers would love to have one device for rice cooking in pressure cooking thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the Fagor stainless steel 6-quart multi cooker that's an electric

pressure cooker rice cooker is it works then I think like why not have it although it has happened that I wanted to pressure cook in and cook rice the same time in my house that happens actually more often than you think because a lot of times you want rice and you want to brace thing to go with it and the fast racing so a lot of times having a pressure cooker and a rice cooker can be useful I happen to think that the Sochi Russia fuzzy neuro fuzzy like logic induction rice cooker that I own it's like you know about eight years nine ten no I don't think that's one of the greatest piece of the kitchen equipment I own and like I would not trade my Zojirushi for almost like any one of my pieces of equipment because it's so awesome and can hold rice for so long without any scorching or bad effect I love it so much the other thing is on it I read on the internet that the Fagor pressure cooker electric pressure cooker doesn't get up till 4:15 PSI which means you're going to be limited your recipes will not cook some recipes want that 15 psi and the flavor is going to be different recipes won't necessarily

the same because it won't reach the same pressure so bear that in mind or not giving that a thumbs-up or thumbs-down if you're handy might be able to modify it like I did my Cuisinart to get higher pressures and you can see how I don't recommend you to do that on the Block because backup okay or not write sins on Ice I cook the issues while back you make sure you discuss the ice program at PDX of people interested I'm interested I promise you that hug or not that's Tasha's now writing down that she just punching your keyboard would like all five fingers at once like it's a child's keyboard which I guess it is but a pair Nielsen rating on kombucha pronounce like the fruit pair with a Scottish accent I can't do Scottish shut off the cuff Jersey I can do its Norwegian hello Jack nastasha and Joe and the guy who answers the question which will be made after buying the art of fermentation my kitchen has been filling up with various yeast and bacteria experiment I've been doing some kombucha concussions and I'm pretty happy

results so far I've made a lemon for being a virgin after reading the Nordic Food Lab post about kombucha have two scobys in expanding my experimentation you have any suggestions for other things I can try to format using I'm going to try coffee although apparently I need to throw away the scoby afterwards whether she'll keep up the work they were doing Tom buchon a bunch of different things kombucha with scoby is is is a is a symbiotic with a community of yeast and bacteria I don't know if bacteria and yeast is basically acetobacter there's a form of acetobacter that forms of cellulose kind of pad make this kind of like spikes Kobe thing and then in it are other acetobacter living which create acetic acid and also yeast and other bacteria that generate other flavors and things that I did you take black tea or green tea or whatever you sweeten it so the yeast have something to eat they produce than they ferment it they make flavored

what's a penologist converted to vinegar by the Sea the back your bank kombucha then people think it has helped us this is one of those things were like all the sudden all these people were like I love this love that sounds like my research of crap on it like maybe that's against like it's against my better nature so I'm going to go research I read a bunch of stuff on the internet about it I would try here's what I haven't seen people try it I would try Coco Promises at SoCo but so I can get the fattest stuff because that can go rancid over long story but I think you can have problem cuz cocoa butter is very resistant to rancidity but like the side of cocoa might be interested because it has a lot of the same polyphenols that tea has which is one of the things that you know I guess I don't know there's interactions there which is also I guess why coffee is interesting

I will I will take from Momofuku Food Lab there because he he's been kept in fermentation I'm sure he's kombucha fide everything in the world there's an interesting article kombucha on the internet so I mean nothing dance on performing a kombucha fermentation on get this milk milk apparently got some interesting interesting results okay to get you next time cuz we're about to get stabbed out here with time John John rapper from weight from Seattle to Seattle Brooklyn like there's a Brooklyn in Seattle is crazy and wants to know I'd like to spend three or four days is 4 in Brooklyn who sponsored epitomize that part of the world and seeing people and places that would be a memorable even if they were somewhere else on the planet finding a great Bagel or Barista it would be time well spent Artisan to the top of the craft store spots of the story to tell and artwork

off the beaten path will all be good at anything food-related especially interesting if you want a visitor to say a broken for the rest of his life I've seen the best what it has to offer where would you take him all right I can grab stuff for burgers for the Bon Appetit Channel become Roberto's if you got the cash she probably go to Blanca right I'm going to be with them to Roberta's and then maybe you guys will all sit down with him hang out have pizza and enough give me the list when he gets here but if he's looking for a barista that'll change his life I've got two words in D Jesus is Jesus in Indy format that there's a lot of places I will look will give you a list when you when you when you when you come cuz we're going to I guess we'll talk more about it so I notice if that's not too bad so it's ya fun time

okay so are all the way out because Jack's going to pull my cord in a second Ryan bone rights in iMac computer science and engineering student when I found out about modernist cuisine I was blown away with the application is a technology in the scientific method on in cooking it's got me really interested in cooking so I started playing around with stuff convince my parents to get me the at home version of modernist cuisine good job parents and have generally had a fun time but I feel like I'm missing a lot of Foundations in cooking I got Michael Romans book ratio and learned a fair amount about baking from that but I know there's more I'm missing do you have any recommendations on books are resources to cover the foundations and fundamentals of cooking in a more scientific way rather than a sort of prescriptive recipe type way thanks Ryan okay listen I mean are they treating from a completely scientific perspective and in addition you know like people who do present things share a super sentence from a scientific perspective off and get it wrong

and so one of the things to do is to read old encyclopedia cookbooks and see how crazy friend since their nutritional advice is or how crazy their explanations for why X Y and Z cooking technique work instead I would read McGehee for the science I would read modernist cuisine for new techniques I will go on all the blogs on the internet before the fundamentals I still recommend going and getting books by people who were just freaking awesome cooks and what you want to look for that there's clearly books out there that are as you say just prescriptive recipes but you don't necessarily need to science when you're learning what you need is someone who has a lot of experience cooking and explaining to you why they do things you need to learn ways of thinking so any of the old people that you that you respect rap so Peter Peterson writes a bunch of amazing cookbooks Renaissance on the guys want a sausage it's great A lot of times he has explanations and science I don't agree with it but you're learning the basics

how to think like a cooked through their eyes like the old to volume color version of Japan's way of cooking not from the 80s amazing in terms of like how to think like see how he thinks if you want like high-end stuff you original French Laundry cookbook was amazing because it was showed how Keller approach thinking at The French Laundry you know it's like these are kind of books that I would look at 9 and try to think of a more exhaustive list of ones that I've been really helpful to me I mean I started cooking a long time ago so the ones that are helpful to me might be dated I got Julia Child's whatever it's called of the way the way to cook whatever that the big when she have which you know kind of was one of my first great cookbooks Giuliano bugialli is one of you know what a large Italian books I've always had had with me and so are you get one or two tones like this and they're not teaching you the science but they teach you a teacher a mental framework for cooking and that's what you

look for in a chef cookbook in checkable to get a couple of chefs cookbooks like real chefs get a couple of teachers cookbooks so I Julia Child was a teacher a great teacher and choco pan grade teacher Mio from those a Peterson great teacher get some of those teaching styles to learn books to learn that kind of way of thinking and don't worry so much about the signs that say keep whatever you read anyone stuff you should be questioning the science behind it and the only the only been when you meet a formation like that.

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