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Episode 114: The Hammer Joins Twitter

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cooking issues Bushwick Brooklyn and it's like 12. How about that to listen big news

nastasha has joined the social media seen no I don't believe it though here this I want you to go out and I want you to follow nastasha on the Twitter here between the hammer and you so there's no underscore that matters is what we shorthand call Booker and Dax the bar

right that's so bdx is Booker and Dax and the equipment equipment company on 54 Eldridge we call bebee exeq so just follow me I'll answer you but I will provoke not only are you on social media you're asking people to interact with you she's going to she's going to do what she's like she would know and I don't want to do it now people could do it now a bad by it what she's going to do what you going to do it but listen like I want her to be like the vicious one like I answer nicely but if you Twitter her it's going to be the vicious you friend me or whatever you call it

I'll be vicious radio questions to which one of the reasons she decide to do it was as you were getting all them and then ya baba baba baba baba massage with 9 cooking later but you will not know this kind of kind of shanties of tabloid headlines and need a we flatter ourselves that we could someday be good tabloid headline writers but I saw in the subway today I got the best if the best it's like it's right up there with one of the great headlights that's real which one the one that you love the best

1103 First Pond Afghanistan and the headline was like we just found out someone wakes the headline writer and they're like you should listen to Pope's abdicated abdicate says he's too tired to tell you no mentally type too pooped to Pope Danny was like you know what I need to study at the feet of this person with a headline it's so genius

Daily News her I don't even know what it was he was in one of the subway so I don't know who serious and like not offencive but you know that the person meant it as a genius to Pope genius I've got bad news though what the hell have Hammer bdx Hammer bdx Elliott just rode into

you know what we're going to get you know Jack and Joe typing shopping for shoes during the show this is like people this is an incredible show

hey deer cooking it

what are your thoughts on glassware shape affecting The Taste experience if a diner ships the same wine or Spirit of two very differently Shaped Glasses does it taste difference if so is there any science to why you bringing the awesome from John riper and it's cuz you know it's spelled r i p e r s there's a question as everyone knows I'm horrible turn out to be so hopefully out an imprint the Seas I pronounce like the adjectives for Apple beats a nun and you are so right John about the Wright brother for answer your question which is a little different because he's like some liking and it just aren't aren't ripe friends before the show a million times but just in case I want everyone to go to their local farmers markets too late now don't worry about it but like next season when it comes around for apples

huge encourager of new of us using old Apple varieties getting Farmers to bring old Apple varieties into the market the problem with a lot of old Apple varieties is they lose their crunchiness very quickly there was not intended to be crunching one of things I hate most about Americans in the way we eat apples is it we refused to eat apples that aren't like just like hard like rocks we think that there's only melee and bad or hyper crunchy and so we tend to go after Apple's like Granny Smith even those that are extremely crunchy mistake because not all apples are supposed to be quite sure how long is a lot of the older varieties especially the desert or the early-season varieties are crumbly which is the way you want a good apple that type 2B and in order to have it be crunchy instead of crumbly because consumers we're too stupid to try and bend our heads around what that Apple wants to be said of what we think every Apple should be that the Growers pick them when they're incredibly on

right and when you pick an incredibly under ripe Apple it is just monotonically acidic and there are some people out there who will like that thing because what they really want to do is suck on a warhead but if you want the flavor of an apple you want to let it ripen even though those ripe apples aren't going to last very long the old ones that were especially early reference anyway so yes or apple is better

as an aside my Twitter account to question too so it's it's real actually it's not Riddell I refuse to come that light switch riddle I spoke to Maximilian real ones it's real glassware so everyone but you took some joint and you know it's real anyway so the you know they've made an incredible business off of the shape of the glass being incredibly important to the way you experience particular drinks in fact went to a seminar I can't remember who's who there's late the older riedl and the younger one I've met both of them but the older one get one of those Maximilian I forget what the other one is but I was with the younger one and we were we were shooting something for a friend of mine is doing a pilot this is like 15 years ago or something and he takes two of his expensive one

Migos he said it's the same amount of money that's what he said he literally said that to me this is the sound of money and the younger one's kind of an Australian Playboy skills skis around in the absence of you like them she loves the out anyway so the figure anyway so it all goes around giving seminars and makes a huge you know nothing about how the glass shape is extremely important and does he's incredibly compelling seminars where you'll be you'll be there and they'll be nine glasses so I know more 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 that's

what is that

last night and so you'll you'll just sit there and he'll do a grid so he'll have the same Spirit going across right with three different glasses and then the same glass going down so you'll taste three different spirits in their correct blasted into wrong glasses in a grid not being very clear but it makes sense if you think about it a little bit and then he'll described how the only the particular glass shows off that particular Spirit properly and it is quite a compelling a presentation however I will say this is a great salesperson and he guides you through their the tasting so it's not a triangle testing where you're testing to see what you want me you can tell the difference in the Gotti well you definitely tell the difference there is some BS or we will say some kind of BS around it where you know the riddles are still talking about the

the tongue and they took a picture of the tongue and they bring out the Wylie discredited incorrect you that you taste only certain things in certain areas they still show that freaking map of the kids brought it home and did you know for those you out there that you're not allowed to tell your kids that your parents are wrong your wife start punching under the table if you start saying that your teachers are crazy in wrong with her teaching in schools and correct cuz apparently you're not supposed to do that has to be in so much trouble because I'm your teacher is not a bad person but they're just wrong you know I mean today but whatever and then going back so that is incorrect map of where you taste salty and sweet. That's incorrect and Redal use although you do have different densities of receptors that you know it's over your tongue and me your tongue goes differ it is it does have a half but it's not the way it worked

you know what like we were taught we were kids so we don't think about the shape of the glass directing especially the shape of lip directing certain things towards certain parts of your tongue and I think that in general is horse hockey things taste different or two depending on where they're delivering your mouth in the shape of the glass does make a difference I think the majority of the difference in the glass where is the bowl the actual size of the bowl vs how much is poured in it that makes a huge difference because that determines the airspace to liquid volume ratio is in truly important also the shape of the bowl and how it holds and or concentrates and or dissipates the aroma molecules I think is vitally important to the way that we enjoy wine or any any liquid so I think it's the first and I'll give you a sew-in when we do the red hot poker drinks at the bar

we we had with the red hot poker and if you stick any of those red hot poker drinks into a normal glass and put your nose anywhere near the alcohol vapor is so concentrated that is literally unpleasant you can't bring it to your nose it's a drink because you can't you know what I mean to say alcohol they were to blow your head off so we always put those into coffee cups and you not tall Walmart but why coffee cups because it dissipates more of that alcohol Vapor as you bring it to your nose a similarly a very small glass that you can't even stick your nose into is going to DM precise Aroma something that have strong around the Sphinx's nose little tiny tasting glasses versus the ones that are like have those giant bowls and then like that your nose just fit into the rim of it and then you're going to you're sticking your hot box in your nose with the wind so you're you know it's it's I mean that you can make a huge difference and obviously there is science behind it but I don't you know I wouldn't go so far as to say that

one particular glass shape for each particular wine is true although I have to say from personal experience the guys feel is compelling when done in person and have people calling for Jack Hammer bdx that's your display name you are still at Booker index for

learning wow that was not learn on other people's time showing okay

oh yeah so jackass till date list for the Valentine's Day very disappointed and maybe massages right do we have any of Jack I looked at the picture I tweeted out of Jack not necessarily he's he's the one that's not the stuff aboard head lineup

alright hey how you doing

hi hi this is Jennifer Maryland and like so many other things aren't very many kosher products on the market in certain areas and gelatin is one of them there is one company that produces up powdered gelatin which they say is similar to Knox brand but it doesn't have anything and I've tried to get in touch with call email whatever no response I was wondering if there was any way too short of getting some fancy lab equipment to the term that myself whether or not I know you mentioned in one of the past issues like an over-under test and numbers game I think was with the Beet powder if I did that comparing that to Knox gelatin what what characteristics should I look

yeah it was a blowout near the blue strength you know it's not like it's been awhile since I believe the BUN test is a penetration test based on a certain percentage of gelatin after the gelatin has been made for a certain length of time on a certain test block I think I believe that's what it is but I have to go back in and look it up or just so you can look up the definition of Gloom Frank Weber talking computer useful so what I would do though from your standpoint of what actually makes it useful is I would do I not feel it is extremely high bone strength compared to a lot of a noxious a pretty strong jelly and range if you'd like dealing with least you know what I mean it's so and this is nothing by the way that I encourage everyone to pay attention to like when I write a recipe I write a recipe for Knox because I'm

you know I'm depending on that bloom strength and a my guess is at the bloom strength is pretty much you know directly related to the chain length of the gelatin I read you what the Wikipedia says boom test is a measure of the strength of a region developed by Gone In Bloom that I knew the weight in grams needed by a probe to deflect the service of the gel for MMS without breaking it so it's also a measure of its ability are fairly easy to tell by the concentration to the tested at is very high 6.6% so I would do is I would just make just make the two side-by-side and then just testing you be able to tell with your finger you don't need a you know if for 6 mm programmer it is

you just take the two and make them side-by-side you'll be able to see exactly what's happening I have my doubts that the kosher gelatin is going to be anywhere near as strong as the knocks because it did they say what it's made out of they don't from bovine skin they're not as strong they have a low melting point they're just they're bad you know depending on how it takes it all depends on how they extracted and at what point in the extraction you get your stuff like I think the first stuff that comes off as the higher chain link or yeah I think I think he's back to the higher chain like it's been a long time since I've looked it up two possible just make the two side-by-side and push on him and you'll see what's going on I mean if you're going to use it for a more technical recipe like if you're going to use it for gelatin clarification for instance

then you know I would then it's going to be a little more important exactly what it is but if it feels fairly similar to The Knocks and reasonable concentrations and I think it's probably going to act pretty much like the knocks especially if it's a cowboy skeleton and not a me or not some type of fish bass gelatin perception of it there would be really no other good way of determining know what is comprable to

not mean you know that you're short of getting short of getting you know a bunch of different gelatin together that you can figure out where it is in relation to the other standard Leaf strength no the silver or the gold or that you know that the package actually but I can't I can't get through to a human being in the day someone was using a supposed vegetarian gelatin that was also kosher and the the people who are making it we're just liars they were just lying and then you can actually interesting Google search to dig down into is that it is a case of these are all these people who were really excited that they could all the sudden make these really spot on vegetarian

marshmallows using this supposed kosher vegetarian gelatin replacer when in fact Jello look at me like you're calling these people that has a good shot of being a high-quality strength so just make them and hope that they are the same and if not you can always you know mate like you were saying over under you no makeup makeup like a 2% 2% Knox right and then 2% or 3% and 4% of the unknown one and then see where it falls right and then if it's in between I just met you you can tell just by you know you seen how far Advanced for brakes pushing through it see how much for steak to push through and then you could probably hold it down to within a couple of tenth of a percent of how to

the recipes take it down after you think you know what the answer is in a firmer gel I would take it down until just a point where it doesn't gel like a very very light aspect because that's going to be where the numbers are more critical and if you can if you can make it mimic that on a light light gel aspect kind of situation you'll be able to do it pretty much all the ranges wrong password oh my gosh we're just breaking up today okay question in from Zack and Pittsburgh how you and Dylan I like you you plural like use like we would say use Here Pay use although here in like the jersey in a jersey New York situation use

can just be one person I bet that's a that's a complete anomaly it shouldn't be but it should be use meaning like you plural in I mean like y'all out like we have y'all what do you have you hate you guys what the hell I've recently this is around the house which has been a very pleasurable experience my only problem is as the price is good cheese go for in Pittsburgh and Everywhere by the way Zack although you can get some decent cheese prices in in New York for certain things I'm always what's the word shy shy shy I beware of cheap inexpensive cheese cuz usually it means that it was stored crappily and then the people who are going to sell it for a lot of money didn't want to buy it and the bargain-basement people decide that they could push a higher and cheese that isn't necessarily in Peak condition so they get it at a bargain-basement rate and sell it out

I'd rather not even to rather not even by that cheese and delicious really busted up and we're like you know cut-rate cheese Emporium mustaches that has the negative negative houseguest Olympics like sun or like the houseguest Olympics are where you keeping track of your house guests as they come and you see you like oh they bought a nice bottle of wine if these people are you all day for the K called nice you know they brought you know bobcats like to see who can bring the crappiest thing to her house if you were invited to miss Tasha's house and you really want to make an impression bring the crappiest thing you can find Boone's Boone Farms you know Pillsbury biscuits

hey you know what you would like to know that's like the nicest thing anyone's ever brought her and her house is crazy

oh cuz you need biscuits because even though I know that she doesn't in my head no she doesn't like biscuits my heart can't believe that I work with someone who doesn't like this it's like you know whatever okay so

see you in my dreams on cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network. Org

The Jacka death by Jack is tested nastasha to email and always got to get it so where we last left off is that was buying cheese and where is in Pittsburgh Zack was buying cheese in Pittsburgh and he was having some problems because the cheese is expensive but I wasn't able to finish it because as usual I spun off into some crazy vs OK every gram of the good stuff is using the rinds to make stock viable I seem to scribe online but have my doubts as to how well it would work the cheese a seems to be sew non-porous and I'm not going to get much out of it I do most of my stock making the old-fashioned way I know you like using the pressure cooker method will there be much difference in results using a pressure cooker for she stock versus the traditional stockpot thanks for the great show Zack and Pittsburgh oh yeah it works

I mean you know why I leave for a long time and making Parmesan Ryan would like the Ryan's of hard cheeses make a fantastic stocks assuming that you know obviously if you put something it's been waxed then I wouldn't do it because what you can skim the wax off the top I guess you know I wouldn't do it with something that's extremely rubbed hard rind cheeses and they mailed out but remember it it was originally like a porous an agglomeration of the solids milk solids and stuff comes out you'll eat fat out Yulee flavor out so you do get a really good amount of flavor out of the Rhine stay away from Ryan's that are disgusting so when you eat a Parmesan Orion the Ryan is hard to get flavor out of when you chew on it because it's so freaking hard and dry

dance but it is not literally disgusting you know what I mean we're as certain Ryan's are literally gross that I cannot I wouldn't I can eat a little bit of it but the outside of a cloth found cheddar isn't Ryan that I would sit there and make a stock out of it because it's musty and mighty you know and I'm fine with my expecting mothers of cheese am really wanted to try from I think the north of Italy on the On the Border in Austria and an asteroid that's all might's they make a bark like thing like putting tubes and stick it and drawers and let a cheese might eat it until it's mites all the way through and you break it and shut the big brown Mighty Mouse Mighty Max where the flies lay their eggs and then they make the maggots in it and you break the Cheese open that's all wriggling didn't you know it's not so common anymore I don't even know if it's still legal in Italy but it was very common back in the day and you know and they would break them open some cheeses would have

I'm in some wooden Bears considered a good thing in people with mop up the maggots with the with the with the bread so yes yes and it works without a without a pressure cooker although I would highly recommend moving to pressure cook stocks in general based on Flavor if you get a non venting my everyone knows my feelings about pressure cookers and that you should use a non venting got to do your thing about this before I wonder whether or not a venting pot like the figures that you know I'm not a huge fan of I wonder whether they're actually better for things like mustard seed in Sulphur things were flashing stuff off or whether they're better for remember way back in the day when I pressure pressure cook the durian you were there two air pressure cooking durian and it was it was pretty cool that we made a mistake I have the during in the buy usually put a music put things like that in a bowl and put water underneath so that I'm pressure cooking yet but I'm not worried about scratching and I'm going to be

what's a durian directly into the pressure cooker and it was inventing kind of pressure cooker and we cooked it for an indeterminate length of time and I opened it and what we had was this kind of durian candy like like stuff in the bottom that a caramelized and it had nothing it was even for a hundred percent western or with no like like of the durian smell stuff was great I've never been able to mimic and I bet he never mind a lot of my post test on Dairy and have been with the country, it doesn't then I wonder whether during requires Eventing pressure cooker interesting problem have no idea what I'm trying to figure she got her hand over her mouth and it doesn't let me describe her faith I had faced I can't tell you whether or not but thanks for becoming a member

okay that's it thank you both as soon as a working knowledge of cooking and modern methods but is still don't sit down enough for me attorney by day to understand I find the perfect complement to Madras Cuisine I've heard alcohol's with isi whipper and I was wondering if it was necessary to use as a base something high in alcohol content what can I use wine and makeup remover using the isi Whipper infusion method I've been making vermouth using the recipe on www. and it's a wine enthusiast from April 2008 which requires infusion. Which I've done sous vide in 45 minutes and then after the infusion additional Sherry to fortify and stabilize the herbs and Botanicals by RSI and then add cherry and then Welliver moose kosher and there's no good or even drinkable coach ever moved so this could be a godsend pun intended much appreciated

first of all if you're going to ask you can do is I infusion with water alone it does work it takes a lot longer in the higher the alcohol content the faster the infusions are I would add the Sherry before I looked at the recipe of very quickly and try to look at again in a stash can look it up I think there's heating involved in that in that recipe Right Heating involved in that recipe then obviously you're going to have to hire at stuff to fortify it later if not you know I don't see any reason why you can't add the Sherry earlier and boost up the alcohol content that might help also want one thing I really want to say about it'll work it won't be the same it could be better it could be worse it will be different so you know every aspect and this is the ascending I come back to again and again with new new techniques in the kitchen is sometimes sometimes techniques completely replace other techniques like the only clarify

Haitian method that I use at the bar now is centrifuge because I don't see any reason to use any other clarification technique but when it comes to something like I said if he's broken in which case I would use one of the other techniques with confusion all the flavors are are dependent upon exactly how they're produced so temperature which something's infused alcohol level of which something's infused the concentration of the thing you're infusing the length of time that pressure every single one of them in fact also whether something's Infuse on its own or with other things is also a dependent weather that the size of the particles extremely important whether you suck them aside from the actual pressure that whether you sucked a vacuum and therefore gotten better contact by removing the air since you got there to contact between what your infusing in the end the end the product all of these things have an impact on the flavor and it doesn't necessarily

really make things better or worse just different so you know if you're using a vermouth recipe that has you know wormwood in it let's say which the recipe did have then is I is going to is going to be faster and for the same length of time it will disfavor the bitter component in wormwood write a note preferentially pull out other elements so when we when I use is I like to go back to one of the things that I do a lot of them things like coffee things like chocolate and the advantage of them in those instances is that attempts to extract less of the bitter components that you would get out by doing a longer-term extraction which favor of extracting everything including all the Bitters and and instead tend to favor the extraction of some of the higher notes and you know some of the things that pull out faster and so I like

like it for that I size also Obviously good for doing things that are fresh and will not Infuse well if you need to let them sit around for a long time so it's not a better or worse different breathing was that a heated recipe homemade vermouth I would just let it sit a lot longer you can also do oils in the isi Whipper we've done it we've done well so yes it will work and I would try it for me and I would try it for much longer than we do with hard liquor I would try it for tens of minutes maybe even up to an hour and see it see what happened see what kind of if you can get it so that's why they had to Sherry later so you wouldn't even need that the show me later if you're never going to eat it you could have a Sherry the beginning that would also accelerate your your infusion it still will be different but it could be delicious I would let it sit a longer like like maybe like the time you're doing the sous-vide one like 45 minutes and see what happen

that's too strong dial it back here in a minute but remember when are you doing I sign fusion and you go back and it's open again look up the technique when you're doing it remember that it takes a good 10-15 minutes after you unscrewed it and let it flashed off for the flavor to stabilize question in from questioning from Tony Harry and I know we do I'm looking for it okay hope you are all well I have a couple questions about distillation in a rotovap for Dave how do you steal vouch for the use of the peristaltic pump on the condenser side is it really worth it and what is your take on distilling several Botanicals together or farther vs. separately in a rotovap it is quite hard sometimes to distinguish each other as described in the following quote from a magazine article or if it is just harder to identify the specific flavors when you do a distillation of multiple things together and this is a quote from a difference guide class magazine the class magazine

difference guide with someone who's doing his own distillation in in the London and the quote is there is a visiting quote- activated carbon effect from distilling Botanical separately one Botanicals artists killed the distilled together as in traditional Jim distillation the presence of just one single absorbing element will affect the entire gym as it will absorb flavors from its neighboring Botanicals the quote is somewhat what's the thing to be modeled in terms of like understanding it on its own so what they're I've never heard of by the way and negative activated carbon effect before in my life so I don't know exactly I mean what I think is is that day the fellow that was making the gyms in London like that's something that he and and like you know his crew talked about a lot so it probably makes more sense they're probably referring I don't know why it's negative activated carbon a situation with the effect it activated carbon has of absorbing flavors and somehow relating the effect what they're really saying is is that multiple things still together

they can affect the amount of flavor released by the other one that's all he wants to do it separately so then which do I prefer to distill each individual. Separately and Blended employment together which is how to spell a makes his chin or distill it all together in the flask and do one single run I think there's advantages to both techniques for flexibility vs. Just began but it's not always easy to reproduce a result of one method using the other keep up the great work cheers Tony Harriet okay so you're my feelings are this they are entirely different there is no doubt in my mind that flavors taste different when they are distilled together and they can affect each other what I think it is I don't think about it in the way that by the way in case people don't know what the hell you're talking about a rotovap is just a Stihl that runs at at a lower temperature because the entire thing put under a vacuum and it has a couple of it

images over a normal still in that we can get extremely high recapture rate of the flavors that go into it so it's very good very very good at doing we distillations of Botanicals because we can do them at very low temperatures especially fresh Botanicals you couldn't otherwise do that are very heat sensitive so that's that's what we're talking about here is the deal

I always recommend the first time you distill a Botanical to distill it by itself in pure vodka I don't recommend you do it in water and I don't recommend you do it in in super high proof ethanol I recommend you do it in vodka and when you did 40 proof of 40% 80 proof and so then when you distill that down write that is going to in taste it that is going to give you an idea of what that sucker does on its own right then you can do some blending but I would also encourage you to try a mixed recipe because I find that sometimes it is much better to do a mix recipe that the that the flavor you get from distilling things together is better than any mix I can make up things on their own however there is no easier way

to try to reach a Target than to make all the Botanical separately and then blend them together to taste and I think that is a very good weight also by the way if you're doing bitters or even things like for a good way to figure out what's going on is to do them separately to figure out what's going on and then mix them together and see what you get a good result however then I would also try to do after you've done that then do a mixed version and see whether you like the Blended one or whether you think you're going to like the mixed one better at Southwest we think rotovap the way they were one of the downsides of a rotovap is that the distillate stays in a vessel at call the receiver and turn over the course of the distillation internet causes to problem when you can't taste it so you don't know what the hell's going on you don't know what it taste like as it's going and any regular distiller knows you want to taste the stuff to see kind of when you should cut the distillation and then also to take out the distillation

and if you needed to cut the heads which is the beginning part which we don't typically do in a rotovap because we're not doing we're not distilling ferment fermented things were distilling Lino's Spirits usually so good to taste right so that's the one thing and so will you know I developed a thing for the road of that that you plug on and uses something called a peristaltic pump which is a unit it just eats a squeegee squeegees the stuff out peristaltic pumps are great because they don't contaminate your product and they can work on it on a vacuum system so I saw peristaltic pump it constantly pumps a distillate out of the vacuum system without you losing a vacuum and let you taste exactly what the distal it tastes like at any particular point the distillation to get this is the key part the distillation tastes different at every single point in a distillation because the boiling point of the product as different as as it as it distills and therefore what your distilling off is different so it's I think it's vitally important bill to taste of distillate as it's being produced to figure out what's going on in fact certain just a little

if you remove certain portions of them and so you can do that only if you have a peristaltic pump attached to gauge Accu me what's going on the other situation if you have an old rotovap it's a tall leaky the the products sitting in that receiver is constantly losing flavor over the course of the distillation because you're you're you're losing you're getting some are stripping through the through the system because you're rotovap is leaky in a perfectly sealed rotovap assuming you knew exactly when to do your Cuts you would not need to have the peristaltic pump but I find it in the real life when it's a little bit leaky get a lot of flavor stripping out of that thing into the peristaltic pump is extremely helpful the problem with peristaltic pump is that your tubing needs to be in top shape and you can't use the tubing recommended by the manufacturer cuz it's not strong enough to stand up for the BAC levels are doing in the road of app and so it you know it degrades very very quickly and once a tubing degrade you actually get vacuum loss through the tube and then it's just a big that just a big jumbo that you know what I'm saying

so that's that's that's so sweet

Avant we just keep a betta fish is fish or a commercial break vicious vicious vodka by the meat Ballers on cooking issues Heritage Radio Network. Org

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calcium oxide is mixed with water and then a vegetable from what I understand after soaking the vegetables skin is left intact but the entire inside of the puree so you get a salad with almost liquid inside and you can see an example of false Apostle buy salsa fever on the website and calcium oxide and then turns the color the color and wrinkles like a prune or pumpkin and it's hard outside or inside if I could buy any calcium oxide and use it or wear it has to be food grade thanks again Dan okay listen once again that has got to be a mistranslation because it's calcium hydroxide you know the fossilized vegetable thing you know it's something you know we've done before a calcium calcium oxide I could be a hundred percent wrong here and which is right in again but a calcium oxide added to water will immediately react with the water and form calcium hydroxide and a large amount of heat so my guess is is that you know we're dealing with

unless you read it in Spanish that we're doing either with a mistranslation or I don't know why he is using the oxide which is literally going to just sit there and convert into calcium hydroxide when it's added to water and liberate heat that recipe should work with calcium hydroxide which is cow or kelp you know or any one of those other things pickling lime are they I didn't get a chance to actually look at the at the website to take a look or look at the recipe but all of those stiffening things are not the result of the base nature of the calcium oxalate do the calcium itself the calcium is the first of all lowering the

the calcium strengthens the pectin ride so what happens if the calcium goes in there and encourages the cross-linking of the pectins that are in the outside and because it's not vacuum infused it only works on things that are outside and so the pectins don't break down even over long periods of cooking in something like what you doing nixtamal the the basicity is also useful in dissolving the seed coat on the outside but I don't know what effect the basicity has on on something like on something like I don't know my brain is totally fly but the basicity has on the effect of something like like a vegetable except for this I know that when you add baking soda to broccoli we do this test if I can even put some pictures of can't remember if you add baking soda to put your broccoli water the stuff stays green forever because it's not acidic and so the chlorophyll doesn't get changed in form and stays bright green the problem is it gets mushy because

in basic conditions affect the breakdown much more rapidly all right yeah however if you use Cal write the calcium prevents the basic nature from from turning it mushy and it stays stays hard so you know my feeling is it if you use calcium oxide as your eyes you're a calcium source that it would just turn the calcium hydroxide anyway but please someone who's better in chemistry call back and tell me what's going on with enough OK glutinous rice picked a couple of Chinese East Falls in with it and put the whole mess into a fermentation proper 3 weeks before straightening out the liquid the result taste like cloudy Schweddy Balls if you remember that none of that I love that like I love that you actually have a mental whatever and I took back I'm thinking I didn't let it ferment long enough any tips think Marty Marty I'm thinking you fermented it too long so we're talking about here is these

these balls you can get in at is Mickey ever right about him

Carol the guitarist about them is that you can go into almost any large Chinese grocery store in Chinatown and you get these little yeast balls and they look like little white almost like malted balls you know what I mean and then and there a mixture of you know bacterial I think and yeast similar to kind of poggi but different kind of thing but different and you cook a glutinous rice and then you crumpled up the ball and you mix it with water and you put it into the glutinous rice and it breaks it down and breaks into a liquid so you can make something that you know this kind of liquid drink. To Chinese. Liquid rice drink or in the rice house leftover to be fried and Mickey was doing a lot of work on it I think you might have written about it for for either for something or other because he had done a lot of work with it and Dan Felder at Momofuku slab is work with a bunch of us are going to different kind of Koji

but those things for mint relatively quickly like when I was doing it I've only done it like three times I let it only go for like four days you know what I'm saying so I think that your cloudy sweaty balls is mainly due to letting it go too long now I wasn't getting super high heels out of it so maybe you're trying to let it go longer because after it broke and went liquid you didn't get enough of a yield out of the situation I know damn Felder has been doing some interesting work where he's Break Free breaking the rice grains to try and increase the yield for stuff like that but I don't know enough about his actual techniques because you know what we we don't actually work together right but I think your problem there is just going to long as I used mine like a day or two after it broke and I did my D I did my stuff in my dehydrator I put it in a big bowl in my dehydrator covered so I wasn't actually dehydrating its butt so I can keep the temperatures high cuz my temperatures I think I was running it at like 1:20

reminder 1:20 maybe like one like maybe like a hundred hundred degrees Fahrenheit A hundred and ten hundred, that covered with with plastic wrap and it ain't only ranlife like 4 days or something like that before I used to tell don't go as long Marty and Taissa did you go did you forget about it Marty I think what happened is Marty made it and he let it sit there and he forgot about it and then he came back you know several weeks later and take it so cuz I cuz what I would do whenever I do anything like this is you got to make a large enough batch so you can taste a little bit as it goes so you know what's happening to it along the way and I think you'll find that earlier in the process it's going to be a little bit better

Wright Twitter smash your head into the microphone yeah sure it was so he's been working on it and since we're going to read it and then I will make some comments next week on the on the book after we get a chance to read it right yeah I know I myself am also it's on that cocktails and Science and so I we know I look forward to look forward to meeting I am also course writing a book on a similar subject of course my Nan's is six months overdue and I'm a bad person and I'm getting threatening letters from my publisher true or false what did I say

and thanks thanks for the moral support stops just a font of moral support anyway so make your whole life how do you not know where it is the best segment of the show yet

sincerity people I think you know okay so I'll leave you with this can a bird long time listener a friend of ours friend of the members can remember he came to the Museum of food and drink event that we did Cabeza by the way I have to plug the plug before before we go out some different spaces for a spaces to look for more stuff happening to be seeing a lot of people like what's going on at the Museum what's going on with museum is this is the Museum of food and drink for people that this is the first time you've ever heard what's going on we're working on a museum of food and drink that we hope to open up in New York City in the next couple of years for going to start small is a gallery space and we have a lot of really really good good people behind us in the food community and there's an RFP request for proposals for spaces in love

side right near where I live and so we're trying to work on on that if you can't get that we're trying to find some other spaces so anyone that wants to come help out we have people working on the museum full time we have a team of three people working on it full-time anyone wants to do you know volunteer to help help them out or give any advice on that stuff you know please Twitter sign in and I'll send you an over the meeting between drinkable or otherwise I'm going to have to hear them openness of no one following this Tasha oh my God it's a long time listener and supported Museum can inverter Road in about the question we had on philosophy remember before I do that I have that we had a call in real quick and I'll call him so many tweet late I'll do the question real quick so I may be fat and crew I'm thinking about making bread with a portion of the flower place by dehydrated vegetable powder I would juice vegetables reserve the liquid to hydrate the dough then dehydrate the pulp and grind to a fine

water for using as a dry ingredient added in the bread and a suggestion on what to do what to add to the dry ingredients for gluten development thanks for the help Elliott okay so I'm assuming that you're dealing with a regular and gluten bread and then so that this is not a difficult problem and I used to do this all the time just go buy vital wheat gluten in the store and then whatever percentage powder you're adding just add enough vital wheat gluten to equal the proportion of bread flour and you should get 900% of a number sense similar because the part of your adding isn't flower but you should be able to get some of the strengths involve so let's say you were going to add 20% of the weight of you know of the flower as this vegetable powder right then what you're talking about is 20% of the weight of the flower you figure you're like you know 14% protein or some of that 12 noon whatever 12 40% protein so you should add whatever 12 14% of that 20% you should add us vital wheat gluten

and it's not going to be a hundred percent the same because you're acting like a pectin slurry and stuff like that the other way to do it is not go through that trouble is super here's what you're doing you're going to juice a vegetables right and then you're going to hydrate the door with the liquid from the vegetables and then add the pulp seems to me that if you just figure out go on the internet and figure out the moisture content of the vegetables begin with then you can calculate how much liquid is in the vegetables that there's not going to be enough I see where this is going to be hard to hide my head is going to be difficult to hydrate unless you actually separate it out vs. just that in the parade to the bread that's my guess right right anyone else with me anyway so if you think that's a otherwise you can just add the puree and add gluten to make up for it but I see what you're saying you want to get the juice hydrate the dough probably then I had to pay back whatever tried that way but just add some vital wheat gluten and shouldn't be a problem okay back to Ken so we had a question on

on why is it that there so many chefs who you know have philosophy degrees and you know I speculated maybe it's because you know that's like useless degrees I don't know right now I have a Philosophy degree whatever Wiley and I'm saying maybe even we said there's a whole bunch of people that

change Religion lyrics so I can have some thoughts and I will share them with you on the way out can lights I'm not a chef so let's be clear my answer is not much else perspective I am merely a home cook with an interest in the modernist approached and a degree in philosophy putting it to good use unlike unlike you know me I think the connection is that we philosophy majors are particularly interested in the essence of things to a child first brought my generation the platonic ideal of both French cooking and fine cooking the long-standing movement back to ingredients in back to authentic styles of cooking relate to the essence of food and I believe modernist cooking and its progeny start with the notion of the essence of food The Works of chefs like while you're charming in both senses of that word because both chef and customer begin with an understanding of the essence of the food and launched from there the food challenges both chef and customer as to what is the essence of food the nature of food and the platonic ideal of food maybe even God help me the epistemology of food

canning bear cooking issues

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