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Episode 105: Grease on Cashmere

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call +718-721-281-8497 with Nostalgia to hammer Lopez and Jack and Joanne and Jerry with how you guys doing today that's why we needed a theme song like this one I like the fact that we have to go into the crazy do you know get me going with no sleep song will take more listeners will take more McGee call in and read the my yard stuff but

that's going to be his Christmas present if I can convince Maggie to do that

and what whatever mean like you know I can give someone a Christmas present regardless way they celebrate it's not like it's like I'm smacking in the face I can give this a gift if someone wants to get hey look anyone out there wants to give me a gift from some other religion I'm glad to accept it depends what gift would you not accept that it wouldn't accept are there like Scientology holidays may be there Scientology gifts we have a question in the weights are seeing you can call any questions live to +718-497-212-8972 in this weekend we had that the CNN thing I cannot believe that nastasha managed to not be on

entire half-hour program they didn't ask Piper either and yet he's on you know why because he didn't hide away from the camera

that's actually not use reschedule your flight back to the country to miss the cooking issues episode when they

you like that haven't come that day everything's fine oh yeah I'm not going to be here

when did Artemis shoot you just people live people she does not want to be on the can to the crazy person she's crazy person but not just for that reason many reasons please call in and convince her that next time you should not hide from the cameras but I thought it was good it was fun I detest watching myself in any form but the

CNN did a Blog and the blog post if they decide to do was on of liquid nitrogen so they didn't like I don't know they put liquid nitrogen and then the internet trolls came out of their freaking cave and were typing all sorts of nonsense about liquid nitrogen to first of all it was all about that awful case we talked about you know couple weeks it's like you know Greta Van Ford Transit 18 year old woman in England was served liquid nitrogen to drink which is a horrible and an unconscionable thing for a bartender and she lost her stomach and it's horrible completely awful but also would never happen with anyone who's using liquid nitrogen probably but you get all these like freaks on the internet who have no idea what they're talking about and they just are slamming slamming me for using liquid nitrogen same things that are patently untrue about

nitrogen like for instance is one person and this, didn't want to set some stuff straight and then it's actually don't comment against leave it alone leave it alone leave it alone but he whose by the way there actual name is yeah right I'm kidding because any Anonymous jerk sitting alone in their underwear can make comments on the internet like they're like they know what's going on but anyways so what happened is that they say well you know there's always a possibility for human error so there's there's no reason to do it which is I mean the possibility for human are using liquid nitrogen to use it properly in terms of a of a customer getting hurt that way like a horrible thing to happen in England is roughly on the order of saying that if a chef was chopping onions in a plain view of a customer that they might trip and throw the knife through the customers head

and if that happened then you know we should ban the use of knives and kitchen it's simply ridiculous like I cannot State and stronger terms how awful it is what happened in England and how thoroughly thoroughly punished the person is who did that and how freaking horrible it is that they that they did that and I also cannot emphasize is wrong returns at that is not a reason to ban the use liquid nitrogen and the people riding it on the internet simply don't know what they're talkin and I can't believe it's a gimmick rap Throwbacks it seems from their writing to like a very old school of thought we're if they just think everything's a party trick they don't they're not bothering to to pay text forget what I'm doing with it or you know anyone at the bar anyone that knows me as associate with me if you look around there many many uses liquid nitrogen that are there are not gimmicks I'm sure they're there are uses of liquid nitrogen in the same way that if you go to a

Benihana no offense to the Benihana people that you go to Benihana they're nice views is a gimmick do you want I'm saying so guess a knife can be used as a gimmick and liquid nitrogen can be used as a gimmick and I can be used to cook and liquid nitrogen can be used to cook because it's cold but you know what I'm saying please also Band Fire it's very dangerous he's right it is extremely dangerous I've been burned several times this year alone you know that goes into we have a question don't have the Personnel from Paul at American meltdown he says I graduated Messi I back in 07 we didn't get to interact much I was in the last class of the old for face Paradigm there's no cleaner technology stuff I had a question about what I was there but I didn't wasn't teaching that the regular BubbleBox I guess yet anyways

I own and operate the American meltdown food truck in North Carolina we serve Gourmet melting grilled cheese I like what she's like when she says that's one of the few things I can do you like everything first time I've heard her say the word love on the show I think I know it has to be like what kind of cheese do you like anything about American cheese

don't like your patriotic England here it was invented actually know it was invented by the Swiss Swiss and stuff you know why cuz I found it look it up right now by the Swiss which makes sense because of their love of freaking fondue

I'll look it up anyway back to the question I had a question but liquid nitrogen but I wanted to bring on some liquid nitrogen for play on Frozen grilled cheese don't know how you freeze goat cheese though but anyway I mean like Cheez-Its Frozen kolaches I don't understand anyway dispensing it do I need a tank where would I get a tank to hold on then I saw someone later ones at McQueen in my head I have a tank with a hose and I would put something like olive oil into a bowl and then and if we get the popcorn like frozen shapes are similar to The Daniel Danny Garcia the famous Spanish Chef used to make a frozen olive oil in various Ways by exactly the reverse rights always a loophole in for the olive oil in that is what typically you would do so in fact I saw Danny Garcia wants to do the olive oil demo in a styrofoam box and when he's doing the stuff when he's

freezing olive oil the trick is that it breaks up into little pieces like almost like couscous so he if you sit in the aisle in long enough it makes us that couscous like thing if you want like kind of foamy or dancer things he used to emulsify different amounts of water in to get different textures more water you add the more it hurts your face though because the water hurts a lot when you put it in cold Frozen like that whereas the olive oil by itself doesn't have his high of a specific heat so I can't I actually damage you as badly but anyway he would put olive oil in an isi canister shaken up and then also make it less damaging on tongue provide interesting texture and get those popcorn like things Sansa Danny Garcia used to do it in fact I did let them out once because we had a whole bunch of liquid nitrogen and people wanted to see it on my Garcia because I hate doing other people's demos I literally was like I am Danny Garcia butt

I did that so okay so you don't if you're putting the styrofoam box there's not much point in putting it into into something new styrofoam box and not so good you got to be careful when you start a phone box because they can crack and if they cracked they dumped liquid nitrogen everywhere so you want to make sure that if you do use styro it's like a like something sturdy like a fish tub and that you have it in a cardboard with a duct tape around it so that doesn't break you can pour into coffee carafes is the easiest way cuz you're not going to be that you know you're not going to be that efficient and storing it this way anyway eventually you're going to want to go get like a 35 liter door or something like that and you ask do I need a tank will the ONN just evaporate quickly without one yes that's the case it would just evaporate quicker and you know the Provost are phone boxes they also have a fairly large surface area so unless you keep it capped all the time you going to lose a lot when you pull the thing off you go to lose a lot but if you're getting a cheap price on it it's an okay way to start out just be careful that it can't slash around because things can slash

out of those containers and then get liquid nitrogen all over everywhere and if you're not being cautious especially if you're in a food truck never let it get in a situation where the liquid nitrogen is above the head of a customer and you're serving down to them with liquid nitrogen because then you can get liquid nitrogen you can pour it like you know eventually into their eyes or in inside of a piece of their clothing where I could get trapped and cause a severe burn you also want to make sure you don't have large amounts of liquid nitrogen inside of your truck unless your truck is completely ventilated to the outside so that you have no possibility of what's the word I'm looking for is fixation asphyxiation this actually I don't know where I can choose for processed cheese in general look up processed cheese melting salt in general in general I believe was invented by the Swiss keep little I've got 1911 by Walter Gerber in Switzerland that's James L craft is the first to apply

add for a patent for the method 1916 and then craft was the first commercial commercially slice them keep the meaning of seldom sliced in 1950 so the Swiss Social Distortion your precious well what do you think American cheese is hello it's processed cheese made with cheddar duh

hey by the way just so you know I said it before on the show but this is what I do with my kids I give him a prize anyone the first person calls and I'll send you $2 if you get this so what is going to be more likely to produce a better emulsified processed cheese product an aged cheese or a non aged cheese first coloring is 2 bucks I don't know how I'm going to get two bucks back on the thing closed space thing inside the truck but their tutus ventilation hoods a service window two large back to where they can swing open I feel that is enough airflow but I could be wrong thing for your timely response it could be enough airflow just make sure that there's no possibility that one of your workers is in there and it gets sealed like for instance when you're driving and if you're driving and they have a like a big tub of liquid nitrogen and you get hit it could dump over and then the entire style cooler liquid nitrogen is on the floor of your truck and it's sealed and then your shafted because you might have gotten knocked out and can't open the window or some like that so that anytime you have liquid nitrogen

an interview cool like that has to be away from you secure and all the windows have to be open right that's what that's a real massage like I don't want to talk to you about it please okay Tony Tony Marion rights in for the mixing bar in Brazil hey Dave Natasha Jack and Joe Joe salute from Brazil once again this Tuesday been if I didn't speak to a group of bartenders media industry people about the use of salt and drink since Apollo the Apollo the language but you don't like like European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese from Portugal sounds all crazy me and like Brazilian Portuguese in Portuguese to me

explain minds and is produced by the Brazilian Cocktails A Mixology needed to promote the exchange of ideas with an R cocktail seen my presentation pretty much all set up and we also include any hint or pointer for the cooking issues team I know from the episode you do it Tony Conigliaro that you use a 20-seat is a state county seat in America when you pronounce the ball players that dead famous boat by Boston Red Sox ball players name that they literally even like I'm stuck in my 93 year-old my stepfather's father my second so we can step grandfather whatever you know who's Italian Boston Conigliaro that's what the Boston I'd call him anyway we can start calling Tony Tony Conigliaro what do you think most rings in Booker and Dax anything that has

any form of fruit and it really coffee chocolate anything like that has salt in it sub specials at threshold I'm going to use the drink the search for delicious to exemplify house so I can help bitterness and drinks participants will get a glass containing try not to put the mezz in orange bitters and we'll gradually add lemon juice and salt tincture assaulting sure is going to be at 100 mils of water in 15 grams of salt roughly what we do right to see how it changes over time tasting drink at each step I know it's a bold cocktail but it's pretty impressive a few drops of salt and acid can really taste this drink Workshop is based on the article I wrote for Mixology news a while ago of course it's in Portuguese though it's useless to me because I hate Google translate I'm sorry but sorry Tony I can't stand the Google do you like any pointers ideas about the use of salt and drinks and its effects appreciated I'm sure to mention a lot about you guys in seminar cheers Tony okay so first of all

I was not aware of this world but here's my favorite new title in the world maybe this is what you should become instead of Heir Apparent maybe you should be chemosensory psychophysicists

it's real you can't just like it's like it's like everyone says I'm an architect needs like so you think it's like that you have to actually pass a test to be a chemosensory psychophysicist got the word psycho in it, since recycle pencils can you be that very very clearly the people who are the top of their game on this r-pa Breslin and GK Beauchamp and there they work for monel out of Philadelphia and they've written all of the good articles on salt and bitterness and some of the good ones you might want to look at the hell out of there like classic work was done in the late nineties so you might might want to look up salt enhance his flavor by suppressing bitterness and another good one is salt paste

give a chapter in a book that one came out in 2008 and it's good because it's a it's What's called the circuit to review a review section anyway so the interesting thing is to get some more information I learned some extremely interesting things so that everybody knows that smells sweet with with something that it makes everything taste sweeter so it like him over to buy give you banana Aroma and sugar it tastes sweeter than if I just gave you banana Aroma alone and if I add a certain things but if it if I asked you to evaluate and then things have different Synergy so typically if you add salt salt masks bitterness so it like if you add salt to it did Ernest level is reduced typically if you but it was crazy as if I asked you to rate is very recent scholarship that when you just have someone write a single thing like sweetness that again

make sense but that if you actually say for instance and sweep if you're going to do a sour and salt together if you ask someone to rape the house and we just toss the pizza on someone's chest is awesome sweet we watch their that kind of like dining room here and there was out there was a pizza chest toss anyway yeah it was it was lubricated goat the ones that had the album circus eyes peanut look that up so I don't know how to go

Great Dane and family show but if you actually tell someone okay now rate salt and and and sour separately they can they can read it anyway in general salt is extremely complicated so the way something with the waves texture taste so the way it affects your taste is very dependent on concentration so when you add salt for instance people add salt to coffee when you're adding salt to things in low concentrations you so I got to slow down slow down slow down the head okay if you take a bitter and a bitter component and let's say a sweet component and you have him together the in a drink the bitter component and the sweet component will mutually suppress each other that make sense both less sweet and less bitter but if you add salt to that right

fairly small amounts of salt to that mixture what ends up happening is the salt suppresses the bitterness but also undoes the time does the suppression that the bitterness dead to the sweetness so it taste even sweeter so it tastes like the bitterness is going down and the sweetness is going up even though actually what's happening is your unmasking the date your unmasking the bitter is no longer masking of the sweetness and this is like really super interesting work that bow shop in present did monel like everyone should everyone should kind of kind of read that but just in in very kind of round terms in the article salt enhance the flavor by suppressing bitterness he says our data shows that in addition to adding desire Saltines to Food Salt potentiate flavor through the selective suppression of bitterness and perhaps other undesirable flavors and the release from suppression of palatable flavors such a sweetness

design for NaCl another salt in food as diverse as often bitter vegetables oily food and meats may be due in part to their ability to suppress unpleasant flavors this may explain why it is difficult to make low sodium food acceptable that's a quote from from that article another interesting thing that Beauchamp and is what's it what's that thing called a review article gives a really interesting example that you can smack your friends across the face with some hold some threshold saw a million times on the air but I've never said it so succinctly and that's why these are the smart guys this is in salt taste sonus nausea does bread taste like the average loaf of bread does it taste salty

no it doesn't write what I would call that sell threshold so right and so but when you get Tuscan bread at what sucks everyone knows it sucks you just being ornery Tuscan bread has no salt and it sucks and so that shows you kind of incredible rounding effect that salt can have on something even though it's below threshold in that in fact is the exactly thing with Beauchamp says he says I think it's considered bread and bread products assault in these make up a single largest source of sodium consumed in the US diet I did not know that I did not know that yet we typically do not perceive read a salty bread without salt taste in Fitbit or bad like Tuscan bread does that's when salt is added the flavors and hands without making the bread tastes salty the salt when out of the food must have functions other than adding saltiness and then goes on to explain what they are wow

geyser what units they can't see you got to say what's going on if you going to make a Comin it's raining cats and dogs never need sunglasses in in Bushwick and the women's bathroom today before the show and by the way the Roberta's people apparently love women a lot more than they love Mandy Ice Cube in the men's bathroom because men are filthy just it's like laid out like I don't care I don't care I don't care so you ignore your legs or smash into this shape I don't care you know so they saw the doors going to clock you in the head if you search your dude you don't even know the woman's I can know you could turn around you know you can wash your hands the spigots not like you know like half a millimeter off of the fence but anyways

I went to the women's bathroom I was given specific okay because apparently a couple of going in there and they were finishing up last night's festivities. They're like that in the morning it's still my time for them and I will see when Indie Jesus isn't around all hell breaks loose

oh that's a good one that's good business and to get to break down a line for yet for example this is a quote again from for these guys for free sample some threshold salt levels increase perceive sweetness and decrease perceived acidity where I sell threshold sugar concentrations making food taste less salty than it actually is and in very weak concentration salt might actually enhance the flavor of a sage because it's not linear changes whether it's the threshold suprathreshold and how much so the answer is there there is no answer there is no right

let's do it but for me yeah

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yeah call her you're on call Matt dreamville it to get information over the radio. Portuguese cooking style pork chop bun tomorrow for a gig and of course I've had some kind of Portuguese influence in Chinese influence open my big question is I'm going to cut this in a starch and then deep fry after I marinate pork chops marinated pork chop

I'm starfish what you think lens to a more crispy crust if I'm just really powder coating it not going to do a batter everyone has their own feelings first why you got to be you said you're going to sous-vide it and then like bring it to go to be thin enough that you just going to fry from cold after they're after they're low temp is that what you said you were going to do that mean I think there's a couple things going to look at everyone has their own view about kind of what's going on but the issue with any kind of skim coat is that your your unless it's right it's hard to get like a real crunchy service on it unless you know what I need to do more research on that I've learned here at Roberto's they do a chicken that's a variant of a ton of a well-known restaurant that was close the time is open the game called pies and thighs and they literally take it out of there Brian throw it into flour and then fry it so apparently like everything I learned cuz when I Learned was how you make a pellicle

dry at real real said to get adhesion and then you do flower liquid flour fry which is not what you're looking to do but these guys go directly into the the start from wet when you going to go into the starch from wet or no at least yeah

I'm keeping it in the kind of Chinese tradition but exactly is is old-world rice starch batters and they're there they have that a certain flavor and Vac some people even if it would put the peanut but you can't your application but they they put some no cow in there some some basic stuff in there that to alter it or baking soda even but you know Nils noren always used to use a water chestnut flour and he swore by water chestnut flour used to make that mistake by the time water chestnut flour and it was it was good but that was what he always used to swear by and I don't know which one of the countries over there that he was working in where he picked it up I don't take that up in China I don't know if you pick it up in Singapore I don't know where he picked it up but that was that was his go-to for it when we used to do the whole fix the whole striped bass and he wanted and we would pull it out

let it near dry out for a second he would always dust it in water chestnut flour have to admit it was better in my in my memory than wheat flour or any of the other kind of normal normal starch as you might want to look at a modified starch like Chris coat or something like that and it's not going to be too expensive in the in the quantities that you're using probably at least a note listen to do it forever I think you can get that stuff from modernist Pantry but do you know the bad stuff it you know when it's designed for my kind of a moisture barrier so that it does you no Crisco Kent its name Crisco pie need to be added to other starches so you don't need to use exclusively that in fact and Industrial use his they use it only in the round thing around 10% usage ratio vs under starch but it definitely built to increase adhesion and Christmas in the in the in the coating so you might want to look into something like that

100 you know I've also never done a lot of testing with Ryan with one hit wonder is it's just like it's it's an agglomerated so that it dissolves let you know he's awake and there are some people who swear by Wondra Coatings in their in their fine but I use it only once or twice and Tess and I ignore my feeling was it had a weird taste but it could have been something else I really didn't give it enough of a test to to say that I love it or I don't and if for some reason I never got in the habit of keeping one for around four gravy's because I you know I just got a message and by the way I'm not liking it needs to be necessary kind of a guy it's just I just never bothered and never bothered becoming a part of my my pantry but there are people who swear by it

hello me know I'm not a Wonder guy either just said something that's down here in the South warm and I was wondering since you mention Chris Cote that maybe that was part of its profile yeah I know not what they do to certain starches if you look at the natural at National starch which is a starch company that I like to go to a lot they know they have a lot of agglomerated starts products Prince dance like it one dress D is the starch equivalent of ultra Spurs versus ultratex so you know it's rehydrated text Harmony not 1% but that one's agglomerated so that it dissolves easily and doesn't Clump up and the other one's a pain in the butt. Markets here and I might be able to source that

I shall man thank everybody appreciate it

where's my iPad shut down by the way we got a question we get well Jack we're okay there we we are not to call her call or you're on the air pressure cooker stock and then one about sweet potato fries if I'm not taking up too much time with if I just don't open the lid on a country conduit duramatic after the last extraction how many I'm doing

is it filled enough to just be canned and like room temperature stable for a day or two excellent question excellent excellent question and okay so if you were to if you were to when you bring it up to pressure like just do a couple of vent to get all the extra air out you've done it a couple times I would say but I would I would be okay with it I've not done the studies cuz you look at actual pressure canning they're very very clear that you need to purge the entire sting front with air and then I have it be. Team before you start your timing on it for being can but I think the reason they're doing that it because they're cooking it for a bare minimum amount of time and they don't want are trapped in next to the food particles going to slow heat transmission and therefore going to slow the rate of cooking I think they're doing a stock for long enough that it's probably not an issue

do in at the outside and all the air and everything is in that headspace or are going to get fully you know full ep no pressure cooked now if you're going to reheat the stock remember the stock is not alike it's not really cannibals straight Mia it is mean if you if you if you do it long enough if you follow procedures it should be long story short I don't know whether I can feasibly recommended to you but I do it will happen is it in your own the game room and gotten to like a little bit of a thing about romance and he just leaves regular starts out on and then just reheatza which is what everyone used to do in the old days you know they'd keep a soup going for a whole week and I did that during the blackout here when we had Hurricane Sandy but but you know that many times I will have the pressure cooker going I don't want to know it's late

it's late at night I want to go to bed I've made dinner and now I'm making a stock I with the bones I had left over from the prep out at dinner and I'll leave it overnight and then put it in the fridge in the morning and I don't really feel bad about it

I want to do exactly what you just described and also on Thanksgiving I mean I'm just running out of space for everything and if I could just

run the last pressure cooker with the turkey stock and set it in the garage and forget about it till I need it again I mean that's that's his very helpful I would not leave it forever it's I wouldn't consider

24 48 hours max just enough to get in to get it done and out of the way if I'm getting ready for a big family deal to do anything I would do with it would be going in something hot like

I'm at Great gravy with a fairly dark butter and flour Boo and you know that when the stock it's that gravy it's right right right

the animal of a part of the program most things are going to develop would be heat-labile anyway if you cannot going to reheat them to me again like I just feel very hesitant to say it's okay on the air and yet I do do it sometime and maybe to the good as you get a fantastic based on method for you to know just

pulling into you on the pressure cooker let the pressure come down take one batch of bounds outfits next batch of Bones and running again without ever calling it off how many times can you do that before something weird happens I've never done more than three diminishing marginal return I think you know it's been years since I'd it's been years since I've done side by sides on that are like capitulo back and tasted it but I bet you that you're not getting much after about about two or three bones probably three but me and you really makes a fantastic stock doesn't mean that Ripple stock is crazy

extraction I'm on some beef bones for Pho here for a while back and it was just amazing anymore because you know if you were actually going to do it it's it's expensive in a restaurant setting and be it would take forever if you were doing it and it kind of a standard way but you can do it so quick and just the depth of flavor on that stuff nuts right advantages for me but the stronger I can make it I can make soup in Duluth and diluted back out a little bit so it improves my storage efficiently since my freezer is coming my stuff I got that technique from James Peterson I forget which one of you know he was one of my favorite cookbook writers back in the in the day I guess he still writing but you know I think that's where I that's why I picked that one up like a long time ago that that not for the pressure cooker but just the idea of a triple stock in general as opposed to that supposed to mean a lot of reduction cuz he was one of the early people that I can remember saying that

let you know he preferred 3 like more heavy-duty bone to water ratio is rather than rather than you know making a week stock and reducing it which is what most people do I think it's not as good and you know and he trying to reload against that a long time ago and I kind of took that to heart I think most people use too much water in their stocks. You're trying to make a living selling it it's just a different scenario I mean I don't really care with my batch of sod cost $12 and fourteen but if you're in business I can leave it at the right I think I'm in bed but the funny thing is when people at people at home who can afford to do it that way like they're emulating the restaurant practice and not necessarily best practice you know that just because the system most common idea out there but you helped me out on a bunch

I absolutely love sweet potato fries my wife doesn't like the texture I get in at they're just a little too limp this is their son little magic powder for modernist Pantry that would at least help that problem I've never I've never had the luck on the surface of the sweet potato. You talk about the surface or the interior I've never had luck on the surface I've gotten the interior nice but I've never had that luck on the surface you know that you can go out of the only way I've ever done it where I thought it was like really good I cheated and I batter them you can get them crunchy is all get out and then have the sweet potato on the inside I did last time I did it I did it

everyone's going to hate me I didn't to think of but usually I only do one kind of battery or so and I'm not a fan of like really like kind of light stuff most of time so I do what I do for fried chicken which is like a flower based like you know pretty hardcore Croce but I'm not saying you should do that I'm just saying that's what I do but it's some sort of whatever your favorite crispy coating is I'm not a fan I'm going to get on this I'm not a fan of tempura batter I think that I've had what is supposed to be very good tempura the other people say was good and to me it's not as I understand that everyone loves it it's just not what I loved you know what I mean sure and I think tempore also goes off too quickly especially on something high moisture like a sweet potato fry virtually impossible with that high sugar content to get that crunch

kind of code it's not laughing at Living people make sweet french fries are like like shatter on the outside sometimes they're sweet and they're almost like lacquer from the outside but it's so hard because of the way moisture absorption goes into that the crust to get that crust a normal I'm just a sweet potato fry I would love to hear somebody else's technique of doing it but I bet you could do it with just a fairly good starts talking like maybe Chris code or something like that without going full bladder

Chris colditz Cove hopefully someone will tweet me in today on my Twitter account and say what they do to make their sweet potato fries crunchy but I'm not like sweet potato fries they like them even though they're not crunchy but it sounds like you're you know your wife wants some crunchy right price just don't work for her Duty fried okra looks pretty hard crust so yeah but you have to like that sort of thing

oh and I just like fire through the morning

those are my three for the day I listen to know how it worked out already basically calling us because Amy was he said hi Natasha Dave enjoyed Thanksgiving show David's cutting Corners Corners with his turkey it seems to me if Mom and stepdad are dachshund Dave has access to equipment my suggestion boning the turkey laparoscopically they don't let me see my mom wouldn't even give me a prescription for quinine to make drinks I have to pay like retail price for my client sauteed so you know if they don't then steal stuff that guys anyway I was in New York City and plan to have a drink at Booker and Dax and be an audience of one of your show but instead found myself hold up in Park Slope for the duration of Hurricane Sandy another time Happy Thanksgiving chamber so by the way the turkey was delicious delicious that's already and we only had two shows

turkey was really good it was I think the best Knotek turkey I've ever done but and anyone can do it so like they're too recap what I did took the turkey was a 23 pound turkey by inside-out bonded so I ripped all of the I ripped all the bones off inside without cutting the skin and anyway then I have my mom make a brined and I want revenge is a boning it before you write it is that you can fold the turkey up into a small little package and put it in a 23 pound turkey in a fairly small amount of front so I put that in a brine for a couple of hours you know my typical Brian which is no measure minutes make it taste salty like the ocean and then add enough sugar until you can just barely taste the sweetness my mom started making the stuffing she put the stuffing into the oven covered so it wouldn't lose its moisture we pull the turkey out after a little bit let it dry van a pelecanos can so that was nice and tacky got the inside or Miss down and remember when I get inside out boned it what I took out all of the end

Carbone's and I took out the thigh bone on both sides I left late the last arm bone in and I left the wing joint or last leg bone in rather the drumstick bone and I left the Wing Bones in for a little bit of structure then I took the stuffing out when it was like scalding hot like a note of the full oven temperature and then Jam the first thing I jammed with a jammed it into the thigh so it started cooking the size right and now we're cooking from the inside out and then jammed it and made it look like a turkey again and now the advantage of the hot stuff thing is I'm not going to poison anyone and it's going to speed the cooking and it's going to cook the parts that I found out like a side very quickly in the same fashion that it would the other breast meat because it's getting hot stuff in contact where you wouldn't normally get it right away through the whole thing into a 450-degree oven I think or 400 something for like an hour and a half two hours what was butter and salt on the thing thing was a good turkey good turkey choke and even though I was cutting Corners it was a good turkey

and I think I might do it again that way so much easier than the aluminum aluminum skeleton

Yeah well, yeah I guess it is more traditional I guess anything's more traditional stuffing has that awesome flavor from being in the turkey and well all inside out bonding also has the advantage which everyone should take advantage of of now you have all the bones with while it's while it's what you were looking for brining and cooking you can make a turkey stock right away so then you can get your gravy base done and then you can take a d glaze they are panda turkey comes and remember everyone I hate I hate it when I see a turkey in a roasting pan and the size of the pan or coming up over the side of the turkey and I know that the underside of that turkey is that like nasty blonde blood flabby that the rim of pan anyway and so we got the grave in the gravy was Don good Bueno Bueno so it's a it's all around a good a good thing it's all good

Tom Fisher Road and said hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving I'm looking into getting a Kuhn rikon pressure cooker and was surprised that number sizes available to small difference in price is there any reason not to just buy the 8 and 1/2 quart stock pot smart and she went over that last week a similar thing for a short answer is still going on though women tempura which is like an ongoing thing we're talking about the thing of solidifies oil in Japan is derived from castor oil at least that's what ingredients pay for SC Johnson translates to and then there's the Titanic Royal group of primary product is cooking oil solidifier the internet does not lie and I've been looking up

castor oil and I'm trying to figure out what the heck is in this stuff and I got another person saying castor oil in on my Twitter account Cliffs thing is I still can't figure out what the hell it is so if you take castor oil it's like semi food gravy tastes bad comes from the Castor plant which if you don't process it right can poison you with rice and which is like a toxin anyway but if you hydrogenated it becomes a Casper wax and Castro wax has a very high melting point and I think that you can use this a Caster wax as a solidifier for the oil because you do it in hot and then went set it set solid and to use to harden underarm deodorant

that sounds like hard like a like a carnuba wax but I can't really figure out what's going on Bayway Marty's second question is are there any first question saying, are there any consumer-level reusable products out there for low temperature cooking whenever I cook stuff I always end up with a pile of plastic freezer bag I'd love to experiment more but my inner hippie keeps chastising me so I don't you know this is really an issue there are some bags out there and you can reuse them but it's just so gross that no one does it you know what I mean it's just it's just nasty would like to say that there's some sort of like you know paper like en papillote thing that you can do but I just don't know that is the case and like they the bags just ended the Great overtime I haven't used any of the sticker there a couple people out there who are making very thick bags that are the equivalent of number 2 pencil cases you get when you were a kid goes like yeah they're meant they were made out of vinyl these are made out of vinyl cuz it's gross but I haven't had time to really really look into him but

it's it's really something I'd like to put out to anyone is listening to the show to think about maybe some alternative like that doesn't require a constant source of new bags obviously there is cooking and broth and cooking and start low temperature by using the actual circulator circulate the products there's cooking in jars but it's just not it's not the same you couldn't know if there's lots of things you can do but it's just not the exact same thing like you could pack a jar 100% full with product screw it down and throw it into a bath and go work but it's not the same it's not the same as doing it in in a bag you know what I mean I don't know of a good solution but I would love to hear anyone's good Solution by the way castor bean oil hydrogenated castor oil used to solidify but another castor oil product zinc rice stimulate is the is the is the anti stink in antiperspirants

I don't know why it absorbs it absorbs the stink but apparently apparently it do okay Charlie Chang I know I have some questions on Twitter and then have to get those next time I guess Joel of do we do not get a text back from the gate right we got to take back from Harold then I will run an extra 30 seconds or something do we get one

outside a question that I'd like to spend more time on from Stand below so we'll get that next time or maybe get on the Twitter all about different kind of gel and compounds and interested in making vegetarian gummy bears using gel and they're actually the Brandi Patton on that will have to get into that next time one thing I will shout I was constantly amazed at the amazing information that's available on the FAA website which of the food and agriculture organization of the UN and there's so many crazy Publications out there on like how to grow shrimp in Thailand like it's crazy and go on there and I I just I spent probably let her know stupid least probably spent 2 and 1/2 hours last night when I should have been sleeping reading that ipsa documents on seaweed production it's not even though it's like super simple eating and it's not like anyone else here would like be like it is that weird

nope no answer so just listen to podcast you made my effing holiday thanks for playing my song ever since I picked up a copy of on food and cooking nine years ago I become obsessed with the reasoning for everything I do in the kitchen as a cook I would take off my chef because I explain why they're white chocolate ganache wasn't working or house starts types different short grain rice and work better and put him because they don't retrograde like long grain rice as well like you know most long grain obviously tie black sticky is is a kitchen myself I make sure that all my Cooks question everything they do I teach methods not recipes I've no discovery not cock conservative French technique although I do like that stuff when I went to Danielle a bunch of years ago and they presented me with like the whole station Christian though it's over cuz I was like I love it cuz I love

call HR on a seriously awesome cooking uses awesome keep it up Joel thank you Joel we going to call her call her you're on the air what's up Miami good man hot hot and sunny like we like it

what about a burning question for you

I'm trying to emulsify powdered spices into brine is there a trick to getting it keep me from separating like how thick is the brine allowed to be in the thing is I don't know that it's going to I mean you could do like the typical thing I mean the most of your not really nice you're you're actually stabilizing it still like the classic thing would be to hit it with some Sansan but then it's going to be kind of snotty you know what I mean like if we're doing pickled cauliflower style in like a 5% brine brine I got you yeah so mean you could do a like a like a light gel and fluid gel depending on the salt level the promise Brian's is the salt level is so high like I've had no luck making fluid gels with kimchi liquid because it's just it's just too it's just too strong you don't even know

so might be able to do like Jenna what is xanthan woodworking to me like that which is why they do it in and saw just a bit like really freaking light amount of xanthan I've done a bunch of tests which is very very very light amount of xanthan you know like less than a quarter of a percent or at a quarter in a 1/4 1% or less less keep it real life and let it hydrate for a good like 20-30 minutes before you make a turn Uno add anything more to it so that you make sure it did you want to get it there's a there's a point at which you can stop it from settling for let's say like 30 minutes you know what I mean so which is it for a shell for for service

I know we're going to put it up as a preserve and then you know 7 to 10 days full it out and use it like a couple of quick like back and forth and it'll it'll come back you know what I mean right you think I should hit it in the in the Vitae Prep Prep and you could do it if they are they are they lactic fermented things or they are we see might have problems because it's like some lactic acid bacteria can ferment Sansan but I don't know you might have to add it afterwards like to the brine tank about it I've never try to stabilize a like a pickle brine I mean salad dressings I've done all day everyday and the brine I have to think about it but I would try it like a trial omanas aunt and I would pull the brine out add to Santan to it and then add the brine back and stir it rather than doing it beforehand because once it's really fermented out it's not going to keep fermenting cuz

now that they've done their best and yes it is already low so it's not going to get a lot more you know sour especially if it's already gone and so then I think the same thing will be okay at that point whereas if you do it earlier you might run into I don't know if those bacteria exanthem but I know some do also on the same token we're doing we're doing pressed juices and I was wondering what her like some commercial tricks to keep the juice from in a separating when we bottle it up again like those guys usually add some form of packed in so you know two things like that to stabilize it you can add other things but I think they usually use some form of pectin to stabilize it like they add like a functional aspect in I don't have the stuff in my head pipe for dust shoot me like shoot out sugar to the cooking issues Twitter and I'll force Piper to write down what it is that you're supposed to use

I don't know man cuz I think about it is is it like yeah that'll make things last longer but break by breaking down the particles but they are not so good at breaking down like certain solid sizes so it depends on what's floating in there like I said I got had good luck doing emotions with that like making milks with it like you know like duck fat into duk stock and making like a Milky duck thing but I haven't had a lot of luck just like making a juice finer do you know what I mean but your results May Vary like be like everything else like when you're experimenting with a zillion things like you if you have like early success with one thing or if you really love something then you keep working out till you get it right and if you don't you just don't follow down that line so like I never got into like you know hitting seawater with my ultrasonic homogenizer to see what happened you know what I mean or anything like that and I remain unconvinced you have one no I don't but you know give me a reason to go get one and

Becky Dale Arnold okay listen Brett like I'm going to answer your question next week on spices and we know why you dry roast spices because it requires a longer answer but going to read the other thing you said about how like sometimes just makes us happy this is feedback that I like I bought the question for the radio show and a quick story to account they all of you specifically day May appreciate regarding the latter I first became aware of Dave and cooking issues a few years ago when I was searching online for further information on a tortilla making it wasn't fully covered in Diana Kennedy cookbook who's a great cook brighter days blog post I learned a ton and I never said Thank you and I've had a few delicious cocktails at Booker and Dax last time I was in New York one particular part of the post it stood out to me was how the process of next molestation releases bound niacin immature corn which is why

didn't take over the station they got palabra add this to my roommate who is both the nurse and an avid home cook this last summer this roommate spent three months at a refugee camp in South Sudan volunteering for Doctors Without Borders one day he was eating lunch with the man in the charge of the food rations for the camp of 50,000 + people and their rations Guy brought up that they were likely going to have to switch the rations from store tomatoes on my roommate remembering what I told him ask if you'd heard of nixtamalization specifically about its ability to release digestible niacin which as I'm sure you can guess is a big deal in a refugee camp the director never heard of it but was intrigued went away to do some research and later told my roommate that they had been begun learning and nixtamalized corn for the rations my roommate left shortly thereafter so I have no idea what the pho switch to maze with me but I think it's pretty cool that you're researching The Kitchen in New York through somewhat random events could possibly have a very significant positive impact on the other side of the world thought you'd like to hear that I do like to hear that bread

but in fact it's your it's your paying attention to it I paid attention to it with someone else said it and you pay attention to and I said it so it's it's you paying attention to and remembering it and that's how all good things are learn and all good things are transmitted by people paying attention tucking away information and taste in their head and making the world a better place cooking issues

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