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Episode 110: Fried Chicken & Lobster

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hello and welcome to cookie and she's coming back at you live in Jack is back today how you doing Happy New Year to you too man standing offer out to the guy who made that theme song you're welcome to come re-recorded here anytime we just need to better recording of that song I like it when a happy New Year anyway also studio and as usual

live Tuesday radio shows I'm going to make it or not this is basis for the stash out there people because Jackson said I would really like it if you knew Billy Joel so if he's listening in the dark like if anyone listening has ever seen Billy Joel I've actually seen in my life I saw 11 did you talk to him he was at a food event like number of years ago and he was with and she was there she was the person in charge and he was just kind of standing in the background looking kind of irritated but I don't know if there's a time you drove a car into a house though

the most influential albums of my of my youth and I'm from Long Island so there's that

oh man we force ourselves to have a deadline so here it is before seeing ourselves to have a deadline my deadline is that in one month's Time by Booker and Dax Equipment Corporation will be filming our first Kickstarter for our first project will have it out in a month and a half now listen I'm not saying that you listeners should contribute to the kickstarter way comes out I am saying you should tell everyone about it because we need to get this sucker fun to go to start with a very simple to make for us easy piece of small equipment that anyone can buy that's not going to be outrageously expensive and hopefully going to use that Kickstarter money to build that and also to fund our ability to hire someone help us get some of our more complicated stuff out there

shut up you're not the first time it's really complicated I'm just saying like that's where that's what we're looking to do so our deadline our deadline now and you can call us on it and call us bad people like you haven't already if we don't make it right March 1st

right if pessimistic it means that means they were probably in a good shape have open-ended deadlines always always cuz you don't believe in them deadlines deadlines are hard deadlines like when I was in the art when I was in the ark Community like a billion and a half years ago it's like hey look a show is going up and if the show is an up your shafted dinner is a good deadline that's why I like cooking hey you know what it's time for dinner we have to have food on the table good deadline right now like I like BS deadlines don't work for me because if I know some things BS a BS deadline is someone saying XYZ has to happen when I know full well that not only will it not happen it will have everyone makes fake deadlines in the world right and it's like it here

show show what people like I need X Y and Z by XY date and you're like okay and if you don't have it then what and there is no then what that's the problem there is no then what you know and that's the problem must be at deadlines and that ruins me sometimes but sometimes it helps me because people have a tendency to make decisions and pull the trigger Zone think before they have all the data in hand so I'd always rather

you know get more data but that's that's why I that's why I probably will be moving to 4 p.m. which means cooking issues can go until 1

cooking issues for people that's right happy New Year to all the people who have to listen to it I don't know why no one has to know one's like I hope no one strap down a chance to listen to it by the way how's the new hunting show going before us about I'd like to talk to him at some point about low temperature cooking and hunting cooking Venison and all that stuff so maybe we could do a double header one week

just because I don't have an hour yet Daniel from last week I didn't get to you in Illinois my fried chicken recipe David talk about making fried chicken using low temperature for insurance to cook a chicken through before breading and frying can you go into more detail about this method I've also heard him mention boneless Fried Chicken tell me more by first of all if you want my actual recipe almost my recipe almost exactly my recipe go to a food and wine June 2003 and is published on on the webs my Dave Arnold that's my name my buttermilk fried chicken recipe and you can get the rest of the only they make a couple of things like it in that recipe I don't think they tell you to completely bone out the chicken be cut but I know I do that because my wife doesn't like to eat chicken off the bones she hates it when I talk about that because she thinks I'm making her sound pretty but she's most important customer I have if she doesn't like it that way why would I make it so

what I do is I buy whole chickens cut off the breast currently now that I have small first action you cut off the leg and thigh in one piece on both sides then I separate the thigh from the drumstick at the knuckle with a knife take the side drag the side along the two sides of the bone exposed bone put the point of a knife underneath the bone free it from both sides then cut off that little piece of knuckle cartilage that sits on the thing that's the thigh and then take the leg bone take kitchen or the a drumstick take kitchen shears whole the fat part of the drumstick towards my face put the sheers into the into the knuckle area against the bone and go snip snip snip and like four or five sniffed around the bone in a circular fashion that cuts off a lot of the sinews and I take the sheer bam and I cut off the the the little nothing at the end that you hold onto when you normally eat and I reach into the other side twist and pull out the bone along with some of the senior and very little meat the only truck there is making sure you don't flip phone fat fragments into

I bought into that little league ball when it's done and the awesome thing about those is they fry up like little Spears and you can eat straight through when you get no reading of the meat around the bone because there ain't no bone and you get a lot more I hate looking a drumstick I love the drumstick and then they pick up the drumstick and they only eat two or three bites off at me because I don't want to know on the bone nuts Tasha

she's not even listening she takes to three bites off the drumstick loves the drumstick meat only takes two or three bites off of it

sure that whatever whatever whatever that's exactly how you forgot their then I just like take out the I wish phone really quickly with two slices and A Yank although Nils doesn't do that when does it I cut off the breast on both sides leaving the leaving the tender intact I don't bother I used to take the Sim you out I don't bother anymore I really don't need a little send you the runs on the counter but some people still picking up whatever and now that I've little kids the breast is kind of two large so I separate it in half because somebody no one likes the rest of the one likes dark meat. Meeks Pest now you have the parts of the chicken boneless I used to do than a full marinated milk with salt and sugar for 4 hours and then dry off on a rack and then fry at a fairly low temperature so they cooked all the way through now instead of the brine procedure

I take the size I find it there to Flat if they're left lab so I I fold them back into a full size shape so that their little meteor and time with one thing of the strength I don't take the time at home to meet clue what you could meet fluid if you were doing it for a restaurant presentation and then put them into Ziplocs Ziploc bags with a small amount of salt and sugar milk and then I cook them I cook higher then I would like to say hi and people usually like their chicks super high and people usually like a chicken a little bit lower temperature most people like a little bit higher so if I was going to cook for like some fancy low temperature jockey I would cook the side that the wing the thigh and the drumstick meat to 65 and home I honestly said Celsius at home I actually do 66 or 60654 about 45 minutes to an hour and then drop the temperature down at leave those guys and I dropped the temperature down to about

as 64 or 64 and 1/2 you can do 63 or 64 on the on the. But again I'll take a little bit higher cuz like a lot of people like it just a little bit more done anyway then I throw the breast the white meat in in zippies for another hour pull it out of the bag drain the milk don't lose them ill don't throw it away that milk is awesome let you know too salty if you combine that with another stock it can make a good base for a sauce as long as a sauce doesn't have some stock salt in it right so I save all those juices that have come out of this hippie and then I put the hot pieces of me out on racks to let them flash off their extra moisture that's the key to Frying stuff out when you're going to do low temp now that things are cooked all the way through right then I do a flower than a buttermilk egg along with taking set of soda baking powder and some spices do you put the spices in the freaking buttermilk not in the flower because it's impossible dos in the flower and Bee you're going through a lot more that flower with

soy flour into the bottom of thing back into the flour and then fry at the higher temperature that you would normally use for french fries potato chips whatever else you're making that we went to patient that we bury my French fries or onion rings and that's what I do and well that stuff is cooking off in the low-temperature I take the backs and all the other parts packed them up into small pieces sear them off and then make a pressure cooked chicken stock data so I usually when I do fried chicken I end up with a milk so salty milk stock that I can use in certain soup preparation to regular stock and then a boat low price chain Billy Rose ride San and says for last week show but here we got it today I said I get to it cooking issues love to show the hammer is my hero

wow Hammer is is my hero you Mini-Me you are a bubbles enthusiasm can you speak to the health benefits of drinking them all the time I do drink them all the time and there are some people who I guess are concerned about people drinking only bubbles all the time however the good news is that I have not found any research to show that bubbly water hurt you in fact there's a lot of studies that show that it can be that bubbly water if it's a mineral water can be somewhat benefits I really believe those studies where the other massages giving her giving her like someone just passed me a vegan dish head shape of the stain with separate for for a minute the stuff that's in a soda from carbonation all right so clearly if if I'm not antisocial

we had a discussion about soda bad for you shouldn't consume a boatload of of sugary soda it should not be your primary form of hydration hydration right but I drink mainly Seltzer which is you know and in a soda would be a treat in fact I tend to only drink that whatever the issue the only real Health thing other than the whole discussion of sugar in a carbonated beverage is people who consume colas whether they be sugared or not Cola is one of the one of the things that flavored with phosphoric acid and I'll phosphoric acid is is characteristic in fact of colas and it's that dry mineral acidity that you find in clothes not but you don't like phosphoric acid most of the time it doesn't taste like

phosphoric acid mineral hit that you would normally get phosphoric acid I don't know where the current data is is good or bad but there's a lot of research shows out there that women in particular who consume large quantities of phosphoric acid in the form of Cola can have problems with a bone density because there's a link between calcium depletion or at least absorption of calcium in the diet and therefore you know cuz you know that if you don't take enough calcium to your body removes calcium from your bones did you know that and my friends into your pregnant if you don't take enough calcium your baby wins and your body will remove calcium from your body and deposit it into the new baby's body that you have enough calcium if you're consuming boatloads of housework acid and you're a woman in their studies in 1994 that came out to show that even I think girls can like most girls me young girls can get a higher incidence of fractures if they

I'm seeing a lot of cola however there was a carbonated soft-drink test at to see whether there's any risk of esophageal cancer specifically adenocarcinoma came out in 2006 and it was called at carbonated soft drinks and risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma a population-based control study and found only in fact I found a non statistically significant decrease in the end esophageal cancer in the people who drink a lot of soda a lot of carbonated drinks but I'm not going to report it because it's not statistically significant and I'll tell you what are some health benefits that stuff is delicious so I drink a lot of it you have to force Flatwater down my throat I love me some bubbly water I think bubbly water is a most refreshing thing that has ever been created and I drink a whole boatload of it and I feel a lot better as a person's that's a good health effect on tap at the lab on tap at home

it's a good product like what's it called the Sodastream although I don't use a SodaStream I think it's been a lot for bringing carbonated beverages to people's houses and it in a nice kind of easily deliver Waupaca dirt everywhere now I saw one in Best Buy. They're everywhere crazy are you going to people's houses now and like you know you hear the farting sound coming out of the kitchen and you know they have the Sodastream and they bust out that you know the farting sound

and it's like I have my issues with it like I don't think it's technically perfect but it makes a good so sparkly water you know what the downside is most people don't feel to the water that you put in a SodaStream so they put flawed crappie chlorinated water into their soda scream and it comes out flawed crappy chlorinated bubbly water I take a break

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this is horrible stuff with a platonic acid it is a matter of taste but there's a lot more fat in sausage than you think get ahead of the curve tune in to cooking issues every Tuesday at 12 p.m. on Heritage Radio Network. Org holy crap, I got it sound like you are not really a food scientist have no degree in food science people people run a clip of you on this show speaking from like more than a second would take a long time is a good time to address this though so no food scientist what would you go with

it woke me up I like my thoughts on myself aren't publishable on the air Manhattan thought of a title for a self in three years are parent has kind of Pantheon Heir Apparent to what we don't know where is the second commercial break we got to have one now cuz I got to get my fish is fish at can't go a week without hearing my fish is fish right or wrong right around all right the answer to that I met him in the bar next next hello, blue very interesting was talking to me about something on the Twitter okay so he can't consume grapefruit juice right because he has a problem with

cytochrome p450 384 AKA cyp3a for which is an enzyme that is inhibited by grapefruit juice and if that that's what that's the primary reason why grapefruit juice you can't take it if for instance you have are taking statins or certain other drugs because this whole battery of enzymes write the cytochrome p450 series of enzymes does a lot to remove or modify order to get rid of her to break down drugs that are taken into the system and what is a grapefruit juice can affect it and so that's why a lot of times if your on certain medications you can't have grapefruit juice interesting lately it's been leave the compound in grapefruit juice is a bergamottin along with some other things that are similar to Bergamot and Bergamot and is the character with the characteristic oils in Burnham, and we all know it

Earl Grey tea Earl Grey tea Bergamot the fruit is the main flavor in Earl Grey tea is what distinguishes Earl Grey tea to flavor tea play with vitamin pills so the question I always had and I am not sure if it was never a dress or not is it should you also abstain from Earl Grey tea if you can't have grapefruit interesting question I don't know if anyone knows the answer to it however I've also wondered whether or not a clarification specifically clarification techniques that we use whether or not they remove whether or not they remove the Bergamot and I've never been put into a sample to test to see whether it has but apparently triaca was able to to have this product you can't normally have which would lead me to believe that we have removed whatever active principle it is a chassis it which means we probably will remove the Bergamot so that's an interesting finding I don't have any equipment to a further delve into it but

the only issue is you can never use it as a technique to you can never use it as a technique to make a grapefruit juice that it drinks like regular grapefruit juice but is free of the Bergamot and because it doesn't taste this but clarify grapefruit juice doesn't taste the same as regular grapefruit juice now you might be able to simulate it by taking for instance the part that comes out of orange juice when they make Pope like topless orange juice and adding that talk to clarify grapefruit juice I don't know thanks for sharing that with me okay Joseph W rights in on the Twitter at cooking issues listen to your show and you mentioned duct milk and emotion of duk stock and fat seems cool but what use would it be for and you know what Joseph I just don't know I never thought of a good use for it that's why I don't do it all the time but you could make very thin soup soup to have it like a lot of mouth feel without with v

a little fat like that's what it's good for the same way that milk as a great mouth feel and doesn't have a lot of fat you could do the same thing with a duck milk emulsify something and make a soup or sauce that has really good mouth feel without a lot of fat but it's the my homogenizer that I have is so horrible sounding that I very rarely do I work with it you know I'm old enough doesn't bother me hardly at all but seriously I'm around enough people who are younger than me that they just run around and I never had that little box Shield that they sell now that you can put around it to make it a little more tolerable in the kitchen is around 210 degrees Fahrenheit I have an external smoke chamber that doesn't give off much heat I use a Johnson Control to regulate the temperature of the elements inside are only able to push out so much heat

get the temperature up to about 250 Fahrenheit the box as well as slaves adding insulation won't help much I'm thinking it's some other kind of heat source is my solution just wondering if you have suggestions how I can make this work thanks Jonathan Hunter first thing you got to do what you got to look at the wattage of your heat element right so I'm assuming when you're the way you're talking about if they eat the way your setup works if you have an insulated box maybe a fridge I'm guessing and then in the bottom of it you have a traditional smoker style hot plate set up and then on the outside of it you have a smoke generator and the smoke generator is generating its smoke and then you have a thermocouple on the inside of the of the insulated box the phrase unit that's attached to your hot plate right so in a system like this is something I have it right what's going on is smoke generators generator smoke and smoke generator is relatively cool so you're ignoring it as a heating device and you're doing all of your control by the hot plates on the inside of your insulated box braids unit

if I'm not right then my advice and I'm about to give you is not going to be accurate if I am right right then just get a bigger heating element right to buy a bigger hot plate or ad in ad parallel not in series and parallel another heating element to the control Loop assuming that the relays that are used to switch it off at off and on with your controller can handle the extra amperage it's going through it all so if you want to be strictly speaking like Pleasant about it I would add a add a plate over the top of the heating element so you're not getting any crazy radiant heat coming off of it to let you know from the elements that kind of effect that the thing you could add on the inside a very small fan to move the heat around but I don't like adding I don't want to add anything cuz it's going to mess up probably the dampening and other things inside of your smoker but if you need to you can go something like that but I'm not sure if I have your setup exactly right

Jasper rights in about tomato Clarity hey David nastasha my name is Jasper and since I'm living in Sweden is more convenient to have my question to ask by email instead of falling into you show that said my questions related to an application where I use a center fuse but cannot fully achieved result I'm looking for the background to go I want to make a transparent tomato good luck he was asking about tomatoes recently my approaches use fresh tomatoes that are first peeled out of use can whole peeled tomatoes with the juice remove that not to give the desired result but this is the correct way to type of tomato its drivers except they add calcium to that which strengthens the pectin it's going to make it harder for you to spin out that's why they put calcium chloride into it that's why that's why I can tomatoes are always fine no matter what and why if you self can of tomato and you don't add calcium chloride or some other form of pectin strengthening thing to it they turn to Mush did you know for your info

to puree tomatoes in a vital Pratt good call I'm glad to see someone is Sweden's using vital preps because you know that a lot of people in the Europe they don't have the right of bread to use they use a thermomix okay filter puree through a sieve unnecessary with a centrifuge do you want to keep I would keep all that. In in fact sometimes I find that having extra solid can help kind of compact everything down into into a solid Puck so I wouldn't put it through and you going to really reduce your your your yield that way for movie are from the blending of the filter tomato puree by using a vacuum chamber I hear I wonder if this could be one issue since his method is a much stronger color of the tomato puree which interns counteracted is are transparent you know it doesn't give the puree any more color it just removes the lack of color that the are introduced its right you're like yes now should be aerate the reason why if you don't the aerate when your Center Fusion Tomatoes you'll get floaties are things on the top there really going to Cloud your stuff up already you

one thing that you're missing for like you say in the end we should I use pectin X Ultra sp-l yes like right before while you're pureeing the tomatoes in a vital prep you should be adding Titan X Ultra sp-l enzyme what is available I believe even in Sweden because they have shopping to all parts of the world for reasonable amount has nobody else to say what was the copy back in the day when Mom is Cuisine when you guys are used to be friends with them and they used to respond to the show did moderates moderate modest shipping ship shipping to make it mean you have a higher Chief Center fuse and I do but you're going to get a much better much better yield and a much more clear product by using pectin X Ultra sp-l to break down the pectin poke back to where you were there a fuse for 2 hours at 5250 Gees the highest setting my Santa Fe you don't need to go anywhere near that long if you have a if you had to pick the next Ultra sp-l you only need to go

for like 15 minutes and that's like you know that that's that's about it you can go a little bit longer might increase your yield marginally that's all you need to do 6 you jellify it with a Kappa carrageenan cuz transparent and then put in a mole that gives the shape of the Tomato there's all this okay a yellowish color but far from perfect I wonder if you give me some help to achieve full transparency of the tomatoes okay I'll look it it's always going to be a little bit yellow because

transparency and colourlessness right you got to always separate those things in your head centrifugation is never going to spend the color out of something unless the color is only contained in the solid and not in the solution so Center like the actual color molecules in solution are never going to come out you're never going to get it to be colorless right so there's always going to be a yellow yellow color in the in the in the supernatant in the in the juice right but it should be Crystal Clear she got to figure out whether or not and if you follow the instructions that I can actually spend it for a long time you deaerate your tomato juice will be Crystal Clear if you let it sit for a day and a half

it will probably throw off a little more flock and then you can spin it again and we'll be even more Crystal Clear however it will still be yellow but you should be able to read a newspaper for it and that's what I mean by the only way to get it actually transparent like when it in the side with a distillation technique but it's much more complicated than the sugar I've done it but it's a pain in the butt and never taste the same as the actual blah blah copy of the actual tomato stuff like two more questions

and once again this is fish is fish is vodka by the meat Ballers on Heritage Radio Network. Org

oh yeah right that's our I'll just go ahead and say that

decided decided like never never never misses an opportunity to agree with someone when they're putting themselves down his never miss one and there and there and there she like she gets on the bus she's like the only person she develops a catapult to throw you under the bus she's driving

that's rough I am a fractal fractal so you know I grew up being like a fractal lover soon as I learned about it in fact I almost got a job working for the summer in mandelbrot slab back when he was alive when I was a kid but I felt like I didn't know Fortran or any of that stuff and I didn't Fortran my dad still write programs in Fortran if you can believe it you know what the hell I'm talking about portraying cooking issues what about all those other cool things you can do with pectin X Ultra sp-l if you just talked about like french fries and peeling fruit first of all

all of the information on that stuff will be back up on the I know as soon as a billion times but the guy who now isn't it is going to take over making the block reappear in the blogosphere is coming to the lab tomorrow to speak to us and hopefully we can straighten all this crap out pretty soon right cuz if you know what I'm sick of hearing about it so I can hit the Quan me but still so s p o s s p l is it's a great tool now I use it everyday for clarification is Center Fusion away that's the most that's the most used it I get out of it however even if you're not going to clarify something and you don't have a centrifuged SPL still really useful for instance let's say you're not going to clarify something but you have a puree and that puree is too thick for you to use in the applications just making your products too thick

you know why that fruit puree or that vegetable puree is too thick packed

so what you do is yat SPL to it you are incubated at 40 and it'll break down the pectin and it will thin out your product considerably and allow you to use that product in more applications so I've done that from time to time of also even clarifying and places that don't have Centerview his I've hit stuff with pectinex before I said it was a guard to do an agar clarification because my yield will be much higher if I use pectin next beforehand pectinex also dissolves the white parts of citrus fruits the Albedo and so you can make these amazingly beautiful I fear you don't it's not a complete Miracle people think that you know you just dip something in this pectinex enzyme and all of a sudden you have mandarin orange slices do more work in that right little more work however you can make Supremes of citrus fruits does really work online so well for some reason but anyway you can make some friends of citrus fruits that are gorgeous now you can make pretty good

Jackfruit anyway but they have Cuts in the man that cuts kind of marit when it's on a plate and supposed to look like like really back in the day you would have liked a kind of a cut Supreme because it would have been seeing his kind of like yardistry the cutting but nowadays like I think people are more keyed up on seeing like a perfect piece of fruit that looks almost like a crew that way and so not cutting across any of the Little vesicle things on the inside is really kind of baller but the most ball is you can get Supremes of things like Pollos that's so much paper in them they're very difficult to work with now the trick about it is you have to take the peel off

and then break the fruit in half and then typically into quarters to get all the pectinex into those areas where the white is otherwise it's just going to dissolve the stuff on the outside not penetrate very far so you have to be careful with that if you taking things like grapefruit pills Northfield you can have to pack the next to them soak them and then toothbrush off all of the white all of the Albedo and you get these super thin super gorgeous peel that you can then candy or use for the things we used to do that quite a bit has also the structure on the outside of things like potatoes and so when you're trying to do disrupt the surface of it without disrupting the entire thing we do with soaking it and it produces a much better crust on things like french fries and you know we learned that you know years ago I read a technical paper on it and then we developed our french fry recipe based on using pectinex you know modernist cuisine disrupt the surface using ultrasound to be disrupted using pectinex but it's good for that I've heard other people have other uses for pet connect to any time

and that there is pectin and you want to make that pectin go away pet connections a good thing to use OK also we had a message in from Anjali I will not read the message over the air but will give you a holler maybe next time we're in the Bay Area if if we have time and say howdy to your boyfriend I apologize to you specifically that he made you spend your vacation together completing the back catalogue of a podcast Dykes ouch I have someone else likes and they say that they do spend spend their vacation that a car trip and they like they listen to a bunch of the house like a stressful vacation and I believe my response to that gentleman on the Twitter was my wife like doesn't matter what the good thing about it is I could probably turn it out but took my wife maybe three years to be able to completely tuned me out

we completely elated definition of the show to train people to tune you out it's a quite a lot of quite a lot of the day

very good all right so since I don't have a Blog right now what did it just goes ocean Crustaceans prior to dispatching them and figure out exact techniques to kill fish and and other things like Crustaceans to make them taste better and a day short answer is that they at least amount of suffering or whatever that means the least amount of stressful was stressful stimuli before Slaughter and so we won't go into whether or not his actual pain or suck cuz I'm like that's not that's a very interesting argument but it's not what we're talking about here okay less stress from a physical standpoint that they go through private started the better they taste and that's been true also with lobsters now that the it's a kind of a bit of a pain in the butt to anesthetize lobsters not that hard you can get all the stuff for.

Foods use clove oil and exercising with many many times I've done lots of side-by-side taste test but the interesting test it knows and I ran back in the day was what about the whole thing about shoving a knife through the lobster and cutting it in half at the head and a lot of people shy away from this just because they're squeamish that's not really a good reason to shy away from something because you're squeamish it's kind of like you catch a mouse in a glue trap and then you just throw it away alive because you don't need rather do that than to see it squash in trap right but you're actually better if you just squash it in the Trap and kill it right at the gecko that's actually more Humane even though it's more difficult for you to deal with then throwing away the live mouse in a glue trap is not a good thing to do

what they like the dead mouse in the Trap anytime you see the blood draw to wrap somewhere I won't mention where they're bunch of maggots underneath it that was really rough night are found it still he couldn't deal with it so that's why I smell so fruity in here like more accurately more people would throw it away then drowned drowned of mouse or break his back but it's kind of like the knife even though you feel worse for shoving a knife through the lobsters head is a quick way to dispatch at the trick with a lobster is

Lobster have ganglia running running like different didn't know that's not a central nervous system the same way we have a central nervous system so you can't just shove a knife through like you shove a knife through our brain and we're pretty much done but they Lobster you have to like bisect a bunch of ganglion that go around the esophagus up to the top and around right all along so anyway but you do that and it turns out that they taste very clean very akin to of the ones we've anesthetized but they lost a lot of their flavor because when you kill a lobster that way it leaves its internal fluids which are called hemolytic and that has flavor and so you're losing the flavor while ago I want my last blog post I said what what if we wrapped it and what if you wrap the lobster up so that it doesn't lose its stuff as you cook it it's vital juices if you cook it and it with the results were inconclusive here's what I did recently last time I did a lot for test and it was entirely successful in this is the way now I have the Cake cooking lobsters get a Pyrex baking dish or anything it's noon on absorptive sticker small wooden

underneath the lobsters head area put the lobster down on the wooden block the wooden block or so that your knife doesn't get ruined shovel put the knife on the back of the carapace you know which is that in a body part you know me up behind the rear of the eyes and shoved a knife through and completely bisect the front of the animal if you completely bisect the front of the animal that he Melissa is going to spill into the Pyrex right so you're preserving all of those juices in the Pyrex then what I do is you carefully take the knife you running around the tail you remove the tail you take a knife if you cut up there cartilage things on the underneath your movie tail in one piece cut up a tail she'll throw it in a pot then you then you cut take off the claws I leave the knuckle meat inside of a inside of the knuckle Thing by separate them and let all of the juice is it come out as you do this go into the Pyrex take the claws cut around the claws to expose the meat but leave them in the closet cuz they're very delicate or there's a picture on my Twitter account you can go look at

I got exposed claw meat knuckle meat take all the small legs and cut them up into small pieces throw them in the pot with the chopped a piece of tail shells and then take the body and I tried I remove the gills from it and then I drop it into small pieces and I throw it in the pot with butter and then take their take the whole thing I bring it up in temperature and I get the butter cooked out of it for about 15 minutes you want to go to I want to start pulling out calcium all the step 15 minutes in the butter and then throw in the juices from the Pyrex reduce it down a little bit and then put strain that sucker so there's not shell pieces right into a vital prep blend in the fight of crap to like emulsified a little bit and bag the meat from the Lobster in a ziplock with that stuff in the butter and I throw that into simmering water you don't want to boil it you got it you got to turn the pot off because Ziplocs can't take boiling water but as long as you're not in there that long and you never actually boil it and then in the pot return

Los Ocampo last word is fine that's really good temperature for lobster let it cook for like depends on how you like it we like it a little more done than most people so we could get like maybe 10 minutes that way eta 10 10 minutes and then pull it out and then thus the sauce is still delicious in there and it has a Pure Clean Briny Taste of the ocean it is delicious that's the way and I'll cook lobster shoes

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