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Episode 11: Vaporize It!

hello to you today with Miss Tosha Lopez cooking issues Hammer we are not live today we are pre recording this because Tuesday we were normally broadcasting I will be teaching sous vide and low temperature cooking class at the French Culinary Institute a fine class is once full and fortunately so you can to sign up for it anymore but you can sign up for the next one so you can't call in life but I'm still going to give you the number so you can write it down for your records the number to call into the studio here is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 the number to call in to cooking issues a show where we answer all of your cooking issues

couple of notes Here you might hear some music in the background and that's because today Sunday is the Bushwick block party right Bushwick Brooklyn for those of you that don't know no it's kind of like what hipsters Paradise please a history paradise and so it's kind of pandemonium outside of the studio right now by the studio for those who don't know the studio here is actually I think it like at a container of some sort of something that's already been dropped into the middle of Brooklyn and they put a garden on top of it and there's kind of a window where we can you know view view Brooklyn out his when's that pretty much accurate there's a lot of events coming up with us in the next month or so so it's going to list some of them some of them going to require us to pre-record against them are I think the next thing is going to come up

is Starships Starships Starships. Com deals and I are doing a bunch of events there we have a Mixology demonstration and we're doing some couple of cocktails that's coming up the week is September 20th so you want my want to stop by and see us there then Heritage Radio is having a big fundraising BBQ it's called The Heritage Radio party the Heritage party and it's on Saturday September 25th it's here at Roberta's in Brooklyn and it's $100 a crack to attend without the person we will be making some drinks probably would liquid nitrogen what else we decided we're going to be Maker's Mark decided what kind of fruit were going to use thought it was peaches peaches fruit to add to Maker's Mark at that particular moment is going to clarify in a centrifuge and they're going to we're going to add liquid nitrogen to it hopefully on-site here hopefully liquid nitrogen if we can get it delivered here

and I serve you some delicious Cocktails so you going to want to call in to +718-389-893-8909 to RSVP for that or email info at Heritage right then on October 4th we are going to assume it's not sold out you can come she knows and I do cocktail demonstration when is that when is December 2nd October 2nd at the French Culinary Institute a seating is extremely limited I don't know how much that guy cost then we have the Berlin bar show on October 4th where I'm going to be doing a recap with Evan Clem of the science of shaking science and staring in Berlin text you the first time I've ever gone to Berlin luckily for me I was supposed to go for 4 days and have kind of a mellow time fly and have a day to recompress

something came up and so I had to switch my flight and I'm literally flying in on the red-eye landing at 6 and giving a talk at 12 so I don't sleep on airplane so if you come if you live in Berlin and you come see us in Berlin expect to see someone that you know that may or may not have their hair slicked back with their own feces we're not sure we'll see if we can do there I'm just kidding anyway you can come see our show where we're going to be doing a presentation on rotovap Liquors it's being sponsored by Oxley gin correct with our bookkeeping out of the way I guess right we can get some questions yet

Jacob Hart leave said thanks for the show listen to it thank you David and another one as of my friend of mine had the same name your coups I'm not sure which one and I know anyway I'm not sure he lives in cookson Oklahoma and a trendy of notice amongst yes is using what wild ingredients right. Farm-to-table he says more like wild find it yourself ingredients but I sent his like they are the Koch brothers are blueberries in Spanish cooking is pretty sure it's been around for a long time so he wants to know the following is there a book blog or guide on Wilder's plants trees berries excetera that are edible and what can guide you to do that right so this is a question that is close to my heart I unfortunately don't know any blogs to do it but you know I'm the only reason I like to travel to places that are near the Wilderness is so that I can gather wild food when I'm there for instance when I go to the Grand Canyon

I don't really care that much about the natural Grand Canyon is like what kind of me and what can grow around there maybe this is just a little piece of me you'll know me a little better if you understand this like once you see the Grand Canyon yeah that's beautiful it is it's beautiful right but I mean come on right I'm eating one whole right now food is a different matter altogether food you can keep eating all the time right now right when I go to the beach all I care about is the stuff that grows along the seashore and the stuff that I can get in the water at the seashore is basically yet cuz I detest sand and sun right when I go to for S I want to know if this is something that I like a lot and whenever I go to travel someplace new and going to be you know outside in nature I try to get a guidebook it helps me the problem is is that what you're going to protect her to look for in an area really depends on where you live so I think a good first starting point even though they are dated write the the best writing on wild food that I have ever read is by a guy named Yule Gibbons

how to spell you'll I can't spell out loud I don't have a piece of paper on me but his two most famous books and their written probably late 60s somewhere in that late sixties early seventies somewhere in that range and they are fantastic books again in a little bit dated but he was a guy and all he really like to do was go out and forage for wild Foods talking animals sea creatures he never wrote me books on Hunting there is a book on how to illegally poach animals if you're just an app you can try but you know he is an in-depth books on on searching certain things. He spent a lot of it he spent time all over the country which is why his books are good to me as a little bit of something for everyone no matter where you live in the US but he has a lot of his knowledge centers around Pennsylvania where he lived you did a lot of work up in Maine that he did a lot of work in on the west coast in California and so he has a lot of a lot of really interesting

thanks and he's got a really good perspective so if you hadn't ever read any book on foraging I would go immediately by those books on book finder they're basically free no one cares about them I would get stalking the wild asparagus in stock in the wild scallop if you're interested in something specific like mushrooms right out you know I have a bunch of Guy books on mushrooms and you know I guess I don't remember stop my head which the best ones are but if you go to Paul stamets his website he's out on the west coast of thinking them if he lives in Washington or in the Oregon but he's a senior won the worldwide Authorities on fungus I would not go collecting mushrooms for the first time by yourself I would find any one of the local mycological Society in your area that usually sponsor tours where you can go learn how to properly get rid of mushrooms in your area without getting poisoned ride is important not to get poison the same thing goes through with plans so when you get beginners books on wild wild food collecting that the important thing is to rely

what is easy to recognize and what is easy to confuse with something poisonous right because there are a couple of mistakes you can make that if you make that mistake you can die right but but

but everything that's the main problem that happens when someone's use the Gathering something wild and one area right where it's totally safe and then they go to another area where there's something similar that look similar but it's poisonous right that's that can happen sometimes it's best to know what grows in your in your area and also if you go with someone who's ever done at who's experienced right they can point it at once you see a plant live and you touch it live you smell it live and you gather it life odds are. You're never going to make a mistake with it right and so in general I would read all those books and I wish I had more than modern books available but I would you go with someone who's done it before as just a foolproof think now that aside there's some things are extremely easy to easy to figure out even a New York City where I live there's enough of a wild green called Oreck lambs quarters Medora and lambs quarters is a grape a green and it grows wild in New York City NE play

vacant lot New York City I can in a Lower East Side today if I wasn't worried about back to PCS again feces in urine spread all over it and who know God knows how much gas exhaust and all that stuff growing out of the vacant Lots within two blocks of my house in the Lower East Side never done it because

yeah yeah but you know you could so because you live in high-density area of food does a train have their entire that you're very difficult unless you live in the middle of some vast Wilderness where there's known supplies of wild crap to be able to go and get all of your food or substantial portion of your food from wild wild items but there is almost always something you can gather wild locally at any given time of the year to have an accent note or two or round things out or to bring out all the flavors so it's a subject I'm very interested in and you know thanks I think this is the first we've had on that

I mean my favorite things to collect is there in Maine regular every year there's a wild sea rocket that is just me it's really really spicy in a little bit bitter rocket like arugula but I love Gathering that stuff and I mix it with Oreck which is a Seaside version of lambs quarters and it makes just a fantastic sunny outside while she being there with your salty so you don't need the extra soft make the best Seaside salad ever you know and then of course when the water there you get muscles and Nino sea urchins and fantastic thing but I don't know I've never been to Oklahoma so unfortunately so I don't know what grows around there but I guarantee you that there is something good to be had so thank you for pine needle flavor or tree bark favor flavor I don't have access to a rotovap but I do have a vacuum Packer and whipped cream maker

so the I'm not sure how he do you want to know what I can do it and somebody doesn't want to do it in the alcohol because it suggests oil and water pine needle flavor you can extract extremely well in the alcohol in a vacuum machine I'm assuming you can do it in an isi whipper I haven't done it I don't know what the results will be into oil I can just say it a try it out but there are some varieties of things that look like Pines that are poisonous for instance the you it looks kind of like Pine is poisonous most pine trees that listen please look this up. Don't go out and say Dave Arnold said pine trees are but you know that's the old joke actually that used to make about Yule Gibbons if you go around say many parts of a pine tree are edible because they are right and end up but you know I make a habit and nose makes a habit actually walking around in the springtime pulling the new shoot the new new growth pine needles off of pine trees and chewing on because they're fantastic so you know it

classical you can make a tea out of pine needles and you can I'm sure you can make a flavored oil out of water using a vacuum and I are outside the trick with time is that most people have most people have an association with pine of Lysol stuff called he's going to go Pine Solly and it's going to taste and so I'd like Pine drinks and meals like Pine drinks and we do them but you have to be super super careful so you also want to make sure that you're you know that eat that the type of pine you use like you know what kind of flavor or a fur kind of flavor like Doug Fir whatever it is it doesn't taste too bathroom cleanser e cuz if it does even if it's delicious people won't like in French lavender the same thing so a lot of people that like to mix with lavender there's a good fifty to sixty percent of the population that if they detect lavender at all they're going to say it tastes like like perfumer bathroom and so I just had to do

Association not because it's not delicious and so I've had a lot of problems lot of Heartache trying to make Pine things I think of delicious and some people don't like them just because of their associations with them and you know what that's that's the breaks you've got to be careful and took you're making of yourself it's one thing but you're making it for someone else it's just I'm going to be aware of anyway so I hope that answered barking window by Park I've never done any work with barcode that you can extract it but the mean the closest I've had the bark is basically what extracts and they're pretty weird they're kind of sour and you'll ever had a rotovap and you wrote Ave apt you know alcohol out your left with basically Oak water and it's some pretty potent kind of Bar Key would taste good but you could do it I don't know how potent is going to be there when it's done by a vacuum machine but please give it a shot and tell us right okay okay now let's go to the next question

from ship static GIF static asked us first of all he says hello heals all is well this is it is an herbal vaporizer with a whip and a in there something called the pocket travel portable butane handheld herbal vaporizer that he found on eBay and so he wants to know what the difference between them with you is it worthwhile getting one versus the other and I think most people aren't going to know what we're talking about so I will tell you

so any fun ladies are killing people started making little vacuum cleaners handheld vacuum cleaners for free computer keyboard basically to vacuum crap out of computer keyboards and someone who is apparently enterprising when they're not stoned but when they are stone is extremely lazy decided to reverse the battery in one of these things and drive them backwards so instead of becoming vacuum cleaners they're actually little blower in the unscrew the top and they screwed in a pipe Bowl into the top of it and they would pack marijuana tobacco right they pack marijuana into the top light it turn it on and it would automatically you know create pot smoke without you without you having to exert the extra energy to inhale write me to basically like extremely lazy pot smoker thing right and it became kind of a popular item in head shops head shop here I don't know if you're from abroad that means a place where you go to buy pot stuff you don't listen to Grateful Dead and whatnot the about you know in the early 2000s mid-2000s

starting to be used in Europe primarily the beginning to do smoking so they would put wood chips in other flavors herbs into them light them and blow out smoke and so famously you know the Roca Brothers at El calor de can Roca would blow smoke underneath a big clothes and then they would lift the clothes up when they when it came to your table you wouldn't see the food they would lift it up and smoke with rise up you know I'm just ain't no envelop you were they had a thing where they had a slipper shaped glass and they would have a plastic over and they would inject smoke into and every time you ate off of this type of scratch plastic on the top of smoke ring with puff up and you would get the aroma of the smoke okay so that polyscience the people that could people that make the circulators now available they made basically a more robust version of this at they sell call The Smoking Gun to most people use this to inject smoke into things or if some people afraid that you inject smoke into their vacuum machines right after its vacuum smoking with them is kind of interesting is not the same thing as red

smoking you'll notice if you inject smoke into into a container and let it sit that all of a sudden become clear the particles will settle out so I don't think that's continuous smoking gives it I don't think that the Smoking Gun goes the same flavors continue smoking by think it's useful for for a lot of things now vaporizer is entirely different in a smoking in the Smoking Gun and anything like the Smoking Gun you're actually lighting the product on fire combusting and that's how you're making smoke okay now in a vaporizer the most famous one of these is a volcano vaporizer and it's most famously used in in cooking by Grant Achatz at alinea restaurant in Chicago and in the way of vaporizer works is fundamentally different instead of lighting the material on fire and then having your having a burn instead you heat a chamber to you know what to a temperature they basically lyric vaporizes they the material without actually Lighting on fire and then usually that you know some sort of air is forced through it and then you get like a

KO you get a bag full of flavor so then you know Grant would do things like me or vaporize Sage things like that and get those kind of Aromas and this this thing that parently now and I don't even know this or thanks GIF for bringing this to my attention they have vaporizers that are built on butane lighter technology that fit into your hand or a whole hell of a lot cheaper than the volcano but they're fundamentally different Technologies for making flavored Aroma airs one is combusting the material and the other one is held at a temperature below outright combustion the theory of vaporization is that it it's going to provide cleaner flavors do when your smoking it right cuz they're both meant for pot you're both supposed to smoke pot with them and the theory is it that you can get all the THC when you vaporize it without all kind of nasty tar and crap like that because it's happening at a lower temperature so not forming a lot of the nasty chemicals may or may not be true I hadn't read the science behind it but they do I know from experience doing using using them for cooking that they do produce different results because one's lower temperature than the other so they're not

they're not identical so I haven't done a lot of a super side-by-side but I know that they're not equivalent items once more of smoker and the other one's more of kind of like a Aroma that slightly kind of combusted smoky smelling but not the same thing as outright smoke so I'm interested in this I have a volcano I haven't really used it because I haven't thought of culinary application that would make me feel like I was ripping the grant off but if I ever did I would use them it's a fine piece of equipment in this portable thing also seems interesting so I hope that has answered your question chip and this brings us to our first break cooking issues radio on the Heritage Radio Network

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welcome back to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold cooking issues here with nastasha the hammer Lopez coming to you not live from the Bushwick block party on Sunday in Heritage Radio Network today matches before today show is brought to you by the fine folks at Fairway like no other market so Fairway has I think three locations here in the New York area's Best my knowledge they have the original one in the Upper West Side which is he a mod house because so many people want to go shop there and then they have one that's Up In Harlem that opened actually I guess in the late nineties mid-to-late nineties back when I used to have my studio up there in art school and men and we love shopping at because of a giant refrigerated we're in a warehouse where the lid meat is store that the meat in the fish and and used to love that because I could just do know all the sudden I didn't have to go walk the shop to get really good Neo cheese and things like that at the time was really inexpensive haven't been back and then of course they have the one near IKEA

Red Hook so Fairway like no other Market have a question from Aaron hartsoe Earhart was thinking about a couple of a couple of radio programs ago I told someone who was just going back to college that what you should do is is used for microwave to achieve extraordinary really high temperatures so that she could see her things right and so you know if it was you that didn't know didn't hear before basically that the issue is is that you can get a certain materials absorb microwave water absorbs microwave very well which is why microwaves are either you use right so that they choose at the frequency that absorbs water absorbs very well and things get hot now water can't get above boiling unless it's under pressure taking it so it kind of cell regulates but there are other things that also absorb microwaves quite well they can get

above the temperature of boiling water and it says use by certain people to do things like a spino melt low temperature medals using microwave absorbing crucibles in there in there microwaves this is entirely feasible now the a really easy to get material that absorbs microwave fairly well as silicon carbide because so you can go buy one of these carbide and silicon carbide cutting stones and throw it in your microwave please don't put it directly on the floor of your microwave because it will ruin your microwave put it on something that is insulating that can take the Heat and you nougat now how long you have to Nuke it depends on how how thick it is but it can get really really really really really really really really hot you know as I've mentioned that they had a couple in a week or two ago that we crack an egg on the one that we did and it just you know instantly huge bubbles came up so too hot for the egg so it over cook the egg nastasha thought it was gross because it was a use cutting Stone you know how nice. She gets about

things went so much you have a mental problem and it's all over she know she can't do it but is it possible to use this interaction to rig up a better than conventional oven for doing things like tandoori chicken or pizza bites naturally question I would say yes and no sew the pizza to prom with you can clearly get a small stone for small pizza up to temperature is easily easily up the temperature to acquire to do the floor of a pizza so you're talkin talkin up in the 800 Fahrenheit rain in that area easily now the problem is that you have to also get the ceiling up to that we're just going to like to part of the pizza on fire without cooking the top and if you put two stones in there it's going to be almost impossible for you to determine unit it to kind of get the ratio right between heat for the top and he from the bottom I am told although I am not sure

right at most things are called combination microwave toaster ovens aren't really a combination microwave toaster oven they're like a microwave and a toaster oven but I believe there is one that has the heating elements the toaster heating elements in the same box in the microwave if you have one of those suckers you can put the thing in the bottom keep the hell out of that rock till it got up to like 600 Degrees Pizza into that thing and then rip the hell out of it and get it get it to you know get the bottom done and the top done at the at the same time another alternative would be if you had a broiler in a regular oven you can get your pizza stone in your microwave up to a zillion degrees what the thing on the bottom of it pull it out flash underneath the broiler for a while to get it done this is the way Auto auto the restaurant here in New York City to make pizzas part of the Empire and their style of pizza is to actually a griddle grill or grill and cook the bread a little bit first.

after they're done flash under a broiler with it with the topics I do this at home in the summer time when I make pizza because it doesn't heat up my kitchen is much when I crank my oven up to 800 Degrees my kitchen get extremely hot if I just have my crepe maker which is basically like a griddle and I flash cook the pizza on both sides and then stick it under my salamander to finish out in a boiled I don't think the results are as good as an oven that is really cranked out for pizza but it's it's pretty damn good you know what I mean and and it doesn't heat up your your kitchen is much so it's so it's definitely viable I have thought about it and some interesting interesting idea I bet you could have real problems going to be like I said regulating heat for the top and he from the bottom of the same time and like I said I don't think it's exactly the same to break it into two parts the first do the bottom on a hot rock and then to do you know the top from up from a broiler standpoint but me or maybe you could get it to her what do you think breathing

thinking maybe I think she said she's not paying attention to the matter what I'm saying there's a lot to be a lot to be learned a lot to be discovered with microwaves the trick is to get a silicon carbide piece it's the right size you can cook something reasonable on it without having it be so thick that the majority of microwaves get absorbed into something that's not used for news the bottom at the same time that has enough retained energy such that when you stick a pizza or something on to it that it gets it that real Wallop that you want to get out of the stone stone oven then you could normally this way because if you get the microwave is going while you're doing that you'd also internally cook the the the bread a little bit while I was going might actually be really good technique Mustachio you can't see her but she looks extremely still unconvinced fireplace at home behind my kitchen to rent apartments from people that have their fireplaces plugged up because the chimney

unsafe because they haven't been cleaned in a thousand years to end in to make them functional again merely by ripping out the bricks that have been bricked over to literally will invite any anyone like any neighbor anyone she meets within five blocks Warehouse she'll buy a sledgehammer actually so make them bring the sledgehammer making go buy this item and bring it and then for the pleasure of having her company right and a beer or two they will sweat sleep sleep sleep break open the old fireplace and then she will use it again like come hell or high water true or false in a fireplace get me to there's a couple excellent books on fireplaces I don't even have a an old fireplace in my bollocks my building was built in the 50s but yeah you know if I ever get a place out in the country which I hope to do if you know if we can ever scraped two nickels together long enough to for my wife and I to go and get a place in the country I will have a giant indoor outdoor kitchen with an outdoor outdoor on one side and fireplace on the other

huge freaking hearth mean I can't wait Sunday it's going to be cooking with fire is great with high-tech all the time that you don't enjoy like all those other forms of cooking fires and by the way going back to Tandoor I almost bought and put in my house a gas fire 10 to the money or the time to put it into would have cost me probably a grant or something like that I didn't have the money but I was thinking of building one just by hand anyway and then I realized my wife already puts up with enough crap and I would have had to get rid of something and you know it would probably have been a friar and sense frying is God's cooking technique and Friars the last thing on earth I would give up like the the fryer and a bathroom in the last two things I would give up in my in my house probably and

and so yeah I just couldn't I couldn't do it but I'm going to bury I'm going to dig a hole in the ground if I ever get a piece of ground for myself I'm going to dig a hole in the ground put a Tandoor in to me one of the very first things I do it for the indoor outdoor kitchens I think if everyone had a Tandoor everyone would just be a little happier right cooking issues

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but you're welcome back to cooking issues on Heritage Radio Network Dave Arnold anastacio Lopez coming to you not live today answering your cooking questions so let me get right into the last question we had emailed it's actually question-and-answer so we've had an ongoing kind of question with a friend of mine Julio's actually a well-known fashion designer here in the city and by the way was is it good friend to Priscilla Morgan who is Muse de Semana Gucci and one of people's part of the batterberry French people I know through Michael batterberry and to Darlington Marvel architect friend of mine suggested he is for some reason wants to reduce his caloric intake even though the man looks it looks great he does not look at all fat but he's worried about his caloric intake and so it has a sweet tooth

so he's been asking how to reduce sugar content especially in things like meringues and I should have thought of this kind of stuff right away but because I'm dunce I didn't and George Davidson called in and he said or wrote in and said I have an answer why not use maltodextrin to stabilize it and that is excellent I don't know what the hell I was thinking it's not said that's an excellent suggestion George came up with this because his wife had gestational diabetes and I don't know a lot of women when they get pregnant get diabetes during a pregnancy in there and then have issues with sugar

maltodextrin what is is it you take starch which is a bunch of repeating glucose units and you break it up into smaller units and so the Malto dextrin are there like me several glucose glucose as long as they're like I don't know like a 10-6 a 10 glucose is glucoses are in a row in Malto dextrin the bigger they are the less taste they have so the shorter they get like three glucose is what they start tasting sweet so into glucose us together is called maltose right so and then one glucose is called glucose these things that are kind of like you know what they're not long-chain things like Starships like you know the hundred thousands of glucose as long and are much shorter and they're usually very Bland

sometimes our sweet depends on which one you get and they can be derived from any kind of starch tapioca starch corn starch rice Rob Rob Rob doesn't matter right but they all have extremely different physical properties which is why you have to be careful so for instance one of the one of the application people always say hey Dave I want to use tapioca maltodextrin to make oils into powdered right let me hear this a lot a lot don't ever say that like tapioca maltodextrin is like saying hey I need to do something I need some sort of vehicle on wheels that rolls do you need like a flexible Flyer wagon or do you need like a Hummer you don't even like because like they're very different in property rights the tapioca maltodextrin that you use to turn powder into oils or something called ends orbit and Zorba tennis they can absorb it through the national starch Corporation and it's a very

Pacific Malto dextrin made from tapioca that is extremely not dense write extremely has a very very high volume very low density and so they use it as a bulking agent but the reason they can turn it into Peppers is because when you put a starch right it's basically a big Helix ride just like DNA is a double helix is a single Helix Helix and the inside of that he looks hates water hates it hydrophobic soil so oil can go on the inside of that starts healing but on the outside of that loves water right and that's why these this Malto dextrin can that is helical at the start that's why the maltodextrina dissolves in water so well then why did you know dissolve in your pallet on your mouth so well so what happens if what happens is that you put the oil in the oil goes into the inside of the Helix but because

is the malta dextrin has such a you know so so not dance so fluffy then it can basically fluff out and stay separate and you have his kind of powdery oil but as soon as you put the stuff in your mouth it goes instantly dissolves back and there's very little actual material there so like a bag of you know a bag of of a pound of Malto dextrin tapioca maltodextrin a kilo of it's like you know like a size of a bean bag chair it's crazy when I mean it's so not dense and that's basically what it does now the reason is helps you if you can digest it so it has calories like a starch the same number of calories per gram but typically for usage you use far fewer Graham cuz it bolts up very well and so you won't use as much so you can actually get a reduce caloric intake by by using it now if you're diabetic

this is a great thing to use because it doesn't have any sort of insulin problem so what he was doing for his wife was using tapioca maltodextrin presumably not and zorbit he is a Best Buy which one and saccharin as a sweetener but you could use anything that you know what is a safe for diabetics at the sweetener and he uses he uses what does he use he doesn't say how much yeah he's a sweet Mama doesn't say how much Malto dextrin he uses but the advantage is that you can use a lot less maltodextrin is also good anytime you want to add bulk to something so another kind of meringue that we make it to school actually quite a lot is made with something called my brains on on Friday to listen to some music from the Butcher Block. It's called methylcellulose methylcellulose I always like to say that all the hydro College we use are all the hundred percent natural this is the one that kind of isn't it's it's it's not natural I mean it's not

I always say it's not a natural that I don't think it's ungodly rights basically modified cellulose pipe is not found in nature but it has a very interesting property that it gels when it's heated and also a take an act certain of them the one we use Memphis LF like Frank 50 Hawaii Five-O f-50 and basically it is a good whipping agent so we use it for making meringues that we don't want to add egg white to write so they're basically you don't have to add the egg why is it is a protein so it is at the whipping agent but it also forms the structure of the meringue really like making love quote marks I don't know how to say meringue you know and so we can do is we can basically take pure fruit purees and then we en't that are booked up by having a lot of pectin in them having a lot of solids from the fruit and then we usually add sugar for Taste but you could add anything to it you would need to add sugar for Taste. Cuz if sugar is not such a structural component

methylcellulose which we use of the whipping agent and then and they said they don't really last outside too long because they suck up moisture to very high Hydro scopic anyway but if there's enough bulking agent in the product like if you're doing let's say Nori or something and something it doesn't have a lot of stuff to it you can put multiple dextrin in as the bulking agent so you have any sort of maltodextrin in their usual along with xanthan to make a little thicker and then methylcellulose and you whip it like a meringue hydrated and it's it's just like a meringue but you can have extremely low sugar Vines and and actually this is kind of thing that I endorse I normally like I said don't endorse necessarily removing products just to reduce a caloric intake but you know we can do this and we can get really interesting flavor results and that's why I think it's kind of an interesting

an interesting thing to do you know so we finally answered this question or Emily. Okay so the second part of the this was a a comment and thank you and and a question and the question was he's interested in making habanero vodka because we've been discussing discussing habanero vodka for a while and he said how long will it last and do you think it would do well in a vodka cream sauce and he can then also why do vodka cream sauce recipe tell you to reduce the vodka is a reduced if I cannot make less of it but to put in the pan flashing off rent this is pointless facts of pure ethanol or ethanol water actually and reducing it just remove someone on a date near the end of reduce the amount and you think this makes a difference waiver wire

next question I will answer the first one because I know the answer when you use habanero to make a vodka if you were using green Habaneros a flavor I think will be fairly stable if you are I don't use me as if you are using red Habaneros the flavor in my my experience in my experience has not been with infused habanero it's been with distilled habanero my experience has been a state that flavor is unstable and that it's pretty good for a couple of months and has bad it goes green so after you know six months a year when you taste it it's no longer going to taste like that amazing floral fruity habanero that you're used to it's going to taste closer to his Greener and it's going to don't know why it's definitely going to taste it some people say taste taste more like jalapeno at that point you say sit right and so a couple of months if you keep it

freezer you got a good couple of months out of it before it starts to go on you've also never started at extremely high proof who started basically at a hundred proof about 50% and that's been our experience it does work well in sauces I have used in sauces in the flavor really comes through in a sauce and truly a great way to add habanero Wildwood way we do it it's time. The habanero Roma but not the conversation not the spice anise and so it's a great way to add habanero flavor to something like a sauce without a spice I don't know why the hell you would reduce the volume when you put in your not getting rid of the alcohol obviously when you're boiling it getting rid of some alcoholic you know some people take you boil all the alcohol the way and that's not the case you boil some away I don't know why you would add more and then reduce it to get rid of some of the ethanol because I would guess it'd be the years not like it's not like an egg

and situation with that where you put alcohol in a batter to reduce a gluten formation or something like that I mean presumably it's there just to increase of all tool release Uno Roma wise I would guess all I haven't done a lot of research on it so I would think that adding a smaller amount later would probably do the same thing I'm guessing but that's a guess and I'm sure I'll get some emails telling me why that is completely wrong but anyway I hope that answered that question so it was a few days ago we did yeah Vogue Vogue magazine Jeffrey steingarten who is on this program basically he's friends with Dave Chang convince Dave Chang to do this party for Vogue for fashion fashion week night out some sort of some sort of show anyway and so and if somehow we got roped into doing a cocktail for it

yeah I put on my put my special my special Vogue fashion clean clean black T-shirt to serve these drinks so we might do this for the good we might get show is concord grape clarify the way we clarified it would probably concord grapes is Concord grapes they're delicious but if you are too aggressive when you're getting the juice out of them you cross the seeds in a takes on a better note so you have to kind of do a good job question but then you also want to get really good extraction so we weepers put it to an ice crusher and then we put them along with the SPL witches are pectin breaking down enzyme put that what you can do 10 cooking issues. Calm and then we put it into our chocolate grinder but we set the chocolate grinder up high so it wouldn't flush The Siege so it was just smashing them and then we spot him in the centrifuge then we had a we had a lemon juice and maple syrup and we chill that start with liquid and some water not a lot but some and

yeah that was delicious delicious delicious delicious product and even know you know that it was like we we sold those drinks like four hundred drinks in like an hour or something like that yeah and we sold out so if you came that event and you didn't get one of the drinks I heartily apologized and let me see you are really fun but you're also the cheapest man alive so well about some things I cannot possibly be cheaper princess AI will not take a cab unless what I'm carrying when an event I was going to say not even but I have seen my legs are not broken I'm not going to take a cab like when I come out to hear I don't take the Subway accept cost $2.50 or whatever it is so I bike out here

Brooklyn because my legs are not broken why would I do that anyway so the mark Ladner from Del posto by the way you're a great guy Mark Ladner we all love Mark Ladner from Del posto restaurant here in New York City basically donated to nastasha really I had nothing to do with it the old vacuum machine from Del posto. It's like it's like it's like halfway work it's almost working off a truck truck weighs 6500 pounds so hard to lift into a truck without a lift gate

just becoming you know and I'll post o is on like what 16th and like basically the river anyways so I'm going to hell with it I'm not going to pay for a damn truck to come pick up this thing and move it when my legs are not broken. So that picture on the Block and it's Tasha Post in case he was wondering was Neil I am that guy who's dumb enough to push the damn vacuum machine from Del posto to the French Culinary Institute on the hottest day of the year and you know here's the thing right it's like this is how I get things done when I was in school I know I needed something I don't I jumped into a dumpster I would get it you know what I mean when I when I need to do something I get on eBay and you know you find it for the cheapest possible price just because I've never had enough money to to do things

turn on get away and and I've always been willing to spend more time and energy than I probably should to do things I have since met some people who have not done it that way and I are much more efficient so maybe you know in the future look for us to be less stupid but the other hand being stupid this way and cheap has for whatever it's worth it gotten me we know where I am is endearing a little bit extreme cheapness what's good at the Scottish blood in Me by extreme cheapness and is is I'm glad it's at least somewhat endearing it can be a pain in the butt especially for you know people like my wife who has to deal with extraordinary achievements and I'm not cheap when it comes I buy the best ingredients all right I buy the best ingredients not cheap about that such weird like my wife is mad because I spend a ton of money on food because I'm not going to buy food I think of substandard

what does it mean snobby that's why people think that food and it's between like some if feet bastard who only cares about spending a lot of money on their food and between somebody who doesn't care how there's a lot of people out there and I think this is the word everyone needs to spread about food and I was going on with food now it's not about it's not about being a food snob not about out spending the person next to you in the rarest ingredient or anything like that even though I know ideal professionally ideal in the rarefied world of high-tech cooking and it that a lot of that is really expensive right so people think that what we're doing is elitist and okay the stuff that I do for a living kind of a necessity is because it's a very like very nice high-tech food but that's not the way that doesn't mean that's the only thing that's that good food is right over the only thing that I enjoy doing you know I think that we all need to

step back and make sure that whatever we're doing we're never being food snobs because you know that's not that way it doesn't lie the the best food for the for the most amount of people which I think what we're shooting and then I will leave you on this note Heritage Food and Patrick and carriage food is a Interstate has been talking with us about Reviving an idea of you know a while ago for a food Museum in in New York and so look for he's starting to put people working on it right side and so look for look for in a couple years look for that to finally actually happened and that that's going to be you know I think the best cuz we're going to be focused specifically on making sure there's not about just elitist food or just Navi food got to show people that good food is for everyone

farewell Northern Market will be back live next time