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Episode 106: Live Readings with Harold McGee

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hello and welcome to cooking issues this is Dave Arnold roaster cooking she's coming to you live every Tuesday from 12:27 to 1 to 8 that 718-497-2128 joined as usual with nastasha Tamara Lopez and I were Jack was today right Joe he's in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico really yeah right like me do they have family there they just hanging in Puerto Rico apparently Jack took the week off and then his dad's like just comporta Rico with me sounds a little fishy anyway hope they bring back some good rum I like Puerto Rican rum you like Puerto Rican Puerto Rican rum

undercurrents of constant undercurrent researching today Champaign consumption down worldwide 5% this year so far he believed that I've made up for at least a 5% drop just us just as the champagne out the champagne is we need to push do the French drink half of the champagne in the world so I'm told it's from their Infidel stuff

champagne is one of the few drinks is my purse for champagne this shows not brought to you by champagne is it so who's bringing the show to it today

that would be Roberta's pizza and we might have I like Prosecco fine but I love champagne I love champagne any sort of sparkling wine this is the kind of the one of very few things in the stash and I can agree on is love of sparkling wine but maybe the shows part in part brought to you by champagne since they sell Roberto's Pizzeria in Champagne go drink it it's one of the few drinks that is that I kind of always always apropos right now is graduation what do you want champagne around dinner time dinner at a brunch after work

got your bar Champaign any bar really right campaign against you know our cocktails just rather just have to have the champagne a sad occasion you need cheering up a very few situations where champagne is not sick people make a mistake and they only drink around the New Year's time is so you need to be celebrating something to drink champagne and that's just not the case champagne is always delicious there very few things I don't like I like I will not have champagne with my bagels and lox it's disgusting I do not like champagne with the cured cured meats back I love them both quite there are two things are closest to my heart but all you need is a little bite of bread in between and you're okay so you what what happens if someone served me a glass of champagne in a platter of cured meats typically what I will do is I will take a couple sips of champagne I will then have a bite of bread I wouldn't eat the entirety of the platter of cured meats in you know depending on the side I can eat upwards of a quarter of a pound

every two minutes in that range right finish it have a couple of bites bread and go back to the champagne I think that's the way to do it but this is not only champagne I also really enjoy a good, I actually like it when I buy I buy, because it's actually inexpensive but if somebody else is buying I drink champagne, champagne good red wine and said no other guy who was it Josh from Somerset Somerset land of apple cider and cheddar you know that it's the first time we've gotten from the UK on liquid liquid nitrogen the unfortunate thing happened with

are the teenager who lost her stomach may be the last one crazy what one does what does one do to stop a party or group of people who clearly know nothing about the stuff they are trying to ban I just talked about they are liquid nitrogen attempted band like Mexican salsa navigation system the qualified staff for you though and just like food safety excetra the fault is clearly with the bar and lack of incorrect training about Ln and I'm sure if they are they know it and we do everything to prevent it a repeat of that accident in the future why isn't there a ban on cigarettes the dangers are clearly spelled out to us that we still make her own choice about whether to smoke it or not ran over love to show Josh whitham Somerset UK okay what degree with you in vast majority of it except for this one thing

and it's the biggest you here and this is the reason why this this incident in in the UK where the teenager lost her stomach after consuming liquid nitrogen which is ridiculous, but that the difference between that and the incident that happened in Germany several years ago where a cook brought home liquid nitrogen and blew themselves to pieces in a blue blue his hands off him and damn legs put the comment is that in this case the accident happened to a customer in the customer wasn't assuming wasn't necessarily assuming any extra risks unlike unlike cigarettes now as far as the actual practitioners are concerned assuming that they know all the rest then I think you're right in your in your point but it is true he should you should always take the utmost care to ensure that your customers are not exposed to any extra risks they don't know about writing me and so that's that's always the argument of why you need to put a label on the bottom of your menu that you're consuming something that's raw or

undercooked it's only if they don't have an expectation of of of other nice when you go to a sushi restaurant right it's assumed you're eating raw fish and that you realized there certain here and dangers order if you order a steak rare that there are certain inherent dangers of not much but anyway it's what is the customer taking on a risk of which they aren't aware but it in the large part I do Uber long time listener from the show Road in and said he enjoyed the CNN broadcast thank you I think that guy that we are that broadcast at some time before and said I was serious and fun in the right proportion I usually have it exactly exactly opposite I'm usually ridiculous and serious and exact opposite proportion of what's of what number three Ryan Santos Rodan & 7 industry friend of mine just got an ultra-low freezer it currently runs around minus 118 degrees Fahrenheit

I've ever had something like this at my disposal I'm curious if there any cool techniques are applications with it thanks Ryan okay I did a little conversion there and minus 118 degrees Fahrenheit is roughly up -83 Celsius in the range of an ultra-low freezer a super freezer and here's the bait here's a big deal now deep freezers which are used in Labs but also the storage of meats store something at what I've heard in the industry called below below the eutectic point or below the glass transition temperature of the foods that are involved no need to play with that means the first of all you have to get in your mind is tooth or two separate things that happen when something is freezing right

one or two two separate things you have to worry about one is it storage temperature at which you're keeping an item right and the other is the rate at which something freezes now these ultra low temperature freezers don't necessarily freeze things that much faster than you can freeze it using a regular freezer right for fast freezing you need a blast freezer or a fluid bed freezer or emerging directly in a cryogenic liquid like liquid nitrogen or something of this nature right now now the important is is that if you free something slowly as you're freezing large ice crystals grow large ice crystals themselves can be damaging so yes very a small number of Ice Crystal nucleation sites and they form relatively small number of relatively large ice crystals more importantly those ice crystals are being formed by water leaving typically leaving the cell Matrix of the food that you're freezing dehydrating the cells just like you were.

hydrated and forming crystals in between the sell-by in between the cells of the meat so you're increasing the amount of moisture it's it's in between the cells you're dehydrated a cell's concentrating a bad things that can go on and causing large crystals that can puncture the cell membrane which all means it when it thaws it will leak out it will leak out its fluids and you'll have drip laws and normal things that you associate with damage due to slow for you if we're extremely rapidly when you get small ice crystals you get a bunch of ice crystals and if you freeze quickly enough you can get ice crystals on the insides of the cells and so you don't have as much a dehydration of a Salesman structure of the meat or or produce remains intact and so that's what fast freezing can do for you now here's the other thing a lot of times people quote the freezing temperature of a food food doesn't in fact have a one single freezing temperature what happens is is as you start approaching the initial freezing point of a food water will start to pure water will start to Chris

why is anything at a certain point you're going to reach a situation where it lets or let's just say we have salt water just salt sodium chloride in water what happens is as you chill it ice crystals will start to form and as ice crystals form what you're left with is more concentrated salt water solution that concentrated salt water solution has a lower freezing point of the temperature goes down a little more and then you haven't even more concentrated and it goes down and down and down until you reach the point where salt can no longer become more concentrated in the liquid you reach was called that you texted point it's a point at which that temperature is lowest that system can get and still have them remain together at which point you freeze out solid water and sodium chloride crystals right so it's frozen out salad that's eutectic point in real food there are a bunch of little eutectic point where things freeze out once you get the load and any point

freezing her there still some liquid water in their right and what that means is that as temperature fluctuates in a freezer that liquid water will melt and recrystallize as the temperature fluctuate and so ice crystals will tend to grow over time and make your food crappier over X there's quality lost their additionally that water it's in there is super concentrated with regard to enzymes acids salt and all the things that can carry on chemical reaction so even though temperature is a lot lower so the chemical reaction rates are a lot slower the concentrations are increased a huge amount and so awful reactions can take place in your freezer once you get below the eutectic point of the last thing it's going to freeze out there still actually would call bound unfreezable water and I unfreezable Waters the unfreezable water that's next to things like hydrocolloid the next things like protein and are the reaction between water molecules are right at the surface of those things and those molecules themselves

prevent the water from actually becoming a part of the crystal ice lattice it's around them and so you have unfrozen water even below the last eutectic point right so the next thing you hit there is called the glass phase and when you hit the glass vase which is that low temperature there everything stops moving around basic me and moves it bounces from a thermal standpoint like the molecules moving around but the mall of water molecules stop moving physically and stop undergoing chemical reactions for all intents and purposes at that point the product is stable enzymatic reactions are stop oxidation reactions are stopped all the reactions in it that are related to food quality stop ice crystal growth and remelting and changing stop so once you freeze something fast and accurately using a different technique other than that low temperature freezer you put in that low temperature freezer and it stays good almost indefinitely but you're basically doesn't move in quality and Mark Leonard die poster has one he freaking loves it when he loved it here originally got it I think because they were buying

frozen tuna to call superflo there by super frozen tuna and that's Tuff stayed like super Primo that in there I mean like no oxidation know-nothings beautiful beautiful stuff and so he use for that but he's also used it for the store really really fragile I think things like mushrooms I think things like truffles in a much better State than they could be stored any other way so it's an awesome find and it's one of those things I wish I had okay so listen Joel We have calling in for you to read an excerpt on the Mayan reactions from his most important book on food and cooking live from California Harold McGee

hey how you doing

so this is a specific request a person Joel who wrote one of our theme songs that we use here on the show as a thank you for writing the theme song wanted you to come on air live and read a section from on food and cooking on my reactions yes so are you prepared to do this

I am not have a question though because that paragraph does refer to the previous paragraph on caramelization should I just a loot caramelization or should I start there hey there the more the better I think I think it's go for it by the way the first reading we've ever had on so you don't give it some feeling now this is like a purse reading never I'm very excited you know what the first for me too so I'm a little nervous going to do this I'll give it a shot Asian the simplest Browning reaction is the caramelization of sugar and it's not simple at all when we hit playing table sugar essentially just molecules of sucrose it first melts into a thick syrup then slowly changes color becoming like yellow and progressively deepening to a dark brown

the same time it's flavor initially sweet and odorless develops acidity some bitterness and a rich a robot the chemical reactions involved in his transformation are many and they result in the formation of hundreds of different reaction products among them are organic acids and brown large polymers it's a remarkable shape and a fortunate one

even more fortunate and complex are the reactions responsible for the and flavor of bread crusts chocolate coffee beans dark beers and roasted meat all foods that are not primarily sugar either reactions after Louis Camille my yard discovered that describe them around 1910 the sequence begins with the reaction of a carbon molecule and an amino acid and unstable intermediate structures formed and the spend undergoes further changes producing hundreds of different by products result my are more complex and needy than caramelized flavors because the involvement of the amino acids adds nitrogen and sulfur atoms to the mix of carbon hydrogen and oxygen

and produces new family law fuels and new aerobatic dimensions

hell yeah yeah yeah

I do like you nice how you doing over there to the Museum of food and drink fundraiser for the East Coast this coming weekend and we'll be sticking around for about 10 days so yeah. For membership but or who been involved in the password you have a second to talk about this recent stuff on on cooking sugar crystals or do you have a second or no need to talk about the passage I just read about caramelization superseded I say you don't want when you make her more what you do is you keep suppose crystals with your solid until it melts and then the melted sugar is starch on the go these other reactions which

Brown and develop other flavors and so on and that's that's the basic carbohydrate chemist at was trying to figure out why it is that nobody on the precise melting point of sucrose at which is crazy till table sugar should have a very well-defined melting point than yet when you look in the literature there are dozens of different melting points under a novena Rangers but you know not not the size of the she wanted to know why it is the melting point of sugar was so hard to measure what you discovered was that technically speaking sugar

is it that is that if you keep sugar and you melt it and you've been solidify again and then try to melt it again the melting point that you get the second time around is lower that is it takes less heat to melt the sugar after it's been melted ones and so on and so on so the more often you know that the lower the melting temperature becomes unlike for example water where know the melting point is 32° Fahrenheit and it doesn't change and so what she discovered was that every time you eat sucrose and that includes keeping it at room temperature it's actually degenerating it's actually degrading so the sucrose molecules are slowly breaking apart into first its constituent Parts with her one molecule of glucose and one fructose and then no sugars

down into other things that process is happening at a significant great even at room temperature and certainly if you heat it up enough to melt it you're accelerating that and that means that what you end up with is a block of table sugar that in fact is no longer pure and gets progressively less pure the more often you do it until I looked at that and I thought that's really interesting I wonder if I could caramelize sugar solid sugar just by keeping it at a moderately hours until I put some sugar crystals in the oven at about I don't know what to do to 20 something like that which is way below the melting point those supposed to come out after they were in there overnight and sure enough they turn brown they're solid

Ben Wyatt treat why was differently affected on the inside of the crystals in the outside

I don't have the equipment to know to determine why exactly but I have series on my theory is that you can buy you know it in Chinese groceries they're like half inch lawn and and quarter inch thick like

I don't know exactly how they're they're manufactured but I figure it has to do with your the kind of thing that they doing when you make ice cubes and happens with solidification happens kind of from the outside in that you end up with at the core of the crystal just as you do with a with an ice cube a lot of stuff you know what does all gas Purity the various kinds I guess is that they're of sucrose molecules and so the the caramelization begins there and perceives there sugar crystals of that size that are liquid on the inside or the outside still but they've got liquid caramel on the inside you crack them open

are are formed not from a single nucleation site out you don't actually think they're single crystals you think they're form like ice cubes in multiple nucleation sites

that's my guess like I said I don't I don't know what the manufacturing process is exactly

no I don't know I don't know you know for my kids and I've never gotten a crystal even approaching what you can buy in a store like that not even approaching it and I'm not talking like I'm not talking like like I waited a day or a week I'm talking like 3 weeks I mean like a long Waits

but that said I didn't put it under in into friends since like a heated atmosphere with force of operation near to mean I just got it out on the on the counter and presumably at some point their solution and I mean it eventually evaporate I guess a hundred percent but I did not have any luck growing big crystals

and I got a bunch of different things to like five

hello you clear cutting per second you there

yeah yeah you try your we lost you at are you tried and then you're about to say what you're trying solution to take so long for molecules of sucrose to get onto the surface so I tried things like you know adding ethanol alcohol to the solubility of sugar and ethanol is not that great and I thought that would that would be pretty good but it didn't work I've had lots of different things and I have no idea who they might make beautiful crystals to look up I guess for 4 next time when I specifically on this one do you have a second or no

this was from Brent Adams saying on the theme of Mexican food I have a question about dry roasting Chiles which also applies to whole spices most recipes Begin by roasting dried Chiles hydrating and then blending them into a sauce the dry roasting a supposed to help bring out their flavor my two-part question is what is about dry heat that makes steam create more delicious and be if I'm going to be cooking a chilly later when it's in the sauce what the flavor boosting aspect of heat happened then or is there something particular about dry roasting the individual ingredient first it doesn't occur when it's part of the softener thing I would guess is that the higher possible temperatures in a non wet situation with me I know that you study this

yes that's exactly it the 30th for the chili or whatever spice is your using are in a spice with concentrated until you apply heat to that immediately gets way about in the boiling points and you start to get caramelization reactions Browning reaction the aroma compounds react with each other because you're at such a high temperature if you if you hydrate them and then you get a completely different set of reactions and they're they're not as expensive as much lower and I mean like I know that if you take coriander and you dry roast it you lose some of the citrusy things that can be nice and mean like a combination I know when I'm making liquor

I'll tend to use a combination of untoasted toasted spices when I'm doing it just to accentuate the different kind of components riding me is not a not a better or worse than Diamond just a different thing right and saying is true ending in Indian cooking for example you use some spices do you use a certain amount of the different spices but you use portions of the ages of the last step is to try some spices very quick

all right well as always Harold thank you so much for calling in a pleasure having a show or going to take out first commercial break we'll be right back

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cooking issues I've never heard of cooking is always measured man right to the boss I got out will never

talk out of his nether Parts he always thinks about I've heard I've heard people ask Harold some crazy nut bag questions and he's never he's never like he's never liked the hell you talkin about the museum which is spelled qimiq I recently been introduced to the product key make their corporate Chef demoed it at the culinary school where I work but sadly I couldn't attend I now have several containers with the play with and what are your thoughts on the product the Blackberry Merlot sorbet we met with beautifully inhale shape at room temperature for damn near 45 minutes even while the text yourself and by the way my son thinks Danza curse I'm like no you can't say if it's not really a curse with your thoughts as I agree

I think when you get to maybe be a junior in high school eats it it's right up there with Rootin tootin in terms of strength

second most entertaining carbonating a sphere or sauce the ideal and product will be a plated element that wouldn't release the bubbles until it's in the mouth any tips to be useful okay let's take a second one first and that much more of an expert on carbonation carbonation is if you're going to put it into a liquid sauce the carbonation is because going to leave that's all there is to know if you scarify it what you want isn't happening when you Spira fiasp a sausage carbonated is that you develop a CO2 pocket on the inside of the sphere now eventually right you reaching equilibrium at whatever the equilibrium vapor pressure of their stuff is on the inside so if you could create a sphere like alginate and reverse your terrified situation like that actually was strong enough to hold up to it right then you could do it but you'd probably talkin somewhere in the range of 35 PSI and I don't know whether or not an alginate envelope or a peck

envelope it wouldn't do it either one of those are Joe and envelope to withstand that kind of pressure right maybe you could which case you could just set a coating of a alternator Joanne around the outside of a sphere if I think you'd get an air pocket in it but they are pocket with Aquila breving the not an air pocket CO2 pocket would stay there and then it would stay carbonated for a little while I mean gas permeable so you lose it eventually but it would stay for a little while and obviously it would be fine if you've been stored that for a while in a carbonated container that was pressurized then you can store indefinitely until you're ready to serve it right as long as you can pull out of the bottle that wouldn't be a problem but that is going to happen if you really want to lock the stuff in there you're going to have to go to the route of heavy gelatin so if you set a carbonated product with heavy heavy carbonation I'm talking heavy like a TPS I write as a stuff's going to set which is around room temperature then

can get a prickly feeling in the gel that you formed it's not a sauce but the problem is it's more of a piercing like needle like carbonation less I'm poking massage what I'm saying that so that I can have the effect in my head of the piercing needle like carbonation but it doesn't feel the same as soda it feels more like pop rocks EU sizing to Pop Rocks has that kind of piercing feel to it has more of that piercing pop-rock feel you can't freeze stuff it's carpet if you freeze a bottle that's carbonate in the bottle doesn't explode when it unfreeze is it will be carbonated again but the freezing itself with Force the CO2 out and CO2 will only be present in the unfrozen section although I doubt very concentrated rate because as I said when you lower the when you lower the temperature you increase the solubility of the CO2 pronounce connect and it comes from I went on their website to make this a word creation I hate would like if you have to do that much explaining about your product with the name than the name is dumb

it's a work creation stemming from the words quick and milk demonstrating how quick and easy to product is to use

but what really is is they take space how to make it I looked up h a m a food service is the company that has the patents and whenever you find out what a product is you really want to know what the hell's going on you find a patent literature on it so if you go to h a m a ham I guess food service go to their patent they have a patent on the technique for using here's what they're doing because on the on their website they say stuff like we're coding each and every milk cell with gelatin what does it even mean milk so does that mean that they're meaning they me myself and I mean pacing myself what do they mean have no meaning is the problem when you have like someone translating from their native language into that whatever anyway looks like an interesting product patent here's what actually happening there taking skim milk and they're putting skim milk through a very specific temperature regimen adding a very specific grain size and Bloom strength of gelatin to it holding it at a very specific temperature in till it and swells the way they wanted they hydrated

bringing the temperature up holding it at a certain length of time and then introducing a specific amount of light cream to it 15% Queen right they then homogenize it and pasteurize it so it feels in my parmalat container so they can stay at room temperature for a year shelf-stable that's what it is right so what's happening here and if you want to know why that makes a difference you want to go this is the most I love it when I find people like this doctor Bernard Kohl's homepage here's what dr. Bernard Cole has to say about himself he was from South Africa I have a doctorate in food science from the University of Pretoria I am a retired I'm retired from full-time employment after spending 30 years in gelatin I am willing to assist anyone who could benefit from my many fields of experience in gelatin and this is his website a list of like interesting and cool facts about South Africa somewhere but it's like

about gelatin for pigs got you you want to know about gelatin from Kyle's got you got you yelling I do it anyways but he's like sitting there he's like I don't know what he is 70 something like I'm retired you got problems I got answers he's like you know whatever you want to know that job and he's got what he has a page on what gelatin does in a Dairy situation in General Tso what is doing is and this is why we saw all the cool stuff that can be considered medically do although I've never used it right gelatin is a great foam of former foaming agent which is why it's used in marshmallows okay and I can emulsify it helps an in an emulsifying things it also is really good at stabilizing things like ice creams which is why I didn't your sorbet sorbet and ice cream ice cream because he used to meet with his milk-based so right also it protects Dairy BAE Systems from

Sterling when I sit around it so you can add lemon juice and white wine directly to comique or vice versa and you don't get curdling and it's because I know if you read further on into a doctor Kohl's webpage it's because the gelatin interacts with the casein micelles and prevents them from aggregating and coalescing breaking and falling out so so it it does that it has a lot of cool things that it also helps to make a oil soluble things more soluble in Dairy systems right and this is this is basically exclamation and he links to a bunch of research papers on it but it leads to the main things that keep it claims that they can do their acid alcohol and bakes table without breaking so I actually I'd like to get a hold of something so we can make some chewing licorice even though I don't really like them I have people asking me constantly by the queen look who's back we've answered two or three questions on cream cream liqueur was here on Me on the stuff so maybe we can make some Bailey's that won't format what's that what's it called when you mix Rose's lime juice and Bailey's in your mouth is just

that's a name is that the cement mixer disgusting disgusting age of 21 + 15 minutes should ever consumed one in their life you're allowed to consume in the first 15 minutes of your Barb Eng on your 21st birthday if you're here in the US but have no other time also let you know that they say that it would do such as butterfat because got to find out is it the viscosity of cream increases greatly without gelatin and so it can make it seem like there's more fat in it I don't really believe in replacing fat with things like gelatin cuz I just believe in adding the freaking fat but that's me I hate it whenever it can replace flour starch a roo partially because of that we just got a lot of lot of cool lot of cool stuff it stays free Star Stable going through sous-vide. But I have not used it but I thoroughly enjoyed reading doctor Kohl's website on gelatin and related products

and she very quickly Steven Silver Road and there's a man outside writing notes in a notebook with a dull pencil and it's bothering us Tasha because presumably she's thinking about the noise that it's making as it's going across a patient is reading a book on rauschenberg brake pad and Rick Bayless is here I'm okay this is not Rick Bayless your volume by another guy this guy looks for all the world like like imagine the guy from mad man who's not Don Draper grew a beard it looks like if you can imagine what's that guy's name you know the guy's name from Mad Men that they his partner the older guy that was sleeping around with the lady in the thing it's that guy + a beard with a rauschenberg book and I had an electron sweater tonight a picture of

could you please review the concept and prevention of lactic acid buildup in cooking me to low temperature we share any meats that we took over 3 hours to Ravenna and is 99% off of just wondering if you have any updated thought I'd like to go swimming you mean lactobacillus growth of a bacterial growth and I think the fact that you're preventing it means that you're probably following the steps that you're saying you're pre searing the meats and your not crowding them in the back I think that a vast majority of the people who are having problems with blow off and lactic acid and nasty flavors in the bags are crowding there bass too much other than trying to put too many things in the back that's what I think is happening that's that is my guess we have you have a what's the question here I'm looking at these two pictures of 2 / de preps you to give me the question

tell Joe I'm here so it's basically I love you let me pull it up but the question is which would be a better Christmas gift of these of these two divided prep versus the Vitamix 750 what's better for home use and visit Jacob and he's looking for something that will blend kale and two soups or drinks without leaving a whole lot of chunks well here's my first off I think they will both they will both work for a long time that the top-end Vitamix was exactly the same as the fight of the exception being interference motor its capabilities that the name plate was different and the main difference between them was the warranty so you know that vital prep if you used a Vite up if you use a Vitamix in a commercial setting your warranty was void right so the Vitamix had a much longer warranty for home use right and cost less the vital prep had a much shorter

2010 cost more but was a certified for use in a commercial kitchen in that was the main difference they sent change them so if you look on the web at a plastic Vita prep vs Vitamix 750 will notice if there's a different picture blender Picture Style the older style that by the way here's what's really messed up unless you're working with a bar boss or one of the really large pictures both those pictures styles will work on either based so you can swap them out the new Vitamix 750 bass picture is designed to be wider than the old one and shorter and the advantage of that is it fits underneath a counter if you have I got you have a cabinet over your counter you can fit it underneath okay and where's the old vital prep one of the big pain in the butt about the vital prep in the house is it does not fit under counter Z hits it right at the blender top right you're the problem I have with the old vital prep containers is that if you don't have the plunger in them they don't form a very good Vortex a hun

set a time at the base of the picture unit because they it's too choked up too little too narrow the newer Picture Style that they use which again I say you can use the same picture on either unit is wider at the base and so allows for more kind of mixing there's not as much of a chokepoint more similar to a Blendtec blender and here's the downside of the new size picture the new size picture holds the same amount as the old one the old one is better at blending small amount of ingredients because it's got a smaller base so the old one your minimum blend amount was in the area of 200 250 ml when's the new ones going to take more stuff more product in your blender picture to adequately blend so that the blades are adequately engage with your product if you're only blaming larger quantities that's not going to make a big difference if your blood in smaller quantities that could make a difference I would suggest in general investing in the small size picture to go with it in case you're going to do a lot of work with hydrocolloid situations where you're going to be blending 200 300

500ml of product at a time so I would if I if it was my life right what I would want is I would want the new style picture and a small picture now to the units themselves I do not like the knobs and switches on the Vitamix 750 as opposed to the Old Skool vinyl prep the Old Skool vinyl prep Spike switches that's a little flap switches feel awesome to me the newer ones are a little thicker and then maybe think they feel a little more Robo but as Tristan said about my favorite Jigger they feel a little more play school because the switches are a little bigger and also the knob on the on the Vitamix on the Home Run is a Round Knob it doesn't have the paddles in her face like that the old not as a flat thing on it that you can spin and in my mind no one has ever equaled the awesomeness of using the interface controls of the Vitae prep but so sorry that I couldn't be more helpful on on that because there's pros and cons for each

I'm and I'm sorry. My apologies again go out to stand below we will I promise on a stack of Bibles I will answer your question next time cooking issues listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member is it our website today thanks for listening