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Episode 115: Cookie Shards

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hello I'm in the back of the truck over here in an old container in the back of the pizzeria in your little rough right join as usual and with special guests who I jack when it's playing the the contest here radio network so he's sitting in for cooking issues was a chef retire

15 years ago now where we where we just having him for our I was at the Old Town bar on 18th Street for about 10 years so far it's been great to three shows and really enjoying and now live in the back of a bird is here folks I've had we have people doing their hair while looking at us right like it's a one-way mirror very strange. Stuff out of business before we start the show I've to Big shout outs John riper listener and he submitted a few questions made a very nice donation to her to dread your network so thank you John and today you and I hope I said that became a member of Heritage Radio Network. Org as well so cooking issues fans showing their support beautiful we have a question from both of them and it is you who died from Silver Spring Maryland you don't get some love for Silver Spring Silver Spring Maryland

my car broke down there wants Joe has not the first time she said I like it on the program I might be it might be related questions today just went into into the Twitter and said how did Anastasia get the nickname The Hammer the way you think I don't know because the whole point is it we have this thing where I'm supposed to be nice to people other than her and she is supposed to be mean to people and see this is the way most what kind of business teams work right where you have the one person who's always kind of female-friendly right so they never appear to be that the jackass right and then you have the other one the hammer who basically like now

you said that you can have it if he was going to do he's not going to do that you can't have it and she supposed to do that but it turns out people but she's actually only mean to me so I might try to be mean to people you are not happy about it and you're like what are you doing that's not that's not okay and also she has all the subtlety Define subtlety of a hammer

Hammer boom strength and Powers Kirk must be to you all that you erased it said can you tell Dave that you're smarter than him but then with an emoticon afterwards that kind of like you know how freaking hammer out see I was going to see that's why she's a hammer I was going to leave that out I was leaving that out of the equation for unless you bring it up as strong as you know it makes me appreciate the the Lopez

do you want to 871-849-7128 let's go to the question we already have from John riper new donor and member thank you and as we said I get a couple weeks to apples are better when you picked diaper right with not have it at work more flavor is that true or is it the same kind of perceived wisdom as searing the me to seal in the juices is when rent and throws he's all my God and Jesus is back on Tuesdays

gaming memes I wish that everyone who can hear our voices could see the glory the glory that is indeed Jesus and we're not allowed to play other people's music anymore but I need a little bit of what's the buzz tell me what's a happening going on for your little Andrew Lloyd Webber Ashley and maybe just for us to listen to during the break so that I can have some indie Jesus for the game Sorry John I had to put a different engine here but now I got into into Jesus on my mind okay to see this is an old and old thing that chefs and Cooks say that dates back to Justice finally big and it was this is one of Harold McGee's great kind of personal hangs his hat on this fact is that he was the first to call what's it what's a play wasting vs is horse hockey whatever yet the first to call crap on that crap and in fact

something that is that makes incredibly delicious crust on a meat has nothing to do with ceiling in the juices right just so you know the background for John's question okay I can see how the bones could affect the shape of a roast and influence heat transfer into the flesh but I'm missing how a bone generates much flavor even two adjoining meet let alone how about affects the flavor of roasted meat that's further away John I think you're you're you're dead right here I think what the bone is is the bone is a moderating its moderating element from the heat transfer for standpoint also mean I guess you can make an argument that the more you hack into a piece of meat to get rid of the ball in the more you spread it out unless the whole piece of meat but yeah I think it's mainly is it in terms of actually adding flavor other than the fact that I love Louis Prima song The Closer To The Bone the sweeter is the meat the last slice of Virginia ham is the best you can eat

aside from that I don't think there's much to it from an actual flavor standpoint and assuming equal cooking if you took a cube of meat that was far away from the bone or close to the Bone other than the inherent muscular differences between them I don't think I'd be much difference is like what do you think

I would say that it's one of the things you still believe in your in your kind of like you know if you don't think about you by the way but my feeling I just got a secret feeling to John Powers Kirk is in fact just another biscuit hater like you smell a hater of biscuits I want to call in and tell me I'm an idiot moron that in fact about moon really affect the flavor but I don't think so sad is delivering pizza

before I do this Wednesday with a bad person I mean I don't know the man that isn't it I wish you would deliver me people he might

this is awesome okay JoJo Jack and my family wants more bread to my wife and I can bake and so she's wanting a bread machine these are bulk inexpensive for a grad student in small apartment I have trouble justifying the purchase of the machine only makes bread are there other uses for bread machines like low temperature baking carrying suvi excetra alternate could I use some other device to bake bread and if it turns out you're a fan of bread machines what's your favorite thanks Tom Tom I'm not a fan of bread machines my grandpa had one and and it was kind of sweet he always used to bring over these like strange Square loaves of bread with the bottom ripped out where the little mixing thing was in the bottom of the bread machine I never was such a fan of my grandpa's Lowe's and so I never developed a deep Abiding Love for bread machines I will say this when I was an undergraduate one of the ways I wooed my wife was I went to the thrift store

and I bought you can't buy that they don't buy the old ones if you have a family cuz you know all of the insulation is made out of asbestos in the cords made out of his bestest and I'm sure they're fire hazard but that they used to sell these old things called that turkey of sense because the idea was on Thanksgiving that you had very little oven space you need to cook a bunch of you would cook your turkey in this sector separate oven and it amounts to a cross between a Crock-Pot and an oven and it looks like a giant Dutch oven with a plug coming out of it and turns out they get hot enough and they can make a passable a loaf of bread you have to cut a special plate to fit into the bottom so you can pull it out in and out easily you can even put like a quarry tile into one if you knock the edges off the quarry tile and sit in and they get hot enough to make a decent loaf of bread and they're small somewhat portable cheap they can they can still be had at thrift shops if you wanted are the older plugs are ripped the old plug off and put a new one on and that's how I used to bake bread I was an idiot moron and I didn't go get a stone I used to I ripped the backs off of notebooks a cardboard box off of notebooks and bake my bread on nose is my feet

and yes the bottom had a slight cardboard and tape but I was 18 18 anyway you have your fan of bread machine message on every ever use one good mixer of the dough mixing dough and no actually I'm a big fan of the no need recipe cast iron pot a lot of us nowadays nowadays are shifting towards the super long but whether or not you're a firm Advocate and we're talking about. Leahy's book with cop read my way and I also bit man who wrote a bunch of articles in the times about it and he kind of even start to work for him for like 25 seconds 30 seconds

how long does it take so you know what I mean I mean if anyone lived in New York prior to when Lahey open Sullivan Street Bakery like you know that when his Bakery hit we were all like wow that's good bread right right girl let me know is why I was good bread still good but it's kind of a miracle in in kind of bread I think it was a harbinger of a lot to come in the way of nothing that wasn't good right here in New York or New York but I mean I think his style of bread was kind of knew and we really in here and I think everyone really appreciated it and his book I made a lot of ways I buy one of these has become so popular that in addition to his no need a kind of recipe which is seen as a low work and therefore American friendly way to do things we're all all of us going too much longer longer longer rise times in our in our in our bread baking when we have the time to do it and so I think the most of us now especially build into our our regimen

we're going to bake whether it's pizza or whether it spread you know where more apt to plan a day or two in advance and so we can do some of these long-ass not that they take more physical time in the kitchen it just takes more actual clock time for these things to happen until I see a big ship and I think that's one of the reasons that become positive I never thought of having one just need the dough interesting idea because you don't have to like mess with it like you do it at the KitchenAid mixer horrible mess around quick and easy turkey roaster to Chances thrift store around me Bay to probably anyone has ever heard me before and knows I'm a huge fan of the buying stuff cheap on eBay and then you know fixing all the duct tape although in the stash our New Year's resolution

duct tape we don't want to be the people whose boxes is stuck together with duct tape we want a new box right there if you know we need to convince us some company to let us test out of vacuum machine so we can shoot the cocktail book anyone out there when she sent me one but what I like about it is it has it has a really good chamber size for the actual footprint of the vacuum which is important because it to a lot of our listeners important because you will you end up getting limited by in a vacuum machine is the chamber size of the of the vacuum

yes I don't think they're accurate enough to do low temperature cooking by the way to go back to your other question and you're not also meant for I think complete although if they can't a commercial for the gasket the bottom then probably built like a blender in that way they could take a full thing of water you know and look theoretically you could probably take a bread machine PID control it with it when external things about the flow put the heating element mean I've done that to you know the Wyatt steam table Bassett you know we all use like the big electric skillet just click on and off on and off a modified one of those who do low temperature cooking once without with a thermometer PID and you could do that with a bread machine you can probably even rip out the mule motor slow it down somehow so that they could just stir and then put a grade over it so that you can throw bags into it and you could theoretically have to sing into a into a low temperature cooker the problem is is that the it mean if you look at the low size it's kind of like tall and love shaped or round in love shape I think my grandpa's a square but I think they're

most of them right now are there square shape that the vessel that they taken their Square vertical Square where the horizontal Square I like the traditional loaf but if I mixing doesn't work nearly as well go for a large volume for low temperature cooking and so I think you have trouble not from a power standpoint probably but from it for me a cooking area standpoint at converting it to a low temperature cooking machine from New Zealand to Hyde Park I guess I guess or not mothers movies going to start teaching at the cia's new culinary science program in Hyde Park and we're friends last week that I actually like that the French corner or the international culinary Center and and we have parted ways to everybody knows my long-term

tenure at the you know what when I was hired as a French Culinary Institute like we're now no longer working together anymore but we're all still very friendly right yeah so I am no longer the club director of culinary technology but very proud of what we did there we did a lot of stuff and we wish them all the best and I'm just kidding I'm just messing around in Napier New Zealand I want to hear is do you know I have a very bad with my New Zealand geography but love Xena Warrior Princess made a start teaching the cia's new culinary science program and Hyde Park I very much enjoy your show and I love the fact that you folks know your science thank you probably come by and check mark just told me that he noticed the meats fully vacuum for sous vide cooking Seymour

send it to him the nose with less vacuum during ceiling we recently conducting an experiment to test his hypothesis using the gluteus medius muscle I just checked it from Whole top sirloin Triple-A samples are sea levels in a naughty body on back of the MS 53 sealer and I don't have any experience with that but they were never done at medium vacuum and fuel vacuum at the lights vacuum they could do now I'm not allowed to talk about any specific to the paper because it's in review so I won't do that I just talked about the other parts of it which are important information we needed to write up and published a paper with the actual pressure experienced by the food at different ceiling level I contact the manufacturer but no numbers at the actual vacuum that would be affected by a pump strength of because it was selected by the pump strength gauge sizes of to be sealed leak cetera what they did tell me was it the number on the dial does not correspond to the percent vacuum what is rather than number of seconds at the pub

therefore I had to check the pressures on the dial of the machine and I'll catch him during ceiling what I found was surprising at least to me full documentary sure the dial said all the way up there in about 30 seconds regardless of the setting on the dial suggesting of the pump has only one speed and the full vacuum would actually be achieved at numero 30 on the one 299 setting which is totally misleading in my opinion, hit that before I go on cuz it's a long typing I want people to keep track of what's going on here older style vacuum machines and we talked about chamber ceiling vacuum machines that we use to seal food bags typically for for a low temperature cooking or if you go into a supermarket you're buying meats that are cryo bag or whatever the right back in ceiling older style vacuum pumps have a a timer in them and they run their pumps for a certain length of time after that length of time they sealed a bag let the air come back in and it's done

newer style vacuum for those ones literally it's just a timer on it and so you're just setting it for like the time newer style vacuum machines have in them vacuum sensor so actually sent sing the level of vacuum that's being stork they are still however not accurate as to what is being experienced by the food in the bag they are accurate about what the vacuum level happens to be right where the sensor is not how can those be different right like they seems like a vacuum should be the same everywhere and an instantaneous bases that's true however many of our foods have trapped air on the inside of them leafy greens have lots of air on the inside than anything with bones there's a lot of air on the inside of a bone and so many of our foods have trapped air and he's in one of the biggest demos that we used to do for a low temp sous vide at the at the French culinary in our in our in our classes and I threw them at the Harvard lecture strong marshmallow into a vacuum machine and the marshmallow expands and everyone's like

for the marshmallow expand because they are on the inside expanding and it can't get out what's interesting about the marshmallow experiment isn't that they get big it's that they start shrinking again about 10 to 15 seconds after you start sucking the vacuum and what that tells you is is that the air inside the marshmallow is slowly leaking out and and what that means is that the eventual pressure that your food will partial pressure of oxygen in atmosphere that your food will feel on the inside of the bag is dependent on how much of the trapped air that you get out of that food and that is not measurable by a gauge on the inside of your vacuum machine now in your experiment where you're using pezzulli whole muscle Cuts without a lot of slices in them they're not all jammed together in a bunch of different pieces and there's no bones in it right then you can start making assumptions like whatever the gauge is telling you is fairly accurate but here's another point right so the gauges in a typical vacuum machine that have analog gauges

horribly inaccurate horribly inaccurate and especially when you get into the range of Interest which is where you evacuated over 90 to 90% of the air that's available in there just gave just because there's much less for them to measure then there is for them to measure at full pressure so they are horribly inaccurate in those in those ranges and so it's difficult not impossible but difficult to gauge with an analog gauge exactly what's going on with him with one of these machines now you could put a fairly accurate digital gauge in there and measure it but again it's not necessarily going to be indicative of what a customer or a user is going to experience on a piece of meat when they're doing it another thing is is that I don't like that some machines measure in percent vacuum percent vacuum is a horribly imprecise term even in the imprecise world of measuring the vacuum on the inside of a vacuum machine because the closer you get to 100% vacuum right the more widely variant

actual numbers that they're measuring are in terms of millibar so it's it's difficult to measure that way as so instead I like but once it measured in millibars tell you unless you ask them some companies that have gauges on the inside their vacuum machine will actually measure the pressure up to a certain level and then just throw on a timer so many packs work that way though actually measure the vacuum level up to about ninety 98% and then after its at 98% vacuum it just starts counting off a timer and you know how I know this because I defeated the machine stuck my finger against the vacuum thing Let it go up to 98% we're least my thumbs so the air was streaming through the machine and atmospheric pressure and watch the numbers keep taking on up to 99.9% vacuum that is how I guess he's got to think because back then I had more time to Goodcents on my hand so back to back to your question

go back to your what you discovered is it we found large and statistically significant differences in the Century Century printers between the medium and high vacuum levels we can pair with the minimum minimum vacuum levels but very few differences between a medium and high vacuum samples experience the same pressure suggested more time at full vacuum has diminishing returns as far as Improvement of century properties in a relatively non-porous food like muscle Foods okay I have a lot of comments on that by now wait for a second your question after that is is this mode of action typical of vacuum sealers where do most actually I said he's that correspond to the Natural pressure in the ceiling chamber vacuum machines rather old and not exactly top-of-the-line and a newer ones might be more adjustable I figured you guys being experts on the equipment side of things might be able to help me out this question I think will be very interesting to redo this study with an actual measured half vacuum around 5,500 kPa although I only think in millibars which is millibars like 1065 1065 millibars is atmosphere

normal like standard atmospheric pressure and zero is full vacuum so anyone that wants to discuss in a way that I understand have to go in millibars are my brain just give me so much I can keep track of people back to your other statement is I actually believe exactly the opposite of what your paper what you what you're suggesting I think that the higher vacuums actually decrease the quality of the food's okay and what you're saying and streaming interesting because I die and you know it we haven't done it in a controlled way anyway you have but we've done it in over many iterations of the suvee low temperature class that we've taught and was very interesting is that it is that likes and dislikes because you're talking in your thing tenderness and juicing to switch our terms are so loaded that I hate I hate using them and the actual whether you like it or not splits kind of dough

on the line where some people really like The low-temperature Velo Vacuum Pack samples in fact Ziplocs I think of the ideal for those people those people and then you have the camp that seem to like the higher vacuum one and a whole muscle red meat cuts are the least affected by the vacuum level in terms of sensory perception chicken and fish like salmon are the ones that are kind of affected the most here is the deal with this is why tenderness and and and juiciness are necessarily good indicators when you chew into something that's cooked it up that's bag and cook it a high vacuum level it explodes with juice in your mouth and then in my feeling turns to Mush because it almost has a fiber characteristic that you don't necessarily get at the lower vacuum level so in the people that like that it's that's perceived as being juicy cuz you get this explosion of juice and is tender because it's soft

me it is lack of structure and when the more you chew the the first three buys first reaches rather are are extremely fill with Jews but the last three twos are kind of dry and pulping so to me I like the quality better at much lower vacuum levels so it's like it's difficult to equate like statistically actual statistically measurable things like how much juice is expressed or how much force it takes to drive a you know a probe through a piece of meat much harder to do much easier to do that than to actually say well which one's better which was worse what do you think so

is this vicious vicious vodka by the meat ballers

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welcome back home in 72128 would you like better the crazy or the or the Mellow mellow Yehuda oh just became a member thanks you in Silver Spring Maryland like people are into it right

I just get like a golf club in there baby. Did you get the day before Valentine's Day or what man what you guys do for Valentine's Day I hope been cooked a good dinner for Angelee there I don't know whether I gave him good advice or not I haven't heard back yet which means I probably didn't and now he's a hater

right right a device I went to Del posto in this so I know that you weren't with your date on Valentine's Day cuz he was serving me dinner actually dinner at Del posto as usual earlier and I said that we are two tables over for me it was Anthony Weiner two tables over for me it was a reason that they had to say is every week sitting at a table you know it was like a known that I like his food like he has to worry about me and stay at the restaurant nice please I'll take that

sunshine on in Norton congratulations you got a book deal I'm sure he will actually delivers book on time I really appreciate his pastries here's what he did to Del posto you know where they got they got like a million stars in your time for some like that and so you know you're eating and environment right tell me the most formal Italian Italian Bass Restaurant in the city of the truth is out and it's it's my anniversary like I said I'm going out with the dating my wife are y'all relationship is 21 years old now and can drink and sweet comes out and literally like takes these cookies if it's always like beautiful play the things on the table and then

Rose cookies at the explodes cookies at the table sets that I'm almost positive that some cookie sharks hit Anthony Weiner in the head is not true he was like three tables over so yes it's shattered these cookies and kind of broke the fourth kind of like supposed to like the poster of the guy can't use a crumb scraper the guy comes out with like a napkin folded up between two spoons with me to take some 18 freaking years to scrape the crumbs off your table you know what I'm talking about like Jen dropped a little spot of wine and they brought out the extra tablecloth that cover the One spotted when you're probably making my wife feel worse that you had to bring out a bib for the the table then a little spot of wine if you spilled it then cover it but whatever the whatever I like it but my wife was like me and you are because normally I

can a messy ones be honest and then Brooks comes out and explodes cookies on the table you're okay and Croup is it just didn't want to get in trouble with it with the know Joe so instead of just say I say it all out just hit and crew and crew I'm currently transitioning between careers I've been working at a high school teacher for the past seven years and I'm now a back in school for something totally different while I was still teaching a friend's separately at simultaneously be better Cooks mostly by a process of experimenting with recipes and techniques of seeing beyond our skill-set will also focusing on fundamentals of culinary knowledge joined by a mutual love for cooking especially for others I guess it's cooking for others that means who likes cooking for themselves

I do actually takes a lot of money like at my kids aren't around like I'm alone just like cold case and I like him maybe it's cuz my wife doesn't like those days but I like sitting like poached eggs toast and sauerkraut always

that's it on the books I from books like the French Laundry which by the way thank you people forget how like a revolutionary The French Laundry cookbook was back when he came out the original French Laundry cookbook like in in English for Merrick the giant one yes in English for people at home like they were very in American English anyway very few book prior to that that were literally what was going on in the recipes of at that time probably the top Kitchen in the entire country and not at all dumb down like you had to get the anchovies at the Bony anchovies had to Sophie Anchovies and milk that you had that you know rugby and you know I mean it's like all the steps and so I think people tend to forget

groundbreaking that was also excellent interesting book published book we know what Grant almost I guess self-publishing to get doing it himself and then getting it published writing me I think he did a lot of not in the way that mural de Minas Cuisine everyone knows where is a diners would never otherwise get the chance to try the kinds of foods found in those books in those restaurant we are still learning isn't everyone hopefully and that's that's so true if they the day you stop lookin hopefully you don't stop learning until you die and hopefully died only a long time from now both of us last week I'm not working during the day managing the kitchen of a different business while attending college at night brings me to my current list of questions

neither of us have the time or money to attend culinary school while I can do understand teach myself to cook better by the very Act of cooking more making mistakes and trying again I know that I can never effectively run a busy restaurant kitchen is that organization and efficiency top mostly in school or on the job what would you recommend I do to build these skills on my own but it's very you can learn to cook on your own but it's very difficult to build the actual skills of working in a restaurant when you say on your own literally on your own I mean working at a restaurant can build those skills for going to culinary can build one of the reasons to go to culinary school and you know Dave Chang you know my my part my business partner is you know he's he's anti anti everything that is mainly anti the idea that a hold the Young Generation of cooks goes to cooking school and I'm paraphrasing him now but they go to cooking school and then they think that all of a sudden they're going to become a

British and get rich and did not have to work the hours on the line and that's not true and somehow people think that cooking is is cuz somehow glamorous when in fact it's grueling back me up on this done so for you as well as professional the function for someone who is a career changer who just wants a who has the money right and we'll just wants to jump in and your goal isn't to be a line cook for 5 years and then do XYZ your goal is to be an owner sooner rather than later and you never spend all that time on the line may be going to cooking school is a it's a good bet for you or as a parent buying you know a younger kid a career I see it as you can be a valuable valuable thing that way now they are a lot of the chefs that I'm friends with who just spent a lot of time saying that you don't need to go to college

the interesting thing about them is that to a person they've all gone to culinary school in the generation I'm talking about now which is you know 2825 242 that age range like most of these people who are really successful actually have gone to culinary school I think in the generation just above them you have a lot of success stories it hadn't who just came up to normal kind of apprenticeship a situation but really in that age range most of the high-flyers that I know of they go to culinary school but you know that said every cook on Earth respect someone who just shows up in the kitchen and says I will do whatever I will work as hard as I can all I want to do is work I know nothing you know everything let me learn your way you do that walking to the kitchen very few people will turn you what some people might say I don't have room for you now but if you use those exact words they say I have a slap coming up in x amount of months especially if you come recommended from someone like you can find someone who will vouch for you that you're a hard worker

just show up but you have to be willing to eat crap me will it not literally but figuratively you know how this works Bruins and you still have to do them right I mean and so anyway so yes you eat you can learn you can learn to be one of the world's greatest Cooks you know on your own through reading on an but in terms of working in a restaurant I think culinary school or actual working in a restaurant is you know kind of kind of Nest are two different skill cooking and and running a kitchen in a crew aren't necessarily the same skill they are not the same skill Cook's kitchen

I don't think I'm sure it'll be great running a kitchen second question for you or any chefs who might be listening or fax it in the city with us right now have you heard what I said before make sense have you or anyone you know ever worked in the kitchen that wasn't up to your own personal standards but felt stuck there due to a lack of better options as an example I work somewhere to advertise fresh fish and pasta but sold for day-old fish and cook their pasta in lukewarm water how does one put up with that kind of frustration and is it a common occurrence yeah people are bad cooks or bad most most people are bad at what they do the better you get at whatever you do in life whatever you do in life I don't care what it is whether your scientist writer jockey whatever like it turns out that most people no matter what they choose to do it a profession are bad at it because they don't care it's just because they don't care and so there's a lot of people who are very bad very bad cramps and they

Very Bad Things To the food or just not as good as things to the food. I don't know how to deal with that frustration if the person if you're learning something valuable then learn what's valuable and don't get poisoned by the other bad things that are going on be my suggestion if it's so bad that you feel that you that you can't in good conscience serve the food that you're working on two people you have to leave but you think so

I agree with that stuff right I mean for a lot of bad cooking goes on a lot of things that you disagree with your got to be true to yourself and your own standards and if the restaurant doesn't read it it's time to move on right if you're no longer proud of what you're working on you have to go so there's a fine line and I think what I'm reading into what you're saying is that you maybe you made a commitment to a place or a to a person or two yourself you were going to hold on to a job for a particular length of time and that's also important important to hold to those commitments life and people you're working so you can prove that you can have stick to it and it's not be flighty so it can be a difficult decision to make so it's not something to quit a job isn't necessarily to be taken lightly especially in the in this business so what do flips around a lot is not seen as being reliable you know if they know your complete work history and if you're moving around you have a different job every every you know every month people can't why can't why don't you want to stay in one place

going on here you know what I mean the exception being some of the very very high end restaurants at nowadays of popular people to go around to the very high end restaurants and collects Dodge is in them so that they can say they working on those kind of respect what's going on there but if you're not holding down the same job for more than a month in a row people can start asking you why and so you have to weigh in your heart whether or not the commitment you made either to that restaurant or to yourself is in a way it against the fact that you're not proud of what you're putting out there and if you're not proud of what you're putting out there figure out a way to get out of it as fast and as cleanly as possible I think but you should always be proud of what you're working on or either cuz all you have is your all you have is your output you know all you have is what you do and and trying to do the best job you can do at all times that's all you had what else is there any good way to keep leftover fried chicken crispy assuming fry temperature is raw spot on

as much oil as possible to remove post fry with silica patch-work to absorb excess moisture under the coding become soggy not due to moisture in the air from oil seeping out of the meat back into the crust and thanks for being a great resource and for your time okay it's not the oil moisture so the question is when you say keeping Fried Chicken assuming that you don't mean putting fried chicken in the fridge and then taking the fried chicken out later I'm assuming hot holding Fried Chicken after frying for service in a catering environment that's what I that's what I'm taking there is no way that I know of two short of under frying and then refrain for service a cold thing and it still never 100% you want anything I'm going to assume that you don't mean a reheat office on nightstand right so that's a separate question that we can talk about that later if you right back in that position

how old is Fried Chicken your enemy isn't oil initially your enemy is oil but they're the way that will take Works in frying is this you fry something and the oil is primarily on the outside although there is some seepage into the crust even initially and that see pictures related to a number of things the temperature of your frying the temperature of the battery when it went in a how porous the battery is and what the batteries made on whether you have any barriers in there like metal cell but no one hardly ever does are Crisco or some other starts at anyway there's a number of factors but when you pull it out and what happens if you use that as your frying you're seeing boiling water in the boiling water is rushing out for me the steam in the final problem that you seen Frank is why high temperatures in Port until your constant having boiling happened during the saint that boiling Out of Water forms a void Steam and air pockets in your crust and in the surface of your food right and as the food cools down

oil is absorbed into those voids as the steam vaporizer contracts turn back to moisture and there's these voids the oil is absorbed in so your opportunity to get oil off the surface of the food is only during the portion where the food is coming right out of the oil and when it's hot which is why good fight for I practice is to pull the baskets out of the fryer let them drift just so you don't spray oil everywhere and then give it those violent couple of backpacks that are not violent want to hurt the product but whatever the product can withstand you give it some some some pan I'm doing that sought a motion you know that like Twitter flipping motion not flipping me to scribe you shake the basket a bit and you tilt the basket up on his corner so that all the grease comes out and all drift off anything in the basket yet you can go get it and sometimes you can get in the Kavanaugh fragile probably busy and get that oil off right away because as soon as it starts cooling down you've lost your opportunity so that's where Oil absorption Works in but Crush Saga this isn't greasy anus

due to Having excess grease in the in the batter and as it cools you'll notice the greasiness becomes more apparent right not that they're right there the crust is changing its at greasiness becomes more apparent as it cools especially when things get actually cold and you've used a hydrogenated fat a solid fat you'll get greasy mouth feel and what you're in what you're eating this is necessary for food like donuts sell hot donuts fried in regular oil is going to taste good because all hot donuts taste good Olcott fried things taste good even bad had fried things taste okay when they're hot but as it cools a donut fried and liquids that will taste greasy where is a donut fried in hydrogenated fat will taste like a donut that because it supposed to be a little solid like that whereas a potato chip fried and salad Fatboy oil taste like kind of slick waxy in a bad way if you if you fry it in and it cools down right which is why they had problems with olestra because in order to get olestra to not run through your system and out onto your underwear without any and

mention they had to use hydrogenated olestra on potato chips this is a wow by the way for those either don't remember olestra and when they did that they alter the mouthfeel the potatoes that was the reason people can taste a difference in Electro potato not because of Lester itself had a bad taste so back to your problem only cools down or as hell for a long time to become a problem that way also it's easier to detect flawed oil when to stop start cooling down a little bit or when it's been sitting around the best test for Florida oil and that when you're frying it is to always keep a cube of Bread near where you're working and periodically fry a piece of plain white like Aerie non crusty bread flavorless bread in the oil why because the bridge going to cool off fast you can eat it fast Fresno absorb a boatload of oil and you'll be tasting primarily the state of your oil at any given time so you you should always like when you're using a fry or anyting and how you have any questions dipping your finger and tasting your oil if it's cold is fine

but it's a really good test is frying a piece of Redmond okay now so the Real Enemy to a crush on a hot holding is moisture migration from the food into the crust especially if you're packing things closely together you're going to basically Reese team the cross the cross are going to lose it's Christmas and that's where you're going to get a lot of your losses do you want to get around that especially the catering environment I recommend you move to a piece of technology called a cvap oven at even though all of my friend to see that but since moved on to other things because Wednesday in the owner of the company who's the guy who's friends with Colonel Sanders and invented the pressure fryer I invented the hot holder for Kentucky Fried Chicken literally this is a piece of equipment to cvap oven and a cvap holding oven there was invented for your problem to keep fried chicken crispy what it does is it is it has a bain-marie in the bottom of it and supplies a certain amount of moisture and it has a heating element in the cavity and by addressing the temperature differential between the heating element in the cavity and the bain-marie

they can adjust the humidity of the oven and they can do what they say is they adjust be making quote Mark for my fingers decrease penis level of the food and although it sounds hokey and to reading his documents online it does sound hokey crap works I've seen it many times I seen him hold Kentucky Fried Chicken in it for hours on end without bringing the inside horribly overcooked and without losing the surface of it I seen him hold crispy fried tortilla chips and addresses a demo to prove that they could do it so I see That Lovin is your way to go on that I don't know if their patents of runned out otherwise I would think of a way to hack one of my own but they're relatively inexpensive compared to something like a Combi oven anyway I hope that's helpful and they're going to kick me out here but I want to say that they're the ones that you always make wisecracks about well someone there in at UCLA they're developing a pill and you look this up online and then you can take it and it's a really interesting combination of nanotech

biology enzymes with their packaging multiple enzymes in like a little nanoparticle that you swallow and it wipes out the alcohol so it's literally a buzzkill pill so you can go out drinking and then before you get in your car you can pop this buzzkill pill and it just beeps like having like five rivers anyway thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website has podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening include