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Episode 109: Pine, Yolks, & Soup

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hello happy New Year welcome to cooking issues we're back with this Tasha Lopez here sit next to me because he still recovering from the New Year's festivities sick what do you think I'm sick he has a cold I'm doing great how are you guys it was wonderful and warm sunny Los Angeles California to Los Angeles no I was just a visiting girlfriend makes me think it's full of bad people is messing with you nothing special we were avoiding each other we didn't see each other over the entire entire thing I was just hanging out with my family and then went to the book

we have a pleasant and happy New Year to friends for Christmas

Michael Jackson Chris Young Lincoln Rhode Island I think he's doing whatever it is you Chris Young friend of ours was telling some entertaining stories about fluffing and Mike wants to know can we say that on the air I think we can if we don't describe with the word fluffy comes from you can say it right now

yeah just walk a thin line keeping People Pumped for their job for that way yeah exactly great a fluffer is someone who keeps the more important person pumped and primed let's say let's say say say pumpkin pie with me and Tony the Tiger in Miami can we hear days version of the events yeah sure that's what happened was that a number of years ago we were asked Krista Chris and I were literally fluff for Food Network Talent at some event at South because the only people who make who make good products like the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes another another one they have they they rent this Amphitheatre thing inside of this place called the

Parrot Jungle Parrot Jungle in Miami like right right there like near the causeway and the place is nutty like the place is full of like crazy parrots and crazy trees and all sorts of like you know like to have a cockatoo there that literally used to have a picture of the cockatoo sitting on Winston Churchill shoulder and this sum some gun cockatoo still alive because apparently as long as they don't get sick these things they just don't die they live to be like a hundred these freaking things anyway so their parents everywhere and Kellogg South Beach Food and Wine Festival and Chris because they have some sort of science friendly kids thing I don't even really know but what it really was excuse for it to get like Giada and you know the Ace of Cakes guy and Guy Fieri and I know all these people up there and so literally Chris and I would stand there and take science questions from the local Miami crowd and their kids

just like cooking if you just like this but it was all questions that I hate like you know it all like nutrition-based anyway we filled it a question and everyone no one could wait for us to get the hell off the stage so that Giada or or Guy Fieri could get on stage or turn it even Tony the Tiger was a much bigger hit than and then we were mean frankly I think we did a good job but they weren't there to see you know Chris Young and and myself you don't answer their questions about different kinds of sugars but my memory is is that the one question that the person was excited to ask his little girls razor handle yes and she says that have passed necklace to jot how to shoot me just like pasta necklace not like oh my God I hope to God that good about it and I took it what I was like why I was a kid I don't know Giada it's like if I went up and like tripped her and she fell over she wouldn't know who to call the cops and play and she has no idea who the hell I am I didn't say hell I didn't say any of

but I was like but I will try to see I will put this necklace right here where her workstation and hopefully she will put it on I don't even know what happened because as soon as it was time for the real age they like you know brought out the cane like swipe the softest H and I was gone was flown out there to Coral Court assist in this project and shooting him show up to the event true or false I wasn't blown out and I paid my own way because because because you wouldn't work with it to get the hotel you our flight was paid excuse me go through and look your flight was paid are you could have had to pay hotel but you won't going on business so cheap she's like can I get stay in your hotel know I'm a grown man

this is like whatever but the really good reason to go then the reason why it was extremely worthwhile trip was a I got to see the the the cockatoo that was on Winston Churchill shoulder butt beat it was the first time I went to the fruit and spice Park which is I think one of the greatest places on Earth and I talked about on the Arab lunch and it's a place everyone should go and we went with Chris and I think he was pretty impressed by as well as rights in about pork belly and espuma okay I'm going to go see on the words spoken a minute but I want to do a pine infused espuma I want plants over to come through so is recognizable but not overpowering my question is on method I'm wondering if I should send me the pine in my liquid on the stove throw it in the bag in my sous vide supreme or use a pressure I use pressure in an isi whipper what do you think all right grant first thing here's what I think I hate the word espuma okay okay I'll tell you why I oppose

stop if you can't read it right now because the block is still down we're working on a people I don't want to hear it and working on it actually I'm not working on it a friend of ours named Paul's working on

espuma is I believe it's just kind of like the Spanish word for foam write a Medusa you don't speak Spanish anymore Natasha forgot Oliver Spanish because she had an Italian boyfriend was I don't talk about it and but the point is is that is that in English espuma to me sounds like something you hopped up and spat out right beside you with me on this for me I'm going to say that if you do it like I would just call it a phone I would just call it a phone I mean if you have to say the word espuma say the word espuma by just I'm I'm I'm anti the word a spoon on an english-language menu if the entire menus in Spanish then go ahead and write espuma right it'll be like going to be like writing I'm going to have poached offs like I hope you're not getting bent over me going on this diatribe I just happen to not like the word that's all right

tell me about Pine is is that I love Pine my favorite way to work with time is actually to distill it we know several many years actually we've taken Christmas trees purchased Christmas trees rip the Christmas trees apart and then just tell them remember last year's MTV MTV music and we did time Jen and tonics where we were doing a Douglas fir we were buying Douglas Firs and stripping them down and instill him in the bath and that's delicious so the two things you want to make sure when you do it is one you don't over steep be using something like alcohol which it sounds like you're not but if you're using alcohol there's a real danger that you're going to get kind of that detergent e Pine Solly kind of thing out of it because you extract sold so much of the resin to probably won't be as big of a deal if you do it in water I would do traditional Spruce tea or fir pine tea is typically done either with the new buds if you can get them is not the time of year or with the needles brewed for a

fairly long time in hot water because it won't extract at as much of the resin but you'll get a nice Brew out of it be I have done almost exclusively in alcohol never really done any water-based Pine stuff you want to be careful to choose by Psy from choosing ones that don't have weird pesticides on it you want to be careful to choose a pint that's not to redolent of bathroom cleaner and I have the same problem with lavender a lot of time and work with lavender in a drink I warn people because a lot of people want to work with lavender and they want to work with find me I have a huge soft spot for pina member send Mason you say work with time allowed at the BP 50 back when he was there you know I work with crying a lot Nails work for tying a lot we all love it but there's a good chunk of people out there that even when you do a really really good job with it are going to have that bathroom memory cleaner memories and and and like I said the same thing is true with with lavender and so you have to be very careful to try it out on a bunch of people to see whether or not they're going to have the same response is very difficult

as a cook to know what everyone's reaction is going to be to something just because you love it I've learned this the hard way believe me many many times can happen is true when you know a number of years ago with super low temperature fish that I know a lot of people are playing around with a little out of this chest really loved it but there's a good chunk of customers that even when it was done really really well they just didn't like it so just be aware when you're using a polarizing flavor that you are using polarizing flavor and try to try to take it such that it's on the non-detergent east side that's all that's on this a distillation is it also a non dosing dosing is extremely important even if you have one that you really like the aroma of you don't think it's going to go to Pine Sol to the Target that we've done I've done we've done Frazier's we've done Doug first we've done I think we can borrow some you have never had a really good source of spruce myself I used to chew on the needles all the time growing up because I loved it but you want to do you want to test it all the time

making it to make sure that you're not going to go get scratched too much stuff and go over bitter over Piney over resume on it there's a very very fine line you want to be careful and the same things to remember we did this distillation Stars got a very strong just to let me hide the water at quite a bit to get it to work exactly the way the way we want to do the guy said it's very good player okay fortunately I don't have a circulator just a sous vide Supreme so I have to do smaller pieces of the belly at a time my first thought was to do a brine rinse cooked sous-vide low and then sear it but I benefit from doing a pre sear before cooking low temp or my best off leaving it till the end my goals have a nice crispy layers skin on top also since I'm planning on cooking the belly a day ahead would be best to reheat it in the bag the day of service do mycia right before it goes out to the table okay on the pork belly play more than a day if you're going to go low I mean widely used to do his I think for a 72 hours and still remember that dish that was on

I think it's opening menu hisses at it was a while he's at wd-50 when he opened was I think the first time I've had the low-temperature long cook pork belly and that was actually one of the revelations for low temperature cooking for me was how much I like that and he he Brian. I think he took forever to do a brined it I think with the US a night-night Right Center that's what my memory is right for 3 days or two or day the one between one and three days you would Brian it wet Bryan I believe and then he would vacuum package it or let it dry a little bit that he was vacuum packaging and I think she was the key to why his thing was so good he wouldn't free see her he would press it and he pressed it for a long time and let it cool down to get the skin nice and flat I thinking to get all the meat together then he would cook it for like 72 hours at a pretty low temperature to somewhere in there and then he pulled it out and then he would crisp it like a

breast and so I think you would this is what I would have done is my memory of it he spit on the skin side and I think just like let the heat carry carry it over I've done it a bunch of never done all that I've never taken all the Care that Wily day to do it we've done much more kind of off-the-cuff long clip ones cuz we weren't doing it for restaurant service but the key in this thing is Christine the skin and what year if you pre Siri read my fear is that you're not going to have a very flat piece of skin and still be hard for you to get a really good sear on it so when you when you have a piece of me and you don't do the pressing special on pork and you really need that Siri to get a crunchy if you have a lot of undulation in the skin when it's against the pan that's and it's rendering out you'll get these blond spots on the bottom that aren't crunchy and they're just not as satisfying as the rest of it where it's like all hyper crunchy and delicious yes yes yes we got a right in from are one of our earliest cooking issues readers back in the blog was working schinderhannes and

and it's very good to hear from you happy New Year is your loyal loyal follower I should your highness it seems that the world has to accept the fact that you don't have the time and resources on hand to keep the world's best food blog cooking issues alive and well fed on new entries but now your block is completely unavailable I used it as an important online resource and I'm missing it badly are you planning to publish it as an online blog archive please do so that would be great news otherwise I'll promise to buy any book it working on and he says as a third alternative leave in a huff and turn the Campbell Soup for the rest of his life and he ended in a pharmacy Bucyrus should I guess you know best regards gay friendly greetings after everything okay well. They're like we're literally waiting for people to flip the right switches it seems Preposterous but we don't have control of the block yet and we're working on it and it hardcore way not really I'm not working on it at all

we have other people who are theoretically working on is that true say what we do we have like a date Cialis none of this would have happened we could have just split it with whoever hacked us wherever they are you know what I mean and just like you know kept on running but you know it's we're going to get the information I can promise this information will be back online I have hopes that you're right I don't have time to do what I was doing back then maybe we can find some people they're the real problem is is that it's hard to find people who want to write things the way that I want them written but just kind of ties into another question. Question or comment Steve Crandall Road in and he said he he is giving us a point out to another blogger and his name is Greg blunder the bladder I don't know him do you know as a friend and colleague a physicist whose playing with food a bit you may enjoy some of his online articles and I read these articles on.

brining and if some of the best writing on brining that I've ever seen on the internet and you wanted you guys to everyone who listen to this I think would enjoy it www genuine and so he does lots of really awesome things like he's testing brining and he in order to test nitrate and nitrite penetration into intimate during a during black riding without curing salts he bought nitrite in aquarium shop and bought a nitrate test paper for aquarium to test if they nitrite levels because of liquid fish make noise when in there and he was using his blotter paper and testing the diffusion of nitrates into into meat which is I thought like that is freaking fantastic idea and he was using some sort of some sort of salt a say to literally paint the surface of meats after different brining things to see how far assaulted penetrated in which I thought was fascinated

and then a selling years ago that I tried to do unsuccessfully was to use dyes to try and look at Ryan penetration and that's what I bought a bunch of fmdc blue one which if you put into gel caps and give people they will they won't know it necessarily but they'll poop green I'm not recommending you do that I didn't do that but I know that it works but I didn't do it right right nastasha open up a bottle of DC blue eyes like I told her I said Maggie came in the mail. Do not open this do not touch this and just so you know her nature it's not in her nature did not fool around with stuff and I put fingernail marks and everything and everything like mango and you see messages on because when I came back or face with entirely blue entirely blue but the problem with that then you see blue is fnp-c blue is a rather large compared to things like salt and so it and it also it it's not you know it doesn't it doesn't work the same way but this guy that I don't know

but I probably like to meet Greg is shoulder really interesting result which was that if you brine with acid it actually a kind of forces to meet fibers apart and then allows a larger things like the blue dye to penetrate further into the service in the meat but not very far fascinating stuff and then even more fascinating on this subject of brining in this is something that I hadn't heard before he this is new to me and opened up a whole world is that you know you get x amount of Brian penetration salt penetration overtime during a brine but then the actual cooking process pushes the brine further into the meat and he shows it with these tests that are relatively conclusive and my really cool images so Steve thanks for pointing that out and break thanks for pointing that out and and I'm sure I'm going to go read a whole bunch of other people go read that stuff too

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at work

hello welcome back to cooking issues we have a color color you're on the air

hey David is Johnny Carson Memphis Tennessee how you doing the yolks rigged up some PVC pipe you know course clean it out real good and put some acetate you know inside of their right and

put Saran wrap around the bottom

egg yolks in there

and I thought I had secured it

with the other side with Saran wrap all around 64 degrees for

about an hour and it came out running so here's the thing the egg yolks is that they don't cook at the same temperature when you crack them out as they do when as they do when you cook them in the shell and I don't really know why I've tried it like wonder whether or not it's like there's a the the slight the basic nature of a agua I don't really understand why you think that being surrounded by the egg white what actually raise the temperature with your coagulate because the base there is is going to weaken the protein but for some reason egg yolks are they they set at a different temperature outside of the outside of the the Shelf at the other thing is that if you add salt or sugar then you drastically change the temperature at which the egg yolks set I've never done a full set of experiments to figure out but like

before I would go to the trouble that you're doing I would I would just like take some egg yolks almost in ramekins at different temperatures and see at what temperature you can get them to set up fully outside of the shell but I tell you it is different it might also be different a whole egg yolk out of the Shelfs number to separate egg yolk it's not broken versus one that's been mixed with a fork I don't know whether or not it's going to be different or not because I never run a full set of test this is one of the original years ago things that why they was asking Harold McGee when we were doing the original Harold McGee class at the French culinary and I never really I never really got a satisfactory answer for what was going on I just know that the temperature is different the other thing I'll add is that I wouldn't I wouldn't trust a PVC even even with the cleaning you know at this point nobody really knows what the plasticizers do to us or two people that were serving but

everyone knows PVC does have class sizes are in it and then no matter how well you wash it will reach out over time specially in the fatty things like like an egg yolks if you're going to wreck in there until it's probably not a lot of direct contact but you know at this point try to shy away from PVC when when I can even though you know it there's nothing beats it cuz it's so cheap so easy to work with you know what I mean but I would definitely say you going to want to Jack the temperature how did you add salt or sugar to it add salt to the second one I didn't have to talk to the first one what would be the best conductor is it conduction for the TABC pipe that's true

but it's not that the it's not that the PVC was a bad conductor I think it's literally is that you needed Jack the temperature higher I would try I'm trying to remember what Wiley used to do while we used to do he would make egg tubes in in vac bags would make tubes out of vacuum bags and seal them off and cook the egg yolks that way and I'm going to want to say he had to put it as high as 70 Celsius to get it to work exactly the way he wanted to so I think you're going to need that it's all the PVC is a bad conductor I think you're going to want to go higher like up almost up to about 70 degrees C and then if that's too hard for you then you might want to pull it back but I believe it in his old I forget which dish it was where you had the egg to be like that but I think that they were done up at 70 when they were doing other things

Maria beef I don't know

okay so I wouldn't go about setting them in a

in a bag where it's circular

at what heat do they were I think what he was doing was he was like putting them in a in like he was stealing the bag almost like flavor ice pops and then like you're injecting a phone and cutting off the ends when they were pillows shaped bite me like there's a bunch of things you could do you could get test tube the question how would you get him out of the out of the other side's I think you could take me to you're using as a test it would be fine and you might want to move to like like an acetate line stainless steel pipe or something like that you don't I'm saying something that's a little more that is a better conductor and also is definitely food-grade so if you go to like UK I don't know what size your using but I'm guessing you're probably using like half inch or 3/4 PVC sound like that and if you hear if you're doing that you can get something with the same internal diameter of made out of like 304 stainless Deadspin seamless on the inside Smooth Bore and thin and you can buy like a 1 ft length of it you can cut it with a hacksaw on 2 2 6 inch length and you know you can probably get that for in the

range of fifteen bucks or something something on that order especially you know and it's going to be completely non-reactive and Feline that with acetate you should be able to pull it out fine you know and then that makes men even then in the good thing about those things that you can use them an infinite number of times there a hundred percent food grade and you know they won't break and you know you'll have it forever

what was the website you said which is McMaster-Carr and it's one of the charge a little more than other people do like a lot more like 30% more but the great thing is they have something like four or five warehouses all over the country and so they're never more than one day usually we'd at least in most places I've been there never more than one ground a away so if you order by 6 p.m. whatever your local time is then it usually shows up UPS ground the next day

I'm also I'm also getting some air in there because they're floating I don't know whether I need to come straight out of the fridge or freeze them and put them in the car back in the BBC or the you know the correct vessel

if you freeze them they'll be almost solid if you freeze and thaw an egg the egg yolk will be almost all the problems will get a little bit of Greening on the colors never quite right after you freeze the egg membrane on the outside and if you mix it that'll probably be ameliorated somewhat but if you're using something like a stainless steel tube you was always a fun experiment to run put put a bottle in there with a cap on it real loose so that if you if you get the caps on it it's it you know the stuff will spill out of it and then put her Put liquid into the bag with the bottle and when the air comes back in all the liquid will be shot into the bottle which is said to Larry's experiment to watch because literally the liquid liquid for staying so if you would have you would have put stainless steel tubes with a little bit of extra egg yolk into into a vacuum bag and the egg yolks will shoot themselves into the tube

okay so you're cutting out of me a little bit I can go back and listen to what you said

alright so it won't float what's the best thing to do not float whenever he was doing something it wasn't in a vacuum machine is he would just take a couple of stainless steel like a butter knives or spoons and do a couple of wraps of cellophane with the with the butter knives and spoons no suckers a sink light to the bottom

all right

any other any other advice you can give me on this or anyting else start scaling back but I would do your next to 70° Celsius and I would like I say vac baguette and go back and listen to it how you get here if you vac bag at the vacuum machine should push the eggs literally into the tube for you and that should that should work that should work for you but Shootist Twitter at Sugar said we'd rather at the at cooking issues if you're having more problems and it will give you some pointers already are you two okay so we had a question in from Berryman Casey a happy New Years cooking issues team I bought an emergent circulator about six months ago but have not. But I'm not done a multiple hours / days recipe the circular came with a free camera professional container but no top I'm concerned about excessive heat loss in evaporation when it is unattended for sickness

number of hours but you'll be better polypropylene balls like the ping pong balls or the custom cut lid that the website sells or something else hit this one first so I use at home I have the lid that's cut and nothing works great if you don't have it you should just wrap Saran over in a plastic wrap over the top of it anything to prevent evaporation am when I'm doing a long cook in a long long cook I'll even wrap around the Gap in my precut top with sarant you get almost zero evaporation and you can run a 3-day cook without ever having to add water I would keep checking it obviously because duh right but you know, but it's not a problem and I've never used the ping pong balls I've never seen anyone use the ping pong balls in the real life I've heard of people buying a ping pong balls and I've spoken to people who used to use the ping pong balls and no longer used to ping pong balls but I've never known anyone who

actually using the ping pong balls are really good for electroplating business is right where is or anyone who has a lot of a highly volatile chemical and you need to go in and out of the bath a lot until they prevent evaporation when you're doing a long cook you're not going in and out of the bath lot so the easiest thing to do is to just cover the whole thing with Saran Wrap over there where the tight-fitting lid write the only time you really need to be able to have those things like I said when your service going in and out and during service you don't need to necessarily have such a good Lynn on it right because usually you reheat temperatures aren't as important as your cooking temperatures so if you get like it like one degree cooler at the top it's not such a big deal and you can just go in with tongs and pull the stuff out not have to worry about these ping pong balls getting all of your kitchen going to your dishwasher getting lost you know when to know your dog swallowing it or whatever you don't even so I don't know anyone who bought the ping pong balls and love him enough to keep working with them you can buy I don't know how much they charge I've never purchased

in my life I precut LED you know I always buy a lid and I use a hacksaw I think that they've changed it back in the day when I used to pre-cut the lives they would cut the lead in the center of the thing which is a waste of space in your Cambro so I would always cut that lid on the in the corner there's another tip for you if you buy an extra lid and this is going to be you know I don't know whether you use missing home or or whatever but if you're what I used to do still do around New Year's Eve Christmas whenever I have a big party I would take my my lid and I would saw it a hacksaw holes to fit round Bain Marie's in it and then I would drill hole so that I can put a spring and pull them down and I would put stainless steel band Murray's so I would literally have parties where I had sliders staying hot in the circulator that I could reach into a little you know Gap I cut in the lid and then I would have liked queso dip in one and chocolate fondue in the other all running out of the same circulator all kept hot so you know you don't have Cambro lid and some Ingenuity in a saw and you can get a whole bunch

okay second my department Department Department Department of what I don't know like what was Shays purchasing purchasing is it Department you think about because they did they get to do the cool stuff right I get to buy all the stuff I am a chicken gumbo shrimp bisque matzo ball soup I love matzo ball soup nastasha along with our mutual friends and maybe Mark over for like matzo ball soup right balls only those mutant sweet when I may have I made a mutant sweet matzo ball because I was working on a matzo ball I was working on a matzo ball drink it didn't work we didn't end up using it was all bad

I know it's all based on this that we use this kind of like nice Japanese whiskey called yamazaki and so the joke was we're going to make a drink called yarmulke Zaki that was yamazaki with a sweet maple syrup mouth matzo ball in it and made balls were actually quite good at never had this kind of sweet matzo ball before but that they were good but the drink was just awful did you have that one who is uniform wish I could do it like we were unsuccessful in our matzo ball cocktail you might be more successful than others in a finish second so many times that they felt bad for me two years ago and they gave me the golden Spork as a consolation prize should what's the name of that person from All My Children Susan Lucci

so he's like a Susan Lucci of of soup in the purchasing department this year with what I thought was a delicious Asian chicken and corn soup I finished completely out of the running and so now I even lost a golden Spork at 8 months to take her an experiment to come up with this year's winning entry and would like to take a modernist cuisine approach could you provide me with a syllabus for success and finally I hope that one of your New Year's resolutions is that you that you accomplished will be fixing an update in the blood during the Casey okay

here's the thing I think your problem is is of the first thing first thing you should do is never enter contest I've learned this because it's only heartbreak berries only heartbreak the other thing is is it when you look at it right you had a contest I don't like them I don't enjoy them except for eating contest which I always win but the but here's the thing right so let's let's look at this to the Asian chicken and corn so I don't know your audience like you have to know your audience right so you know you can have the best tasting most Nuance thing in the world and if you show up and your audience wants you know you should you show up with Give an example I did an event once and with Mills and Mills and I had spent like a lot of time making a fresh clarified really good apple juice I think we were using I think we're using ashmead's kernel which is up my favorite apple and fennel you know clarify these things

and bounced it with Jen and we had a little clarified lime juice in it we carbonated it was done all this work and and it was frankly it was a good drink you know what I mean you know one of our best I think that we did and we went to an event and it was it was a Chardonnay proud and so we showed up it's like it's like bringing are you bringing the wrong tool to the job if you know what I mean so I. And and you know what that is depressing and that's actually the event that caused me to learn that what you're the most important thing to do is to know your audience and to create a slam dunk for that audience that said you also have to make it interesting for yourself so otherwise you're not going to be talking to be interested to know if you just cranking out you know if what they want is Chef Boyardee still not going to be interesting if you just cracking open cans of Chef Boyardee and pouring into it into a bucket which reminds me of my uncle Ralph yesterday what am I

because he was what do I look like Chef Boyardee and he talks to me like that anyways what you going to do I think she doesn't like these because she doesn't like a lot of the flavors that we didn't we did it put the concept of sound and I think I nut milks are make a very very good base for a soup so you can take a traditional soup that is really good and switch it out for a like a nut milk beso a pistachio milk the cashew milk or a you know an almond milk any one of these kind of like you don't have to have a really expensive equipment to do it I do it in a centrifuge cuz I have one but you can you can just blend it you know it in a blender with Hot Wheel super hot water and then strain it through you know

going to get the milk out of that makes a really good bass but it sounds like you know if they didn't like the agents and we get I don't know what they want and I mean you know you can use make your own stocks obviously you would like to know where the pressure cooker as long as you have a non venting one I would look up everything in modernist cuisine on on stock making on suits really like you need to get back with me on what style of soup you think is going to be the one that they're going to go for because that's the first choice you know then then make making it making it kick butt is the next time there's no sort of like catch all liked that best soup idea it's more like your what's your goal and then we can brain starts workin there baking steel and Indian cookbooks first-time caller long time listener love to show you made the process of cooking and learning about food extremely enjoyable expose me to people equipment and techniques I would likely never otherwise have known

massage as a smile that's the first time he's vegan face or save it yeah she had a smile that was her I'm going to kill everyone smile but he was still smile yeah you know Jack was here and he did not like it was to yell at each other lesson so far it's been like a day but okay you've inspired he's like each other that's all the fun really nice I like that I just obtained a baking steel and load the results I'm getting with the modernist cuisine at home the apollidon pizza dough recipe what procedure and a recipe do you recommend for sauce on a standard Neapolitan high in to do you have a quick Indian cookbook recommendation I'm looking for something reliable but extremely basic I'd like to read about ingredients technique and have some salad recipes for the basic you see in almost every Indian rest

let me hit that I'm also going to hit that I actually only own one Indian cookbook and I bought it and when I was in my early twenties right after I graduated from college and it's called as really it sold from the eighties it's called by your moon at Debbie it's called The Art of Indian vegetarian cooking at the time is this huge encyclopedic book which is why I bought it and it's not going to be it's not like simple by any means but and so I was like well and I read it and it made a huge impression on me but I thought maybe it's going to be really really dated so I went to and I looked up and I looked it up and it was Ben's been re-released and it still gets really good rating so in other words people it's not as dated as I thought I didn't have time to go back and reread it but it focuses mainly on Indian vegetarian now over the past 10 years or so I find that I've

very rarely by I rarely rarely by cookbooks on whole genres like that unless I already know nothing about them and I'm just trying to get a flavor for it so in general to buy cook books that are on very specific regions or by specific author that I want to work with when I'm researching ingredients like black salt for instance which is really interesting Indian ingredient or when I'm researching a Saturday K hang or any of these things I tend to do a lot of Internet research and not buy books or if I buy books their technical books or on your technical papers or historical papers so I don't have a current now is that said obviously madhur Jaffrey is very well-known a cookbook writer and I think she has some shoulder books that might be good place to start by love someone to tweet and what their recommendations are on this on this subject I'm sorry I couldn't be more help with that usually it's

unless I know a writer is someone I really want to read or unless it's entirely new to me I tend not to buy that kind of put on the baking steel and they were going into some sort of manufacturing Myers cuz he was going to some sort of manufacturing do I think was with Chris and Krystal with me the time with some guy in the New England who's making the steels for them. Stone I what you can do is use this steel and the steel has the same for the heat wall up into your pizza dough that you and him or at lower temperature in Faster heating than a stone and so use a steel instead of a stone I've never used it so I don't really know about it and is it I'm all about not answering your questions today I apologize apologize yes but you do standard Neapolitan at home my oven goes up between 8:40 and like 87588 e Fahrenheit and I have to

dependence independently heated Stones one in the bottom of my oven and one of the top of my oven plus gas so when I'm making a pizza I'll typically do a fairly I don't do is high hydration dough is like Jeffrey steingarten recommends I spoke to Jeffrey like what would two weeks ago and and I asked you a free at that time I was like Jeffrey do you still stand by your very high hydration pizza dough recipe for his his style pizza and he does so if you go back and eat all of Jeffree stuff even if you disagree with even if you disagree with him riding is great to go back and read his high hydration does I typically don't do a Hydra super high hydration dough for my pizza's I'm typically like I don't know 65% hydration i e 65 65 grams of water per hundred grams of flour in that ratio on a fairly high salt load like at like 2% or something like that salt I do very low yeast and I let it rise for a long time so my typical thing is is that the

before I'm going to make pizza blend the child initially like 100% hydration to get everything hydrated and then maybe let it sit for a little while with a very small amount of stuff I'm making like 4 kilos of Doyle use one yeast packet something like that and then and then I'll put the rest of the flower in with the salt and then I'll break them into individual things put them in quart containers you know like a quarter full and then then then let them sit for a couple minutes to start and then throw them in my fridge and retard them overnight pull them out like 2 3 hours 3 hours for I'm going to use him and that's my typical works pretty well for sauce I don't do anything that is traditional at all I usually do I cook tomato paste and then blend in a garlic and sometimes paper and if I don't have right vegetarians over anchovy and olive oil usually style sauce base for red or I'll pressure cook a whole bunch of garlic and blend it with milk and then Blended along with the Curve milk olive oil

and basil used to put money in that to blend that for my for my green I have a bunch of different I don't have any traditional kind of suck but the one key thing is his don't add too much sauce small amount of sauce goes you want a small amount of the very flavorful saw she don't water like your toe I think that's it that's the key and as high he was possibly can and that in so I'm going to be like that guy knows nothing about the pizzas and the people seem to eat them they seem to eat them just don't get it down the trick is not to load it down focus on the bread and don't Lowdown focus on the quality of the crust and don't go to town too much sauce what do you think that if you're going to use fresh super fresh mozzarella I get I go to when I get I get from the pollen I asked him for the still fresh but fairly dense that has a lot of the water squeezed out so it doesn't make too much water

be very careful with adding too much high water mozzarella to a cheese to a pizza because it can really water water log it out so many people who use it I think they use it sparingly right and they're doing it very quickly and in and out as I'd like to start experimenting with adding salt to cocktail sauce Solutions in a small dropper bottle is there any downside to keeping those for a long. Of time is there any degradation of food safety issue also what concentrations do you recommend starting with some cocktails and can you recommend a specific Drake riding a bit of salt has a profound effect we use 200 grams of salt per liter of water so and that solution ain't nothing to happen to it we store it on the bar unrefrigerated for infinity and there's no problem and we usually add one or two drops to that purr cocktail and and that's about it we have time to do one more what are Daniel from Illinois I will go into depth in my fried chicken technique next time if I have time I'll tell you guys how I do

Lobster technique which I think is really good till next time happy New Year cooking

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