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Episode 117: Fecal Beer

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and that was yours I don't know where the cooking music theme song coming in the back of the British between Bushwick Brooklyn that Mike over there and you're also joined with America hello I shouldn't have a mic if she will in a second and as usual joined with the hammer Lopez Jill and Jack in the engineering Rockstar life where is he going to tour where you going to go I'll be in Austin doing a few shows down there and I think a few shows on the way to Austin like what what's the big between here and Austin I'll bet I don't know you're asking the wrong guy

now I have no idea anyway good luck to Joe a joke that's great thank you so much thanks for coming in and this was the long-awaited live performance of the cooking and she seemed here on the on the area where you at where you guys came from the people don't already know call going back to Southern Connecticut I know if you remember back when I was up in New Haven way what are you guys doing in New Haven but I do most of my experiences and fine-dining so I started to take that and move it to serve people lunch of this company and work for called Higher One they seem to really like it

people great staff and I just take a big interest in sort of the modernist movement and doing everything in house so I run a full bred program there a program on blue plastic trays and it's got a funny nice nice nice at this very moment with the kickstarter is today we haven't we haven't found it yet but as of last week is Friday right we have our patent-pending sexual sauce is Friday so I have my first patent pending and tonight I can tell you guys what it is we're working on here's what it is so

anyways listen to me knows that I have issues with use of torches in the kitchen cuz when your what happens is I always find that they make with what I call a torch taste and that you can tell the flavor of something if it's been torched the other problem with torches is that they tend to burn one spot if you're not very careful she have to back way back on him very difficult to control because you have a very hot kind of Point heat source is blasting very fast can also move stuff around the torch the torch gases are moving so fat now for years years we've all thought that what was going on was an improperly mixed plane right or incomplete combustion of the propane or butane and so there's a lot of arguments back and forth on well it's that it's the gas right it's so that's why some people like well butane taste better than propane Bubba Bubba blah or that somehow if you can complete the combustion of what I like what I used to think it was was they put Stinky Stink offense I don't know what they're called

Prince Harry go into gases so you can tell if there's a gas leak typically sulfur-containing things more captains that you can smell in very small concentrations anyways turns out none of that's the case we sent some we send some products including the new thing that we're making over to Ariel UC Davis our good friend who did some GC Mass Spec work on Meats cook in a pan Meats cooked with a regular torch and meats cooked with our new attachment right now what are New Testament does is it arrest the flame right allows for complete combustion but also spreads it out and turns it into mainly radiant energy so what it is it's a it's a cone that fits over your torch and has two screens on it and those two screens convert the majority of the heat of the torch into radiant energy and stops her from being a direct hardcore blasting flame on to your thing and also

evenly so do you have a 3 inch circle of glowing red like right it's like crazy glowing red and the other thing about it with it because the screen is such a light thermal Mass unlike other radiant things like salamanders that take a long time to heat up the suckers at full blast in like a couple of seconds not everyone says it's many minutes until it's raging it. Yeah you can start cooking with a pretty quickly but this sucker instant on anyways so she did a test of pan cooking torch cooking and the the new attachment for making and it turns out that what happened with the propane isn't on combusted fuel it's that the super high heat high intensity direct flame on the torch is creating new combustion flavors on the meat that are undesirable and taste fuelly and we have the data and we do the kickstarter you know in my gut will probably do the Stars

so like will show their diagram she did The Taste diagram and there's kind of a good half and a bad half car half is it doesn't taste the same as the we haven't done test vs. grilling which is what we think it's more like or like straight boiling we're on the good half of it of the taste of thing in the torch cooking by itself is on the bad half due to these other newly created cooking by any who so we have one problem left with this attachment and it'll fit on we're making it right now to fit on the three most common tortures you have in kitchen but the one problem we have we don't have a name for it yet

yeah we saw that we've thrown around me but no one likes know we don't like it at all during I because it looks like you just like it best glad to give Piper his is UPS you know I love myself Sandpiper but it's absurd name for the for the product because it's too long hey just don't go get The Offspring I like 8 cuz I love sawzalls cuz he doesn't have a Sawzall anyone out there that doesn't have a Sawzall can come and have a discussion with you privately sawzalls are amazing and where they saw they saw some things everything Sawzall Sears all Sears Roebuck I don't want to buy a kazoo sound like Sears Roebucks I got some some some blowback on that I can't use anything with the word dragon in it because it's already a torch company that uses the word dragon

it's got to be something got to be something I don't know that that's easy to trademark wheel I like that we like some Christmas Sally like Sally but like Piper this is Piper's Sally handr but I was March Sally Matic but no one likes that cuz that's like Sally Matic but I don't like feeling like the silly names why I like Sally's it sounds friendly and it sounds like something you might say Sally instead of Sally Mander some version of Sally in a in a water, what do I do when I'm going to pressure from the Starship we're going to probably put the letters a s e for all steering I after this

all right all right so so we're probably put the letters ASC afterwards because this is the all seeing eye version we might have a tabletop version it's not so here's here's to cooking issues contest of the next week's me to get this thing straightened out we're working on it so we might not use any suggestions however if we get a suggestion in that we use you will get a free version of whatever the hell this thing is called that we are trying to help us the name without having to invest money in the kickstarter right there into consideration for the username and our ability to use an opportunity speaking contest I have to give a shout out to call Miles who became a member of Heritage Radio at through cooking issues so thanks Co nice nice BB membership Drive is he coming in from Houston I don't think so but if if he ever gets here he says he'll he'll come he's an interesting dude I don't know how much he wants me to tell you about himself on the air but I met him at 8

low temperature class and interesting dude and you know I mean it sounds actually awesome cuz I've had the problem of the Torches you want some reason I first started working on this is there is is I'm interested in finishing low-temperature Meats in a regular salamander right doesn't have that doesn't have the whatever the play doesn't have the temperature meat and so this does because you can get extremely closer service of the meat or you can pull back with almost no burn but then it has a lot of ancillary things like if you roast a chicken and you know and it's not quite done certain point you can hit it without it getting on that or like you know if you're doing burgers and you don't want to you don't want to steam your burger you can do

show the shape of the cheese on top and then melt the cheese out directly with this thing almost instantly without having to like either throw it in the salamander or or cover it so that this burger is steaming useful like to help to finish off a little parts of the area of a grill when you're not working right so they just useful to have around it pops off and on your torch anyway we're looking forward to it going all right all right how's it doing down there in Durham not great but got a quick question for you about polyphenol oxidase is an avocado yes problematic write a question I was looking at the rain just like 25 to 35 ft is I think their optimal thing but I'm trying to do like an avocado roulade without using any kind of acid right

I seem to remember somebody testing this out I've never actually tested it myself I seem to remember somebody that we obviously the trick is to cook it to a temperature that inactivates the enzymes without rupturing the cells and I would guess that you'd want to do something in the mid-to-high 50s you know I mean maybe like like 60 should wipe it out right don't you think 176 I don't know that you're going to have that much change at 60 I mean I don't know what's going to happen to the other products of respiration in the avocado at that temperature is great I mean I would give it a shot and see what happens just don't peel of a novel I wouldn't go vacuum it because you'll smash it you know what I mean avocados into into 60 degree water or even 65 I would try cuz I think the Bruno good so he was trying to inactivate the enzymes in papaya without hat without doing anything to The Flash

I tried it we hated it because it intensified that diaper smell the pies have up here that nasty baby diaper smells pies have that I think they have what they say they don't have in South America which is why I guess they like them in South America and everyone here is so I think was using 65° so you might want to try that for but then the question is you should use a sous-vide whatever that whatever the polyscience sous-vide application is for the iPad just to calculate your time temperature ratio remember though you don't need it to get all the way to the seed so you know take the take the numbers with a grain of salt because you're only really penetrating the first

however much that is and you know depending on what kind of avocado I'm assuming you're using a hazer equivalent not like that so I mean I don't know how long it's going to take to penetrate but you know the sous vide tool when was it was a thing called to calculate what your what your time if you try it please tell us what happened so that we know it's been a problem for a while and you know Mom goes great with avocado but you don't know you want to use it I guess that's true I guess you don't always want lime although a lot of times I love myself but I doubt if I can think about it mean I like we swim in avocados in my neighborhood they're basically free it's like it's like cheaper to use avocados and packing peanuts in the Lower East Side and some places when you buy him but try to give it a shot and if I can remember to do it I'll try to get a shot to happens

what I do it just set up like a rock I don't know what I'm doing wrong my weave Me Like a Rock like how much like a rock like a soft rock or like a hard rock you can't put a dent into it if I can't get my finger through I don't know what to do if I'm cooking if you want a little bit more yellow than yours and it's just going to high but I mean my Pro says it's going to 133 I think is what you said that's the Finish but I think I pull it at like 1:31 or 1:30 to go back and look at the go back and look at the thing again your ad but you're in you're out of the corn syrup I mean like looking at you like a degree or two lower CC what's what's going on it's not crystallizing though right still staying clear because if you have to nougat candy for those who don't know what the heck were talking about is a candy where you cook sugar to a particular point my memory is it at the finished temperature should be at 1:33 with a little bit of a little bit of coin

cherub added to prevent crystallization and what you do is it has to be this exact texture that is a solid but still bendable when it when it cools down and you form into a donut and then you stretch it at all the time putting it through cornstarch or mixture of cornstarch and Coco or mixture of cornstarch and whatever other powder flavors you want and folding it stretchy folding stretching it until you stretch it into the into the width of cotton candy it becomes like it's like cotton candy is called dragon's beard in China and in other places like Iran and it has a other names like I think they call it technician the other thing what's it called anyway so I forget I can't remember what it's called to call something a lot of cultures have this thing and then but the issue is if it's too soft it'll just blast apart on you and if it's too hard you can soften it in the new

but when it is you're not extremely quick it'll chill and when it shows it hardens and then it'll rupture sometimes explosively it's quite amusing to watch me getting covered in things and yelling and screaming and cursing when that happened but I would try just a degree or two lower and then letting it like letting the thing temperature rise as it comes off the thing are you not altering the batch size are you

I cut it in half once and I tried to do the phone cuz it's just me and my apartment I don't need you now to pounds of candy I've never tried it with a smaller batch size and it might be that the batch size you're getting a fast-rising temperature with a smaller batch size the larger batch size was just as hard as a small one I'll give another shot and let you guys know how it goes along with that avocado thing I cool thanks brother all right thanks give up the great work on the show female listener totally busted but anyway his point was that we have absolutely no female listeners and not only a female listener but one from Budapest so we'll know my point is we have no single female listeners

or interested in me right right okay listen to all your toes and apparently up to date with podcast thank you how you guys make it home even more entertaining and I have learned a great deal from you which which I'm very thankful if you are still not tired of my questions right I mean the bang you might hear from the lunatics upstairs I guess they're like they're beating a tree to death there's trees growing on top of us and I think they're beating a treated that really I don't know why don't you build a treehouse you have to be to trade again okay so here's the new one how do I prevent the sugar in dulce de leche from the green turned out beautiful the way you told me it would but after a week or two it started having little sugar crystals in it and we would like to give it a homemade dulce de leche to our guests at our wedding if not married yet

at the wedding and we nice to get her something it stays smooth should I put golden syrup in it thank you very much in advance I haven't been the best okay if not sugar per said it was not table sugar it's causing the grain is in your dulce de leche it is lactose and what happens is that when you heat the and concentrate the the milk making the dulce de leche you all of a sudden put the lactose in a position that it is super-saturated one so cool and so overtime lactose will a crystallized and then be form larger and larger crystals agglomerate until the lactose crystals get to a point where it tastes Andy in your mouth at which point very difficult to get rid of them now I see you should be able to reheat your dulce de leche in like a water bath all the way up you have to go above 93 I think or above you know 85 93 to get it to go Rita's all again I don't know how long you have to keep it there but that's not going to solve your problem because what you want to do

give it as a gift and then and then have it stay good for a long. Of time so you know that's probably not going to help you the reheating it okay now the way that they do it the way they do it in condensed milk right if you're I know you're not making dulce de leche from condensed milk because you're doing it the old-fashioned way but the way that they make sweetened condensed milk not have this problem is they add miniature lactose very very fine lactose seed crystals as it's cooling down and by doing that they see it was such small crystals that the crystals are small enough that you don't sense them in your in your on your tongue also not an option for you although it might be possible to add a small amount of sweetened condensed milk to the dulce de leche as it cools down to see it with the small crystals I don't know how much you need to add and you'd want to add them when the stuff is around 35 Celsius and place where it's still liquid enough to move around but that you know it's not hot nothing it's going to dissolve the sea crystals a k

I also this is probably not going to work out for you there are various stirring regiments and cooling regiments but I couldn't find one that reliably worked right so here's down to my last one see what you think about this you can buy lactase lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose into his to constituent sugars okay if you add lactase to the me what you think I can get it pharmacies right cuz people are lactose intolerant can buy lactase and put or even if I lactose-free milk but you know you can do it yourself cuz you might have him know that you like right you add the lactose do it like this will break up the lactase will break up the lactose butt right cheek lactose is necessary in the saying in the in the mix because it's a reducing sugar right so that the reduced so straight Supra I don't think inverts enough into the dulce de leche to provide a reducing sugar such that it's going to get adequate Browning so some people use glucose glucose

I have to limit the amount of glucose you act but if you break down the lactose you'll still have its reducing sugars when you break it down and according to Advanced Dairy chemistry volume 3 lactose water salt in minor constituents if you add you know a lactase and convert a mere Thirty or forty percent of the lactose in the milk then that's enough to prevent recrystallization of the lactose as it as it cools down so go buy that added to the milk let it sit around for a day then make your dulce de leche stuff should not crystallize although please run a test before your wedding because I do not want to ruin your your your wedding gifts out to your people in that book is that I'd always assumed that the baking soda to people add to the dulce de leche was there to enhance the Meijer reactions by making the product more basic but it also turns out that has another purpose now just read it directly from Advanced Theory chemistry where is it

milk and sugar is his first neutralized with calcium hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate so they're they're using baking soda or or calcium oxide and lactic acid probably a neutralization of the destabilization of casein micelles of the consequence of the decrease in PH during evaporation which in turn is due to the concentration of calcium phosphate formation of organic acid for lactose degradation in hydrolysis of phosphoric acids of casein so there's actually a sad being formed in the milk as it is being boiled down which can lead to the destabilization of Casey myself did not know that you're on the air

hi Uncle emulsifying beef Tallow just straight-up you if you weren't trying to make a former Frost save a container or do the hand blender and then once you did that if you could do that

being without so mean you're going to want to add if you going to have an emulsifier to aerate the beef that you're going to want to add something that is

lipophilic right so you're going to you're going to add probably mono and diglycerides or lecithin right but I've never liked you have to somehow aerated and keep the aeration stable so that you can chill it right for a few minutes but had to go to stay that way aerated fat are is straight fat not like I mean it'd be easy if you emulsify the stuff into a water base right. Made a fake cream and then kind of whip that up like like Cool Whip right but you want straight fat, she chocolate is mostly straight fat and I got to remember what they used to emulsify chocolate when they make the aerated chocolate stuff

chocolate right so and cocoa butter is a little Indians firmer obviously firmer than be fat but you can set the sucker up I mean if you were to whip air into it right then wait until it's almost started to set up and you might need to add an emulsifier like mono and diglycerides are like less if there's a little chocolate and then put in a vacuum machine suck a vacuum on and so are rates the same way that like while he's are rated floor works or you know and then I'll put that sucker in ice water to set it you might be able to get it to you might be able to get it to work I can get it to Glen.

this week's podcast ever thought about non-dairy ice cream I don't have my full recipe with me at the moment but I make my using soy creamer heated low on a burner to incorporate sugar and off in other flavors EG mint and then I put it in the fridge overnight along with a can of chew coconut milk the next day I scooped a solid fat off the top blend it with the rest of the base and then freeze it as indicated the recipe surprise many people when they're told us dairy free and it's nearly impossible to taste of coconut flavor Paul Peterson and in addition NASA Road in Dave re regarding dairy-free gelato modernist cuisine at home makes awesome flavors using Nut Butter juice oil and cornstarch remember when we used to make stars that years ago the pistachio and then modernist cuisine me the same one in the word ending in the same length but different nut butter in a non-dairy ice cream which is why you know if you're going to use commercial stuff a lot of that natural products like they're kind of grainy whereas you know you know are good are good buddies a jiffy and Skip know how to grind

does peanuts and tell their some tiny tiny tiny tiny particles so you can taste him and when we were using nut Butters to make him back at the FCI you know we were we were we were first blending that we were first rubber cutting them then fighter prepping them then putting them in a Santa wet grinder to reduce the particle size down to you know almost nothing and then spitting them as Center fuse to further get the that the larger particles that settle out to the we had a super creamy thing so we got a super preview result your results May Vary shoes

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the song is for a Harold McGee you were one of my favorite books called on food and cooking a souffle

I just read through the six

iconic Herald

and just like me do you want to be

part of his release, I do maybe not you but it's about Harold the best of friends we'll talk about Myers

my favorite line Harold McGee who's better than you

the general doesn't General that like that like that there's a person from Boardwalk Empire

I haven't watched it yet

okay thank you I will call Harold McGee and hat make sure you listen to I wouldn't if I'd known I could call him beforehand I had to listen, and some of the country right now who knows he's flying around the world is my reactions an attorney said so on his on his email the pumps for the New Orleans Public and the power generation facility the loss of power cause a loss of pressure in the water system as a result they they should I boil water alert recommending that everyone bring water to a rolling boil for 60 seconds are work coffee machines apparently heat water to a hundred eighty degrees which is in a thermic rapper on a hot plate so at temperature for at least a little while is 180 degrees Fahrenheit to bring it to 212

thanks for the show keep up the good work and can't wait to hear about the kickstarter you are exactly right your coffee machine water might taste like dirt right might be crap if it mean like I don't just mean literally crap like the water my taste bad now that's not going to get solved by by the boiling right I guess you could flag stuff out by boiling it right anyway but

here's the thing you don't need to heat it up to the boil in fact I found some very interesting articles on water pasteurization in places like Africa now in places that don't have a safe water work as an epidemic going around and they issue a water boiling think the problem is it takes a lot of resources to bring actual water to the boil takes a lot fewer resources in terms of wood to burn fuel to use whatever to bring water up to a lower temperature does a bunch of Articles out there that show that in fact heating to 65 degrees Celsius is adequate everything is heated to 65 degrees Celsius is adequate to assure that you pasteurize your water such that it safe to drink it doesn't have some inorganic crap in it that's like poison poison at the boys not going to happen anyway so it was really cool is that these guys are develop you since you go to I think it's like solar or something like that these guys

about this really cool system for you sand in places without power where you make a trough and the Sun is heating the water and they have a little vial of a little Airfield vial that has a solidified soy protein soy fat in it exactly 154 degrees Fahrenheit and it's in the top of this vile that's that's weighted down but it's like floating in the water and you can know it's down at the bottom which is the coldest part of the water and if you look at it in the fast run to the bottom of the tube it means it's melted in your whole thing came to temperature so it's a quick verification that you are that your stuff is working out the fat inverted is ready to go again so yes it's something I didn't know about this whole solar solar Patrick nation of water in places but there you have it 65 so 65 being below 82

atteberry atua rights in are there any can't miss technical food events in New York City of the week of March 26th and Sasha are there any technical food events in the week of March 26th

the kitchen test but that's just a show is coming in and doing a thing and then we're just going to like chill out for him for teaching the class you have it a chance to see the great Bruno gun show at David bouley Test Kitchen there might still be space available I have no idea we're supposed to go in and just chill out for a little bit right

www.el ecrea. Com

wow I just couldn't pay attention you say it say it again l e c r e a. Com School March 27th Heritage Radio Network II Salon party which will be on the hunt for the city's best vodka cocktail maybe not supposed to vent but still pretty cool that mean we make a pretty good night is at family friendly but Hancock rice in what is the name of the Apple Preserve in England I'm traveling to London two weeks was hoping to visit thanks though there's not going to be much there now I think on the on the trees figured out what it is the brogdale the broad Dale and it's it's it's it's in Kent in a town called faversham is called the brogdale nastasha been there an inspection I've been there now a couple times or no you in once I went to


alright okay Beach California or south from blah blah blah about how to make a naked egg you search how to make a naked I know it's possible to dissolve the shell off a raw egg using vinegar which leaves the raw egg intact in a semi permeable membrane I also know that this ruins the flavor of the a completely I popped One open in fried it up how to solve it was awful salad vinegar in the shape of a Friday not just vinegar that there's also a lot of dissolve calcium in there and the calciums gross because you ever eat an egg shell egg shells and nacho bueno mean like that calcium what you're doing with the vinegar is you're taking a calcium carbonate that's in the shell and dissolving in a solution so you probably also getting a nasty calcium taste on top of the vinegar taste so probably a double whammy of

I also know you can dehydrated deshell Day by soaking it by the way here's what doesn't work you cannot read a get you can't like take the egg after you dissolve the shell and then put it in calcium hydroxide and have it read incorporate into a into a shell company both said that you can and I tried it I tried it like five different times you can't do it then we form into a new shape We Heart in the Shell that I can have like a Japanese Square egg makers yeah which but they know they make squared x out of shelled eggs not out of eggs in the shell so whatever but I want to say can you do a child back when I had more time to try things and it doesn't work that's the one I also know that this will make it taste any better if not somehow we're so I haven't tried it yet what got me excited and vinegar then dehydrate you can rehydrate it in water if the raw egg absorb the flavor of vinegar

it also absorbed from the flavors present in the liquid rehydrated so why not deshell and dehydrated raw egg then rehydrate it with chicken stock or any other flavor for liquid that's just the first one I thought of as soon as you would you be able to get a unique intensity flavor that we much different from pickled eggs or tea eggs and they still being raw allows it to be used in other preparations and form forms I'm imagining preparations like flavor infused Friday for example the first Asian having zits on the show without ruin the flavor and then after that how else could you go by dehydrating it without corn syrup with corn syrup as Moses on the flavor is there a better method may be storing best compact blah blah blah I don't think that's going to work probably going to want to use osmosis otherwise you're going to have everybody can have some private issue is the real question is what we don't know is what can make what I don't know I should say is that what can go through they the key thing is semi permeable so the question is what can go through and what can clearly if the inside of your thing tasted like vinegar than vinegar can make it through the membrane right

water can make it through the membrane that's why I was Moses is working can protein make it through the membrane I would guess not so you know can other peptides make it through the membrane I don't know so the questions which flavors are going to be able to transfer through like can you get sugar through can you get clearly vinegar you can get through so it's a question of what can go through and and what can't as a question of what you can do for flavoring if it sounds interesting I have to give it more thought rather than just a morning thinking about it this is the kind of thing that you know is you're saying McGee is probably thought of once or twice

does everything get well yeah he's around thinking and he doesn't tell you about it until he's pretty sure he's right that's the thing about McGee he doesn't just even just go spouting off so I wouldn't think desiccant packets would work because what you want to do if you don't want to have a case-hardened situation which you would probably get in the membrane you probably turn into a thing also I would go with a very high acid vinegar so that you can dissolve the shell extremely quickly and not wait for all the acid to diffuse through the membrane if you want to get less and so go by if you go to Russian stores you can buy 10% vinegar which is pretty hardcore I have some members. We went to go get the boss and I bought it at 10% vinegar neutralize that will still leave some acidic taste if you've ever tasted acetates different acetate vinegar salt sorry I do not have good information with that

and where we at with we actually have a little time I spent do that so fast by the way it's Jason up is not rode into Eunice Tasha just checking is this the correct email address send a question and clearly since I'm reading it it is I would love to call Riley it in Tasmania and then and Friends Australia like really you're not like that you're just like I'm from Tasmania like we don't know where this guy remember everyone in the United States grew up with the Tasmanian devil we all know where Tasmania like ask is any other like country or place we have no idea where the hell it is but like everyone that has manian devil I got to look up where that thing comes from and take a look at my right to cooking issues yeah right far as you know 10 million devils are like kind of awesome like his like you seen their mouths when they open their mouths

who would win a Tasmanian Devil or Wolverine as a guy that just doesn't come up I just doesn't come up you know I'll sahlstrom Road in can one use gentian quinine excetera as beer as a beer bittering agent do different herbs produce noticeably different bitter flavors obviously hot flavor / Aroma involves a lot that goes beyond that but I'm curious about the differences in bitter compound okay look

bitter I'm like acid I'm not going to get into like what I believe in what I what I don't believe her the fact that I'm freaked out that different acids have different flavors even though their non-volatile and even though they don't all have bitter compliments right and I still don't fully understand why doesn't malic acid taste different than citric acid but to a first-order approximation sourness is a relatively simple flavor in that it activates one type of receptor only and your tongue ditto with sugar different sugars have different flavors because they have different onset of Sweetness in different different after tastes and different off notes for instance I hate Stevia can we buy I hate Stevia, or is that already taken well I came up with a way that I can match the awful Taste of the stevia me to I don't use it sucks

aftertaste domains available

Jack can you buy that sweet fifteen bucks if anyone out there who wants it right and it will give you an email address and I hate Stevia. Com okay which one I hate which one I hate the Montenegro website domains. Me and so I was going to get everybody hates. Me and then I can be like I'm David everybody hates. Me Indie Jesus taught me also available

what would his address be me and Jesus taught me back to the question back to the question stay on task so

do your thing couple of things with the sweetness is like a similar receptor sourness ditto salt bitterness is there are many different bitter receptors on your tongue so there's all these different Umami I guess also one one set of things but bitterness has many different receptors and so there are consequently very many different types of bitterness in fact I taste a lot of bitter things but I am a very low taster for prop which is what they use to determine whether so some of us will have either a very very strong reaction to the chemical properties I can't remember what the name of the thing is right and those people in general are called supertasters and it used to be thought and buy some people still is thought that your ability to taste prop correlated with the number of taste buds and therefore how well you could taste other things

Professor Zucker at Columbia says that's a load of horse hockey but whatever you don't nobody knows so so prop you can totally lack the gene for tasting prob and you're calling Nan taste or you could be a regular case or somewhere in between you guys ever taken the prop test you put the strap on your thing and some people will think it just tastes like paper and some people good taste it right father compounds I'm extremely sensitive to so is this one category a bitter receptors that you know I'm deficient in Stars it with your stead you like a number so that the point is is that bitterness can be very different depending on your doing what were you doing that you get in beer now

bear and and and you can get many beers at the old form of beer I was called one of the four forms of called grew it and it's herb beer without hops in use for a long time and beer in Germany and in that area didn't spread throughout the rest of Europe until relatively late like in the Fourteen fifteen hundreds right and didn't become dominant in till like around that time I think 14 15 maybe even a little bit later and every areas and so some people have even tried to bring back beer Styles it don't have any Hobbs nm in the most notable with the ones I used to get there's a Scottish beer company I have it somewhere in this massive letters that have in my thing but I've tried their beer they have a Heather beer they have a kelp beer I like the head of your not to enter Pine beer the Pioneer I actually really liked with Spruce but Hoppe's is not the only thing in the bitterness is not the only reason it's there also it's there because hopsack

as an antimicrobial as a preservative in beer so if you're going to have hop free beer you want to make sure that you're not going to have other things growing in it now hops the article to look at is

I have it here written down for you beer spoilage bacteria and Hopper assistance and you can get the whole thing on the internet and it has a really interesting history of hops using and and was doing hops destroys would have called gram-positive bacteria so bacteria divide one of the ways to divide bacteria roughly in the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and it was based on this diagram from Denmark Ellie's dance people dance love dance love dance this way of staining bacteria to look at them under the microscope and you know didn't didn't really understand the significance of it it turns out that it is actually quite significant not just the weather. It stands a particular color but to what the outside of that they like what the outside of the bacteria is whether it has a you know an extra lipid layer on the outside of the bacteria so it actually is a good way to determine like whole different sections of bacteria anyway some gram-positive bacteria of Interest

are lactobacillus and pediococcus and these bacteria are some of the most common spoilage bacteria and beer giving it nasty ropey this and kind of lactic all flavors right and nukes those things right whereas gram negative things like acetobacter it doesn't get as heavily affected and write Ashley's weird there's some there's some leftover there's a lactic acid bacteria to become resistant to Hops and they are becoming a renewed interest and when I was reading this I learned hear some other nasty ones hear some nasty things that aren't killed by Hop's ready please text anonymous which provides extensive turbidity and defensive rotten egg smell in my favorite Mega Sarah the production of hydrogen sulfide causes a fecal odor in beer my favorite is a fecal odor which makes this bacterium one of the most feared organisms for Brewers

write good news is really nice out there though I fell asleep and he ran over if they have it yeah who is Lewis but I'm going to make him aware that we ship them a sample of Mega Sarah that you can mix and we can make some some strong some simple Island fecal beer to you until I hear something I got to do is tell him that makes him more hip

they can put on their Grado headphones and drink there fecal beer know the Leavitt High Life the champagne of beers right real familiar with the Miller highlight correct so Miller High Life we serve it in the bar in the little miniature pony bottles with these tiny bottles as a garnish at the beer is a garnish too salty drink we make all the Corsair the Corsair it we we we spin clarify we blend and spin clarified lemons not to make a hundred percent clear but just to make them thinner so that they work in a shake and drink and to get rid of a lot of the Albedo I Would we not with that

to preserve lemon Moroccan style hand Corsair you know Moroccan Pirates and lime juice and tequila and makes a super salty drink that I like and then we started with this little like Pony of Miller High Life is the garnish and here's the thing how is it fraud because everyone knows who thinks about beer that hops when exposed hop compounds right which is Hugh Malone's get decomposed and in Wharton the word boiling to isohumulone which are the bittering agents that are soluble in water valve acids as they're known and these suckers in the in the presence of ultraviolet light right breakdown and form skunky components by Scavenging sulfur in it in a really good really good treatment of it that's all I was very readable and seemed accurate from what I can remember what I know is light strike in advance a life strike Advanced Brewing by Chris Bosh

how can I forget if he has little web article that's really nice on it where you actually tells you what the compounds are there being broken apart in a very readable way that's always very good so go check it out for stuff online where is the interesting part Miller High Life comes in a clear bottle and does not get skunked how you do it

yeah right that they use these hop acid extracts that have been worked with so that they don't skunk out anymore and on the way out I'm going to read you what they do under under Chris Bible section another approach of protecting beer from light striped apart from storing beer and light proof containers which is the right way to do it except for the fact that Miller High Life bottle is so awesome that you don't want to mess with Miller High Life just to keep the beer good right kidding kidding proof containers the photosensitivity of beer can be reduced by chemically altering the iso alpha acid so that the chemical precursor to the photochemical reaction responsible for producing light struck a k a skunk flavor is not present within the beer I still have two acids can be converted to reduce price of Ashes by hydrogenation reaction with sodium borohydride three major types of reduce ISO acids can be produced I hydro tetra-hydro and hexahydro interesting ly I don't have time to read the whole thing of Interest

they still break apart when they're hit by light but the stuff is broken apart doesn't form the nasty spunkiness and this is how Miller High Life the champagne of beers can maintain the clarity and beauty of its Pony size bottles without having a skunk flavor thank you Joe till next week

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