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Episode 108: Knives & French Fries

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hello and welcome to cooking issues is Dave are you alive for the back of the first pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn this is our Christmas and New Year's episode are here as usual with that Natasha Hammer Lopez join in the studio with at least temporarily Aaron from Heritage Radio Jack and I was awesome yeah we would you do besides drinking and and eating what you eat what did I eat I eat a lot of chicken and rice obviously but I went to Vieques which was which was amazing what is an island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico which was mostly wildlife refuge and it was protected by the government up until 2003 and it became open to tourists so still not too many people have caught on it's pretty remote and incredible shooting range Navy testing grounds

Aries sign that said no swimming in this area live explosives nice like okay I used to be a World War 2 Munitions off the coast of Sandy Sandy Hook in New Jersey I need a New Jersey it's out there. Talking about how do you spell sort of explosive stuff left over from World War II sitting in the middle of the in the middle of the day there because I guess they would drop them off the Ship Center Logan nice quickly I have a question I almost called the red wine I was served in Puerto Rico right light will help shield shield really yeah and it was across-the-board everywhere we went was it hot as hot as hell no not really well you know the French typically serve red wine much colder than we ever have it in the US you know accepted there like in a few minutes even at the higher levels of dining here in the US we have a habit of serving are red wines a lot warmer than they would in

say France or another other parts of Europe and certain red wines like the first couple times I went over there where actually very those kind of difficult for me to get accustomed to be like for instance over there you know she can do much much colder in a France and we would have here so much so that I got in an argument don't get an argument French waiter it's not it's not going to help you out any but but yeah I mean I wonder whether or not its particular wine in France and thought it was too cold or not like I like my ribs room temp me I like it you know I like it on the Colts my wife likes it a little colder than I do the red wine like you know she'll she'll pull up pull of cesare and drop an ice cube in two can own kind of like you know if it's a if my house gets really freaking hot cuz I have the old you know the old radiator heaters that that make it like a million degrees inside your house in the winter times you have to open the window he don't talk about

yes yeah sorry we got a caller


now from the Brooklyn farmacy how are you doing all right

question for you okay I'm trying to make red velvet whoopie pies without using a ton of nasty red food coloring and I've purchased online beet powder which is a beautiful for Vermilion fuchsia color but I'm trying to figure out how to boost my My Little Pony cakes I have what I read online was that cocoa powder and an abscess so we have cocoa powder and we're using natural rather than Dutch process

and buttermilk process is actually because of the alcohol in nature write the super dark thing is that it is a result of The Alkali processing in in the in the Dutch process stuff yes a red beet powder doesn't add a flavor to it and how much that would be how much do you have in it

I like either and what's the liquid is correct and baking powder to 221 baking powder to soda typically for every cup of Buttermilk or so you're going to have about a teaspoon of soda and then probably twice that of powders that trailer now

and since it's a half of soda in a teaspoon of powder cup of Buttermilk flies in the buttermilk mean that's what that that's what the whole soda buttermilk reaction is right but I'm assuming that beats the more alkaline they go I think beat coloring is Mantle signed and like most of those other pigments like that so the more acidic they are the red or they are right this is why you know in a in a in a pickled beet they're so bright and then the more alkaline it's going to go the more purple and more blue it's going to say now you're always because of the brown countershading of the powder cocoa powder you're always going to stay on the Raider side rather than the more blue and purple side but mean I'm wondering whether or not shading it I wonder whether or not you're shading it more towards the

more towards the alkaline but that ratio that shouldn't do it too much because typically you're adding a lot more soda than that meets the typical ratio in like a pancake batter would be like a teaspoon of soda per per hour right so you know that you know I've usually although I've never done experiments taking that as a fairly you know like you know Wonder one kind of swap now you know if you have a lot of residual acid let them from the buttermilk you can taste weird your unused actually drinking buttermilk straight there any residual acid I have to think about it like it but you've tried adding some extra ass into it to see whether or not to sit with her Shades up or down or no little tiny bit like not enough

looking for a towel so he knows volatilize off during that during the bake course I don't know I don't know you know when that when the business is not typically at the sign is when you mess with them you can ship their color even after they've been a mess with quite quite substantial also I have not sure we obviously beets retain their color when they're cooked so keep it on the on the acidic acidic side made the red velvet / like actual instructions it takes a boatload of color they put up a whole boatload of reading that yeah yeah

right right right there that she know it's all about you know how many boxes of Rice Krispies can you jump into a recipe you win you know if your recipe requires 13 boxes of Rice Krispies and you want if I was going to do this I would say I would test I would make a regular vanilla cake flavored with beet powder not even vanilla just like white cakes flavored with with the addition of the Beet powder I would probably do three different ratios and then you know for four flavor to see where you are then take them the highest one you could do without a major flavor impact and then I would push the acid over three so I would bake probably a total of 16 a case in a in a white cake recipe like small

make one batter and then you know do you know three at a time and do a small test and then and then on the basis of those results you know that you think is going to be way too little one you think is going to be way too much and want you think of somewhere in the middle and then usually within a couple of iterations of recipes like that you can hone in on exactly where the magic number is which is a technique that we use for testing out low temperature cookie recipes the same way we knew we try to make sure they know that one's too weak I know that one's too strong once you want to establish the boundaries then you can hone in very very very quickly it's just like that old game of what's that game called mustache where you have to guess a number and you have to guess who gets higher and then lower

County Fair game where you can make sure that you that you go to high to low then you cut that in the middle and find out where that is menu keep you keep going in and usually you can get very accurate you know results on one or two variables within about three or four tests normal variables it's not like some strange hydrocolloid interaction what happened so I'm curious about the results of the test

okay alright thank you so much I appreciate it have a good one guess the number that can't the backhand slap you just mad at me about the cold wine over there don't think it's Jamaican think that they're like these Beachside check things and we had a bunch of crispy pork skin crispy fatty crispy yeah I like that I like him all I like there's no there's no real kind of kind of any sort of a crispity crunchity pork skin product that I find objectionable a kind of unless they're being a poorly done but they are delicious. What are you doing for what you doing for the holidays here I'll be sticking around here not too much

to come home as mountain in your life or is home New York the place that I grew up in this is Ashley to nastasha Christine doesn't care what we think but what I think she says how's it going this is an email I get sent to actually Aaron right because apparently I'm an influence on him which is so you know I'm sorry I'm sorry Christine has been a big part of his life and he's recently realized it's a passion he wants to pursue she's been tearing through days podcast learning and experimenting with local and Regional Cuisine we live in Singapore and volunteering at soup kitchens to try out his chops I always want to go to Singapore Singapore Singapore apparently has obviously has like great food apparently it's amazing

funny very easy to visit so long as you don't respect up on the street which case you didn't get ripped with or without you know whipped in horse here in anyway trans mind right now is whether or not to go to culinary school we might be heading to Sydney in six months and the most respectable are most reputable school is found there is Le Cordon Bleu and I don't know about Le Cordon Bleu in in Australia right so I don't even know whether to run by the same people or whether it's licensed out or anything like that word I don't know maybe they can treat in to cooking issues and see I see what they ate what they think about that school and and how it is anyway he still trying to find you really enjoys using Molecular Gastronomy techniques and listen Christine you know I don't know you probably don't put it like that you know what I dislike the word Molecular Gastronomy and intensely dislike if I know what you mean though

I really care my husband wants to know I don't really care right like my wife asking discussion at all right. Love to give it to me I'll tell you what anyway is a musician and a teacher in Australia but here in here in the US there's a CI to know Tata to culinary school for many years specifically technology at the French Culinary Institute now the international culinary Center and many of my good friends and relatives and you know of his partner's like Dave Chang and why did you frame actually went to that school and it's an argument that I get into constantly with chefs about whether or not you

go to culinary school now there is that there's a huge generation of cats here that's a no you shouldn't go to culinary school because it cost a lot of money and you can just go work your ass off instead. That's the argument and so I always reply to them

Yo Name someone in your generation and buy your generation I mean between 35 and 45 right name someone in that generation that made a huge name for themselves here in the US who didn't go to culinary school and if the fact of the matter is that almost all of them did take that take that that where it is so there's a huge group of chefs who have gone anticholinergic mainly because of the giant price tag associated with it so they assumed that the price tag is just too high and here's the truth like if you expect to go pay a huge amount of money and somehow make that back as a line cook then you know I don't know that that necessarily is money well spent unless your parents are going to pay for a vocation you going to have for the rest of your life right we said Fair stuff the other issue I think that a lot of stress here have in the US who are in

add top top level a lot of people coming out of culinary school now are going into it because of the popularity that food has in the media these days and so there's an expectation among us and not me talking cuz it's not me talking among the younger generation or even among career Changers who are going to culinary school that they're going to go to culinary school they're going to come out all of a sudden they're going to be doing interesting work in the kitchen and there are no or go get a TV show or they'll get it there so they look at it that when really most of the time it is a crazy grueling brutal job that you know nine times out of 10 is it isn't glamorous in fact that the glamour of it comes from you know just getting brutalized and day I would large amounts of work for very small room in a row

so that's the kind of argument I think that that a certain group of cats will make against cooking schools but however

but I don't think they see the other side of that which is there are a whole group of people friends who might not necessarily want to be a line cook want to be exposed to professional cooking school for another reason maybe they want to own a restaurant without having to go through all this stuff and I had the money to start a restaurant right valid reason to go to cooking school maybe my sister-in-law my lead and now runs the Food Network Magazine you know decide to go to cooking school so that she could be a better food journalist and it certainly has suno served her in good stead she's had you know been nothing but you know going up since the moment she is going up beforehand because she's incredibly driven townsperson School serve her in good stead so you just have to really analyze why it is you want to go to cooking school and what you hope to get out of it and go in there with your eyes wide open of what exactly you're paying for and I think that's the you know that's the dakila Twisted Fair

missing my livelihood was based on cooking schools and so when you go if you would take my course for instance on low temperature in sous vide cooking at at the cookie school you know I think that was worth it I think that way I don't forget we charge for it or the school charged for it mean it wasn't cheap it was expensive but we gave you a lot of value Ford me that the other thing is the reason cooking school is so expensive isn't really that people are getting me that I know of people aren't getting astoundingly rich off of the cooking school but they said there was a lot of bodies that have to be hired to it to you know produce a lot of food that isn't necessarily getting sold at you know market rate and you know we got to buy a whole boatload of chickens and we got to buy a whole boatload of which is actually. Edu are typically for profit but that doesn't mean that they are rapacious other questions include is there such a thing as too

old to become a chef what's hold real quick weave with color

hey there's a Josh I was actually two of us here were calling to settle a dispute maybe you can help me I feel like a does okay for me and my buddy has elicited placement and I didn't yet but it doesn't stay with this what is there any fees to that okay so far they've for those of you that don't know what the hell you're talking about a diamond sharpening stone and I use it I use an interrupted the red green

I'm sorry you using the right there two sided red green with the interrupted pattern a fine / extra fine which doesn't really have much meaning but you can go look up the equipment Micron Value City braces on it sharpening stone and what I like about this particular stone is that it's extremely lightweight it stays flat forever doesn't need to be trued and it's just in my mind extremely easy to have and use so it's not like worry about and so like that's not really heavy in your kit doesn't work very low-maintenance I think that's a good job question we have here is is it someone is sharpening with it and thinks they can get the stuff sharper does necessarily stay sharp the only way to really tell

is the question what were they sharpening on before with a using like Japanese like a very very fine grit Japanese water stone

what were you and my theory is that it goes like the illusion or sharpness by micros the rating it more than actually only the edge much like a razor right so the big the big argument and sharpening is what what are you trying to trying to accomplish right so for most rough-and-ready kitchen work what you really are doing is not taking it to a Super Hyper find polished grit and there is a r a direction very sharp but there are some kind of a micro imperfections in the in the blade that help when you're cutting things like tomatoes and so you can have something that is the cuts very well even though it's not done sharting of sharpened to the same grit let's say as it's not a polished grits is making sense so

however the hyper polished ones I have my doubts that most people with their hand or accurate enough to do to get an edge that is superb except around like a traditional Japanese knife or it's fairly easy to get there at the angle exactly right but you know are good enough to get a hyper polished Edge it's so true along it that is also at the right angle that's not going to get rolled you take it to a hyper hyper polished Edge I don't know it's an interesting it's an interesting fact we'd like him to someone someone would have to settle it with a microscope and just look at it I mean I became several years ago especially as people started ruining my knives by picking them up and using them for brutal tasks that I was fine only going to the level of grit that you have on the on the on the finest part of that diem thi diem seize or whatever it is the diamond Stone right because it's easier for me just to do 2/3 swipes the beginning of the prep session then it is for me to

you worry about that the hyper polish now I used to go I used to use an Edge Pro I don't know if you know that system Edge Pro you can go down to extremely fine highly-polished grits and I was very very accurate edge angle Siri use that system and you set the angle extremely precisely and then you could go through all of your knives that are at that at those aged ratios and you can take it down to you know that you take it down Too Faced basically to almost like the hello toothpaste you can go up to the Polish on that thing very quickly and I used to use that except for I found that I just wasn't sharpen my knives as much because I had to bust a equipment out and do it and yes you know you'd have those crazy hairs please stop now so I used to do I used to let us drop everything is well after I was done because I know I was also using a straight razor at the time and you know and so it just sending it was part part of my repertoire

but I found that it was just it was too much for me to keep going all the time doing it and then I moved to the diamond Stone and found that my average sharpness with increasing just because my maintenance sharpening was so fast does that make sense or know what is the leather stropping do exactly they're removing metal as well I think so I think I think what it's actually doing more and I've never really had anyone it was something I started doing because she knows some old-time or told me to do it I think what it's actually doing is you know what if you were to look at the edge find kind of brakes in it I think I remember when you're stopping or stoping the opposite direction that you would normally sharpen your Spears dropping your beer you're scraping the blade is scraping the edge and what you're doing is a lining it better I think what it's really doing is is a lining it as similar but in a more gentle fashion Dennis Steele would even though you're in Steelers are going in the direction is Scrappy going in the back One Direction

compound my scrap like a compounded once and then like over the years that is kept on using it without adding more compound to it and it really made a huge difference cuz of the test that I you know I always do the same test as I take a a relatively flimsy sheet of paper hold it and see whether I can just put my knife through the piece of paper and had the paper fall into two pieces because it's an easy way to find Nick's in your blade you know even like Mike ronix you know you would take it but that paper also can you a missile on your Edge a little bit so then what I would do is that I would do my sharpening cut the paper and then strop right afterwards and then I was good to go that's what I used to used to do so I just had a leather wedge tan leather strap hanging next to my next my salamander beforehand

just so can I can I reiterate the question is yes I think that's true I think that's true but I think it's a numbers I think it can be true I don't think it's necessarily true but I think it it can be true I remembered what I don't know is whether or not an edge to take him to a lower grit that has you know what what is commonly called in the in the in the you know sharpening World micro serrations I don't know whether those edges are any more or less long lasting than an actual polished Edge I think it is true that you can probably shoot for a polished Edge versus a micro serrated edge does that make sense between wife between between a position there but you know there's

what you're saying so I think that you could you could have a diamond diamond sharpening service it was as the same amount of grit Stone super fine one and you actually got a fur on it and then shave that brought up like it's really sharp because really micro serrated by the way it is actually really fit is a it is a fine grit not as fine as the finest

Waterstone however they do make an even finer one that I don't have it's just more expensive and doesn't come in a duel in a dual grit do Brits Mario just to throw an extra thing out into it there's a there's no book that came out I think in the 90s that is mainly out outdated in terms of that the theory behind it but it's called The Razor's Edge book of sharpening and it was by a person who is a consultant to the meat cutting industry and his his gimmick used to be he would shave him he would sharpen a double bit Axe and then shave with it and so he helps heals the Guinness record for shaving himself in record time with a double bit axe probably the only idiot that they were sharpened his face with a BB. Raise be ashamed to face with double bit axe but there you go and his theory of sharpening is actually if you want long-lived edges and I think people still Advocate this although not as much is you you you do two different angles your final sharpening is at a less steep angle I don't even know whether people still practices I still do it kind of intuitively

that you really want to different edges the one is they hyper the hyper thin Edge you know that you know his down used to be like in a very kind of you know like in a 30 or so with everyone's gone down to like 17 Unit below now and but and then you put a slightly more shallow one in it that's a lot tougher that sharpening technique was written for the kind of lower quality Steels that were at that point still the highest end of knife that most people had in the 90s so the newer steals probably can take an actual finer Edge all the way along without shattering and pitting but you know I don't take that for what it is like in his point was it a longer if you can get a much longer lasting there a Sharper Edge if you're very last sharpening is at a more oblique oblique angle but a very small oblique angle right at The Cutting Edge that makes sense or no

totally naked but you might want to take a look at it again I haven't read that book in a decade or more but you know at the time it was you know a revelation to me but it in my feeling is probably it's outdated this point thank you very much thank you questions again from a quick break

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is there such a thing as too old to become a chef well no not I know I know someone no no but there is this take this there are a lot of chefs out there who are prejudiced against people who are starting later in their career and just be aware of the fact that there is a lot of prejudice out there in the community because there's a lot of chefs want to be able to beat on the people who are in their kitchens in terms of time and labor and their feeling is that you know people who are getting a later start aren't going to stand there on their feet for 12-hours the kitchen and you know take all of that stuff and not going to put up with it as well as you know as a really young person but I think that in general that's a bad it's a bad thing to do with a bad as a Bad Thing 2

saying about someone you should take everyone on their own personal merits my grandpa who he was kind of a jerk he was 65 he would go out into the lawn and you know wrap a cloth around his head in your rib giant rocks out of the ground and then do a backflip he could have kick the snot out of any eighteen-year-old prep cook coming you know through most kitchens and he would have done it all day just to make you look bad because that's the kind of guy he was so I think you know there's no such thing as too old are there are people who as they in the majority of people as they get older aren't going to have the stamina but it's not that age is just it's just that's the way most people are going to think their stuff

two if there's only one kitchen gadget you can have what would it be and why well I get an immersion circulator me a bang immersion circulator because that's going to change the way you cook is going to allow me to do things that you couldn't otherwise do if you already have an emergency circulator and for some reason you don't own a vital prep blender I would go by that if you know those are the two main things you know that I have at home that most people don't have your rich I get a package yet I love that thing or vacuum sealer but even if you're not rich I would go out and get a bite a prep or immersion circulator are people who don't have one, you're like oh you know if you have a lot of space get liquid nitrogen safety safety

are you stuff you know dead bird inside of a bird typically a turkey than a chicken than a duck to cook more evenly yes it's in the way that is standard it's a bad arrangement of meats the way that they do it typically is they put sausage in between all the layers of meat and then it's over cook the entire bang does overcooked the hell out of it and then assume that the grease from the sausage is going to keep everything tasting goodbye with you know an in to see what you want to do is go turkey then chicken then duck and you want to cook it with an immersion circulator meat glue it together debone it be glued together and cook it at roughly 6465 until the center of it as Celsius until the center of its about 57 where the duck is are you can put a sausage layer in between the chicken layer and the duck layer and that sausage layer will take up the temperature difference between what you want the chicken to be and what you want the duck to be and you should be able to get

65 on the turkey 64 on the chicken between 6463 + and like 58 on the on the sausage and then 57 on the 57 58 on the duck pull it out fried off and you should be good to go to make sure that you dry off the skin so it just think it's all nice and crispy crispy who writes in a pineapple which is an awesome Twitter Handle from your block and by the way I know the bog is broken it is not my fault we're trying to get control of it and I've been told that the person is going to work on a swear on a stack of bibles are going to get that sucker fixed over the new lap so I know it anyway look at the price for your blog ever call 14 minutes cooking it in a in a Blanche

how to fry eggs what's the temp on the fry okay so I my current fries are not the one who's on the Block I still use against I'm I do half inch Fry's now because I like to have him try better so I cook it for a little bit longer I cook it until I can't stand it anymore a person actually I don't have the enzyme as much as I've been doing it and they've been good here's the issue the temperature would you fry depends on how much you overcook the the them to begin with the less you overcook them especially if you're not soaking them in enzymes before hand you want to do your initial Fry at a lower temperature in fried for longer why to get more moisture out of the out of the initial out of the potato so what you do is you would take the fries you would blanch them in in in water right and then you dry them off with a fan or in a convection oven to get the surface moisture off now if you're doing a 3/8 inch or smaller fry

then the drawing step doesn't need to be forced ride you can just let it flash off some steam especially if you've done the enzyme so if you haven't done an enzyme soak right you need to get more water out of there to get that to get their crunchiness on what you're going to want to do is make sure that you dry them off let them cool down under forced air so that the moisture least with 1/2 inch fry even with an enzyme so if you're going to want a glass of that moisture off now depending on how to overcome the fry is you going to want to adjust your first fry temperature now at home because I don't have the time to do the full procedure necessarily because I never know when making french fries until it's too late album if the enzyme and I will just turn my fryer initial fry temperature down to like you know 302-7315 Fahrenheit right and then what you do is the initial fry it's not a Time on the initial fry you're waiting for a crust to form you don't want to go dark right you want me to stay blind you know they can take

little bit of color but not a lot but you want to lift the basket out and keep tapping them as soon as they form a nice hard crust that's when you pull the fries out of the first fry right and the longer you can go the more moisture you're getting rid of in the country we going to get on the second time of the fry just wanted to go to a too much Universe don't get too rich too much moisture you could go all the way to what we call a Halo fry which I don't like but you're probably won't do it on a half inch fry then immediately after you pull them out the crust will get ruined by the moisture from the potato leaving and they'll go soggy and then you Christmas by the second Fry at roughly 360 degrees Fahrenheit tell they are crunchy crunchy crunchy and brown right here so we have a New Year's resolution people on the New Year's resolution is Miss Tasha's not going to purposely say things to piss me off and I'm going to try to yell and scream less

Aspen Sound cool way which one doesn't sound cool. 64 before I started working with massage in the anger is compressed me into it until five foot ten homunculus cooking issues can you carbonate solidified fruit juice gelatin yes when you're doing it the way to do it is to put it into the way I do it if I put the gelatin into a soda bottle right I use am I use a high percentage gelatin the reason is otherwise it's going to get torn apart right and then you wait until it gets syrupy right but not set and then you shake it at a very high pressure so you're talking like 75 PSI or something like that the bottle is a real dicey right see you shake it at those temperatures at those pressures you got a very high carbonation level 75

something like that PSI then you chill it and ice water until it sets at that high pressure and then you cut the bottle open with a serrated knife be careful you know you can vent it first and then cut it with scissors and horse rated knife and then you can get the gel it now but as soon as you break the gelatin it explodes itself in the internal pressure but yeah used to make a champagne gelee like that but you know sometimes you can be really prickly that the carbonation at those pressure levels trapped on the inside of the stuff can be very very prickly but anyway yes you can do it and Santos rights in a cooking issues looking for a sous-vide temperature and time for wild venison leg I looking at for a pulled meat result of more steak like well

have I done wild leg before. Then wild leg before the question is is you know how much connective tissue there isn't it and how is it going to be to rent around and the other issue on the particular piece of meat is whether or not it's going to go kind of Livery gamey I would say go low you know if you wanted to be more more steak like go low because the longer you cook something the lower the temperature probably be somewhere in the 56 you know it's 55 56 assuming it works let's say like sending its toughness level is somewhere near like a short rib and not like a lamb leg which is a lot more tender. Assume then you could do something like 50 56 Celsius for you know like a day you know we did the yak but not the leg we did it for a day at 56 and it was good but it was gay me because of that you know they took on and kind of the gamey gamey know but I don't have

experience with long cooking on the on the on the leg but it's not going to get any tougher Ortho temperature just going to break down some meats that are there wild stay tough even when you do long picnic I was really surprised at the lion meat even though we didn't overcook it but yeah I don't get me started going to start anyway but they they they get in front line meat and that it stayed tough even or long cooking bear was so I apologize if anyone out there hunters and I've said everyone who hunts should get themselves an immersion circulator right now before hunting season is over so that they can just do something other than chili with all the meat that they get there otherwise turn into tough or sausage it didn't actually get some steak cuts out of these things and I wish that there was and there probably is it's just I'm not connected to it I wish there was some sort of hunters blog for low temperature cooking you know or some sort of site where Hunters

have to make that flowed out the Wild game domain at 11 on Tuesdays circulator ice as well venison recipes and you say maybe we can ask him if he doesn't already probably already knows about cooking then if he's instructor a dice or Enemy School just kidding I should say rival enemies trunk but yeah at what is the minimum percent alcohol that allow me to keep a bottle of whatever in the cabinet versus the fridge example of Salerno or or do you let things like that that's a very interesting question

spoilage of certain certain I'm working on this a lot actually right now with the sodas that were working on so you can things that are fairly high sugar level and even things that are fairly acidic like a Solarium can spoil on you because there are yeast that they're not dangerous out there that can survive and fairly acidic environments that can survive in in even in high CO2 environments like soda and can survive it all kind of all those things and can survive somewhat mylicon and nothing is going to grow above it would it would be such a very few very few things are going to grow above you know 18 20% alcohol so if you're hoping it up to 18 20% alcohol Europe you're pretty much I think you're going to be safe here 2022 but you're good to go but if you want it have it very low alcohol you don't want to go high like that I would

make it better shape here because everyone's anti prize preservative right but like at one-tenth of 1% of like benzo it will prevent you from growing so if you're not against that small amount of benzoate preservative it can do wonders for stopping you spoil it which is what you're going to be looking at me like that so that otherwise just open up to like 20 and you're good at the action if I'm wrong so I'm pretty sure that's right Mike assuming you have you ever had success experimenting with monoglyceride Flakes and with the with the pound #a hydrocolloid help

where depends on what you mean by success glycerides are so you take a fat fat is a triglyceride right so it's it's Three fatty acids are attached to a glycerol backbone there right and so it's triglyceride right you break off one of those and you get a diglyceride you break off two of them I only have one fatty acid on it and you have a monoglyceride what's interesting about them is as they go from being completely nonpolar being a lipid to being a you know somewhat polar so they are emulsifiers there and to feel like they love both water and they love and be loved oil mono and diglycerides are are they as emulsifiers go all the most fires are either more oil like or more water like and we buy mono and diglycerides they come as a flake format they are more oil like so you what you do is you dissolve them use it with a little bit of heat into the oil and then

emulsifier your water base and so they're good for water water in oil Emulsion right so that that's what I mainly use enforce I've made hydrocolloid beads by putting mono and diglycerides into into oils and then emulsifying water drop what flavored water droplets into its of use that very high levels of mono and diglycerides can be used in to thicken oils but I think it's gross like I like 10% mono-diglycerides don't do it you can do it but I wouldn't do it so obviously used a lot in baking applications but I haven't come up with something yet it's not part of our normal Pantry I don't reach for it the same way that I would reach for a gellan gum or for a gar or for meat glue or for you no pectin X Ultra SP Alex stuff that stuff that I use every single day but that's just because

you know I probably haven't spent the time I'm sure that if I spend the time with it that I think it's you know the greatest thing since sliced bread Matt Gardner calls and shine circulator is best for pop-ups creative series or Chef series maximum 20 guests have a $1,000 to drop thanks so different polyscience circulator said that I'm aware of their out there right now and I can never remember which isn't the creative is a new one that's four hundred bucks right or forfeit whatever it is then there's the sous-vide professional which is the $800 plastic one and then there's the other one that is the $900 or $1,000 old school metal one now if you're doing a pop-up you might want to have to do to circulators going right and which case for a thousand bucks you could buy two of the new creative one now neither one of them is going to circulate as large of volume there's powerful form

keep standpoint but they're not as their their pump is not a powerful so you know you're not answer to get a larger bath moving as you were there also not a guarantee for commercial work so if they break and they were used commercially their warranty will not be valid however even though you're only cooking for 20 people you might find that you're going to do it in a pop ups near two different recipes that might require two different temperatures or you might want to run two different bass in which case it could be useful to have two circulators running in which case the only way to do that for $1,000 and it would probably sides wanted to go with the with the new creative series that said you know both the I haven't used a new creative once I can't really really talked about it but I feel depressed and told me that the main difference is the pump is not a strong and it's not warrantied for commercial use

how many minutes to smoke it's going to take longer Ellie I'm going to Tweet you out a multiple tweet for for your Yule Log cocktail stash I'm sure I'll think about you like you a lot of stuff right and you like Christmas will work on that and I Canyon Road in super quick quick lesson on the name a comedic which I made fun of before David suggest was a terrible name not so first isn't adorable palindrome and they did a little something with the second Q to make a symmetrical so does visually recognizable but more importantly the trademark area the clients and marketing folks typically want a descriptive name in The Lawyers wanted non-descriptive name and so basically saying it's a strong mark because it's both descriptive and nondescript anyway listen to wish them whatever you celebrate happy that good cooking

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