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Episode 111: Offal and Kombu

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find my headphones off during the during the intro there maybe we should tighten up our headphones uh-oh kind of wanted to read this email he sent me he's playing the song he wants to take us off maybe on that offer and do a live recording then he says he's got all these other tracks he wants to give us including a Harold McGee tribute song and other stuff he's written about pigs he says I've been writing songs for a long time now my wife hates them let's hope you like it

I want to hear they're all I want to be just like you get a copy of heralding how fast can you get a copy of the Harold McGee tribute song right now like right now Joel if you're listening right now get out there let me see you dance for those who listen to Prince Black Album back in the day performance going on on the show prior this because the mic was totally loose like the might have been like blasted off of it's like Gimbels here and was like you know practically lying on the floor of the students go to the gun show currently NOAA rattlin time had at least by the microphone one of them

the Christmas party a Christmas was a long time ago you referring to the holiday party I found the invitation was for your fake paycheck that doesn't have that says that this is not a paycheck you cuz you have someone else throw it away for you is on okay well it wasn't there because you don't have to print it by law if printed like so someone throws it away for you because you probably said keep it the hell away from me and that's where the holiday party was that's where the holiday party invite was on the pay stub so you in fact we're inviting she can't see you tonight was asking me where is it because I was sick as a dog last night

I'm like super heavy night anyways speaking of heavy meds are on track for our Kickstarter I can't tell you people what it is but I was testing out that the thing that were using at the pizza party at hacks every every year and my kid birthday I have pizza party at my house or the kids make the pizza and I was using it it's not a pizza oven is freaking kids we cranked out 20 freaking pizzas in in like in like 2 hours and they ate every last one and it was also made that some fake twinkies and take her so like the Twinkies Hostess is out of business right now if you're shopping for Zappos folks she's playing the music from the website


radio is on before

traits of listening to a competitor Sentara first of all anyone out there who designs the website and put music on it have your head examined then whatever OK unless you are Sirius radio or Pandora or Heritage Radio Network your home inspected cuz you happen to come to our website you know perhaps and are we hope not we don't invade your home anyway so to meet us out of business I bought a box Before Christmas for holidays for my kids with Twinkies because they never had one and I grew up with my kids as a good beginner favorite dessert on Earth by Christmas time they're up to $25 for a box of 10 I think the MSRP on that sucker was like 4:50 or something like that so I bought two for Christmas but I'm going to buy

buy pants that make Twinkies are pretty shape and everyone on the line on the internet they make the fake Twinkies by molding aluminum foil around spice bottles and then using that my kids want if my king of my kids want Twinkies I'll invest of money in the pants I got the pants and I followed Todd Wilbur young Todd Wilbur you're familiar with tile over tile has like it has since I think the 90s or something is 89 has had a bunch of books called like top secret recipe and a top cigarette to be in so I can know he figures out like what's the wheel and spices and he's not he's not from around here because I thought he's from like New Mexico or some crap at and spices and fried chicken and stuff like that so whatever its spot go behind kind of delicious ketchup

are you a free I really how do you work in the cooking business and not care about the ketchup taste different so I can serve you poop in a bottle and she has ketchup as long as I don't care I don't know whatever is on the table I don't care like I really don't care about that kind of stuff what the hell is wrong with you how could you not care about it catch up if you don't I'll tell you what I'll tell you what I owe Stars I still owe her a bottle of good wine for a bed I've lost I was going to get her anything cuz what does it matter it's wine does matter matter what kind of grapes went into it doesn't matter how it how it was made on are ketchup tasting

the different I like sir kensington's you get Heinz right I mean taste like Heinz. It doesn't I don't care how is that supposed to care about every aspect of the one called I don't care what this Asia the world cuz she doesn't care

man God dang anyways making Twinkies but the problem was the issue is is that is that that the kids don't want a good sponge cake filled with you know of some sort of cream filling the dad can come up with they want freaking Twinkies so I'm not trying to say I wasn't trying to work on that so I had to use his fake recipe which is boxed pound cake in with egg whites for the British pretty dang close to 20 actually like it like Booker was like real Twinkies that are slightly better or slightly better why was it the perfect you don't want it to be actually better than its when he wanted to be just slightly less good so it tastes like you're actually shooting 4/20 but the feeling was so freaking sick that's all the recipe this feeling is Marshmallow Fluff Crisco

trans fat-free Crisco powdered sugar and salt water level is so freaking the both pastry bags that I use exploding the Hostess brand bags no wonder they went out of business the bags exploded and spray feeling all over the table freaking nightmare next next time I do I'm going to make it thinner thinner he makes but now that I own two pans I guess I don't have to make sure you don't care about what do you care about tell me something you care about you care about place in my life I never would have if my kids weren't now obsessed with it because they can't have it the same thing to everyone cares about XYZ as soon as it's gone or soon as somebody is dead that they care about it

more especially cuz my kids now like they love any kind of dessert so they they they get the Twinkies and then they they're like oh my God I love it and I can't have it I need it I don't personally care about you use that much except for I care about you know my kids and they care about you so you still have not name something you care about so further proof that massages next show is she going to do on her own is just like anything anything in the world I don't really care and I really care a good friend a good friend video

Rodan saying he had a cookbook recommendation to return my Indian cookbooks but you took it instead of cooking he recommended a book that is printed by an Indian person in India about vegetarian cooking that's not strictly speaking Indian cookbook is Coventry he says I'm behind schedule podcast unique book a vegetarian cooking by Sriracha she has an impressive book and I don't know if he had a later in the US or sends a friend in the book is good preparation I like that powered preparations are available in the US but I did I did look it up you can't get in the US but interesting it necessarily has like Mexican food Chinese food and any for dinner what is a good way to keep a taro a potatoes and other starchy food

sperm after cooking or maybe just from the services well I mean the classic way to keep things for him and it's goes back to the first time since I read about this was Jeffrey Stein garden & Jim's original book The Man Who Ate Everything which I think I told seven the air I always keep confusing with the man who mistook his wife for his hat so I'd like the titles of the text but I can somehow I always confuse the two tiles and sounds like the man who mistook everything for his hat or ate everything but his hat probably one of the most and it still is but when I read it is especially was one of the most important food books I read an article in which he says that you should care about everything and you should try everything and he's told you that personally just so he has a section on

is mashed potatoes in particular and I think also french fries and what not but mainly my potatoes and it was extremely influential article on keeping them Furman together by heating the pre-heating at a temperature to activate the effects of methyl estrace enzymes that are in the potato and thereby provide structure to it later on in the cook process so sorry that it's a long way of saying factoring method espresso here's what's going on in the promised arches it starts Wells it's going to burst and leaked out right but you can Harden it's somewhat and protected somewhat by by strengthening that the pectin that's holding the whole thing together because even though there's a whole boatload of starch and potato the still has a lot of pectin they're holding holding things together now pectin naturally what happens if

what is it across lights with calcium to get to get stronger right so you need calcium present so this is why I like to know why we use the calcium to firm up vegetables or calcium chloride is used to firm up tomatoes so we know if you're if you're if you're making canned tomatoes you add calcium chloride in the calcium chloride is terrible you at it and a small amount of calcium allows the pectin to cross-link when it cross likes it gets firmer and then doesn't break down when it's cooked however you have to use not all the pectin it has a has the ability to cross think that way I've got Addie methylated ride so you got to use pectin methyl Ester a switch is an Ensign which makes the pectin more readily Cross Lake by the calcium for two-part process you need to activate the enzymes are in the potato already usually by heating up I think it's like somewhere near 60 Celsius is this and then maybe a little higher 66

can present now there's some calcium present there already but you can use the Ensign Peak the myth West Rayford you can purchase from novozymes I don't know if my pantry stocked it yet but you can buy that and then add some calcium to it or you can just use calcium and the natural enzymes are in there at to cross Lincoln Riley Burnside is fast approaching any tips on a more modern preparation of Haggis or cooking organs sous vide weed on the show I don't think so your sister is a delicious cooking issues the show is going on record as saying that haggis is freaking delicious product

yeah and I actually don't have very long left I think Bobby Burns Day is what the 25th or something like that so I can buy from Scotland to Road such duties as Auld Lang Syne nu nu nu has a poem about haggis exposed to read before you get the Haggis so for those of you that are deficient your knowledge

I'll give you the Cure so here's how they gross you out with it where the heck is right then what they say and all of the stuff inside of a sheep and it's stuffed into a sheep stomach and cooked and then you eat it right doesn't sound so appetizing yourself have produced with the pluck so when you when you're with a plug is all the stuff in the center of an animal so typically that would constitute Hearts lungs liver kidney all that stuff that the awful meet us there

and another famous a dish like that in the u.s. is scrapple write a dish that I also think that everyone needs to eat much more often assuming that they they eat meat now all of these awful dishes are meant to use to plug in a way that you use it just using it but they would they do is you make the stock with it and then you use the stock to cook a grain so in the case of Haggis it's oatmeal mixed up with these with these cook pieces of meat and the stock that it comes from stuffed inside of the Sheep's stomach which is the lining like a putting case right and then cooked you no more so the whole thing slices out like a big like oatmeal like a oatmeal meatloaf mushy it's freaking great great where is like you know scrapple is all of like the pigs Parts like the hard ones all that was not not anymore but liver chopped up and then made a stock and then you take him chop up the pieces and you put it into cornmeal which is

a better version of plant the trick is people are grossed out by some of these meats and so it first of all you can serve lungs in the US it all looks so long as is traditional part of Scott you ever had lines like I have to be honest are spongy so I could typical Italian Dish that my stepfather used to love when he was growing up his dad was a butcher he would bring home the hearts in the lungs his own sheep was a mixture of hearts and lungs like that around the Naples version that was a big thing in a tomato sauce and he used to love it because the chewy parts of the heart and their

you can't have long hair in the US but the trick to making this thing modern is if someone doesn't necessarily back then you were making it because you wanted to use all those means if you don't necessarily want for him since the stronger Taste of liver in your in your scrapple or in your haggis you can just admit it if you want to you know what I mean it's not going to be the same it's not official but this idea of a very flavorful stock made from gelatinous and you know flavorful like meat that you cook in a stock grind up and then mixed with a gray my oatmeal and then cooking it is freaking valid even if you were to use high grade stuff so we made a high-grade haggis at the SEI a number of years ago where we used to meet you would actually normally just eat and cooked it along with some awful that we could put in

and do it so good in general low temperature with with O and if you want to know about Scrabble you can buy William Lloyd Weaver's book country scrapple which is PDS but exhausted and like thoroughly researched on scrapple and its importance in America and in tracing it back to you no trust me back to Germany Europe and all of its roots of their Pennsylvania Dutch cooking there's some modern modern from a taste perspective if you want to go modern in terms of cooking low temperature sous vide you have to remember that you still have to cook the thing at a high enough temperature in Chicopee oatmeal out so you're probably not going to do an extremely low temperature cook same way same with us grapple for polenta if you know you still need to cook out the plants you need to go to a higher temperature than you normally

what are you could do it in a bag if you wanted to to keep all the flavors in the issue is that a lot of times with awful and with the variety variety Meats if you're using variety Meats a lot of the old style preparation of these needs is to try to get rid of some of the inherent aromaz let's say that they have a flavor isn't so you'll have recipes for things are soaked in milk before hand to draw out stuff for their I parboil first to draw things out and if you don't do those sorts of things remembered sous-vide would you put some in a vacuum bag tent the concentrator room is overtime so if they have somebody has an aroma that you're trying to get rid of or a taste you're trying to get rid of you don't want to put it in a bag right away because it's just going to see all the stuff in the second thing is the reason you'd want to do low temperature sous vide on one of these things is because you want to make it more tender than you otherwise would be have to look at how tenderness really works when you're doing low temperature cooking so regular piece of muscle meat that has low

collagen night and you don't want to cook it to a high temperature because you want to not overcook the muscle that's within it to over medium rare or medium would say so you do low temperature for long time and long long time breaks down things like skin things like connective tissue and this is why this is a good technique for things like pork tails that have a lot of a lot of collagen a lot that can break down into gelatin over long cooking right

but it keeps them whole because it doesn't melt them out it just it just Converse them to gelatin in their own place without actual e-mail to get out the way you wouldn't attritional brace so it's fantastic four things like that meets like a heart are not tough because they have a lot of collagen they're tough because the muscle fibers are extremely strong so cooking it low temperature isn't going to soften it the same way it would soften let's say a short rib what's going to happen with with heart is you're actually going to break the muscle fibers down by extreme long cooking but that's a different kind of tenderness now back when stars used to pay attention to this the sous-vide class that we would the but what are the classic things I want people to taste when their tasting low temperature cooked meats is the difference between Tinder and mushy because they often get confused and when I cook

a piece of steak too long for instance to me it's no longer tender when the muscle fibers and cells start breaking down it becomes mushy and you've tasted that rights does yeah

you care about that so she's not talking about that on the show but the but the so the point is is that you can tenderize something like a hard but I think a lot of the tenders tenderizing you have to be careful that doesn't Edge over into the mushy sound I also certain things like liver if they're cooked for a long time in a bag accentuate the Livery flavor in fact cuts of meat like eye of round that when they're cooked for a long time also tend to become Livery so I wouldn't cook something that's Livery for a very long time in a bag because if you do you're going to you're going to accentuate that that Livery note anyway I hope that's helpful at all what time is Daybreak

Chase theme song by Joel Gargano The Break song is fish is fish is vodka by the meatballerz you're listening to Heritage Radio Network. Org

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oh yeah that's a cooking issues with a gas come back with Dorothy back the blobs back on the air I don't even believe that is that true

oh hellos I just got to the office so what happened is is that our good friend Paul Adams decided to take a hookah no rights for a popular science decided to and he just remember that my God is this is this like a horribly what's it's like horribly stinky I even I had issues with it it's incredibly stinky fish that is not salted enough to totally kill everything and then for men since I from Sweden ferments inside the can and so like a bulging can is actually the sign of a good surstromming and you like keeping his can for a year and that you open it and pungent pungent you were there for that right did you like it it's it's intensely freaking salty and the smell is beyond you would think

possible in something that you would put in your mouth it's like it's it is like I've never seen flies attracted to something so fast remember that there was like no there's no flies anywhere and all the sudden like we were swarming where I beating the flies away and only I ate it a couple of times I've been got it down we had like the rye bread we had activating all this other stuff but only Harold McGee who is like doesn't have the vomit note that the last one I had none of that doesn't have to vomit note that was what he has complained it was his complaint they didn't have the vomit note in the first time or the other two times you had it the only other guy was pounding surstromming with Paul Adams so much so that he was like you're going to take that back to the office took it in a cab with him I am sure the disc a be like a disc Abby had been armed Paul would have had a problem

what is the stinkiest thing around anyways so I'll go buddy Paul he got the cooking issues back up back online we finally got the password we have control but I unfortunately nastasha know if you heard this this morning but someone said that we are we infected already and it's like you know you try and do something because I don't know but she knows it tweeted that says we're getting that worked on and we're going to Paul said he might actually write some stuff for the cooking issues we're going to be

you see it is infected I didn't see what you think of someone else did you have to go to my Twitter account she's like to know if he's going to do a Harold McGee kind of tribute band that might want to call it vomit note you know I mean I know it's hard to say such a cool band name is that like the brown note

that's why I played that's why I learn to play bass by the way is because you know the notes like a really good bass cab when you're playing live and your in your amps really good and you're basically good like you really have to squeeze tight to make sure that you maintain control because your body is vibrating so so much and that is actually that's what's so awesome about playing the bass okay

when you went to rock concert all the time

now we watch the drummer by the way to Starships test with there's a feeling Coming In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins and he sings the entire song walking on stage and you're worried he's not going to make it to the gym set before that important part but it does I guarantee I'm not worried about it finally found something I'm not worried about that you are worried about Phil Collins Macon to the drum set on heating elements in cast iron what kind of heating element is used in the polyscience immersion circulators are they PTC heaters or something else well for those who do not in the heating know a PTC heater is a positive temperature coefficient heater and what a positive temperature coefficient heater is is it usually like chips are like no chips and they're arranged you put a bunch of the man you heat up a date they hotter they get the higher the resistance goes but it's not in the Liney

fashion so over normal kind of heat range where you might want to control the heater it has a relatively low resistance and then as soon as it heats up Beyond a certain predetermined point that they that they determined by what they don't fit with I think they're usually made with barium titanate enabled open crap in to change the temperature at which the resistance really changed but you hit a certain temperature and all the sudden the resistance goes way up which straddles the power down so they're called self-limiting because they can't burn themselves out and that's an advantage so it by the way no probably science is not use them probably science use the standard resistance heaters with stainless steel sheets so they use a bendable tubular immersion heater with a stainless steel sheath in them and the way you could tell that they use it actually I don't know I haven't opened up a new one I haven't opened up the I haven't opened up the what's the new one called today inexpensive one

use a PTC heater the advantages of the advantage of PVC heater is it doesn't require a secondary it doesn't require a secondary safety so if you look at one of the old polyscience circulators or even I guess you know that the professional which is you know the one we have is there is a little looks like a saw a stainless steel sausage strapped to the heating element and that is a safety thing such that if the tank runs dry or if anything like that happens and the temperature of the heating element shoots up then shuts the system off right so in Divinity of that standard way of doing it the manager the PTC is it doesn't require that and also if it goes over temp it doesn't actually shut this it doesn't shut the system down it just throttles to power down to a point where it's not going to harm anything so that's the their theoretical advantage of the of them there if they're super advantageous in situations where

know that you're not going to be able to stop crud from building up between your heating element and the temperature measurement is going to use it right because then it's inefficient he's can mean that you're here, can get so hot they can burn themselves out not really the case of an emergency regulator but anyway pdc's I've only recently been started. I think really being used quite a lot and a new application so I don't know if Philip will use eventually but he's not using them right now as far as I know caller

yeah I listen I didn't how are you doing, fat soluble in oil will it enhance the flavor of whatever I cook in the oil

okay so that we're talking about, which is seaweed giant kelp that you know most famously used for making Dashi and a Japanese Cuisine also use for curing things like fish and also at Les Mills used to do Duck wear head wrap the duck and kombu let's sit and you develop kind of a cured layer on the outside okay so obviously the salty stuff is not really oil-soluble right but I don't know I don't know about the other flavors I would never do my best my knowledge we've never done an oil-based combo I know that the skin of the duck which has quite a lot of fat picked up a lot of really good flavor from the combo though so I know that's the case but you know it's hard for me to say whether or not it's the water part of the skin is picking up the combo or whether it was the Royal Park really fascinating question

I know you tend to think mainly about amino acids at you know any particular by the you know by the cooking process and Dashi and of course you know it has all the polysaccharides in it cuz it's a seaweed and took providing the structure but I've never thought about that never thought about it well I please give it a shot and send us a tweet and tell us what happens because you know it sounds interesting to hear what happened and Morty episodes in the fryer so I figured I'd call I call the person not to make a crispy fried, but the flavor of the oil

and in on the on research online did they say at work or no yeah what time is it I mean you know when does the other doesn't know what does it's not what I would do is I would just run a side-by-side test where are you and then someone see if they can tell the difference even better yet do I do a triangle test where do you serve them three two of the medicine one is different and have him try and figure out which ones which and why call center

protein Brian like chicken stock doesn't flavor the meat per se because the particles in the chicken soccer too big to get into the protein even to the propane expand right I question if it's cheaper to put combo in the brine do you think that the lieutenant asked his or the amino acids will get inside of the protein or if it does for sure I don't know I mean like a, definitely flavors the surface of the meat and causes a curing because it has salt there are there are very small water soluble molecules in, that will do some penetration I don't know I mean so you know what individual amino acids are not large but I don't know what their diffusion characteristic through the surface of a of a meat is others

all right well changes like it shit it's just a confirmation of the protein right and sympathy the I don't know I just got sad. I don't know why my guess is that that you're not getting too much affect past the surface unless you inject it or if you have no holes in it if you going to be like with a bra for something you and you and Jackie injected in me salts and small molecules things diffuse through but so I guess that means I'm in agreement with the with the serious eats post at night

cutting up old friend of yours here in Chicago you really good nice all right we'll see how you been a long time I will for sure I will for sure that I have a 14 inch cast iron skillet I thinking about flip it upside down and is there a temperature where the seasoning on the skillet would start to degrade IE can I use it at 550 degrees Fahrenheit without issues cake before I get into that so the pizza steel is this thing that you know the modernist cuisine guys

at worst change they use a very thick piece of Steel at the heat up and that the delivers of Wallop of heat to pizzas you know they say in a more effective way than something like a stone I would be easier to load the heat into than a stone right now my question is

I don't know if a cast iron pan is a nut has enough stored energy to do what what Josh wants here but that's not the question so I'm not going to get into that question because that wasn't the question 550 Fahrenheit you're getting your getting very close so let's go back to what a cast-iron the cast iron seasoning is so cast iron seasoning seasoning a cast iron pan you're doing a couple things and by the way last night when I saw this question I went and you know did a r e research cuz occasionally people like change their new things about what's going on so just checking up and I found actually really old thread on the Garden Web then written by this kind of like is interesting dude from Louisiana Dan a bz9 la for Louisiana on the garden web and not Museum Los Angeles

he has strangely on this gardenweb thing for my 2007 possibly the best explanation of what's going on in the end of panacur in that I've read anyway so in a situation taking an oil or fat you're putting as a thin layer on on your pan and then heating it till it's past the smoke point it starts to turn black break down so he says that there's two things are going on when your plim Rising the oil right by breaking it breaking it down at the at wherever it has a double bond breaking it down and it's forming a polymer polymer is hard right but also breaking fat General into it smaller parts I'm leaving carbon residues and I looked it up and carbon residue is avoyelles is one of the things people measure especially the petroleum industry because I need to know how much is going to be left over when a whale's are burned or when they're degraded right so he says you want that car been because if the carbon is adding to the kind of the nonstick principal so it's a combination of plumbers

National oil and the carbon is put down but if you heat it to high you're going to break down that those those polymers that you put on it and the problem is is that the temperature at which that happened is going to depend partly on what oil is there to begin with along with a lot of other factors I will say this

I have burnt the seasoning off of pans in my Amana my oven gets hotter remember to say before I do pizza in my husband gets up to like 850 875 degrees and it will easily burn the seasoning off of a cast iron pan the self-cleaning on an oven which one's a little bit hotter a little over nine hundred Fahrenheit is going to burn the seasoning off of a cast iron pan just vaporize it I've had pans on my stove overheat and lost some seasoning on them when I'm going super super super high heat on this whole cast iron skillets that I have so you know if you were saying 500 I'd say you're okay if you were saying 6:50 I'd say not okay I have a bunch of stone bowls that get seasoned with oil

hot stone bowls for Korean food and I get them up to about 6:15 6:20 all the time and that wipes out the seasoning on the bottom so you know it's tough to say like if you can guarantee or 550 you're probably going to be okay but if you go much higher than that it's going to be a problem but the check out the check out Dan ab09 LA on the Garden Web so you can you check it out another same thing is that there's no other block out there a free I forget her name is Cheryl can I forget the name of her blog but she has an interesting place on cast iron where she actually the whole point of you know if we were trying away like linseed oil for painting so it's like she's like why not just what you're trying to do is form a polymer why not use the oil that actually good at that even at room temperature which is flaxseed oil or linseed oil and so she Seasons now all of her pants without flaxseed oil she said she gets really good results because there's a lot of people on the internet they really care about what they eat

will they use and then I say to your ex again Dan abc9 LA but alpha bravo say he was everything to me or not I know he's in Louisiana here's why I've never met this guy I like his post cuz it's like you said something and then like later on you find out that like he is only started dipping his finger in the kind of crap to he knows he's like he's like that or no test McKenna what the hell is this guy do like he's retired, seems like well here's what I do here is what I do when I'm reseasoning my 30 gallon cast iron hog cooker like what the hell your name anyway so my man my man Dan Dan whatever it is Dan abc9 La anyway like to meet that guy someday

oh and Josh thinks it's just thanks is always shows my dad's cocktails in the Cornelius keg

every Wednesdays noon Dorothea Kent Hamilton founder and CEO of the international culinary Center interviews the top chefs in the world on Chef story here from chefs like Christina Tosi ever seen friends this moment it is very feminine it's very fragile and Chaka pain that was invited to work at the White House for John Kennedy learn how the Great's become great every Wednesday at 12 p.m. on Chef story at Heritage Radio Network. Org

it wasn't that John Kerry was actually dip namakan the time like I think is better on a chef does he Shepherd for middle and I think for a while and like an amazing story autobiography I have that I'm cooking today in fact really oh yeah hell yeah back in the day I used to watch a show on PBS and went when I was young

one of the early cook books I bought was his kind of mid-80s two-part book on on on cooking it was all in color is it was like expensive I got as a remainder because it was so far ahead of what Americans want to see teaches you how to skin a baby lamb in this book and so it's his two part series I think it's called the birds called anyway but it's not not the large black and white one which is a fantastic bargain going with two-part bike knob color series at Jacques Le Pan did anyway yeah life story is really interesting man carbonate them later on ultimately I'll be able to elect a barrel aged cocktails in a small 2.5 gallon Cornelius keg Cornelius kegs are the kegs ever used for soda manufacturer back in there called Prima

mix the soda water and the syrup together in a keg carbonate the whole thing and force it out they look kind of like tall skinny beer kegs and system went out of favour but homebrewers when using those kegs for years because they're Fantastic Four small 5-gallon Brew sizes for homebrewers they also make a smaller 2.5 gallon Cornelius keg however there are a lot more expensive than the 5-gallon that's just for those of you that don't know what a Cornelius keg

Oldsmobile Oldsmobile like a barrel aged cocktails in a small 2.5 gallon Cornelius keg and then later carbonate them to serve can you possibly add any of your expertise nope I'm just kidding Barrel aging is there's a couple things going on so bin Barrel aging typically means it's in a barrel meaning there's wood so if you're going to add chips to this thing cuz you're going to age can you get that you have to add chips you have to pull the chips out before you going to carbonate if I Asian you just me letting it Mello so Tony see Tony Conigliaro or Conigliaro as the Baseball fans here in the USA you know for many years he's aged cocktails in the bottle and the Aging in the bottle is not the same thing as aging it in a barrel he's doing it it like a small amount that the marrying of the spirits reduction of the proof although he doesn't dilute it beforehand but the reduction approved because he thinks I got it from both plus the little bit of oxygen that's in the bottle Andre mixing it cause it to age over time in the bottle

okay now. More recently people been Barrel aging and in that case you have the oxygen affects the marrying affects and effects of wood but for that you need would but they're too semi-related but different kinds of things have you been doing a corny keg you going to have to add which is corny kegs are stainless steel another thing is is you're going to have to I guess they remove the wood but also you're not going to want to add something and accordingly is keg like that when it's diluted so you going to have to do it. Rang and then you have to dilute it before you carbonate it you have to dilute it before you carbonated another thing about the carbon dating in a Cornelius keg and forcing out with force carbonation is you going to need to get that sucker cold I like I like things are very bubble if you want a very light bubble in it then you don't need to get it is cold then ice water cold is good enough but for the stuff that we carbonated the bar with her name down at like 2223 Fahrenheit I've liked - where's that 8 9 10 Celsius also you're going to need to buy a cold plate because in order to get something out of the keg cocktail

fomalhaut you need to Mellow it out to Mellow it out you're going to need to put the cocktail through a cold plate allowed to go along a bunch of the tooth-like smooth tubing beforehand and you going to need to give us call Leigh Becker squeeze Val Becker squeeze valve you can get it from Mark powers in Guntersville Alabama they have it and those valves had a compensator in the back and allow you to do and that's the only way we want to know. Does it uses those valves I've used those valves for many many many years and the valves going to make a big difference you're also still going to get a lot of foam and you're going to get a lot of foaming right I mean it's just going to happen OK looking to buy a centrifuge I'm searching eBay I found out hermleigh DK 380 and he gets a link is this a good candidate for home use I'm close by and can go pick it up it doesn't come with a rotor and I'm not sure how much of an issue that is Matt Wilson mat that is a huge issue I would not even though it's only like a hundred fifty bucks I mean unless you know you can buy a rotor from someone I mean without the rotor the centrifuse might as well just

a big door stop know what I mean so unless you know you can get the rotor in the buckets for that sucker I would stay away from it and if you can get the buckets and rotor let's say you can buy another one of these in the centrifuge looks fine perspex means got a little small don't have that large bucket weight does one liter of the time but let's say you found another Z Kate's this what I would do missing found another Zeke A380 on the internet and it has a good rotor but maybe a little bit up and you're worried about the brushes not being good whatever by the sucker for spare parts for a hundred fifty bucks is a spare parts machine if you already have a good rotor and buckets that's a good deal but trying to find rotors and bucket is like needles and Haystacks and buying them knew this a very old machine I looked at the menu online is old I got would stay away from an out always go try to get one that had a good working Road in bucket in the rotors and buckets have to be good not dang not like viciously old not mutilated and you're still taking a risk by using a youth rotor because you don't know what the other person did you don't know whether they use the bucket

I don't know like pry their car door opener know what the hell they use it for Joseph package at uses other than ice cream and sorbet thanks that's mainly what we used it for when I know when I used to have access to one of the French culinary we almost always made ice cream with it because it was so good at it but you know it is there is a new set of blades you can buy call The Coop set that allows you to do a lot of work with it without freezing first so you can do farces like a Moose's and meet farces and grinding things with a package at without first freezing everything I want to downsize everything is it you have to freeze everything so it comes with a whipping disco. I don't know why you'd want to whip cream in a pocket that cuz it makes no sense but what it does do is the whipping desk you can throw fresh fruit in with the cream and the sugar and it'll rip the fruit directly into the crane without having to do a pre like a puree or some like that so I guess that's

but typically what you do on the Savory side is like let's say you want to store a bunch of stuff like herb and you wanted to put like a concentrator and or puree of that herb into something like a soup in a package at what's awesomest you pack into a package a container and you just use the portion that you want you do it and then you stir is frozen so it stays good forever frozen solid like a block and then you just you know you spend in the package at whatever part you need and you add that part to whatever you're working on soup sauces at melt right in right certain other things when you're doing far say is Louis's rather if they have no structure you can freeze them and then scooped them if an instructor to hold after they thaw out and and serve them as is her or if they're cold but a lot of things that what they're doing is when they're making Moose's with a pocket jet they're using the package yet to make a very very fine texture because you don't remember Taco jet to text Ron apakah jet is smaller than their texture you can get out of a vinyl prep the texture of a vinyl prep is not quite smooth enough

for your tongue to not a registered the particles are over 20 micrometers in size whereas just lately I think at maximum efficiency for a vital prep whereas an apakah jet you're getting ice crystals that are crystal shavings that are small enough for your tongue not to register them as individual grains eye smaller than 20 micrometers you know more on the order of ice cream crystals and so you can make purees of things are extremely smooth by freezing them spending them in the package at and then using that. Thawing it and then when they're making a Moose sound make the most directly in the package yet what they typically do is a present like whatever what it like on Papa John's website that has broccoli on the way to do that for whatever and I cook the broccoli they put in the package at the freeze it solid they spin it down and then they make a moose out of that with whipped cream and gelatin like a standard but that help at all last on the way out cuz I have it looks like 4 minutes there's a I've been at your house of people reference you want what you don't know because you hate social

give it a reference you in a Twitter thing seven reference in this in this in this line of stuff about Cook's Illustrated and and pressure cooker going on a radio show all right so they rated rated pressure cookers and they didn't write the Coon recon-1 which I like a lot so highly and they raided the fagler one highly is like one of one of their favorites and there's all this like twittering around on like well what's good and what's bad and what's not

here's my two ears matches at 2 we talk about pressure cookers recently go re Cook's Illustrated and now has their ratings online and this is one of those situations where I think their ratings are pretty off paste go look at a hip pressure cooker you know the block that blog go look at Miss Vicki's pressure cooker but the people Cook's Illustrated ding the Kuhn rikon one because they said that it was hard for them to adjust that the temperature on it works for me it's like cleric and they also they said for them to read their Cooks Illustrated the the what's it called reviews on they said that the Coon Recon evaporated the most water of all like many of the pressure cooker is the opposite of the truth the reason I like Kuhn rikon is twofold one it's extremely easy at all times to see exactly what the pressure is inside of the Coon Recon because there's a spring that indicates exactly what the pressure is inside of the Corn Recon think the reason I don't like the fake or not

it's because it does not indicate its pressure unless it's venting out material and people get this confused all the time here's what's going on in a pressure cooker there are two things happening in something like a Fagor pressure cooker there's an indicator that the unit is under pressure at all and that's a little yellow. That pops up to that pops up you know that the unit is under some amount of pressure whoever you don't know what that pressure is you just know it's under some amount of pressure right then you keep the thing going and you don't know what's going on because nothing happens until steam starts coming out of the vent right so the the Fagor one is a venting pressure cooker which I don't like I don't like it because it affects the flavor of things like stocks at least a Hazmat test that I've run with it now the only way to keep it fresher than is to make sure that you're keeping that little steam going all the time which I don't I don't like I've never liked and it's that I don't like it because there's always steam going through that valve when you're working at that kind of valve is a mechanism that turn that Val gets clogged very easily and get burnt out of there

Easley of the five Fagor pressure cooker that we had the French Culinary Institute for the five years that I was working with Fagor pressure cookers there we burnt out everyone that we had the mechanisms got burnt out because they got clogged and they wouldn't hold any more cuz they're hard to clean for the students that are working with them or they would melt out because someone had Flames licking over the side in the pressure mechanism which is very close to the side of the pan in a Fagor will get ruined right that's never happened to me to clean Recon I've had the handle is broken off of my Kuhn rikon I've had the little plate on the top and diverter plate get ripped off and thrown away but the sucker still holds pressure and doesn't clog and the valve is extremely easy to clean also doesn't need the vent at all if you venting Anakin Recon it means you put it over pressure and the safety is released where where the spring goes up and release steam out of the same spring valve so you know both those criticisms of the country kind of country concert also fairly easy for me to get to adjust to go online look it up clean Recon


my favorite pressure cooker

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