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Episode 107: Food Science Schooling

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hello and welcome to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold your husband cooking issues coming to you live in the back of a vertice Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn join as usual witnessed or is he just Puerto Rico is he dead or is he just decided to move there I think he's actually he's back from Puerto Rico just hates us talking about today nastasha is like my purse is my perfect kind of whether it's freaking awesome this is New York late fall at its best uniformly overcast there's not one Ray of sun touching my disgusting white body burning me to death like my Nemesis and I Evil Nemesis the Sun and what's that mean for the most people have sex and get pregnant today

really wow well I'm related to me being so happy about the apparently it's a great day for a lot of people love people getting busy getting lucky today and I think this is part of it. It's it's it's exactly the right temperature if it was like three degrees colder you can see your breath outside and if it was warmer The Crazies come out you know what I mean like there's no crazies on the street and not mention they're going to visit Roberto's Pizzeria and hate hipsters as much as nastasha does there's a secret back way to the bird is you don't come with like it from their Williamsburg direction or from the L train Direction which is like hipster train you come from the J train Direction down from Flushing Avenue and you pass not one hits in the entire walk are like crazy people and they just don't come out when it gets a little bit nippy is it because it doesn't take that much energy to be crazy and usually crazy stressed out

I've been crazy and so they get cold because we were outside we're moving around you have to shoot me to get me to stand outside and do nothing anyway beautiful fall day answer this question from a million years ago that we keep on forgetting and Ray Show on podcast only time in France a great way to gain knowledge on cooking good fun to listen to and funky in a good way choice of music different styles of that which I thoroughly enjoy you like that stuff I appreciate your answering a question I'd like to create a small appetizer maybe two bites the idea to take two medium bronze and black cook them so they stay juicy and remove the shell and pair them with two contrasting textures I'd like to pair one problem with an ultra-light very brittle morang and quotes and the other one with a very chewy gummy bear awesome quotes

1 egg white whipped which we add lemon juice and other flavor for water based waiver I'm assuming it's all very light and stabilize with sugar or another hydrocolloid of course I had to call it can be pre-mixed into flavored water first then put in the oven to dry up I could not find any indications on stabilizing egg whites in your hydrocolloid prime or any suggestions for that Sugar could work but not sure the resulting case with prawns or a Savory dish okay so let's go to that before we go to the gummy bear so yeah sugar makes the egg white dancer and gives it structure for for when it's drying up but as you say sugar is sweet so you don't want to add a lot of sugar are you could use a different special if you were going to do I like you know cooked meringue where you cook sugar beforehand and beat it in cookesville it's already stays cooking a dried-out you could use a less sweet sugar like isomalt but it will still be somewhat sweet there other you know completely non sweet things that have the properties of sugar you could add or you could do what I would do

which is going entirely different direction and use methylcellulose if you use methylcellulose FF like Frank F50 right you can take whatever flavor of Base you want if it doesn't have any sort of substance to it you going to need to add some bulking agent like a Malto dextrin or something that is going to provide some structure to it so you know like it if there's no protein in if there's no pectin if there's no anything you going to need some structure then you add methyl sell at 50 anywhere between about .75 at end up to but don't go over 1% of nethys l f f y Frank 50 and added in a blender while it's mixing have to be so doesn't Clump up and then if you want if it doesn't work you know if you're worried about not working and let sit in hydrate for awhile by not working a milk-based you might want to do in milk face but then you just whip it in the kitchen aid with it with a with a balloon whisk it'll it'll whip up like egg whites and you can pipe it in any shape you want

and then you can dehydrate in a dehydrator on a low oven and and they're crisp they're great they you can make anything with any flavor you could go dead Savory you can go sweet and it doesn't have any of the residual protein stuff it's left so it's very very light and Airy and the less methylcellulose to use a larger the bubbles will be and the more area will be but I tend to like in the area of about 0.9% or 9 grams per liter of your product now listen here is the important thing methylcellulose has trouble in that if you leave a methylcellulose meringue out for a long time it's going to absorb moisture and lose its crunch so you're going to want to keep it either in a if you're going to use a dehydrator and I apologize is the one thing I know in Fahrenheits my dehydrator only works in Fahrenheit you want to dehydrate at around 135 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit but you're going to want to store it at like a hundred and twelve 110 a

20 lower much lower than a hundred 35 because if you store it at the high temperature if you cook for a long time I'm talking like a day or two. To hold it it's going to start tasting cooked now you need to keep it in a dehydrator when you're getting ready for service because it's going to absorb moisture or you can packaged it along with a desiccant which is a silica gel that you a lot of pastry people getting your package it in a container with the desiccant the desk and will remove all the moisture and keep it crunchy but that's what I would do if I was wanted a meringue that was totally stable because it doesn't require very much thinking or very much tweaking and it works all the time and I liked it okay to grind some saves up fine along with tarragon or other add ground star anise or something like that and just a bit of water with high Azle jail in Andor Iota carrageenan never once jail to come would be cut in a few one by one by one centimeter cubes to be eating whole with the prawn I need advice on how to use the herb so it's a gummy bear I really pack

Hunter flavor which hydrocolloid should I use any problems with flavor release temperature or a saved you think about okay so here's here's the deal so there's two kinds of jail and he's yelling agents new rage gelling agent to to micro its natural but it's no derived from microbial fermentation their highest will Jalen and Louis hotel in like a guitar and it does and its highest will Joanne is very elastic I do not enjoy a straight-up High a soul gel and preparations cuz they're extremely rubbery They Don't Really imitate They Don't Really imitate Gummy Bears and the other one you mentioned Iota carrageenan also so Iota carrageenan Kappa carrageenan two most common care games people used Kappa brittle like I got infected very closely related to a car and Iota which is elastic and stretchy also I mean Iota typically when you're using it using it and low concentration

for things like putting because it allows you to share it and then have it reset up and doing gel that's a kind of its unique property along with reacting very nice with milk but neither of those two things alone are going to impart a real a gummy bear texture why not just use gelatin gelatin is amazing has great flavor released and you know the other is a lot of recipes out there for you know how to do hide gelatin preparation for real gummy bear because the Hallmark of the Galaxy like like marshmallows doesn't care about you like jet puffed marshmallows what is the idea or the sound of what it was cut in a different room about the scissors and then you're like I can't enjoy this because I know that at some point it was cut with the scissor

show all the properties of a gummy bear that you're trying to get it with a gummy are that they are cohesive elastic and hard okay and if you look on Pat there's a patent out right now someone using a mixture of Joanne and carrageenan but not I believe they're using low ISO the brittle ones have the gel ends there to provide the hardness and you can use the alarm in a fairly low proportion this is only if you want to do a vegetarian, otherwise I would provide the hardness and the iotas going to provide didn't use I go to the use a mixture of Iota and and I believe new with you there's a billion different different carrageenans but there is one of the ones that you don't really use Mike the date in the patent literature and you can look at it is inventors are Andrew J grizella and Neil Argo Morrison on a gelatin free gummy confection comprising the combination of jail and gum and carrageenan and our new Iota carrageenan blind so they gel and is there for the hardness and the biota is there for the elastic

plasticity and the cohesiveness and their recipes actually there in the patent so you can go look at it which is a good thing to do but I recommend just using gelatin unless you don't want a gummy bear now you're in France a lot of people like you know the pecking texture in which case just go high-tech and nothing like in terms of very good flavor release in high concentrations gelatin and pectin are the way to go gel and is good but in high concentrations can get kind of weird and I've never done a super high concentration of like a highest to lowest will mix to try and imitate gelatin but anyone out there with some advice apologizing I've never done about a rotovap so different different flavors right have different kind of sauce for mediums like alcohol or oil the bubble ball right so typically when we rotovap something we rotovap the entire product to try and get as much flavor out of is humanly possible right so what

but what he say why not have you ever tried friends and doing an oil extraction of something on alcohol extraction vs. water extraction and then rotovap those extractions without the product and it's a try and separate different aspects of the flavor wonderful the holidays next week is Halloween by the way for me Holiday Meats Christmas and next week we can do one between Christmas and New Year's I didn't know because I think New Year's falls on the day of the next one after next week is Christmas on

yeah yeah yeah by the way there's a holiday what do you call Mike ice cream social. Without ice cream today for the booker and Dax equipment company and Booker and Dax the bar or going to meet to ice skate in a Define Park are you like ice skating with people those people how I hate people pestering me about having a company Christmas party I'm actually getting a Christmas party where you drink I'm sure the bartender's going to show up they will bring liquor Tristan to bring some hot drinks

happy holidays everyone I hate missing Lemon Grass by hand who doesn't guess why guess why people you can't because you're not here with me because it grew in her backyard and it goes back to her hatred of everything from her childhood

but why do you like about her properly use instead of an angry about that one but the but like what we can have that stuff cuz I lived it you know in the east coast here all the time I still love myself some onion anyway my cake mix and mincing lemon grass by hand a few cookbooks recommend against using a food processor given that the blades create friction and therefore heat and at this damage is the flavor of the lemongrass any thoughts on this giving it lemongrass is going to be heated at a later Point shouldn't even matter to me thanks Mike I do not think that should matter to you Mike I think that's a load of a load of horse hockey

I'm really did I'm willing to have my butt handed to me on this one but I don't think it's a problem I think like the reason I wouldn't use it is that food processor isn't that good at breaking up lemongrass properly and I detest the long like you even more than I do is the long fiber he craps from inappropriately process lemongrass right show me like you meant by hand across you know acrossways you're guaranteed not have any long fibers which is good so I think it's less about the friction or the heat especially if you're going to eat it later and cuz it's not that much heat and I was typical food processor now you can get a good bit of heat in a fight a prepper something like that but I think it's more about the about the length of the fibers you don't want any long nasty fiber I detest the texture of a kind of cellulosic and you know lignified fibers in my food you know unless I'm chewing on sugarcane and then I chew on it for some reason could have a mental problem until my gums

give me do that which is why instead of using sugar cane in a drink consider saving the chorus from pineapples and vacuum infusing some sugar into the core of a pineapple and using that instead of the typical sugar cane garnish I need to get our sugar cane press back out to use at the bar what's up I forgot the word for it in Portuguese

coming right back at you

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Man U computer just got called out your computer is busted and computers and flying sack can you believe those all involved

and Joe's not made it over to text her yet says computer still is a steaming pile of horse poop true that there's no regulations against poop me even if we were on the real are I think I could say poop editorialize a little bit come up with a good word that used a much much worse in fact I think one of the David eggs way in this world to me three years ago Rhymes rhymes with Greg I'm not going to go into it anyway lemon lime juice I started with fresh truce juice tree with pectinex let it sit for a few hours and make a loose jail with agar then I broke up is fun at 4000 RPM

which I'm assuming if you use a similar set of used to mine is also roughly 4,000 G's the lime turn out perfect but the lemon had a scum floating on the surface that was able to remove it with a coffee filter Cibolo had the same thing happen with peach juice a few months back from what I can see it appears to be some kind of oil or Grease the question is what is that scum and is there a way to avoid it thanks Matt things that can be floating on the top of the first of all I would recommend you change your your the way that you do lemon and lime juice you should lemon lime juice I would not sit with an agar just miss Tasha's least fond memories are trying to spend a guard yells in the center of these are they should at least find out what's the weather today

go by kieselsol which is suspended silica Saul from the from they what's it called home brew shop and kind of man CH guide us and also from a home brew shop beer or wine fining agents right then you add two for every leader of lime juice or lemon juice add to 2 ml of the SPL and also to be accurate of the kieselsol stir it lets it 15 minutes at 2 ml of Titus and stir also be accurate 15 minutes then two more Mel Tillis all again startup spin it will be good every time that's just that's the way to do lemon juice or lime juice that's what we do with the bar and it never fails are two things that can be going on sometimes you spend something that has some fat in it I which case it floats up to the top sometimes you have some fat contaminating your buckets if you spend directly in the buckets

in which case it will talk more often than not what's floating on the top looks like that but isn't is a floated layer of stuff I need to be broken up sell stuff which is faster I doubt it I doubt it could be some fat are so what happens is when you blend something or when you start a whisk it you get air bubbles and believe it or not even under the force of 4000 * the force of gravity air bubbles don't necessarily pop and so you have a layer of stuff floating at the top of a of a lot of things after they spin even if they don't have fat in them and the way to get around that is to do a quick vacuum cycle to deaerate the product before you spin it and if you do that pretty much you'll get crystal clear stuff on the top from the from the get-go certain things are more apt it to throw out a thing on the top another Tomatoes typically will have a layer floating on the Top If you vacuum them they won't certain things you can't get around it like coconuts have a lot of fat in

so if you blend those and don't get the air out you got to take some good and that's that's what's going on that's how to avoid it or we spending that time that was crazy and also if you don't want it to boil over after you Blended you you you put it in a vacuum machine chamber vacuum machine Yu-Gi-Oh standard procedure but a lot of people don't don't do it and then when they run the road of after the first time it sprays all of the inside of the machine do you remember that time we had two deer ate all of that was at the habanero that almost killed us when we deaerator it was the horseradish horseradish back then when we did everything I so we were in the school and we

we're working out of a trash room I mean Barefoot phone number of reasons but one that she detest more than any other is the fact that I am an insensate Brut and that my body doesn't care what kind of temperature is put in whether you can freeze me out you can burn me to light my hands on fire it just doesn't seem to bother me that much and for some reason it is in nastasha Playbook the Hallmark of a pour of a poor person of low quality individual and I can't I can't help it but that trash room averaged like a hundred and fifteen degrees because we were in the same room as the refrigeration units I'm talking like all of you a hundred fifteen degrees in that son-of-a-gun and here's the thing about me like I don't mind any temperature if I'm working but if I'm sick

in a trash room sweating into a keyboard I want to kill everybody everybody right when I can be outside in that weather working if I was working if I was doing something or cooking a million degrees it I don't care I mean like you know those are legitimate temperature reading like a hundred and fifteen and then we like recalibrated them and we're like no it's really like it's a hundred fifty degrees in here let me tell you something it wasn't like 115 Arizona style which is still piss hot time in Arizona where to locate you know how many degrees is legitimately not that hot in Arizona it really isn't you can go outside and 100 lb weather and it's fine you know what I mean because it's so freaking dry cuz it's not the heat of the humidity Butler 115° people it is hot now in New York it's 115 sweet humid degrees inside of that trash box

Fitness spinning agar gel and anyway good times about it was I remember there's someone who wrote an internet article back when we were still doing the block going to get that fixed again right again someday when we get to think we're doing that I had a guy say well I don't have all of like the awesome resources that Dave has a mustache and I read this and we burst out we burst out laughing right we were laughing for like 20 minutes straight and 115 degrees hot box with stuffed everything is taped together with duct tape listen I'm happy I'm happy with everything I totally happy this is not a little bit babe I'm going to need but I like the fact that matter is is that everything we own is held together with duct tape

labels is to not be the guy who's boxes duct taped together when he shows up to the party

you get a new one

shipwright saying about kalustyan's Jack and Jill will crap on Jack and she doesn't like us anymore he's not showing up to the computer and I take umbrage have you been to Colusa has recently who issues by the way for those of you that don't haven't been in New York kalustyan's is kind of a well-known and amazing spice an ingredient shot I guess it started out as having a lot of Indian and that kind of senior subcontinent style ingredients and but now has just ingredients from everywhere all over the world chefs regularly make pilgrimages to kalustyan's to kind of just browse the aisles and see kind of what exists or what something they haven't used before you can buy me fairly small a package similar store for those uh on that it's in the 20s on Lexington Avenue here in in Manhattan there's a another store called dual specialty shop which is dumb and name for no offense if anyone

especially shop is really dumb name it's over on 1st Avenue I think over downtown in the East Village and they have they're not as big but they have a lot of interesting Queens as well so people go there searching for greetings for bitters for cooking whatnot are they are not listed in the website so you have to actually go there to verify Sorry by the way who is his website one of the world's worst websites it's a horrible website horrible offense crap crap I think it's impossible to search for things on their website anyway and I just a few that I remember them having R Kappa Iota carrageenan Ultra Ultra Chris puth from National start Corporation National anyone would have a name as good as National starch National starch

and Martha Jackson now but questions what kind see what are the problems with kalustyan's is when they're bagging stuff like that they don't necessarily write the provenance of the material on it so you don't know exactly what it is that's one of the issues anyway but they're probably to shelving units full of these ingredients so it is nice if you are in a pinch most were in the 1 oz or 2 oz bags so good tip I didn't know that but I haven't mentioned it on air place you can walk in and get stuff so it is good good I don't think dual specialty has those kind of ingredients are you going to go to closings but I kind of think I also wanted to send you a picture that you can't see it because you make a turkey in the smoker for about 2.5 hours wet I like to mispronounce Urban colored herb

herb like herb the guy whenever I say herb I think her blood work on anything we sit around and watch the Youtube of Hermie the elf getting his butt handed to him by the lead elf over and over both it original version and the Full Metal Jacket version both of them it's an all-time low rankin-bass crazy with all the weird like Pagan weirdness that goes on in about 5 hours away with herb rub Under the Skin there are only four of us so it went with the traditional cooking methods well they should wait podcast

okay we have some questions in from the Twitter Ali Nasser rights in 3 bone prime rib for Christmas cooked off sous vide and the question is off the bone 55c finishing a 550 oven for about 15-20 minutes those real questions here is the answer if you're going to do it typically if you're going to actually cook one what you'll do is you'll cut it off the bone Cedar around and then something is what some people do then retie it back to the Bone and cook it using the phone as a kind of an insulator protectant you don't need to do that if you're going to do it to me. I don't know whether not you pull the bone off is up to you right but typically

you can I hear from going to go against everything I've ever said just for easiness sake I would beg the sucker and cook it to 5555 C55 is a good number 55 C55 want to get paid to do nothing to it beforehand then this is what I'm going to say I'm crazy just like baguette a zippy with some oil cook it off the 55 let it cool down you know for quite a quite a while actually I didn't throw it into your super hot oven for longer than 15 to 20 minutes I would do it until you get a nice nice super crispy crust you like prime rib what's your favorite part about time it smells like home well outside parks along with the inside so you don't want to skimp on producing those crunchy burnt things on the outside so I would say do a 55 let it cool down for a minute and then a little bit longer in the oven at the super high temperature when I did my turkey this year I had it in there for like an hour and a half in

pretty hot oven because I had I but I cooked all the way through so I wouldn't be afraid of overcooking the outside in a traditional way because we love it that stuff in the one to worst prime rib I ever did was when I cook it sous-vide all the way through and didn't finish enough on the outside and it was too uniform in the middle of a horrible nightmare

my name is Peter balistreri I live in Wisconsin Milwaukee on my family restaurant and I just graduated from CIA and I'm looking to go back to school for food science and wondering if you could make you like top 5 schools or just general advice on that so like actual food science like a PhD or do you mean just kind of new techniques for using restaurant

I think combination of both of Food Science places are focused on more in industrial industrial applications as changing a little bit now but the issue is is that there's very little money and worrying about problems that are only geared towards restaurants in a real scientific research that's changing a little bit I would look at the kind of research chefs Association if you're interested in food science programs I mean I don't know who's currently the best I mean especially out where you are I don't know what's currently the best me over here I mean obviously Rutgers has a good program in food science because it's near where a lot of the flavor houses are you know there's

there's also Cornell has an interesting food science program your you might you might want to look at but I don't really know who's the best feeder for that kind of semi obviously if you want to do Winery Knology Davis you know any better I don't know kind of what the kind of programs that they have the other thing is is that you know if you do some work in that like me to get a master's that's what you couldn't get a job being a shopper doing research work at a fat a flavor house we just met you know a bunch of them and their kind of an interesting crew now from up from a food from a food type of restaurant stuff me obviously you know we teach at the at the FCI we teach a low temperature sous-vide work let's give it a chance at like two days in and out it's not a food science class by any stretch it so I can low temperature sous vide Chris Young is up from Bonners Cuisine is starting up his program at the Johnson Wales butt and you know Chris Chris Los who's at the CIA still doing some do some work with that too but I don't know what kind of classes they are

bettola question of what you're trying to do with it Jordan mean I don't know how much of Food Science Program is going to help in a restaurant and less you're just a lover of knowledge which case go for it you know what I mean I mean that's that's what gets me up in the morning like acknowledge so

yeah I mean I'm not trying to one of the reasons I want to go back and think I want to continue learning you know then shut everything I learned from school now they want to continue that I'm only 23 and I feel like I wasn't really like going to school here isn't that's my mind I still want to travel and see things and learn something so right mean if you get you know another thing you can do if you're interested in just like that the restaurant side of it you know I just want a lot of people I know do they go they work for someone in the US if they can get in a stodge basically for someone who is doing this kind of work right and then you know so you know why I lie or you know Grande or email Paul liebrandt someone and then after awhile staging their they then get the recommendations to go work at

Noma war in Spain and then they make the that you know that those pension while so I see no fabulous for a long time that's what he know he work with us for a while then worked with Johnny iuzzini back when he was a giant chores for a long time and then you know spent a long time starting at NoMa and other places in travel the world and has picked up if you're if you're young and if you can you know if you can do it if you can live that lifestyle is a good weight at to see what is current right now in kitchen but you have to be willing to put your time and each one of the kitchens for that you know what I mean that sounds like that's kind of a fact

making myself that it isn't but thank you this is very helpful is very smart like if you'd if you even think that you don't want to do that then don't send yourself down that road you know what I'm saying because if you send yourself down that road and and it starts you start feeling like you know this wasn't the right move the pizza it's a long road to be halfway down and find out that it wasn't the road you want to be on you know what I'm saying if you're going to go take a program in a school like food science you're learning all the time and it's not the same it's not the same sort I don't think you'll feel the same sort of sense of crap if it's not the road you want to go down you know what I mean

right and I guess I guess that's what I still need to decide about good luck and I hope everything works out for you all right thank you very much so that class I don't know what that class name because at class name is written in Japanese characters that I don't understand on his on his or her Twitter feeds but you know I one of our Twitter buddies can melatonin be used as an antioxidant in food does it have any advantages of melatonin is a hormone that I guess it's made in the in the pineal gland and regulates our sleep patterns and also antioxidant and it's sold as a dietary supplement here in the US but it's not there's a strange rule in the US and it here it is it's that if I liked the

rules for selling you something that you put into your body and a dietary supplement are a lot less stringent than the rules governing what you put into food and it like everything is everything is completely back but word on this kind of stuff for instance also like it's like the same thing we're not the same but irritated weight regulations work you know usually when I see you smile which is clove oil is considered safe to eat but is not approved to use as a fish anesthetic that's the dumbest thing in the world so when we use it we have to say it's a spice dumb anyway but the other side and actually can be crazy is that things that aren't on the g r a s i e generally regarded as safe and which is the main list of things can be used as dietary supplements so you can buy melatonin as a dietary supplement

and you could grind it up and added to a beverage but there was a an energy drink manufacturer who's making a relaxation blah blah blah to added it with melatonin not just things that contain melatonin with melatonin and they got a warning letter saying that you know you shouldn't do that it was the company was Innovative beverage I never had these relaxation going to have melatonin and it's not approved as a food additive that that said may I don't see why technically it wouldn't work I don't know what the stuff tastes like maybe overtaking I mean I mean the other thing is one thing to do and I don't have time to do it for now but like you get to buy some melatonin grind it up and added to some stuff that usually turns nasty like apple juice and see whether or not it keeps the apple juice from you no time but be aware that even though melatonin is past fairly quickly in the by the liver the according to what I read it's like a one pass through the liver

you might make people sleepy sleepy time right cuz it's supposed to be the relaxation thing so if you want people you know passing out at your restaurant table you know but I do not I do not know and I and I cannot what's the word advocate so a couple things working on now I sent out of Twitter question where can we get Pig bladders does Piper sauce Chef Danielle use a pig bladder Pig letter about not using plastic bags for sous vide work and so I was interested because there's an old kind of natural en papillote technique where you use a pig bladder to get to hold things in while you cook them and so I was wondering whether or not you could use a pig bladder to do some kind of rudimentary low temp work now that mean the problem obviously

is that pig bladders unlike plastic bags are semi permeable IE things can travel in an in and out of it in fact the whole notion of a semi-permeable membrane was discovered with pig bladder by a guy named you know Jean Antoine and you know he was the person who noticed that pig bladders slowly past things in and out and there was other experiments afterwards it showed that certain things can migrate across pig bladder so the question is if you were going to cook for short periods of time I think you could probably cook in a pig bladder without too much of Labor Crossing back and forth or too much laws are too much kind of the fact that the poaching because the numbers that I read where that date that transfer rate across pig bladder membranes is fairly slow you'll also probably coat the pig bladder in something that would reduce the permeability even more like Zane or some like that but that it wouldn't be here then that's kind of a pain in the butt

I found a couple sources for pig bladders on the Internet thanks to the folks on Twitter live two different sources of it that they're sending so we're going to get ourselves some pig bladders probably not before New Year and we're going to do some low temperature of people out of work at that time sounds good and lastly this week I'm going to do some more Lobster experiment so for those you to follow my love is like a crap want to have sex with the experiments Stars we what's your favorite

I don't know if you don't like crap right give me the cursed station that the mollusk you like oysters more than clams

squid also mollusk shrimp crab Lobster show me wait so I'll keep you guys posted I don't know if I mentioned it so soft shell crab I love me some you know my favorite fact I told you so many times my favorite facts by soft shell crabs because when you cut their eyes off you have to cut their eyes off with wrong with your brain they bred themselves so you cut their eyes off you pull up a little tab in the back you ripped and they bred themselves that is consideration that is a considerate food stuff for you and I'm allowed to text next time

thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening