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Episode 113: Espresso, Hot Sauce, & Vinaigrette

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hello cooking issues this is Dave again today with Natasha ever Lopez welcome back

and as usual Jack and Joanne over the engineering room and I said you had a hammer and no no no no no Twitter handle I like it only bleeps and anti social media so I told him that nastasha refuses to have a Twitter handle until they invent anti social media and if someone else tried it already is freaking anti social media was like like if you had a Twitter handle that had nothing to do with work so you didn't have to be nice if you could just sit there and be incredibly vicious the people of the people didn't know maybe who you were you would love that you can do that

that look it doesn't stash invest any amount of time to be vicious that it is needed to to be invested so you know what you did last week while you're gone you shop for shoes during the show. So anyway what would you like I'm sure they even have that Twitter handle if you wanted it have to be a secret name so I can call people drive me to tell me to be like for 97212

let me know I have two kids and 11 year old and an eight-year-old so I'm more worried about that at this point would she know when I already text I know I want to play DJ Khaled All I do is win because I freaking one but the point of matter is like in order to become like the all-time Champion like my wife is awesome super site you know what I mean and we started going out on Valentine's Day my relationship can go to the bar and have a drink cuz we've been going out together 21 years but

but yeah I mean I always sucks for me I always hated it growing up and I'm sure my kids be the same way you know what dude you're in the thing I mean even before then even like 11 to 11:12 you have to buy the carnations this just in the East Coast or we all is everyone in the world have this where like you buy carnations and you write stuff on in the money goes to the school like to the to the school body and they go around Valentine's Day and they hand out the carnations it's just east coast

I never did that horrible horrible if you never bought you one of your friends different colors like it was I love you in the green ones are no crappy carnations to give carnations with by the way refined flour it took it took me about 12 years or 13 years to convince my wife that the Carnation was a legitimately good flower because she's like they suck because she's only used two shity crappy carnations crappy Carnation sorry folks I got the secret marijuana which means no one bought me one night

Johnny Cochran Firm Memphis how you doing I'm doing good pick up some stainless steel tubing yesterday about four and a half feet up and how to cut into 1-inch sections and leveled it off and everything and I was trying to figure out the best way to keep the house making like a Savory cheesecake and I want to dye coconut circulator right and I was trying to figure out the best way to keep it in there because they're pulling it's pouring out yeah it'll pull route when you're buying how many tubes per

I want to buy a large bag the awesome thing did you let the vacuum cycle complete

no I didn't it seem like it was going to come up on the back of a fully dance product let the vacuum cycle complete here's what happens when you vacuum something it with a with a tube like that first I got to make sure they have enough liquid to fully fill the tube because if you don't the bag will go in and punctured self on the two but if you have enough liquid to fill the tube all of the liquid will be smashed back into it's a miracle how liquidy is it is it semi solid her or what is cheesecake made with 75% mascarpone

and it is pretty much like a mascarpone consistency ran in the vacuum on a straight liquor I've never tried it was sending it to paste consistency everything's going to boil out of your container and then as soon as the vacuum comes back in the force of the vacuum will smash it back into the tube

okay so it'll do that with a dense liquid as well like a the cheesecake you think as long as it can move I mean you might not get 100% back to go definitely get like 95 Mi used to that used to be one of my favorite things to do cuz we would vacuum vacuum pack up

liquids in in in bottles like doing that I would like very loose and then put it all in a bag and then suck a vacuum and then the vacuum would shoot all the liquid inside the bottle yeah I know it's my eyes to do that that's fun I mean your point is well-taken I'm saying it's thick I mean it eventually will work the way back in there because otherwise there's going to be a lot of excess force on it because there's going to be another question is is the product of force back into the two prior to the bag feeling enough force on the in the in the cavity on the inside of the tube prior to that chattering right and that's the real question but another thing you could do is we not do you need the vacuum to get the air out or you having problems with air in it without the vacuum

it does find in a conventional oven but I was trying to I wanted to try the sous vide cheesecake because I wanted I wanted to be like you know

nowhere whatsoever no pockets no nothing like that much dancer and then definitely vacuums away to go and just do it and see whether or not it all gets forced back in the tube I think you have a very good shot of it all being forced back into the to you might have to clip the two ends because they're going to be a little concave or convex depending on whether you slightly overstuffed recite the under stuff YouTube but I would definitely go that way if you're not worried about the density issue if you just using it as a temperature control issue with an I would you know if you had access to a cvap obviously I was just cooking a cvap ricambio then but if not I would try rapping the tube after it's stuffed with Saran with plastic wrap doing a couple of layers of it and that should be watertight enough for you to post that way but you're looking to actually remove all the air and identify I would say that vacuum is the way to go it'll all get shoved back in in fact

in fact the reason that is puffing out is not just because the water like the water and liquid inside of turn into a vapor although that's causing it but any air pockets that you're having in their need to push open and push the product out of the way to get out of the tube so you think I should put in life and run it through the air to but I have a strong feeling I would say I am more than 50% positive that if you just stick the tubes with the mixture in the VAC bag and such and make sure it's packed in good and you suck a full vacuum on it that it will all boil out but it'll go back into to buy give you my maybe I'll give you 50% odds on that working for you and if not I will just put the mixture in the hotel pan like you say blast a couple times in a vacuum to get the air out then do a dense pack into the tube and then rapper in plastic and then do it in the either either low temperature do it in the you can do it another in this year

good luck in the oven

even though it's open about 10

oh yeah yeah yeah as long as long as there's enough as it is it going to move fast enough to get back into the tube that's the real real question I mean you can try with water you'll see if you if you put just enough water exactly feel that tube and just throw it into the bag with the tube and vacuum it all the water will end up in the tube all of it but it's it's a question when it's so thick whether or not it's going to move well enough but I'd like I said that's why I'm giving you like 50 but not going to 100%. So give me like 15 yesterday but the 179 she's case I don't know I usually do things like that I can't do the Fahrenheit conversion are you two doing like the low-80s somewhere in there like the low eighties and Celsius probably somewhere

post test at work soon as she was saying a Twitter or what not to tell tell me how it works these all of my emails but not my Twitter just saying just kidding Patrick Martin's also not on Twitter I think you guys are the only two he's not on Twitter or Facebook worth anything he's you know I don't know who to exclusive could you please discuss Sparkling Water Service preso theory and practice words synesthesia Jack and the crew again that's it and and the rest reference from the first Gilligan's Island ever that and I won't go into Again Korean water with Seltzer I enjoy it you don't you don't make carbonated water with with espresso

I didn't do it yeah you like the carbonated I actually have never had the carbonated but I like espresso and they will give you write a glass of water with it and then a lot of the places that I like like in San Francisco for instance of blue bottle and other places that give you a carbonated water bad and it seems kind of strange at first he wouldn't think that carbonated water necessarily go well with coffee I mean there's very few carbonated coffee drinks Manhattan Special soda being the one obvious you know that's the only really carbonated coffee thing I can think of so it's not necessarily by the way Manhattan doesn't refer to our Manhattan this Tasha first Manhattan Avenue here in Brooklyn so it's like you know he's actually broke so I don't know what I mean like I like it and what is it there for espresso is gone in like 13 seconds especially like a modern American Express

are you drinking like 13 seconds because of the incredibly short shots they're pulling these days it used to be that a double was you know like an ounce and three-quarters or so or almost not even cold in the bottom of your cup of somebody's Play Sitting it's gone little far but you have a strong tasting thing and you need something to clear your math out at the end so in general what I do is I drink the espresso and then I pound the water and regular water doesn't catch the way I don't think I don't know if there's any fiery other than I'm sure the people who started doing it we're offering a sparkling mineral water as a as a thing and that just happened to be the water of their of their their preference but I didn't find anything on the kind of history of it all I'm saying is I enjoy it so I'm assuming you enjoy as well

Daily Caller caller you're on the air

okay good and expected it. That's not possible then is there any way to modify a cheaper juicer to be able to do that you mean like kale what do you have now

I don't have one yet I'm working I'm in the market the other there's all sorts of juicers that I myself don't don't own and haven't even tested my main experience it with juice style juicers are with the smaller the smaller like weird basket centrifical guys and I've never had much luck with them I don't really never been so happy with them the majority of my experiences with a champion juicer champion juicer a masticating juicer and so that's what it does a long nose and Long Nose you shove stuff down and just grinds it up with them and then the juice spits out of the bottom through a mesh screen and then the chat comes out the front right and the champion can juice just about anything with the exception of can't do sugarcane I don't I don't think it's very good at wheatgrass right but it does

Lil dude Kayla do all those things Ginger anyting carrots I love scared to love to do carrots the one gripe people have with the champion the champion is we priced right it's like I think we pay what the 200 for some of that and it's and it's a monster Workhorse right you can beat the heck out of it all day long and and nothing it's not going to die I think I should on the show if not I said elsewhere that I had one wants that I ran so long and so hard juicing apples that the surface of the case with boiling water and the RNA actually actually melted the electronics on the inside of it the safety circuit but it's still juice and that's kind of how sturdy these suckers are the one gripe that people have about the champion is that it can heat up your products okay and so it would greens and certain other things that can be a problem by the way when you're juicing something

if you do something that has a tendency to turn brown after it's been cut up what you want to do is put ascorbic acid vitamin C actually into the pan that you're juicing into and that's going to that's going to really retarded Browning this happens if a person to Apples or anything else but but if you need something it's more gentle and for things like greens you can get there there's a juicer called The Green Star juicer that it's a runs with two gears in a two gears fresh the product is going through and that produces the Jews and juices at a much lower temperature and some people like it a little more expensive than a champion I don't have any personal experience with a Good Sam Mason you know when he was opening Taylor had it a champion and ajuste green star and he said he really liked the green star but he said the yield was a lot lower so I don't know how important the yielding that's another thing to look at whatever you're looking at a juicers how much are leaving behind

okay I'm coming up the hill to fetch a pretty important to me and said no one was one you lowered is a Browning is caused by an end enzymes that are present in the juice right I believe they're polyphenol oxidase is that are that are agglomerating things together into things that turn brown make things taste oxidized and other oxidation reactions are happening in fact of think the brownies are the only one of the things is going on to the oxidation reactions but they're mainly enzymatically cause which means you can retard a lot of that Browning by simply lowering the pH to the point where those enzyme to no longer active right than one mode or

add something that is actively an antioxidant like ascorbic acid so the other acids are only going to act in so far as they're going to lower the ph where is they're not as effective as a natural antioxidants as you would have been something like the score of the cash it now if you didn't want the ascorbic acid taste right. Very light on taste you could move to something like sodium metabisulfite or something like that is an antioxidant and a lot of people use that the problem is is that if you overdose on on one of the sulfite things you start to taste that vaguely sulfurous no but you won't taste it in smaller quantities

okay thank you very much I really appreciate it thank you

all right we'll be right back

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you guys put some scary music to that I feel like I'm going to get butchered that's the point it's not a scary place but then I forgot she's never really been to Brooklyn outside of Roberta's so you tell it no you should massage how much does a hipster weigh

how much an Instagram


thank goodness she's measuring inquiry or non-starch ideas okay well that's an interesting question do you want something it's hot soluble so you can heat it up and get out but in general if you're looking for a regular starch or not a modified if you want to modified food starch you can go to National starch Corporation have any number of starches that are already that aren't there made specifically for things like Clarity in fact they have do they have starches that have the word Clarity impurity in their name their intended to be

Riley clear if you're looking to get more normal situation are typically means that the starch is swelling rapidly and a starch granules break rapidly and the starch goes completely in a solution rapidly and that makes for maximum Clarity write the starches that have that are ones like potato starch or tapioca starch starches extremely rapidly the granny was rupture rapidly which point becomes very clear so you know those those are going to have also starts that's higher like other texts are taking oxy cornstarch not cornstarch waxy corn starch which is high in a mellow packed in tennis to be more clear because Emil pectin tends to be more clear and it's easier to paste out and also retrograde

any start you have is going to have the issue that when it cools down it's going to thicken significantly nothing less so probably for potato starch but I haven't I didn't have a chance to look it up if you want to move for thickening with Clarity then obviously you can add a little bit of xanthan at the end of your cooking procedure and it will stay it will add it sticking incapability whether it's hot or cold problem is is if you add too much xanthan and you're probably saying get snotty and it looks really like Snot and very jiggly so you want to add low-percentage you never want to add really more than about to a sauce more than about a quarter of a percent up to about a third of a percent if you go over that are you going to start noticing some zanfan characteristic to it you can go up to half a percent, but I wouldn't you know what I mean jiggly jiggly look in a sausage going to be eating as a lot of sauce and certain applications it's okay to have that texture because you're not having a large quantity of it there where you can see

play the motion on the service to mainly the motion on the surface I mean there's some snotty texture to the actual mouthfeel but mostly it's the way it looks that is so horrible right now but you might want to move to something like not a regular locust bean gum but purified locust bean gum there hot soluble they need to be heated up but they can be very good clear locust bean gum you can buy that from I'm sure Mama's Pantry carries it or if not you know what CP Kelco makes I'm a bunch of people make clear locust bean gum but they're highly refined a good thing there's also purified Gwar is very clear and so you can get a good purified guar gum guar is cold or hot so you can add it and then you know use it as you go and maybe those will be used for we got to make sure that you don't get just regular karate Gwar because regular Keurig water taste bad and regular karate Gwar also is not clear because it hasn't been purified to have only the hydrocolloid the active

polysaccharides in it believe it when I can't get ahold of those of course we all know the price of a fracking thanks fracking thanks a lot thanks you know I heard there's an environmental problem with it to her I haven't heard that take a look at that hopefully that will work out for you we have a question in from Zoe at 6 I hope you're doing well and I'm wondering if you had any advice also this may sound a bit strange but knowing if it can be quite an aggressive chemical is there a food-safe version of it or is it a case of just being careful as always any information greatly appreciated

okay calcium oxide her to calcium oxide is CA o quicklime and the main use of calcium oxide that I know of in food is actually to make self-heating can't do you add anytime calcium oxide is added to water it's going to have a very very strong reaction where it absorbs the water and turns into calcium hydroxide and that reaction liberates a boatload of heat so if you go to the Wikipedia this is what they quoted so I didn't can't verify cuz Wikipedia whatever she wants right now she's actually just loading in like she's updating Rick it like really like random fact she's like you know she's like

awesome awesome I love myself Ella Marie Elliott Gould Medical anyways so you know don't trust anything on Elliott Gould Wikipedia page so now I'm cuz you notice that you just put her fingers in there is like all the sudden is going to be friends with Elton John all sorts of terrible things going to have any way of water will combine with a 3.1 kg to give calcium hydroxide and 3.4 megajoules of energy that is an entire kilowatt hour or the same amount of energy it takes to run a thousand watt thing for an hour or in calories 846000 calories in a delivery at a fairly high heat so that's a very high heat interaction so I don't know of any use for calcium oxide itself in in food but

calcium hydroxide is extremely interesting so calcium hydroxide what you can get as far as pickling lime you can get it in a Mexican places as a cow that was used for nixtamalization it's also available membrane just erased By Thai Red Line Pace in Thailand as you can get it has you know it's calcium hydroxide base and that's really interesting it has a faint cementing paste on its own it's not very soluble but it's also used to do things like next to Mo's Asian which changes the taste of things that require something that's either as basic or that has calcium is one of the reactions it's also used in sugar production how to convert a number reason I did not know

I knew that they have to keep sugar on the relatively basic side when they're processing it to prevent it from inverting right because if if if if sugar is even a little bit of citic safe sucrose table sugar is even a little bit of citic as it's being processed it will convert into glucose and fructose separately which is a problem for sugar manufacturers because it won't crystallize and fructose and glucose thing is kept on the neutral or slightly basic side but when you're doing when you doing beet sugar they go through a process and I learned this morning up not carbonation one of my favorite things on the Earth but carbon notation

and what they do there is they put they put calcium hydroxide into the mix with into the into the juice and then they shoot a CO2 carbon dioxide into that and what happens is the carbon dioxide reacts with the calcium hydroxide to form calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate isn't soluble so it what it does is it forms particles of calcium carbonate and as it forms as particles it traps other things in it and so can be used as a clarifying AIDS of anyone out there I wonder whether there's a way to do an inexpensive you know centrifuge free Claire quick fairly quick clarification using calcium hydroxide may be interesting someone check it out so tell me what's going on anyway so milk cult Rodan can you guys cover real buttermilk a byproduct of butter production and acidified buttermilk and impacts on hydrocolloid

well okay so here's the thing so when I use we whenever you go buy buttermilk in the store you're buying was called cultured buttermilk and it's not really buttermilk it's just a low-fat milk that they treat with a culture that I guess you know similar to what would be in a culture in real cultured cream right now so what you're getting there is the actual milk the casing is there and everything is there in a normal proportions as would be for low-fat milk only it's been cultured with bacteria so it start it's acidic and it's thicker in buttermilk what you do is you take cream and you make butter with it and the stuff that's left over is buttermilk that's what real buttermilk is and what is mainly composed of is the way proteins the because they casein is what the milk solids go with the oil when you're making butter but you you have some you have case

Samsung case and I just in case he comes out to but some of it strapped is milk solids in the same but me all the way protein casein some fat some little bit of silver and a lot of like great emulsifiers and and lactose + water

if you use sweet cream to make it and I was just like right this way you buy from the grocery store then that cream it will not be tart will not be acidic the most of the recipes using buttermilk for in il pancakes and whatnot you what you're really using them for is the acidity or counting on the acidity from them that's why you add baking soda to those recipes cuz the baking soda is interacting with the acidity in the buttermilk to Levin your products like let's say pancakes also sent to make it more tender from things like biscuits not in the Statue with no because she hates biscuits very similarly sourdough starter is mainly use in pancakes not for its 11 and capability and that's why you can use an oil nasty sourdough starter for pancakes or using a sourdough starter there for its acidity the Wii and that's why a lot of those buttermilk sourdough pancakes will have soda and then baking soda in them because they're actually doing an acid base reaction and not leavening in a traditional way or their augmenting the electrician 11e with an acid base reaction

however when I make buttermilk I typically take my cream I will buy buttermilk and you have to make sure that the buttermilk that you're using is has active cultures and so the one I get from Whole Foods is usually very active I've had bad luck sometimes with the one I get in my local supermarket culture not being active enough and then you take your cream and to like your quart of cream you can add you know like a half a cup or so of Buttermilk and then you I let it sit out in the kitchen overnight and then my cream is cultured and then I get real buttermilk from and that's the way you make cultured butter to be like said however long you want for the culture developed for the cream to ripen and then you make your butter with it is that buttermilk is acidic and that buttermilk so that buttermilk has like the best small the world has like they interesting awesome taste buttermilk it has a emulsifying properties of you know that are in a traditional old-school buttermilk and it also has

maybe come from probably the whey protein is not sure and it also has the acidity so I couldn't issues

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cooking issues and hungry Road and thank you for covering my questions last week and clearing up my did work previously I thought the water was there to prevent the milk or sugar from burning while they interact and the water is just slow the process I read more of them a lot anyways I want to say thank you for giving me a heads up and now we're ready for flavors and perfect in the recipe thanks love to hear your feedback and something actually works right in from Nick and Seoul Korea and he doesn't care what I say sorry I missed you this week I'm Nick from Seoul Korea I called about cold smoking bacon I just want to follow up my inquiry they said I'm not going to get the desired effect which by the way is to reduce emissions and deposit of harmful substances while preserving their good Smoky flavor of bacon because the good Smokey run with it we love is released at the combustion temperature is along with the various possible carcinogens other nasty stuff well that is unless I make made a major modifications to my

what if you go low and slow which essential oils in Aroma compounds are also released at lower temperatures say 200 to 300 wouldn't keeping it under the combustion temperature of 300 Celsius for longer duration more or less produces artifact and also you have any experience smoking with herbs grains flowers and tall is there any mixture of them are there any things I should be made aware of before giving it to work looking forward to hearing from you best regards Nick okay so we have two separate what's going on here was essential oils and a Roma's do go out at lower temperatures but you remember these are compounds that are already in the wood themselves so things like the aroma of cedar or the aroma of Sandalwood or any of those Aromas orpine those those things are in the wood and relatively easy to volatilize

if I go there you can smell them right so they're clearly they're fairly easy to volatilize the other things in them like the phenolic things like the one you always think I was being associated with Smoky flavor is guaiacol and that is not in the wood to begin with it needs to be produced and produced by the pyrolysis of lignin at high temperatures now is there a way maybe to produce it really long it's not I don't know I haven't wasn't able to find anything in the literature to TubeMate to figure out like what those flavors to produce those flavors at a lower temperature in addition remember that the temperature at which the smoke is produced even in that strength which is where we're talking about the actual flavors at your produce the actual reactions that take place are dependent on that temperature so the flavor of a particular smoke is going to depend on the temperature at which is greater

as well just not like even all high temperatures are created equal but I don't know of a way that you can get traditional smoke flavors at lower temperatures be very easy to do but not that traditional Smoky flavor hello cooking issues Steve from Matthew I hope everything is good with you guys in 2013 I decided to add sums and I now is Anthony's of course I know that you know where the magic hydrocolloids that's that comes from bacteria and it's awesome because you can use it in very small quantities whether it's a city or not acidic it can go it can be heated it can be cold it is it suspends things like pepper because it has what's called a yield Point sword forms a a week gel and less

being agitated amazing stuff problem before we said he used too much when things get snotty but it's really kind of amazing amazing stuff of course is lecithin which is a phospholipid that's derived from a soybean processing lecithin is in a lot of recipes anytime we use egg yolk as an emulsifier we're also using less than but remember less Athena from an egg yolk is not the same thing as less than from soy before we get to the modernist cooking Made Easy. Calm and they made a maple vinaigrette recipe it called 4.6 0.6% less than and 0.2% is xanthan I made a vinaigrette that was about 800 + 40 + 1.7

broke almost immediately and shortly after a completely separated after this I consulted Martin lyrics she is kind of Moses textures hydrocolloid cookbook and it's recipe called for 0.2% less of 10 and 0.1 to 0.4% is an fan again I started with 840 grams of vinaigrette and then out of 1.7 grams or less than 10.85 G of also a complete failure I'm not really sure where I went wrong name my inferior masco's contributed eye in both cases I completely ignored the recipes and use my own vinaigrette recipe and just out of the hydrocolloid in the proportion specified could this be the issue I had assumed that with the additives in the ratios with the Abbot is the ratio of components weren't as important as any other suggestions or ideas on using letters and other stuff to keep dressings nicely emulsified thanks okay we tend to use

I'm going to take a nice salad dressing I typically use something called a ticaloid you know 3:10 or 2:10 or 2:01 or 3 when I think they're all very similar their mixtures of gum arabic in Santan because I have a lot of them around because I use them in and drinks but so they're they're using a gum arabic / xanthan system to to thicken and stabilize and those things last forever forever and both of them are very good at different a different acid levels so here's a way I can be going around their first of all I looked at the recipes and both recipes State their percentages in a way that is normal for Cooks the state them but not really accurate hydrocolloid the thickening power of a hydrocolloid is based strictly on a how much is interacting with the water in a system so I looked at they Maple vinaigrette recipe was 45 grams of balsamic vinegar 15 grams of lemon juice and 20 G of maple syrup and 90 grams of olive oil so when they

doing the recipe calculations for that they added all of those numbers up to get the percentages however the xanthan gum isn't interacting with the 90 grams of oil I also the balsamic vinegar is mostly water so that's okay the lemon juice is mostly water so that's okay and the 20 grams of maple syrup though is only one-third Waters that's like seven grams so if you look at it this recipe they says it one gram of lecithin is .6% it's actually using 1.4% of less than on a water base is now less than 10 you can't really count as a water basis alone because it's interacting with the oil because it's an emulsifier so like there that the water the total amount and the water oil part is is important I don't really know how to work it out from an actor Sam play but anyway the back on the xanthan gum he says he's using .2% xanthan gum but on a water base he's really using .45% xanthan gum okay

one one problem is is that when you're looking at you should look at the amount of water in your recipe for yours and then and in fact he's adding .45 I went and analyzed Martin leather shoes recipe and he is using

I have it here somewhere and he's using actually much more than that and then he would because he's not counting the oil on his aunt then either so up yours and Tanner make sure your percentages are in line with what they want for the liquid another problem you might be having is maybe your lessons no good in your lecithin is are using powdered lecithin or using the one that's in granules the granules might not be resolving properly the good way to figure out whether it'll is 2 less than just the problem is you can figure on a general basis that egg yolks are roughly 10% less than so if your recipe works just by adding 10 times the amount of egg yolk as you added a certain that same amount of lecithin but it's not going to be a problem hydrating so that one if you added the egg yolk in it work then bang it's probably your less than is not going in there properly could be you weren't hydrating the San Tan properly

number you're doing a very acidic environment here if you're using some of these recipes so just take a look at it another so I would look at your hydration even though you're using Viagra make sure everything's getting hydrated I don't know about lesbians performance in extremely acidic environment I don't know how acidic environment it look at the actual water content of what's going on just with a joke to see whether that's the problem and dance lightly because of the other weather changes are being calculated is is a little bit wonky or switch to something like take a Lloyd 3:10 because I've done it all the time and no one more thing is that you might want to whisk the less than into the into the oil if you can and if you have a water that's in there that isn't very acidic if you're using something it's not very acidic I would put the hydrocolloid is much into a non-acidic thing as possible before you start the hydrate faster and easier

we had a question in from Ben San Francisco he says hello Dave hammer and Jack and and and I'm going to put Joe in there but really come on where's the love I know it I know it you know what although I'm sure you get the love is the front man in the band right so like no I want on Valentine's Day is to be recognized because I have Valentine show yeah but now he's our planet Advance he's not going to make it next week

last week I didn't get to it because you would know if you okay

oh yeah and everyone else is hurt is is here with my friend on Jolly I remember she wrote in and said that we apologize to her on-air for that for her having to listen to it I forgot to recall her email I do feel guilty about making her listen to it but it was worth it how to make up for being such a horrible guy I want to cook a unique and outstanding Valentine's dinner I have a great pressure cooker the fisler brain which I haven't used that one actually I wasn't I don't have it but I hear it's okay. So maybe he has a crazy old polyscience 7312 we have that that's the one that's on our circulator trailer that we used in the that we use with the rotovap where were using the dryer vent a Vitamix good call strong calling the Vitamix 11

most regular equipment what would you make for your wife on Valentine's Day if you really order this time I'm kind of a little bit talk to my tuck my family if you really order this time something unusual that are reasonably sophisticated amateur cook could make a thanks for everything your future Kickstarter supporter been okay there's an excellent question but in case I have it I have some good perspective I've been doing Valentine's Day meals for my wife for a long time and I don't tend to go out I always always especially before I was doing this professionally I was I was cooking her meals here's the here's the issue and here's what you have to look out for when you're cooking a meal at home there for Valentine's Day you're cooking it for just the two of you I hope

and so the main problem is to organize your meal such that you actually get to sit down with her during the meal because it's it's going to be irritating for her if you're not sitting down at the Mill with her right so that that used to be one of my main problems is I would have all this prep work done but then there'd be a long lag in between the dishes if they as they rolled and also you know I would be standing up doing a lot of prep to the dinners would go very long

this is why I would suggest to you that you get that you do a lot of the stuff in the circulator and do as much post finishing as possible I would like you to tell me 10 of like what she likes to eat and then I can give you some more recommendations for 4 right beforehand but also I used to like to do like I'm probably like four or five courses on Valentine's Day get your deserts done beforehand right and it's cold out so you can do some sort of like hot coals I used to do a lot of things that live on fire because when I put a do I light stuff on fire but try to go me ice icicle nuts I would do I would always do a fish a poultry a meat a dessert and an appetizer some court and finish with cheese could definitely get a couple of bottles of wine and vacuum and don't force yourself to drink only one wine throughout the entire thing and start out with champagne get a clamshell thing to open it but I would definitely do I would definitely do most of my work in the circulator

it all possible so that you can sit with her during the time that you're eating and like something on fire at the end of that make sense what you think so what do you like what would what would you like a hearty pasta just make it a hearty pasta e pasta I feel like quail and I like Quail to put a poem is also what you're doing is another problem you're doing if you don't do lots of plated dishes all the time cuz you're cooking home and why would you do that the the problem is is that you plan a meeting I've done it several time is you plan a long meal for the Valentine's Day and then you don't you make her so full that she can't finish the last couple of things in fact the main issue with all of the small plates situations that you have in restaurants is it extremely difficult to get the portion sizes right when you're doing multiple courses

because a little bit too little and you're hungry at the end now you can just saw that by making some sort of Mega feeling desert right or a little bit too much and they can't finish this stuff is it goes through then you're going to get depressed cuz you've been working all this time and she's going to feel bad if you're not finishing what you're making you that if she's going to stuff herself before then make me all the both of you know

you feel like you're stuffed you don't like feeling stuff while at the end of it when it went on a vacation like that right stuff starts to come through for me to pitch a Zinger I'm single so for Valentine's Day you know she just a line I'm the only one here without a date really really Jack has no date really are listen anyone in the New York area

oh wow we don't know that I think we do the problem of the day I'm working on okay we have two separate problems here I have been problem of what he's going to make on Jolly for Valentine's Day and hopefully I'm giving him advice while giving him specific and then we have the problem that Jack needs a date these are two separate third problem that there no female listeners of the show Paralee okay so these all need to be addressed but right now I'll say some of the things that I mean look at it extremely extremely extremely high-quality steak and then do a low temperature steak 250 Flex small piece right cut it pre cut it so it's nice do it at 55 do it like up in 55 drop it to 50

then do the finish up all Style with a courtesy sauce and then you can finish it with whatever else you want as a state course that's a freaking knockout it's not going to take you any time at all make a good beef stew beef tasting sauce before you're not going to have a pan phone to make the to make their Cassis sauce for the plot of thing but that's like as a knockout also for the poultry see if you might want to go all low temp be cuz that's going to be a little bit too much but you know a low temp duck breast sliced would like a side salad where you just finishing the pan after it's cooked so you can take it almost from cold in a panda purse with the skin 57° on the duck breast for about 40 minutes 45 minutes I make sure you play Smash the duck down so it's nice and flat on the skin before you put it in the bag to cook in the circulator also a knockout and a good poetry thing to lead into the meat special to keep your portions smaller I would get the world's best cheese I like to have

she's at the end before dessert I like to have a cheese course I just do with a glass of port and you can do that or you can do it beforehand if you really need to but to me really good cheese makes a meal like if you want to go weird on the on the on the poultry side get the small quails small ones you can buy them deboned already or you can Inside Out bowling them and this is one of my favorite things I used to do was I would low temp I didn't have actually circulators the time so I had to do it old school I would poach eggs like a like a chump sucker and then you would you would shimmy the egg into the Boneless Quail which is really kind of weirdly gross weight are do you say and then I mean I want to deep fry and Valentine's Day but like flash cook working cry when you cut into it the egg yolk is still runny and it didn't it the quail sauces itself and that's a really interesting fun thing like a quail with it with a runny egg on the inside to hold a self-saucing self make sure

serve that on some sort of like thin but like well-made kind of bruschetta thing so you can eat it all together and try to take a white what else what else I would do is send me back a line tell me what you're looking for exactly on what she likes to eat and we need a day for right we need some women listeners in a day for Jack hey women listeners prove that you're there and call in and give Jack some loving and next week on the question I want to shout out to joke

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