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Episode 112: Seal the Deal

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cooking issues coming to your slate in the back Roberto's Pizzeria on Tuesday and Bubba Bubba Bubba Bubba bush with baby yeah so what happened today because it was not because of last night's Booker and Dax one year anniversary party which was crazy crazy party we had to switch is the bar you know that I have attached to Soundbar you know the restaurant and hear all of the chairs we had a pinata full of airline bottles of st-germain and Haribo that was created a beat it with a baseball bat with a baseball bat at the booker and Dax there that everyone

works at or has worked at Booker and Dax any point signs the baseball bat in Sharpie and it is it's kind of a customer relations tool but also also for pinatas which know my dream is to have regular pinata service at the bar we can't do it now because we don't have an area where we can go to pinatas have you would probably be the first imagine if you could go at this is my dream you go and see if you do it at your bar or restaurant all you got to do is say you know just give a little give a prospect because here's here's everyone would want to go to their on their birthday and and beat a pinata while they're drinking that's full of cool thing not like necessarily the crap that you got when you're the odd Hot Wheels car would not be bad in an adult pinata as well but

company and that's why you are so full of airline bottles of plastic airline bottles by the waves Total Safety conscious folks that's not the reason I was late I was trying to find some information I couldn't find my copy of Lowery's Meat science and by the time I finally found it I missed the subway that I normally get that out the actual reason with the hammer she is she has some non cooking issues that she has to take care of today so she won't be joining us and so you know Jack and Joe thank thank God her here with us today but you know I don't yell at them because they don't irritate me on a consistent basis they don't they don't spend it like like they're their entire waking moment figuring out new ways to get me bent out of shape Joe's been working on it or does he believe in some sort of nutrition

LPS hype that you're going to get me all spoiled up in and then blast it out or no I'm shopping for shoes right now

oh man are they liked what I did other cool shoes anyway

really cool wait till title next week I might have some new kicks

that's that that's just at the stars Jam right there I think she's going to be all have the things that we do you know when we're growing up and sometimes it takes some of us longer to grow out of those habits and other people you know what I mean that's all that's what I call you? Or 97212 8 or 2 ago on seasoning cast iron pans quite often I'd mention that I'd read a Blog by her name is coming straight out of my brain that's alright by AKA flaxseed oil food grade version of course because it's obviously from a patient's perspective the drying oil parks and also it's going to play Mariah's much faster and I guess it lower temperatures I love not I don't I don't have the number to front of me it's going to make a nice Coating in your in your pants now according to Dan whatever it is 76 LA but I don't know whether

also has good carbon residue content right which is not just that into the polymerization but is going to create the nonstick stuff I'm not going to get into that again from herbivore road with his two cents saying that he has tested that with with a flaxseed oil and he says that it's complete baller awesome super awesome Coating in his pants so you know we trust him so take his advice I am not I have not tested it I want to call him I wonder whether he be offended if I called him Captain Vegetable anyone remember that was a little-known Sesame Street character called Captain Vegetable you guys remember this guy

I do not like he's like Sesame Street went through this phase when they're trying to get his kids to eat their vegetables and so they had this this vegetable guys like popular like all the other like weird little Sesame Street craps like like the two dudes with the clock dip dip dip dip dip remember those guys Cookie Monster Head

show and find out whether this is the case and get back to me that's like that's a deal-breaker right there that's the worst he'll know Know Your Meme unacceptable in Half Moon ice what can I do to keep the ice from over diluting my drinks

the half moon eyes I mean depends on the machine I'm assuming if using a commercial machine that so and dilution is related to an odd number of factors if you're shaking the main problem from the half moon ice is going to be shards that are broken off in the in your Shaker and those sharks that are broken actually aren't going to go over dilute your product right away but when you string them through your regular Hawthorne strainer which is the one with the spring going around it little crystals make it through and those things will melt quite quickly and then they'll produce a tear in your glass right because normally when you're shaking a drink you don't serve it with with ISO the dilution is fixed from the moment it's poured out of the Shaker except for these crystals that are going to melt and so the solution around that it is to is to just jump is it just you know when you're pouring at Port through a double skyros tea strainer

those crystals of ice it will hurt somewhat that foamy head that you can get out of shake and drink but you know they're you had it also when you're stirring right when you're stirring a drink it doesn't really matter what kind of ice you're using separate things look nicer don't look nicer as long as you realize that the smaller the cubes and the faster you stir the faster you're going to dilute so all you have to do is adjust your your your times you're stirring times according to the type of ice that you're using so you can do is stirred music with you is very very fine eyes when you're staring there chilling is so rapid that it's difficult to get a consistent stir out of it but with any normal size is it possible to get a nice consistent stir if it's it's probably what is in which case you should probably make it a practice to when you put when you packed ice in Tucson you going to stare with put a strainer top over and shake the excess water out of it snappy excess water in

before you do your sister this can help alleviate some of the excess water pollution have on the outside if that's a problem for your drinks just assume that you're going to use the relatively similar amount of ice every time and therefore the water load from the water on the outside of the ice is going to be the same every time you do it it's all about consistency but just think it's all about consistency so as long as you can make it repeatable you can make it good with the shaken drinks I really feel that large cube is going to produce a better result actually what you really want to do is a large cube with a small cute couple small cubes in there and I think we talked about it so I'm not going to go into it again let somebody writes and says please go into it again but what you can do is usually in a bar or restaurant there is some freezer space And depending on how many Shake cocktails you make it night it could be economical from a space standpoint definitely from a resource stand for it because cost very little to freeze ice cubes if you have the time to go get

are the Ice Cube molds a 2-inch by 2-inch Ice Cube molds get the ones from Cocktail Kingdom which are made from I believe they're made from a polyurethane not from a silicone test that I have not verified myself but that we're done by Evan Freeman you know famous bartender years ago where that certain silicone mold can impart a taste to the water that the ice cubes that when you freeze ice cubes I can taste them I've never done this to myself but this is what you said and so that is a feasible way to generate cubes were shaking however when it comes to beautiful presentation ice my friend URS LOL then you'll have to do some either like by ISTEP have it brought in which is expensive which is what we do or start a freezing campaign with igloo coolers and what not we can talk more about that someone's interested but if you're charged in overdose looting it's if it's not going to be much of a problem just make sure that you strain your shaking drinks through a tea strainer call her call her

hey Dave my name is Nick I'm calling from South Korea

my questions about cold smoking bacon I've been cold smoking bacon in this large old file cabinet with a Smoke Daddy attached to the side of it poked into the gym to chamber and a Discount Smoke in the meantime it's been working pretty good actually quit smoking the wood stove combust incinerated sending all sorts of undesirable and that's the other ones into the air and ultimately Union suppose there's a way to prevent or drastically reduce that yeah here's the problem is is that the smoke flavors that you know that we all love our duty to the paralysis of the meat which is taking place at elevated temperatures right and so I mean there are definitely

way over on temperature then you can you produce more of those nasty things then you get more also more of those burnt accurate you know the third act would kind of flavors at that none of us like so you definitely want to control temperature I mean they unfortunate truth is is that there are you know what are you know deem to be carcinogenic and unhealthful compounds that are generated purely as a result of the same things that we like our being produced now you can filter that smoke right with it I guess how they do with me when they're making Liquid Smoke they can they can they we can dance to smoke back to a liquid and then they can fractionate that into it's different parts and then then then they can separate out some of the things that are carcinogenic but the very will be very difficult for you in the way you're doing it however

you know you I don't know I haven't done my my research recently I probably I probably should have what the current feeling is of the actual level of risk or whether anyone done a risk you know risk increase studies based on smoke in meats and consumption I don't know if the studies have been done yet because I haven't I haven't read them my feeling is is that in the near future and by that I mean like the next 10 or 20 years that you know air quality is becoming a lot more important the air quality in kitchens is becoming more important and you know that the research that came out in 07 years ago on the deleterious effects of walk oil smoke in in women in China particular and I increase cancer rates because of it I think like more of those kind of studies about kind of Airborne things in your kitchen or are going to become important so I mean I would definitely

Washington good ventilation in any rate but it's going to be difficult to eliminate I think all that stuff entirely is that make sense or no

I'm looked at vaporizers I don't know if that's a step in the right direction or vaporizers are not mean the whole point of the vaporizer is the triangle is there distilling their there they're releasing things without the burning right so mean right there built for their bill for liberating THC from marijuana to be blunt but the you know I don't see how I put wood chips in them before I have one but you know but I haven't used it in years it's packed away in my in my storage closet and get one out I can get one out and test it you want me to test it

I still need to know I don't think is going to generate that the temperature is needed to make the smoke because me the whole point of the vaporizers they have a controlled heat so that you're not getting that kind of combustion and they flavor the actual flavor components that were making Inwood are due to a high temperature pyrolysis in a reaction would that is taking place but you know not it like 400 ass but like at 400 see you know for in Celsius would you like I would a lot higher I can try to dredge up at some point some literature on the difference in the relative things that are being you know released from from wood smoke at different temperatures but the issue is I think that I think that they're inherently link that you're making the stuff that you don't want while you're making the stuff that you do want that you get you know that they come kind of hand in hand but and I don't know of any good way to filter eaten by wonder whether you could draw the smoke through water

and get rid of Savannah. I have to do some research it might be it might be possible but I think you're not going to be you're not going to be able to generate the flavor you want without generating The Unwanted stuff that you know that you don't want as my feeling I could be wrong I like to get some other input on it I have to do some more research

alrighty alrighty what listen should be back on Twitter with anything you find it and if I if I if I can find anything interesting I will talk about on the next show thank you for calling in from first break another caller on the air

hi Dave this is a Nick from Denver

so I have a question about it was Nathan myhrvold Snoop hook on his modernist cuisine for home and I was going to get ribs recipe and she commented on zip tote bags for a long. Of time with low temperature cooking safety and reliability issues he recommended only using a vacuum-sealed bag just wondering if you could comment on that for the safety issue have the book so she she just mentioned that it was unsafe and then he on his way and then another page in the book but it didn't really go into any more detail on what on why it would be unsafe what temperature is it in.

I was going to be 60 degrees Celsius for not two days of a safety issue with it not hears hear something I know for a fact Grant Achatz maybe four years ago posted a video online using Ziploc bags and got an angry call from SC Johnson wax a family company and saying that that they're not they're not set up to be used for that XYZ XYZ because they haven't tested it right and so I don't know where this the safety issue on Zippy's came in regards to cooking because they're rated for reheating

they're made from polyethylene without plasticizers so and they're rated to be in constant contact with your food at normal ambient temperatures in definitely and are rated for reheating the food I don't know of any any published data saying that there is anything is leaching in or out of polyethylene Ziploc bags and by the way if you smell a Ziploc bag as opposed to smelling polyethylene film polyethylene film has to have the same stuff like Saran it was not Saran but you know what I mean that the plastic wrap they have in them to help them get them in the sheets and roll them out quickly and those have an odor almost always wear as Zippy's do not so I always consider them relatively neutral I don't really understand where the safety issue comes in so long as your temper

turn down like 60 + + 50 where as far as I can tell polyethylene is fine in no service ranges for continuous duty right continuous duty now I could be wrong on this cuz I haven't looked at the study's right now but this is my feeling here's the issue on on polyethylene is it is polyethylene unless you have one that has a special vapor barrier in it like a multi multi layer film technology in it polyethylene not such a great Vapor layer that's why I used a by the way the the ones that are rated for freezer because there's supposedly a better Vapor Barrier but you can get oxygen migration through a ziplock bag because they're not as spam which one you use because they're not as they're not as gas impermeable so there could be proud to Quality issue overtime also remember there is residual oxygen inside of a Ziploc bag more so than in a vacuum butt

you also have to remember that when I'm vacuuming down a lot of products right red meats not so much but like on other things I'm not sucking a hard vacuum anyway because I think of deleterious to the meat quality so I don't really like there is an issue where you know someone could take a ziplock bag and put the temperature too high and then you get melting right at 60 and are they see that that's a problem also could be an issue with residual oxygen in the bag however over a two-day cook. At 140 degrees Fahrenheit 60 South ain't nothing growing in that thing. I mean perhaps it might be deleterious on on on its capability to be stored for a long. Of time but if you're not using it for extremely lengthy lengthy storage right I don't see that it's that big of a deal you might get p.m. perhaps any more oxidation in there than you would otherwise but again not a safety issue so I don't I don't really understand where this comes from and I've heard

other people talk about it unless it's like and Nathan is not the kind of guy who I won't name them in particular and authors people in general who they're there when they write they say things that are untrue and they know it's untrue if you go when you call them like they say it because well it's too complicated to explain what's really going on to the average cook right and and I don't want them to make a mistake and do something it's dangerous so I'll just tell them it's unsafe to do something even though it's not true and I've had this conversation with authors with chefs and with teachers and I think that's a crying at the crap way of working you know what I mean I think it's just I think it's doing a complete the service Nathan's not that kind of guy so for all I know he has a reference somewhere about it being unsafe but I'd like I'd love to see it because I consider a low temperature and by that I mean kind of 60 even up to 63 and below and a zippy to be fine

practice I only do it on short-term Cooks but I don't and he I know is fine with it on short-term cooking in the range of several hours but I don't know I don't know what study he's referencing to say that it's going to be bad for longer. Too long when did answer I'm sorry but it's kind of an important subject yeah then I feel like I didn't answer your question at all but like your Tweet on into the cooking issue see if you can find his reference for that or a weary reference is it from because I just a discussion I'd love to have either with him or anyone else on it because it's something I'd like to get to the bottom of because a ziplock bag is a fantastic tool for all of those people who can't afford a circulator especially at the lower price point now who make your own but don't have the several thousand dollars it takes to make a vacuum machine and hippies are still the best way to cook things like fish that you don't really want to vacuum or poultry that you don't really want to vacuum or if you don't have time to chill

can you meet after your initial Siri do you want to do Zippy's to cook a steak music Zippy's are great I love them even though the SC Johnson wax family company does not want me to use them for this purpose I find them incredibly useful so I'd really like to know if I'm doing a bad thing

sounds good and she want to take him over here to thank Joel Gargano for the cooking issues theme song at the top of the show and our friends Ballers for this beautiful version of fish is fish is vodka you're listening to cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network. Org

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meaning of that seal the deal Valentine's Day package an admirable name seal the deal you're going to seal the deal right side you haven't even if you're wondering are you going to seal the deal you get to seal the deal package you like deal is sealed not name any names but you know again I have a bar and one of the functions of a bar is to take to people who are looking to find other people to do other things with and to meet them to kind of Grease the social Wheels as they say and then let them go off right this is one of the functions of a bar and you know I was playing some hardcore seal the deal music last night I was busting out you know ignition

I like DanTDM see kind of like rap Anthem set like you know California 11 on a kind of stuff and then afterwards I broke into like a couple went ignition and a couple other songs like that and then then Barry White at the end of the night went after we did the last call in the Marvin Gaye and I'm not going to I'm not going to call you out you know who you are we're not sealing the deal why do I go to work why do I get up why do I eat breakfast and work and breathe air if I cannot help you seal the deal you don't have to seal the deal I know it and you know what you know what the problem was the individual who I'm talking to maybe you should have gotten the Catskill Provisions seal the people cooking issues it's pre-sealed you know what may not seal the deal I love if we've got we got an audition video in from Joel Gargano I wish I wish I could play this time

it's radio obviously we can't see the video Just Do It

one second here what's Jules group again

cooking issues in true go

bars and restaurants

Grand I think I think we got like an American Idol show we can put together now and thank you for finally giving Joe some props a Joe in the song you know why you know I fell ill frontman tell a friend and friend and I always give each other props Mariah it's hard work man in the front man but you always have to pretend that you're liking all Juiced up right yeah there's lots of you know just pretend you actually I tell people this all the time and it's the same with cooking doing demos like being here so I can let you know the average person like they're there to see you perform they don't care whether you had a bad day what does that matter to them they don't they don't give a rat's behind whether or not you know you know your foot just fell off or if you know you know your your puppy fell in your meat grinder that's not important to them what's important then they came to see a show you agree

provide a show that they came to see the show so you got to get a haircut that's all there is that's why you know even as much as I love it when I'm not going to get into discussion of you know Axl Rose and you'll Guns N Roses shows and is not going to get into it going to do it right now but right now you're not that you're not that kind of like Joey not the kind of like hat over your head stare at the floor kind of the frontman are you not at all there's a certain place for that in a certain kind of music where everyone's like hey let's that's all that's all they know let's go see someone who doesn't care whether I'm alive or dead supposed to be sad in a room the other night I was never me like obviously that's not how I like to work obviously

chilling what's the story Jones going to come in and and serenade the song experience so I'm not going to deny him that opportunity everyone would why would you choose one method of applying Activa RM over another by the way I T Bar M is the brand name for a tri Moto the MSG people's meat glue enzyme the miracle enzyme that used to glue or weld Bond meet together by Avicii Tomatoes accompany Activa is the is the brand name for all their transglutaminase is an RM is the one that's most commonly used and it's a mixture of enzyme casein which milk protein and

and Malto dextrin okay and you can either sprinkle it on to things or you can make it into a paste and paint it on okay which is a slurry call the slurry take me just so you guys know in case you don't know in a slurry better for some app that you can buy from modernist pantry., is a slurry better for some applications and a sprinkling better for others have you done any tests with commercial a kid that's what first question Nils who I got my first meat glue from Nils noren and from Wylie cuz they were the two first people in New York to use it and I think why we might use slurry some type of nose always hated the slurry because you didn't want to put a lot of liquid into the meats that he was gluing so he always did sprinkle slurry is okay but 99.9% of the actual gluing of meats together that I do I do with the sprinkle technique you know the pace thing is you're fasting

could use a good dose out but I just never a big proponent of it so much and have you done any tests with commercial grade beef cook CV I was reading up on Beef commercial grade because basically be from older animals that are Marlboro that are there marble like Prime Beef technically like prime or choice I think I need those are commercial putting a great deal of money be safe and deeper flavor Realize by cooking commercial beef sous-vide until tender so where would a consumer find the lower grades of beef okay did a very interesting question I have never actually run the test I don't have any personal experience cooking a shoulder me the way meat grading works is meat grading is bizarre because it's based solely on the Gold sold goal of beef grading is tenderness that's it

they don't care flavor or anything like that except for they also grade much higher for fat right so that the way it works is if you look at the beef grading charts and you see that they're on that there's an age range and then a fat marbling range and you have to be in certain things so older cuts of me older animals have in general a tougher meat and 100% they will have tougher meat the same animals beat will get tougher as it ages right and so at a certain point after I think you know 24 months or whatever it's no longer really labeled as either prime or choice and but it can be extremely highly marble in which case that it is sold as a commercial it's so standard is watch lower marbley standard beef is lower marbled than choice right but young whereas commercial can be very highly marble in fact I think it has to be more highly marbles

it would be you know canopy for what not but is animal and it's going to be tougher and I don't know a good source of getting it I will say this Jeffrey both Jeffrey steingarten and Harold McGee have taunted me taunted Me by going to Spain and having going to a restaurant whose whose specialty is old old meat like a seven-year-old meat and they said the flavor of it was fantastic now as you point out low temperature cooking might be a good way to tenderize these cuts of meats that are older here are the caveats and what I think in general what I think you're going to want to do is get well finish highly marble older piece of meat and then dry age it you know these older cuts of meat I think you're going to want to dry aged them to increase attendance because my feeling is if you try to tenderizing meat just by doing low temperature cooking that you might have a tendency over time because remember when

naked older not it's not just a college in changing in the muscles changing the enzyme components are changing the ending of the darkness with the flavor of it and so I have a feeling that the older the meat is the more it might get a kind of liver you're gamey taste as it's cooked for long periods in a bag so I might say that a dry aging of it might be a better way to do it get like a primal and then dry age it and then do you know one of your normal low temperature cooking because I ate all again I find that low temperature cooking to tenderize tough meat sit aren't tough because of collagen but are tough because of muscle fibers and salsa toughened up tends to produce mushy meat when it's cooked for a long time no one ever gets in discussions with me about mushy versus tender but I think it's funny that really wants to be talked about just a note if you're going to buy muscle meat that's from animals over 30 months of age in the United States you need to make sure that that all of the spinal material and any nerve materials Bend

because that's your precautions are taken for BSE a bovine spongiform encephalopathy active quikcell Newberry at the deadly disease known as okay let me send skies and Jack Joe you got shaft on this one again I didn't even listen to show for over a year now and in the meantime I'm trying to listen to old episodes as well I still have 14 left so I'm hesitant to my questions already been mentioned but I'll give it a go if you only have 14 episodes left we we have like a hundred hundred and change episodes right I mean we can we can we can double up on a question but I don't think you've answered the phone yet in October we were lucky enough to get an invitation to a wedding and during a two-week Buenos Aires to Uruguay trip we had a great time my fiance I've been obsessed with dulce de leche by the way I love to call it dolce de Lacy and adults are dolce de leche

piss off all my all my Spanish friend but I won't do that. Dulce de leche before I got hooked as well I was there a chance to stay with locals to actually make their own dough from scratch and they told us a recipe for some reason it did not work for us we don't get the right consistency and ours is running instead of taking creamy I wonder if you can tell me what we're doing wrong or if we're missing something or have had arrested if I have a recipe that really works all recipes to liters of milk to liters of water 1 kilo of sugar in one teaspoon of soda were told to heat the milk to water and sugar together once a liquid boils we should put the soda in it and let them for two hours during once in awhile I use whole milk in the Farmers Market the second time I even had some golden syrup. The sugar might have the consistency but there's no difference in fact that thickens a butt in a liquid turns dark I guess because of caramelization but doesn't get sick actually put butter at some point if yes when should we cover the pan with a lid should we store it or let it simmer what is the show to do it

Patrick cetera I don't know what the water is in there for I want to know my typical way of making the making the dulce de leche is to use the sweetened condensed milk and put it in a in a pressure cooker for at 15 psi between 45 minutes and now I know that's cheating the first time I ever saw someone make the real stuff because they call that I keep baby taking a whiz in Columbia up in the in the mountains over there in Columbia they dislike little old lady you made it by just pouring milk in a pan you can do that here's here's what's going on with it now if you look at Indian sweets they have boiled milk the sauce but they're not as brown as a dulce de leche because they're not adding that baking soda I've heard some people say the baking soda is not necessary however I think it is what the baking soda is doing is not really term ization that you're looking at you're actually doing my yard reaction to at the high heat light and that's it

well rated by adding the baking soda which is alkaline so the alkaline stuff is there to help the Browning along as a cooking's the thickening of the dulce de leche is strictly due to the concentration of milk solids and as of milk solids get more concentrated in the presence of the the alcohol and baking soda it's going to get Browner and Browner and sicker and sicker to give you an idea standard a standard practice would be to take your main problem you need the lid off by the way because you need to evaporate water I think your main problem right there is the water I don't know why the water is in the recipe at all me typical thing would be to take for every litre of milk to take with the add sugar baking soda take it down to about a 250 Mills I think that's going to be your main problem dude volume basis not on a Time basis what's it what's up yet you saw you saw me get animated I have a question

she's actually all right so we we we spoke with Harold McGee on Friday we're doing this this series of recordings and he was one of our featured guys kind of telling his life story he's he's got Indian Heritage I didn't know that but he he sort of spoke about avant-garde Cuisine and modern Cuisine is two separate things I was wondering how you see those as different well Harold you know you know Harold and I have been having this discussion for a long time before you know myhrvold and Chris and Nino Nexium that whole crew proposed modernist cuisine is a title of their book and you know what the title of that book was proposed specifically because I specifically because you know no one wanted to use the term Molecular Gastronomy because everyone hates it everyone who does that kind of work hates it pretty much in the in the US and so prior to that

no biggie and I are a lot of times you know he would say avant-garde or kind of cutting-edge or new or or what novel is always you know it was good because it always just means knowing it doesn't imply technology I need important thing is that you a lot of what's going on isn't technology-related do you know what I mean a lot of what's going on in terms of the new creativity and food isn't necessarily technology do you know Daniel Patterson doesn't use a whole crapload of Technology necessarily or even hydrocolloid anymore but you would definitely consider his cooking to be part of the avant-garde cooking you don't I mean so I think it a lot of it has to do with the focus setting modernist was you know you know that Cruz stabbed at a word that they thought they could get to stick that did they my feeling is like every word that describes this is loading avant-garde is loaded term modernist is a loaded term you know

so they're all they're all loaded and I prefer any of them to molecular. I'm from from my vocabulary get it Mount you know molecular is easy for people to the wrap their head around and you know some people made some you know we're able to write a bunch of Articles and some chest got some extra customers because of it but it's just we term Kennewick Mixology right Mixology I always hated Mixology turns out that has a longer history and so I'm getting less and less I mean I can count on zero fingers the number of times I refer to myself as a mixologist but I don't get is angry about the word I got that that's one of those words that I don't use but I let it just flow over my head like like water you don't even like food scientist would be nice if I was actually a scientist but I'm not you know I'm kind of a cook so but I can read

I'm not afraid of science science doesn't intimidate me but just not being intimidated by science doesn't make you a scientist you know so well how many shows do I have before Valentine's day next week would be to two more then from San Francisco I'm going to get your question next week on Valentine's because I'm not going to suggest anything it takes more than a week for you to do right so he had a question he wants to do like a a blowout meal for Valentine's Day and I have a lot of suggestion that someone is cook many Valentine's meal for my wife we know we've been together over 20 years have been married over twenty years we been together over 20 years so I know a lot about cooking for Valentine's at different stages in your life I've got a Valentine's Day idea seal the deal Catskill provisions

okay so what happened that one next week

and these questions I want to devote more time to them Timothy Rodan about some calcium female questions it is otherwise I wouldn't have it I bought some calcium citrate after reading a New York Times article and a magazine about pre-sliced apples and was curious if you heard a very experienced with it or any recommendations for uses beyond the obvious prevention of fruit service oxidation and secondly Dave spoken on are a few times about the effects of increased acidity in sourdough is slightly translucent glass in crime excetra and was curious if I can balance out acidity by adding some calcium carbonate which is totally poison the bacteria and yeast living in my dough or when I get a product with some sourdough flavor and I text her more like bread made with regular yeast are at peace out bing bang the Appellate article reference to the New York Times magazine was about companies that slice up apples and then dip them in something called nature seal that causes a sliced apples to both not turn

Brown and not turn mushy while they sit in your grocery case you know for me another billion and a half years but actually the calcium is there not the two main ingredients in nature seal are an antioxidant antioxidant in it that is preventing the surface oxidation by preventing polyphenol oxidase which is an enzyme from breaking things from breaking down chemicals in Dior agglomeration I guess in in the apple and making it turned brown right so that's an antioxidant the second main active component in in the 80s called nature sealer freshii what's my dad is the calcium calcium citrate and calcium citrate is it is a calcium that doesn't have a nasty kind of flavor is Miley Cyrus over the calcium is primarily there to actually brought to a help stiffen Crosslink the pectin to the calcium is there as a pet in strengthener

what's going on they soak it in the surface of the Apple gets strong so it doesn't get mushy even though it's been cut so it's not there to prevent oxidation the calcium is there in that case to prevent things from getting mushy and you can use calcium treatment and it's better if you also use it with some pectin meth last race ends I make a noble shape again I don't know if anyone cares it yet to harden the outside of things that you want to stay crisp on the outside even if they're cooked in so you can look at things like mugaritz is ossified vegetables were I you know you can add a pinch of calcium to Boiling Water along with baking soda to counteract the effects you can get bright green like really cooked through vegetables that aren't total much bags anyway your second I hit can you add calcium carbonate is added to go as a pH as a dough improver and it will affect pH because of calcium carbonate will react with acid whether its lack de courcy take to form

either acetate or lactate and in reduce the acidity it won't poison however the sourdough is that the one you're going to add it sourdough starter you don't want that they pH to be too low for to be too acidic be just because it's going to it's going to exhaust your your bacteria and your yeast they won't be growing well and they won't be a healthy culture so you want to maintain the pH at the proper level not just for the flavor of it before the health of the actual starter itself that said yes calcium carbonate can be used for you know my adjustments in Dopey from the UK and I'm going to let everyone Ponder and see what they think on it quick question myself today is not a question but I hope it's okay of course it is so I myself this is Eddie writing a Philosophy degree before I can add the K Michelle I know Dave study philosophy as did Wiley I think also maybe trying to then this week I just

AccuWeather she has to share this background which I previously thought was a pretty obscure route to take him to end up as a chef so I wondered what if anything you thought it might be that connects these two disciplines or why you think they both seem to appeal to some of course there may be no connection and it's just coincidence a few of a sheriff velocity background but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts all the best Eddie Shepherd Eddie this is an interesting point what's with the philosophy majors in the cooking I don't know I want everyone to think about that if you care maybe tweet and some stuff email is for next week and we'll have a discussion when is Dodgers back on

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